Happy St. Patrick’s Day To All

“Everyone’s Irish on March 17th” and it’s from this little island that we make the greenest distribution of them all.

Since 2006, every single Mint release was hand-made with joy and excitement, right here, in Ireland.

On behalf of the team I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy, and of course a very Minty, St. Patrick’s day!

Photograph credit to http://mamamayerbakery.com.


  1. My wishes and good luck to the Mint team. Thanks for all your work. May this March 17 give you the momentum for creating a splendid Mint 17! BTW, Happy Pi-Day today 🙂

  2. But today is March 14th, isn’t it? :-O

    Anyway, thanks! and have a nice day you too 🙂

    Edit by Clem: In typical Irish fashion, bank holidays always fall on Monday and make the entire week-end a bank holiday week-end 🙂

  3. Happy St. Paddy to you and all the Mint staff and users.

    Now a days I love Mint so much that I often forget about that. I find no higher praise than, ‘It just works’.

  4. Happy St Patrick’day Clem and all the team. All members of my family are using Linux Mint and enjoy it, it is the «next plus ultra».

  5. Hi! I live in Boston Mass USA, but I am latin.

    I was UBUNTU user, but, again, when I fine Linux Mint(Verde), never Use UBUNTU

    Because Linux Mint is the right OS for every vary.

    God Bless You.

    Hasta la vista baby.

  6. Since trying Mint for the first time 4 months again, I am still having a blast with it. I wish I had tried it earlier!! keep up the great work. You guys Rock!

  7. For the last 3 years; my life and computing experiences have been much easier than ever before; due to having switched from Windows to Linux Mint. I also used a Mac for some of that time; but it still didn’t match the freedom that Mint offers.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this gem! I’m happy and green with appreciation.

  8. Thanks to your crew for another outstanding Mint. I’ve been happy since the early days of Daryna.
    Have an extremely happy St. Patrick’s Day!
    Hey you guys! (Just got kicked in the shin while trying to break up a fight between the leprechauns and the gremlins. And they’re throwing beer at each other! Help!!)

  9. Thanks for a wonderful distro! Because of Linux Mint, I exited Mac and Windows worlds for good. Keep up the great work and stay green!

  10. Thanks for the Mint, and congratulations on the sweet taste of success! I am using Mint Maya (LTS), Mate edition, primarily because RHEL went to Gnome 3 (which I simply don’t like)! Everything installed easily, and, gosh, IT JUST WORKS! Thanks again, and a Happy St. Patty’s day to you from an Irish-American cousin.

  11. Happy St. Patrick’s day to the team. I’ve been using Linux Mint for a full year now and I’m incredibly satisfied with. You have done a very good job 🙂

    Don’t forget being awesome

  12. Ach sure, I’ll have to stall it down to Eire soon again to be sure! Thanks for your awesome product. I’ve been using it for years and it never fails. Sláinte!

  13. I been using LM since nr 5, and i loved it from the first boot. Looking forward to LM 17. Thank you for making this the best Linus distro ever.

  14. Thanks !! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all The Mint Community. I promise, I am going to take a few beers in your honor !!!! Yeah. Greetings to All.

  15. Thanks Mint Team,Happy Saint Pats to you…..Like Dan@23,been running Maya from the get go…This thing is solid as a rock!

  16. And a glorious day (“the day” tends to last for several) to you!
    Thanks so much to the Mint Team. All the best!

  17. I’ve a Mint user for a while, and the OS is a joy to use. I recently resurrected an old Pentium 4 with Mint Maya (LTS) Mate edition, stuck in a SCSI card, plugged in my old Minolta film scanner, loaded Vuescan and it all just worked! It could be the leprechauns, but I think it’s because Mint Linux is a fine product all the way.
    Happy St Patrick’s Day to the Mint team (& fans)!

  18. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to the Mint team & users! I’ve been a Linux user for over a year now, and it’s still a thrill and pleasure to be using Mint. It’s a very well-made distro with a wonderful userbase and forums. It truly feels like a welcoming and friendly group to be a part of. Thank you Clem for all your fine and hard work, you don’t know just how much everybody appreciates what you’ve done. 🙂

  19. French guy living in Canada builds a distro from home that comes out of Ireland. Gotta love Mint. HAPPY St. Patricks Day 🙂

  20. Been with mint for a little over a year now.. the ONLY complaint i have is that mint w/ cinnamon lacks better animations by default. Was with Kubuntu for YEARS and LOVED the animations they had by default, without compiz add-ons.

    That aside. I really do love mint all the way through. It’s light and really quick.

  21. Many more Minty anniversaries to Clem and the team from a big fan since Daryna days who is now a staunch fan of Maya Cinnamon, exploring LMDE on a Stick and looking forward to the next LTS release.

  22. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you too, Clem, and to all in the Mint community! 🙂 It’s nice to see so many long-time users (some much longer than my almost 4 years here) still using Mint and so many new users joining the community all the time.

  23. Since 2006 I have been trying various Linux distributions with varying degrees of success but finally I have abandoned all Windows including 8.1. So now today 17th March 2014 for the first time I am a full on Linux Mint16 user. I am very happy as yesterday I managed to get PowerBibleCD (My favorite Bible study program) to run in Wine as it is only made for Windows. Finally I am free from the shackles of Microsoft. Thank you Mint team.

  24. Happy St. Patrick’s Day right back to you and all the Mint team. I have been a Mint user since Mint 4. Great work you guys!!

  25. Thank you so much Mint Team for all your work. I enjoy everyday with Mint and i wish you Happy St.Patricks Day !

  26. Had not realized that every release has been hand-made in Ireland; No Wonder It’s Mint! ;^) Nice job; don’t even need to run the code on the other partition anymore! And, the future machine(s) can/will only need to be *nux homed…. on delivery – yeah, nice!
    Sláinte, Cousin

  27. Thank you so much Mint Team for all your work. I enjoy everyday with Mint and i wish you Happy St.Patricks Day ! I have spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy and been in a wheelchair all my life. I have a facebook page which I use to advocate and raise awareness for cerebral palsy. I design and write all my infographics by myself. Even though I have limited dexterity on both of my hands. I use gimp, blender, and showfoto to design my graphics. Some of my graphics have been all over the world. March 25th is national cerebral palsy awareness day. By the way we share the same color green. The green ribbon represent cerebral palsy. I have a question it is getting harder for me to type cause of my condition. I would like to know if you have any plans to develop the program similar to dragon? It would help most of the 17 million worldwide. Most of the people can not afford to buy dragon and windows. I would like you to visit my page to get informed about my condition and take a look on the graphics I designed using your operating system. I would like you to consider developing a similar program to dragon. I thank you very much and I hope you visit my facebook page and like it. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Advocating-For-Cerebral-Palsy-Awareness/689521254394142 Thank you for all your work

  28. St Paddy’s day has not nowt to do with Linux nor this distro. Control yourselves, LOLZ.

    From an Irishman

  29. thank you and happy St Patricks day to you as well, also march 14th is also de Pi day, and the day that Einstein was born I think, so pretty special day huhh? I’d like to thank the Mint team for this outstanding work, it’s simply the best distro I have found, keep it up guys. Good luck from a random guy in Mexico (yes, we have computers and internet in Mexico, not only sobreros haha)

  30. A happy St Paddy’s day for all The Irish Women & Men!

    Since I meet LinuxMint, The Green Linux, i don’t miss any other Linux: right more than 50 LinuxMint Computer installed till Today!

    Many Thanks, from an Island-Man from the Canary Islands to The Eire-Island*

  31. Congratulo-me com toda a equipe do Mint pela obra de arte que criaram e cultivam. Todo júbilo neste dia! Thanks to Mint team for the artwork you created and cultivate. I wish you all the joy today!

  32. A blessed St. Patrick Day to you as well! Love Mint, Linux and BSD:) Please keep up the great work. Thanks Much

  33. Muchas gracias–xie xie–thank you very much for your excellent contributions to the noble work of desktop linux. I have used Linux Mint with great appreciation for many years. Once again, thank you for the work you do.
    -Dawson Gage

  34. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to the Mint Team! Mint 16 has been the most bullet proof OS – Linux OS I have used during the past 7 years. Very reliable and smooth on my new HP Pavilion 15ts notebook. So I celebrated by listening to Irish music all day, eating chocolate cake with green icing and drinking green beer!!! Thank you for an absolutely perfect product. You guys are the best. Where would the MS deniers be without you! 🙂

  35. Thanks Clem for all your hard work. As an Irish man, many happy returns for St Patrick’s and I’m sure you won’t mind that Ireland beat France in the rugby for once.

    Edit by Clem: Well, it’s never nice to see them lose. But I was happy for Ireland; O’Driscoll’s last match, on Paddy’s for the win in a clash against France, it was epic 🙂

  36. Happy St. Patrick’s day (a day late). Have been using Mint for a year now and love it. Was using Red Hat and Fedora for years but they can’t compare. Really like the Mint 13 (LTS).

    Herb (from SC USA)

  37. One of my Grandmothers was a Touchstone! So, I have to give out a late happy Happy St. Patrick’s Day and thank you for bringing us Linux Mint!

  38. hi Clem,

    this is me, Mintkatze!! Thanks for this nice Picture and I also wish you and your team a happe St.Patricks day!!

    I am also happy with LinuxMint 16 and looking forward to LinuxMint 17.

    @ Clem: can you give us a Clue, when we can expect the Outcome of LinuxMint 17 and what we can expect as new features?? For example this new kind of updater, which was so deeply wished??

    Thick Greetings

  39. And before I forget Clem: you and your team are awesome!! I am along with LinuxMint since LinuxMint 9 Isadora and I stick with it until up to now and I am looking forward to the future of LinuxMint.

    What I would enjoy would really be a tablet-system of LinuxMint for installing it on a tablet some near future!! I cannot be without my Mint!! Nowhere… 😀 Not on my Notebook, not on a tablet and also not on a Smartphone!! If I do not have my Mint, then….

    You see: you guys are needed and you guys rock!! I don’t want to live in a world without it!! Nowhen and nowhere!!

    Thanks so much for LinuxMint, Clem and Team!!

  40. To the gentleman responsible for Linux Mint,

    Linux Mint has enriched my life, assisting with my education and providing myself and my family with an affordable computing system that will serve us for many years to come. Every day my heartfelt thanks go out to.

    Eric Archer

  41. 69 only? I had to give you my thanks for your wonderful job… And by the way get a step ahead from these erotic 69 thanks! Vive Mint et merci Clem! JP

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