Linux Mint 16 OEM images available

The following OEM installation images are now available:

Reminder: OEM images are for computer vendors and manufacturers. They allow Linux Mint to be “pre-installed” on a machine which is then used by another person than the one who performed the installation. After an OEM installation, the computer is set in such a way that the next reboot features a small setup screen where the new user/customer has the ability to choose his/her username, password, keyboard layout and locale.


  1. Great. Downloading right now. Was wondering when they would appear. Thank you very much again for a brilliant release. 🙂

  2. Would this go into Mint Box ? I saw some queries on Amazon asking what is the OS version on Mint Box…Some people may be happy to see a new version…I feel Cinnamon 2.0 is surely stable enough for Mint Box 2…(Am writing from one)…

    Edit by Clem: After some testing and for new stock probably. On the current batch, I think it’s Mint 15 MATE Edition 64-bit.

  3. feedback: no surround options in default audio controller; I’ve installed PAVU control by synaptic to get surround enabled, after managing audio in alsamixer as well as changing nr of channels in daemon.conf file of alsa in vain. My sound card is: xonar D2x

  4. Cada vez mejor
    ya no uso mas Windows.
    y estoy inmensamente agradecido pues es un regalo para los jubilados,personas sin recursos economicos,y quienes creen en el libre albedrio,siento que por mi situacion economica estoy privado de enviar una donacion,pues realmente lo merecen.

  5. Amigos: Los creadores y mantenedores de Linux, en particular de Linux Mint, son unos verdaderos héroes sociales. Me parece digno de reconocimiento el gran esfuerzo que deben realizar para poner a nuestro alcance ese (esos) eficientes sistemas operativos en forma gratuita; si hubiera un Premio Novel para la tecnología informática, estoy seguro que se les otorgaría a ustedes. Gracias pues ahora además por Petra. Sigan adelante: eso si es hacer bien sin saber a quien. JLG

  6. I love it, and always I like to have last updates on my computers but I have some issues.

    I don’t know why, I have many issues with this new version and my graphic card (Nvidia Geforce 6300 series)

    When I’m trying to run a dristo with new kernel my graphic card got freeze on screen and I must restart it some times.

    Working with Mint 14, I don’t have these issues. Do you know what could be the problem?.

    apart, I can’t install dockbarx and MateNu?… Why?
    I think I’m going to go back Mint 14, it is very stable.

  7. Excellent version, smooth and fast. But mouse pad tap is not working, every time to click something I need to left click the mouse button on my laptop.

  8. Mint 15 was giving me problems with video card and crashed constantly. I confirm that Mint 14 I have never had these problems, very stable, is my favorite, or at least until the release of Mint 16.
    The Linux Mint team has fate a really good job.

  9. @ Harish Sandilya

    re: touchpad tap

    It is turned off by default.

    System Settings / Mouse and Touchpad / Touchpad / Enable mouseclicks with touchpad

  10. I would like to suggest to create LMDE OEM spin, that way once vendors ship the PCs (Mint Box) there’s no need to ever reinstall since LMDE is rolling edition. Compared to LinuxMint 16, Mint Box 2 with Mint 16 will be obsolete in July 2014.

  11. @ malligt. you have to scroll down in the system settings to get to the mouse/touchpad. Maybe not too obvious. It had me confused for a short time 😛

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