Nadia “14.1” ISO respins

The ISO images for Linux Mint 14 “Nadia” were updated and labelled “14.1”. All the links were updated on the website and in the announcements to point to the new ISOs.

If you’re already running Linux Mint 14, you don’t need to reinstall.

The new ISO images provide fixes for the following issues:

High CPU usage, low performance on Intel GPU

This was caused by a race condition between Plymouth and Xorg and affected owners of Intel cards in particular. Rather than using the “intel” driver, Xorg was randomly using “modesetting” or “fbdev” and the desktop was rendered by the CPU rather than the GPU using LLVMPIPE software rendering.

This issue was fixed in MDM 1.0.8 which is available as an update in Maya backports and in Nadia and which is installed by default on the new ISOs.

No DNS resolution, Internet not working in virtual machine

Linux Mint now uses OpenDNS as a fallback for DNS resolution. If the system fails to connect to a DNS server, the resolution is done via OpenDNS. This guarantees better out of the box connectivity especially in virtual machines.

Installer fails to install grub-efi

A bug was fixed and the installer now successfully installs the grub-efi packages in EFI installations. You still need to disable Secure Boot and depending on the implementation of EFI on your system you might have to specify the location of the EFI boot file (EFI/BOOT/grubx64.efi).


  1. seriously, guys, please bring back lightDM or something better to Mint. I hate to write my name and after that the pass.

  2. @Carlos Felipe seriously, just use any of the themes for MDM that support “faces” (provided in this distro)

  3. Awesome – thanks a lot for these respins. I was bitten by the EFI issue when installing on a brand new system, and it sounds like this should really help. A whole new can of worms, this EFI thing!

  4. Please make full-disk encryption on option during installation (like it is in Ubuntu). That would be so great to have!

  5. iso respins is needed also for mint 13!!!!! for 13 there are over 500 updates, a new cinnamon, and the original install with things which are not needed like nautilus elements. if somebody needs to install mint 13 which is lts needs hours to do it!

  6. =)) LOL! I seriously thought you published a news about the 14.1 iso being rejected for some reason. That’s because “respins” means “rejected” in Romanian. It just puzzled me to see Romanian in this blog and it took me a minute to get it. =)) Good one. =))

  7. Please, please release a Maya 13.1 too???

    I know I can enable backports but I would love to have a DVD which already has Mate 1.4 in an LTS.

  8. Hi and thanks for a great distro which is Linux Mint Nadia! Very eyecandy and stable. Love it 🙂

    I’m afraid I’m too rookie in linux:
    .”no need to reinstall” means that I can upgrade from LM14 to 14.1 through update manager?
    .shouldn’t 14.1 have a new name like “Natalie”?


    Edit by Clem: No, we just gave the ISOs a new name rather than overwrite them and confuse people with different md5s for the same filenames, hence the “.1”. This is the same release though with the 3 bug fixes described above.

  9. @ Carlos Felipe :
    With Mint 14, you can choose a theme with choice of user. Just use another theme in “Fenêtre de connexion” (Sorry, I use french version, perhaps “login prefs.” in “Preference” menu).

    Choose a theme with “user-list” at the end…

    (It’s new with Mint 14, with Mint 13 you need to create a theme manually GIYF).

  10. but MDM looks so 90s, even you changing for any theme. I use Mint since Mint 7, erstwhile, Mint was elegant comparing to Ubuntu, but now I have the feeling of homemade distro :S
    I see how Ubuntu improved the look, and new distros like Elementary OS bringring all charm, also improved the lightDM.
    I like Mint, I recognize all hard work done. but the developers, in my opinion, are loosing elegance, original goal distro.

    Sorry my english and my cry.

  11. A belated congratulations to Clem & Co. on the release of Linux Mint 14! The Cinnamon edition is particularly beautiful and elegant! 🙂
    Without meaning to sound like a broken record Clem (as this is an issue that I brought up quite some time ago on the Community Ideas page), I echo two of the comments on this page when I ask if it would be possible to have a point release of Linux Mint 13, in particular with the updated editions of Cinnamon and MATE? Considering that, over the course of the next two months, other editions of LM14 will be issued, and the next Update Pack of LMDE will be uploaded to the Incoming repository, it seems it would be suitable timing to create a point release of LM13 based on Ubuntu 12.04.2 (which will be released on January 31 – after completing the other aforementioned commitments.

  12. @Clem

    Would you ever consider basing the main edition of Mint on Ubuntu LTS editions and backporting any significant features/updates “if stable”

    Ubuntu 12.10 is far too buggy “which happens all too often” and it is affecting the quality of LinuxMint

  13. MDM is so bad with all themes. LightDM is more powerfull, beautiful and customizable.
    Developpers, please use LightDM to have the best Linux Distro like old LinuxMint Distro when you used Gnome 2.xx.

  14. Too bad my nas doesn’t mount in Mint14.. but my Touch screen is perfect!
    This means I have to start Mint12 or Mint11 again… 🙁 then I have no touch screen. I cannot sell cash registers like this and have to find another distribution or operating system.

    As I programmer I would expect it is tested.

    mount: onjuiste bestandssysteemsoort, ongeldige optie, ontbrekende codepagina,
    ontbrekend hulpprogramma, slecht superblok op //, of een andere fout
    (voor sommige bestandssystemen (bijvoorbeeld nfs of cifs)

  15. Suspend isn’t working on nForce2 based Athlon XP machines in both x86 editions. The monitor briefly turns off but comes back to life shortly after, while the system continues working.
    As a nasty side effect of the failed suspend try, the mouse pointer is stuck, requiring un- and reloading of the psmouse kernel module.

    According to my sniffing around the web, this apparently is a regression issue with the 3.1+ kernels, since users of all main distros reporting that problem.
    Are others here affected by this problem as well? Any known workarounds? Anybody knowing anything about this issue being tackled?

  16. Is there going to be a fix for it booting black screen and a blinking cursor anytime soon?This happens in all versions rc and final(dont know about this iso,havent tried it)It’s also a Ubuntu 12.10 problem.

  17. Please remove the gap between the bottom left of the screen, and the start (settings) button

    Really annoying pushing the mouse to the bottom left, clicking and nothing happening until the mouse is moved up a few mm

    Other than that, really great release 😉

  18. One more vote for LightDM … or at least for a default MDM configuration that is as elegant and fast (only have to type my password) as LightDM 🙂

  19. I hope this does get get me ejected or banned from posting comments or questions. I have just downloaded and did the “mint4win” in Mate 14.1 64-bit install from inside Windows 7 64-bit SP-1. The Linux Mint Menu box that opens up inside of Microsoft Windows explain in the first box “Demo and Full installation”. The second choice to click on is “Install inside Windows”. It says ” Install and uninstall like any other application, without the need for a DEDICATED partition. (I stressed dedicated). You will be able to boot into either Windows or Linux Mint. Hibernation is not enabled in this mode and disk performance is slightly reduced”
    I chose the second button “Install inside Windows” as I did for several versions of Linux Mint all the way up to Linux Mint 12. Then when I went to version 13 as well as 14 AND 14.1 after booting into Linux Mint I then have the Guest Account only available AND the Install Linux Mint Icon on the desktop. When you click on it, you are then propmted for partioning and placement of Linux Mint on your hdd or hdd’s. I QUIT the install and went back into Windows to REMOVE Linux Mint from the machine.
    My point here is WHY is the mint4win (still) broken now since version 13? The Mint installer IN Windows says it will NOT need a dedicated partition. Also what is the point of typing a password to your user name in mint4win and then after several minutes, rebooting into a Guest account of Linux Mint and your account was never created to be able to use. I posted the same question TWICE but with less detail about 6 weeks ago in the forum for Mint 13 and got 1 reply that this was the FIRST step of the installation process. That is bogus. It was never a 2 step process until 7 months ago when 13 came out. Your installer in Windows doesn’t say anything differently than when it did when it worked flawlessy thru version 12. Are there any plans to FIX this major bug soon? Ubuntu Windows installer works perfectly even in version 12.10. I do not want to go back to them because I hate Unity and LOVE Linux Mint!
    Thanks for letting me vent…

    Edit by Clem: You just need to install to the loopX partition, it’s not a real partition, it’s within a file on your C:\.

  20. This was caused by a race condition between Plymouth and Xorg and affected owners of Intel cards in particular. Rather than using the “intel” driver, Xorg was randomly using “modesetting” or “fbdev” and the desktop was rendered by the CPU rather than the GPU using LLVMPIPE software rendering.

    This issue was fixed in MDM 1.0.8 which is available as an update in Maya backports and in Nadia and which is installed by default on the new ISOs.
    Using Cinnamon 2D still got High CPU usage when using Cinnamon normal CPU usage
    Look at the 2 screenshots of Conky.

    Edit by Clem: This is normal, Cinnamon 2D explicitly uses Software Rendering so everything is rendered via the CPU.

  21. Before the update MDM 1.0.8 there was a high CPU consumption beyond of the high CPU consumption there were no problems,however after the update everything has slowed down significantly when I start an application

  22. @Carlos Felipe: Thumbs up for a better Login experience.

    Why has the Mint team changed the login theme as was used in Mint 11 (Maya). There was no additional click with the mouse required to select a user before going back to the keyboard to type the password. Instead one could easily choose the user with the keyboard, hit enter, and then type the password. If your name was the first, this was the fasted way to log in!

  23. Hola tengo linux mint Maya pero la ventana de entrada “linux mint Pro” pero con las nuevas actualizaciones de Nadia “Backported packages (backports)” no funciona…

    Se puede solucionar esto?

  24. When will release 14.2? The bug with the DNS resolution was NOT removed. Testet with VirtualBox on a Windows host.

    Workaround: sudo apt-get remove resolvconf && sudo restart network-manager

  25. I have to admit that I *despise* MDM. wanna do a dist-upgrade? Sorry, MDM there, breaking your shit. Seriously, just accept it as a failure on the part of a mistake and drop it.

  26. I second the comment made earlier…where is 13.1? Still no fix to the dreaded b43 problem? I’m cranky from being sleep deprived after being up all night trying to fix, yeah, but it’s a LTS-where’s the “S”? I’m a novice, and am trying to update from Mint 9, but I’m thowing my hands in the air-PLEASE HELP.

  27. And I used to be a top sponsor, until someone decided that all they needed was corporate sponsorship. Guess what, you keep screwing the pooch like this with stupid mistakes like MDM and you’ll lose your corporate sponsors. Forget supporting you if you won’t get additional help maintaining the many, many flavors of Mint and checking to be sure there aren’t little things like A PACKAGE ALREADY NAMED MDM UPSTREAM.

    Edit by Clem: The changes made to the sponsorship model was to allow large companies (such as Opera) to sponsor Linux Mint without making the amount of their contribution public, to give more exposure to big sponsors outside of the top 3 and to prevent SEO companies from spamming Linux Mint with ads with hundreds of $0.1 sponsors. Regarding MDM we’re really proud of it and it’s without doubt one of the most complete DMs out there.

  28. Edit by Clem: You just need to install to the loopX partition, it’s not a real partition, it’s within a file on your C:\.

    This is what Clem told to me to do so that I can install Linux Mint on partition C. Well I just spent ANOTHER nearly 2 hours installing with “mint4win” inside of Windows. Booted over in Linux Mint “Guest Session” and clicked to install Linux Mint AGAIN and I CANNOT find anything in the setup in partitions that says loopX. I clicked on every possible combination listed and every one of them warned me that I was going to REMOVE all partitions. Can somebody explain to me WHY up thru version 12 of Linux Mint it was installed ONCE in Windows and then you rebooted and logged into Linux Mint. PERIOD. Now since 13 and 14 it is a 2 step process that several people CANNOT figure out and the mint4win box in Microsoft Windows clearly states that there is no partitioning to be done. I hate to even think about going back to Ubuntu, but I am just about to give up on Linux Mint.
    Thank you for your time and help!

  29. Well I tried the new iso with the same result:boot black screen,blinking cursor.(normally that means no operating system installed.)

  30. It was big fail for me… 1.5 years i worked in the ubuntu 11.4 because Uniti it’s… You know…
    And why? Why i setup Mint on my working laptop?
    1. Reboot not working. It just shotdown comp.
    2. Shortcuts not in menu and with sudo (gksu, gksudo) not working.
    3. Wine make links in “other” item.
    4. And more and more…

    Do you want know what more? I mount my “home” partition when setup Mint. I add NEW user! I didn’t known… Mint kill my documents, my passwords, favorites, mail… I know. It’s my stupid – havent backup, but now what i can do? Kill my self?

  31. All this complaining about mint4win. Make the commitment to Linux. Run Mint as your main OS and run Windows in virtual box/vmware, if you have too. You’ll be far less frustrated.

  32. I just installed 14.0 5 days ago. I just want to verify I will get the fixes included in14.1 through regular software updates? Right?

  33. Mint 13 and Mint14
    I love Mint and particularly Mint 13 and I was excited when Mint14 was officially released. Mint14 is snappier than Mint13 and I loved how it worked on some older (2 years) machines but ….
    I have both mint 13 , mint 14 upgrade from 13 and mint 14 (clean install) machines and I do have a problem with mint 14 clean install in combination with libreoffice … for some reason, when saving a doc in 2003 doc format, libreoffice gives me the royal salute and the doc goes into recovery (without any changes that were made) … with all other versions (mint 13 and upgraded 13 to 14) libreoffice is behaving well … some time ago I changed from Ubuntu 10.04 towards mint as it is a more stable environment. I have installed about 25 mint13 machines (SME) but now I am a bit scared with Mint14 ….please help

  34. I just tested linuxmint-14.1-mate-dvd-64bit.iso from a USB stick and I used Update Manager to get everything up to date. After it finished, the “Install Linux Mint” icon turned into its KDE version – the blue Linux Mint logo with the white gear bottom-left.

  35. Congratulations to the development team for creating an outstanding operating system. Linux Mint 14 (Nadia) works flawlessly on my 64-bit Asus computer.

    Nadia is fast, beautiful, and well organized. I was pleased to discover that I was able to download and install my favorite html composer, Seamonkey (64-bit), without a hitch after clicking on the x86/64-bit link on the Seamonkey download page.

    I was also pleased to discover all the options available to customize the OS.


  36. Well, I have some good, some bad:

    First, I LOVE Linux Mint v14 so far (Cinnamon). I like the clean workable interface, multiple desktops and I can run 4 OSs on it with (updated) VirtualBox.

    The downsides are: it’s buggy. After installing updates from the update system, I lost all of my desktop icons and context menu. Also, there seems to be issues with running a wired and wireless networks simultaneously with the settings I used previously (that worked).

    I’m doing a re-install over the previous installing now, which should get the packages in order, get my desktop back and fix the networking, but we’ll see.

    I’ll keep you posted. =)

  37. Yep! My fix for previous post worked.

    1) Downloaded updates (lost desktop icons)
    2) Reinstalled. (Did NOT format partition, just installed over previous installation.)

    Now, desktop, network and programs work, although I haven’t tested every program yet.

    Love it! Linux Mint 14 is now the primary OS on my iMac. OS X and Windows are on different partitions.

    Thanks again! Peace.

  38. @Anon: That was a very opinionated and biased review from someone who is clearly an Ubuntu loyalist.

    @Clem and the Linux Mint Team: I would like to thank you for all the time and effort you have put into this project. I believe that as users, we have become so used to the level of quality and high standards that have been set by this project, that some of us have forgotten that there will be times when things may not work as we expect them to. Believe me, I understand the frustration…..but lets not forget that even with the problems we may encounter, there is still a lot of hard work that has gone into making Linux Mint the great distribution that it is!

  39. I’ve searched all over the internet and I couldn’t find a solution anywhere. I’ve found some fellow sufferers on a few forums though.
    It’s impossible to make a screenshot or record a video of the screen using Mint 13 and 14 Cinnamon. Formally the screenshot option works but the thing it shoots is something which was on the screen half an hour ago, or just a black surface. The only offered solution, which doesn’t work, is #gnome-screenshot –interactive# which is stupid cause that command exists in the menu. Everyone with this problem has AMD graphic cards with property AMD driver or without AMD drivers. Programs which make presentations (film) either shoot a black surface or shoot just the desktop and everything which is open in menu or is already opened does not exist on the film. Using the PrintScreen key works in all of the OSs except for Cinnamon, it again shows how the screen has looked some time ago, also pasting in Gimp doesn’t work, gives the message that there’s nothing in the buffer. CPU AMD Zambezi Fx-6100, GPU AMD HD 6700, 8 GB RAM , Motheboard MSI Military Clas

  40. @ Mark… “All this complaining about mint4win…” I just want this bug fixed. For mint4win to wotk as it is advertised to. I personally prefer Linux on its own partition and HATE Microsoft. I am trying to get a lot of people to migrate over to Linux Mint from Windows and the “dual-boot” of Windows and Linux Mint on their machine makes this possible, ESPECIALLY if it is a “simple” install. There is NOT a one of them that want to continue with Linux Mint now that the mint4win install takes a Engineer to figure out now. Have you ever had to go and fix one of their machines AFTER the “simple” install using mint4win wasn’t so simple and it CRASHED their hard-drive? They kind of get P.O.’ed at you and get a VERY bad taste in their mouth from Linux Mint. Also our orphanage\school in the Philippines uses Linux Mint and I am the the US, they are in the Philippines. Sorry if it appears that I am complaining.

  41. I’m using Linux Mint 14 (Cinnamon) on both my desktop and my laptop, and I’ve been very happy with it. The only “bugs” I have to report are relatively minor. Occasionally the desktop quits responding to the right mouse button, and the desktop icons vanish. This is usually after I use Wine to run a couple of Windows-based games (Hoyle Cards 2008 and Hoyle Puzzle and Board Games 2008), though it happens randomly at other times, so I can’t say they’re the sole culprits. However, all I have to do to reset things is open the file manager and close it, so it’s not a big issue. Other than that, I do have a complete lockup occasionally if I leave the computer unattended overnight. I haven’t noticed and pattern to this, and it is not consistent, but a reboot is the only fix.

    I would like to say this. I’ve tried a LOT of distributions since I figured out to install them on a USB stick and play with them. I like a few quite a bit, but NONE measure up to Mint. Keep up the good work!

  42. Unlike some on this list, I prefer to keep the default login theme requiring the name to be input and am quite happy with MDM.

    I agree with those that think Mint 13 needs a point release. Anyone wanting to stick to the LTS release has a lot of downloading to do.

  43. Clem, I’m struggling with EFI. I was able to disable secure boot without an issue, and then installed Win7 UEFI (gpt). But when I install Mint 14.1, it’s all Mint and no Windows. The F12 boot option shows only UEFI Mint. Grub comes up, but there is no Windows option. I then have to repair the Windows UEFI boot partition, but, of course, then there is no option to boot into Mint.

  44. Great! 🙂 I tested 14.1 MATE 64-bit, the bluetooth works and everything feels very stable. 🙂 I also performed a full update from a live USB session and it went as smooth as it would go on a regular installation.

    Thanks a lot for the respin! 🙂

  45. For those of us using a non-MDM login manager such as GDM or LightDM either out of necessity or by choice, how should the Intel GPU issue be addressed? Thanks in advance.

    Edit by Clem: GDM and LightDM already stop plymouth so you shouldn’t have the issue with these DMs.

  46. UEFI is such a PITA.

    Although I like this more manual OS choice selection concept under certain circumstances, this did not work for me:

    And this time, I did not want to load both OS’ in legacy BIOS. I wanted to make it work in UEFI.

    Don’t struggle with creating another EFI boot partition:

    “Since Ubuntu 12.04, it is possible to re-use an existing Windows7 EFI partition (without formatting it).”

    Use Boot-Repair:

    It worked. Now GRUB offers up both OS’.

    Assuming you correctly UEFI installed both OS’, this is an easy solution. But it would be nice for the developers of GRUB to nail this down. UEFI is here to stay.

    Boot-Repair should work for Debian also:

  47. I’ve searched all over the internet and I couldn’t find a solution anywhere. I’ve found some fellow sufferers on a few forums though.
    It’s impossible to make a screenshot or record a video of the screen using Mint 13 and 14 Cinnamon. Formally the screenshot option works but the thing it shoots is something which was on the screen half an hour ago, or just a black surface. The only offered solution, which doesn’t work, is #gnome-screenshot –interactive# which is stupid cause that command exists in the menu. Everyone with this problem has AMD graphic cards with or without AMD drivers. Programs which make presentations (film) either shoot a black surface or shoot just the desktop and everything which is open in menu or is already opened does not exist on the film. Using the PrintScreen key works in all of the OSs except for Cinnamon, it again shows how the screen has looked some time ago, also pasting in Gimp doesn’t work, gives the message that there’s nothing in the buffer. CPU AMD Zambezi HexaCore AMD FX-6100, 3900 MHz (19.5 x 200),GPU AMD HD6700 +3D AMD Radeon HD 6790 (Barts), Mainboard, MSI 970A-G46 (MS-7693) (2 PCI, 2 PCI-E x1, 2 PCI-E x16, 4 DDR3 DIMM, Audio, Gigabit LAN) Chipset AMD 970, AMD K15, BIOS-a AMI (12/15/2011),Samsung SyncMaster 2043NW/2043NWX [20″ LCD] (HMGQ100317),ATI Radeon HDMI @ AMD Barts/Blackcomb – High Definition Audio Controller,Realtek ALC892 @ ATI SB900 – High Definition Audio Controller,SATA SSD Patriot Pyro, SATA WDC WD3200AAKS-7, SATA ST1000DL002-9TT1, SATA WDC WD10EZEX-00R, SATA Optiarc DVD RW AD-7200S

  48. I installed Linux Mint 14.1 in my laptop, it works just fine but then when I’m going to change the desktop background from the Cinnamon settings, it doesn’t show me the images, it is pure white no images to choose from. What seems to be the problem? Please advise. Thanks in advance.

  49. First time LinuxMint user – enjoying it so far. But I have a question on this 14.1…
    I installed Nadia 14 some weeks ago. Now to get the fixes in 14.1 do I just run Update Manager, or must I still create a new DVD from the 14.1 ISO and do an upgrade from there?

  50. I installed Mint 14 Mate from under Windows using mint4win, and it neither created the user I requested (“mint” is used instead) nor set MDM to start on bootup. Is it a bug? Will this update fix it?

  51. is there anyway to incorporate bluetooth files received into the cinnamon notification bar and be able to click on it and have it open up the file/location? also, is there anyway to do the same by adding pidgin or any other IM notifications into it and be able to open up the conversation through the notifications panel?

  52. I love Mint- been using it for several years *but*: Mint 14, (also mint 14.1) will not install on my desktop computer. It boots up from the DVD, but when I try yo install it puts an unintelligable half page of text, and then just hangs, and won’t go any further. No error message.

    I have a Compaq Presario SR2027X; with -nvidia GeForce 6150LE
    Amd Athlon 64; 4G memory and lots of hard drive space.

    Nec monitor MultiSync LCD1830

    I’m using Mint13, With one small complaint, which I won’t make here. What I’d like to do is install Mint 14 alongside what I have, and if it works better than Mint 13, I’ll just switch

    Any suggestions?

  53. I was having also problem with installing Linux Mint on my new laptop without windows, which has EFI bios but it look like any old bios so i didn’t know, live work good installation goes well but after installation Mint won’t boot. I got messages like error of connection between HDD and motherboard, so much irrelevant and confusing. I spend whole day trying to figure out whats wrong, i install ubuntu and other versions of mint but no success.
    Finally i figured out by myself that while partitioning manually i have to make one more boot/efi partition about 100MB big, that’s do the trick but i was upset that after 15 years of using computers i was trapped like that and no one say it clearly anywhere that this is necessary to do with new computers. That should be written somewhere on Mint page.

  54. I had the Intel graphics problem and I so appreciate the quick time in which it’s been fixed. Almost everything is working great now. I love this release in almost every way. I have one little complaint and I will take the opportunity to give it to you. Please do something to permit changing the tiny font size in the menu. Also, the regular way to change font size in Synaptic preferences, which usually works very well, is not now working. The usual adjustments in settings doesn’t affect these two areas, though they do fine everyplace else. Other than that, this Cinnamon release is wonderful. Congratulations.

  55. I’ve already installed Linux Mint 14 and I really need these fixes on my ultrabook. I searched for new updates, but I didn’t find anything. How can we update lm14? Thanks Clem

  56. Finally…Finally…. the wave “let’s look like an Apple” seems to be passing. I threw up my hands with Ubuntu, Unity, etc. Don’t hide things for me and give me drop down or popoutfromside icons!! I despise those. Moreover, I need panels at the bottom and close buttons to the right, or I simply won’t use the distribution.

    I continued to enjoy Mint 10 as I have for a long time… Along comes Mint 14 Mate, and lo…once again I can have all out to see, can tinker, tinker, tinker. Seems to run well and do what I want. I’ve installed it on a netbook, and viola…works wonderfully well. Mint, I’ve been with you a long time, and I’ve sent some small monetary support all along and expect to continue. I’ll still run Mint 10, but there are indeed some things that will run better or only on Mint 14 Mate for me.

    Thanks to all involved in the development.

    Old Jim…80 years old, and still tinkering and learning.

  57. 14.1 Live-DVD 32 Bit is still not booting on my Notebook HP 6820s, while it does on my Desktop-PC. So i still have do boot with Version 13.

  58. hi @ 76 Martin,

    no, you do not need to create a disc. Just run the update-manager or alternatively get them via Terminal.

    To do so, just open your Terminal and type in this:

    sudo apt-get update (let it run through completely)

    and then this additional command:

    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade (also let it run through completely).

    That’s just it.


  59. I agree with Carlos Filippe. I know MDM was born because Mate did not work with Lightdm, but for Cinnamon it looks bad compared to lightdm in Ubuntu. So I used that in 13.

    Itś just first appearances. I have three users at home. With lightdm, after boot I can use the arrow keys to choose the user. Having the lightdm background change to the user’s own was a great idea; my kids love it. From boot I don’t have to use my mouse until after starting like Firefox or whatever.

    I general with MDM the boot process is ugly. Why switch to black after login? Just leave the background as it is until the menu shows up. Take OpenSuse for example: from boot until working desktop, I see my desktop working, no black screens, all fluid, polished.

    Like I said it’s first appearances that matter, especially to new users.

    The menu still feels like reworked Gnome3; trying to get to my favorites using keyboard only is still awkward and looks bad; why Mint still hasn’t adopted/adapted the ‘MintMenu’ applet for Cinnamon is beyond me.

    Still attracted to Mint (cinnamon); still not convinced..

    ButI am greatful for having Cinnamon as an option… 🙂

  60. Lucky me. Less than a week after a fresh install of Mint 14.0, my Q6600 fried. If I would have just waited a few more days for 14.1, this could have been avoided. It was fine one morning and by the evening PC-Check had maxed out its error tolerance before even completing all the scheduled CPU tests. I’ll be sure to be more careful in the future, that’s for sure.

  61. Will the next LMDE update come with the nice login sound that Linux Mint 14 has, instead of that annoying beep?

  62. @ Artem… I have asked several times about the Mint4win too. It worked flawlessly thru version 12. It has been BROKE since 13 and now with 14 and 14.1. I was told it was a 2 step install now and I do NOT see that anywhere in the documentation. I did get one reply telling me to stop complaining and do a real install. I am trying to get newbies to use Linux Mint via a simple to do “dual-boot” as they have in the past. We have LOST people using Linux Mint as a result of this issue. I had to redo a complete system because they mucked up the mint4win install…

  63. Hi, I am a new user of Linux (about 7 days) and have this CPU usage problem, I installed MINT 14 7 days ago in my HP laptop and now the battery lasts 45 minute sooner than windows 7 that was installed in my laptop before, I think it is related to CPU usage, how can I find out if the update you mentioned been installed for me or not?

  64. Personally, I will skip 14 completely, 13 works fine and I have no need or desire right now to test a buggy OS. I get the impression that Mint is trying to be all things to all people. The Mint4Win fiasco is a good example.

    As a tech, I say to peeps wanting to try out Mint or any other Linux distro, if you are going to run a Linux distro, then do it properly and get someone to create the partition and install Mint properly on that partition. That said, it is not good if after all that, there are some serious bugs that need a .1 fix!

    I say that sometimes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it which I know is not always possible but it seems to me that Mint, along with other Linux distros are trying to keep up with the Joneses rather than concentrating on making what was and is a good OS better but take more time doing it.

    I would rather see one major release per year if possible where everything has been tested properly rather than two and have these issues hold users back from making a real switch to Mint. Perhaps it is time Mint consider a ‘divorce’ from Ubuntu and going the Debian route?

  65. @Farshid: that’s quite easy. Just open a terminal and enter “aptitude show mdm”. That gives you more informations about the installed mdm package. In the third line you should get the version. The new one has version number 1.0.8

  66. Nice work guys, i’ll will wait for the stable version, congratulations for this great distro 🙂
    I’m user from 1.5 years ago.

    I have a issue with the sound in my Desk that also happnes in Maya, that stop works after 2 weeks or so.If i reinstall Mint,works perfectly again, but i have no idea why.

    I have a Intel845D mb, with a audacious2 Sound Blaster card.The sound dies in both, i mean, from my soundblaster card and also from the onboard sound chip.

    I have also xp, if i restart from windoze, the sound works fine again.
    I reinstaled Mint 13 and used for 2 weeks only mint 13, now the sound die again.
    Any idea?

  67. Clem and team, thank you very much.

    Since Debian Squeeze is very old now and Debian Wheezy is too unstable, I was looking for another distro to use for my main work desktop. I have been watching Mint from the sidelines, trying it out in a VM with every release, but never installed on real hardware until last week. Install of Mint 14 Cinnamon went well, and the first boot went well. Updated and customized everything the way I wanted, rebooted, and not even the DM showed up…was just stuck.

    Guess I’ll be waiting a while longer before trying again. Clem, I really appreciate you and your team’s efforts…just waiting for Mint to be a stable and solid choice for people who absolutely rely on their desktop for work. 🙂

  68. @ Stanton L. Shealy: OK, so I’m not the only one with this. It’s not a big problem to me, but I think it’s important to at least set the expectations right in case this is the intended behavior of mint4win.

  69. as reported previously with 14rc and 14 stable connection speed with realtek rtl8192se still show slow link speed.many distros with 3.5 kernel are also afflicted, some not even connecting any fixes? This is a very common notebook wireless card, works perfect in all flavours mint 13 (my current) for above reasons.Who tests this release and on what hardware platforms?

  70. I have made my own custom respins of Mint 13. It’s got all the software I needed to integrate with our Windows environment. I am the only one using Linux for desktop in our company at the moment and it works quite well. Integration with Exchange is quite easy with the right software.

    My custom spin now has Mate 1.4 and updated packages including LibreOffice 3.6.x, pidgin-sipe 1.13 for OCS, Thunderbird 17.0 ESR, and stuff that I use to manage thousands of servers.

  71. @Stanton – I was merely trying to say that if Mint4Win is giving you so many issues, and you absolutely can live without Windows, just load Mint on the PC (not dual boot), and you won’t have so many issues.

  72. @ Mark, Thanks! I agree. I am just trying to get it figured out… or fixed so that others can easily do the “dual-boot” with Microsoft Windows. I LOVE Linux and I do not know nearly as much about it as I do Microsoft Windows. Did you see the BAD News for anything Microsoft in the news today? Windows 8 sales are low, in 2 of their Microsoft Stores with the Big Bosses visiting, there were ZERO sales of their Tablets in both stores for more than 2 hours on Black Friday!

  73. Have downloaded the image and ready to install, but want to know if it is possible to still have wobbly windows and transparancies. These two features are my must-haves. Note I am still using Katya (Mint 11) 64bit Gnome, as I have not been able to get these features up and working on my system since that release. (fingers crossed)

  74. I want to say: GREAT JOB on 14.1 Cinnamon! 14.1 Cinnamon fits my ultrabook ASUS UX32V like a glove… perfectly stable and gorgeous!

    Strange, in contrast 13 was very unstable and problematic… too bad 14.1 isn’t LTS.

  75. Thanks for the Intel fix! Perhaps you’d like to change the “Linux Mint 14” link at the top of the main page to point here. Currently it points to the blog post old release, which had the Intel bug. Most confusingly, that blog post advises us to check the release notes for more info on the Intel bug, but then the release notes make no mention of it!

  76. i got problem with my broadcom wifi driver. Previous versions of mint provide Additional Drivers support (ADMINISTRATION) that suggest user to install it via ethernet cable. ON Nadia, i didn’t find it. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy ?

  77. Got to be honest. Was running Mint 11 – good. Updated to 13 – that was a mistake- all sorts of problems. Updated to 14 and back to normal! Hooray!! It just works!

  78. Mint is doing a great work.
    However, there’s a regress: this new version of Mint misses the shortway for formating pen-drivers by context menu. It always has been present at Mint until version 13 with Cinnamon.

    Another regress: Nemo file browser misses the feature that opens a command terminal on the folder that is showed; this command makes the use of terminal quite fast.

  79. Wonderful, everything is resolved with UEFI-GPT. Formatted GPT partition on msdos. Dualboot with Windows works perfectly

  80. It does not boot with UEFI complete hang when I try to boot live-usb in UEFI mode… Same with all distros that I have tried apears to be a kernel problem.

  81. Well, that’s all fine and dandy. Mint is going along well and the sponsors are growing in number – but, and there is a but. I left a comment on here which I believe to be my honest and unbiased opinion. It was removed, no reason why that I can see, just removed. I have used Mint since version 7 and have been very happy with it overall.

    I have an opinion that some parts of Mint are not to my liking and this issue with 14.1 respins is a concern. I understand that sometimes, things have to be fixed but in order to satisfy my own use and the use of my clients, I need to be sure that an OS is going to work 100% on at least one version supplied which in my case is MATE.

    So my comment was that I would skip 14 for now and concentrate on 13 as it is an LTS version and is working, knowing that in due course, things would be fixed and I would have something to look forward to later on. I also commented on my dislike of Mint4win for I think that a Linux user does not need convenience when installing Linux, they just need to install Linux properly, that is my opinion and I stand by it.

    Furthermore, I said that maybe Mint could go it alone and get away from Ubuntu and go with Debian? I am not sure about that comment but maybe this is something that could be discussed?

    But, sadly, my comment was removed. I hope Clem you do get to see this post and you do let others see it. I am a fan, not a critic. I was going to make a donation but if you do not let people view their opinions, perhaps that would be a waste of time and money?



    Edit by Clem: Hi Philip. I read all comments. Most of them are approved automatically. Some need to be manually approved (when it’s the first time somebody posts a comment for instance or when they contain links) and most of them are unless their content is disrespectful, aggressive, insulting or off-topic. All opinions are welcome. Feedback is valued. Criticism in particular helps us improve and we pay special attention to it. Now with that said, I don’t remember your comment in particular. If it was removed it probably wasn’t because of the ideas you expressed but how you expressed them. It’s also possible it was analyzed as SPAM automatically (that happens sometimes, especially when there are more than one link in the comment.. that’s hard to check, the SPAM box is purged automatically and contains a lot of spam.. roughly 2,000 comments in there right now). Please don’t donate if you’re not entirely happy with us, that would be indeed a waste of money, but I’m happy to reassure you here, I value your and everyone’s opinion and I regard the community’s feedback as one of our most precious assets.

  82. why not you people come with update to linux Mint 13 like linux mint 13.1 based on ubuntu 12.04.1 with the new features

  83. Altogether, my Mint 14 works smoothly. Still, being a novice, I do have a couple of simple questions:

    (1) Concerning the UEFI stuff: while installing Mint 14 (otherwise without a hitch, a 24 November download) on my system (ASRock Z77 Extreme 4, i5-3570K, etc.), the Mint installer presented no option whether to have the OS boot in UEFI or in legacy mode (turned out, it boots now in the legacy mode).

    * Is this normal?
    * And if so, how could one change now to “UEFI” boot … and *why*?…

    (2) My Synaptic Manager indicates that four packages – linux-generic, linux-headers-generic, linux-image-generic, linux-libc-dev – have “Installed Version”, while the “Latest Version” is The installation status of each of these is a small gray square with an “!” symbol inside – presumably to indicate a possibility of update – but the Update Manager _never_ updates these. Moreover:
    whenever I install any other new package, I get the message from Synaptic that the above four “will remain unchanged” along with another three “!”-labeled packages: base-files, mountall, xserver-xorg-core. I re-installed Mint 14 (the 24 November download), but the same thing happened.

    * Is this a problem with my hardware, or with Mint 14? (Or is this so “by design”?…)

    Thank you for a reply very much indeed.

  84. Second attempt at posting (maybe first one got caught through the spam filters):

    Installed mint14/mate. All nice, but booting takes an eternity as it claims needing more time to start the network manager. Was never an issue with previous mint or other distros.

    Once logged in, the network icon of the notification area is greyed out, states that the networking is disabled, even though I am online. No way to access the menu of that icon–it is all greyed out.

    Anyone else experienced that? I don’t recall this type of issue back on 13 or previous ones.

    (host: dell studio xps)

  85. Installed linux mint 14.1 in my pc with windows. I have following issues

    1. Recovery mode is not working properly(dpkg & fsck). Nothing happens when i select them.
    2. I am using Ati 4200 which come with motherboard. Were are drivers for it. I checked software source, no card is been displayed. Also tried installing Ubuntu restricted extras.
    The same problems were noticed when i tried linux mint 14.1 in VB.

  86. I have flirted with Mint three times. No major issues but dropped back to the familiar Ubuntu for my workhorse systems.

    I just bought a new Asus UX51 Ultrabook and Nadia has blocked every attempt to load Nvidia drivers. I’ve wasted a week on it, and have decided that after reading the entire Internet, that the Mint team didn’t feel that supporting alternative drivers was important.

    At this stage, I’ve decided that since I’ve wasted so much time, a donation should be flowing my way. Seriously, I think that this release has put me permanently off of Mint. I have 14 systems, and am a huge Linux booster, so Mint isn’t losing just me.

    Sad that near-religious clinging to ideologies push potential new users away from the distro. Very similarly, I LOVED Jollycloud’s Alpha release, but when they went 180 degrees in the opposite direction with their beta, I left them forever.

    Sad, because I’ve given Mint every chance under the sun. Good luck all.

    Edit by Clem: After reading the “entire Internet” you probably know that Linux Mint 14 is based on Ubuntu 12.10, and that the decision to discontinue Jockey and replace it with a driver section in Software Properties came from upstream. As a side-note hardware support in both distribution is almost absolutely the same. Good luck to you too.

  87. 14.1 still give me a grub error on ‘successful’ install… I go elsewhere..again….

    Edit by Clem: Hi Russ, what error do you get?

  88. I downloaded 14.1, still internet is not working. It didn’t work in Virtual machine, so I burnt to the DVD and in Live DVD mode also — internet is *still* not working. I connected using Wi-Fi, the icon says “Connected” but when I visit any webpage it says “Page not found”. Even a simple “ping” fails.

    For now, I’ll stay with Maya.

  89. If a Mint developer could please answer at least question “2” from my last week’s post (№ 200):

    The linux version that Mint 14 ships refuses to update (via Update Manager) to version on my machine.

    Is this a bug – or is Mint 14 supposed _not_ to update to
    In case it is a bug,
    — is it in Ubuntu 12.10, and merely carried over to Mint 14,
    — or is it only in Mint 14,
    — or in neither (=> an incompatibility with my HW)?

    Thank you.

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