Monthly Stats – October 2011

Donations & Sponsorships:

Many thanks to the following donors and sponsors for financially supporting Linux Mint:


  • $700 (5th donation), Ian M. aka “bcc4foss
  • $314.15, Andrew Coristine
  • $205 (2nd donation), Internet Beacon
  • $160 (2nd donation), Jim D. aka “jajodo”
  • $100 (6th donation), Jordan S.
  • $100 (6th donation), Gregor M.
  • $100 (3rd donation), Drazen P.
  • $100 (2nd donation), Steve Hoffman aka “SteveHoffmanUK”
  • $100, Gregory P.
  • $100, Robert C.
  • $67.64, Dirk K.
  • $67.64, Douglas L.
  • $67.63, Joachim M.
  • $67.56, Quim aka “slackjp”
  • $64.75 (2nd donation), Jean-Paul Genette
  • $64.75, Uwe U.
  • $60 (4th donation), Darrel Norstrom aka “Darrel”
  • $54.39, Nikolaj P.
  • $54.11 (7th donation), Pasi K.
  • $54.11, Durand F.
  • $50 (25th donation), Slavoljub aka “slw”
  • $50 (10th donation), JBHoren
  • $50 (8th donation), Tsuguo S.
  • $50 (7th donation), Andreas S. aka “Unforgiving67
  • $50 (7th donation), Tsuguo S.
  • $50 (6th donation), Tsuguo S.
  • $50 (4th donation), Richard H.
  • $50 (3rd donation), V. Mark Lehky aka “SiKing
  • $50 (2nd donation), Alan H.
  • $50 (2nd donation), Mark S.
  • $50, DJ Conde
  • $50, Robert M.
  • $50, James D.
  • $50, David P.
  • $50, Edie M.
  • $50, Einnar aka “einnar”
  • $50, Chris R.
  • $50, Ken de Montigny
  • $50, Joel T.
  • $50, Frederick M.
  • $40.58 (3rd donation), Lorenz F.
  • $40.58, Jorge D.
  • $40.53, Inigo X. C.
  • $38.85 (6th donation), Wolfgang P.
  • $33.82, Gregor K.
  • $33.78, Matthias H.
  • $32.38 (3rd donation), MartinF aka “badwolf9
  • $30, Jason G.
  • $30, jmro3006
  • $27.06 (25th donation), Manuel F.
  • $27.06 (2nd donation), Jens-uwe R.
  • $27.06, Thomas H.
  • $27.06, Darth
  • $27.06, Eric C.
  • $25.9 (20th donation), Olli K.
  • $25.9 (2nd donation), Ron D.
  • $25.9, Michel B.
  • $25.9, Victor J. J. J.
  • $25.9, Rita M.
  • $25.9, Stephen C.
  • $25 (3rd donation), Kent K.
  • $25 (3rd donation), Adam D.
  • $25 (2nd donation), Marcus K. aka “TH3B4R0N
  • $25, Jude N.
  • $25, Darin S.
  • $25, Len J.
  • $25, Internet Beacon
  • $25, Christian T.
  • $25, David L. aka “lebel
  • $25, Tim B.
  • $25, Ricky B.
  • $20 (5th donation), Phillip H.
  • $20 (4th donation), Richard G. aka “Trollboy”
  • $20 (3rd donation), Eduardo O.
  • $20 (2nd donation), Paul C
  • $20 (2nd donation), Simon N.
  • $20 (2nd donation), Denis L.
  • $20 (2nd donation), Earl Dukerschein aka “Bitflogger
  • $20, Wayne A.
  • $20, Michael E.
  • $20, Kazuyoshi K.
  • $20, Larry H. J.
  • $20, Erin Z.
  • $20, David S
  • $20, David R.
  • $20, Timofey T.
  • $20, Erin Z.
  • $20, Larry B.
  • $20, Oddgeir K.
  • $20, Jonathan H.
  • $20, Ernie H.
  • $20, Mostafa
  • $20, Ryan M.
  • $20, Patrick H.
  • $20, Juan M.
  • $20, Sergey S.
  • $20, Tatsuya H.
  • $19.43 (4th donation), Jarkko K.
  • $17.59 (2nd donation), Rufus
  • $15 (8th donation), P. S. B. aka “fixpcpaul
  • $15 (7th donation), William S. aka “Supergoo”
  • $15 (2nd donation), Špiro T.
  • $15 (2nd donation), David K.
  • $15, Wen H. L.
  • $15, Barry T.
  • $15, Andy N.
  • $15, Mark B.
  • $13.53 (3rd donation), Ivan Bulychev aka “vanyok
  • $13.53, Nikos C.
  • $13.53, Emanuele B.
  • $13.53, Steffen S. aka “TSS”
  • $13.53, John T.
  • $13.53, Adrian P aka “anticupidon”
  • $13.53, Hans S.
  • $13.53, Paolo B.
  • $13.52 (4th donation), Andras Porga aka “GodmaNZ”
  • $13.52, Gerard V.
  • $13.51, Rosen T.
  • $13.51, Peter L.
  • $12.95 (3rd donation), Helmut T.
  • $12.95 (2nd donation), Lauri T.
  • $12.95, Marten J. K.
  • $11, Kazuyoshi Y.
  • $10 (9th donation), Kiril Sotirov
  • $10 (8th donation), Tony C. aka “S. LaRocca”
  • $10 (7th donation), Ronald Trip
  • $10 (6th donation), Geschenkideen
  • $10 (5th donation), SamVimes
  • $10 (3rd donation), Andrew Simpson
  • $10 (2nd donation), zetay
  • $10 (2nd donation), Tom Cordina aka “4Foot”
  • $10 (2nd donation), Philip E.
  • $10 (2nd donation), Adam aka “DJ Black Tea”
  • $10 (2nd donation), Thomas M. aka “Zeppo”
  • $10 (2nd donation), Mark B.
  • $10 (2nd donation), Masashi A.
  • $10 (2nd donation), Marcin W.
  • $10, Mariusz P.
  • $10, Christopher R.
  • $10, Steven W.
  • $10, Charles R.
  • $10, Ernest B.
  • $10, Wilson de Carvalho Jr. aka “24horasonline
  • $10, Charles O.
  • $10, Jonathan K.
  • $10, Luke R aka “RayZor PC’s”
  • $10, Frank Martin aka “”kitanis””
  • $10, Alessandro L. aka “Armido”
  • $10, Atusushi S.
  • $10, Felipe H.
  • $10, Julio A. P. M.
  • $10, Winston H.
  • $10, Dean P.
  • $10, mockturtl
  • $10, Andrew D.
  • $10, M7MED ALOTAIBI aka “Snix
  • $10, Kiernan H.
  • $10, Lukáš K.
  • $10, Steven H.
  • $10, Thomas W.
  • $10, Nick K.
  • $10, Sergey Y.
  • $10, Morten J.
  • $10, Jack H.
  • $10, Julio S. P.
  • $10, Michael Franzwa
  • $10, Michael D.
  • $10, Christopher S.
  • $10, Birendra M.
  • $8, Ubawuchi E.
  • $7 (3rd donation), Antonina K. aka “Tonya”
  • $6.76 (2nd donation), Sampsa P.
  • $6.76, Felix B.
  • $6.76, Matthieu S.
  • $6.76, David J.
  • $6.76, Andrew M. aka “droidz”
  • $6.48 (16th donation), Paco C.C. aka “kannabix”
  • $6.48 (2nd donation), Jan V. P.
  • $6.48 (2nd donation), Arnold Bechtoldt aka “arnoldB
  • $6.48, Yannick G. aka “Uggy”
  • $6.48, Dafni K.
  • $6.48, Mike S.
  • $6.48, Mickael P.
  • $6.48, Riccardo V.
  • $5.41, Petr K.
  • $5 (8th donation), Michael K.
  • $5 (7th donation), Miljenko D. aka “ljacmi”
  • $5 (5th donation), tommy_b
  • $5 (4th donation), lupinehorror
  • $5 (4th donation), Johnny Reel aka “Jraz
  • $5 (3rd donation), Neb Radojkovic
  • $5 (3rd donation), Simon Cygielski
  • $5 (2nd donation), Hrvoje R.
  • $5 (2nd donation), Performance by Design aka “Autocrosser @ Mint Debian Forums”
  • $5, Michał P.
  • $5, Bradley W.
  • $5, Omar A. D. L. T. A.
  • $5, Quang L.
  • $5, Todd J.
  • $5, Alberto S. N.
  • $5, David R.
  • $5, Teri D.
  • $5, NenadT aka “Joomla Modules
  • $5, Bogdan
  • $5, Robert S.
  • $5, Gipponi A.
  • $3.58 (3rd donation), Ron Panduwana
  • $3.14, Pradini P.
  • $3, Jose P. C. A. aka “uvas_1”
  • $3, Reinhold N.
  • $3, Nikolay A.
  • $2.98 (3rd donation), Jurek W.
  • $2.7, Resat A.
  • $2.59, Alessandro P.
  • $2 (7th donation), black mold test kits
  • $2, Azlan A Raof aka “lankapo
  • $2, Ryan Cragun aka “rcragun
  • $2, Travis H.
  • $2, jomar (john b.) aka “beta_tester
  • $1.35, Tim P.
  • $1.01, Laurentiu Lozan aka “coroner
  • $1 (4th donation), Snoring Solutions
  • $1 (2nd donation), Chile Holidays
  • $1 (2nd donation), cleaning granite countertops
  • $1, Trung B. Pham
  • $1, Fady R.
  • $1, Bojan U.
  • $1, dyxhenry
  • $1, Srinivasan A. R.
  • $1, Miguel A. D. G.
  • $1, Ferdinand Development
  • $1, cleaning granite countertops
  • $1, Tayfun ilme aka “PanxeR
  • $1, Santiago G. T. aka “melenas1414
  • $1, Julie E.
  • $1, Renato P.
  • $0.8 (3rd donation), Philip Patrick Butkiewicz aka “bagnz0r


Money raised in October:

* Donations: $6100.32 (237 donors)
* Sponsors: $1423.98 (135 sponsors)


  • Distrowatch (popularity ranking): 2237 (1st)
  • Alexa (website ranking): 10,664th


News and summary:

  • The death of Robin was the most tragic and important event for many in our community this month. He was very active within Linux Mint and appreciated by a lot of people. I would like to add my personal condolences to all who miss him, his friends and family and the people within my team who were shaken by this tragedy.  
  • Linux Mint 12 was approved for an RC release and should come out in about 2 days. In terms of quality, there are concerns about mint4win and MATE. MGSE and the Gnome 3 desktop passed QA with success.
  • I would like to thank all the people who answered our call with donations and sponsorships. The support we got this month has been fantastic! The donations are at an all-time high. Some of them were extremely generous, and just to imagine 237 people gathered to help us is something truly unique. Many thanks to all people involved in helping us financially.
  • Thanks to all the people who help us by other means as well. Their help isn’t always as tangible and not as quantifiable but it’s an important part of our project. We work hard on making a good desktop, but we don’t engage in marketing or promotion. When people spread the word, show Linux Mint to their friends, neighbours and colleagues, when from 1 happy user we get 2, 3, or 4… when this buzz and excitement contributes to make our work known to others, our user base grows and the attention the media is giving us gets bigger. Today, we’re number #1 at Distrowatch. We can congratulate ourselves for getting there, not only our distribution but the project and the community as a whole.
  • Finally, just a quick note to KDE users. We will switch our focus to giving KDE another release and this process will start this December after Linux Mint 12 is out.


  1. Leaving Ubuntu for the new(old) desktop experience you are providing. My only concern is if linux mint gets a large support following what then? You guys are a derivative of a derivative… Not sure how this would work if say you took over 50% of ubuntu’s desktop userbase.

    Just thoughts/concerns.

  2. Great to see the success of Mint (Distrowatch) be the result of all the hard work that you’ve put in. In my work place, we donate older machines to students who cannot afford a new machine, and those machines come with Mint on them. In part, doing what we can as well.

    Look forward to the new release.

  3. Just trying out Mint Debian XFCE on a netbook…and its FAST…REALLY FAST.Had some problems updating though but nothing major.Looking forward to the new release of Mint 12.Hoping that Clem&his awesome team is getting things sorted out as they usually do even though i bet its tricky this time around!.And there is a reason for Mint being #1,they simply do an outstanding job making a smooth,stable goodlooking and useful distro of high quality!.You really earn it.Thanks for listening to your users aswell and making my favourite distro of all times!.

  4. Congratulations to be the number 1 distro, just becasue YOU REALLY LISTEN TO CUSTOMERS, and you don’t try to IMPOSE A UGLY GUI to users. This is just clear answer to those who aren’t listening what users wants. WE DON’T WANT UGLY GUI and someone(s) to try to impose what they believe it is “innovation” and it is only a mess. I support 100% LinuxMint and Mate developers.

  5. Congratulations to Clem and the team on hitting #1 and not before time

    Let us hope now that Mint 12 lives up to all the hype !

    I have my reservations.

  6. My advise ; Not losing time with KDE .. KDE is a hopeless work and would only be apreciated as a toy for children .. not else ..

  7. I just hope this distribution succeeds. For as much fragmentation hangs upon Linux as there are many spins and re-spins of distributions, tragically based on differences in only a few packages in many cases. A standardization process might be beneficial if it were to take place. I don’t say choices are bad, they are good. However, as with any physical system on this world, some energy needs to be given in, in order for some to be taken out. Success of this distribution, observably, is based on the developers’ ability to listen to its users, their hard coding work, and the great support I see from those chipping in by donations and support. On the other hand, it might also come imperative what Richard said at post #6 (November 10th, 2011 at 10:27 am). Question becomes, what then? Nevertheless, it’s the best distribution I’ve seen so far. Congratulations!

  8. currently testing the rc ive found a couple of issues
    im new to mint so where can i report bugs and how do i know the devs arent perfectly aware of these bugs already?

  9. @pelle45
    In order to know what the known bugs are, you should wait for the developer to to make the official announcement release on the homepage of linux mint. Inside the announcement are listed the known bugs.

    Hope this helps

  10. Just wanted to note how versatile Linux and especially Linux Mint are:
    Due to issues with my main, modern computer, I had been using an old, 13 year old computer for the better part of 3 months. Only occasionally slow, it has served me well in doing *real* work. It is running Linux Mint 9 LXDE on a 700 MHz Pentium III with 512 Meg memory.

    The overall performance is *excellent*, especially when considering this is such an old computer. The memory usage rarely went above 44% despite a typical session of a dozen or more open windows. I could not be happier with this back up computer.

    Thank you Linux Mint, Clem & Team! Keep up the great work.

  11. @mim yucel. Thank you, you just called me a kid (I’m a 59 years old KDE user). Hope in the future you continue enlightening me with your talent. God bless you my friend.

    @Clem, thank you for the hard work, you are an inspiration to the community. I’ll wait till the final release as always do. I’m confident it will meet expectations.

  12. Thanks for all your hard work. I came to Linux first because of Ubuntu then went backwards to Debian, now forward with Linux Mint 11. Love it! Can’t wait for Mint 12 to see what you do with Gnome 3. Good luck!

  13. The mint team rocks! I try to get the word out as much as possible. Have already converted my hubby and people on his team to Mint 🙂 and some of my relatives too.

    Would be trying mint 12 as soon as it is out.!

    @Clem When would the changes come to LMDE?

  14. @Guy

    All right! We all know you’re not happy with GNOME 3 and all those stuff, but what’s the need for you to keep reminding the whole world about it? No Linux distro cares about what only YOU want.

  15. @ Sharmila G Sivakumar : It seems we are sailing in the same boat. Great to see names of some Indians there (Hope I am right) in the post. By any chance/ coincidence do you know Prof. Sivanandan Sivakumar (Delhi).

  16. @Bobby : You are right! Mint’s making waves everywhere. Why should India be an exception 😉 ? Good to know you! And nope, I don’t know Prof. Sivanandan Sivakumar. I’ve never been to Delhi before.

  17. @ Sharmila G Sivakumar : When you see the community there are only 230 approx. person using Linux Mint from India. And I hardly see anyone following the post regarding new release and posting comments.

    Actually I know Prof. Sivanandan Sivakumar just because of similarity in the name I thought perhaps you may be knowing him. Anyway, Sorry.

    Glad to see you on LM. You might be a great persuader/ influential you converted others to use LM in India. My relatives and friends are so obsessed with MS Windows, they don’t want to see elsewhere. I am not able to persuade them (perhaps I am not as great as you). Lets wait for two more days.

  18. While everybody is congratulating Clem for Linux Mint 12, I would like to offer my condolences from the bottom of my heart. I will miss him. HE was a very helpful man ans just 19 years old. Too young to die 🙁

    Anyways, looking forward to mint 12. Keep up the good work

  19. @SpacePig

    The very last thing wanted on LMDE is GNOME 3.

    Eventually every GNOME based distro. will become a shadow of its former self.

    Such is the obsession with GNOME 3.

    The vast majority of people work with Desktop PC’s and not Tablets.

    It is with great sadness Mint have not bucked the trend. I would have expected something better from what has been up until now an excellent distro.

    Instead of MGSE addressing this it has done exactly the opposite.

  20. A big Congrats…to all.Hopefully excellent Mint12 is coming for an Anari(unskilled) user like me.I hope for fun & leisure while computing. GNOME 3 ? OK..but then…ummm…OK done.:-)

  21. Excellent. I’m waiting for next version of LMDE.
    Please help this open-source projects and tell the others about this:
    The German ING-DiBa AG bank is running a competition which people have until November 15th to vote on which foundation they support. The top 1000 foundations will receive a 1000€ donation from the bank. And I found these open source projects among them:

    here are the instructions:

  22. A fantastic distro.. which I adopted only recently, being greatly disappointed by Ubuntu moves… Excellent work!!! May we help you continuously to keep this success!

  23. Downloading 12RC at the moment. Can’t wait to try it out.
    Thank you Clem for hard work. Thank you for listening to us.

  24. I’ll be downloading and installing the RC early next week. After spending many weeks looking at alternative distributions, it’s going to be just like coming home.
    Thanks yet again to all of the developers, and Clem, for creating several excellent versions of a great Linux distributions and for keeping us informed along the way.

  25. I have Liza (yes, with a z) loaded up and I’m exploring the changes. Thanks Clem for all the hard work in adapting Gnome 3 to Linux Mint. I’ve been toying with Fedora (15 and 16) so I knew what to expect, but Linux Mint beats them hands down. Been a faithful user of Linux Mint since 9 LTS and I look forward to your future releases.

  26. As a final note stating that the team will give a new Linux Mint KDE version so users could only make me very happy. Congratulations!

    PS: I am Brazilian and not speak that language, so I apologize for my English strange.

    Paulo Corrêa
    user Linux Mint Brasil

  27. Now there was an update, and I finally got MATE to start after that!!
    I looks similar to Gnome 2 but is still not working as good as Gnome2.
    I did’nt find out how to start or manage Compiz, perhaps it is not possible at all yet?

    MATE is an interesting alternative as log as Gnome 3 is not aimed for desktops. 🙂

  28. @mim yucel Linux is about choice. There are many great distro’s with KDE. Denigrating another’s choice by saying “KDE is a hopeless work and would only be apreciated as a toy for children” is very very silly. Grow up!

  29. About Mint 12RC.
    Do you guys have the problem with disappearing menus and everything except background? It happens without the reason, suddenly. Then they go back in 1-4 secs and everything is ok like nothing happened.
    12RC seems to be very unstable, it’s even hard to install graphics drivers without issues. The interface is just breathtaking and i hope you gonna polish it till it shines. Without the bugs, this will be the best linux based system in the market. Maybe one day i will replace my daily-used system from Win7 ultimate to Mint. I believe you can it make so stable. Keep up the good work!!!

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