2nd BETA confirmed – Mint 5

I’ll go through the details later on but I can already confirm that there will be a second BETA release for the Main Edition of Linux Mint 5 Elyssa. If things go as planned and provided Exploder agrees to release it, I’m hoping to have it ready and available for download on Monday the 26th of May.

A huge number of changes were made since BETA 032 so we couldn’t afford to go towards a stable release without having a second BETA release tested by the community.

Among the major changes:

– Firefox 3 upgraded to RC1.
– A lot of bugfixes (I’ll detail these in a later post)
– A lot of changes in the package base (I’ll detail this as well).

I’ve also cleaned a lot of things and the ISO is currently 630MB… Of course it will get bigger as we approach the BETA release as there are things I also want to add (spell checkers for instance).


  1. At least its coming with the now available FF3 RC1 out of the box. There has been many complaints about the FF3beta in Ubuntu 8 and Fedora 9.

  2. I’m using b032 on this laptop (toshiba satellite). The only thing i’ve had to mess with was the support for the linksys wpc54g pcmcia card. It seems to use the broadcom 4603 chipset and as a result suffers from the small blacklist ‘bug’ for this bcm43xx driver. I fixed that and this laptop is now useful again πŸ™‚ great work, everything else worked out the box.

  3. Hi Clem

    Is there anyway of upgrading the beta1 to beta2?
    (I am running the beta 1 but dont see Firefox RC1 coming thru yet?)

  4. thanks man… good job, the first beta was good but had a lot of bugs, so it doest matter if you take 3 beta to get it right, you cant afford to have a faulty distro, not now anyway, because you are the best distro i have ever tested... any way ive been waiting a year for firefox3, i can wait a few weeks for mint..

    good job!!! men… keep the good work

  5. I am really impressed by the work that goes in this release and the speed at which you people progress.
    I am looking forward to it! Thank you!

  6. Clem any chance I can upgrade from the 032 Beta to the new Beta without doing a clean install? I’d like to continue helping with the Beta evaluation, but am not looking forward to a second clean install already.

  7. CLEM – take youre time mate.. no hurries.. no rush.. id rather wait an extra month or so for something QUALITY.. than something rushed and filled with bugs.

    MINT = only the best πŸ˜‰

  8. I agree with the statement of upgrading. I enjoy testing this product but I just got everything set up the way my wife likes it, I’m not to picky. This Beta edition is running great for me and I’m hoping we can upgrade without a fresh install.

  9. Hi,

    Will it be possible to upgrade the first beta to the second without reinstalling the whole distro?

    Sorry for the noob question…

    Btw, beta one works flawlessly! I cant recall any bug whatsoever!

    Keep up the good works guyz! You have the best distro out there!


  10. I do not agree with the idea of upgrading a beta distro
    to a stable one.Even, so, to another second beta.
    Now, it is not the right moment. In a short future
    perhaps. Clem, you can count me IN to manke a fresh install
    for the Linix Mint Gnome Main Edition.
    Just a small backup (files) to a pen drive and ready.

    Nice…looking foward to the 2nd beta version..

  11. Hi Clem I want to tell you that the text in the contect menu that I select to change the wallpaper (Set as Wallpaper…) it is not translated into spanish, and I guess isn’t into another language. Could this be repaired, just because it would look better if the complete distro is translated. Greets from Venezuela

  12. Great news, i was about to install the beta 032 today but i can wait until Monday to enjoy the new version. πŸ˜‰

  13. Hi Clem,
    To be honest I was playing with Mint 4, then 032 Beta, then 3.1…Just waiting for a main Elyssa. I refuse to make it all like I really want before Elyssa all fine comes out.
    Thank you for all the work!
    All the best,

  14. I agree with Roberto’s statement. Especially concerning the fact this is still a beta release. Those who say we should update so they can keep things the way they wanted really should have waited until after the beta was final. As mean as it sounds, it’s a beta. It’s going to possibly change bigger than is easily update-able between beta releases.

  15. I’ve been running Mint 5.0beta-032 for about two weeks now. I’m *very* happy with it. I don’t quite understand why the Beta couldn’t be sort of updated to the stable. Debian works that way, Ubuntu works that way, e. g. you can install a Beta (or, God forbid, an Alpha) or an RC1, and as soon as the stable version comes out, you just perform some minor adjustments (usually edit sources.list and stuff like that) and there you go. Why shouldn’t this be possible with Mint? Once you hop on the train, why not roll like all the other folks who will catch it later? :oD

  16. First of all thanx to Clem and the gang for all your hard work and time you’ve put into this. Second Elyssa is working fine and the upgrades and gadgets are stellar. I’ll be using it until the KDE is polished and out. Will we be able to just upgrade to KDE from Gnome or will we have to do a re-install? No big deal either way.

    thanx again all

  17. Guys,

    Fantastic work on Mint. I’m one of the quiet, but very happy users; I try to lend an occasional hand on the forums. I also have about 500 kilobits of torrent upload capacity available. Please send me an email when the new beta is released; I’d be glad to help torrent that sucker.


  18. Great work. I’m an absolute linux beginner, I’ve tested all major distros and I have to say that as far as I can tell Mint is the best one by far. No doubt the most user-friendly of them all. I’m using Elyssa on a toshiba laptop and everything works just fine. When Elyssa final comes out should I make a new install?

  19. Can’t wait — the suspense is just about more than I can bear!!

    Does the BETA 2 release still look like a go for Monday?

    Great job to Clem & everyone else who has made Mint what is is — one of the best distros around!

  20. Could not compare the mint beta installation to the original hardy. but all I can say that the whole version is 2 steps ahead from gutsy; especially the performance.

    Please make the next mint release a release candidate to give us the opportunity to update via the repos. I think we can call it now “feature complete” and hope for a “Ready to Manufacturing”.

    Great work.

  21. Linux kernel with 4GB or more RAM support will be really good. Is it possible in Beta 2?

    I can still install the Ubuntu-server kernel for alternative (anyway) …

    But still default support will be good standard/regular users …


  22. Thanks for making the best distro (as far as this newb is concerned) I have tried about a dozen or so and Linux Mint is by far my favorite!!
    I am sure there is lots of pressure to stick to release schedules but greatness shouldn’t be rushed..so as hard as it is..I’m more than willing to wait for better things…
    –Linux convert of 2 months now πŸ˜€

  23. Awesome! Mint is THE quintessential distro and I’ve been looking forward to the next release. Thanx 2 all. (Wish I could run it on my ancient Thinkpad 600 but hey, that’s what Puppy is for….. Thanx again – Roy

  24. Off Topic:

    What happened with the Fedora based Mint experiment? I looked in the forums and didn’t see anything.

  25. 2 Problems/Bugs:

    1.Right click in β€œTerminal” does not work. Terminal opens a second instance.
    2.Ra or Ram files in Firefox do not open in Realplayer 11 even they are define so under Edit/Prefrences/Applications in Firefox.

  26. Congratulations Clem … Yesterday i upgrade firefox beta to firefox 3 rc1 (mint repositories) i purge flashplayer and reinstall it again and it’s fantastic it rocks πŸ˜€

  27. Is this like Ubuntu or Debian, where you can just upgrade all the packages once the final release comes out? Or would I be missing something?

  28. I installed the beta on my Eee a few days ago and adore it and am glad to see it coming along so rapidly. I can’t wait until the main version is released; is it too much to ask for an estimate on how long that will take? πŸ™‚

  29. I have tested/experimented/used approx. 10 of DistoWatch’s top 10 recommmendations. I’m not much into the technical aspects of each distro, but I do put each one through the paces; special requirement financial sites, movies,(many formats)music(multiple formats)games. I also, import large number of photos and edit using gimp. I’ve used just about every feature in the distro I could find.

    What this long, boring dissertation is leading to, is that I am using the 2nd beta release and I just can’t break anything. I’ve worked hard at crashing it, but no luck. With the other distros, every time you think you’ve found a great distro to stick with, something breaks. Perhaps I’m not technical enough to know how to abuse it correctly to make it break, or I don’t know what I don’t Know, but this is a great distro and at this point I don’t know what I would even move to the Stable Mint that’s on it’s way. I just don’t know howw you guys do it. I really appreciate the great hard work you’ve put into this

    John DiBlasi

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