A new website, similar to and maintained by the people behind, was made available for us, for our artists and for our community, to gather icons, wallpapers, splash screens and artwork in general specific to our distribution. This new website is and it’s available here:

I would like to thank McLovin, from the MintArt project, thanks to whom this was made possible and I would like to encourage everybody to participate in making this website an excellent resource for our community.

Note: The BETA for today’s “potential/eventual” (as it needs approval from Exploder first) release is already built, but I will make sure to add this website as a predefined Firefox bookmark before Mint 5 goes final.


  1. This is sweet news, I know McLovin has been working hard to achieve this – a big BRAVO from me!

  2. right now it has a lot of ubuntu stuff (and other distros) on it and seems like an rip-off gnome-look.

    if it’s just going to be an exact clone and uses the same database, then i don’t see too much the point of it. or maybe it’s not done yet?

  3. It looks like it shares the Themes, Window Decorations, and System Sounds sections with the other Open Desktop sites. Otherwise, it seems it will be all mint stuff. It just opened, so I would give it a few days for people to upload some of their artwork.

    I think this move is great, thanks to McLovin for all his hard work to make this happen!

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