Linux Mint poll

As we’re planning for Linux Mint 11 and upcoming releases, we’d like to know a little more about our user base. We prepared a few questions. Feel free to skip some of them if you want and many thanks for taking part in this survey.


  1. Strange, why wasn’t Chromium among the answers? I should think more people use Chromium than Opera.

    1. Toon: It is. We called it Chrome as it’s actually more widely known as Chrome than as its accurate name. I think we can blame the Google marketing guys on that one… if I remember well that’s how they initially introduced it 🙂 Anyway it’s there… option number 3 in the poll.

  2. I like polls that reflects people’s opinions in order to enhance a product. 🙂
    I liked the question about Debian Edition using KDE Desktop. :3
    I’ve tested every desktop since I’ve started using Linux Mint and KDE is far better than the others. I just love it! 😀
    I’m not using Debian Edition right now just because it uses Gnome and chaging it to KDE is a problem to me. u_u
    Anyway, keep the good work! ^_^

  3. I voted for Chrome even though I mostly use Chromium. Even though they’re almost the same thing, I would rather see them listed separately, or else called “Chromium/Chrome,” something like that.

  4. But, google-chrome and chromium-browser are not the same beasties. I mean, I have both because of unimportant reasons, but the thing is, I had to go out and manually install google-chrome.

    Or – am I missing something?

  5. Chrome & chromium = google-user-monitoring shit
    i’m using Iron, which is chromium – based.

  6. Played around with SuSE, Ubuntu, debian, and a few other distros but like Mint the best. It was the easiest to install and run … no hassles!!!

    Would like to know if my system is secure or not. I’m behind a firewall but don’t have a clue how hardened Mint is. At least in SuSE it pretty much let you cruise the security settings and indicated the defaults in YAST. At least I felt more secure with SuSE than Mint

    Would like to try the Mint Debian distro but not sure I know enough linux yet let alone Debian’s system specifics.

  7. For the question: “What video driver do you use?” my answer is “I install a driver myself” but just because of the LMDE doesn’t have tool for that as I know.

    1. Sorry about the confusion on Chrome and Chromium. Editing the poll would result in resetting the results. Please consider the poll option as describing both.

  8. You should probably change the Chrome option to Chromium or Google Chrome.

    Anyhow: What are you planning to do with LMDE once Debian Testing goes into the next cycle? Will you let in the new packages directly or will you wait until the first storm of packages from Unstable has settled?

  9. “I’ve tested every desktop since I’ve started using Linux Mint”
    & I use N promote the Main/32 version
    && like LMDE too.

  10. One of the better polls I ever participated in. If it helps I would be happy to do this more often.

    Love Mint.

  11. “Do you use the default look and feel?”
    D. I changed the wallpaper and I use Emerald to replace the window titles, but kept everything else. So, “I changed some but not all”.

  12. Commenter #10! Thanks for the heads up re: Iron browser….have already installed it and first impressions are promising….

  13. Ehhhh… Hrrrmmmm…

    Saw a post in the forum about a poll.
    I’d like to participate, but… where is it?
    *blushing a bit*

    Clicking around like crazy, but I can’t seem to find anything resembling a poll?

  14. Other interesting questions would be:
    Which other editions of Linux Mint have you used?
    Which other releases of Linux Mint have you used?
    Which other Linux distributions have you used?

  15. I hesitated a little when switching from Main to Debian Editon (but I like the idea of a rolling distribution rather than reinstalling). But I am very happy with it so far. Thanks for Your work.

    Is google really the main income for the project? I may switch the home page back for that, but I never click on sponsored links.
    I do not look for Information about LM on that page – I prefer using the rssfeed.

    For the question: “What video driver do you use?” my answer is “I install a driver myself”, because LMDE doesn’t have a tool for that as far as I know.

    “I love Mint since I first saw Helena :)”

  16. I prefer Mint KDE on my main machines. I do however use LMDE on a couple of older boxes because the Debian base is faster. (although I would like to see a KDE LMDE) For the servers I stick with pure Debian.

    Thanks for your great work Mint folks!

  17. As someone with very poor eyesight, the only thing I can think of that would improve Mint, for me, is if there was a one-click option in themes that enlarged all of the text, icons, scroll-bars, etc.

    Apart from that, it’s just about perfect. Thanks.

  18. I thought Linux Mint 9 was better and faster. I don’t see any major improvements in Mint 10 and wouldn’t have bothered changing if aware of this beforehand.
    I dual-boot with openArtist and while I can access Mint files from the openArtist desktop it’s a clumsy process.Any possibility of considering trying to integrate a more intuitive cross-platform file-access system with this lesser used distro. I have dropbox but I can only drag and drop one file at a time. I am a bit wary of dropping a whole folder.
    By the way, I am a complete Newbie but feel comfortable enough with Linux to have dumped Windows7 completely, though to be fair I might not have if Microsoft hadn’t screwed up Hotmail and lost half my mail.

  19. 3D effects ≠ compositing. There are many nice 2D effects that use composinting. For example, the Xfce compositor show shadows under windows and can make the window decoration (or the entire window) transparent, but has no 3D effects.

  20. I liked this poll because it made me aware of important details that I was unaware of. I want to support Mint in particular and the Linux community in general and so I’ll, for example, make sure that I always use the Mint default home page for searches.

    Mint is as close to an ideal Linux OS for my needs as I’ve found, although I like Puppy 5.2 and PCLinux for various reasons (both work well on an older laptop that I have).

  21. Definately great survey, I answered all questions.

    Personally I’d add that DEs less heavy on resources should be a priority.

    Less is more, keep that in mind, and minimalism is more pleasing than bloating the computer with unnecessary stuff.

    Therefore my votes go for editions such as LXDE, XFCE and Gnome (made less demanding on resources).

    Fluxbox can be left out and KDE I personally don’t like at all.

    I can’t leave this post without saying a huge thank you to all who participate and contribute to this wonderful project, that made many lives so much more easier.

    Yesterday I installed Mint on another friend’s computer and they’re happy 🙂

  22. The most enlightening aspect about this poll is how people differentiate chrome from chromium. I have always called the browser chrome and the other chrome os. (That is what the issue is about, right? Either way, I use chrome (the browser as the question implies!) Haha…

    Also, this is why I love Mint, you are concerned about what the user base cares about! …and it obviously works!

  23. Sorry for the last one i just couldnt resist answer number 1 ^^. I like Boo’s current plan for KDE. I cant use the debian edition myself so if KDE edition switched to a debian base id have to leave mint.

  24. Regarding my previous post…
    It seems like my employer has restricted access to the site hosting the poll, and the result is that it only shows a white space instead of the poll itself.

    Anyway – nevermind that problem, I went through it with my phone instead.

  25. Well, first of all: Thank you for all the nice girlies (Isadora, Julia, Debian 😉 ), I’ve friends who changed from WinOSs almost without a problem (only almost, they had to learn LibreOffice/OO.o, that was the hardest task 😀 )

    So keep up the great work, and only one thing: Why doesn’t LMDE uses the Faenza icon set by default? 🙂 that’s too nice…

  26. My biggest worry is that Linux Mint will do something crazy to the interface, like KDE 4/Ubuntu 11/Gnome 3/etc… I love, love, LOVE the current GUI and will be deeply saddened if it changes.

  27. I didn’t know the answer for the screen resolution question. I went to whatismyscreenresolution .com and it said 1280×800, so I selected the “Larger than 1024px” option. I hope this was ok.

    Similarly, I’ve no idea whether or not I’ve got a video driver, but I certainly haven’t changed anything, so I chose the first option.

  28. i use lmde because iloved is more fast and stable for me is the best distro i run and the idea of rolling relese is and amaizing idea . in the past i use ubuntu,kubuntu,fedora,opensuse,linux mint,6,9 y10 and others distro

  29. Looks like I’m in the 1% using version 7 still. However, we use it on (older) HP laptops for homeschooling. Tried updating to newer versions but for some reason when earphones are plugged in, the speakers do not mute. Muting them mutes all sound. Version 7 is the only Mint that works.

  30. mint 10 kde is best if not that then gnome I tried all your questions but firefox ate all my answers

    I use only mint now

  31. I love Mint KDE and will be great if you guys would try to make a LMD KDE edition,i sure will give away the ubuntu based one.
    Keep up the good work, and …..thanks!

  32. I can’t wait for the Debian version to catch up with the main releases. I don’t like the supplied browser configuration; I like to tailor Google very specifically to my needs. I understand the need for it as a source of income, but might it be possible to have a one-click change to normal in return for a minimum donation?

  33. personally I think all other DE’s (Desktop Environments) should be done in LMDE and just have Gnome on the main edition (ubuntu) This way the linux mint team can focus all their effort and attention on the main edition, then when it is hard baked and out the door, they can then focus on LMDE the rest of the time!

    The only thing holding LMDE back from being installed on my main computer is jockey-gtk and drivers for nvidia gpu. I have LMDE installed on my Laptop, and it works great! (Intel 4500m graphics)

    please keep up the good work!

    1. ddavid123: This crossed our mind and it’s an important part of this survey. There’s a few things we need to check before considering this switch and one of them is the community feedback.

  34. I hate the inflexible lmde metapackage. I load debian minimal cmd line install and then change the repositories to mint lmde. You really need to allow for a minimal cmd line install and then let experienced linux users add other items as they choose. Follow the debian installation model.

  35. I use Google Chrome myself…I like that it adds the “updater” automatically. As far as the other difference, it does add a tracker which helps it “target” ads to you with subjects you seem to be interested in, but unless you use “ad blocker” which i do not, you get ads anyway on websites, so why is getting targeted ads worse then getting random ads? (lol)..and anyway, yahoo and google search engines track and target your ads anyway…so there is really no disadvantage to use Chrome over Chromium unless you only want use open source…

    Also Chrome adds a built in pdf reader which is very convenient, as well as having built in flash as well….

    I liked the Debian version for a while and think Clem really did a nice job of improving the font rendering with the ubuntu patching, but it still has some rough edges, doesn’t have easy install options like the main edition, and also i started having updating problems and breakage when Debian Testing started to flow and ended up going back to Mint 10 main edition…So it has a lot of potential but needs to be made more newbie friendly (and a kde option should also be provided though i prefer gnome myself)…

  36. I use the SRWare Iron browser. It’s basically a stripped down version of Chromium without all the Google-added tracking functions.

  37. Using Mint 10 (main), holding out for an improved (more user friendly)LMDE 64, started w/Mint 6 briefly, then went to Mint 7 for almost a year on a 2nd computer, skipped 8 & 9 (couldnt let go of the windows crutch), as of the first week in February my main box as well as a 2nd box has Mint 10.

    Trying to get real with Linux, having some small problems, but have been able to solve most thus far, I was a distro hopper for awhile, until I found Mint, I dont post hardly anything, but the Mint community and forums are great, it is causing me to change my ways, and I think that alone says a lot about this distro and the Mint team.

    I checked other in , “what do you participate in” I have an old box that I have setup as a torrent, all Mint distros and the Debian main distro are up 24/7 (it is running on Mint 9.

    I will try and get more involved very soon, even tho I have been playing around with Linux for about 4 or 5 years, I still feel like a noobie, thats why I’ve decided to get real, I can build a mean box, but software, ooh boy……..

    Clem and Team, thank you for a new and fun (mostly) experience, I am learning as I go, keep up the killer work, only Ubuntu next to # 1, quite an accomplishment for a small group of Devs.

    Just a remark, I cant wait until LMDE 64 is as user friendly as the main distro, Debian as a base is the way to go, ok, I’ll stop now.

    Thanks a bunch
    Jerry L Hoover

  38. I want to give some further input on my answers, I hope you guys read this far down into the comments!

    I tried the Debian edition when it first came out and could never get must-have things to work well (like sound) and updates kept breaking my system, whereas everything worked pretty solid under Mint 9 XFCE. I need my primary system to “just work” so I switched back to Mint 9 XFCE. I use the LTS release and even turn off level 3 updates because a level 3 update once messed with automounting USB drives (I think).

    Compositing and video drivers
    I would love to be able to install a recommended video driver and use compositing but unfortunately the video card in my primary computer is not supported. The default video driver works well enough with compositing turned off and I can watch low-resolution videos, but full screen video and 3-D games like Tuxcart don’t work.

    Please, please, please continue to maintain the XFCE edition and also keep cd-sized installation media (at least for the less resource hungry spins like XFCE, LKDE, Fluxbox – older computers that are more likely to use those editions are the computers more likely not to have a DVD drive). I am so looking forward to Mint 11 with XFCE 4.8!

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  39. I think that if the debian base is as good or better than ubuntu base (considering things like: apps like startup disk creator and compatibility with ubuntu ppas, etc.) then the switch should be made.

  40. I didn’t know that the custom google search engine was the main source of income for the project. I will start using it from now on.

    I Love Linux Mint! Keep up the good work!

  41. HUNKharon’s thanks for all the girlies had me ROFL (Rolling On the Floor Laughing). He obviously doesn’t realise Debian was founded by a married couple Deb and Ian Murdock. As Ian notes on his own blog:

    “I founded Debian in 1993 and led the project from its inception to 1996. (The name “Debian” is a concatenation of ‘Deb’, my wife’s name, and ‘Ian’.). LOL Still laughing now HUNK 😉

  42. Keep up the good work, but there is much room for improvement.
    The only thing I want to see is for more involvement of the Linux Mint team in the forum and for actual help available for important issues that affect many people.
    The two top issues are:
    The known problems with the wired network connection in 64-bit Mint 10 and the Intel 82566DC onboard ethernet and other ethernet hardware (caused by the Kernel Linux 2.6.35-xx, as it seems). It affects me directly, as I have both my HP PC’s with this hardware, so I was not able to use the 64-bit version and take advantage of all of my installed RAM over 4GB…
    Another main problem, and always a touchy subject around here, is a working voice and video chat clone or substitute for one or both the Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger, as lots of people still want to use them to stay in touch with friends and family that are still on Window$.
    Every time I see people asking about those 2 voice/video chat issues no solution is ever given, but you guys always suggest using Pidgin or Empathy. THEY DO NOT WORK WITH VOICE AND VIDEO FOR WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER OR YAHOO MESSENGER, OK???
    The only working solution we have so far is Skype. It works now, despite the fact that it is a beta version and we don’t know for sure how long it will be available.
    Please reflect and find better ways. Thanks Linux Mint.

  43. I have played with several distros and now use only Linux Mint at home (2 pcs and a laptop).

    It has everything I’ve been looking for to make the switch and along the way I’ve converted a few others as well.

  44. I used the Mint, but I switched to pure Debian, which is faster and simpler design, and I’m tired of unsupported upgrades.
    However, I have great sympathy for the Mint, and if I get stuck, it will be my first option again.

  45. Could be wrong here but as mint strives to be the most user friendly distro aimed at newbies. the poll assumes a newbie would know what most of the question mean. which i don’t think would not be the case.
    i find mint can do almost all of what i want to do, some small problems like getting japanese to work, and some other things. But with all the helpful guys and hopefully some girls on the IRC many of these can be fixed. to much comandline help though is not that helpful. all-n-all love MINT. and a big thanks to all on the IRC.

  46. actually – switching to lmde base makes a lot of sense especially for the lightweight DEs. If you use lxde or fluxbox to safe resources then why not safe some more by getting rid of some ubuntu-stuff….
    lmde fluxbox would be quite sexy

  47. I hope that Linux Mint 11 will not have problems with launching mkahawa like the way mint 10 does. I use mint 9 for server and ubuntu 9:10 for clients in my cyber cafe. i find this combination good but I would have loved to use mint 10 for both clients and server which actually does not work with Mkahawa well.
    Congrats to mint community for the good work you are doing. I am proud of work revolution open source is doing to the world of IT. Thanks a lot for you easy to use softwares.

  48. My thoughts on Debian: Their packages are out of date, they take 2 years to get a stable release ready, during which their repositories are frozen and their overall philosophy is out of date. They think if they refuse to include proprietary software, the rest of the world will go “Oops, my bad” and start releasing open source software and drivers. It doesn’t work that way!! You have to change to what the rest of the world is doing, not the other way around. Ubuntu realized that, though I don’t agree with all of their choices, at least they are willing to compromise. Debian is obdurate and is slipping slowly into obscurity because of that.

    Anywho, those are my thoughts on Debian, don’t hate me for it, I’m just keeping it real. I know a lot of people still love Debian and Debian-base and more power to them. However, the more I see Mint going towards Debian, the less I care about it and it used to be my #1 OS.

  49. Love the poll.

    Would be nice to see a Linux Mint LXDE (stable) Debian Edition or even better: Linux Mint Openbox edition (Debian or Ubuntu based).

  50. Now I know I have to use more often the custom google search engine in order to support more this awesome project…

    Ahora sé que debo usar más seguido el motor de búsqueda personalizado de google para apoyar más este maravillo proyecto…

  51. Nothing compares to Linux mint! I’ve tried Debian and Debian based distros for years. I still try other distros occasionally. but Mint Gnome 64 is my main Linux OS. It simply is the BEST out there.

  52. An essential for my home page is the multi tabbed Speed Dial addon & I really don’t want the evil one spying on my private browsing so I decided to make a donation rather than using your home page.
    I have a dial for the forum but failed to find a link from there to your main page or community page to make my donation!
    After getting to your page & clicking donation there was no option to donate in £ only dollars or euros but most off putting for me it seemed to be totally pay pal based, another company I do not want to give any personal info to. Is there anyway I can make a simple transfer from my credit card(Visa) to you without divulging all my personal info to some third party?

    I love your products but especially the community spirit that your mods have generated in the forums. They deserve a very big thank you.

  53. I use Gnome for all my computer even my netbook HP Minin 210-2170NR runs Gnome mint 10 perfect never ever had a problem. keep up the greatness and make sure 11 stays as simple as 10

  54. Google is a member of the CFR. Google blocks sites at will. Google is an arm of the government. Reports say Google is the main driver of the chaos in the middle east. Google is the enemy in the information war. Of course they want to fund alternative operating systems. Wake up people to the new world government takeover. You are not going to enjoy it.

  55. I’m very pleased with Julia. My thought would be that you not do anything to fancy or, if you do, keep a simple version for those of us that just want an OS that works. That’s why I like what you’ve done so far – it works!

  56. I used to love Mint8, which I used intensively. However to be honest I lately preferred to work with Ubuntu 10.10. This edition feels just right, smooth & responsive. Mint somehow seems to have lost its cutting edge for me. Not sure about 1104, ’cause Unity I don’t like somehow. The KDE Mint release doesn’t interest me much, I always was a gnome guy :). Your DEBIAN release didn’t work well (seemed buggy in VM). Your other versions ??? Don’t see a great need.

    My suggestion is rather stick with original, don’t get too diversified. Do one thing, but this really innovatively 😉

    Does a WUBI install work with LinuxMint10???

  57. hi, love mint’9’use on three machines ,hate mint ’10’ you need to go back to old format for ’11’ hopefully . trying fedora ’14’ really sucks compared to mint ,also ubuntu 10.10 also slow, i believe should never have added ‘office’ slows machine down . we are using dual processor overclocked 2.0 ghz, with 1.0 gb ram mint flys @ lite speed!!!!!! fast on this and even on 1.ghz toshiba’s is quick!!!!!james & susywild

  58. GLAD to use LMDE for the last weeks.

    I do like the Ubuntu-based Mint releases (yes, I wrote “Ubuntu-based Mint”, not Ubuntu itself), but I really appreciate your efforts to develop the Ubuntu-free, great-Debian version. It’s harder, I know. But it looks faster, IMHO.

    Congratulations. And keep up the EXCELLENT Work.

    P.S.: “Are you actually reading this question?” – hahahahaha, great! 😛

  59. BTW… I use only Mint now. And I answered all of your pools. 😉

    BTW2… Mint is GREAT! Thanks to The Team!!

    CONGRATULATIONS! And keep up the EXCELLENT Work! (have I already said that…?) 😛

  60. Mint 10 is awesome! I’d just like to see a little more polish in the LMDE version, and more support for the Wii emulator Dolphin (as well as wiimote support). In addition VLC should be the default video player and Audacious should be the default Audio player. Also, you should have Urban Terror, Bsnes, Mupen64plus, and other games and emulators in the Software Manager.

  61. Reasonable survey, I just hope you don’t treat the statistics you get as Gospel, and start making the features/changes to any release you make dependent on “the survey says” type of voting.

    Keep using your own judgment, and realizing that everyone will have the option of changing the released version to one that suites them better, whether that is to stop the desktop eye candy effects or some other choice such as changing the file manager being used.

    The Debian switch is something to give some serious discussion on, it would obviously stretch your resources, and may not get you a better release than the current Ubuntu mixture..
    –although it seems it may also cause a drift in support as Ubuntu moves further away from the parent (Debian)

  62. Same as edvardr (#56) I beg you Clem to keep the maintaining of lightweights, ESPECIALLY Fluxbox edition. Whatever people say, but Flux is really ultra-lightveight edition, even lighter then LXDE (@ least on every machine of mine I used to use Flux). Plus Flux is far more elegant then LXDE by me. It simply rocks. I know that some people feel weird when they have to switch to “right-click-way-of-thinking”, but ya know… THAT`S JUST A POINT – clear desktop + tint panel + r-click menus. If it`d depended on me – LXDE or Flux – I`d choose Flux.
    And yes – it doesnt matter to me how many core comp has, single, two or four. I`m gonna use Fluxbox even on a sixteen-core CPU.

  63. I have something to add regarding the Google custom search engine. I don’t use it as much as I could due to the fact that it is specifically designed for English speakers. I do speak English, but I sometimes want French oriented answers, and I can’t get them if I use this search engine, since mint does not have a server adress on…

    might be something to fix, if not overly difficult.

  64. hi people,
    I had tested the Gnome-Version of LinuxMint Debianbased. But I had terrible problems already with installing. The step with formatting the harddrive is the most complicated one. LinuxMint ubuntubased offers the autoformatting of the harddrive, what is more secure for beginners. I ask myself, why this option is not given in LMDE?

    The next not quite easy step is installing additional repos in LMDE. I had difficutlies with it and that made me switch back again to the previous ubuntubased LinuxMint-Version. I love the ubuntubased Version and will stick to it. I hope, the ubuntubased Version will be developed on in future.
    And another definite advantage for users is, that LinuxMint is even more stable than the Ubuntu-Distro at the time. That makes many users switch over from Ubuntu to LinuxMint (ubuntubased). I switched over from Ubuntu 10.04 to LinuxMint 9. And now I use LinuxMint 10 since several months and will keep with it.

    I have voted for the Browsers, because I do not only use Firefox (Version 4.0) but also Opera and Seamonky. Seamonkey is now better and Add-ons can also be installed as user, what was impossible in previous versions. But the look of Seamonkey could be refreshed a little. I would love a more mint-like look for it.

    Then I don’t like to be forced to use the Unity-Desktop, which I tested on both of my machines. But this Desktop is still so buggy and unstable, that this is no propper allday-working. That’s why I switched away from it again. I personnaly prefer the new Gnome-Shell. But what I am missing are some Options for more configuration of Gnome-Shell (themeing (I would love a real Mint-Theme like the Mint-Leopard-Icon-theme and Metacity-theme), look and feel, etc). I think, if the Gnome-Shell will be developed on, then I will stay with it. Please go on working on Gnome-Shell and please please please bring up Gnome3-Desktop in LinuxMint 11!!).

  65. Im learning english 🙂 so bare with me

    One thing i would like to see as one huge improvement for us that don´t like the terminal usage when installing proggs/drivers from the harddrive, is klick install like windows, i don’t by the security answer one bit, i think it could be made without the terminal usage when installing programs/drivers that you have on the harddrive but when you do so you just type in the password like you do now when installing thru the internet, i think an OS in the year 2011 should do better, that`s my view anyway

  66. I don’t have time to read all the comments but I see some things that also apply to me. I came to Mint 8 because of the great support for my Asus Eee but I am having trouble duplicating the great support in 9 or 10, especially as it pertains to the hot-keys. I’m not a great desktop admin. That’s my own shortcoming. It would be great to have a document to assist a user in setting up support for netbooks and laptops with Mint.

    I am a student of French and I have the same lnguage issues with the search page. I also frequently need to look for maps or pictures of historical persons and I have to have the ‘image’ option when I search. That’s the only reason I don’t use the regular search page.

    Keep up the good work, by the way. I recommend Mint to everyone who expresses any interest in Linux as “The Place To Start” for newbies.

  67. I have to install my video card driver by myself. Since Linux Mint don’t detect it. The manufacturer of it only supports Ubuntu (Mint Mainx Edition) and OpenSuse. I’m using LDME and it’s the only thing I’m missing.

  68. “Do you use the default look and feel?”

    I usually change the wallpaper, and always put the main panel on TOP where it belongs, but leave most other things alone 🙂

    LMDE is great, and I love it with Gnome. KDE is okay, do whatever you want with it, but please continue to release Gnome on a Debian base, as it is consistently solid, frequently updated, and they rarely do anything too goofy that makes you scratch your head.

    Are LXDE/Fluxbox/XFCE worth the effort? Variety is nice, but at what cost?

    Is there a trend away from using Ubuntu as a base now, as they seem to be losing their original focus? What about other options – Fedora, Gentoo?

  69. To Clem, or whoever it may concern.

    I use the url bar as my search engine through About:Config’s
    Keyword.URL with this url do you all have it replaced with your search engine and if not can you generate revenue that way as well?
    I did this because I didn’t like the space the toolbar took up and I don’t find myself using the actual pages for the search engines. It’s quicker for me.

  70. NVIDIA GT330M drivers installed by Jockey? never works.Tried installing via NVIDIA download but keeps saying I’m using X but haven’t a clue how and forums or anywhere on google don’t seem to mention it. Previous PC’s have always been ok with Jockey downloading and installing drivers…just a matter of time (had it a year though).
    Also an upgrade from one version to the next never goes with fault and a complete wipe of / partition is always needed. Any tool in future to fix this? Tried Debian version but after one update it wouldn’t boot…something didn’t install properly?!?!
    Been using Linux Mint since 4.0 Daryna and still come back after trying other distros. Happy enough with it. Too long?

  71. I’m only using Fluxbox edition on my netbook and it runs very nice.
    I will soon upgrade my kubuntu 64but to mint KDE edition, I will also evaluate the Debian version in case that becomes the new direction.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  72. I would like to see far better support for the Proprietary ATI/nVidia Drivers. Mint 10 on my laptop does not allow for an easy switch to the ATI X1200 drivers I would prefer to use. As a result, Compiz does not work. Other distributions that allow me to install the ATI driver give me full Compiz. Same for nVidia. Both support Linux so why not have their adapters properly driven?

    I would also like to see a full switch to the Mint Debian now that Debian 6 is available and since GDM3 will be out in April. A June switch would allow to make sure it’s solid before release since what you already offer in Mint Debian is so stable.

    Coming from MS Windows awhile back, I preferred KDE but, now enjoy Gnome much better. I do serious tweaking and Gnome is much more stable than KDE. To many changes to quickly on the KDE side have made using it a real chore!

    I’d also like to see Gnome Color Chooser properly integrated with the Appearance Module. I like a colorless task-bar and so need to change the font color on JUST! the task-bar. Color Chooser works far better than some of the other methods that really mess with the theme and make things undesirable in appearance. And speaking of appearance!… I switched Mint 10 to the proprietary nVidia drivers for my 8200 Card and all the menu icons disappeared and the boot screen is just Mint 10 in text and the cool graphic. I’d like a fix for this. It shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

    I really like Mint 10! It’s the best Linux out there right now but some fixing is due.

  73. Love LinuxMint!

    IMO, all versions of Mint should goto a Debian Base and cut out the “middle” man. Ubuntu is great but they are not consistent. My older machines run better with LMDE!

    Mint 10 theme is very clean and awesome. I also put the main panel at the top. Then add a second one at the bottom for work-space switcher and other “short cuts” to frequently used programs.

    Thanks and keep up the great work! There is a reason LinuxMint is #2 on DistroWatch and soon to be #1! 😉

  74. linux mint is the best os i have used i love it just the way it is. thanks to everybody at mint.

  75. Just to be clear about Q5, I’ve assumed the custom Google search engine is the one embedded in the browser (e.g. not the web site). Is that correct ?

  76. Hi

    # 6
    Yes me too

    # 13
    Yes me too

    Linux Mint Needs 2 KDE editions

    Kubunt-base should be left behind definitly.
    Great – (s**t).

    1 – KDE Main based on OpenSUSE 11.04 – Urgent!
    It’s nice for Linux Mint project to have a .rpm
    Edition but everything working out of the box

    2 – KDE secondary based on Debian/Testing and no
    matter what KDExxxx version is on testing branch.(repos).
    But everything working out of the box and 2 Isos
    One for Gnome version and another for KDE version.

    For the Gnome Main Edition – XFCE – LXDE: They must
    be over Ubuntu’s base as always.

    Fluxbox based on Ubuntu or over Debian Testing…?
    I don’t know because i don’t use fluxbox edition.


    Firefox as the main browser ever.

    LMDE needs a new .iso because more than
    500 updates till now since Debian squeeze
    became Debian GNU/Linux Stable 6
    We’re now on wheezy and a new .iso would
    be appreciated with all the improvements
    included. That ones IKEY said it would be done.

    Please give LMDE Edition more attention!


    Where are XFCE and Fluxbox Ubuntu’s base Editions?
    It’s too bad these editions will be out of Linux Mint
    10 series. It couldn’t have happened. Sorry but
    to be honest nobody made an effort to launch them out
    till now. Well, i know Flux will switch to Debian-base/Testing.
    When, When?…

    Again, again and again!
    KDE Main based on OpenSUSE 11.04 – Urgent! Urgent! Urgent!
    But everything working out of box.
    Codecs,Java,Flash,Firefox Plug ins, video-cards driver installer.
    Also Firefox and thunderbird updates.

    Kubuntu-base no more…again, again, again!

  77. I believe there must be some kind of mistake, as this question’s results totals 123% (is that even possible? lol)

    Which releases are you using at the moment?

    Linux Mint 10 Julia 70%
    Linux Mint Debian 29%
    Linux Mint 9 Isadora 21%
    Linux Mint 8 Helena 2%
    Linux Mint 7 Gloria 1%
    Linux Mint 6 Felicia 0%
    Linux Mint 5 Elyssa 0%
    Linux Mint 4.0 Daryna 0%
    Previous releases 0%

    Total Votes: 1,869 => 123% ??

    Great poll by the way, keep it up 😉

  78. I’m sure it is some deficiency on my part but it seems like every non Buntu version of Debian I try is a disaster just waiting for me to do something wrong. I am sure I’m in the minority but I have less than zero interest in the LMDE. But other than that keep up the good work.

  79. What I feel I need to stress out here is,

    ——— keep things nice and simple. ———

    I know there are plenty of “experienced linux geeks” here, but why this OS has become so popular, or why would any OS become popular is the fact it’s easy to use.

    Very, very important. The goal is to be able to use the OS without ANY command like tricks.

  80. I voted, but I got the impression that you have to click the vote button for each question separately in order for all of your responses to be counted–or does one click of any vote button respond with answers to all questions?

  81. I **love** Mint, and hope to keep using it well into the future.

    I use Mint primarily because it has an Ubuntu base, combined with additional features (pre-installed codecs, etc.) that let me get up-and-running with a minimum of hassle (LaunchPad PPAs not included).

    Linux Mint is, in my opinion, the best distro that I have ever used, and strikes a perfect balance between cutting/bleeding-edge features and stability.

    By contrast, (“just plain”) Debian is a bit too conservative, and has always “tasted like stale bread” each time I’ve tried it. This is probably because the Debian developers and packagers put stability ahead of whizzy features and new technology, and is an admirable trait in its own right.

    I will admit that LMDE is quite a bit more polished than “just plain Debian,” and does a lot to make a “native” Debian-based distro more attractive and less intimidating. However, the lack of easily-installed 3rd-party hardware drivers and questionable compatibility with LaunchPad PPAs makes it less desirable for me.

    Because of this, I have not as yet had much luck in using LMDE as my primary platform. Modern/up-to-date kernel features, late-model wireless firmware, OpenGL, and 3D video performance are too important for what I do, and unfortunately a completely Debian-based distro doesn’t meet these needs at present.

    My favourite desktop environment, in all actuality, is XFCE, but I’ve become too attached to Gnome2-Globalmenu, so I’ve been staying with GNOME because XFCE panel integration isn’t “there” yet.

    And it goes without saying that I am very pleased that Mint will be using neither Gnome Shell nor Unity as its default UI in the future. Gnome Shell is a solution looking for a problem that doesn’t exist. On the other hand, things look better for Unity, and if anyone could take Unity and turn it into leafy-green goodness, Clem and Crew would be the ones who could do it properly.

    The AppMenu/libdbusmenu subproject of Ubuntu’s Ayatana initiative holds a lot of promise, and I can only hope that Mint will maintain enough compatibility with Ubuntu going forward, that us Globalmenu freaks can continue to eat the cake we’ve become accustomed to having. (Hint, hint *grin*.)

    Despite all my rambling, I would like to thank Clem and Crew for all of the excellent hard work done on **all** flavours of Linux Mint. The attention to detail is just phenomenal…

    Best Regards,


  82. I use LMDE and wouldn’t care one bit if the Ubuntu based version went away. Even though it is more difficult to do certain things and some packages aren’t available, I think it is faster and more stable than Mint 10. I have a partition with 10 on it, but I don’t use it anymore. I would hope that as LMDE gets more attention and Ubuntu keeps alienating it’s user base, LMDE will get that much better. I personally don’t care for KDE, Gnome Shell or Unity. I like good ‘ol standard Gnome. I’m not a purist, it’s just that I don’t care for any of the alternatives out there at the moment. That being said, I like that others have the option of using whatever desktop they like. I won’t be upset if there continues to be Mint 10, 11, 12 and so on. I just hope at some point that LMDE is the flagship Mint distro and the Ubuntu flavor is on the side burner.

    Whatever happens, GO MINT!!

  83. Please include all video & wireless drivers, standalone windows key functionality, and DVD capability in Debian 64-bit, then I’l install it more often than windows. Alternately include something like Remastersys for 64-bit, so I make my own remix. My bread-and-butter linux installs now are my own remix of 5 because it works on all computers. 7 had so many glitches it’s unbearable. 8 & later can’t use the windows 95 key 🙁

  84. Because of blatant privacy and security intrusions, I do not use Chrome, Chromium, the Google search engine, the Google toolbar, YouTube, or anything else with the Google name attached to it. If you want a better and safer search engine, I would make Startpage the Mint default search engine. If you want the most secure browser that doesn’t collect your online activity and private information, stick with Firefox.

  85. LMDE has become my favorite OS because I like a rolling release but I also use each new release from the Mint team. There is a lot to like about them all. Thanks to the Mint team and community.

  86. Commenter 23 – If you’re using firefox and have noscript enabled, just temporarily enable everything on the page, and the survey will be visible.

  87. Glad to have the poll.
    The reason I’d like to see KDE based on Debian directly is because Mint needs to step about from behind the Ubuntu curtain. It gets slighted sometimes by people because it is based a lot on that distro.

    I wish I could support Mint more by using their start page in my browser and the search engine. But it isn’t practical for me to use as a start page (use Speed dial for commonly visited bookmarks – makes more sense for me) and Firefox has a search box, why would I want to take time to go to a page to search when I can search from within the search box.

  88. LMDE:

    1. Requiring too many updates; too ‘frequently’!!
    2. Often the Debian ‘repositories’ are (often) ‘way’ too ‘slow’; resembling ‘dial up’ speeds at times
    3. Several times updates can cause update hang-up problems: Fix broken packages first!! The last one was the incompatibility of ‘vlc’!!

  89. Thanks for having the poll. I love Mint, been a user since Mint 8. I’m watching the progress of LMDE with interest. I’m willing to switch, just waiting a bit longer till things seem to stabilize. The main edition works great for me. I started a blog to talk about what games there are on Mint, and other things that interest me about Linux. I do need to publicize it more, I’m just very new to blogging.

  90. The survey only allowed 1 operating system on my main computer… I have 3 partitions for operating systems! I answered with the one that I keep and use the most (Main edition, 64 bit). This is also the edition I install on the other computers in my household.

    One big priority is easy installation of proprietary drivers (especially wireless). I would even like to see more popular ones included on the install medium as one of my laptop’s lan port is flakey.

    The other big priority is easy connection to hidden wireless networks with WPA security. I have always been able to easily connect with GNOME and not some of the other desktops.

  91. Switched from #! to Mint Fluxbox about a year ago and haven’t looked back. It runs great on my older laptop with no configuration issues whatsoever. I haven’t tried any of the Debian editions yet, but wouldn’t mind trying out a Debian/Fluxbox distro.

  92. i’m using different secondhand/old pc and retro laaptops to get them to work with various linux systems. this eeePC is the new bought exception but it works fabulous with Mint Julia. Hope to get them in working order but thats the end of the fun of it, so I ‘ll try yet another OS. But many thanks for Julia, groeTon

  93. I use LMDE 64bit, though I started with the 32bit. I have been very disappointed with search results from Google lately, so I use it sometimes but not often. And when I do use it, it’s usually from the search box since I’ve moved past the home page by the time I want to search for something, plus I changed my home page from the Mint / debian page, anyway. :-/ (Did not know it was a source of funding…)

    Specifically (not that you can change Google’s ranking algorithm or anything!) finding pages that are stuffed with keywords but have no useful information, in fact the sentences and paragraphs don’t really make sense but they’ve got the right key words. And they’ve got lots of ‘Ads by Google’ on the page too. So I usually use Dogpile though ‘back in the day’ I loved AltaVista.

  94. I use Chromium but I picked Chrome since it was the closest thing. If you guys include chrome I’ll still switch to chromium. And I know the custom google search is your main source of income but I don’t like giving up all of my information to Google, I use or with https. I use LMDE myself but I still use the main edition for installing on other peoples computers.

  95. I wish that Linux Mint Debian had an internet install option like Debian 6 where you can select your own desktop version desired using just a small ISO that fits easily on a CD and reguires downloading the features desired during the installation of your OS.

  96. The question on the size of screen should/could have allowed multiple responses, like that of the version of Mint being used. I’m using KDE on three different systems, one only a netbook. I selected the largest size for my answer, but the netbook is very, very important to me.

    Thanks for all of the hard work.

    One advantage of an Ubuntu base is that it’s possible to read the Ubuntu forums for help. This really helped when I needed to get my Brother printer/scanner going.

  97. Great poll, it is interesting to see what others in the Mint Community are up to.

    I use LMDE64 and have greatly enjoyed it so far. I also have installed 2xLM9 and 3xLM10 on friends & family computers’, they are also greatly enjoying it. I love not having to fix their windows machines, and they love not having to get them fixed!

    Since LMDE is the new I would like to provide some extra feedback:

    1) Don’t worry about all the updates. I am a power user and I use LMDE because I want all that new stuff.

    2) Despite 1, the kernel is still old. Perhaps shipping with the liquorix kernel would be better?

    3) Some stuff that would be nice in LMDE: Better installer, hardware driver tool, access to ppa tools.

    4) Love the low resource usage of LMDE. This is one of its best features! Please consider putting LXDE on it for more awesome.

    5) Although I use LMDE, I don’t think it should be the default. The ubuntu base makes things much easier for newbies, and is more polished.

    Thanks Clem and team for putting together an awesome project!

  98. LOOOVE Linux Mint 10 (gnome-64bit). Could use a new theme though, it’s more cohesive then 9’s default, but a little lacking in zazz.

  99. I would try the debian KDE base as long as it has all of the cool stuff that mint adds is already installed, and as long as the latest linux apps, kernel and desktop front-end comes with it

  100. For browsers, I use icecat and sometimes iron linux, which are supposed to have more privacy features. However, I’m just taking iron’s word that they’re good guys. I don’t really trust Google/Mozilla, which is why I also remove the mint addons you provide.

    For various reasons related to the history of Ubuntu, I would really rather Mint be based directly on Debian. But only if you can provide as clean a distro as you do now. I’m pretty happy with Mint as it is.

    If you could provide some other means of getting revenue that’s not based on Google/Facebook/, I would be glad to participate. I’m just one of those malcontents who believes the words freedom and privacy mean what they say.

    And get off my lawn.

  101. no love for fluxbox, eh? def my fav. as far as 32 bit os’s go.. ohh well. 9’s been great, looking forward to future releases.

  102. I love Linux Mint 10. and i want to use it however i am having problems with it. I have a sony vaio laptop. Vpcf136fm.Nvidia geforce with cuda. My touchpad doesn’t work and i need the graphics driver. how do i fix these issues. Sum1 plz help. email me at

  103. I know that there is quite a bit of support for a LMDE KDE version of Mint, but I wonder if this would be too many versions for the team to handle (time restraints and definitely not ability). Would this result in another version being dropped, and if so which?

    I’d rather see less variations and more development of those maintained.

    On the whole I think Mint is excellent (I’ve used LMDE, KDE and Gnome versions) and is by far the best OS I’ve ever used.

  104. Tried LMDE….didn’t work out. The kernel is a little dated for my hardware and I’m too lazy to compile a kernel. Ended up moving back to Gnome Main Edition.

  105. I love Linux Mint 10 ,I have used UBUNTU 9.04,9.10,10.04,10.10, openSUSE 11.2, openSUSE 11.3, Linux Mint 9 & Linux Mint 10…………..But the best experience was Linux Mint 10.
    It has dwarfed all other OS be it Linux Distros or Windows or Mac…..

  106. Right now, I’m using Linux Mint 9 Xfce, though I’ve used Gnome-based versions of every release from 7 on. I also tried Debian edition, but I got tired of using Chromium 6 as my browser and using old editions of OpenOffice. There were also certain quirks of using a Debian-based rather than Ubuntu-based distro that I found annoying (e.g., harder to work with .deb archives).

  107. Great work on Julia. First-time user here. Wiped XP off my laptop and use Mint 10 in its place. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but nothing too crazy. Lots of web searches, though! Keep up the great work!

  108. J’ai abandonné LMDE à cause de problèmes de reconnaissance de ma partition /home au démarrage du système, ce qui m’obligeait à re-booter deux voir trois fois. Malgré cela je l’ai utilisé pendant plusieurs mois sans autres soucis. Merci pour votre travail.

  109. I love LMDE! I wouldn’t mind trying the other environments [otherthan gnome] but would prefer not to have a stack of dvds.
    I would like to have the ability to easily switch desktop environments from a script on the desktop or on the website. My limited understanding suggests that this is just to complicated after customizing, installing extras, etc. but immediately after install completion, a splash screen asking if a different environment is prefered should not be impossible… methinks.

    Also, would like an LMDE that fits on a CD [or 2 CDs?] for my older machines [no dvd]
    Is there

  110. @Hutch: I already knew that, although thanks for the enlightenment… 🙂 BTW I think of Debian as a girlie (and I know the he/she is hermaphrodite). And you’re welcome on the laughs.

  111. heya I think if you put a question that says ” Are you planning to keep in Linux mint 10 based on ubuntu or switch to LMDE?” it will help you.

    and… sorry for my english XD

  112. Beautiful poll, congratulations.
    – Many users install Mint in old computers and don’t know how much good is Isadora KDE (Julia KDE is buggy).
    – Many users are not geeks and don’t want to try out the Debian edition because Clem said is terrible…
    – Many users respect Firefox but see how much quick is Chrome
    – Many users love Opera, but versions 10 and 11 are buggy (11 is a nightmare!)

  113. I have been using mint since 4.and have gone through all the upgrades. recently tried to install Mint 10 Julia on a compaq Presario cq60 nice interface and graphics, but could not get it to recognise the wireless and could not download new driver. now have had to go back to Mint 8 to get it to work again.

  114. I have tried KDE versions of linux (not Mint) many times in the past but kept on going back to GNOME. However I would like a version that gave you the option of switching from GNOME to KDE and back to get more used to both desktops because it’s only by sticking with them for a while that you can really make an informed decision. Though I confess that I fell for Linux Mint 10 almost instantly. Maybe it was the look on Julia’s face. Who knows?

  115. I wonder what version of gnome Linux Mint 11 is going to have. I tried gnome 3 and I’m not sure that I’ll be happy with it.

  116. Great idea, a poll for some common questions which may affect the further development!

    But at one question a want to add some note:
    Do you use the default look and feel?

    I polled that i changed the wallpaper.
    But the remains are, depending on the hardware i use, slightly changed.
    But you are able to recognize all of my mint-installs as a LinuxMint with a glimpse. 😉

    And this is the best thing about mint: i don’t have to change tons of settings to meet my prerequisite to a desktop OS.
    The taskbar is, where it should be, the Skiki-Wise theme is a clear and eye-friendly one (important to me as i am a sw-developer and sitting 60 hours a week in front of the ‘box’), and even most of the shortcuts are they way i expect them (only the CTRL+Super_L for MintMenu could be changed to Super-L only by default ;))

    Finally i don’t regret the step away from a windows desktop to a linuxmint desktop. on servers i use linux now since years, but for my desktop i tried lots of distributions, but there was not one which met my needs.
    Great job thus and many thx!

  117. I try every new release but the only one that is completely perfect for me is Helena. I use it on a Thinkpad (T30). Used to dualboot w/WinXP, but have completely severed ties to Windoze now that everything I need to do can be done using Linux. What a relief!

  118. 6 months LMDE. Everything works without problems. Netbook Samsung 148P. LMDE stable! I am very happy! I recommend LMDE! Thanks team for the good work!

  119. The resolution question doesn’t indicate if you want to know about horizontal or vertical resolution?

    As far as repositories, why no question about moving the main Gnome edition to Debian?

    I think switching Mint from Ubuntu to Debian Stable would be a good move.

  120. Hello All!

    My apologize in front for lengthy comment I’m about to write and the space of this esteemed forum I’m going to use, for expressing my thoughts, in a bit unusual form. My excuse are my intentions, for which I know are good.

    Background data

    50yo male, 17 years heavy MW user, gone crazy. Four months ago brought the decision that until July, The First, 2011, all personal and business software will be open source.

    The Journey

    1. Learn dual booting (October 2010)
    2. Testing Linux distros (10 in total)
    3. Using Linux OS more and more gradually on daily basis (3 in total)
    4. Choosing most functional and stable Linux distro
    5. Getting second level – using only Linux OS on daily basis (LM 10 Julia) Current status
    6. Re-check all the parameters again and again and again
    7. Deleting MW os from all hardware (desktops, laptops, servers, mobile devices) (July 2011)

    Huh. It took me two months to chose a distro, which is obviously Linux Mint 10 Julia. Then it took me another two of getting comfortable. I have left three last months for implementation process, so I’m confident that my goal will be succeed.

    Thank you LM Team.

    The Consequence

    Feeling of freedom and simplicity. Feeling of having privacy and being secure. Feeling that sharing is unbelievable experience. Feeling of shame cause I didn’t do anything yet for spreading a word. I kept quiet. That is about to be changed.

    For a start, I’m 100% positive that there is no reason for any Home user on this planet to continue to use MW os anymore. Everything can be done in Mint better that in MW os. Everything.

    Installation is fantastic. Any drive goes. It’s fast and simple, especially for single booters. Breeze. Adding new apps from repositories is just brilliant idea from perspective of simplicity for end user. Visuals are not attractive as in the newest MW os, but are quite acceptable and charming, after applying additional effects are . Mint Menu is revolutionary in giving the user possibility of quick access to…everything.

    BTW, I’ve tested all desktop variants on several different hardware combinations, ending with Gnome as the most stable environment.

    The Bad

    Linux wireless networking. It sucks. Took me 40 days to find out that “sudo iwconfig wlan0 rate 11M”
    is the solution for wireless connectivity issues I had. Having in mind 4-6 hours a day I spent searching for it, I would say that I’ve found a Holy Grail. Perhaps, all 5000 solutions I’ve stumbled upon could be compiled somewhere :).

    The Future

    From my perspective it’s not about which OS is better. That comes last. It’s about philosophy, freedom, privacy, sharing, love. It’s about the fact that usual Home user can use all the software he/she needs for absolutely free of charge, completely legal, in a secure and functional way. The only reason I can think of at this moment for average Home user for using MW still, is absence of the information that LM exists.

    I started a campaign last week. Every day I’ll give my best to convince one or more MW home users to switch on LM. My team and I will give them all off-line support needed. I hope they’ll do the same. I’ll make a donation to Linux Mint team with pleasure. What you guys did in the last five years is incredible. My sincere compliments and best wishes in our battle of conquering MS. I’m sure we’ll succeed.

    John – can’t wait LM 11 :).

  121. Please keep Google Chrome out of Mint! If you really want the Chromium engine as a browser, try recommending and supporting Iron, which is a spyware-free version of Chrome.

    Also please switch to LibreOffice and remove OpenOffice. Same for Firefox/Iceweasel and Thunderbird/Icedove.

  122. You guys are doing a great job. I love your last KDE release.

    ” If it’s possible could you include a Media Center application ”

    I would love XBMC to be part of all of your release.

    Thank you!

  123. I try all the new versions of mint. Julia is the one I use now. I will try mint 11 when it comes out. keep up the good work. Please install a youtube downloading program with interface that would really make my mint better.

  124. I am not favouring any browser, but there are many sites which opera, chromium, konqueror, rekonq do not open properly. For example “”. Only internet explorer and firefor opens all sites properly.

  125. Чудове опитування!
    Ви як найкраще збираєте інформацію аби зробити для нас влучний дистрибутив!!! 🙂
    Я вражений! Успіхів Вам! 🙂

  126. I switched to Mint after Ubuntu guys went with the crazy Unity for 11.04 which I hate and the fact that I could not get gnome-shell to work while Unity was installed.

    The best distro I’ve tried in years, and to be honest I was sceptical about the claims that it is easier to use than Ubuntu but no I see why.

    Great work guys and once we get gnome-shell on it will be 100% perfect.

  127. I’ve been using Linux Mint for about 2 years and I love it. I’m using Mint 10 gnome 64bit on main desktop, and Mint 10 gnome 32bit on a laptop.
    However, I am also growing to love Enlightenment, especially Bodhi Linux which I’m using on another desktop computer, because it is light, fast and has great effects using ecomorph without proprietary drivers.

    I know you all are really busy with all the other editions… but is there a chance we might see a Linux Mint Enlightenment version in the future? I imagine that would be amazing! Though I realize it takes more time to learn to use the Enlightenment desktop.

  128. Been a long time user of Linux Mint Gnome, but just recently tried out the XFCE version and am in heaven. Fast, feature rich, and low overhead..fantastic!!!

    I use Linux as my production machine at work, running VM’s for XP, Server testing, etc and it’s been a rock solid experience. I have nothing but praise for the Mint team, and now with XFCE I have a production machine that requires low resources for the host OS and runs super fast!

    Great work!!!

  129. Thanks Clem and team:
    60 year old, not a geek, love LMDE because it works.
    Like myself I have a lot of old computers that will not boot from usb and only have CD drives. Would love to see a XFCE debian edition- you could have a bottom that would upgrade to the DVD.

  130. hi LinuxMint-Team,

    I also want to say, that I love LinuxMint and I am really looking forward to LinuxMint 11 with its Codename Katja.

    But what I am missing in these releases is a good Linux Video-Grabbing Software. I want to steam some VHS Videocasettes to putting them on DVD in the end. But all the programs I find up til now are only for Windows. My Video-Grabber is this one:

    Bus 001 Device 004: ID 0572:262a Conexant Systems (Rockwell), Inc.

    (Terminal-Output). But on the Pack it says this: Vendor is LogiLink, Model is VG0005.

    I would be glad, if this little thing would be supported by Linux, because I do not want to switch over to Windows again just for grabbing Videos off my VHS-Videocasettes onto my both machines (stationary and my Notebook). On both machines I have LinuxMint 10 Julia on running. For streaming downloaded videos, I love to use VLC and Devede for the authoring for making home-cinemastation-compatible Video-DVDs from them. It already worked for me successfully several times. But now I want to do the same thing with my VHS-Videocasettes as mentioned above.
    Does anybody here know, how to do it via usb-Videograbber?? I do not have a TV-card.

  131. Mint is so stable and that is what makes it such a joy to use! I have set it up for small business use and use it at work for my main computer! Clem keep up the good work this is the most intuitive OS I have ever used. It is also a true joy to switch a M.S. user over to Linux Mint! They find it easy to switch over and that is because it just works at every level. Mint 10 has been your finest IMHO. Thank you and the team for such a high level of work. Mike

  132. I appreciate the Mint development team asking for input from us, the users.

    I have built and maintain a computer lab at my church for use by youth and Sunday School classes.

    Linux Mint has made this labor of love a lot easier. I have standardized on LM 10 GNOME edition with the configuration pretty much out of the box. The computers are all old donated/rescued machines.

    I think that Ubuntu appears to be heading in a direction that leaves older equipment behind.

    There is only so much time and effort that the Mint development team has, and I think it would best be utilized by focusing on Debian and having multiple desktop environments available. The LXDE and Gnome desktop versions of Mint are similar enough to Windows users so they can adapt easily.

    Linux is and should be about individual choices. I really like Mint because the default install works well out of the box but can be further customized by those who care to do it.

    The Mint forum is a very friendly and informative site.

  133. Currently my main system is LM9 Gnome 32-bit. I figure this is good
    for another 2 years or so. During that time I will upgrade to LMDE
    64-bit (Gnome or KDE most likely) as my main system (to cut off
    completely from Ubuntu, for 64-bit and for a rolling release).

    Easy support for nVidia and other proprietary drivers is *very*

    The default look and feel is fine, but I change back and forth to
    one without white backgrounds as they are very hard on the eyes. I
    like black backgrounds. (Unfortunately most applications and almost
    all websites don’t have a clue how to handle custom colors
    effectively, especially dark backgrounds.)

    I have a number of old 32-bit desktops (512 Meg memory or less,
    no DVD) which use Linux Mint 9-LXDE, Fedora, and FreeBSD (and even
    old Win OSes). I may try other LM variants on these at some point.

    I also have installed Linux Mint 9 KDE-64 and Linux Mint Debian
    Edition 32-bit. Other systems I’ve used in the past include Ubuntu,
    RedHat, and on a long-ago consulting job RedHat, AIX, Solaris, Irix.

    I’ve looked at your community website, but have not yet participated
    on it. I plan to (especially to note hardware compatibility). I read
    the blog religiously.

    I like Mint because it is an easy-to-use out-of-the-box system with
    leaders who listen to and communicate with their user base. Keep up
    the excellent work! Thanks!

  134. I tried the Linux Mint start page for searching, but went to change the search preferences and got a 404 error “The requested URL /start/julia/ was not found on this server.”

    Love Linux Mint!!! Best distro I’ve tried, and I think I’m sticking with this one. Will there be a server edition?

  135. As ever, thanks to the Mint team for all the hard work. In regard to the poll, you ask the questions on a few of the above, but I’m forced to kind of guess. When you ask ‘should KDE edition move to Debian’ – its a fine question, but I’m mentally sat here in my head asking ‘why’?

    Thus I’ve come out the other side pondering why you are asking the questions. And as such, I think its time you did a small outline in ‘why’ a move say in the KDE to Debian would help you (the devs) or improve the lives of end users (Us!).

    I’m sure your contemplation has a quantity of time, effort, sweat and tears involved in such a move so the premise must be based on some outstanding reasons why its a good idea 🙂 Also, one of the things I am seeing is a lot of ‘window dressing’ with window managers. Has it simply become a fashion to twiddle about with different window managers? I’m sat here kinda thinking I don’t really care about a 0.0.1 move on from a last version of KDE or GNOME purely based doing it because its the done thing.

    I meantioned this to Ikey recently, Mint was the original kick ass Linux effort that actually delivered what I regard as an end user Linux desktop (codecs in place, and other stuff done right), but it seems a little bit stagnant over the 9 and 10 releases (don’t takle this the wrong way, stable and reliable are also qualities of a solid OS) – so I kinda hope you guys don’t end up on work under the bonnet that takes it to Debian just for the technical sake of it kind of thing.

    In terms of desktop, there are lots of areas that could be worked on (different wallpapers per workspace in gnome, better compiz selections by default if people have a decent card, and I am sure others can contribute to this thought).

    Also, what do you guys forsee in 11 thats going to really bump our world in an 11 release? 🙂 Are you guys going to use the Fedora nuvou GFX scheme for better gfx drivers?

  136. It will be nice to see Chromium in the next release, because the main edition is on DVD so 15 mb up or down doesn’t matter. Sorry for my English

  137. I have been running some kind of LINUX for decades and came to Mint from Ubuntu to which I came from Debian, ….

    I am running Mint 9 on my “main” emachines laptop and have installed Mint 10 on a not-too-old HP desktop gift. I have two complaints on the Mint 10 installation: I lost my ability to dual boot (with the previous XP) because I HAD to repartition and my attempts to consolidate XP failed. Note that I had no problems installing Mint 9 on the existing W7 OS, allowing a dual boot. Second problem: no sound. I even installed a separate sound card but can get no sound out of that card or the motherboard Intel multiple speaker sound outputs. This is despite following multiple suggestions to solve this problem involving installing way too many sound packages.

  138. Linux Mint, surprisingly, made our life even easier than the Ubuntu team could.

    I just change the wallpaper and the icon sets because I prefer blue or the faenza brushed grey sets more than the green or the ubuntu’s brown ones.

    I also change the Firefox start page to the about:blank because I’m addicted to the Fast Dial add-on.

    All the other things are just perfect. And I’m sure I’ll keep using Mint for a very long time, since I didn’t like the idea of the Unity bar.

  139. Long live to the Fluxbox edition. Looking forward for the change to Debian.
    Now,antasizing, I’d like also the Fluxbox edition including also the Awesome WM. That would be awesome!

  140. I’m the only that use LXDE in main edition??? (1%)
    But I prefer mor a LMDE+LXDE+Chromium+Lightens apps

    and I want more polls ^^

  141. awww i didnt see the spreading the word option 🙁 defineately woulda checked that one

    ive already converted one and im working on my second! ill also get my dad running mint when he buys a new laptop

  142. I’m currently using LMDE 64 as my main OS and I think it is much better than Debian itself and even said as much on the Debian forums. Now that turned up the heat! But check the moniker; we all need a hobby!

    Is LMDE the distribution I will settle down with and commit to? I don’t know but it is definitely a contender.

    Well done and keep up the good work.

  143. Chrome/Chromium is a decent browsing system but having to take steps to get to my bookmarks is just plain stupid……..or maybe I am ??? 😉

    If I were to try Clems job ?
    XFCE/Midori/Squeeze/Backports with a Minty twist would be my mission choice.
    The Midori guy needs a little help.
    He is certainly on the right track.
    Moz-FF is NOT.

  144. Thanks for asking for feedback.

    I use mint because it’s like ubuntu, but without the large number of small annoying things. (With the exception of the GUI file sharing, which /still/ doesn’t work out of the box for me)

    I would be happy to use the mint start page and bring in some $$$ for you guys, except that I really don’t like firefox. If you build one that works on chrome/chromium I would be happy to use it.

    I voted no to LMDE+LXDE, primarily because I don’t actually know what impact that would have, and I’m very happy with the Mint 9 LXDE I have on my EEE netbook. It would be great if more information were available on exactly what switching to LMDE would do to the LXDE version.

    In terms of look and feel, I basically turn my desktop into an ubuntu style. Panel on the top and bottom, menu in the top left, workspace switcher in the top right, power button bottom left, window list beside that to the right.

    In terms of theme, I love the mint 10 theme, it’s much more attractive than the dark one! I change my background to a customized “Dawn of Ubuntu”.

  145. Over the past year I moved almost completely to Linux, and I did so after using Mint 8 & 9. Frankly, if I could convince a couple of companies I work with to develop Linux versions of their apps, I would be at 99% Linux (only Windows for gaming;-)). I tried other Linux distros, but so far, Mint has my heart.

    What I don’t like (and it is not the Mint devs fault) is Upstart. I had Isadora configured to look the way I wanted from start to stop, but Upstart screwed that up. From what I’ve seen in some blog posts elsewhere, I’m not too keen on Ubiquity, either.

    I don’t have the financial resources to upgrade my system every time a shiny new OS comes out. That Linux & Mint has been able to give me good performance with older equipment is a huge bonus. Ubuntu looks like it is moving in the direction M$ did (looks over performance), which is disappointing.

    My $0.02

  146. For those people who do not like the occasional breakage of certain packages (VLC!) in LMDE, I have a suggestion. Reinstall LMDE from the last iso build, change “testing” to “squeeze” in /etc/apt/sources.list and ride the stable updates.

    For those who love adventure and the unknown, stay with testing, or even upgrade to sid! These problems will get worked out with future upgrades and as Debian testing gets closer to the freeze and becomes Wheezy! 😉

    Just remember, packages added to the repository are stable, they just sometimes conflict with packages and dependencies already installed. For the most part, Debian testing and even sid contains stable programs. It is the packaging that gets into Hell! lol

  147. Thanks for the poll. I’m running 10 KDE now, the best experience I’ve had with KDE by far. I’ve moved over from GNOME because I don’t like the direction they’re taking. GNOME3 will go to the Shell, and the Panel, while still available, will not be developed any further. I figured I would make the switch early and get myself used to it. KDE seems to have a few more (small) bugs than GNOME on my system, but on the balance I like it a lot, so I’m a convert. I run 10 KDE on my netbook as well; Plasma has my favorite netbook-oriented interface, but I haven’t decided whether I prefer it or the standard desktop on that machine.

    I have LMDE on my backup system, and I do like the rolling release model, but it’s really been too rough a ride. I had too much trouble with the NVIDIA driver to use LMDE on my main system, and like one of the earlier posters I’m uncertain about using the Launchpad repos.

    “Ubuntu done right” has been my experience with every Mint release that I’ve used. I’ll be happy to try LMDE again, maybe after it matures a bit.

  148. Hi,

    Please consider developing more tools for win games. It is relly a pity that such great (ubuntu gnome/kde) OS is drawn back by this… umm… not so minor aspect. I personally know about 20 – 30 people who will switch to mint in a second, if they will be able to play out of the box (or with minimal settings) some -big names here- games for win. It may sound silly for you guys and the community here, but if you add something like an “uberwine” you will make a lot of mint addicted fans.


  149. Hi!
    For Linux Mint 11
    I hope that you think very mutch on that Linux Mint most be better on the VMWare OS and other virtual servers, hardwere, network and many more thins. And that it going to use to virtual desktops.

    Best Regards
    Johan O

  150. A.u.b Remastersys give a place in the Repro’s.
    Please EULA installer and give the same example as Isadora etc.
    Thanks for all the work.
    Regards Wanda.

    Sorry this is made with Google trans:.

  151. linux main ediiton and debian edition should always coexist. its part of a transition as newbies find easy to do stuff in linuxmint based on ubuntu with lot of community support. As a general rule once they are experienced they can switch to debian edition if they want.

    Also the os is now mature so its time to try to make preinstlld LM computers available easily and this would booost the userbase dramatically. just a thought..

    great work clem. keep it up.

  152. Hi! Great poll! I’ve been using Mint (Main Editions) since version 7 on an Asus EeePC 4G (with 2gb RAM) netbook. The pre-installed OS wasn’t something I felt I could use & so went on the hunt for something a bit more intuitive. After a short amount of time using an ultra-stripped version of XP (even with a _whole_ load of bits taken out, the 4Gb SSD didn’t allow for much more than just surfing the net. I tried various flavours of Linux before hearing very good things about something called Mint Daryna. A quick search saw me stumble upon Gloria which had just been released. Here was an OS that actually made me like my netbook (had started to feel a little disillusioned with it in all honesty) lol Everything just seemed to work straight away (guess I’m lucky, saw a whole lot of forum posts complaining about xxx or yyy not working right away) & really like the theme & desktop layout. I do download & play with various different releases but tend to stick to the Main Editions for the netbook.

    I also have a twin monitor PC set-up that I run Mint 9 via USB flash drive (created using the Mint tool 🙂 ) as a way of cheating a form of dual-boot : an accident trying to create a dual boot system with Fedora means I’m staying away from trying to “properly” dual-boot from my hard-drives :S (You really do have to be careful what you leave checked or unchecked in menu’s lol) I’d like to try the KDE edition from a USB stick, but for some reason I can’t get those to run off the USB drive. When iTunes & my phone software become fully Linux friendly I will probably get rid of using Windows completely but I don’t really have a huge problem with Windows anyway – after all, there _are_ some things I find Windows to be very good at. Having said that, I only really boot into Windows once or twice a week as it is.

    All in all, I’d like to say a big THANKS to the whole Mint team for taking the time to produce such a polished & feature rich OS 🙂

  153. This is what I loved about Linux Mint. The community is always involved! I answered all questions in the poll

  154. I would love to see the KDE, Fluxbox and LXDE editions(in my case for home PC, laptop, and live usb-stick) based on Debian… also i would like to see an x64 Fluxbox edition.

    and please more democracy, we ain’t got one in Germany 🙂 .

  155. Please fix the theme in the next release. Linux Mind 9 was great. Linux Mint 10 is just plain ugly. Could we please have an option to use the old theme?

  156. Two years to go, wheezy will be the next Debian 7 Stable

    So, i guess two years to come, we will have a rolling sweet walking

    With a new .iso out many things will be improved for better yet

    More user friendly, i want to say and i don’t believe users

    will face big problems on running LMDE

    KDE must be moved to a solid base. Which one? Sincerely

    i don’t know but KDE deserves to be easy of use out of the box

  157. Well,I live in Brasil (yes,Brasil with s and not with “z” how the foreigns say) and I come to the “linux World” now…it’s very hard understand something in this system…what I can say about a questionary in english so! I can speak some words in english,but understand is not so simple yet! Please,next time give a option of multiple languages to us,that live so far and yet don’t know understand english,we know speak,not understand or read about! You understand?
    No? Have mercy! You’re really funny people!

  158. I am a linux nube. I have had a more positive experience with Mint than any other linux distro.

    With Ubuntu changing to the Unty desktop it makes me wnat to give Mint Debian and Xfce 4.8 a closer look.

    Has anyone been able to get AutoCAD or a BIM package to run on linux/Mint?

  159. I love your newest KDE 4.6 release–it’s the best-looking OS I have ever seen! I’m also a big fan of the Debian-based editions since they are rolling release. I started switching my PCs to LMDE because I did not like having to reinstall every 6-12 months for the new version, but the KDE 4.6 release has me rethinking that because it’s sweeet!

    Can you please make an amd64 version of LMDE with KDE 4.6? Keep up the excellent work–I believe Mint is well on its way to becoming one of the top two distros. That alone is a tribute to the excellent work your team has done.

  160. Have you thought about going or something similar to what Kendall has done with Peppermint?? (based on Ubuntu LTS with backports ect.)
    You could have a core system every three years, various modules (separate CDs for the different DEs/WMs–Gnome, Gnome with compiz, KDE, XFCE, LXDE ect.)then various package/software colections for specific needs?

    One core CD (required) one or more DE CDs, and a software collection Cd (or install your own using software manager?

    I have used PeppermintOS and successfully overlayed XFCE and Gnome onto!


  161. Forgot to mention “I think this could be don based on LMDE (Squezze not Testing) with a gatekeeper/package updater for backports ect. I believe the Mint updater already has the capability.
    Only thing you would still have to port Jockey,Splash theming ect..

    I don’t know what will happen when “Unity” is part of the Ubuntu LTS core!!

  162. Love FluxBox !!

    It is fast and simple, works great and gives me 4 parallel
    screens to use.

    Really cool for my 7 year old Pentium 2.8 GHz. It flys into the
    workload and is as fast as my Windows 7 machine at work.

    Thanks Fluxbox !! Keep up the great work 🙂 🙂

    * * *

  163. I also use Chromiun with Firefox but not Chrome.

    Guys, i’m so glad that Tech-Gods actually have heard our prayers and made the best GNU/Linux-distro out there…
    Mint, we love you! ;D

  164. I don’t know if this is the rigth place to add a suggestion, but here it goes; I’d like to be able to use Remastersys with my Mint Debian as I do with main edition. Will it be possible to solve this? That’s the only thing that I miss in my Mint.
    Thanks for your great work

  165. I have been using Linux Mint 10 (Julia) on my Netbook (HP Mini 110) after trying a number of other distros including Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, & LMDE. Ubuntu and Linux Mint 10 installed with no problems and everything worked but I hated Unity as it consumed too much desktop which is limited on a netbook. The others worked (Fedora, Debian and LMDE) but all had issues restoring from suspend for networking with the Broadcomm 4313 chipset.

    I’m now planning to move my other 64 bit machines to LinuxMint 10 from Ubuntu.

  166. Poll:

    Would you like E17 Desktop to be added to LMDE?


    Would you like E17 Desktop to be added to standard Mint?


  167. Hi I love all, I have mint 9 on my note book,Peppermint on my dell laptop, mint 10 on my main compaq pc, and pinguy on my HP laptop, they all work very very well, just love them Keep up the good work looking forward for mint 11

  168. i didn’t like 101010101010010101 in linuxmint wallpaper, i hope there are no 111111111111 on linux mint 11

  169. I know it’s heresy in the Linux community, but I switch back and forth between L-Mint, Kubuntu and Microcrap Windows all day long…not to mention the mondo Mythbuntu system I have set up on-site. I like to create a semi-uniform desktop that is similar between all my systems, so I have come to like the feel of KDE. The other desktops are ok, but the main reason I use LinuxMint is because of this standardized “out of the box” package. If the KDE version were no longer available, I would definitely stop using L-Mint and go back to Kubuntu.

    I love Linux Mint. You guys ROCK!!!!!!!

  170. I need a LMDE but base on lenny and KDE 3.5, or maybe KDE/Trinity (the new revision KDE 3.5.12 from Pearson). KDE 4 is … not usefull to work.
    I do not like gadget. just efficiency. And KDE3.5 is the best one i never find : konqueror (on kde3) is the best one file browser ever seen, as it can do everything (sftp, right click with so many options possible, etc) exept for web browsing because of the new web technologies not backport to kde3, but i dont mind, firefox is there for that.

  171. Anyone sharing the opinion that the colours in, say, the folders of mint gnome are somewhat childish?

    Aside from that though, I literally adore this distro.

  172. Linux is growing in popularity everyday for it’s stability, dependability and configurability. Most important is the freedom of choosing to use the software you like and the way you like to use it.
    Plus, Linux is free.
    Linux Mint is the Preferred desktop OS for my upcoming Custom Computers online store opening in April 2011.

    JinuxPC Built On Freedom, Quality & Elegance

  173. “Would you like the LXDE edition to switch to Debian?”

    To be honest, I think a move to Debian would probably be the best move. But this assumes that it would not be more problematic to maintain for Kendall. If that assumption is good, you would think that it would be a bit easier to maintain, rather than coming up with a new version every 6 months. Unlike other Mint distros, LXDE is a one man job. My hat’s off to Kendall for that. But he’s obviously pressed for time, and I think a Debian (only) version may be the way to go.

    That said, I use Debian now, and have wondered that the timing was perfect given that Squeeze was so far developed (mature). Now that it has gone to Sid, as a newbie, I wonder about Debian stability now.

    In any event, you guys are great. This is the best Linux concept and team out there – especially to newcomers.

    BTW, Julia is rock-freaking-solid.

    Thanks for all you do.

  174. PLEASE KEEP CHROME OFF OF MINT. I use Mint 9 on my single core laptop and Mint 10 on my dual core laptop. Thank you Chem for making my computer my friend and business partner.

  175. Any question about Debian was answered “does not affect me”, those are unknown waters, still to be sailed.

  176. I did not mark Chrome, I use Chromium.

    I do think it is time for LMDE to have its own wallpaper etc. so people will stop calling it LMDE10
    I would like to see the Fluxbox ed. have its own wallpaper.

  177. if you use this to determine what to take away and what to use you will fail not everyone does these

  178. I have installed probably 50 different flavors of linux. Gnome Mint is by far the most user friendly of all. keep up the good work.

  179. I am a newbie to linux. I got my feet wet with mint 9 last fall, and just did a fresh install of Mint 10 on our two computers last weekend. My kids love the educational games, and I enjoy exploring all the possible software. Thank you to all the people who contribute their skills to make Mint such a great community!

  180. I almost forgot to mention I also use Mint 9 Fluxbox on a usb to show other people PDFs and Pics.

  181. Big-up and respect to all Mint contributors for producing a bunch of the world’s most usable, functional, stable, well-supported and fast open source desktop operating systems. You just about have all bases covered. I am porting an increasing number of hapless Windoze victims across to Julia (Gnome) or Mint LXDE. Mint makes this (relatively) anguish-free. Keep up the great work!

  182. Hi
    after looking at Ubuntu Natty, I HOPE you stay with the Gnome desktop.
    Unity seems much like Windows 7 ~ you have to search for what you need ~ needlessly fussy. I enjoy Mint 10, Very Good and usable. Keenly waiting for Mint 11.

  183. I forgot to mention, please add LVM support to Linux Mint 11. It will take very small space to just add the packages. You don’t have to add LVM support into the installer, but having the packages will easily allow me to open up a terminal and modprobe dm-mod && vgchange -a y.

  184. I boot linuxmint mostly in USB format, so i can easily go between computers constantly and use various tools to analyze the hard drives when I help fix other people’s computers from viruses; as well as back up data. I find it to be the most efficient way to thoroughly remove a virus while the computer is inactive.

    I always recommend linuxmint when people are having computer problems, and I usually leave a CD with them for a live boot in case they have computer issues while i’m gone and need internet.

    I’ve been a fan of linuxmint since 3.0. I liked every version of linuxmint till 9, but I had a LOT of compatibility problems with Linuxmint 10. I was not able to get a proper USB bootable with it. Nor was I able to install it on a removable hard drive.

  185. I Love Linux Mint. Being a noob, I didn’t understand the display resolution answers, so I did not vote on that question. Also did not understand the implications of all the flavors changing to Debian, so I did not vote on that.

    Keep up the good work!

  186. i am an editor, have been using computers and pagination programs for 25 years. windozy from about III on/apple from 8/quark/indesign but have never had such an excellent and positive experience as with linux mint and variants.
    except for xfce. opened its windows half in and half out of monitor, and trying to drag components a sticking nightmare, among other traits. when i raised my concerns with their people i was treated to a whine from a member of generation dull who misconstrued my remarks as if i was an arrogant bighead. ergo, xfce will never blight my HD again.
    presently have been using LINUX MINT JULIA KDE from rc then upgraded to the recent release. it was occasionally as big a struggle as cybergraphic but it is brilliant. thanks to clem and the workers. no complaints at all (but maybe could someone do something about jazz equalisation on vlc and various other multimedia players. ta)

  187. I had two problems.

    1. The recommended NVIDIA driver removed the ability to control the laptop screen a TV; and it was impossible to get audio down the HDMI lead. Reading around I find this is a common problem.

    2. (or is it three) Squeezeserver I managed to install after some searching and reading but I could not get it to access the FLAC library on another drive. More reading tells me I need to edit FSTAB, but that is presently beyond me. These issues may be for Logitech. If BBC iPlayer can install at the click of a button, why not Squeezeserver?

  188. 🙂 I just love what you’re doing, guys! THANK YOU! 🙂

    P.S. I answered all the questions. I hope you’ll get as many answers as you can get so you can set your priorities more easily. 🙂

  189. I have been a long-time user of Ubuntu (since Feisty) and discovered Linux Mint about a year ago. Being a die-hard Ubuntu fan, I installed it on a separate partition with the intention of only messing around with it. I’d tried most of the other Linux distros, and kept coming back to Ubuntu. I expected the same. But after about an hour of messing around, my mind was made up: Linux Mint FTW!!! I love all the nice touches, I love the look, I love the feel, and I love not having to install video codecs to watch my DVDs! Thanks, guys!

  190. Thanks very much for an inspired distribution. I think it was a wonderful choice to offer a Debian Mint Linux. Really great job.

    Is a Debian Mint with the enlightenment desktop possible, interesting..?

  191. I love LMDE and am sure it’s the best way for people looking for a computer working along years keeping it “just in time” with the needed softwares. Moreover, I think here about companies looking for efficiency without having the need to update every quarter or half the year !
    I have to say the team, yes, go ahead !

  192. A Mint user and fan ever since Mint4, I think that Mint10 is the best yet, being highly customisable for different users yet working on more hardware than ever before so far as I’m concerned.
    I like being able to de-select the offering of Level 3 Updates so as to further reduce the overheads of everyday use, a refreshing contrast to MS and affiliate’s overheads that dramatically slow down StartUp use !
    Persistent Mint10 Main Edition also works amazingly well on TDK 3.7GB USB thumb-drives as created with Linux Live USB Creator v2.6, able to contain a couple of acidrip-created MPEG-4 movies and several sound-juicer created superMP3 quality albums for highly mobile use or as a highly capable new rig build testing tool, needing no other drives to check them out !
    Mint10 Main Edition also works very well on my old but ‘souped-up’ Thinkpad R60 and on a new, second generation, LED-illuminated netbook.
    Although LMDE still looks like a wise backup strategy, Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 3 is presenting a somewhat re-organised Gnome interface rather than the ‘mickey-mouse’ Unity in Live sessions on my rigs, so perhaps you will be able to retain the familiar Main Edition interface after all with a Ubuntu base, but as ever, I have confidence in your decisions on this and wish you continued good luck with the best distribution on offer today !

  193. I recently switched from Ubuntu to Linux Mint and can’t imagine I’ll be changing again sometime soon. Linux is great on a netbook and this should be promoted. Even when I used Ubuntu I changed the Ubuntu panel in favour of MintMenu took up less space. However, the real difference is performance. Ubuntu was just too much for my Atom N450 and 1GB memory. Do not loose site of these things: Usability, ease of installation, and stability.

    PS. I use Chromium. I suspect a lot of votes for Chrome were for this browser.

  194. I love Linux Mint. I’m a user since version 7. I recommended to anyone that want to try GNU/Linux for the first time. I like LMDE a lot (fast, stable,etc), but i have no time enough to customize the system, then i continued to use Linux Mint ¿classic?. Don’t follow the changes of Ubuntu. I love the traditional packages included by default. I wish luck to all you.

  195. I’ve been using Mint since version 7, and if I had to pick just one Linux distro to use it would be the Gnome version of Mint. I’ve stuck with 9, as the LTS release on my main machine for the sake of stability, and run other distros in virtual machines.

    I’m enjoying the Debian version (which I run on my laptop) as well, but I do think it’s important to remember that one of the big attractions of Mint is its simplicity and ease of use for new Linux users. I think it would be shame to lose that and that as long as the Ubuntu-based version is easier to set up and use, that ought to be the main edition.

  196. Me ha encantado la encuesta es muy reveladora acerca de ciertas cuestiones que desconocia, como la de la pagina de busqueda de Firefox, me encantaría saber la manera de poder cooperar económicamente con ustedes, pero no todos tenemos tarjetas de crédito y sería muy útil que hubiera otra alternativa para poder realizar donaciones mediante instituciones bancarias internacionales. Como HSBC entre otros. Ha sido un gran acierto el haber implementado como base de la distro a Debian.

  197. I think creating all these versions of Linux Mint must be very time- and energy-consuming. If I were you, I’d cut down the number of selections. Also, I believe moving them to a more stable and reliable base (to Debian) is worth the effort on the long run. You’ve already made a welcoming debut with LMDE, which I use as a main system since it’s first appearence. Thank you for your hard work, guys!

  198. I guess my head is stuck in IRC too much, I don’t visit the forums often enough. Didn’t even know this poll existed, but was keen to fill it out when I did find it 🙂

    Only have two complaints, not enough questions, if people are willing to fill out these polls which they obviously are, hit em with as many questions as you can think of, I know I would take the extra time, because I know the end results will benefit us all.

    Second complaint, I guess that’s half my fault, advertising the survey. I only found it off a random post in the forums. to be honest I guess I’ll facepalm in advance (if I’m wrong), I would have thought it’d be advertised on and maybe tell the op’s on IRC , wallchan the url once a day for a while…

    A thought, came just then, a ‘weekly news update’ in IRC, to be ‘wallchan’ every x hours, I’d be happy to do that.. only a thought.. .. Obvious the url to be supplied..

  199. Hi,

    Any way to include E-17 off a debian base? Surprised E-17 is not given a look at all. Been using for a long time (based off Arch), working quite well, default desktop takes up only about 80-90 MB RAM with good looking desktop too. Didn’t find it to be unstable contrary to what i had read. Mint E-17 would definitely leave the competition far behind, hoping the dev’s take a note at E-17 and launches it.


  200. Glad to see you’re polling to make smarter choices for the future. Excellent Distro! I like it better then the others I’ve tried including SuSE, Fedora, Ubuntu, and Mandriva because it’s easy to setup and just works, especially with video and wireless, Keep up the good work! However, I’d like it better if the GUI / file manager made it easier to setup persistent links to NAS (Samba or Windows Networks) drives and folders (i.e. I haven’t been able to get the NAS folders to automatically mount on login even though I’ve tried many suggestions in the forums).

  201. Mint 10 is great, windows is now a thing of the past for me.
    Pulse audio can still be a pain and firewire support for music production is still not as simple as it could be.

  202. linux very light really great for low memory pc.

    couple issues i need to raise:
    cannot fully control user password
    cannot download utube videos
    some downloaded cannot be found
    standby mode fails (windows 7 sleep mode excellent)
    linux apps downloaded cannot installs (or how???)

    can linux in pc operate as android platform rather than windows like now?
    Android is best OS for user……..but should have LOCKS function and CALL CONFIRMATION (third party apps not reliable) for touch screen in smartphones.

  203. Luvin Linux-Mint 10.0 x64. Really looking forward to get the 2.6.38+ goodness. (Tried compiling this myself – but I can’t get the ATI driver to play ball 🙁 ). I gather it has much better CIFS performance…

  204. Thanks for telling me about the Mint start page. I had no idea you get money when people use it to search. I usually switch my home page to something that starts up faster like Google or Altavista. Now I will switch my start page back to the Mint start page. That’s how I found out about this survey by the way.

  205. One more thing, I like Linux Mint 9 better than Linux Mint 10 because it includes all the media codecs. I think the USA/Japan version of Linux Mint is lame.

  206. Hi Guys: I love Mint and thanks for all your work. However, at present I cannot upgrade beyond Mint 8 because both the live CD and Install give monitor ‘out of range’ – so I can’t see to install – and don’t want to risk installing in case I can’t get beyond this. My monitor is a newish Samsung wide-screen with a res of 1360 x 768 (16:9) @ 60HZ. Okay, I am using an old Gforce vid card at the moment – but can’t install drivers without getting to desktop. Mint 8 and Ubuntu 9 – pick up the monitor no trouble; why can’t the newer distros do this? I am on a pension and can’t afford to spend ££££s on software – or hardware. But if you don’t fix this problem I am either going to have to do that, or carry on using Mint 8 unsupported, or (shudder) go back to Windows. Help please!

  207. you people are crazy MINT 9 IS THE BEST also if you knew how to ACTUALLY USE WINDOWS then you wouldnt have problems its called spyware

  208. Last question cracked me up XD I kicked Ubuntu off my boxes pretty soon after trying Mint. Not going back anytime soon 😀

  209. Recently stumbled apon the fact Mint had a debian edition. Installed on a small partition to try it out and haven’t run my other OS’s since. LMDE is great and I thank you guys for it. Have always prefered GNOME anyway. Thanks for helping me move away from Ubuntu. I think main focus for Mint should be the ease of use the Ubuntu based versions bring out for you main audience, but I’m sure there’s a lot of us sticking with LMDE. Thanks again, I love this distro!

  210. Use Mint 9 (32 bit) on ASUS Eee netbook, runs nicely.

    Installed 10 but returned to 9 on Dell desktop as only it would recognize my Toshiba 19LV61K TV/DVD Combination Monitor.

  211. Booted up Mint 10 KDE live DVD and really like it. It reminds me a bit of Mandriva in the way it just works well (properly identifying my hardware, loading the required drivers,etc.) Its nice to see flash player working out of the box too. Now while I love free software as much as anyone else, I think having everything work without fuss (even if that means including proprietary drivers), goes a long way in winning people over to Linux. In my humble opinion…it’s better to be a pragmatist than a purest. Because if I got to fight with a distribution to get everything working…I’ll just continue to run Windows.

  212. Julia worked right out of the box for me, especially getting online. I’ve been looking for a WinXP replacement for a while as Service Pack 3 of this OS is about to become unsupported by M$.

    My only troubles with LM10 Julia are 1) it won’t read .jnlp files, which are for web conferencing and 2) my bank’s website won’t allow me to login from Julia. That might simply be their security settings, in which case I doubt there is anything the Clem and crew could do about that.

    Otherwise, I am completely thrilled with Julia.

    Thank you to all the dev team.

  213. Ok I am very, very new to Linux and I must say I will never, NEVER return to a MS windows os NEVER! So, keep up the outstanding work please! This is like the old days of computing, by that i mean the whole outlook and attitude of the group of people involved. I used to say I use a Mac, but now its Linux, I only had things like it wont load , operate or it crashed, or I just got another virus that wacked my system when I was using ms products. You sould hear/see some of the reactions of people when I tell them I removed windows and installed Linux, it goes like this: You did what?, whats Linux? But windows is the “ONLY’ os for your PC! Anyway I am rambling so Ill just say thanks! Bill Westover 🙂

  214. Congratulations, very well designed poll and very spot on around some interesting and informative Linux Mint specific subjects.

    A Warmly welcomed excercise of communication in this times when the Linux user communities in general sometimes might feel left out of the picture by the development groups. A great display of ethics from the Linux Mint development team. Way to go, my hats off to you. Keep up with your already excellent work.

    Please, don’t forget users with old hardware, unfortunately a lot of people can’t read DVDs, specially in some less favoured countries. I think is a great idea to envision the light desktop enviroment variants of Linux Mint moved to a Debian based, though just the other day I managed to get working a fully functional LXDE Mint Edition around 60 MiBs on an ancient laptop.

    Ps. everyday enjoying more LMDE and can’t wait to have working there the “Hardware drivers installer”.

    Keep fresh…

  215. A change to Debian would answer a lot of people’s prayers, mine included. Stable, incremental upgrades instead of new release hell all the time and think of the wear and tear it would save on the developers …

  216. Please please make Linux mint 11 more easier to run exe files and not only will i use it but millions will too. I really Like the layout of Linux mint its a lot better then win 7.

  217. i’d love to see linux mint based on debian because is really fast
    but in my hp dv2 still had a problem with vga or monitor or maybe
    the framerate, but when i used linuxmint based on ubuntu they work
    good (sorry if my english had a many mistake)

  218. I voted on all the questions. One thing though:
    I’ve got almost every mint flavor running except fluxbox.

    On the last question I answered: Doesn’t affect me, I don’t use Fluxbox. I don’t like the way it looks on other distro’s. But in mint i think it looks quite nice (on screenshots anyway).

    BUT… I would like to install it when the fluxbox flavor reaches edition 10. And then I would like to keep it on par with Ubuntu not Debian.

    So i think this is not the right way to ask the question.

  219. I would REALLY love it if Mint LXDE would come out in a more timely manor… I mean, Mint LXDE 10 is coming out right before Mint 11, and that’s just absurd and uncalled for. I mean, it takes just a few hours at most to remaster a Mint 10 LiveCD, so I don’t understand why it takes MONTHS after Mint 10 is released to swap out desktop environments, when it’s just a few command lines, and you’re done. ALL Mint variations need to be released at once.

  220. Linux Mint (Julia) has proved very reliable on 2 PCS that are used to surf the web, play CDs and watch DVDs, watch BBC iPLAYER, perform online banking transactions, online purchasing, email and programming the Arduino interface. The desktop (Gnome) is currently well designed and the layout is easy to use. When everything works, why “fix” it? A suggestion. Why not let Mint 10 (Julia) be a long-term supported release that can be used to compare with future releases? Why not add useful bits of info, such as an icon based (mouse clicks only) procedure to guide newbies to configure the media player so they can actually watch encrypted DVDs, configure a download manager so they can download a Youtube video?

  221. Great idea to let all the different variants of desktop enviroments of Linux Mint be moved to a Debian based – then Linux Mint will become its own and rolling release.

  222. 64-bit gnome ftw!

    windoze xp is as old as the afghan war.

    google chrome is trash, firefox 4 all the way.

    please consider having the lightweight pinta-project’s painting program as a default install as opposed to gimp. and also piviti video creator/editor too!

    i’m 100% migrated over thanks to clem and the linux mint team, brace yourselves for an even larger install base when ubuntu switches over to unity (a major fail).

    you guys and gal rock!

  223. 1. I use a 2010 Macbook Pro. There are tips on how to get the keyboard layout and screen brightness to work here: Support for Intel Macs

    2. I would like to have a way to tell what system I am running. Maybe a summary page in the control panel…

    3. Firefox crashes the computer after a few hours. I’m not sure if it is a Firefox problem or a OS one.

    4. I would like to see different backgrounds for the log-in screen.

    5. I would like to see a simple way to upgrade the OS to a new number version or some more documentation on this. It may exist however.

    6. I would like to see some more of the ‘weird’ media codecs pre-installed. I’m aware that these may not exist.

    Good job on the OS so far. 🙂

  224. I participate in all ways I can, answered all polls!

    Keep up the good work.

    Tiny question:
    – Is the development of the community-site on hold or something? No updates since June according to the “sidebar”?

  225. Hi,

    At present I use three OSs: Windows 7, Linux Mint and Arch Linux. In the past I had used 4 to 5 different OSs but have now settled on these three. Linux Mint is the most consistent and useful, the Arch Linux is good for learning how things are done in Linux and Windows, well, occasionally you run across stuff that can only be done in Windows.



  226. Well I still use LM 8 because its a pile of work to install all the little things i use additionally (dovecot, getmail, ssh in combination with otp, mutt, denyhosts etc)

  227. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the pole. Is this why Mint is best….. what can I say? Been a Linux fan for years through various distros. Recently discovered Mint back in 9; now got 10. It just works. No hassles; no dramas; no problems! Well done Clem and team. Once again excited about computing.

  228. I have been through a lot of distros over the years (almost all of them very good, I must say) but Mint is the best for me, and Linux newbies seem to take to it too.

    I am likely moving to the KDE edition when I next upgrade. Early releases of KDE 4 drove me to Gnome but I feel ready to try KDE again now.

    PERSONALLY, I would sooner that the KDE edition remained a ‘non-rolling’ release, rather than a rolling Debian-based one – my PCs are workhorses, and I value the stability and dependability of fixed-point-released distros more and more over time. However, I am aware that many other users will have different takes on this and I respect that!

  229. … PS my comments above – and echoing other comments in this thread – I beg you to go easy with drastic alterations to the desktop and other aspects of the user interface. Please no innovation for innovation’s sake. I have been using computers for more years than I care to remember, and IMHO the present Mint desktops represent a peak of usability and good looks. Please don’t give us Gnome 3 as our only Gnome option until you are sure that it is ready.

  230. I’m no longer a Linux newbie, but I love Linux Mint 64. It just works better, and goes way beyond being the best Linux for newbies. I don’t mind that it’s based on Ubuntu — the Mint team seems to overcome whatever Ubuntu doesn’t get right. I’m not interested in spending extra time with Debian to make it work, and I tried KDE and hated the busyness of it. I have 3 business PCs running Mint and my family members all use Mint now. For whatever it’s worth, I do some programming using the Qt and Gnome toolkits. They’re both fine, but I’m a little uneasy with Qt because of licensing issues in the future, so I just tend to stick with Gnome desktops.

    Now that I’ve thought about how many of our PCs are running Mint (8 total), I think I better go to the Mint website and make a contribution.

  231. Yes I very much agree with posts like fraxinus –

    “I beg you to go easy with drastic alterations to the desktop and other aspects of the user interface. Please no innovation for innovation’s sake.”

    Mint is excellent and has a very well polished and “Functional” desktop.

    My two bits for what it’s worth is this. I miss very much the options of the past where during the install of the OS you had “options” of what software you wanted to install. This gives everyone a choice instead of having to go in and remove what you don’t use and install what you do. Give some options like –

    1. Install default system
    2. Customize where you check off what you don’t want and what you do

    I very much miss those days and it would solve so many of the requests like “include Gimp” or “no we want xxxx instead”.

    Options are a beautiful thing 😉

  232. We need some hard calls to be made like it or not.Or Mint as a project are doomed to stretch resources if not then I’m exaggerating…

    Based on my findings in experimenting with Debian Squeeze/Stable based distros and also the usual run off the mill *buntu based ones, in no particular order:-

    1. Crunchbang Linux – polished, Plymouth enabled with a custom post system install script and probably well known for eschewing the “Big Duo” of GNOME and KDE for swiftness.Mint “gurus” here are probably more well aware about this distro than I am.Boots way faster than LMDE but probably due to XFCE and Openbox inclinations.You can “roll” the XFCE one to Sid or Testing but I’m not sure if the Openbox ver can really deal with smxi.On my end the OB just shut out nm-applet out of X so smxi can’t work with it.Has some and more up its sleeve that LMDE can draw some optimized inspirations from I reckon.

    2. Bodhi Linux – I’ve tried Pinguy and didn’t give those other buntu spins a serious thought but really this thing boots way way faster than Mint 10 with Plymouth on and gave me that great E17 surprise.It’s beautiful.Even with Ecomorph (an E17 Compiz implementation so I’ve heard) I dare say it’s about on par if not better than with an XFCE setup.You don’t need extra dock add-ons.Just use the built-in “shelves” for those and you’re set.Still some very very minor E17 quirks to be ironed out but smooth sailing everywhere else.E17 strikes that nice balance for modern eye candy desktop while optimizing sys resources.Plus there’s food for thought as to how Bodhi is set up at default install packages.

    Probably some of you here are thinking…:- “Man this noob is talking about DEs when it’s more than just that” well bear with me please.No that’s not my point.I don’t hate GNOME and KDE.For my next full “systems” (yes plural as I’m running a 4 PC home LAN) upgrade, I won’t mind using either as long as efficiencies fit my taste.Just that I know it won’t, it’s a matter of preference really.So while I understand where Mint comes from at its Main edition, I’m just giving some 2c here on how to consolidate the lighter DEs.

    I’m just a noob but may I ask why not track Sid instead of Testing for LMDE?I’ve tried that and forth and no I haven’t experienced any serious borkages and yes even if it’s a “YMMV” thing why not?And LMDE should run way way faster with E17 or any lighter DEs.Read that Kendall is working to switch Mint Fluxbox to LMDE.Now that’s exciting stuff to look out for.

    I’m running LM10 LXDE RC now.Much props to Kendall for such a fine work but hell even I know he can only do so much as to what the upstream can give him to tweak with.LXDE still feels a bit beta and incomplete at noticeable if minor stuff.But if anything in all of Mint’s “main light” editions it’s still is the fastest.

    Well whatever it is I ain’t the boss so thanks again for these ongoing efforts and keep up the good work Mint team!

  233. Regardless of where I’ve looked, whose review I’ve read, or taken it a step further and installed another distro, I always find fault “somewhere” in it and return to LM. As an old Slack and Debian user, I have a great appreciation for what Clem and the Linux Mint team have done with the project and hope to be using Julia and her sisters for a long time to come. Again, thanks for all the great work! /fritz

  234. Now trying Mint 10 kde live from USB stick. Still don’t like kde 4. Don’t like Mint menu either, switched to classic. Therefore I use Gnome Mint 10 as everything is a doddle to get working in a short time. I do a little C programming, scientific computing (fortran), skype, browsing, e_mail, TV, chess, TORCS, no ‘social computing’ on my little acerrevo R3600 ION, which also runs a dnsmasq local net server. Lots of unnecessary clutter/bloat on kde 4 desktop: best avoided. Would use Fedora if its effective lifetime was longer and bleading edge did not cause unexpected problems.

  235. I love Mint! I was a distro hopper before finding Mint, and I’ve stuck with Mint for about 6 months now (longest distro duration since using Linux).

    However, with the purchase of my new laptop, I have no Wi-Fi support with Mint. I suppose I could go hunt down a driver module from somewhere, or download the Windows driver, but why should I do that when Mint is supposed to “just work”? The NIC driver that I need is the RT3090 for a RaLink wireless NIC. Please include this in the kernel for future updates and future releases. All other hardware on the laptop seemed to work.

    In the meantime, openSuSE is working with all of my hardware, but their package management is just sad… YaST is a good package manager, but the selection of software is slim compared to Mint (Mint’s software repo’s are actually one of my favorite things about Mint). I’m using openSuSE for the time being, until Mint announces the RT3090 module in their kernel. I will be experimenting and trying to find a way to get it installed/working in the meantime.

  236. Maybe a smooth transition to Debian would be a nice & clever step ahead. Don’t have anything against Ubuntu, it’s a great distro. Yet, there are some issues outhere, thinner than Gnome vs. KDE or Mac vs. Windows but still. After all, why bother to build Mint if *buntu is perfect if u see what I mean 🙂
    Thanks for LinuxMint and for the poll

  237. people need to stop trying to change mint and tell them what to work on thats what other os is for all are different and i think mint is doing just fine now

  238. Great distro, easily my favorite. If netflix streaming played on linux, Mint would be the ONLY operating system I would use.

  239. I like LMDE.

    I always felt like I was somehow limited with the Ubuntu spins, and lately I am leery of things that are very well financed, promoted and hyped-up – then given away, If I was a multi-millionaire, why would i do that? This causes me to suspect the motive behind the Ubuntu project.

    On the other hand I can better understand the motives of the Debian community. They are just enthusiast doing their thing.

    I must add that the second spin of LMDE install is much improved over the original.

  240. I am an absolute newbie to Linux and just stumbled on to Mint. I like the Gnome distro’s ease of install and for a novice like me that’s important. If more people are going to try Linux and eventually use it as there main operating system there initial experience has to be positive like mine has been.

  241. I am an absolute newbie to Linux and just stumbled on to Mint. I like the Gnome distro’s ease of install and for a novice like me that’s important. If more people are going to try Linux and eventually use it as there main operating system their initial experience has to be positive like mine has been.

  242. Seems I can’t decide on anything!! I started using Mint with Mint 7 and have installed each new distro as it came out. However, guess I’m rather fickle. I currently run 5 homebuilt computers, and all are dual boot. I think one even has 4 OS on it. Some have Windows XP or 7 as the second system while others have other Linux distros i.e. PCLinuxOS, Wolfer, Trisquel, Moon, Ununtu 10.10 and there have been any number of distros that have been tried and deleted. You guys at Mint must be doing something since I keep going back to it. I really don’t understand much about computers but for some reason, Mint (and Ubuntu) just seem to make more (logical) sense. I seem to do Ok with Mint and Ubuntu until I have to use terminal lingo. I then fall flat on my face! Wish there were more tutorials on use of the terminal for idiots like me who have never used any dos or programmed anything.

  243. It is good not to release a Linux Mint edition until all major bugs and dents are worked out. The latest 64-bit KDE version was late in coming but still premature. It was a total waste of time installing as the darn thing couldn’t update itself even after entering terminal and using apt-get. I have used Linux Mint 9 KDE and was pleased overall. 10 is nothing like it. Now I don’t know if that is just KDE in general or if it applies to the bulk of work Linux Mint added to it. It just wasn’t ready. If I was a complete newbie I would have been turned off to Linux right there.

    All these offered editions/versions are really spreading yourself to thin. Focus on one WM and stick with it. I think most users don’t care if they are using a distro that is debian-based over ubuntu. The user simply wants things to work. That’s it.

    I like Linux Mint. But it seems LM is a Gnome-based distro (even though the look of Gnome is so generic) – and all other WMs are done half-assed. My opinion only. I’ll be going back to Gnome because it is the most stable Linux Mint on the market.

  244. I am a little concerned about unity and the changes that Canonical is planning to introduce in Natty. As far as I have seen, I dont like unity at all. I came to mint because ubuntu, which I use to use, started to work wrong with my hardware and Elyssa (mint 5) proved to work great for me since then. It appears to me that linuxmint is thinking to move to debian as base; hopefully when this happens will be a very stable version, because today is far more better the main distro.

    I also think the flavors that linuxmint is offering to us nowadays are quite cool. Thanks a lot.

  245. I would love to use Mint 10 but it has too many problems and Wine does not work on my ThinkPad (Yes, it’s an older computer). However, version 9 works fine. There seems to have been a real problem with release testing on version 10. It is my hope someday to completely switch over to Mint on my main desktop but it is not feasible now. Mint is a great product and will continue using it.

  246. Thank you for your work with this OS, i love.

    It is my default Internet PC, via VirtualBox. All my downloading, surfing and movie/music streaming is done on a Mint OS.

    I recently setup a PC for my 70 year old uncle and of course installed Mint 10. As all his needs are mainly web based this OS is perfect for him.

  247. So, I didn’t see a lot of comments about using Debian as the base code. I think this is an important step that needs to be considered regarding the pros and cons. I can’t say I know them all, but I think now is the time for LM to consider using the original Debian code and become even more of an independent distribution. However, this may mean losing handy PPA features and, maybe, some other things. Don’t know. You tell me.

  248. 1st. I’d like to say that I have had Mint Main (Gnome / 32-bit) running on my Dell D600 since 2008, but I could not get the WiFi to work (used Ethernet instead!). When LMDE was released, I jumped straight on the bandwagon (admittedly the initial release didn’t work, but the 201012 version fixed the GRUB Install issue) and now the WiFi works wonderfully.

    2nd. I think that you should not switch KDE from main to LMDE but keep both going (for the old skool users out there).

    3rd. KDE would be a nice addition to the LMDE lineup, but I think that it would slow it down. KDE LMDE would be nice to install on peoples computers who would not like too much of a change from the layout M$ Windows’s UI.

    4th. I did not know the customized google search was LM’s main income, in this case some attention would be greatly appreciated to the layout/UI (and if possible some more features, mostly – in my case anyway – Images and Shopping (although I understand that some of them could be specifically for google)).
    Also a way of adding your home page to any newly installed browser would be brilliant – either automatically or, say, via a txt file on the desktop explaining how and why.

    5th. Like M$ does in Europe, an option box for the user to choose which browser to have.

    6th. I love LinuxMint and all that you have done to Ubuntu and now Debian, keep up the “Most Excellent” (Dude – Strum your Air Guitar) work.
    It is good that you read the comments and create polls to discover what the community want, and I am sorry this is a long comment but you asked for it!!! lol.
    I cant wait for LMDE to become the most used Linux Distro Around, Lets see if we can knock Ubuntu off the top spot ay!!! 😛

    FYI: LMDE 32-bit update gives me ‘Fix Broken Package’ error message and wont let me install any updates

  249. Thank you for poll but not specific enough.I run 12 operating systems on my computer.Do different jobs.Also run live disk + usb and switch off hard drives.No viruses.No phishing.Etc. Etc. Not specific enough.

  250. Changed out all my ubu boxes with LMDE and haven’t looked back yet. This is a great distro and it does more with less compared to the other top 5 distro’s that I have tried.

  251. Hello ! I use linux Mint 8 and now Mint 10 BUT !!! After init of my
    email setup I can only receive mails BUT I cant send cant SEND .

    Please help me as I need mailing plus how can I receive Europian TV
    shows / I need ‘mmsh’ ?/ If yes where can I find the one which works
    with Linux Mint 10 ???


  252. I find the Gnome Edition works best for me Im happy with that, using nvida driver here working well . So not going to 10.4 because of changed driver.

  253. Kde is becoming linux microsoft.Control is important.Ease of use, speed,and noob friendly = mint now.No programs acting without permission or calling or answering on the net automatically.Control over programs loaded from different resources.Not a bunch of social networking unless you want to install it.Mint is internet ready out of the box with a great selection of drivers.Small footprint for usb or RAM install.Build your own distro, media, office, network admin, forensics, science, games, server, programming, tv, storage, overclocking, cad, etc. ; or any combo.And its pronounced lion-x in america and len-x in sweden – ask torvald.

  254. i would like to see Linux mint Debian edition to be a bigtime hit. with the normal editions of debian like version 6,7,8,9..etc… its just like copying ubuntu… the desktop of mint ,as always, looks very good… but i feel the looks can be made still more dashing….

  255. Watch out for programs that run backgound processes at system startup.Too many processes = slower speed.= new kde = microsoft.Also some startup programs can be resource hogs, take over your system, max your cpu or cpu’s.Too many high resource programs on your distro will slow it down,no matter how many cpu’s.Some programs do not shut down their processes after window close.Some programs you know are slow but you tell them when to start; like compiling, video transcoding, etc.Need for speed -linux can stay fast with right combination of programs.

  256. Debian edition is quite unstable, old and there are too many things it’s difficult to install because it is not completely compatible with Ubuntu PPAs. It’s a shame.

  257. Thurs March 10, 2011 @ 0115 hrs

    Now that you have told me through this survey that

    is $$$ for Mint, I’ll try to be more patient with it, but I have generally not used it because the page is the most slow and unreliable to load of any place i go on the www.
    I am grateful for Linux Mint and enjoy it as my current first choice of OS’s on a 32bit (cheap) Toshiba L455 notebook with 4GB RAM, but:
    My short list of beefs is lengthening:
    1. Firefox/Mint 9 still has enormous memory leaks for me;
    2. Rhythmbox is pitiful. I’d never use it to archive my music library. Instead, I use iTunes 8.2.1 on OS 10.4.11 PPC Macintosh as my music server.
    3. Poor image rendering (low resolution) in Firefox for Linux. (no trouble with ff for Mac or PC.)
    4. Power Manager Brightness Applet 2.30.0 is so very shy, it hides. I can barely get it to work, and only with a few carefully sequenced left and right clicks, first having to launch the ‘about’ windowlet etc.. The list of bugs on this applet is so long it makes my head spin.) This problem has persisted for 18 months. This is not a trivial function, folks.
    5. OOo crashes (100% failure rate) when saving a document as “.rtf.” Will not save as rtf. Data loss is a bad thing, folks. This has been unresolved for years.
    6. copy and paste text across applications is fundamentally unreliable and has been with all updates of Ubuntu since October 2009. That’s just not a trivial problem.
    I’ll stop now, but i could go on for another 12 points…

    Best regards and gratitude.
    banjoboye, New Orleans

    send snail mail on your Ubuntu beefs to:
    Canonical Group Ltd
    27th Floor Millbank Tower
    21-24 Millbank
    London, England, SW1Q 4QP.

  258. I have multiple instances of billgates and 10 different Linux OSes installed on my not-too-powerful notebook pc, but Mint is the ONLY OS (so far as I have learned) which has the ability to organise them properly in the order those OSes are installed and the Start Up Manager is what is expected of it– to set the preferred boot up OS properly.

  259. I really love Linux Mint, especially the gnome 64 and lxde editions… it’s like Ubuntu, but already customized in the way I want it!!

    The switch to Debian worries me a little bit… I’m not a linux expert. I just try to stick to what everyone uses, since that tends to work best… And Ubuntu simple is the largest distribution out there, and that’s for a reason. Can anyone give a list of advantages/disadvantages for a switch to Debian?

  260. For all those afraid/debating about switching to debian here is the one and only reason you should wait no longer……. You do not need to keep on downloading and installing the OS every time Ubuntu releases a new version (every 6 months!!!). LMDE does (rolling) updates just like M$ Windows does, meaning you install once and forget about having to go through the process all over again. A big bonus I think by anyone’s standard.

  261. Installed ubuntu 10.10,good but doesn’t affect me
    Installed Debian squeeze, minor compatibility problems that doesn’t affect me
    Installed Mint 10 Julia (Gnome). Everything perfect, that affect me!!!

  262. can the Linux Mint team include good drivers for intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family cz im having trouble playing games and those games work on windows with windows drivers,i want to switch to linux 100% so good if Linux Mint team include good drivers for intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset in their next release!

  263. I just use my pc for watching movies and playing games. I have tried linux before but couldnt get everything working so had to go back to xp.
    Now i tried mint 10 (dont really know the difference bw kde gnome and ..) everything works fine. It only took me a minute to get my internet working with orange 1752.. had tried to install driver for it before, but couldnt, so again back to xp. I am really impressed with this one. I think I am going to replace xp with mint.. great Os.

  264. Hello! I want to say that KDE desktop is great. I really like it.
    Its looks cute it is fast and flexible.
    I don’t why so many people have chosen Gnome Desktop.
    In my opinion, Gnome is not bad but looks like Windows 95. 🙂

  265. I didn’t read all the comments, so don’t know if this has been mentioned, but I would have liked a poll question concerning the office suite used within the Mint community. I have been running LibreOffice since the beta was first made available, and have had no problems! In fact, have seen greater use/format agreements with that “other” OS’ Office product.

  266. I absolutely love mint. I always try to convert my windows friends. The only feature that I need is some way to run itunes. both my kids have itouches and although i can connect and add music, it is not possible to sync with itunes which they both want to do so i have to keep an old windows machine running which is a huge pain! Thanks for a great product. PS I bought a new cannon printer which was also a challange to get the driver working. the scanning feature only works through GIMP. it would be nice if it would also woek with simple scan. printer is a cannon PIXMA MX340. Thanks

  267. Comment aobut the survey, yes I’ve been fully aware about google search and the LM home page as being the main source of revenue. But like the other poster above yes, those pages are slower than Molasses in January. So I’m sorry to say I do not use them, actually thats one of the first things I change with a new install. With that said I do donate funds. So to those of us out there that use Mint, donate a few bucks.

  268. How about some consideration for those with Geforce fx5500? We have spent weeks trying to get a driver (nvidia) to work, but all in vain. Have had to give up on this and cannot enjoy the full features of Mint.

  269. I like Linux Mint!

    If you want suggestion I just have this:
    It would be nice if, when you drag a window to the side, it automatic resize half the screen like in Windows 7 and pclinuxos =)

    cheers guys!

  270. My main computer uses Ubuntu. I am trying Linux Mint for the first time and decided to take this poll.

    It looks slick. Keep up the good work. I like the fact that Flash works out of the box for YouTube. Also good that videos I tested all work too. That’s an improvement over standard Ubuntu.

    I’m a power user but even I get tired of having to add restricted stuff with every upgrade of Ubuntu. I daren’t recommend standard Ubuntu to my family and friends, who are all Windows users. I’d be a laughing stock. However, if Linux Mint continues to impress me, I will try to persuade some of them to try it with dual boot, or off a USB stick.

  271. I changed everything, but only as I use Mint 9 (as LTS) and wanted the METAL THEME of Mint 10, I did keep the wallpaper and quick launch icons though.

  272. Thanks for a great distro! I tried different distro’s before I settled on Linux Mint 10. The more I learn, the more I hate windows!
    Keep posting polls, love them!
    Maybe some new colour themes for LM 11?
    Yellow would still be true to the Mint theme I guess.:P

  273. Just installed LMDE, playing around with it and trying to find out if it does all the things for me the main editions did (startet with mint7 which was a “distro-hopping-stopper” for me).
    The advantage of a rolling distro is so tremendous compared to fresh install every half year, I just love it and accept some “rough edges” for that.
    Transferring the functionality of mint to the base of debian testing is a great move and after trying almost all distros on distrowatchs top 100 I have to say:
    thanks clem, LMDE is the best distro out there! period 😉

  274. ok,I’m 56 I know nothing about commands or command lines,I have no typing skills and software just gives me headaches if I have to try to tweak things to make it run.
    So when my nephew and brother said to try mint to get away from the constant hassles of vista I was a little slow to do it.Now that I have I love it.However my wife can’t figure out how to do much with it and my KNOWS EVERY THING daughter cusses it constantly because any thing free can’t be as good as some thing you buy.But she won’t boot into vista and take care of all the constant scans and things to keep it running
    my two grandkids,4 & 3 grab the mouse open gcompris or childsplay any time there is no one on the computer.they know so much more than i did at that age,and these great programs just reinforce that.but I would like to keep them off of most other things here especially the internet.I set up a user acct for them but haven’t figured out how to limit it to games.
    only working 27 hrs a week right now and 3 extra people in the house but maybe if gas prices don’t keep the tourists home this year my daughter will get to work and demand for rock will go up(I work in a quarry)I’ll be able to finally make a(small) donation.i use Mint 10 and it works so much better than vista thanks to all who are responsible for that!

  275. Thanks for this poll, I love such things.
    Also thanks for the info about the custom search engine thing, I will now use it more often and keep using it (I was kind of annoyed of its limited capabilities, i will just switch to normal google if I need it)

    keep up the good work guys!

  276. I could comment on the utter futility of this, but really, it’s laughable. Sure ask some questions – like you’ve done before, then simply ignore the responses. Great way to run an OS.

  277. I used Ubuntu for a number of years. Got tired of dealing with every other upgrade breaking something. I tried Open SUSE for awhile and liked it. I had problems with the drivers for my wireless nic and decided to try Linux Mint. I really love it! You’ve done a great job. I was able to get my nic working with no problem at all. I like the way Mint seems to be a total operating system, not just a collection of programs stuck together.

  278. The sooner Mint moves completely away from Ubuntu the better for everyone! Canonical is moving Ubuntu in a direction I don’t want to go. Too much emphasis on eye candy with little concern over the bugs – where’s the beef?

  279. Hi There,

    I don`t know why anyone uses chromium, they must like google to use their private information without their consent,I use opera, and there just as bad, in that they will not let you unsubscribe from their email, you have to not log in for three months, and then not use it for a further 24months, then they will delete your account for you, I think this is a shambles comming from opera. I now use Firefox.

  280. I really like konversation and mc.

    I nominate both for inclusion into the default release.

    btw, love the gentoo-esque prompting scheme in the terminals and virtual consoles.

  281. About search engine: you really gotta improve it, it’s kinda buggy (e.g. with non-ASCII characters) and not very user friendly. I know it’s a source of income for the project, but at some point I got sick and tired of it and turned it off.

  282. I just love Mint! I do think that it should still be based on Ubuntu. Maybe Mint could wait awhile and see if all of the upcoming changes make sense and work the way that they should. Who knows, maybe, just maybe the changes will actually be for the better. I like the fact that it is based off of Ubuntu because of software availability in the repos making it easy for installation. (Still somewhat of a noob.)

    Mint actually is what Ubuntu promises to be!

    Keep up the good work and as I learn more I will continue to contribute more. Thanks.

  283. Hi. Recently changed completely to Linux but had tried several distros on & off over past few years. Tried Mint for the first time, just a couple of days ago.

    So far I like it. …a lot.
    1) It installed easily and smoothly-without issue….on a netbook!
    2) An old usb wireless adaptor without any fuss, instantly.(TP Link WN 321G). Didn’t recognise internal wireless adaptor-but no other Linux distro had previously either.
    3)Instantly liked the Mint look, very much. Neat, tidy, simple but elegant, not brash, nice balance of colour and plain. Simply great.
    4) Dislike having to install Chrome manually. It installs without fuss easily in Ubuntu. Why not in Mint?
    5) Using Chromiun, plus-temporarily-firefox as well until Chrome installs.
    6) Like Picassa. I agree Gimp is an outstanding tool but I just prefer Picassa-and it did install without fuss.
    7) Like the features and tools offered in Rhytmbox. I will use it but think it could do with a major facelift. You know, look the biz to walk the biz eh?
    8) Like the easy interface menus.
    9) Like the forum, the poll, the blog, the comments. Loved your home page by the way-and the provision of tutorials.

    But all in all, I think Mint is simply great….and a work of art too! 🙂 Fantastic creation by dedicated people and users. Absolutely fantastic!

  284. I try various flavours of Linux 32 and 64 bit.
    For me Mint and Ubuntu latest versions are neck and neck and the most useful solutions. Prefer Gnome to kde and debian.
    Opera and the speed dial is very useful whatever the OS.
    The update procedure is usually zippy and easy to use.
    The absence of bloat, attacks, security patching, slow startups and shutdowns . . . is so refreshing.
    I think the Mint logo should be left alone and the developers should continue concentrating on the product in the way they have with the emphasis on consistency and intuitiveness. Not change for the sake of change. BUT . . .
    I accept it’s masking of very sophisticated technology but IFF Grub could only be made easier for general users to safely edit,tailor and test before committal, my effort to recruit more converts would be SO much easier.

  285. I am battling a bit with sound configuration. How does one configure an old Yamaha Sound card to operate with ” Julia” It currently works well with Linux Mint 8.0 and Ubuntu 10.4

  286. I recently switched back to Mint because I love this distro so much. I did a little distro hopping and ended up on openSUSE for a day (which is a somewhat long time for me…) because I wanted to give KDE a fair chance (it’s the best, KDE-wise by most Linux users’ opinions), but nothing is like Mint! I’m running the main Gnome version, and I love it more than ever.

    I like how small the development team is for this distro. Compared to Ubuntu, openSUSE, or Fedora, Mint doesn’t have a big company behind it, paying for the development. The smaller dev makes it more personal, if that’s the right word. Thanks, Clem, for all the hard work you’ve put into Mint 10. I can’t wait until the next release!

  287. ok I loaded LDME live and on USB stick for testing.To sum it up.Hello Debian – Goodbye Ubuntu.The repositories carry a few more programs than the canical repositories for me.Media and graphics oriented.Will test the programs.I loaded a distro that uses the Ubuntu repositories and a lot of programs did not function.But I know Debian is an old and stable linux distro with major support.And can install different package managers.So far I like LDME over Ubuntu version.

  288. in 10 years of using linux, I’ve never had a virus.
    in 10 years of using linux, I’ve never succesfully installed a printer.
    why is it so difficult? I have to print at the library using windoze!

  289. If you switch anything over to Debian I will be forced to abandon Mint. =(

    I love having the option to use a Debian roll, but I’d hate to be forced to adapt to it. I’ve always loved having it built on Ubuntu and I hope you guys choose to keep it like that in the future!

  290. I definitely want to see support for USB bluetooth dongles on the new edition of Linux Mint. I currently use a 32 bit version of Mint 9, and without that support my bluetooth devices that I need to connect are useless on Linux, thanks to no support for them.

    Good work otherwise and keep it going.

  291. Just wanted to say you people are from another planet or something!

    Your hard work has enabled me and many other (safe assumption) “average” people to slip past the “Gate’s hell”. I’ve tried several linux distributions over the past ten years but was never smart enough to end up with a “usable” system. open suse 11. came close but not quite.

    You NAILED it. I’ve all but forgotten windows already and hopefully will reclaim that space soon. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  292. I started using Mint 7 Gloria when I had to get a Linux certification in 2008 – I used to be pro-Microsoft (I’m more pro-Google at the moment). I chose Linux Mint over many other distributions and don’t regret it. The only thing that I didn’t like was having to upgrade every time a new version of Mint came along.

    And then you released LMDE. Upgrading from 9 -> 10 was completely painless. LMDE GNOME is about as KISS as you can get with frustration-free packaging. The only disadvantage is that I have to tweak it more in the beginning.

    Unless I try some fancy like virtualization setup OR choose dual-boot OR try another distro like Arch Linux OR maybe get a new computer, I won’t have to install or re-install anything. LMDE is what I’ll stick with for the long haul.

    BTW – if anyone on the linux mint team is actually reading this. I really want to use to Mint-branded Google search…it just isn’t very good. I always have to end up using the default Google search. Please improve it – more $ never hurts.

  293. had an error cache() did not open during install. Re configured with dpkg. great distribution, really like the debian/kde edition. I don’t like the new kde desktop, the menu’s just don’t work for me.

  294. I had no clue about the custom search, I love mint and was wondering this… (no sure if this is a forum thing but i’m a newbie)

    If I change the default search engine for my chrome browser bar (via preferances) to:

    would Linux mint continue to generate income through the search?
    … i believe this effectively makes every search I do through the browser bar go through Mint’s custom search. You don’t have to worry about missing features as aside from directly link you to sites the search is all the browser bar really does…

  295. I doesn’t bother me what ever you guys do as long as I can change it to the way I like. I was using Ubuntu before but Mint seams to be more stable, so what ever you are doing there keep it up. One thing I would like to see is in Ubuntu when you install a program in the software manager it tells you where It is located at this would be nice for mint.

  296. I would like a remote update program. I have limited Internet at my house so it would be nice to have a program where I could stick in a USB stick and it would load sys info on it then on a remote computer it would download the files I need then I can bring it home to install.

  297. I only use Linux Mint 10 (Gnome 32)as my sole operating system. I also use Prism with it to achieve a “cloud” computing type experience. For me, this combination works very well. Unfortunately, I am not well versed in the other Mint distros, but after participating in this survey, I’d like to try the Debian version and do a little comparison. Great job, folks.

  298. You can’t rely on Ubuntu. It’s a shifting base, revised at the whim of a commercially-driven design team. Not to decry their efforts; they have done a great job, and Linux distros would not have achieved what they have without Canonical. For me, Debian is by far the more solid base, and enhancements made by others tend to go back into the base for the benefit of all. The embodiment of the FOSS philosophy.

  299. I installed Mint today on a laptop to have a play, I have only ever used Windows before, so I am still playing and learning……………

  300. Really like Mint, running Mint 10, 32 bit and 64 bit versions on different machines, also have one machine with Win 7, if not for a
    couple of things I use which are Win specific I would switch totally.

  301. Linux Mint Julia is the best in my book. I am new to Linux and have tried Debian,LDME,openSUSE,KDE and a couple flavors of Puppy.
    When it comes to printers I yank one out of a dumpster and ran it for 3 mounts. My friend gave me a 2010 lenmark and that works just fine in full color. I did get the package ” Quick Scan ” for the scanner and it too works fine.

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