Interview with Jamie “Boo”

In episode #54, mintCast recorded an interview with Jamie “Boo” Birse, maintainer of the KDE edition.


Happy listening everyone!


  1. @henry dubb: I am sorry to say this but this Mint focus may leave for a while well.. because.. Mint tends to be a narrow minded topic. We will do most if not all our how to’s in Mint and telling “through the eyes of mint” each step but don’t expect us to talk about Mint tools every week (reviewing Mint uploader every 9 weeks gets boring) We will try to “Mint” everything but remember that there isn’t much to talk about “within” mint without installing something.

    If I went to far in one direction I’m sorry but I must say that doing a podcast on Linux Mint and keeping it mint and not phones and slackware is really hard!


  2. There needs to be more tutorials or better tutorials teaching people how to use Linux software. Linux software is superior, but nobody teaches it…..not like Windows software is taught.

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