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The release of Linux Mint 10 has brought more traffic than we’ve ever seen before, and sadly also much more than our server is able to cope with. We’ve got dedicated servers for the website, the blog, the forums and the seeding of the torrents, and even with that, we’re not able to face the traffic!

Here are the download links to the ISOs and torrents:


HTTP mirrors:

Our apologies to people who are trying to access the website.


  1. Clem:

    Let’s face it, Mint is becoming extremely popular and you’re going to face server problems on every future release….I suggest you make torrents more widely available on the mirrors and as many other websites as you can so folks can reduce the load on your server and the mirrors too….encourage downloaders to aggressively seed torrents, that’s what I’ve been doing all weekend on my office pc……You should start promoting torrent-based downloads a few days prior to each release date to remind everyone how they can help distribute Mint as quickly as possible…..I’ll keep doing my part 🙂

    1. GR: We’ll spend more money into hosting and consider load-balancing/fault_tolerance cluster solutions. Step 1 was to give each online service its dedicated server, we can now see that it isn’t enough during popular releases.

  2. Clem:

    I would hope that if you can enlist more of the Mint community in distributing Mint, perhaps you can save some money on infrastructure and invest it in more high quality contributions to the Mint distro itself! I’d rather see funds go into the pockets of Mint developers 🙂

  3. I think we should just make some standards for Linux Mint communities so they can offer quality entry-level content for the new comers as well as download links. When this or that server gets way too crowded it could simply redirect to an officially approved National community.

    Another way to standardize the Mint communities would be to impose a standard landing page/section for load distribution, that people would get redirected to based on IP location. The standard landing page should be in English (with the possibility to offer it in the language of that site) and it should include the download links + a short message to explain the reason of the redirection.

  4. Hi guys i think i know how we can fix this.

    We should all donate to linux mint as much as we can in December to make it a great christmas for the linux mint team and in return for everyone that uses it, and make sure that we set this as our signature so that we get the word around about this and attempt to spread the word more.

    I know i will be.

  5. Heh Folks!
    Would it be so evil if you only allow torrent-download for the first days after a release? You also could set up a 1-Click-Hoster mirror or using the “cloud”: there are many people out there who have a webspace or webserver, so they could also provide .torrent-files for download.

  6. The thing that that took a great deal of connect time during my installion of Julia was the stage that downloads the language packages … something over an hour.
    Could these be put on the Live DVD – surely there’s room – then all that data is (i) compressed and (ii) hopefully downloaded from a mirror.

    Julia certainly is very good indeed. My only niggle would be the removal of the circle highlighting of the “close window” X

  7. hi all, does anyone know, if i can install the 64bit version on a macbook pro 3,1? because ubuntus standard isos do not work, because of the efi implementation in these macbooks. so for ubuntu there is an additional download, a 64bit mac version you can find under ports on their download page.
    best regards, chief

  8. Obviously there’s an advantage to a “rolling release” such as the Debian (or other?) base. Then the over critical, sudden demand surge would not occur at all. Obviously there would in general be more traffic as “Testing” updates. It seems that TCP is already broken with regards to torrents, especially with the “A” in “ADSL”, and tracker traffic. Bandwidth is a resource easily consumed by the ever expanding digital data. We will soon need Yottabauds.

  9. Clem,
    In the future, why don’t you release Linux Mint via torrents-only in the 24 hours prior to opening up the download mirrors? This would increase the amount of torrent downloads vs. http/ftp downloads.

  10. mint 10 work great with gma 500 on my vaio p530h , thank you so much , i’m forgot any windows from xp to 7 , tnx , tnx , tnx

  11. “…Linux Mint 10 has brought more traffic than we’ve ever seen before, and sadly also much more…”

    Exactly that is always one of the main reasons for me when downloading a new version to do it via torrent to balance already paid traffic between many seeders and leechers.

    Thx for your efforts, mint rules !!

  12. thx Riyan 🙂 dari kemaren nunguin mirror Indonesia 😀

    what the difference/s between cd version and dvd’? aside the size off course

  13. As a newbie I was hoping to cut my teeth on Mint 8 but am being directed to download Mint 10. Everything’s on hold now and the Forum also has “Too many connections” 🙁 Hoping the problems will ease soon!

  14. Maybe its a feature you don’t have control of, but it does cause inconvenience.

    Why does the Australian mirror have a colour scheme with black text on a black background? Its like groping in the dark for the files.

    Could you ask them politely if they can change it to a readable background/foreground combination?

  15. YES!! I am so GLAD to see that demand for Mint is so high! That speaks volumes about the quality and user reaction to your distro.

  16. I just want to say that Live CD 32bit isn’t functional at all. Team Mint made hash of it.
    As far as I’m concerned it isn’t legitimate Debian CD, hence you can’t use it as package manager source CD. On CD itself packages are squashed into one big blob – can’t do a thing with this. It simply SUX.
    Apart from that, there is a bug which is particularly acute – build-essential package is not complete.
    There is no g++ package, nor libstdc++-dev.
    Thus I was unable to compile my modem driver, and that means no broadband.
    Live CD is broken and no I have no intention to download Live DVD. Thank You.
    BTW Ubuntu 10.10 doesn’t have this “features”.
    Dev-Team brimmed CD with crap and forgot about very basic, crucial things.

    PS. Linux Mint nr4 Operating System on Earth?? Wow ! Who says so?? 😀

  17. @Peter Manser I am using it and have blue text with ablack backgrund which i can read fine but i will see if i can contact them.

  18. I’m very pleased (so far) with Mint 10!! I also think 10 is a good improvement over 9 especially while still using my old box.

    sounds like a lot of new Linux Mint users…….AND, THE SERVERS ARE OVERLOAED, or were:)). even as a user, that really pleases me, to a large degree!!!!


  19. sounds like success!

    ok, have deluge running with the first four torrents (the CD 32, 64 and DVD 32, 64).

    Let’s spread Linux Mint!

  20. I’m new to linuxmint.. its the first time i’m using Linux so often.. It really is awesome… and it’s FREE 😀

  21. Muy buena presentación tiene este sistema operativos. En mi maquina tengo linuxmint 9 kde y a la hora de correr google earth me dice que el procesador grafico no es el adecuado. En linuxmint 10 gnome sucederá o mismo?

  22. I congratulate the mint team on being the first to bring on a linux desktop that is off the disk better than windows 7!

  23. Mint is the best system I know. At work I have to use Windows and Mac. Out of work I’ve tried many other Linux, Unix-ish systems over a 12 year period. Mint is the best. I cannot thank you-all enough !

  24. I sampled Linux a few years ago and fell in love with Ubuntu. I really liked the feel and look of GNOME. However I found a few things I didn’t like in the layout. I decided to try Mint today and I LOVE IT. everything feels the way it should and is laid out perfectly. I know why your servers are overloaded. I also have a webserver, if needed I would be glad to help. Thanks for such a great distro.

  25. This is what happens when your product is excellent!
    I have always been a fan of Mint,but this latest version is just about perfect.
    Thumbs up!

  26. i think this needs to be torrented on other sites that get traffic as well. This is one of the best distros that I know of – and I wish it well. And I second the idea of getting more servers – Good idea!

  27. Mint 9 KDE was good, but Mint 10 with Gnome is outstanding! We’ve just gone from 4 MS Blundows machines to 1 with Blundows 7 (cos of running Pro Tools) and the other 3 re-built with Mint 10!! Even my wife’s been converted…… Happy days!! 🙂 Well done you guys!

  28. interface: easy
    looks: beautiful
    price: free
    SW: good selection
    HW: improved support
    overall: very good experience

    its just too good to pass by

  29. Yes agree with all previous good comments. May be some like me who are not sure how to use torrent download.Sure with a little help we could do it. Just need some instruction to get us started
    Really like the xfce edition as its very fast on my aging Asus netbook and PC.

  30. A week for download the ISO, all the times download break… never see trafic like that.

    So far.. so good LINUX MINT

    From Guatemala city

    Boris Carlos

  31. I for one am trying to ease the load by copying the disks for people who ask as I am the computer guy in my area, I’ve been testing mint 10 with some windows users who are tired of the problems but cannot justify the expense of a mac. They couldn’t be any happier with their computers now, as they want to use their computer, not just maintain it.

    Embrace the terminal, it’s your friend.

  32. Great release – thanks so much ! I consider myself a Linux noobie and know almost nothing about Linux/the command line, yet many of my friends think I am the local Linux geek. I have installed Mint (dual boot with Windows) on well over a dozen laptops/desktops for them/their kids and it has been an outstanding success. Most of these folks know VERY little about computers and were very apprehensive at first, but after using Mint they are wowed by it. I instruct them to essentially use Mint anytime they are “online” and Windows only when required/can’t perform a task in Windows. No more spyware, their computers operate faster, no problems. They are overjoyed. They especially notice this when they need to go back to Windows and are reminded about how slowly it runs. Mint is the only disto I’ve donated money to and likely will continue to reward your excellent efforts to bring an OS to the masses that “just works” for we poor Windows want-to-be-free converts. For these people, I find they love the improved speed, lowered security risks and the ease of use (i.e. no Linux experience required). Mint is just the option they need to move away from Windows as there hectic schedules do not allow them time to learn what goes on behind the scenes, nor do most of them care – that is why they were stuck with Windows or were considering Macs.

    If I may, one suggestion for your consideration down the road ? I frequently run into older PCs that do not have sufficient hardware to run Mint very well – even the lighter versions of Mint. My other favorite distro is Puppy, because it is so OUTSTANDINGLY FAST on older hardware. But, I also love it on newer PCs. I travel frequently and often want to get started quickly, check info online/weather/airline schedules, then shut down fast. To me, speed is one of the most desired traits in an OS. Trouble is, puppy frequently seems to break, have flaky/inconsistent wireless, or does not have as good of hardware recognition. I love it, but it can be frustration/it is no Mint.

    So, my wish is for a version of Mint that can start up in seconds, fly in minimal RAM while running, then shut down in seconds like puppy yet have the install on the hard disc like Mint and not have to insert a USB or CD to boot from (yeah, I know puppy is supposed to be able to do that as well but never had luck with that install). I don’t pretend to know what it takes to make that happen – could it be a choice offered during initial installation ?

    For example, during the initial installation offer a choice of one geared toward “SPEED” (minimal resources, JWM/other low resource X, minimal programs running, fastest boot and shutdown, etc.) or one with “FULL” (all the eyecandy, graphics, Gnome, and other background services running) ? I also like Puppy’s easy ability to connect to my home windows network/Windows shares which I have not had luck with in Mint.

    So, guess that is 2 wishes- a hard drive installed superfast/low footprint Mint with more user friendly Windows shares access like the pupster. Mint has been my preferred OS BY FAR for the last year and these are the 2 things I believe would make it even better/draw more users. I’ve stopped distro hopping thanks to Mint so please accept this as just one noob’s humble suggestion for a potential future direction/option of a new Mint spin.

    Again, thanks again for all of your excellent work and outstanding product !!!

  33. Thank you!! Mint 10 is just great!!! The first distro that makes me smile just out-of-the-box!! really great work,, bye bye XP…

  34. Can anyone please tell me how I can upgrade to Julia from Isadora?
    I do not want to do a fresh install from CD or DVD.

    Thank you!

  35. Linux Mint Julia is rock solid!!! Thanks so much for the work you guys put in to develope this distro. This distro just works !!! I installed Linux Mint on my neighbor/dear friends’PC (the PC was built in 1999 with AMD XP processor) and she’s loving it. She had the resource draining, virus attacked Windows XP OS and after I installed Linux Mint my neighbor though she had a brand new PC. Gosh that’s so cool!!! This is by far my distro to use entirely and I’m more and more sharing this distro with others as well. Good job guys :-)! Peace

  36. I’m not good in Linux because don’t know how to install the programs. Some times I confuse my self. but LINUX MINT it’s easy and safe. Well done guys gr8 job. I’ve been using Linux Mint past 4 weeks.. and it is amazing. I recommended all my friends and distributed free DVDs.

    Linux Mint, it would be definitely replacement of Blandows.

    Thank you very much for your effort.


  37. Astonishing that a distro apparently touted as being so good has such a poor infrastructure behind it. Continually we see problems with the forums and community sites failing with basic MySQL issues, and every (re)launch the same problems rear their ugly head again with the main site being inaccessible to large parts of the world.

    As with the software itself, which appears to have innumerable bugs; a lot going back over multiple versions; it seems the developer(s) are failing to actually pay attention to the real world and listen to the user-base with a view to solving some of these problems.

    Sure, there are a lot of people who like the product – perhaps as it requires little knowledge to get up and running, but then is that entirely true? A little visit to IRC or the forums will result in a list of questions covering the same topics I saw 6 months ago, 1 year ago, and in fact prior to that. These are not just new users, these are old problems that could be easily and efficiently dealt with if the management would only spend the time and focus their attention.

    I’m sure that there are a lot of people who will enjoy playing with this as their first foray into the world of Linux, however for those of us that have used Linux in whatever guise prior to Mint, it is simply another Ubuntu piggy-back distro rushed out without care and attention.

    You would be wise to look at the bugs listing on LaunchPad for Mint to get a feel for the lack of expertise and apparent lack of interest in the user base prior to downloading this. As a toy, it’s worth a look, but that’s really all it is. Maybe with time, and some openness on the development side and some stronger management covering all aspects this could become a product of some merit, but until radical changes are made I cannot see this happening.

  38. This is the best os I’ve ever used. I put It on every computer I own. Gave away my windows 98/xp/vista and even my windows 7 less than a year old never ever going back to Windows.

  39. Have installed mint in Oracle/sun vbox on several systems. Works great, like better than win7, RH, SUSE, My contribution coming your way.

  40. Is any one having problems installing programs on Mint 10 64bit???
    Been unable to install or use update manager, however, can connect to internet fine 🙁

    Any suggestions??

  41. Clem,

    Thank you for Linuxmint 10. It just works!!! marvelous stuff, my install disk is just about worn out now having converted 10 windows users since it release 🙂

  42. I am dual booting XP-Linux Mint10,and I have noticed just how seldom, I am booting into Windows; In a direct comparison, I prefer most distros of Linux to Windows, but Mint 10 is simply “whooping up on Windows”. I have even managed to get an outdated Netgear USB wireless card, up and running with no problems.

  43. AWESOME!!!!!!!, this version is just awesome,the gray screens makes this version look so Posh, and exquisitely done.
    Great looking, fast, functional, no problems here.
    Great team effort. Congratulations!!!!!!!
    Be prepared to expand at a very fast rate.

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