A new LMDE release is planned this December including the following:

  • All Linux Mint 10 features
  • Support for i386 and amd64 architectures
  • Improvements to the installer, fonts and sound support
  • Performance boost

Most of the improvements and features related to Linux Mint 10 were added to the LMDE repositories today. Improvements to the Software Manager should become available tomorrow.

Because of a problem in mintdesktop 3.2.1, you’ll need to run the following commands to ensure a smooth upgrade:

apt update
sudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/info/mintdesktop.prerm
apt install mintdesktop

This hiccup with mintdesktop is fixed in the version you’re upgrading to and a reminiscence of the previous version. Please accept our apologies for this little problem.

Another thing worth mentioning is that mintMenu is now using pixels to define the size of its icons. After upgrading mintMenu, you can do the following:

  • Right-click on mintMenu and select “Preferences”
  • Click on the “Applications” tab and change the icon size to 22
  • Click on the “Favorites” tab and change the icon size to 48
  • Click on the “Places” tab and change the icon size to 16
  • Click on the “System” tab and change the icon size to 16

I personally look forward to releasing LMDE in 64-bit with the now-famous “4 lines of code” boost-patch and a better installer and in the meantime I hope you’ll enjoy the upgrade and the Mint 10 features.


  1. I know I may be asking a dumb question. But when do we expect Compiz functionality in LMDE? I love those effects. That will complete all my wish list 🙂 Ofcourse, it may be really not dependant on LM but on Debian or Compiz – but was just curious.

  2. No problem Clem! Its still a great release and your team deserves a great appreciation. Thanks again for keeping up the good work!

    P.S: I have personally influenced atleast 5 people to use LM till now and I am planning to influence more 🙂 (Not to mention, they were windows users earlier)

  3. You can’t install compiz at all ???? not even adding debian testing repos ? That’s a deal breaker for me 🙁
    Still, I’m downloading to give it a try 🙂

  4. I have found that most of the Linux programs exceed all of the Microsoft programs. Two things added to Linux would be perfection for me. I like to use as much of the screen as possible so when I go to Display management I would like to be able to increase the resolution to 1280/1024 and decrease the size of the top Task bars. I am a new Linux user. After many years of frustration from Microsoft and their continuous updating and shut down in the middle of a letter or just restarting during a news program or watching a sitcom on the computer. I finally got fed up and switched and I am not a bit sorry. Thanks

  5. Clem…two quick questions if you have the chance…
    1) Very glad to hear about improved font rendering…someone mentioned something about the libcairo patch in the thread about “Improved Font Rendering for LMDE” and said it puts it on par with ubuntu/kubuntu…just wanted to bring that to your attention in case you hadn’t seen it…

    2) I know technically this is more boo’s department…but do you think there will be a kde version as well?
    Thanks….and an easier installer will be welcome for sure! It would be nice to do either a full install or side by side install like on the original mint versions, that wouldn’t require a custom partitioning….

  6. Good news and thanks. One thing I like about Mint is the very great ease of installing nVidia video drivers. I hope this can be the same for LMDE. All the best. John

  7. Thank you so much, I really cant wait for LMDE in 64 Bit!!
    IMO LMDE actually is what ubuntu should be, all the greatness of Debian but more polished from the start and with newer packages than Debian stable. Looking forward to using it!

  8. I must say this made my day.I have been looking forward to this announcement since LMDE first got released.As soon as it gets released I will me switching asap to it.
    I assume there’s no release date since it’s not in the above post so my only question is this:
    Will it include the same design as the Ubuntu based variant?

  9. It would be fine if the Main edition had a new 10.1 ISO with any improvements that could be carried from the LMDE.
    For example, an update to mintdesktop.

  10. The only reason I haven’t switched over to LMDE yet is because I’m waiting for the 64bit version. Can’t wait! Hopefully LMDE64 will actually support the WiFi card that LM10 can’t seem to recognize.

  11. This is a great update to LMDE! I love everything about it! The brushed metal look on mint menu looks professional. The dark gray background in Nautilus is awesome and easy on the eyes. The icon set in LMDE and Linux Mint 10 (I suppose) is nicely done! I love the new backgrounds and themes that came with the new update!

    In my opinion, this is the best looking Linux distro in the world! You have set the bar so high that all the others will have to be pole vaulters to even equal it. Good job Linux Mint team, good job. After seeing this, I am excited to see what you will pull out of your hat next!

  12. I am new to Linux and switched to Mint last week. When you say we need to run “these” comannds…..where do I do that from? In the Terminal?

  13. Thanks to Clem and all at Mint and Debian. This is indeed what I had been looking for when I installed Ubuntu 7.04.

  14. I wish the titlebar issues were dealt with (the lack of obvious distinction between foreground and background windows, lack of obvious distinction between titlebar buttons – bring back the circled buttons!) but this certainly freshens up LMDE.

    Oh, and is it just me, or did the old LMDE Nautilus have a Gradient on the “Places” tab section? If so, any idea how to return it to that, as it doesn’t seem to be as easy as changing the new grey background.

  15. Here’s a big thanks to Clem and all of the team at Mint! I noticed the updates last night here (Australia), and can’t wait for the 64bit version and new installer – I’m hoping LVM encryption will be included.

  16. P.S. I know i could change the titlebar colours manually – but it would look so much better with a nice gradient built in, IMHO.

    P.P.S With regards to “… the old LMDE Nautilus… ” I was referring to the look from Romeo repo I used.

  17. Ecellent News!

    pppoeconf included in the .iso ever
    Keep Firefox and Thunderbird up to date ever

    We need a GUI for installing automatically
    video-cards drives – nvidia – ATI
    (next release to come i guess)
    not regarding to this one
    i will expect this for future Linux Mint Debian releases
    I would like Linux Mint Debian to have its own dress and
    its own codi names. Different from editions over Ubuntu base

  18. Looking forward to this update. I’ve using Ubuntu for years, but missed a true Debian system, I just hated setting it up, and all the work that goes into it, you’ve made it possible to have a beautiful, fully functional Debian system with all the Minty Goodness. I got so excited I’m running LMDE now on a 16GB USB drive, and will be replacing my Ubuntu install with LMDE when the 64bit version comes out. Thank you and expect some $$$$ coming your way for all your hard work.

    Sorry for the shouting, but we get so much from the GNU/Linux community, while I might not be able to write write code I can write checks.
    (well type credit card numbers in a form, but that didn’t sound as catchy).

  19. another badass post from clem and da rockin mint team!!

    i KNEW somethin’ kewl was comin when it was a while since ur last blog post, hehehe

  20. YAY! While the family’s machines use Mint 10… on my laptop I use LMDE. The option to move to 64-bit is really great news! Been waiting…

  21. I came to this site to check the forums for news about LMDE and I find it on the front page! You guys are awesome. Really looking forward to switching to LMDE full time.

  22. @ 36. Jerry:
    Yes..this are commands for “Console”. Be fearless 😉

    Greetz from Germany..

    BTW. LMDE on 64bit..Dreams come true. I love Mint 10 – but LMDE is what I’m waiting 4…Thanks to Clem and all the guys for this Christmas Present

  23. Excellent! Will there be user home directory and/or LUKS encryption options in the installer? That’s also extremely important for us laptop users.

  24. Clem, Love LMDE… Never been a fan of Ubuntu performance and that underlying distro seemed to impact the derivatives. However the straight debian based version is brilliant. Even more responsive than my 64bit version of Arch. So much so I haven’t booted into Arch for over 2 months. A big thanks and well done.

  25. Wow, Clem and the Linux Mint Crew, thank you so much for the release of the LMDE edition.
    I love it and I don’t see any (major) issue (at least, for now, and the 2 or 3 minor issues I had were well known and explained in the forums.

    Well done!


  26. Thanks for your comments!!

    I knew you wouldn’t let me down, hehhe! Clem, Clem, When, when? Common, you know you want to talk. Say 4 of December!
    THERE IS SOMETHING MAGIC about the number 4 and Mint… You’ll See…
    Great Work!!!

  27. Hello,

    FEW words can describe this LMDE development. I hope this progessive attitude will linger, because the mind behind this is genius, and I hope these minds continue.

    Corbin S.

    P.S. Thank you for making this X-mas more exciting. I can’t wait to get the 64-bit LMDE. I feel like a 5 year old again, eagerly counting the days until Christmas + presents. In this case LMDE =D

  28. ‘All Linux Mint 10 features’: including gdebi?
    This means that my mobile broadband should work.
    This should mean that I can install my printer easily.
    As LMDE already installs directly to pendrive, and runs faster than likewise installed LM10, this may well mean a distro-hop.
    Many thanks.

  29. Great!! I think I’ll replace my LinuxMint 9 with this debian edition instead of the standard 10. Just one question, if I backup my system with mintBackup, will I be able to restore it with a fresh install of the Debian edition? Ah one more thing, I have 2 users on my mint9 systems, will I be able to restore both users without recreating them from start?

  30. Congratulations Mint team and thanks again for giving us LMDE! Just one question: How do I upgrade to LMDE 64-bit from 32-bit? 🙂

  31. I just had one more idea, my home directory is on a separate partiotion, what if I don’t format the home partition and install LMDE from fresh? Will I have serious problems? Thanks

  32. I’ll definitely try the new LMDE amd64, I’m currently using Isadora KDE amd64 and highly satisfied with it. If the new LMDE suits me best I’d permanently switch over to it. I’ve a lot of expectations from it. May Lord Krishna bless the Linux Mint Team! Well done!

  33. Glaaaaaaaaad!!!

    Where could I download the unstable version please?

    BTW, Mint 10 is *excellent*. Thank you!

  34. Okay, I’ll bite and ask the really dumb question ( to follow-up on post #39 by dee ):
    Can I simply upgrade my 32-bit LMDE (Mint 9) to 64-bit LMDE (Mint 10) using ‘apt-get upgrade’ or ‘apt-get dist-upgrade’ when the 64-bit version becomes available or do I have to do a full reinstall?

  35. I have really enjoyed running my 32 bit LMDE on my old laptop. I find myself using the older laptop more often than the newer, more powerful one just to have GNOME the way I like it. A good 64 bit option means that my new laptop is in for a change :).

    By the way, compiz effects work fine in 32 bit LMDE. There is a post in the group on how to set it up.

    Awesome job!


  36. Hmmm,

    When I update, I am told that 30 recommended updates are available and then I get “Could not apply changes! Fix broken packages first.”. Not sure why this has happened, but I’ll try unselecting some updates and hope that the dependency fixing will work for the highest priority packages.

    Looks like good work though.



  37. Hmmm,

    Maybe a repo problem, looks like the updates are downloading, now. Maybe the mirror was still replicating.



  38. Would it be possible to keep the LVM full disk encryption option available as part of the debian install? Not being able to encrypt my full disk or my home directory is the only feature that MINT has not brought in from DEBIAN. With today’s laptops becoming so mobile, it ensures protection from the worst case scenerio…

    I know your team could make it happen…


  39. Running the upgraded LMDE, so far so good. I just had a few gconf2/gdm3 warnings during the update process, but I don’t see anything broken.
    Thanks to the Mint team!

  40. Very Nice
    Was shopping around for a rolling release that responsive on my older rig (P4 2.2) to be used as a net streamer.

    Never thought a Gnome based one would be fast enough especially thu a s-video converter to a old style TV (3 RCA prong inputs)

    Only thing I think the wallpaper shouldn’t be the LM logo with the 10 over since this LMDE not version 10… oh well I’ll change wallpaper anyway!

    Thank you again
    P.S. I’ll post a howto/screenie of a separate TV set as a user and how to setup a watchable GUI for lower resolutions hopefully!!

  41. I agree that NOT having Compiz is a deal breaker. That’s like Un-Minting Mint! I’ve been looking forward to LMDE64 being released due to the myriad of bugs that Ubuntu has passed along to Mint. But honestly a desktop without Compiz isn’t worth using. There are third party repos out there (repository of shame) for Compiz/Emerald.. and I’ll give that a try, but more and more it looks like I’ll be DOWNGRADING back to Linux Mint 9 (Ubuntu based) because compiz, cups, my sound card.. they all just WORKED before Ubuntu decided to break everything in upgrades.

    Debian is nice because even unstable packages don’t overlook glaringly obvious issues like Ubuntu leaves in released versions. The future of Mint is ditching the disreputable Ubuntu code base in favor of the tried-and-true stability of Debian. The Mint ease of use with Debian underneath is what we all are wanting. Mint as it stands now is “just another Ubuntu repackaging”

  42. posted to soon!

    Benchmarks are good and streaming and DVD playback look good but…

    if you need to do anything else while doing this is very unresponsive. (Gnome overhead probably)
    Back to Peppermint (just a little faster also) but keeps it responsiveness!

    I’ve overlayed XFCE on top with no ill effect either (preference)
    and its based on the LTS (3year support) with Kendal? back porting important things
    …A SOMEWHAT rolling release in theory if doable!!

    2 cents worth

  43. I hope LMDE will also have CD-ISO-editions (at least for 32bit) as many old machine (at least mine) will not allow simple BIOS boot from CD, but not from DVD and USB.

    I know that there are workarounds, but simple is beatifull (when working)…

    Just installed Mint 10 from CD to one of machines after structling with RC (only DVD was avail.) and was so much easier (when both other options missing).

  44. Hello
    same problem with chris_debian
    I had romeo enabled
    Run clem’s commands
    cannot apply changes
    “Could not apply changes! Fix broken packages first.”

    synaptic shows no broken packages
    rebooting,disabling romeo, same problem
    cannot update anymore

    any suggestions?

    1. dp: Try to upgrade using apt in the terminal: “apt update; apt dist-upgrade”. Let me know if you get errors there.

  45. It’s always amusing too how someone wants LMDE KDE, or XFCE … if you want it, it’s as easy as installing LDME then as root:

    apt-get install kde
    apt-get install xfce4

    feel free to remove the gnome stuff you don’t want or need either.

    The real challenge would be LMDE64-E17-Ecomorph given the shoddy state the e17 .debs are in these days.

  46. I’m happy that LMDE doesn’t have Compiz. It only eats resources. It’s perfect that people who wants it can install it with apt.

  47. people who gripe about resources, go use Crunchbang or something else catered to your needs. Mint loses the “elegance” in its credo when it drops ESSENTIAL packages like Compiz.

    I’ll argue quite the opposite point that Peter made. To someone using Mint or Linux for the first time appearance and first impressions are everything. Let’s say a newbie, one who is a potential investor at that downloads LMDE and FC14. If FC14 *BY DEFAULT* has Compiz enabled and LMDE doesn’t, the investor is going to much more impressed by the distro that “has that neat rotating cube and wobbly windows”.

    LMDE is also “not really Mint” if it doesn’t include the feature-set Mint users have come to know, love, and demand. Kinda sad that LMDE/LMDE64 are being treated as the bastard child of Linux Mint. LMDE has the potential to surpass Ubuntu, but no one wants to give it the chance to.

  48. Sudoku, right now, LMDE fits my needs perfectly. I wanted to let the devs know that. There are many less vocal users that doesn’t consider wobbly windows a must have feature for their everyday computing. We just enjoy something fast and polished that always works. It is beyond me what value a rotating cube brings to the table.

  49. Peter: +1
    The (mostly) distracting Compiz effects are the first thing I used to disable after LM install. I’m happy I do not have to deal with this in LMDE. The system which works as you need it without reconfiguring, installing codecs and so on, that’s what Mint is about. The only problem is that different people need different things…
    Mint team: thank you!

  50. Great work !!! Thank’s for this Debian distro with Mint fresh perfume !
    I was very happy with Mint 8, then 9… Now I hesitated a long time before upgrading to Julia LM 10… Now I replaced LM 9 by LMDE : I have just one our of time to play with… I already love it !
    Keep doing such great job !

    1. holyguyver: Yes, it’s basically an updated liveDVD (snapshot) with a better installer. Existing users simply upgrade their rolling systems. As such it’s not a new version or anything and you’ll notice in the LSB info that LMDE’s version will remain “1” 🙂 We’re still releasing that new DVD though, so it is a release… of an updated LMDE.

  51. Whats the talk about COMPIZ not working in LMDE Got my wobbley windows and rotating Cube ?? Thanks Clem for the tip in #89.

  52. I thought that I did the update process as supposed to. Like in post number 4 all icons in the main menu are gone. I tried to type sudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/info/mintdesktop.prerm also afterwards but the terminal says that file or directory is missing.

    Is there a any way to fix this except a new install from the scratch? The new theme and everything looks great but the missing icons are bit annoying.

  53. This is great news that you are taking LMDE seriously and that it would seem that its here to stay

    Would it be possible to integrate a Hardware Drivers Manager as is on the standard Ubuntu based edition

    Currently running Linux Mint 9, Linux Mint 10 and LMDE

    Keep up the stunning work on Linux Mint.

  54. running this on virtualbox. and i gotta say, great work.

    i am still sticking to LM9 default, but when i next upgrade, i will start with LMDE for sure. 🙂

  55. Back to Mint 10.
    LMDE is too much trouble, is is absolutly not running wel.
    I am sad about that, I prefer Mint without Ubuntu…

  56. Dromedary Says:
    December 4th, 2010 at 8:09 pm Is there a any way to fix this except a new install from the scratch? The new theme and everything looks great but the missing icons are bit annoying.s there a any way to fix this except a new install from the scratch? The new theme and everything looks great but the missing icons are bit annoying.

    Post #89 from Clem worked … “apt update; apt dist-upgrade”

  57. Replacing Gnome

    yes you can apt install XFCE (and others) and take out the Gnome specific parts!
    But… Its not so easy LMDE Gnome integration and tweaks are for Gnome. You lose alot of of what make LMDE faster.

    P.S. I’m in the process of trying this for my older rig/TV streamer.
    LMDE work great on my newer machine (waiting for 64bit version for this 1)!
    Probably easier waiting for a proper XFCE or LXDE version!!

  58. All you eye candy haters can go use Crunchbang or better yet CLI OpenBSD, noX. what better way to promote Mint to both new users as well as investors than by removing things that make it flashy, things that put it on par with other distros, things that make it surpass other distros

    Mint is a full flegded desktop OS for the masses, not a niche-catering OS for those who chose to buy outdated and slow hardware.

    There is a place for a no eyecandy OS, the OS just IS NOT linux mint.

  59. What makes me so adamant .. a person like me who adept with linux will use LMDE regardless.

    However, and this is the point of contention that eats at me… New users, users unfamiliar with linux… you give them an LMDE defualt environment with no flashy eye candy that comes standard in LM10.. .what it the incentive for a new user to make the switch? What is going to open the eyes of those new to Debian if there is no food for the eyes to behold.

    People like msyelf and nearly every poster here LOVE Mint. LMDE should be an exact replication of the Main Linux Mint, only with a Debian base. Mint brought us in. Stay with those features that lured us in the first place. A Debian based distro with all the ease and simplicity of its Ubuntu conterpart! That is what we are looking for. And I guarantee if you did make LMDE that way, the demand for LM-Ubuntu-based would diminish and diminish until the Ubuntu variant of Mint became the afterthought (much like LMDE is now).

    and Minimalist arguments just piss me off in general. Really go USE a minimalist Distro if your aging hardware can’t handle Gnome, Compiz, OpenGl, etc. The only ones using Mint who can make this argument are the ones using Fluxbox edition (XFCE I consider middleweight) .. and gah why? Why Ruin Mint with something as ugly and feature-UNrich as Fluxbox?

  60. The 32 bit version runs perfectly and the upgrade was no problem, my
    only annoyance is to have to start over on a reinstall for the 64 bit
    version. Other than that great, I don’t use Compiz so no great loss from

  61. Speaking as a so called “new” user, the very last thing that impresses me when selecting an OS is eye candy. Sure it’s nice to have, but I want ease of use and stability way before rotating cubes and wobbly windows. If I was taken in by eye candy I’d stuck in Microsoft’s world cooing at all the stuff in Windows 7 that slowed my machine to a crawl.

    I say that in the knowledge that I’m running full LM10 complete with all the whistles and bells switched on, but believe me, it was never a consideration.

  62. @Sudoku, yep. That’s what I want. A full eye candy minty desktop with Debian base.

    There are tons of good distros out there which can cater to the needs of the people who don’t want any flashy stuff.

    Even within LMDE, you can just right click and uninstall whatever you don’t want.

  63. Installing 3D Drivers and Compiz is very easy in LMDE. Just try googling. It takes less than 5 minutes from start to finish.

  64. @Soduku, As 1/2y old Linux newbee I agree with you – Minimal is not what LMDE should go for. AVERAGE/majority of new users / distro-hoppers use very less time to evaluate. After prel-OK stability is everything (just like I would did with LM9 and nowdays LM10)

    On the other hand, I would love to have “LM10 approach with CD”(to make it like DVD with one click even in old machine w/o DVD/USB support)). Why not to have several such (tested) packages/scripts (minimal (CD itself) / typical / sexy 😉 on the top of same base (CD)? This would solve “KDE”-issue as well? I assume these only valid for fresh intallations….

    Might be that as a newbee things looks too simple, but that’s how they should be as well (for rest of us)…

  65. Please let LMDE an ability to detect automatically network printers. I know the tutorial might be somewhere online, but it will be very useful for new users to have a just-work system. I remember once I installed opensuse, it did the job nicely. I have to admit that I am not patient enough to read all articles about how to setup a shared printer. After a series of trying (samba, smbconfig etc) I have to do one thing: restart Windows 7 again, this OS recognizes my colleague’s shared printer (CanonLBP2900). There are always just a little thing that makes me and (some new users) going back to Windows. Can you tolerate for non-geek users by making a little more efforts in helping them?

  66. I’m glad to see others share my opinion and get where I am coming from. LMDE/LMDE64 has SO MUCH POTENTIAL! I’d just hate to see it wasted, held back, cut short, etc.

    Hopefully the DEBIAN version of CUPS won’t crash and burn when installing a network printer like the UBUNTU version does.

    Hopefully LMDE/64 will recognize my Intel HDA sound card and WITHOUT me needing to manually edit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf

    Hopefully Debian’s 0.8.4 Compiz will be free of the bugs UBUNTU introuduced in 0.8.6.

    Mint 9 was so awesome, it’s a shame all the Ubuntu Maverick breakage has caused me to sour on Mint and Ubuntu based distros in general. LMDE is a way to put things right once again.

  67. Yes XFCE middleweight
    No Apt install XFCE4 and taking out Gnome stuff isn’t as simple as that…
    LMDE is heavily integrated to Gnome ant may tweaks to make Debian faster won’t work (might even be detrimental to stability)

    Will and can wait (hope) for a proper XFCE implementation.

    Not asking for anything just giving a opinion and informing of requirements for use on a older rig (especially for media streaming)

    P.S using and loving LM10 main (64bit) waiting for LMDE 64bit on main rig (family’s & wife’s).

    Using Mint on a daily basis (not MSWin at all for few years and various Linux distros since Mandrake and Red Hat (no Mandriva or Fedora yet!) days and the biggest debate was about moving Gnome from version 1 to 2.

    Thank you Clem for a wonderful distro based on Debian and Gnome (for newer and less than new machines


  68. Hello everyone!

    First, to Clem and the rest of the hard-working Mint team: you guys are doing a splendid job on both distros, keep up the excellent work!

    For those of you who have requests for hardware support, you can put up a post here to ask for it: http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewforum.php?f=141&sid=2dce4eddcfad0ee54a8d9a2fd5fea468

    For those of you who have new ideas for mint/have requests for distro features: http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewforum.php?f=141&sid=2dce4eddcfad0ee54a8d9a2fd5fea468

    For anyone who has an opinion on something in Mint Debian and wants the world to know, such as whether it should include Compiz or not, please PLEASE add it to our collection here so it can be checked out! http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewforum.php?f=141&sid=2dce4eddcfad0ee54a8d9a2fd5fea468

    @kneekoo: I’m going to be that one guy on the internet that points this out: you can’t upgrade any motor from a 6 valve to a 12 valve. It’s not upgrading, it’d be using a totally different motor to begin with 😉

    And one last thing: remember everyone, linux is made for people to have their own operating system that works how they want. What you want may not be what everyone else wants (example: compiz or different DE’s). Linux Mint tries to appeal to as many as it can–however, that means that some will not be immediately satisfied.

    Oh, and LMDE has access to all desktop environments (KDE, GNOME, LXDE, XFCE, IceWM, etc etc) and Compiz in the repositories. Just go search for it (mind you, in synaptic).

  69. Thanks, I will wait this distro for a long time!. I’m a Debian user (KDE) for over six years, and now I will change my OS to LMDE.

    Thanks guys!!!

  70. (Admiralspark #136)
    Thanx for replying to me and dee concerning the 32-bit to 64-bit upgrade question – it’s what I had suspected but was still (foolishly) hoping for… Can’t wait to be running with all 12 valves though 😉
    I keep my /home partition separate so I won’t lose any work or settings when I reinstall, that’s saved me a lot of headaches with this and other distros.

  71. soduko dont say niche like a lot of people dont have one because that is not true and really offending you overrated loser

  72. I installed Compiz the day I installed LMDE. No problem.
    If it’s a “dealbreaker” for you that it isn’t installed by default, I’d have to say you are awfully lazy.

  73. also, i lose gtk functioning with compiz on nvidia so I am waiting to see if the link above works.. doing updates at the moment

  74. Like #82 I’m also interessted in the “now-famous “4 lines of code” boost-patch”. Is this already available in the current LMDE repos?


  75. I do second the request for a GUI Hardware Driver Manager included on CD/DVD. When setting up yet another computer for some convert, it is very nice and impressive not to hunt for data and drivers necessary – Hardware Driver Manager has been a boon in that respect!
    Also, Compiz most decidedly is not a must – my “converts” all have to use not the newest hardware, and are very happy to finally have fast again and reliable computers, without constant desasters and everlasting updates. Eye candy would only confuse them once again, and in the past I used to tune it down, although not necessarily switching it off.

  76. I agree with Sudoku to a point. In my opinion, what is now considered a ‘new linux user’ is still someone who is generally more tech savvy or at least more adventurous than the windows or mac users who just push the power button and expect things to work. They current ‘new linux user’ probably knows what a partition or boot loader is already. In order to get the people who aren’t as savvy, whether by choice or ability, a certain amount of useability and ‘eye candy’ are necessary to generate and keep their interest. I remember my first tries with Ubuntu a couple years ago and getting so frustrated with it that I’d reformat and install XP until I’d get the itch to try linux again in a couple months. I’m only as competent with Linux as I am because of sheer stubbornness. Mint in any flavor may only get one chance to snag a new user. The easier that experience is and the more impressive the default interface is, the better the chance to have a new convert.

    The upside to linux is the ability to remove things you don’t like or to change them if you are tech savvy. I prefer removing things I don’t like to having to dig thru piles of documentation to find out if or how something can be done. I can then learn how to modify things at my own pace instead of having to fix things to make the OS usable.

    I still think LMDE has a long way to go to be as out-of-the-box usable as Mint 9 or 10. I will keep LMDE on a partition on my laptop and update it to watch progress, but my “live” OS will still the the regular versions of UbuntuMint until LMDE matures to the same level.

    I believe the key to long term success is to either make multiple versions to cover different levels of users (inefficient) or to make one great version with features and function for all users.

  77. I’m really tired to be reinstalling Linux each 6 months… I’m of those who must always have their software updated.

    It would be OK if I wouldn’t use only Linux… but now I’m Windows allergic.

    So I hope that LMDE 64 bits will be the last installation in a lot of time… at least once a year will be OK.

  78. While I have a 64-bit processor, I only have 3GB RAM so I really have not need for the 64-bit version of LMDE. But a big thank you, Clem, for giving me a rolling distro so that I do not HAVE to reinstall again!

    And to those who have a problem with LMDE not having things like Compiz installed and working by default, please remember that LMDE is NOT a beginner’s distro. Being based on Debian means that it is meant for more experienced Linux users. That was even pointed out when it was first released.

  79. LMDE is great. Finally an installable live CD of Debian and all the configuring that has historically made Debian hard to install is done. The Mint menu and other improvements that are included make it perfect. And best of all, it is not just another *buntu. I installed it when you first released it in October and upgraded it today. It works well. Thanks for your hard work. I am donating a few dollars to help with this project.

  80. you have to make a easy to use debian add hardware drivers and the boost patch by default…. believe me you do that and make a easy to use debian edition you just might own the debian market because its fast already if its easy thats the way to go also wine would run better.. i really think that doing that will make you own the market although i do believe it will take a couple years for you to do that…once you do the hardware drivers and boost patch give it a better easier installer and a install along side windows option… thats the fool proof way to have the must have debian distro

  81. Keep it rollin’, Clem & Crew! LMDE is now my full-time OS, as I’ve encountered no major problems since the release candidate was made available. I hope you folks get enough support that you see fit to continue this experiment, as it has the potential to be THE premier Debian distro, and something that will really give Ubuntu a run for their money.

  82. Thank you Mint team for this!

    One silly question:
    guessing that if I install this now, any changes that will be part of the final version, will be available to us by normal update/upgrade?
    even the “4-line kernel boost”?

    Did anyone tried the LDME with the new Gnome shell?
    I will try it soon in the virtual box.

  83. Awesome work your putting in. I am always thankful on how people are coming up with new and improve ideas. Thanks for these useful info I have to keep checking up on what you are up to next.

  84. Not having drivers pre-installed for every possible combination of hardware or having lots of desktop features pre-installed and working is what makes LMDE faster and more stable than operating systems like Ubuntu. Most of the drivers you need and the features you want are available in the repositories and plenty of help is on the web to help with installing them. With a little effort you will have a lean, fast and secure system with the features you want.

  85. What are the RAM requirements for LMDE?
    I have CrunchBang 9.04.1 running fine in under 256MB (it’s never actually used more than 193.7MB) & if I change permanently to LMDE, I’d change to OpenBox desktop.

  86. I’m checking out LinuxMint (DE) for the first time on a live DVD. I’ve never cared for Ubuntu based distros so I never looked at you all before. I like your Debian base so far. I started using Linux with Xandros and moved on to PCLinuxOS when they did the MS deal. I miss Debian based distros and yours is looking good. I hope that a Debian KDE version will appear someday. Good luck. Keep up the nice work. By the way, although I’m not a fan of Gnome I really like your green menu and general theme. You should keep the look similar in KDE. Blue is over done.

  87. When can we expect the release of the .iso?

    Just got a new laptop for the college son and want it to run LMDE 64-bit!!

  88. doesnt matter that having no hardware drivers makes it faster without them there will never be a good rolling release because debian will never be easier to use

  89. here’s an idea. bott up debian mint 32 bit

    enable all the repos in synaptic

    copy the sources.list for /etc/apt to another drive

    download and install debian 64 bit

    copy over the sources.list from debian mint

    sudo apt-get upgrade

    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -f

    walla? debian mint 64

    now think remastersys?

    get ubuquity and casper from ubuntu repo

    runremastersys and youse got an iso of minydebian 64bit

    follow the other links i posted for debian compiz and 4 line code boost too if you like

    just a thought

  90. and then even install


    to get the add-app-repository command to use with webupd8 and launchpad to install some debian compatible options like bisigi themes and the like

  91. ok so i added the repos from mint debby to isadora, disabled some of the ubuntu and isadora repos because it couldn’t handle the cache size limit and i just finished upgrading

    i now have a jackelope version of mint

  92. Great! great! thank you for your job! I am an italian user (newbie…. and me for my english) and i love debian for the simplicity and philosophy…. with your “mint” work now is all pefect.

    I suggest to all my friend linuxmint and linuxmint debian.

    See you later.

    Roberto Zanna

  93. To #168-Theologian: I’m running the upgraded LMDE and currently it takes 250MB RAM with Firefox, Thunderbird and aMSN loaded (Gnome destktop).

  94. To #184 Sebastien:
    That’s awesome! I’ve tested LMDE and it does load very quickly. I would get more RAM, anyway.
    My only problems so far is that although it installs my USB mobile broadband modems, it simply doesn’t connect, & when I edit the settings, I have to set-up the connection again, ad infinitum.
    At least I have access to the means of getting the updated release.
    I can wait.

  95. Wouldn’t you want to update the downloadable ISO as well?
    It is December 9th now (well, the 10th in a few minutes), and it says that the ISO there is still 201009 (November).

  96. Unfortunately, the mintdesktop issue seems to have broken my installation. Now, boot halts after login, what I guess is related.
    Does someone has a hint on how to save my installation without reinstalling? I’m thinking about booting in text mode (as soon as I, newbie, discover how to do it – if someone could help…) and follow suggestions by Clem.

  97. 201009 means September of 2010, which was the initial and still is the current release, there is not a release every month.

  98. Timmi,
    He sais “A new LMDE release is planned this December”. He means a new .iso with that. Most other updates are already available repositories.

  99. Thanks for the fix for the desktop problem and icon size.
    Looking forward to installing a 64 bit version sometime soon.
    Thanks for all the hard work 🙂

  100. That’s news I’ve been waiting to hear. A rolling 64 bit Debian release with Mint features. The lack of a 64 bit LMDE is the only reason I’ve not installed it.

    Way to go! Can’t wait to give it a try,

  101. FWIW I sort of got the 64 bit Squeeze beta 2 working with the Mint setup, but it was painful. I just added the mint sources and installed mint-meta-debian.

    It doesn’t load the mint menu by default, so I just had to add that. Make sure you have python-xdg loaded. It is nice that I can load the nvidia-vdpau as well as openvz & kvm support all at once.

  102. @Clem & Team:

    I’ll make the precise words of T.J. (#197) as mine: “That’s news I’ve been waiting to hear. A rolling 64 bit Debian release with Mint features. The lack of a 64 bit LMDE is the only reason I’ve not installed it”.

    I’ve elected Mint as *my* perfect distro. I don’t say it excited for the first experiences and impressions with this distro; I’ve been discovering Linux for almost two years, testing several distros, and I’ve been using Mint myself for almost one year.

    Otherwise, I am still aware of what Admiralspark (#136) wrote: “What you want may not be what everyone else wants”. So, when I write “I’ve elected Mint as *the* perfect distro”, I write this concerning myself and my own needs.

    Therefore, I’ll be glaaaaaaaaad to have the amd64 LMDE this month.

    And I wish you, truly, good luck with this project; may it grow with the vigor and the healthness of an oak.

  103. I’m anxious for Mint 10 versions of your other variants (LXDE, XFCE, KDE -?-, and Fluxbox) I really like Linux Mint as a distro

  104. Will try LDME when it has been improved enough for inexperienced users like myself. In the meantime, I am enjoying the fabulous audio qualities of Linux Mint 10, which is the 10th distro that I have tried. Ubuntu 10.04 was the best until I went with Linux Mint. Looking forward to the Debian version when it gets more developed. Introduced Linux to my grand-children in September, and they too appreciate the stability and functionality of it over Windows XP.

    Blessings on your LMDE project!

  105. I wait the new snapshot release of LMDE. I test the actual snapshot and this distribution variance it’s more fast and stable then normale releases. A few details in wireless configuration and sound events (Wireless Broadcom 43xx and RTL Audio in HP Mini 110). Great job & congratulations for all team.

    Happy holidays.

    Jorge Manjarrez Lerma
    IT Consultant.

  106. really need to make it simple to use like ubuntu and add hardware drivers and boost patch as i said with even more earlier a rolling release that last forever that runs good will make it be kick ass most wanted forever distro

  107. to tell you the truth ubuntu works a little faster then mint now and i love mint so im trying to help just add hardware drivers and 4 line boost code if you do that and make the installer work with windows and add alongside windows then you will have a good rolling release

  108. Why not Debian Testing?
    Debian Testing can be a rolling release OS.
    Debian Testing is more stable than Ubuntu.
    If you want a rolling OS try Aptosid, Debian Testing or Debian Sid.

  109. LMDE can’t keep being considered an ‘advanced user only’ distro forever. Unless, of course, the plan is to stay with Ubuntu related releases forever.

    It would make more sense to me to make it useable for newbies, too.

  110. @ Rich Hunn due to the exponential almost geometric growth of technology I predict 256 bit within it’s lifetime ….. :O

  111. and if you were smart you wouldnt care about the bits its about perfection and 32 bit still is the best 64 for more memory thats all

  112. thanks for the hard work mint team alot of peaple dont come by and say this but i well give yeal time becouse you gave us time thanks again

  113. @ joe >>If who were smart? I use 32-bit . I was commenting on how fast things are changing coupled with the durability of Mint releases would probably mean almost exponential bit growth within the usage life-span of the next LMDE spin . Don’t be so insecure

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