Local Communities

There are 16 local Linux Mint communities across the World:

  • 3 in Asia
  • 12 in Europe
  • 1 in South America

Local Communities promote our distribution in their locale, in their country and among people who do not speak English or who prefer to use their own language. They can organize the translation and the distribution of localized versions of the Linux Mint User Guide, and of the ISO images that we release. They can also translate our announcements and provide local support and communication media to Linux Mint users.

Some of these communities are very active. In France, LinuxMint-fr partnered with OXY Press to publish two magazine issues dedicated to the releases of Linux Mint 7 and 8. In Bangladesh, the Ubuntu Loco Team and Linux Mint Bangladesh joined forces and co-organized one of the biggest Linux event in the country. These initiatives need to be acknowledge and it’s important for our project to keep a close relationship with the Local Communities.

A new listing was published on the website to show the Linux Mint Local Communities: http://www.linuxmint.com/communities.php

A team will be formed with the community leaders of each local community so that we can talk about their needs and how Linux Mint and the Local Communities can help each others.