Translations: The User Guide

The Linux Mint 9 User Guide is now available in the following languages:

Previous versions of the guide are also available in the following languages:

Many thanks to all the people involved in translating this book.

Note: All versions of the User Guide, in PDF and ODT are available at the following address:


  1. ‘For these reasons it might be worthwhile using a download manager, like for Linux, or for Windows, if taking this route.’

    Is it just me, or does that not make sense at all.
    Found in the section just above ‘Read the Release notes’

  2. And another one:

    ‘If you click on the lock icon, the Update Manager opens and shows you the updates that are available.’

    The lock icon has been changed to a shield, has it not?
    Found under MintUpdate section.

  3. Uh… I was going to offer my native swedish in conjunction with my english skills in an effort to translate the Mint 9 guide to swedish, but… 50 pages is probably more than I can deal with right now. Damn school…

  4. Hi everyone. I just finished the Spanish translation. I’m formatting.
    But I’m totally new in terms of being involved with the community, so I need to know what’s next, how do I upload the guide for it to be reviewed or approved? who do I must contact? can anyone tell me please?
    Thanks and greetings to the Linux Mint development team.

  5. Hi everyone, first of all I want to send greetings to the Linux Mint development team and everyone in this community for their awesome work. Second, I want to express my gratitude for all your efforts in keeping Linux Mint at its best. And third,I sent a message yesterday to let you know that 48 hrs. ago I downloaded the Linux Mint User Guide, I translated it, and I got it ready in spanish so the proper people can review it, approve it or subject it to any required process. I’m new to the community so I need to know the proper steps to follow in order to make it available for the people needing it. But the message I sent has not been posted due to moderation, please, I need guidance. My translation is ready and waiting. Once again thanks everyone.

  6. Hi Gon: well I just sent it to be reviewed and in the case it gets approved it will be a pleasure to know you all enjoy it.

    Thanks a lot for you support and good vibe .)
    Greetings everyone.

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