Linux Mint E17 CE Promotional Video

You probably know Maty as the leader of the Spanish-speaking Community. He’s also the maintainer of an upcoming community edition: Linux Mint E17 CE.

This new edition will come with the Enlightenment desktop and here’s a video made by the Mint E17 team to give you a little preview of it:


  1. I don’t mean to be negative, but really its just a slide show of wallpapers. I was hoping to see the actual desktop being used!

  2. Thank you. I appreciated the promo vid.

    Who composed the music? Was that done with Mint? What applications were used to compose it. Good stuff and well done.


  3. Hi All,

    Great Post, and I do like that video! I’d like to know how the “Screen Capture” was made. I’ve made a few Linux Mint videos, and the effort it excellent.

    BTW, JohnH – nice link!

    JJMacey Dot Net

  4. Hi All,

    I’m still looking for what was used here to record the Desktop / Slide / Show.

    I run recordMyDesktop, have posted a lot of YouTube videos, but want to edit them before I post.

    Hey, what is that video tool?

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