Release Plans

I’ll go straight to what most people want to know: The KDE CE Edition will come as a 2nd BETA in the days to come. Although it’s extremely stable a few tiny issues need to be addressed prior to the release and as many changes were made since the first BETA release it looks wiser to give this release a week of community testing. I’ve already installed it on my laptop and I can tell all the KDE fans among us, this is definitely among the best KDE desktops I’ve ever got to see. If you liked Cassandra KDE CE, you’ll absolutely love this one.

mintBackup was released in Romeo and is currently being tested. Translations are also being made for the tool which already supports 5 languages.

The Fluxbox CE Edition, made in Romania by Shane, is ready to be released as a BETA.

The Debian-based ISO experimentation is finished and ready to be released as an ALPHA (technology preview).

The Fedora-based ISO experimentation is likely to be postponed for another 6 months as focus is moving towards the upcoming Linux Mint 5 release, translation of all the mint tools, the User Guide, and the development of an alternative to Giver (easy file-sharing across the network without any shares).

The 64bit ISO experimentation won’t start during this release cycle.



  1. There will be a KDE4 edition of mint berofe the release of mint 5? I’m, in fact, a gnome user, but this new kde is very promissing and i think that the comunity should have a look at it.

  2. sundayrefugee: Yes, the stable release usually comes with “miniKDE” (a CD cut-down version of it), so everyone’s happy.

    Bruno: Boo would be the one to ask but as far as I know it’s very unlikely. I know the Kubuntu devs want to use KDE 4 as the default desktop for Kubuntu 8.04 and talk about making it a normal non-LTS release. To be honest I’m not even sure this is realistic, as if I had released the latest KDE 4 RC2 myself it would have been called KDE 4 ALPHA something.. and as Boo pointed out even once KDE (not just the libs, but the desktop as well) becomes fully stable we’ll still have to see a huge collection of KDE software to adapt and move towards the new desktop. Of course, who knows.. KDE not being ready right now, doesn’t mean it won’t be ready tomorrow. When people are passionate to work extremely fast and I know there definitely is some passion in the KDE team.. so let’s see. I’m dubious but I like to keep an open-mind. The decision to make KDE4 or KDE3 the default desktop in Mint 5 is Boo’s anyway. In the meantime I very much doubt there’ll be any KDE4 ISO based on Daryna.

  3. Well, I hope the 2nd KDE beta will be successfully tested by the community and the remaining bugs will be fixed. I’m going to intensively test KDE beta =)

  4. I’m using KDE Daryna beta 1. Should I have to make a new installation to appreciate all features in Daryna beta 2 or just mint-update?

  5. vinsurf: You’ll need a fresh install. Upgrade instructions will only be released with the stable version.

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