E17 and miniCD Community Editions

While most of us are content with the Main and Light Editions, eagerly waiting on the next XFCE or KDE Community Editions, being seduced by the latest Fluxbox CE BETA or simply having fun with the Debian Testing based ISO… two brand new editions are being developed at the moment.

The miniCD CE is developed by Blahblah_x in the USA. It comes as a 350MB ISO which can be burnt on a miniCD in order to be able to fit in your wallet. It uses the Gnome desktop and comes with fantastic artwork. Beta 026 is being tested at the moment and we should expect a public BETA release very very soon.

The E17 CE is maintained by Maty from Costa-Rica and its artwork is being developed by Molom from Australia. This edition uses the Enlightenment desktop. Although no beta has been tested yet the E17 team has communicated a lot about the project and recently set up a blog which was added to the Linux Mint planet. According to the blog we should expect this edition to become stable this month.


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