Merry X-mas

Merry X-mas to all “Minters”
If you don’t celebrate X-mas enjoy life anyway.


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  2. I do not celebrate X-mas, but I surely enjoy life!!! XD
    Have a nice day everybody!!!
    My best wishes for every minter.

  3. Merry christmas to all mint-lovers and to our “mint-gods”!
    Thanks for your work and your helping.
    Also a merry christmas to your families and friends!

    Patrik/ Switzerland

  4. I am having issues with the adobe flash player. I can download the flash frm adobe bt what is the correct coding – Is that .gz

  5. Take the X out of Christmas…..there is no X please…it’s Merry Christmas…lets celebrate Christmas not Xmas. I’m not sure what Xmas is!

  6. Thanks Husse!

    i was travelling and part of my family does not celebrate Xmas (include me)
    The four united sons – 2 jews and 2 catholics

    Excuse the delay

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