We’re currently developing a website for the Linux Mint community where you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Have ideas to improve Linux Mint, comment and rate other people’s ideas (similar to a light version of “Brainstorm”)
  • Register your hardware devices, find people with the same hardware as you and if it doesn’t work for you and it worked for them, see how they got their hardware to work with Linux Mint.
  • Browse, rate and install software (what’s currently called “Software Portal”)
  • Suggest new software
  • Ask questions, answer other people’s questions, thank those who helped..etc
  • Have your own mini-blog, subscribe to other people’s blogs, comment and rate articles.
  • Same with tutorials.
  • Message each others via an email/PM-like system
  • Add other people as friends for quick access to their activities/data/profile

We’ll also introduce ranking systems and levels to make the whole thing a little fun. It’s currently in ALPHA stage and that means the following:

  • We’re working on the same version of the website you’re using, so expect it to break at any moment.
  • We’re quick in rejecting bug reports, if something is broken because we’re working on it, or if something’s already known to us, we’ll simply reject the bug.
  • We might very well dump the database and start from scratch, so all the content you put in the website could be deleted at any moment. For instance if we decide that the structure of the database would be better this way rather than that way, and if that means emptying some tables…
  • This isn’t even BETA, it’s ALPHA, when using the website you need to consider yourself a guinea pig.
  • We won’t accept too many people. After having the required number we’ll simply close the registrations.

The website is available here:

Provided you read all the above warnings you’re welcome to register an account and to start using the already implemented features.

Once you registered on the website, as an alpha-tester, you can give us your feedback here:

There are links to the Launchpad’s project for this website, including bugs and blueprints. Please don’t register too much out there and use the forum topic mentioned above first.

We’ll close the registration process when we get to about 100 users.

Thanks in advance to all the guin.. hmm, sorry, to all the alpha-testers 😉 With their help we’re hoping to have a stable website for the upcoming release of Linux Mint 9.


  1. ¡Muy buena idea! Linux Mint es la mejor distro que pueda existir, ¡siempre la recomiendo! Ojalá la empiecen a instalar en PCs de venta. Saludos desde Rosario, Santa Fe – Argentina.

  2. rock on that makes it easier for us and you the more the merrier and the happier all the computers like this toshiba or my dell or my sony lol most were handed down after outdated but some are my pc got to love that linux restores all hardware

  3. as i say put windows 2k on a p3 800 it will be faster then a xp p4 1.4 depends on a lot more …. heres something to ponder someone was selling a p3 700 with raid drives hd on there funny they loaded faster then the better hardware with ide like i have …..more people should know what they need and what they are using them for

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  5. Questions:

    1. What’s the backend? It’s open-source, right?

    2. How about data export? Will we be able to get like an .xml backup of all our data in case the site goes down?

  6. lol @ guinea pigs, but still, great initiative; myself and hopefully the other alpha testers out there will be able to help 🙂

  7. Sounds great, but I hope that your use of Launchpad is better than that of the Ubuntu team, where very old, hopelessly out-of-date issues are confusing more current efforts, so that ‘sentencing’ and effort priorities, plus too much emphasis on meeting dates to create the illusion of progress is actually creating confusion and demoralisation, so that painfully obvious points get missed, like fixing what isn’t broken !

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  9. Ciao a Tutti,
    Linux Mint oramai è stabile nel mio pc da diversi anni; credo sia la miglior distribuzione easy e funzionale che esista nel mondo linux…esagero? Ma!

    Crazie Clem per quello che fai e grazie per questa ennesima idea della Community

    Andrea from Dolianova-Sardegna-Italia

  10. @ Register your hardware devices, find people with the same hardware as you and if it doesn’t work for you and it worked for them, see how they got their hardware to work with Linux Mint.

    @ We won’t accept too many people. After having the required number we’ll simply close the registrations.



    Users are buying new hardware all the time, day after day, so when
    new users come to Linux Mint, the doors will be closed to them.

    Can it be a true guaranty that the guys registered there will have
    the same equipment for an example of comparing?

    Very illogical don’t you think so?

  11. I love the idea! I have signed up and it rocks! It is the community site mint has needed for a while now!

    … 🙂

  12. helena 64 cd live is working pretty well indeed.
    At installation step “language packs” one is very tedious. :-<
    After that installer crashed. I do not like Launchpad either… :-<
    Installation goes up 89%

  13. helena x64 live cd is working pretty well indeed. :->
    Installer crashed, I have tried to change the disc partition ext4 to ext3, but it does not work. Installation program goes up to almost 90%.
    I may have a no compatible laptop! 🙁
    I have burnt cd at low speed and still having the same installer crashed logging…. 🙁

  14. Cool idea, much easier for most of the People. Lets Brainstorming! 🙂

    Hope that not only popular Ideas have a Chance …

  15. I think this all we need to improve linux mint and make it become more suitable and enjoyable for us as linux mint user.

  16. Linux Mint is by far the best distro that I’ve used. Mint has the stability of Slackware with the easy of use of ubuntu/deb. The linux Mint team has done a great job with Mint 8 and fixing a lot of bugs that I had in 7. This website is a great way of getting user reactions and bugs in a timely manor. Thanks Mint Guys keep up the good work and forward thinking

    PS. Love the Software Manager in 8, it has the easy of use that 9.10 software center has but the ability to install multiple applications is a big plus.

  17. always wanted to see someone do something like this. more of a dynamic interactive utility than just plain jane forums or who thinks what is popular, or what the phuck ever.

    i definitely see this system as something being integrated into various aspects of the desktop gui, for increased efficiency.

    the coordination of this sort of data has always been a problem because its too easy for things to get lost in piles of statistics. this seems to be a very nice way for efficient and dynamic sorting, so that the data you want is “on demand” and you can respond and interact with that data “on demand” instead of trying to wade through pages of reports.

    As far as a chat / im’ing system — XMMP! I’ve yet to see a third party messenger that can’t easily integrate it. Wouldn’t it be cool to see LinuxMint Community as a DEFAULT within third party messenger softwares? Easily done if you’re planning on using XMMP!

    I would surely suggest it to Pidgin (the one i prefer to use).

  18. Fedora saw the wireless network adaptor on my laptop but was unstable to use on the lap top….

    Lime didn’t see it when it is a core driver of linux? Where do I find an device list for lime? It saw the modem for on the laptop but not the wireless adaptor. This is frustrating, first let me know which devices you see on the computer not the ones that aren’t really wanted.

  19. Mint has been billed as THE distro where users can make suggestions. Now, you are creating an Inner Circle of “elites”, a finite group which will likely suck away support from the primary forum.

    Good move if you want a support group of toadies hanging about your round table but bad for the poor schmuck who visits the regular forum for help.

    Seems like to me – if you had a Round Table for devs and certified testers, that would be “professional”not so obviously what this appears to be.

    It’s your distro, as you pointed out so clearly earlier this year.

  20. como puedo instalar gloria ,tengo dos paticions
    coando selecto las particiones manualmente
    me dice que no se difinio un sistema de ficieros raiz
    y que puedo corrija esto …pero como

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