The KDE/miniKDE Edition is ready. In fact you can already download it. It will be officially released tomorrow.

With a Main, a Light, an XFCE and a KDE Edition, development on Cassandra should  stop and the focus should go on Celena in the days to come.

Maty talked about the possibility of a Fluxbox Community Edition but it’s not clear whether it will come in time for Cassandra or if it will be introduced after the release of Celena.

If you tried to connect to this week end you probably noticed that the website, forums, wiki, repositories, and everything else was down!

Last year we went away from and decided to use another host.

Our domain name was still pointing at Servage’s DNS servers and they still acted as our registrar.

On Friday  we decided to transfer the domain over…

Servage was fast to release it but even faster to remove the within their own DNS server.

For some reasons the transfer didn’t go well. They couldn’t care less and wouldn’t help in any way. After two days of downtime we’re back with them for another three months.

This should give us time to do things properly and have a safety net so that whatever they do in the future it won’t harm us anymore.

Of course, if you’re looking for a host/registrar I strongly recommend you avoid Servage.