Monthly Stats – July 2009

Donations & Sponsorships:

Many thanks to the following donors and sponsors for financially supporting Linux Mint:


  • $217, Achim Leybach (Germany) –
  • $200, American Broadband Family of Companies (USA) –
  • $200, Bob Osborn (USA)
  • $150 (2nd donation), Alan D S. (USA)
  • $101, Gavin Engel (USA)
  • $100, Ronald S. (USA)
  • $74, Richard L. (United Kingdom)
  • $73, HJG Gommers (Netherlands)
  • $72, Frans Van O. (Netherlands)
  • $72, Frederick W. (Ireland)
  • $51, Rupert Halliday aka “rhalliday” (United Kingdom)
  • $50, Benjamin W. (USA)
  • $50, Roland Stohler (Switzerland)
  • $50, Peter Jonsson (Sweden)
  • $50, Virtual Dedicated Server VDS Hosting Provider (Canada) –
  • $50, Leonard O. (United Kingdom)
  • $50, Bodyartforms (USA)
  • $44, Lucien B. (France)
  • $44, Marco T. (Italy)
  • $43, Francisco C. C. (Spain)
  • $40, David A B. (USA)
  • $37, Manuel F. (Portugal)
  • $35, David N. (Czech Republic)
  • $30, Adam S. (USA)
  • $30, Richard B Thompson (USA)
  • $30, James M. (Australia)
  • $30, Pawel B. (Poland)
  • $28, g.premper (Germany)
  • $28, Emmanouil Parousis aka “Till” (Greece) –
  • $28, Gilles D. (France)
  • $28, Luis H. O. (Spain)
  • $26, David Bandiera aka “daba” (Belgium)
  • $25 (2nd donation), William S. (USA)
  • $25, Nicholas G. (USA)
  • $25, David P. (USA)
  • $25, Greg J. (USA)
  • $25, Robert L. (USA)
  • $25, Robert S. (USA)
  • $25, upFront.eZine Publishing, Ltd. aka “lurker” (Canada) –
  • $20, Simon Teppett (United Kingdom)
  • $20, Mario P. (Italy)
  • $20, Keith D. aka “kpd001” (Canada)
  • $20, Nick M. (Australia)
  • $20, Jean Morin (Canada)
  • $20, Graham C. aka “gee7” (United Kingdom)
  • $20, SCN aka “scn” (Thailand)
  • $20, Gerardo Alberto F. R. (Mexico)
  • $20, Sri G. R. J. (USA)
  • $20, Nathaniel Elam aka “nelamvr6” (USA)
  • $20, Maurice H. (USA)
  • $20, Thomas T. (USA)
  • $20, Nektarios K. (United Kingdom)
  • $20, David S. (Czech Republic)
  • $20, Anthony G. (United Kingdom)
  • $18, Flessner Enterprises (USA)
  • $17, Gordon W. (United Kingdom)
  • $15, Matthew G. (USA)
  • $14.5, Jackson W. (USA)
  • $14, Mark W. (United Kingdom)
  • $14, Robert B. (United Kingdom)
  • $14, Damien G. (France)
  • $14, Richard Farrell aka “Vyper68” (United Kingdom)
  • $14, Alan H. (United Kingdom)
  • $14, Michael B. (Germany)
  • $10 (5th donation), Frank Bechstein (Germany) –
  • $10, Ole Reidar Gunnberg (United Kingdom)
  • $10, Jamie Cameron aka “jamiec” (United Kingdom)
  • $10, Jordan L. (USA)
  • $10, Charles H. (USA)
  • $10, Leon O. (Australia)
  • $10, Raphael C. (World)
  • $10, Vjaceslavs L. (Latvia)
  • $10, Karolis Pocius (United Kingdom) –
  • $10, Simen D aka “Winxzy” (Norway) –
  • $10, Gustav Holm aka “Gustav” (Sweden) –
  • $10, Slavoljub M. (Norway)
  • $10, Libor F. (Czech Republic)
  • $10, Chris G. aka “Chris_G” (USA)
  • $10, Danie van der Merwe aka “Danie” (South Africa) –
  • $10, 聶 聡 (Satoshi J.) (Japan)
  • $10, Jonathan H. (New Zealand)
  • $8.21, Christopher S. (United Kingdom)
  • $7, Ben W. (USA)
  • $7, Reza S. (Germany)
  • $5, Holger S. (Germany)
  • $5, Scott B. (USA)
  • $5, Ian T Davis aka “ian@m5j21” (United Kingdom) –
  • $5, Christopher Vogel (Germany)
  • $5, Platypus Products (USA)
  • $5, Radu Bogdan Draghiciu (Romania)
  • $5, Karin K. aka “Kalhandra” (Australia) –
  • $5, Michael K. (USA)
  • $5, Joachim Bergstrom (Norway)
  • $3.5, Corey K. (Canada)
  • $3, Winton Technologies (USA)
  • $2, Gowri S. M (India)
  • $1, Ruben C. M. (Spain)
  • $1, Abdu S. (Saudi Arabia)
  • $1, Tony F. (Ireland)
  • $1, Mohd R. R. (Malaysia)


Money raised in June:

* Donations: $2984.21 (100 donors)
* Sponsors: $465.5 (42 sponsors)

User Stats:

Repartition of Linux Mint users across releases:

  • Linux Mint 7 Gloria: 68% (+8%)
  • Linux Mint 6 Felicia: 20% (-6%)
  • Linux Mint 5 Elyssa LTS: 8% (-1%)
  • Linux Mint 4.0 Daryna: 4%

Web Stats:

  • Visits: 1,673,439 (+7.26%)
  • Pageviews: 3,037,810 (+3.32%)
  • Page impressions: 1,237,530
  • Search queries: 3,698,209
  • Forum users: 18,984
  • Forum posts:165,650


  • Distrowatch (popularity ranking): 1275 (4th)
  • Distrowatch (traffic share): 3.9% (2nd)
  • Alexa (website ranking): 27,636th



  • July 2009 was the (5th consecutive) best month ever since the creation of Linux Mint.
  • The overall income is up 5%.
  • Our user base is the second largest in the desktop Linux market.
  • The community support is outstanding: 100 people donated last month for a total of $2984 and our sponsors raised $465.
  • A lot of work was done on the upcoming Linux Mint 8 ‘Helena’ and on the releases of the community editions. Launchpad and Github were adopted and will have a positive impact on our efficiency. The real challenge is still ahead as Linux Mint lost its novelty factor within the Linux community and hasn’t managed to catch the attention of the media in order to compete with widespread commercial operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS.


  1. Keep up the good work Mint. Hope to see the community grow even larger, and have the media get focused on Linux (Mint). Now trying to get Mint to #2 on distrowatch! (#1 = Ubuntu, else we wouldn’t have anything left to build on 😉 )

  2. I have been working with Linux and using Windows at the same time. Since “Gloria” appeared I gained the partition of Windows to store relevant data. I also saved money of my antivirus license and time to actualize my sistem thans to “mint update”. Thank you to all Linux Mint Crew: “Gloria” is great.

  3. Very good work! this distro is growing very very well. So much is growing that maybe in the short time you will be worried about the inheritance Ubuntu->Mint 😉 . I hope as well Ubuntu continue growing with “us”!!. Thanks to you. Thanks to Gloria. Thanks to Jaunty!!

  4. No matter how bad my day goes, I just have to visit your website to feel good again, and I forget all my problems. Just seeing the progress of Linux Mint brightens up my day. Keep up the good work guys, I’m your biggest fan

  5. Honestly, after looking at the stats, I’m disappointed. Linux Mint is the disto that I feel Ubuntu wants to be, and in my opinion the best Linux Distro for the desktop. As users, we need to do more to spread the word and our love for Linux Mint and get more people involved.
    I love this OS, and I think the team has done a terrific job – with more to come I’m sure. Thank you for making my switch to Linux a pleasurable one.

    Congratulations, and good luck for the months and years to come.

  6. Congratulations to the Mint Team !

    I’m doing my little contribution telling friends and across different forums and blogs about Mint. I gave a few CDs to friends, so they can test it.

    I’m usint Mint 7, after trying Ubuntu 7.10 , and 8.10 (I think, can’t really remember now). Mint is definitely the best desktop distribution I know. I feel really comfortable using it, and I use Win at work and at home since Win 3.1, 95, 98, Me, XP… I hope Mint can grow, and reach the top in DistroWatch, since this is a real alternative to all the normal desktop users, as well as for all the rest.

    Also, I’m doing my little contibution paying attention (and clicking when i’m interested) to the Advertisements (google ads) in the site and forums of … This helps a little to the incomes?

    Thank you for this amazing OS.

    Regards from Uruguay.

  7. As the name suggests “Gloria” is simply Glorious.Though I’m new to Linux OS,still I can say It is the best ever of the Linux distros I have ever experienced.
    I’m from India and a remote village using Linux Mint in a live mode(As by Hard Disk burnt last month),people here are least familiar to Linux OS…..
    They Simply Surprise to see an whole OS running successfully without any Hard Drive!!!!!!!!!But I know this is only because “It is Linux”.

    This has inspired some of my friends and they too are using it side by side of MS WindowsXP.
    I know one who use Linux Mint to run all machines of his Cyber Cafe,cause there was a recent development in tracking pirated versions of MS Windows XP(I think in India more than 90% of WindowsXP are pirated copies).
    Moreover a free environment without fear of getting hacked or malicious codes.
    I wish it to be the most successful among all Linux distributions.
    Thank you all for supporting “Linux Mint”

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