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  2. Hey Clem, i hope that you read this.

    There’s some intresting project for fedora called easyLife http://easylifeproject.org/, and allows the user to install these things and others.

    -Sets “sudo” command up for your regular user;
    -Configure RPMFusion repository for extra and non-free software;
    -Installs Flash Player plugin;
    -Installs all kinds of multimedia Codecs (divx,xvid,mp3 etc);
    -Installs additional fonts;
    -Installs Skype;
    -Installs Sun Java and Sun Java Plugin for Firefox;
    -Integrates Sun Java with system-switch-java;
    -Installs Google apps (Picasa, Desktop);

    It’s very similar that what Mint wanted to do in the initial releases (now is far better). The point is, that we could give to the ubuntu users something like that to show them what mint means, all with easyness. Or something else…, but i think that the idea is something to take account.


  3. I’ve used LM for about a year now. For years before that, I experimented cautiously with other distros, as I very much wanted to switch away from Windows. I tried many flavors of Linux/BSD – SuSE, Fedora, Debian, PCLOS, PC-BSD, and of course, Ubuntu.

    Truly, LM was the only one that had the right “feel” that gave me confidence to make the switch. So, thank you, Clem.

    I think there are good reasons why a distro such as LM, with a relatively small developer base and a tight, clear vision feels so much more “right” than big, diffusely created distros. Big is NOT always better when it comes to software development.

  4. Thought you all would be interested in this.

    “The Windows 7 unveiling garnered largely positive coverage, with many hands-on testers praising it for being faster than Vista. But is it actually? To find out, this blogger ran a suite of benchmarks to see just how much quicker Windows 7 really is — and the results weren’t quite what he expected. ‘The actual performance gap between Vista and Windows 7 is … nada. Absolutely nothing. Our Office benchmarks and video encoding tests complete in precisely the same time regardless of which OS is installed. […] It’s tempting to see this as a bit of a con. They’ve sped up the front end so it feels like you’re getting more done, but in terms of real productivity it’s no better than Vista.”


  5. Hi, I’m a bit confused with this linux mint. I’m an ubuntu user, and love’d about it because of it’s compatibility with my hardware, i’m tryin to look more information but it seems your site doesnt give me enough information about it. I think it’s would be better if you’re putting your philosophy, advantages, features etc. so it can give me a good reason to try your system.

    i’ts not easy to change distro rite? once i changed, i expect the new system is better than the previous one.. 🙂

  6. I want to say thumbs up! This is the best Linux i have ever had and tested. I am new to Linux mint and had Ubuntu 9.04 on my system but not anymore. Thanks for this superb release!!!

  7. Running LM Gloria on my mac book dual core duo and shuttle dual core 3.0 Intel.
    Love it thus far!!!

    Does all I want it to do….


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