The Mint Newsletter – issue 86

* News about Mint

Linux Mint 7 x64 RC1 released!

A call for Promotional materials

* Special news

Unix turns 40

* News about Linux

Fedora 11 released – lots of news

Intel contributes to the new 2.6.30 kernel – and the present problems with Intel graphics seems to be solved

The Linuxfoundation opens up for Individual Membership

Acer Will Use Moblin Linux Across Its Products

Intel to buy Wind River for $884 million

Enabling DRM in the kernel?

More Linux on Dreamhack – probably the largest LAN party in the world (Linux link in Swedish as it takes place in Sweden)

Hymera is high on Distrowatch – at lest for me a new distribution

The latest news about the kernel is always found here

* News about Open Source

Solaris will disappear – long live OpenSolaris (the blog post in the link is written by ian in debian)

OpenSolaris ported to ARM

Dell bundling open source applications for SMBs

StormOS Enters Beta – StormOS is a mix of Solaris and Ubuntu

* News about IT

VAServ Hack Results in Massive Data Loss – as many as 100 000 sites destroyed or badly damaged

Square your search results with Google Squared – a new Google service

Google docs have added .docx and .xlsx to the list of file formats possible to use

Data Breach Exposes RAF Staff to Blackmail

* Hardware news

Linux will be the first operating system with official USB 3.0 support.

Gigabyte presents motherboard with a BIOS that has 16 MB – that’s the size of RAM in the mid nineties

Elitegroup molds porcelain HTPC

* Other news

* Comic of the week

Credit goes to xkcd

I’ll try not to reuse a comic this week 🙂

* More about Linux Mint

How to donate

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* Editors comment

As always – if you find something I’ve missed in the newsletter please tell me – you can post a comment.

Enjoy life



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  2. Maybe stick figures only count unique numbers. 😛

    Nice newsletter. The hardware news were particularily delicious. 😀 It’s very nice to know Linux will be the first to support USB 3.0. Let’s just hope USB memory manufacturers won’t lag too much. 😉 I want a USB 3.0 memory stick really badly. That will make Mint speed up A LOT! 😛

  3. Why dont you develop a linux mint, that just has the absolute bares bones of a system. such as the ability to detect your internet with a browser, chat, skype, photo viewer, and maybe with a word processor and the ability to save to your usb or drive and a program that could possibly fix your mint system. it would initially boot up with the web and the other apps loaded when asked for. this would make it a super face system and would be very handy for finding answers to your broken system. just a thought.

  4. To All Linux Mijnt user: Do you guys esxperience freeze and hibernate not working on this new linux mint? Does Gloria fix intel bug?

  5. @ Milk:

    are you kidding me….. “that has the absolute bare bones of a system” . And after that you say: “chat,skype,photo viewer” . Those are propably the last to be nominated as “barebone system programs” ……

    @ newsletter:

    well…. new to linux mint, so no comparison material…. but I like it.

  6. Also, new to Mint – I like it so far (Used Gentoo/Ubuntu in the past).

    @8 Afraca — I agree – I’d like a more minimal install, for example no Thunderbird, etc… and Sun Java, the Mint version causes some crashes/weirdness in my apps (I’m a Java Dev).

    Awesome distro though!

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