Towards mintUpdate 1.3

Although functional mintUpdate 1.2 still has a few rough edges. Here are the list of planned improvements for mintUpdate 1.3:

  • a menu shortcut to be able to start mintUpdate manually
  • a better way to handle threads (exiting mintUpdate should also kill the auto-refresh process.. which it doesn’t right now)
  • a better logging system to keep a trace of things when they go wrong
  • auto-refresh in user-mode
  • process tracking and anti-collision system to make sure only one mintUpdate is running at the same time
  • better handling of synaptic and usage of apt-get when synaptic fails to start
  • self-packaging of the icons so that mintUpdate integrates better under KDE in the absence of Gnome icon themes

As you can see version 1.3 will mostly bring more stability to the tool and new features will be kept for future versions. These include the ability to define levels for the packages of your choice for instance.

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