mintUpdate 1.2 released

mintUpdate is now stable and ready to be included in the upcoming Daryna.

Version 1.2 is compatible with Celena and Cassandra and solves the problem of un-educated upgrades.

Compared to the Ubuntu Update Manager, mintUpdate is faster, less intrusive (it doesn’t use notifications for instance), gives more information about packages and is more configurable. It also focuses solely on packages updates and not on distribution upgrades.

Packages are divided into 5 levels corresponding to the level of risk they represent for the user. For instance a level 5 update can potentially affect the stability of the system. With mintUpdate users choose which level they trust, which are selected by default, and even which levels are visible. If a user doesn’t want to be notified about level 4 or 5 updates, he simply won’t see them. This system gives more power to the user and at the same time more information.

All Cassandra/Celena users still using the Ubuntu Update Manager are invited to get rid of it and to install mintUpdate 1.2:

The decision to remove the Ubuntu Update Manager in Celena was controversial and generated a lot of comments. Some of these comments were quite aggressive and I personally felt bullied by some of them. I was surprised to even see people like Helios from computer4kids and lobby4linux join the crowd and send cynical criticism. To these people: I hope you now see the big picture. You can disagree with the dev team on their decisions but you should know we work hard at making Mint better, and nothing else. I personally won’t accept that kind of bullying in the future.



  1. I dumped windblows about a month ago and moved to ubuntu. I had some problems and moved to Mint. This is the best OS I have got to play with so far. I see no need trying anything else. Today I installed that 1.2 upgrade and justed wanted to say thanks to those who put it together.

  2. Actually, I think Helios sent positive comments, but he was quoting someone’s negative comment without quotation marks at the beginning of his post, so it looked like he was joining the stone-throwing crowd.

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