Linux Mint 6 “Felicia” KDE CE released!

On behalf of the team I am thrilled to announce the release of Linux Mint 6 KDE. Congratulations to Jamie Boo Birse, maintainer of this edition, for the integration of a fantastic KDE4 desktop and the excellent work he’s done for this release.

This edition is based on Kubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex, Linux 2.6.27, Xorg 7.4 and it comes with KDE 4.2 and Amarok 2.0.  For a complete list of new features read: Whats new in Felicia KDE CE?

System requirements and known issues:

You need 256MB RAM to run the Live CD or install. To install, you need a minimum of 4GB of free space on your hard disk. Once installed, Linux Mint 6 KDE CE can run with 256MB RAM, but it is strongly recommended to have at least 512MB RAM.

Order Linux Mint 6 KDE on CD:

You can order the Linux Mint 6 KDE live DVD for $10 from our partner

For each CD sold, contributes $5.41 back to our distribution.

Download Linux Mint 6 KDE:

You can download Linux Mint 6 KDE via torrent or via HTTP:

Size: 1.1GB LiveDVD
MD5Sum: 8f51c714c8b0a63877a30b9e84bf388f

Torrent download:
HTTP download:


Northern America:

Asia & Oceania:

Have fun!

Enjoy this new version of the KDE edition and don’t hesitate to send us your feedback. Congratulations and thanks to the maintainer, Jamie Boo Birse, for the excellent work done on this release.

Have a lot of fun and thanks for using Linux Mint.


  1. Awesome, thank you Boo and everyone else on the Linux Mint team who worked on it.

    I can finally stop refreshing the homepage to see if it’s out yet! 🙂

  2. Can RC1 be updated through Synaptic or must a fresh install be done?

    And congrats for a superb edition!

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  4. Hallelujah!!! Thank you, thank you…. Though I am kind of leery about delving into KDE4, I did sample the RC version and was waiting with baited breath for the stable release. I have never really been a fan of GNOME so I have had to wait for my beloved KDE.

    I have dabbled with Linux’s various distros since SUSE 8.2 but always went back to SUSE. But I have always just ‘dabbled’. I had never abandoned Windows as my primary OS. Upon trying Ubuntu back some time ago I happened across Linux Mint Cassandra and was so impressed that I rarely booted back into Windows. After updating to Celena I was sold. When I installed Daryna, I dumped Windows and have not gone back since. After that I installed my current Elyssa and was waiting for Felecia.

    Now I can eat and sleep again. Looking forward to you impressing me with show me the glory of Gloria.

    I am SOLD.

    I am ashamed though that I have yet to gift you with anything. I do not want to mooch off you so much so I will be donating money in May.

  5. Great job! I couldnt wait until I could get my hands on the new KDE. I tried it on other os but it wouldn’t work as smooth as in Mint it does. RC1 was beautifuil, and I’m already downloading the final version!

    Thank you so much!

  6. Thanks so much for such a great OS. I’ve always thought Linux Mint was amazing and have always wanted to try KDE but the other distros never matched Linux Mint, and when Linux mint KDE came out I was so happy. Flash support, firefox and all the other great Linux mint touches are really great. Hopefully I can buy a disk from On-Disk to reward you guys to what a great job you have done, honestly I have never come across such a great OS. When Wine and Cedega and crossover start improving compatibility with games and software I WILL dump Windows. I would rather pay you guys the same money than Microsoft!!

    Keep up the amazing work!

    BTW if I had loads of money spare I would fund the Linux Mint project, that’s how good I think you guys are!

  7. Great job!

    Switched from main to kde edition and didn’t regret it a second.
    I wonder just like locutus, if and how a simple upgrade from RC1 to final release is possible.

  8. That might be the most beautiful desktop I’ve seen in a while. Just amazing. Downloading right now. 🙂

  9. Here It Is…
    A much awaited release of Mint… I’ve had hands on with beta and now on to stable version…

    Great Work Guys!!! Keep Up…

  10. Wonderful, wonderful. This should make it even easier for me to convince some people they have to ditch Windows and go with Mint.

    Kudos to the team!

  11. Too bad it doesn’t fit on a CD.
    Too bad it doesn’t use KDE 3.5.10.

    Seeing as this version is about three gigabytes short of a full-sized DVD, why didn’t you give installers a choice between KDE-3 & KDE-4?

    Well, other than that, it’s pretty great; thanks for your hard work!

  12. Eh Boo!

    Well done mate. Cricket season is over; footy now underway. Hope you get a break to enjoy it.

    thank you and your team for your dedication to this fitting project.

    Cheers mate,


  13. I’m really missing here mint-green & grey artwork from other flavours of Mint Linux – new KDE looks all sleek & shiny, but it’s a way behind default look of other Mint editions…

  14. Great to see it arrive, and looking forward to playing with it. Just wondering though whether the meta-package (mint-meta-kde) is working fine?

  15. looks very good, very shiny 😉 Thank you team. Have installed it, but till now did not tried working with it, because I will not interrupt the seeding from this system (till the End of the Holidays), on the same hard drive.

    Have a nice Easter weekend


  16. Wooo Hooo! Crowd goes wild! Me and my whole family have been waiting for months for Mint to finally incorporate KDE 4.2, so “way to go guys”. Thank you. Once this new version has been redeployed over our KDE 3.5 versions, we really feel compelled to donate to your awesome cause. We will. We definitely will.
    Keep up the good work.

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  18. Looks nice… But it looks almost the same as Kubuntu. I was kinda hoping for a nice black and green theme, you know? Just a nice black wallpaper with the green Mint logo would look nice.

  19. Yeah baby!!! Finally!!! I’ve waited too long for this.
    I’ve just downloaded it and I’m about to install it. Looks very nice.
    Thanks a lot guys!!!
    I’ll be sending feedback.

  20. Mint4Win sounds like another good idea like Wubi to make the switch easier but let’s face it, screenshots of KDE4.x all look the same.
    Im running Kubuntu8.10 and Mandriva2009 both with KDE4.2 and I can barely tell them apart.
    (please tell me the people at Mint have more sense than the Ubuntu ones and when you log into the dual boot Linux/Win you dont have the Ubuntu BW/terminal dual boot option. Nothing scares casual users as much as their spartan dual boot option)

    I get it that sometimes its hard to explain small nuances, I am a Mandriva user but I recommemded PCLinuxOS recently because of subtle touches that made the default the version which demanded less work from me when installing for friends. Mint’s reputation is similar Ive heard.

    Ill bitch and gripe and them give in and finally DL the thing because that’s what distro whores do,…

    but I am always curious if someone can convey what makes different implementations of same desktop different in their blogs.

    Because generic screeshots of a blue default install background really doesnt do a good job of underlying the differences.

  21. Thank you Jamie Boo and team … I can not wait to download it and try and install. I also asking the same as Phrostbyte if at all possible to have the KDE CE version on CD. I have converted serveral others from Microsoft or have them dual booted and would greatly appreciate a CD version. Lastly, when will we be able to upgrade distro like you can with Kubuntu? Thank you thank you thank you for your hard work and effort.

  22. Best of KDE 4.2 I have seen yet I’m in the livecd right now, BTW, Michael, above me, this is 32. . .

    Speaking of which when can we expect to see a 64bit version of this?

  23. The only thing I don’t like about most distros’ KDE editions is they never seem to have a unique look. They all use the default themes. It would be great if, in future, we could see a consistent look between the Gnome and KDE editions (at least in the folders and wallpapers used). I’m not saying they should look identical, each desktop environment has it’s strengths. I just think that the Mint KDE CE never seems to look like “Mint” to me. Just another KDE distro :(.

  24. Michael, I believe its only 32. Boo great job. This is the best Kde 4.2. I tried Opensuse, Fedora, and even Kubuntu and they don’t even match LinuxMint. Everything justs works. I like how you incorporate Compiz instead of just the Kwin. Compiz to me works better. I’ll have to give you some money when I get paid. You guys deserve it.

  25. Thank you linuxmint team! thank you Boo! ever since kde 4.2 has been release, even though its not yet stable, i already installed it in my laptop. now its more beutiful. imagine a free,beutiful and amazing operating system. more power to LINUX!!!!!1

  26. One question: Can you install this one with dm-crypt in place, like Ubuntu? I want to reinstall my desktop anyway and consider trying this instead of Jaunty, but encryption would be important to me. Thanks a lot!

  27. Was tortured to adjust the Internet on this system.
    In the graphic interface to adjust the Internet it is impossible.
    To switch off system it is possible only through a combination of keys “ctrl+alt+del”
    Forgive for my English.

  28. Is there a way to get the mint themed kde and install it in the main edition without having to install a whole new OS? Thnx in advance………and thnx for this great distro!

  29. The memory usage after I install this version is at 1.9Gb. I wonder if it’s normal…
    I’m just using the gadgets which installs with Mint 6, Amarok 2 & Firefox right now..
    And I have also noticed a few kinks when there are tabs opened on firefox, right under the tabs, and around buttons.. 😛

  30. Après avoir roulé sur la première mint puis les suivantes, je doit dire que sas promet cette version , merci a l’équipe ^^

  31. @phrostbite:

    That would be a good idea, but I think it would take a much longer time to create a CE with KDE3 and KDE4. Also, even though there’s still lots of room on the DVD, every extra megabyte means more downloading, which is bad for those of us on slow connections.


    Use the Linuxmint-KDE4 icon theme instead of the default one.
    System Settings>Appearance>Icons>Linuxmint-KDE4 instead of Mint-KDE

  32. Boooyakasha!! I’m ere’ with my main (wo)man, Felicia, Felicia, Felicia KDE.

    Big Up’s to you!

  33. A W E S O M E ! ! 😎 The only caveat to this distribution – it is like a narcotic. Definitely addictive. Muy bien!

  34. Yeah, that’s something I didn’t understand. Why use a new LSB if it causes compatibility issues? Is there any advantages, besides the obvious fact that owning a LSB means Mint is getting more important?

    Thales, your memory usage doesn’t seem to be normal. I’ve bought some new memory sticks, but even when Firefox, Amarok 2 and some minor apps are open, my RAM’s always kept below 1gb~1.2.

    And for the matter of converting the main mint edition to kde, I was able to do it by following the ubuntu guide pages. Just install the KDE4 desktop by adding the correct repos to your source.list (that you’ll have to find on the net). Of course it wont be perfect. But if you change gdm to kdm, the only thing that will remember you that you’re not running a full kde distro should be the gnome programs on your ‘start’ menu (which is pretty annoying at least for me).

    Cheers for the great job guys! I had some small problems on detecting my videocard during the install, but by entering on the ‘compability’ mode (why not keep it visible for at least 3, 4 seconds?) mint got it fixed for me.

  35. @Thales
    That happens to me in firefox when I use the default skin, try to change the skin (I recommend aquatint, or aquatint blackgloss, they’re minimalist and beautiful).

    Does anybody know a good tutorial to personalize KDE4.2??? I’m very used to Gnome…

  36. Every year I try kde to see if it is anywhere near gnome and every year I find it is buggy slow and generally screwy. Installing it was difficult because the dpi default was really bad for my monitor making the font way too small to read. Lucky for me I can install ubuntu and partition my drives with my eyes closed. Once installed it was not too difficult to adjust the dpi but gnome always just works right for me the first time. Then I begin my quest to get my sound working. After about 20 minutes of messing with the mixer I give up, write this review and go back to using gnome for another year. Much like windows vista kde is pretty, but in the end, requires way to much effort to do something simple like watch a you tube video. See ya next year kde

  37. Then I log on to gnome to find out my sound card has been fried. Maybe its just a coincidence that it breaks at the exact moment I install this new os. Or maybe its not. I will never know.

  38. I think KDE is onto something big. It might be in a buggy state, and lack a couple features right now but in time it may become the norm again. The old KDE (3.x and earlier) was shipped with most distros, and most commonly used, but lately it has been in sore need of a complete overhaul due to the changing of the times. All these changes, and they are even working on porting KDE to windows! Gotta stay competitive right? The Mint team is also moving forward establishing themselves as a distinct distrubution that provides a very usable system for end users out of the box even more usable then Ubuntu in some aspects. Ubuntu 9.04 final release is right around the corner, and kde 4.2.2 is out as well. I think if you have a problem with this release of Mint, Try waiting until the guys rebase to the new final release of ubuntu, and get the next good version of kde implemented. Congratulations to the Mint team for creating one of todays best linux distros. So far one of the only distros that actually gets my wireless card working easily enough that a novice user could do it. Keep it up guys yer going somewhere! *bow*

  39. I’d say it is most unlikely that a software could overload hardware parts by default. Maybe it was your new settings “After about 20 minutes of messing with the mixer I give up” that messed it up. It is odd though, I had never heard of something like that. Not with sound cards, at least…

  40. So Kubuntu is 700 MB. I can fit that on a CD. Why is Linux Mint 1.1 GB exactly? This will not fit on a CD, and that’s kind of a bummer seeing how I don’t have a DVD burner. Oh well…

  41. And I meant the KDE version of Linux Mint there, not the regular version.

    The other Linux Mints are comparable to the Ubuntus in size, but the KDE version of Mint is way larger than Kubuntu.

  42. vinicius, we’ve seen monitors explode, ethernet devices fry, and destruction of all sort of hardware from software. Who knows what caused my onboard and pci card to break simultaneously. It could have been the alignment of the sun and the moon. All I know is when I tried to fix it, my back went out and I ended up in the ER with a herniated disk between L4 & L5 so it was a bad day for me. I’m still lying in bed unable to do anything.

  43. I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve already fried a couple of videocards too but like I said, I know of no software that endangers hardware by DEFAULT. I wish you better luck next time.

  44. a recent kernel was frying a certain ethernet by default, it just so happened that it was the same ethernet I had and before I tested the fedora 10 beta I read the notes, After reading the bug reports stating that it was frying the ethernet I had, I decided not to test it. Ignorance is not always bliss. Always read the notes and know your hardware.

  45. Linux Mint 7 “Gloria” KDE Community Edition should seriously come with both KDE 4.3.1 and KDE 3.5.10 — I just can’t stand how crippled Konqueror is in 4 and how much more stable, resource-light and feature-rich KDE 3 is than its successor! If the ISO is going to be *slightly* too large to fit on a CD, you might as well take advantage of a little more of the ample extra space offered by a DVD.

    Seriously, would it have really been that hard to trim your packages to get the ISO down to 700 MB? What exactly is taking up those extra 400?

    May I suggest a FORK? How about an Alternative KDE Community Edition built around KDE 3.5.10 with an eye towards efficiency? Both LM7KDE4 & LM7KDE3 would be developed as seperate Community Edition projects, but with cross-talk, feedback, and some sharing of developers. We could even throw in Fluxbox 1.1.x or maybe E17 as an alternative DE with all the space we’d be saving.

    Fine, fine; I’ll lead the project! XD

  46. I think you make a good point phrost. In fact what about adding the choice of kde3 kde4 gnome and xfce…even fluxbox? if its gonna be a dvd. might as well fill it up. install it on older computers with a lighter faster desktop. or install it on newer computers with a larger more visually appealing desktop. have the option to customize the installation packages. But I’m sure that would be quite a project. IF mint was to implement something like or even just the two KDE’s, they would still probably have this smaller edition of the kde ce for those who dont’ need all the extra stuff, and could save time on downloading.

  47. @ 80

    KDE 3.5.10 does not compare to KDE 4.2.2. Why? Look at the version numbers; 3.5.10 is the tenth bugfix release of the fifth major release of the 3 series. 4.2.2 is the second bugfix release of the fourth major release of the 4 series. Give KDE4 time and patience. If the final product doesn’t suit you, what have you lost? No one is forcing you to use KDE4. Heck, use Gnome, XFCE, E17, whatever.

  48. Is no one having problems changing screen resolution?

    If I go into display to change, it reboots itself. Very weird. 1450x is way too small for my eyes.

    Why is it rebooting?

  49. Seriously Phrost, if you really think that you can do what this one person does (whom doesnt get pay) then go ahead and grab the LM6KDE3 and build a LM7KDE3. You dont need Linux Mint’s permission, just do it.

  50. Hi:

    I’m a user of Felicia since 5 months and I’m very happy with this dist. I’ve downloaded LM 6.0 KDE CE and I’m testing it on a VirtualBox installation.

    Visually it looks great but I’m afraid choosing kde 4.2 is wrong. Right now plasma is crashing frequenly. KDE apps works (ehem) in a alpha mod. I want to say that give the user a inestability sensation.

    Well work for Linux Mint crew (I love your distro) for trying KDE works, but bad for choosing KDE 4.2. KDE 4.2 is very buggy and inestable.


  51. I heard, that kubuntu is really bad kde-based distribution. So doesn’t mint have these same problems as kubuntu does?

  52. How do I install it in the gnome edition?
    The package mint-meta-kde doesn’t work for me, cuz there’s an unmet dependency on the amarok-kde4 package, which does not exist.

  53. … sorry, meant … grab the latest LM5ElyssaKDE3x and build a LM6FeliciaKDE3x and release it … but also throw in all the other desktop environments like other distros …

  54. I think you guys are doing a bang up job … and for the fact that you don’t have a major company backing you like RedHat for Fedora, Novell for openSuse and Canonical for Ubuntu.

    I DO understand that you are building a variant of Ubuntu, but I didn’t like the fact that I had to do extra work to make the Ubuntu ‘TOTAL’. I did an absolute dump of Windows almost two years ago after finding LM3Casandra (and building KDE into it), and liked the fact that just about all media worked (that I didn’t have to tweak as I did just previous to it trying the Ubuntu that it was based on). This is among all other things that I didn’t have to tweak to make work.

    Did I mention that all this was done on a laptop which is harder for Linux than on a desktop? I use a Dell Inspiron 6400 (a.k.a. 5500).

  55. How do install the KDE version on top of the main one?
    The meta-package mint-meta-kde does not work for me as there is an unmet dependency on amarok-kde4 which is a nonexistent package.
    Any help? Or is it gonna be fixed?

  56. Linux Mint looks great. How long before you catch up with Ubuntu 9.04? I would love to install Linux Mint – but it seems odd to be installing a distro that is based on a version on Ubuntu that has just been replaced. Any time frame for when Linux Mint will be released based on 9.04?

  57. Lex, 9.04 hasn’t been officially released yet as of the date of your message. There has been release candidates, but the official 9.04 release isn’t scheduled to be released until the 23rd. should see it available for download by the 24th. So ‘Catch up’ might not exactly be the right wording. Be patient. Mint might be based on Ubuntu, but theres much more to it, and alot of work to be added to ubuntu in order shape it into Mint. But don’t sweat. Mint 7 will be out before you know it :O) cuz clem and his team rock like that.

  58. Thanks Lee8oi – I was not meaning to breakdown the obvious hard work of all the developers – but I live in a country where bandwidth is very expensive – so I am trying to decide if I should download Mint 6 (1/2 of my month’s total bandwidth! Or wait for Mint 7? If it will be 2-3 months or longer – no point in waiting?
    I was going to install 9.04 – but the reviews of mint are making me rethink this.

  59. Lex. I got impatient myself and downloaded this release over a week ago. Not sure how long until the mint 7 release will be out, but I don’t think it will be 2-3 months. These guys are right on top of things usually. if you look on distro watch you can see ubuntu 8.10 was release october 30th, 2008. the first release candidate of mint based on 8.10 was released november 10th, then the official release was out on dec 12th. So give em a month or so if you can wait…otherwise dive right in….try one out in may, the other in june :O)

  60. I have been unable to find a quality KDE 4.2 and then I tried MINT. I wish it was 64 bit so it could recognize my 4 gigs of ram but then again the 2.7 gig is plenty on a system that uses less than 500mb with KDE effects enabled. Great OS, by far the best implementation of KDE 4.2 I’ve used! Thanks MINT. (ubuntu let me down with the 9.04 release, no wireless, sound, or graphics even with the proprietary ATI Driver installed.)

    HP DV3 (13.3 LED screen), AMD ZM-82 2.2 Ghz 2mb L2 cache, 4gig ram, ATI HD 3200 w/64mb sideport and 320mb shared system memory, RS 780 Azilia HD Audio controler, Broadcom Wireless N. Running MINT 6 KDE 4.2!

  61. I’d like to agree on the need to keep KDE 3.5.10.

    I really, really hate KDE 4 at the moment (it’s worse than Gnome in my opinion). And why the Vista look-a-like theme?! I want a Linux desktop not a Vista one. Sure KDE 4 will improve (4.4?), but until it does I need to get my work done.

    Yes, i could use gnome, but I don’t like it. Yes, I could use another distro, but I’d like to support this one. If I had the knowledge to contribute or make my own fork of Mint, I would, but I don’t, and I’d like to help not re-invent.

    A DVD could have, as has been suggested, KDE 3 and 4, plus the most requested community apps or just make them separate CD’s. I’d like to see a survey of peoples favourite apps that should be included and then see what can be accommodated.

    Until then, thanks for a distro that heads in the right direction and keep up the good work!

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