The Mint Newsletter – issue 76

* News about Mint

Linux Mint 6 “Felicia” XFCE CE released!

The forum has moved to Canada – works much better now and we finally managed to fix the problem with no activation mails

* News about Linux

Gtk+ 3.0 Theming API Hackfest – introduced QGtkStyle makes Qt look like Gtk+

Linux Version of Chrome To Use Gtk+

HP and Canonical work towards Ubuntu certification on servers

Linux virtual desktops sweeping Brazilian schools

MIPS Technologies Joins the Linux Foundation

The game World of Goo now for Linux

Ubuntu 9.10: Karmic Koala

An open letter to the openSUSE Community (layoffs)

The latest news about the kernel is always found here

* News about Open Source

* News about IT

Hacker pokes new hole in secure sockets layer (SSL) – makes man in the middle attacks possible – very dangerous and hits you regardless of the operating system

Digital Information Saved For Future Generations

Spammers break Hotmail‘s CAPTCHA yet again

Microsoft (tries) to follow html standard in IE 8 – IE 8 incompatibility list: 2,400 major sites

A Romanian group has been doing SQL injection attacks on several security vendor’s websites

Hackers target Xbox Live players

Red Hat and Microsoft to cooperate on virtualisation

* Hardware news

Intel Wants Court to Ban Nvidia from Making Chipsets for Latest Processors.

MSI to release custom designed GeForce GTX 260 with 1.8GB of memory

* Other news

Military’s killer robots must learn warrior code (somewhat scary)

Google: ‘Atlantis‘ image was sonar data

Angels and Demons and antimatter

Mobile Industry Unites to Drive Universal Charging Solution for Mobile Phones

* Comic of the week

Credit goes to xkcd –

* More about Linux Mint

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* Editors comment

As always – if you find something I’ve missed in the newsletter please tell me – you can post a comment.

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  1. I’m glad to see you spreading the word about World of Goo. Its important Linux ports of high profile games do well if we want to see more native games for Linux.

  2. I enjoy reading about technology, but I could do without the cartoon profanity. This is supposed to be a newsletter not Penthouse. I am a huge fan of Mint but there are plenty of other distros out there. Don’t drive away part of your fan base !

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