Linux Mint 6 “Felicia” XFCE CE released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 6 XFCE Community Edition. Based on Xubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex, Linux 2.6.27, XFCE 4.4.2 and Xorg 7.4, Linux Mint 6 “Felicia” XFCE CE comes with a brand new “Software Manager”, FTP support in mintUpload, proxy support and history of updates in mintUpdate, mintDisk and a lot of other improvements. For a complete list of new features read: What’s new in Felicia XFCE CE?

Introduction to the XFCE Edition:

The Linux Mint XFCE Community Edition comes with an XFCE desktop and provides most of the functionality found in the Main Edition while taking less resources. This edition is ideally suited to laptop users with 512MB RAM or less as it represents a very nice compromise between a full-featured desktop and a fast and light operating system.

System requirements:

You need 128MB RAM to run the Live CD or 192MB RAM to install. To install, you need a minimum of 3GB of free space on your hard disk. Once installed, Linux Mint 6 XFCE CE can run with 192MB RAM, but it is strongly recommended to have at least 256MB RAM.

Order Linux Mint 6 XFCE on CD:

You can order the Linux Mint 6 XFCE live CD for $10 from our partner

For each CD sold, contributes $5.41 back to our distribution.

Download Linux Mint 6 XFCE:

You can download Linux Mint 6 XFCE via torrent or via HTTP:

Size: 694MB LiveCD
MD5Sum: 9af0b708d9489867de77bbebbbade689

Torrent download:
HTTP download:


Northern America:

Upgrade from Linux Mint 6 XFCE RC1:

To upgrade from RC1 to the stable version, open a terminal and type the following command:

apt install firefox-defaults-xfce fusesmbtool mint-artwork-xfce mint-meta-xfce mintconfig-xfce thunar-custom-actions-xfce thunar-shares xfcemint-default-settings xfcemint-doc

Make sure your users have the right privileges:

Click on “Menu” –> “Users and Groups” –> “Unlock” –> choose a user –> Click “Properties” –> “Users Privileges” tab. Make sure these are enabled:

  • Capture video from TV or Webcams, and use 3d acceleration.
  • Connect to Internet using a modem
  • Mount user-space filesystems(FUSE)
  • Share files with the local network
  • Use audio devices
  • Use modems

Have fun!

Enjoy this XFCE edition and don’t hesitate to send us your feedback. Congratulations and thanks to the maintainer, Merlwiz, for the excellent work done on this release.

Discussions about Linux Mint 7 Gloria XFCE CE have already started, so if you find anything you’d like to see improved in this current release don’t hesitate to join in and participate:

Have a lot of fun and thanks for using Linux Mint.


  1. have you installed aumix? cause I just saw the upgrade command and it’s not there. or it isn’t necessary for everyone?

  2. what is the default root password of live cd… I havent found it anyware.. I couldnt loging to desktop.. please help

  3. I love linux mint especialy this xfce CE. I like gnome but my desktop has a better performance with this lighter version of linux mint, and for a old machine is like have a new life.
    Congratulations for the linux mint developers i’ll keep using mint because it’s a distro that works in my opinion better and better on every new version and is already making ubuntu eat dust. The mint tools are a must have for newbies like me but for advanced users too i believe.
    Keep up the good working!

    Sorry for the bad english… i’m from Portugal and here too mint is a flavor of linux that’s appreciated.

  4. Brilliant! However, gnome network manager is replaced with wicd, which does not support Huawei E160G modem and that is not good!

  5. Great!
    “This edition is ideally suited to laptop users with 512 MB of RAM or less as it represents a very nice compromise between a full-featured desktop and a fast and light operating system”.
    512 RAM?! And this is called lightweight? This must be a joke. I expect to run XFCE under 256 RAM with no hitches…
    Look at the speed of Vector!

  6. letcon: You missed the “or less” bit. You should also read the system requirements. Ideally you should make sure you read what’s written before commenting it. Thanks.

  7. Excellent…. Thank you very much for what you’ve done….
    Now, not only brand new box can use mint, but oldies too….
    It means so much…

  8. “Less” could be anything: from 1 to 511. Anyway, I like Mint Xfce 8.04, although I think it is a pity that samba does not work out of the box in the Xfce edition as it does it the main edition…
    And I have read the info, that was quoted from Distrowatch…

  9. I put the full Felicia on my MAIN machine, dual boot for now. After a couple of minor display problems, it synched up and is beautiful.

    On my 10yr old test box, the full version proved too much for the hardware. I was glad to see XFCE ready yesterday, and grabbed the ISO. A very smooth, trouble free install and config. It replaced Ubuntu 8.10 which was struggling along, and was riddled with not playing MP3, Flash, etc.

    Tonight we test music and browsers. I think that after 12 years of looking at various distros in frustration, I have found “The One”.. LinuxMint, The One That WORKS. I expect to be ready to ‘infect’ several people in the next few weeks.

    You guys rock! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  10. Thanks for all the work. XFCE 5 is my favorite edition, and I think I’ll stay with it.XFCE CE 6 has Open Office that is incomplete (without MATH formula). How is linux going to have a reputation for working when its very office suite is sometimes only half installed. What about those people who save documents using those features and pass them around the Internet. Its not like there is a specialized extension to differentiate .odtwithembedform could be reduced .odtf from the usual .odt.
    Oddly. the main edition of 6 includes math formulas. So its XFCE CE 5 or LM6 for me.

  11. WOW!!! Merlwiz79 and team, you did an incredible job on this release!!
    I just booted into the live cd and I’m connecting to that vnc session, with next to no configuration. lol
    I tried adding Xubuntu into my Hardy install, but with some issue, having to install a third party vnc client. So I opted to stick with the Gnome in that Hardy install.
    Now that I see how Mint has surpassed this experience, I can reformat with confidence. Putting my desktop/server back into operation with lower system resources. Very much appreciated. 😀


  12. I’m having trouble installing Linux Mint XFCE CE onto a Windows XP netbook (Eee PC 1000H), using the Mint4Win program. Everything goes well until it tries to connect to “”, and then it comes back with a 404 error. I had no luck with WUBI either. As a last resort I also tried renaming the ISO file to “xubuntu-8.10-desktop-i386.iso” (because of it’s XFCE roots), but that failed too. 🙁

    Can anyone help? Thanks in advance. 🙂

  13. @27,

    Why don’t you just uninstall the version of OO that came with XFCE 6 and go get the full version of OO 3.0.1 from That’s what I did with the main edition. There’s even a tutorial somewhere on the forum. You’ll be sure to get your Math that way, as well as the latest versions of the other components. Just a thought.

  14. After some more FUN and config, this release ROCKS! The kids now each have an account and are taking to this like ducks to water. I must look into ordering some CDs to support this worthy work.

  15. I’ve installed Linux Mint on 2 machines and I love it! Excellent work.

    I’m having a problem with the Linux Mint 6 XFCE release. I downloaded the ISO and did a checksum on the download.

    ASUS VBOXshared # md5sum LinuxMint-6-XFCE.iso
    9af0b708d9489867de77bbebbbade689 LinuxMint-6-XFCE.iso

    All good so far. I then tried to burn the iso to cd not once but four times. I got errors 3 times from Brasero. I then tried to burn it with Xfburn which doesn’t do a verify so I did an md5sum on the contents of the cd against md5sum.txt on the disk and got 3 files with md5 errors.

    Confused, I mounted the ISO file:

    ASUS mnt # mount -o loop /home/ian/VBOXshared/LinuxMint-6-XFCE.iso /mnt/disk
    ASUS mnt # cd /mnt/disk

    and did the md5sum against the mounted ISO and also got errors. Here is the output:

    ASUS disk # md5sum -c md5sum.txt
    ./drivers/broadcom-b43xx/broadcom-wl- OK
    ./drivers/broadcom-b43xx/b43-fwcutter_011-1_i386.deb: OK
    ./drivers/broadcom-b43xx/wl_apsta- OK
    ./drivers/mintWifi.README: OK
    ./.disc_id: OK
    ./md5sum.txt: FAILED
    ./README.diskdefines: OK
    ./casper/filesystem.squashfs: OK
    ./casper/initrd.gz: OK
    ./casper/filesystem.manifest-desktop: FAILED
    ./casper/vmlinuz: OK
    ./casper/filesystem.manifest: OK
    ./mint4win.exe: OK
    ./isolinux/isolinux.cfg: OK
    ./isolinux/mt86plus: OK
    ./isolinux/isolinux.bin: OK
    ./isolinux/ FAILED
    ./isolinux/splash.jpg: OK
    ./isolinux/vesamenu.c32: OK
    ./autorun.inf: OK
    ./lmmenu.exe: OK
    ./.disk/casper-uuid-generic: OK
    ./.disk/info: OK
    ./.disk/release_notes_url: OK
    ./preseed/cli.seed: OK
    ./preseed/mint.seed: OK
    ./preseed/ltsp.seed: OK
    md5sum: WARNING: 3 of 27 computed checksums did NOT match
    ASUS disk #

    I’m wondering if anyone else has had trouble burning the cd?

  16. Linux Mint 6 rocks! The Gnome version runs everything adequately on an 384MB 633Mhz emachine. I just downloaded the XFCE release iso, burned it with the Linux Mint CD writer, and will replace the Gnome version with the XFCE version for comparison.

    You guys did a terrific job with the Mint distributions. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

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