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Exploder gave the go ahead for LinuxMint-6-XFCE-DEV-042.iso to be released. I’ll be running a few final tests on it this week-end and we should see a stable release next week.

Boo uploaded LinuxMint-6-KDE-DEV-112.iso to the team. As you can see by the build number, there’s been quite a lot of work done on this edition. Exploder is currently testing it. As previously announced, the KDE edition will come with KDE 4.2 and Amarok 2.0. In terms of quality we’re getting realy close to an RC.

The Fluxbox CE is also coming nicely. A few minor bugs were found while testing Shane’s LinuxMint-6-Fluxbox-DEV-031.iso but we’re getting close to an RC there as well.

Arch Linux 2009.02 was released. As done with other distributions by the past, I intend to give Arch a closer look and take the opportunity to learn from it. I hope this will translate in innovative ideas and constructive thoughts which in time will find their way into future versions of Linux Mint.

Work has begun on Linux Mint 7 Gloria. MintUpdate now shows the download size of each package upgrade. MintMenu comes with a new feature called “suggestions” (which gets activated when you typed yields no results and basically lets you search for it in the portal, in the repositories, or show it as a package, or even install it… so for instance, you start typing gftp and it doesn’t find it in the menu.. so there’s an item sitting there named “install package gftp”, you click on it, and .. well, you know what happens).

A Twitter account was open to let people know about little updates and news which don’t make it to the blog. The address is: and there’s an RSS feed on it if you want to follow it remotely.

MintSystem was updated in the Felicia repositories to fix a bug in “apt purge” and to make “apt source” run with user permissions. “apt source” previously used sudo powers and because of that downloaded source code were not editable without sudo.

The forums are now in Canada and everything seems to work fine. However, we’ve got a little problem with our email setup and some emails get rejected. Depending on your email address ( for instance) you might not be able to receive forum notifications… this has to do with security and hosts such as Yahoo rejecting our emails because our server isn’t declared as hosting the emails it actually sends. We’re currently trying to solve this and this should be done during this week-end.


  1. Hi Clem,
    thank you for good news. Regarding MintMenu I think it would be necessary to define the “favorits” as default view. That means, if you go to “all Applicatios” in order to chose one and leave MintMenu, it should automatically go back to “favorits” after a short time.

  2. thanks for the news.
    I have already tested the new mintMenu and the new mintupdate, I like it to see the Trash status in mintMenu, so i do not need anymore the trash on the desktop 🙂
    There is for the moment only not so much in the gloria repo, but I see a great future for her.

  3. Hi Clem,
    Thank you for good news. Regrading MintMenu I think it would be better to make “Favorites” as default view. To be exact, I mean If you click on “All applications” it should automatically go back to “Favorites” after a short time.

  4. Sargon: I forgot to mention that btw, but that’s another thing in the new mintMenu.. it comes with default favorites and they show up first. Of course the application remembers what you were looking at last so it doesn’t feel intrusive.

  5. Daniel: Oh yes, I forgot I did that too.. and I didn’t mention it. The new mintMenu shows the status of the trashcan.. and you can empty it directly from there too. Thanks for reminding me 🙂

  6. Hi Clem,
    Is that MintMenu version 4.2.2 that you are talking about? If so, what I mean is exactly the fact, that applications should NOT “remember what you were looking at last”. Always when you click on Menu on panel you should see favorits. That is my suggestion.

  7. Please don’t make a m* windows menu out of the wonderful MintMenu. No favorites by default, only if desired. Perhaps this very setting can be adjusted via the properties, but no favorites by default if possible!

  8. I am glad to hear that you are working on the email issue for the forums, for what it’s worth I have a yahoo account as well as a hotmail account and It seems as hotmail has the same problem as yahoo.

  9. I prefer the implementation in an older version of MintMenu (on Daryna?) in which the “Favorites” and “All applications” menus can be accessed, respectively, via alt-F and alt-A keys. Can this feature be enabled through “Preferences”?

  10. There should be a default key to easily toggle between “Favorites” and “All applications”. But something that will not show up in the input field (tab key maybe ?)

  11. I vote for a nonintrusive solution (no automatic change back to favorites). It is frustrating.
    Now something else. I ask to include a choice for the place where to install the bootloader during the installation process. As things are now, there is no choice, the MBR is overwritten. I have Vista and Windows 7 on the same machine and it is very difficult (for me at least) to go back to the Vista MBR. If the Mint grub bootloader is installed on the Mint root partition there would be no problem. Most of the other distributions do offer this choice !

  12. In Linux Mint 3 and 4, the “Favorites” and “All applications” menus could be accessed, respectively, with the alt-F and alt-A keys, and the default menu is the last viewed. It would be nice if this feature can be enabled under “Preferences” in the next MintMenu.

  13. In Linux Mint 3 and 4, the “Favorites” and “All Applications” menus could be accessed, respectively, with the alt-F and alt-A keys, and the default menu is the last viewed. It would be nice if this feature can be enabled under “Preferences” in the next update of mintMenu.

  14. About Arch Linux, I highly recommend you check out yaourt, a wrapper to pacman that adds a lot of nice things, most notably ultra-smooth integration with the community repo (AUR). It even automates voting for packages to be included.

  15. Tex: Absolutely not! Between you and a DEV image there’s a very big quality door that only official testers can open 🙂 We test, we fix our bugs, we test again, and there’s simply no way it gets out to the public until we’re fully happy with its quality. DEV 116 is coming fast and there’s a very big chance it might make it to RC1.

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