Linux Mint 7 “Gloria”

Linux Mint 7, based on Ubuntu 9.04 “Jaunty Jackalope”, and planned to be released in May 2009, will be codenamed “Gloria”.

Question to Linux Mint users: In Mint 6, mintMenu was labeled “Menu” instead of getting the traditional release codename (“Felicia”). Do you think it should remain “Menu” in future releases or would you prefer us to use the codenames again?

Edit: Thanks for all your comments. It looks like the right thing to do is to name the menu “Menu” but to also have a tooltip on it showing not only the codename but also the version and edition of Linux Mint. Since the text is easily configurable I don’t want to add that choice to mintAssistant. I released an upgrade in Romeo for mintMenu to show that information in the tooltip.


  1. Well, if I remember correctly, “Menu” was adopted to make mintMenu more appealing to other distributions. I still think that’s a good idea, but if the change is easy, I’d rather see the codename in Mint. Especially “Gloria” – awesome word to decorate the menu (glorious).

  2. I think you should leave it at menu, people would know what distro they install on their own computer. And if it means just a little bit less coding you guys have to do, then all the better.

  3. I’d go with “Menu”. It ‘remove’ the confusion between the differents codenames on the new users (or newbies, or average user).

  4. Fantastic Felicia was an awesome release. Really looking forward to Great Gloria 😉 .

    As for mintMenu, what if mintmenu defaulted to “Menu”, but then “mintdesktop” switched it to the distribution name on install? Either one works for me. To be honest, I’ve been removing the menu text in there and just having the Linux Mint graphic to save taskbar space. KDE does the same, they don’t have any text beside the menu graphic….

  5. I think “Menu” is much better. It provides a level of consistency, professionalism, and ease of use. When, for example, I need to walk my father (an extreme newbie) through a process over the phone, it’s a lot easier to train him that that is the “Menu” button to get to his menu, rather than having it change names on him every time we upgrade his OS. “Menu” explains what the button does so newbies don’t have to guess “What does the Felicia button do?” If the goal is winning over Windows users and newbies, “Menu” is much friendlier to help get them going. I realize that for us, the computer literate, this may seem trivial and takes all of 5 seconds to change, but newbies may not always have someone available to help them with these things. So I think defaulting to the simplest option is best, and those of us who prefer the codename instead will know how to change it.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work! All the best.

  6. i think menu will be much better.. since we are mostly targetting the first time users.. it avoids a lot of confusion

  7. Gloria is a great name for Mint7!!

    for MintMenu, I prefer the Distro Code Name, but I understand the arguments to keep Menu as name.
    My Idea is to add an 3-point-Option in mintAssistant to make the Choice of the name:
    -or place free to type a own Name
    Why mintAssistant? because it run directly on the first boot of LinuxMint (and it can be consider as new feature in Mint 7)

  8. I liked “Menu” as the text better than the codename; I think it looked more professional as well as more appealing to new and potential users.
    But I also think “Mint”, “LinuxMint”, or just plain “MintMenu” would look nice too.

    I really like the idea of giving choices for the menu text in mintAssistant!

  9. For me prefer the word “Menu” coz it makes it look more like the menu.. Its more simple and straight forward rather than the codename itself.. The codename could be placed somewhere else.. I dont think it should be shown in the taskbar itself..

  10. I agree with Herman in comment 2 that it looks best with just the icon. However, from a usability standpoint, especially for newbies, I think “Menu” is best. It makes it obvious what the mintMenu is from the start, whereas when I first started using Linux Mint with Elyssa, I was a bit confused at first about what the button was all about.

    Great work with Linux Mint, definitely the best out-of-the-box distribution I’ve seen thus far!

  11. Prefer codename. The first thing I changed in Felicia was renaming the menu to Felicia. Other distros can change it easily, and the codename is a part of the identity of the release.

  12. I think using “menu” adds a touch of professionalism to the system. Mint is a highly recognised distribution and I am reading a great number of posts where people are saying that Mint is more attractive solution over OpenSuse. In my opinion, we must be doing something right! Other distributions are taking a serious look at the tools we use and some are looking to adapt them and this reflects well on us.

  13. I liked what Logan said: MintMenu might be interesting… Otherwise just “Mint” works too…

    And keep up the awesome work! We’re all really excited and we love Mint much! (I even got a shirt with it to “spread the love”.

  14. Thanks Clem for the Name. 🙂

    I had the same idea as knuckles.with the mintAssistant its nice to change it and with a mouse hoover that describe the menu like “MintMenu to start Aplications…” or so ? like the other progis in the panel.

    i prefer the Distro name. 😉

  15. Menu or Mint or MintMenu is fine.
    We can, after all, change it ourselves by right clicking the icon and choosing preferences then the main button tab…!! Can’t we..?? 😉
    And I am sure you CLI giants can change it from the terminal too.
    I for one don’t want a females name on the menu button (Don’t mean to sound sexist or anything) but having Gloria on the menu button aint gonna impress anyone I know who wants to make the switch to GNU/Linux.
    Why try to ruin a very good Distro with a stupid code name on the button.

  16. Personally, I prefer the codename. Just “menu” looks equal to any graphic interface or any operating system. The codename would be more peronal.

  17. Hey folks! I would also stick with the simple Menu label. Your codename could certainly be shown somewhere else in boot screen, boot sequence or default wallpapers. I’m sure everyone would get the message its Gloria.
    Menu is more conventional and user friendly, less confusing as some have already mentioned. Although, permitting to choose either one or the other would also be fine.

  18. “Menu” makes more sense. I never saw the point in calling the menu by the distro code name… It doesn’t belong there.

  19. Stay with “Menu”, this is definitely the mature choice… Release name is too geeky for the general public, it doesn’t mean anything for non-geeks… “Menu” is the only way to go… It really says what it is…

    An icon (without any text) would have been nice, but it is still not as straight-forward as “Menu”…

  20. I like having the name on the button … reminds me of what the heck I’m using LOL

    No seriously … I’m for real. I like the name.

  21. It is very EASY to change it to your own preferends…but I like the codename. So, in Mint 6 I changed it promptly from menu to Felicia.

  22. Menu is fine….but I like the option that is available by right clicking ‘menu’ and choosing ‘preferences and changing the name so instead of ‘Elyssa’ it brings up the name “Glynnux” instead of menu which makes me look dead posh. 🙂

    So menu as default with the option still available…very sorted! ..a nice option.

  23. I myself always switch mine to having only an icon & no text, however I feel that for new users ‘Menu” would be the best as it does save them from confusion. I have had a few friends say “Who is Elyssia?”, & “why is this woman’s name on my Operating system/Computer?” So then I told them, & they said “well I don’t like it, is there anyway I can change it? Because if I cannot I do not want this on my computer.” Then I told them how to change it & they was happy & they changed it to just the icon or to their own name. So when Falcia changed it to ‘Menu” I was very happy & none of my friends complained about that one. So yes keep it as ‘Menu’ it apparently is a deal breaker for some new users.

  24. Also I wanted to mention that Gloria is my mother’s name 🙂 She is going to be very excited about having a Linux distro’s version codename being the same as hers, though she prefers KDE desktops :p .

  25. oh, “menu” is such a neutral, boring word. “felicia” just makes me feel cooler. …or to put it in minty words, more elegant.

  26. I run a multiboot system, including Elyssia and Felicia distros and sometimes also Linux Mint community editions as well. labelling the menu button explicitly helps in distinguishing which Linux Mint I’m running, and “humanises” Linux Mint as well. The placement of the menu button at the bottom left of the display should implicitly attract uninformed users to just select it at the beginning.

  27. I am new Linux convert and Linux Mint 6 adopter (as in yesterday) which is basis for my opinion: I prefer leaving it as “Menu” with the icon next to it by default. It really makes it easier and less confusing for new people to navigate around. If it’s also easy for the user to relabel to their own tastes, all the more better.

  28. I use 6 computers with Mint. Some have Nvidia GForce2Ti garphic cards and 3D runs smoothly with Mint 5 but i’m unable to get 3D working with Mint 6.
    So some computers run Elyssa and others Felicia.
    It’s very usefull to know wich version is installed on each computer.
    If you decide to keep the Menu button you should let an icon with the code name.
    Thanks for the job.

  29. I like the idea of giving the user a choice in mintAssistant. But might I also suggest labeling it ‘Mint’ as another alternative. Thats what I changed mine to. It fits the Distro not just the release. And I don’t think new users would be overly confused. After all, most people who have used a computer are familiar with having an icon in the bottom-left where they Start all their programs. So I don’t think its NECESSARY to label it Menu, but you could go ahead and offer anyways.

    P.S. I just started using LinuxMint the other day, and I love it. I will be recommending it to new users interested in checking out linux. Thanks guys.

  30. Far more professional if it’s called menu. Keep it simple – press the menu button and guess what – up pops the menu.

  31. I would like to have the option to decide through mintassistant (great idea). After installing Felicia, I removed the word “Menu” and left only the icon.

  32. Menu is too plain. I like the idea of Gloria or just the LM icon. I teach two Linux courses at the local community college. I have my students download and install Mint onto their hard drives primary for the simplicity for winblows… excuse me, windows users. They have never asked me where the “start button” was. I don’t like the idea of calling it “Start” as adam and aircave suggested. It reminds me too much of MS. Ninety percent of the OS’s, Linux, Apple and MS have the “menu”, for lack of a better word, in the same place. People will understand what it is.

  33. I like the codename as “Startbutton”. But as someone before said, maybe it’s too geeky for general public.
    So personally, I would make a users-choice during install (with two previews of each startbutton or taskbar).

  34. The codename as the menu text was much better imo. I feel it gave the distro some character. “Menu” is just too horribly bland and generic for my tastes.

  35. Linux Mint,

    That is great that Jaunty is coming up. Just one note if I may.
    Older monitors are not being recognized with the new tool being
    used to recognize the monitors. Fairly modern one’s have no
    problem. I have kept to Elyssa version and Hardy Heron because
    of that fact for uniformity for all our computers at home and
    at work.

    I’d have the older Hardy Heron display tool available or make
    sure the tool is better designed.

  36. I would like to see the code name come back. The first time I loaded Mint I knew it was different in the first moments of use. Not Menu,or start but Daryna. And I have stuck with it ever since. It is for me the right distro and I like the different approach. Thanks for asking Mike

  37. Menu is for restaurants. Call it Gloria and keep the option to change to Menu for those who so wish. I love it ! Thanks.

  38. Like “noharddrive” said, you only have to right click on the icon, go to preferences then the main button, and choose the name or words we want, or to have an icon or not.

  39. Menu – definitely. Why? Because that’s what it is… it’s a “MENU”. It isn’t a “GLORIA”.

    Always label GUI items with dead-on accuracy. The menu button will probably be the very first interaction new users will have with Mint – so it’s not a good place to be cute. Those who prefer something different can change it in 2 seconds.

    Branding can go on the wallpaper. GUI labels should always be as clear as it is possible to make them.

  40. Doesn’t really matter to me as I can always change it. But I would like to see the Mint version and 32 or 64 bit somewhere on the menu.

  41. Menu should remain as the default as Lisa points. For newbies is easier to understand what it does…. I prefer to have the release name but I can always change it. I guess all the others which prefer the name can do it themselves, contrary to the newbies which may not find that intuitive to change the name of the button.

  42. My girlfriend once asked me who Elyssa was and why her name was on my computer.

    Since it’s easy for the more advanced users to change it to what they prefer why not keep it simple for the “newbies”. Ans besides, less to explain to the girlfriend. 😉

  43. Mint Menu; Mintu? It is a matter of taste; my personal hierarchy of solutions to this issue is as follows (with most preferred method at the top):

    MENU — makes it easier for noobs
    MINT — keeping it real with the branding
    (icon) — understated and classy
    MINTU — to coin a phrase which would merely evoke more chaos.

  44. I have used Mint since Bea. I always change the Menu Button text, so I don’t personally care. “MENU” in all caps would be the user friendly and professional choice. The first thing my father asked me once I installed on his PC was how to get rid of the woman’s name on the Menu button.

  45. Comment #10 above said it best, giving very valid reasons for her vote. Though I’m convinced the option to choose during installation is best, if that won’t be available I vote for “Menu.”

    Using the codename as the label may be a nice sentimental touch for some of us, but serves little purpose beyond that. A menu labeled as “Menu” is professional and practical.

    Thanks for a truly great Linux Distro.

  46. Actually, “Mint” means “Lie” in Romanian – as in telling lies. I don’t know if “Menu” means anything bad in some language but it’s a generic name, it really means what it says and having one word throughout the versions is a good thing considering some of us also offer technical support and it’s easier to say: “Click the Menu button” rather than “Click the bottom-left button named Bianca or Daryna or Elyssa or Gloria”. 😛

    “Start” is not a good name. It’s strage to click start to stop your PC, ain’t it?

    If we’re talking about a graphical button without text we should consider something that can easily be described in a word or two, not more, also for technical support reasons. How would you describe Mint’s logo except for “the cute green thing”? Linut Mint has green stuff almost everywhere so it can get a little confusing.

    So far I would go for the “Menu” version.

  47. I originally argued in the forums for “Menu”; also being impartial with having “Mint” or “Gloria”. BUT People above have mentioned that its easy for newbies to understand “Menu”, some say its more professional. I respectfully disagree posed by comparing the following two situations.

    Situation 1:
    Command from Administrator: Click on Menu
    Interpretations from newbie: Click on the LM Menu / The menu which I recently told you to click on (ie File Menu) / Taskbar (could be misinterpreted on exact differences on where Menu ends… the menu)

    Situation 2:
    Command from Administrator: Click on Gloria / Start ™ / LM leaf icon
    Interpretations from newbie: Only the Actual menu which we are refering to. Not Rightclick menu, or file menu, or a list of files on your computer misinterpreted as a menu.

    If you don’t get where I’m getting to, google “Disambiguation”

  48. It should be nice if you have the word ‘Menu’ and when you move the mouse over it change to “codename” or maybe ‘Mint’.

  49. I prefer “Mint”, and showing only the icon it’s a good idea.
    Also, my girlfriend gets gealous if she sees a woman’s name at compute xD

  50. i think only icon is best option..there is one theme in gnome-look naming best made menu button i m using that on my current mint..check out pls

  51. ‘Menu’ might be better for newbies, but the release name is more original and unique. I think that might be a possible option to choose from mintAssistant.

  52. I would prefer the code name, as its the only place thats always visible & highlights what you are running. Also it gives vlaue to the code name (As long as the code name is short).

  53. I agree with “diego1188”, it may be a good iidea to put the option in the assistant, and the user choose his favorite.

    In the oher side, Iĺl prefer only the buton o “Mint” in artwork

  54. I like the codename, though I can see the arguments for menu and it is probably a better choice for newbies .I really like the idea of being given the choice in mintassistant

  55. MintMenu is the clearest and best for every new Mint distro, i thing. By the way, you made well by fixing the “Filter” in MintMenu

  56. My vote: Use “Menu” as the default, but offer the codename as an option to switch to. (It’s already been suggested, but I thought I’d add my agreement….)

  57. I understand both sides of this, but I agree that menu/programs/start will be more familiar to new users, I like the idea of having a choice in mint assistant, but I would really like to see the button redisigned with changable text intigrated into the button rather than next to the button.

  58. I prefer the codename (dare to be different, and it also helps me remember which version of Mint I’m running on each machine), but a choice would be good. In Bianca it was fairly easy to rename it to anything you wanted, which was nice.

    I also liked the start-up screen in Bianca better than any other version.

  59. I rather like the codename but I can also see why many would prefer it to be descriptive of what the button is for. The only extra reason I can think of for using the codename is that it makes it easy to find out which version the newbie at the other end of the phone line is using.

  60. I like the idea of asking the user to choose in mintAssistant.

    distro name
    custom name

    otherwise, I think the idea of making “Menu” the default label is good for newbies, but it should be more unique to Mint, “like MintMenu” or “MintStart”.

  61. I’ve always changed the default name on the MintMenu to just the icon with no text. I’d prefer it that way, but honestly, whatever gets done, the tweak is an easy one for me!

  62. Menu makes it easy for everyone. And if your preference is for the code name then it is easy enough to change. Thanks for your excellent work guys, you efforts and Mint made me a Linux convert forever!


  63. Make it the “Clem” button, hardwired in forevermore! We can tell everyone to “just click Clem” and that it stands for “Complete Linux Entry Menu”. And maybe it could sport a leprechaun on the button?!

    But, more seriously, I agree “Menu” would be better for a default.

  64. i think the name should be left at menu, however i have two suggestions,
    1) in the settings the user can choose what to display, either “menu” or “gloria” and
    2) if you wish to maintain only the “menu” you could add a wallpaper with “gloria” written on it

  65. Hi,

    yh stick with menu imo, makes it easier for everyone 🙂

    also totally random and off the topic, but could you bundle JRE v.1.6 with version 7, as i cant seem to get it installed 🙂

  66. I like the Clem button idea. A nice graphic that spelled CLEM would work too. Fire up Gimp and lets come up with one!!!!

    Someday Linus and Clem will share the same OS!!!!

    Maybe change the acronym to “Customizable Linux Entry Menu”… 🙂

  67. definitely keep the “menu”. It is the first thing I always did when firing up Mint and I have used it since its first week’s launch. It is more accessible to those who haven’t used Linux and I don’t always like to look at the names all of the time. I was thrilled to see the change. Thank you,

  68. I like “Menu” better than distroname. Cooler still, would be if I could figure out how to change it to username – whichever one of us is logged in at the moment.

  69. The reasons I switched to Mint were that my wireless card just worked, and the little touches like Elyssa (my favorite name so far) as the menu name. It adds to that minty personality everyone seems to love.

  70. I say keep it as menu, this distro is geared towards noobs. But also if someone wants to change it, or even take it off and put an icon, that option should be available too.

  71. all is good!我喜欢linux mint!!!希望能有更好的中文支持!i hope a better support for chinese!

  72. Thank you for your releases.

    My wife believes that Daryna and Elyssa are my secret girlfriends. So I prefer ‘Menu’.


  73. I think that it should say what version…By Name….Elyssa Daryna and such. 2 reasons.

    1. Helps people identify what version they ahve easy. For easier help.
    2. Unique…..Just cause winblows uses 1 word on all….That to me is enough to keep changing it……

    If you keep using Menu M$ will try to get you saying you took their idea, lol(Joke).

    But on the Real. I think that it should have the Name of the version in Use….If they don’t like it they can always change it with a simple right click….

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  75. An elegant OS like Mint, should have the name of the lovely lady on the menu. I changed mine from menu to “Felicia” that is a pretty name.

  76. use “mintMenu of (codename)” for distinguishment. And let users set between in mintAssistant, and MintMenu Options. Thanks.

  77. make the Menu customizable – give option to allow or deny movement. And plz program a MintMenu for XFCE and K Desktop Environment!

  78. I think it is time to make the 64bit edition of Linux Mint 7 “Gloria” as main edition and 32 edition separately as an option to old computers. It is almost impossible to buy 32 bit computer nowadays and 64 bit software, as we can see, gets to be usable already.

  79. I renamed my menu button Billgates in honor of the man who inspired Linux development. Without Billgates, we’d all be using OS/2 or some other operating system that never crashes, and Linux would be residing on the abandoned old hard disk of some unknown Finnish grad student. 🙂

  80. As long as it can be changed to whatever I dont mind. But I think its a nice little Mint tardition to have the Codename there. In 6 I changed it to Felicia too.

    As for my parents I changed it into “start”

  81. I agree with [i]Daniel aka knuckles[/i]. The perfect solution would be to allow individual users to choose. That being said, if it [i]had[/i] to be one way or the other, I would opt for “menu”

  82. menu or start is the past and the obvious, putting gloria here it’s more fresh like mint style.. or a cool icon or the user decid what the heck says: the user decide with an option like knuckles+Steve says.

  83. I just started with Mint 6 “Felicia,” and wasn’t aware that the old menus used to have the code names. I actually prefer having the term “Menu” listed.

    One thing I noticed is that I’m given a choice to either keep or hide the LM icon next to “Menu”. Great option, so would it be feasible to offer the user a choice between “Menu” and the code name?

  84. Hi,

    Just adopted Mint a week ago, after going through >Ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10 and accidentally stumbling upon Mint when googling “fastest Linux”. Lucky for me. Best distro I’ve come across for ease of install and ease of use, even compared to Ubuntu. GUI is beautiful and elegance is an appropriate description. Don’t even want to change the default desktop settings cause they are so nice.

    As a Linux newbie I think Menu is a better choice as anything that makes the conversion from W*****s easier is a good thing and your menu layout in Gnome (haven’t tried the XFCE layout cause it wants to uninstall the Gnome desktop) is simplicity and clarity exemplified. Took me all of 15 minutes to figure out how to configure just about everything I needed to on the system. I see that the Preferences option gives users the ability to customize the text as well as choose between the icon and text or both. I think leaving the default “Menu” and letting users change it if they want is the best option for Linux newbies and W*****s converts.

    On a different note, will it be possible in the future to install both the Mint-Gnome desktop and the Mint-XFCE desktop and choose between them at log-in the way Ubuntu lets you?


  85. I think it’s intuitive enough with the placing of the button, everybody understands that it’s a menu just by the placement. Thus the text “menu” is redundant.

    If any text should be besides the menu I think it should be the codename. Codename or nothing I say (preferably nothing).

    Looking forward to Gloria!

  86. man your distro is top notch and the best availiable man. I personally reccommend it to all and sundry. Please everyone use mint now. I said now dammit. NOW !!!!!


    Just use menu, its more professional than a name, its supposed to be a user friendly distro so keep it simple for the end user by having the environment resemble what they are used to (Start).

  88. I like the idea of being able to pick your own option. Maybe have a default of ‘menu’, with the option of changing either on a custom options install or in a preferences location. But if that is way to much work, I would go with just an icon.

  89. My opinion is the simpler the better. Perhaps some shadowing when clicked instead of highlighting in blue, or a simple animation. Pizazz is nice, but the main key to elegance is simplicity!

  90. Felicia is a nice release. =) Looking forward to the Gloria release. It’s also nice to change the name “Menu” to “Gloria” =).

    Just a suggestion: Should shrink the desktop icons a little bit maybe 32×32?

  91. I think the text should be “Start”. People who want something unique can change it. Strange names appeal to the geeks in us but does not make it easier for the general masses. Little things like these matter. If something is configurable anyway, it is better for the defaults to side with the common people. We geeks can always change it if we want.

    Also, pressing the Super button should start the mintMenu.

  92. I hope any problems, with ATI drivers, are to be solved. I cant use

    compiz desktop cause of that… its a shame. Other than that, GREAT

    JOB YOU GUYS !!! (ATI X600 PRO 256MB)

  93. I really like the simplicity of “Menu”. Perhaps there could be some radiance in the OS? Brighter colours and sharper lines in the panes and panel. Perhaps a new theme to project the glory of Gloria?

  94. Hey, I just think that the people who make opensource software are so worried about such little things! The MintMenu, as it is, can be renamed as you wish. It is just one more option to make your own look to the system. I personally hate the visual of Mint, although I love this system, and I always change it radically. We should remember that we’re having a great advantage in having this option! Winblows users can’t modify much of the look of their boxes, and we can! Producing look patterns, in this sense of view, is a bullshit.

  95. I think using “menu” adds a touch of professionalism to the system. Mint is a highly recognised distribution and I am reading a great number of posts where people are saying that Mint is more attractive solution over OpenSuse. In my opinion, we must be doing something right! Other distributions are taking a serious look at the tools we use and some are looking to adapt them and this reflects well on us.

  96. Well it’s so easy to change… you can put whatever you want… right clic, settings and there we go… Well maybe «Mint Menu» by default is good… well me I changed it for “minto” lol… the name of my local domain… ^^

  97. Personally, I think it would be pretty cool if you could get it to dynamically display the hostname of your machine … imagine that on a network …

  98. New user will surely be confused by the code name. Experienced users will surely know what version they have installed. So it must be “Menu” for sure.

  99. I can’t wait to see the 64 Bit version of Gloria, I’d like Mint more if you could just upgrade distributions from the Update option like in Ubuntu. Instead of having to install over my old system and have to re-do all of my changes I like to make. But overall Mint keeps getting better and better with each release.

  100. NOT keeping things simple (i.e. the names of Linux programs etc…) is keeping newbies from diving in and trying the O/S. It did for me, example, Windows Media Player and Kaffeine? Huh? Do I want to watch videos or make coffee?

  101. Im waiting!!.. i started with mint 5 and now i use mint 6 and i like it but my webcam doesnt work, and someone knows if this new release bring more suport for webcams?

  102. Why not have it so that it can be changed by the user? In Ubuntu you can easily do this. But imo the defaulot should be menu. It makes more sense, having the Lunux mint icon then the word menu… Mint>menu 🙂

  103. Perhaps if there is so much undecided and argumentitive conversation over such a trivial thing there could be simply a choice when setting up the OS by the user to their liking?

  104. I have already Windows XP installed on my system (Drive C)
    While installing Linux Mint 7 I selected USB drive.
    Now when I start my machine it presents a menu for selection of
    windows XP or Linux Mint.

    It works for both. But if I plug-off my USB, machine fails to start in xp or Linux Mint.

    Can any one tell me how to uninstall it from USB as I want to reinstall Linux Mint on my Hard Drive, keeping my windows XP intact.

  105. Hello. I want to ask you something. When I try to install Mint 7 on a partition from live usb, I get an error that says something is wrong with root. Also I tried to install Mint from Windows, it requires internet connection but says “Retrying connection”. Can someone help me??

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