BETA Test: Fastly repositories

We are looking for BETA testers.

We’ve got new ultra fast repositories, powered by Fastly.

We need many users to switch over to be able to test this properly.

If you are interested visit for information on how to participate.

Thank you.


  1. I made the changes to the file. Along with HTTPS. No problems.

    Switched back to local Base (jammy) mirror and modified all 3 (in the file) to HTTPS also. No problems.

    Tried to modify to HTTPS and it broke “apt update.” So I changed it back to HTTP.

  2. Tried it on my number 2 (test) computer. No errors noted. “Apt update found 18 items to update. “Apt upgrade” seemed to be quite rapid.

  3. Works very well and fast, without any issue!!! Tested on 2 PC’s and 1 virtualized OS (vmware) from Czechia …

    1. When NordVPN active is always significantly slower, not strongly depends on choosing NordVPN server…

  4. Will fastly be “burned-in” to install ISO’s – or will there be am automatic fallback to the “old” system?
    (Just in case fastly should lose reliability, at some future date).

    1. When NordVPN active is always significantly slower, not strongly depends on choosing NordVPN server…

  5. When running Linux mint 21.3 I encountered an issue when pairing a Bluetooth device :
    I solved it by the 3 following commands :
    systemctl –user unmask pulseaudio
    systemctl –user enable pulseaudio
    systemctl –user start pulseaudio
    This may be useful to you.

  6. Fastly for this morning’s Firefox 125.0.1 required two very long attempts on my main box. The first attempt ended in error.
    At the same time, my other two Mint installs using Fastly updated without unreasonable delay. And ditto three other distros; my local nework seems fine.
    Strange only one box was affected. Maybe it’ll make sense when we get more comments.

  7. Three failed attempts to download Firefox 125.0.1 update via Fastly this afternoon. Keeps stopping part way through. Will try again in the morning.

  8. Regarding previous comment, I meant to say this is the first problem since changing to Fastly as all earlier downloads/updates have worked fine.

  9. working ok.

    P.S Flatpak sandbox has been compromised (CVE-2024-32462). I guess Mint consider an upgrade to patched versions.

  10. I installed fastly on LM 21.3 cinnamon and on LMDE 6.
    It works well on, both OS but updating with LMDE 6 is still slow.
    I use the PIA VPN

  11. Firefox 125.0.2 by Fastly good on all three Mint this time. Won’t report again unless there’s trouble. Cheers.

  12. Utilizo o LMDE 6, fiz a mudança no repositório para o Fastly sem nenhum problema.
    I use LMDE 6, I changed the repository to Fastly without any problems.

  13. Firefox 125.0.3 by Fastly NOT GOOD on my three Mint this time. First box went okay, but second and third started fast then went to miserably slow. It took several minutes to complete the Firefox download on both.

  14. When using Fastly on Linux Mint 21.3 and doing an update ,
    I got an issue something was corrupted impossible to update..
    I had to restore with TimeShift to solve this issue.
    Since everything is working well again

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