Linux Mint 21.1 “Vera” Cinnamon – BETA Release

This is the BETA release for Linux Mint 21.1 “Vera” Cinnamon Edition.

Linux Mint 21.1 Vera Cinnamon Edition

Linux Mint 21.1 is a long term support release which will be supported until 2027. It comes with updated software and brings refinements and many new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use.

New features:

This new version of Linux Mint contains many improvements.

For an overview of the new features please visit:

What’s new in Linux Mint 21.1 Cinnamon“.

Important info:

The release notes provide important information about known issues, as well as explanations, workarounds and solutions.

To read the release notes, please visit:

Release Notes for Linux Mint 21.1 Cinnamon

System requirements:

  • 2GB RAM (4GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 20GB of disk space (100GB recommended).
  • 1024×768 resolution (on lower resolutions, press ALT to drag windows with the mouse if they don’t fit in the screen).

Upgrade instructions:

  • This BETA release might contain critical bugs, please only use it for testing purposes and to help the Linux Mint team fix issues prior to the stable release.
  • Upgrade instructions will be published after the stable release of Linux Mint 21.1.
  • It will be possible to upgrade from this BETA to the stable release.
  • It will also be possible to upgrade from Linux Mint 21.

Bug reports:

  • Bugs in this release should be reported on Github at
  • Create one issue per bug.
  • As described in the Linux Mint Troubleshooting Guide, do not report or create issues for observations.
  • Be as accurate as possible and include any information that might help developers reproduce the issue or understand the cause of the issue:
    • Bugs we can reproduce, or which cause we understand are usually fixed very easily.
    • It is important to mention whether a bug happens “always”, or “sometimes”, and what triggers it.
    • If a bug happens but didn’t happen before, or doesn’t happen in another distribution, or doesn’t happen in a different environment, please mention it and try to pinpoint the differences at play.
    • If we can’t reproduce a particular bug and we don’t understand its cause, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to fix it.
  • The BETA phase is literally a bug squashing rush, where the team is extremely busy and developers try to fix as many bugs as fast as possible.
  • There usually are a huge number of reports and very little time to answer everyone or explain why a particular report is not considered a bug, or won’t get fixed. Don’t let this frustrate you, whether it’s acknowledged or not, we appreciate everyone’s help.

Download links:

Here are the download links:

Integrity and authenticity checks:

Once you have downloaded an image, please verify its integrity and authenticity.

Anyone can produce fake ISO images, it is your responsibility to check you are downloading the official ones.


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Many thanks in advance for testing the BETA!


  1. I really like the new default color and yellow folders! However, perhaps the desktop icon should distinguish itself a bit more, as it is basically just a yellow square?

    Also- Mint-Y icons aren’t bad, but the uniform square shape does detract a bit from distinguishing information in my experience. Just sharing an opinion though.

    Could Mint-X also receive yellow folders? Not a huge deal either way.

    Thank you for all your work to accommodate your users.

    1. It’s subjective. Personally, I like it because most real-world folders ARE a yellow-ish color. Many OS’es have used the color.

      I do agree with keeping all the options for folder colors though. But, for me, yellow is my favorite and I don’t prefer the folders match the rest of the system color scheme. I expect some to agree and others to disagree.

    2. Mint-X Yellow has been around for quite a while already. You just select “Mint-X-Yellow” in System Settings > Themes > Icons. Unless I’m misunderstanding your meaning.

  2. Congratulations on this beta release. Loving the new look – bright and distinctive without being distracting. Will now go bug hunting…

  3. Can’t install Mint 21 due the grub bug (I broke mi pendrive formating it several times 🙁 ) Is it solved? Can I install 21.1 over 20.3 ?

    1. I used rufus (as they said in the link you post) a lot of times. Its the same bug in Mint 21 (and Ubuntu)

    2. I used Ventoy to boot from USB and install Linux Mint 21.(

      Afterwards I installed reFInd Boot Manager. (You must have a PC that can boot in UEFI mode), because my PC
      would still get “out of memory error” sometimes during boot using GRUB, usually when my external ssd is connected).

      sudo apt install refind

      It configures itself and will start first instead of GRUB, just say yes when it asks you to install itself to esp partition.

      And my issue was solved.

  4. I quite like Mint 21.1 Vera. Especially the mouse pointer was an agreeable surprise!

    But I have a suggestion for its default logon and logoff sounds. Currently, those sounds in Vera are a bit disagreeable to me.

    Their pitch is perhaps a little too high for me; I find them too “penetrating”. I think it would be nicer to my ears if their pitch would be lowered somewhat.

    1. The post clearly states you will be able to choose which pointer you want. The original isn’t going away, just replaced by default.

    2. @Secret-chest
      Do you mean the mouse pointer? If so, just select a different pointer in System Settings > Themes > Mouse Pointer

    3. The default one. I know I can change it!
      Also, it should have a pointy tip, this one is too round, it needs to be more precise.

    4. You can change the mouse pointer by going to System Settings–>Themes–> Click on Mouse pointer tab and select DMZ–White or the other pointers you may like.

  5. First of all, thanks for all the hard work as usual. I’ve loved using Mint Cinnamon since about 2018! Just my opinion, and these are nit-picky things, but I’m not really fond of separating icon sets by light and dark. Maybe the system sets if you want, but I’d rather you leave the 3rd party sets alone. I worked around this by shortening the names from (Dark/Light) to (D/L) and they remain grouped that way. Also another observation, I always wished there was a scroll bar when choosing theme elements instead of having to mouse scroll through them all. Also, I tried (corner bar) but went back to (show desktop) because it’s bigger/easier to see to land on. Thanks, Mint Cinnamon is the best!

    1. “I always wished there was a scroll bar when choosing theme elements instead of having to mouse scroll through them all.” I second the motion. Scrollbar would make the window much more functional since there are so many options visible there.

    2. “I always wished there was a scroll bar when choosing theme elements instead of having to mouse scroll through them all.”

      Third. This was literally my son’s chief complaint lol. I was considering spawning a dialog because it is quite annoying having to rely on a mouse to scroll the options. A live preview, a la the qt theme editor would be a better option imo

  6. This is great! Thank you so much!

    Please use more modern icons, rounded ones. And don’t alter the icons (logos) of other software such as Firefox, let the icons be how they are. Thank you!

    1. As the “New Features” page says: try the Breeze, Numix, or Yaru theme, they don’t change the application icons 🙂

    2. I think rounded symbolic icons like font awesome look childish and unprofessional. Maybe only a bit, like the material design ones.

    3. Personally not a fan of any kind of ‘shape conforming’ icon set. For me it causes the same kind of problem that all-monochrome icons introduce- both color and shape are types of visual information that help to distinguish each icon and it’s purpose from the next. Icons are visual indicators and while keeping a visual identity is certainly something I too appreciate for the aesthetics, they should also be as quickly identifiable and unique as possible without breaking the shared aesthetic. I’d also voice support for native application icons in this regard.

  7. Thank you, I specifically like the incorporation of Flatpak applications into the update manager!

    This time, though, I’m not convinced all of the UI changes are an improvement. I liked the slightly subdued colors and find the new ones, even if now used more sparingly, a bit too intrusive. Also, the more sparingly they’re used, the less visible is the theme color overall. And, as at least one reviewer has already noted, too, the colored stripe on yellow folders looks like some status indicator, and he wasn’t sure what to make of it. It indeed looks like something that wants us to tell something, but doesn’t, and to me it seems that aspect doesn’t follow the rules of good design I otherwise have been glad to find implemented in Mint.

    1. I was excited until I found out about the drastic UI changes. Why? This is just a point release from 21 to 21.1, not a new release LM 22. So why change the UI? Please don’t go with the way of Ubuntu, Android, or Windows, and change the look and feel (and even sounds) of the UI we are already used to. For example phone upgrades are needed to get latest security and bugfixes for OS and applications, but who really appreciates a forced/unwanted UI look and feel change to their phone, or even laptop, atop the stock UI or whatever customizations you have already done. It reduces productivity. Do you know how much time it takes to make the UI look like you have already used to – if even possible any more? I liked the LM 21 look and feel and had just gotten used to it, even if it has had only minor changes since LM 17 over the years. Please, keep the look and feel, focus on the technology. Back in the day even calculator was simple and I knew the text editor is just gedit, but nowadays, the calculator is completely different and I don’t have a clue what to type into console to invoke the text editor – definitely not gedit. I am saying this because operating systems have some accessibility features for those that have eye problems or muscle control problems. But no OS ever has accessibility features for those who want to keep their old look and feel, for whatever neuropsychological reasons. Change is not good for some people. They like when things appear exactly as before, even if the underlying OS has technical improvements such as bugfixes and security fixes. Not everyone likes to be forcibly learning how to use new look and feel. Thanks.

    2. I agree with the new colours being too striking (to my taste). To my remembering stronger colours where going to be introduced a few years back, but because the feedback was negative, the decision war reverted. I’m glad there’s the option to change the colours. Another thing that at least makes me wonder is changing the font in Nemo to monospace. It looks somewhat ugly, and is more difficult to make out.

      Otherwise everything looks like an improvement to me. Again we can see how developers of Mint aim to create a system and a desktop that’s at the same time powerful, clear, easy to use and nice looking. Unfortunately many in the Linux world seem to think that powerful and easy to use are contradictory properties. Every new version of Linux Mint goes a few steps further in proving them wrong.

  8. Great work! Useful improvements and fresh new feel of the GUI. The latter took me by surprise, so I’ll comment a bit on it. The green default colour is gone but as you said, LM doesn’t need it to be Mint. Mint as a plant is easily associated not only with “colour’ but also with its distinct and refreshing taste and smell. And IMHO it’ s present in ‘Vera”. The new colours are the ones I always wanted. The cursor themes are a tasty novelty. On the other hand, I admire your care for those who prefer legacy icons and colour palette. The only thing that I don’t fully ‘get’ is the diagonal line on the folder icons. Pretty subjective, sure, but those lines may be distracting and make the space a bit cluttered. If you star folders or use emblems, there will be much stuff visible on the icons. I might be wrong of course. You removed the desktop icons, so simple folder icons would be more coherent with the neat desktop look you achieved. Or not? Anyway, I’m really gratetful that you are in charge of the project. Thank you and all the best.

  9. I upgraded to LM21 from 20.3 Cinnamon.
    I just verified that all updates have been received,
    but the new Driver Manager is NOT showing up in my install.
    does the “new” implementations require a Fresh Install?

    1. This is the beta for Linux Mint 21.1, not 21. There is no (official) upgrade method to this version yet. If you want to test the beta version you have to do a fresh install.
      You will be able to upgrade to LM21.1 when it is out of beta.

  10. I have to agree with the other commenters about the colored stripe on the yellow folders – this is the first thing I’ve seen when reading the announcement, and it struck me as distracting.

    I really like the improvements as usual, especially the new features, but I have a slight concern about the fact that the new theme was not announced whatsoever before now, afaik.

    When you changed the theme back in late 2021, changes were discussed at length in the blog and reevaluated based on user feedback, which wasn’t the case this time around.

    However, I hope the Linux Mint project continues to be open and communicate with its users in the future, as this is what made it so great ! Providing access to legacy themes doesn’t mean new changes shouldn’t be discussed with the users…

  11. Some pictures (.webp) looked bit odd on Firefox after unofficial upgrade. Problem was fixed by installing webp package.

  12. $ md5sum -c MD5SUMS | grep FAILED
    ./boot/grub/i386-pc/eltorito.img: FAILED
    md5sum: WARNING: 6 lines are improperly formatted
    md5sum: WARNING: 1 computed checksum did NOT match

    This should not produce any warnings or errors. You can have comments in MD5SUMS, but any lines which don’t have a checksum record must begin with a hash character; this includes blank lines. I know this is a minor issue, but it’s easy to fix and looks shoddy to be broken like this. It was broken in previous releases, too.

  13. Hello.
    First tried it 2 days ago but aborted trial due to PPA’s not importing correctly. Due to my astronomy programs, this is a big no-go. Apart from this, it looked awesome and worked as advertised.

    1. OK. This worked as a solution for now. Let’s see if that will be compatible with the permanent solution. For now not a lot on this subject is coming from the devs but, I am sure, they are busy with more urgent things for now.

    2. Hello. Yup… Problem solved by the devs as stated in the closing of the Github item.

  14. Mint is not Mint green anymore?
    . . .
    I don’t know if I can take this.
    Who the f* ordered that? This was Mint’s one trademark… Just to switch to win95 colors?
    Options are cool. Loss of identity is not.

    ps: Paying attention to polish on a .1 release is a good idea overall. But the age old mouse acceleration/sensitivity bug that every newcomer with a mouse will find will never be fixed anyway.

  15. I’m glad the legacy themes are sticking around, because I just can’t get behind the visual change beyond the mouse cursors. This looks… like a huge step backwards in cosmetics.

    This degrades the value of the user’s choice when it comes to colors and no longer places Mint’s signature green at the forefront. Instead, it copies everyone else’s defaults, rather than being what was distinctly Mint.

    1. I can’t agree with this more. Mint’s traditional green (especially the softer, olive-leaning green of the legacy themes) is not only a Mint signature, but a more inviting, warmer, “eathier” color tone than the stark, sterile cold blue that *so*many*other*operating*systems* use… I just cannot fathom why this change in defaults was made.

      Also agree with others re; the blue stripe on the folder icons; if it has a specific purpose (i.e.; signifying certain filetypes, “new” files, a folder that’s not empty, etc), it’s not obvious by any means. Otherwise it’s nothing but a superfluous distraction, which most certainly is not in keeping with the Mint devs’ conversation re; theming priorities/direction.

      And I also agree with others re; the default cursor’s lack of “precision” due to its blunt, rounded point. That, itself, is a backward step in the most basic functionality for but a tiny gain in “coolness” factor.

  16. hello ,i test this beta version ,bug present in vanessa not corriged : (i thinks : infinite loop or probably auto kill)
    descriptive and reproductive :
    sudo update-initramfs -u -k all
    W: initramfs-tools configuration sets RESUME=UUID=
    The initramfs will attempt to resume from /dev/nvmexxx
    Set the RESUME variable to override this

    for resolve i create in /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d new document resume with in RESUME=UUID= “uuid swap”
    I like this new version ! clear color and style=better lisibility good !….like black mouse too … 🙂
    good job ! thanks ! big thanks ! 😉

  17. ps :i read other post , i have a problem too with import key gpg , for resolve this i create in root new MISS directory .gnupg ….and problem key is resolved

  18. Uh the diagonal stripes on the folder icons and the bland desktop icon need more work in my opinion. Also I dislike the new default cursor. I know I can change it, but it is too opinionated and out of place for me. Good work nontheless and thank you for your hard work!

  19. These new vibrant accent colors are awesome, however i do believe that Teal or Green should be the default accent color in Mint. Now about those yellow folder icons…they feel really out of place, that combined with the blue accent colors reminds me of a certain propiatary os i left behind 7 years ago and dont want to be reminded of in any way, guys this looks bad, ive looked at those yello icons so many times already n still feel disgusted, i have even shared them with people to see if it was just me and the answer was the same: “thats not mint”, “looks like Windows Explorer”. Besides that thanks for all those other amazing feaures.

    1. Hi, I like yellow folders but I agree that default new green or teal folder color will be the best. The desktop is too ‘Microsoftish’. Green or teal won’t overwhelm Windows refugees. Mint is the best.

  20. Just noticed one other thing: The auto-maximize on reopen feature that acts against what I think should be recognized as users’ wishes is still enabled by default, which first was introduced in Mint 21 Vanessa, without an option to switch off except to enter “gsettings set org.cinnamon.muffin auto-maximize false” on the command line. Something that has annoyed more people around me, especially non-geeks which didn’t find that solution.

    If someone sizes an application window to somewhere near the screen size, but not actually to the full screen size, especially if the difference is only small, and if they don’t maximize it, either, both of which would be significantly easier than sizing it to near screen size, it seems wrong to me to assume anything other than that the user explicitly did *not* want the window to fill the whole screen. Why assume they want the window to fill the screen when re-opening the application?

    1. Pretty sure that’s because some applications don’t properly remember their maximized state and instead open near screen size the next time you launch them. At least that’s a problem on KDE, so I assume it might be linked. Probably a better solution would be for the WM to remember the state though.

    2. @Rob. S.
      This is just a curious observation, but what you’re describing sounds like the exact opposite of an old problem that Mint used to have (circa Mint 20.2 or Mint 20.3). In my use case, I used to encounter it on Update Manager usually. When I run Update Manager, I will maximize it if it isn’t already, run the updates, then close it while it’s still maximized. Then I boot LM on a different day, click the shield icon to check for updates, Update Manager will launch similar to the description you mentioned: the window size looks maximized, but it’s technically not maximized, and I have to click the maximize icon to make it proper maximized. At some point, this got fixed and Update Manager now opens proper maximized when I click the shield. Perhaps the problem you mentioned got introduced around the same time that the problem I mentioned got fixed.

  21. It’s a pity that now there will be yellow folders.
    It was the green folders and the green accent color that made Mint look great.
    Especially since Mint is green, so the minus is definitely, and let’s now change the name Mint to something else.
    And for the cursors plus, beautiful and modern.

    1. You can change the folder colours by going into System settings–>Themes–>click on Icon tab and select Mint-Y-Legacy

  22. I love the new accents and equally loathe the new folder icons. I’ve always hoped you’d improve the vibrancy of Mint-Y folders and the contrast of their overlays). Not a fan of the new cursor either (everyone’s a critic, eh?).

    Extremely happy with Mint (Xfce) overall but confused at these implementations.

  23. The yellow folders look pretty out of place. The icon design of other icons in Mint-Y have consistency but the folder icons look like a completely different icon theme compared to the old look and it just looks broken in my opinion.

  24. While I know some of the theme changes may make people unhappy – at least they can change what it looks like. Which means that more people may go to the Themes app to change it, but I think things are worse here.

    I think there are too many icon themes here – adding the new Mint-Y colour variants and the alternative icon sets makes the whole section overloaded. I’d be inclined to recommend them as an optional install – including one of the Mint set of icons (either Mint-X or Mint-Y-Legacy… maybe the new Mint-Y should be renamed Mint-Z?)

    It’s confusing to have the light icon packs listed first, then the dark ones (it seems like a bug at first, given that it’s not immediately obvious why the ordering is the way that it is). But the application themes don’t have the same light/dark ordering, so it’s a strange inconsistency.

    As far as I can tell, the new Mint-Y icon themes all appear to be the same colour (I couldn’t see the difference between variations). The Yaru icons also look very similar, such that maybe only one icon theme should be installed, with the rest available as an additional install.

  25. just installed LM21.1 to try it out to see if some of the reported bugs have been fixed, but alas at this stage they appear to have not be corrected. Looks like the same bug that was reported to Github, that when you hold down the left mouse button and hit the Super key, the menu pops up and you still can’t do anything with it. It will work if you hit the Super key again, which releases the menu and you can then scroll through it. I don’t know if it’s kernel bug, or a ubuntu bug or a mint bug. I hope it get’s figured out before the final release. LM21.1 doesn’t detect my wifi or bluetooth after the install and the updates whereas LM21 did…weird..

  26. The only issue I have so far is when using the Cinnamon edition, when you apply the Yaru or Breeze icon set. The “Settings” icon and icons within setting remain Faenza icons. They don’t change. I believe that isn’t the case with the Mate edition. It would also be nice if we had a Yaru and Breeze taskbar theme for the Cinnamon edition.

  27. I’v just loaded the 21.1 Cinnamon beta into a Virtualbox VM. All went well until I tried to run the Update Manager. UM started, but then hung – required a Force Stop to close it. Environment: Host unit: Mint 20.3 Cinnamon. Virtualbox 6.1.38 VM: 1 vcpu, 3G RAM. After rebooting the VM, I was able to run updates. The status icon in the right panel reported the VM was up to date, but the automatic restart of UM hung again. System Monitor reported the CPU pegged at 100%. The CPU dropped back to normal levels after another Force Stop to close UM. If more info would be helpful, please ask. After rebooting the VM, it appears to operate normally. As always, I truly appreciate the work from the Mint team ! ! !

    1. Further update: Next steps in load were to be installing some packages via Software Manager: vim, mc, gparted, gtkhash, etc. Ran into similar problems as w/ Update Manager – tool stops responding, CPU at 100%. Went to re-check Software Sources – selections were different than those I had previously selected. Re-do selections, re-try Software Manager. Got vim installed, vim-tiny removed, next search was mc, found Mc, but hung trying to bring up the install window. Left it alone for several hours – no change. Again needed a Force Quit to end it. I hope this is enough to help find & correct this problem.

    2. Yet another update: I switched to installing all the additional packages I needed using command-line: apt-get, apt-cache search, as needed. Every install attempted was successful – no hesitations, never pegged the cpu, all was normal. This seems to point to some issue in the Software Manager GUI interface.

  28. I think mint looking more modern is great. My immediate impression is the folders feel uglier than the previous to me personally, because they grab my attention too much, do they look better without the blue stripe on the corners? I also preferred the old template folder icon because the new looks like a shredder to me, makes me think it’s a trash bin. I have no doubt mint will look beautiful again with time, but I think maybe some small tweaking might be worth considering, I think what’s always been nice about mint is how cohesive it feels, and I feel like with this update some things are ahead while others still in the past, and it makes it feel a bit what is the word? Mismatched? Jumbled? Instead of its usual elegance. I like the new mouse cursors curves, I don’t like when resizing windows the colour it again grabs my attention too much and because I’m colour-blind and have difficulty distinguishing red from green it bugs me slightly, but I could live with it. Lastly, the folder icon on the taskbar I feel like it doesn’t fit with the Firefox and Terminal icon on the taskbar as well as the older icon did, might just be the blue stripe again. I love mint overall, and I’m sorry if it seems harsh or critical, but I wanted to provide my honest feedback, and I’m aware I can continue using legacy, the beauty of Linux, in choice. But I love the modern direction, it’s super exciting! I just wish maybe it was a bit more elegant like the old mint, the colour is maybe too flashy for me, I always appreciated the subtle elegance, I think maybe having the option of folders without colours stripe in the corner might be enough. I will continue using, and maybe the annoyances disappear with familiarity. Keep up the great work!

  29. Dear Linux Mint team! The new LM 21.1 is step forward compare to LM21 because the user can choice a dark border options style like Mint-Y-Legacy-Darker-Sand…
    Special for me Mint-Y is to to light for my eyes in Nemo File manager. That is the reason still to stay on LM 20.3 with Mint-X.
    In a forum in my country a local LM fans create a custom Mint-X border options style. You know they are a little gray in Nemo, but window border is black. The buttons Minimize / Maximize / Close can be different colour. It is a good thing, for the traditional users who like the old fashion way. Simply put, they mix Mint-Y border options style with Mint-X.
    Can you dear Linux Mint team please consider to create in final version default Mint-X-Legacy-Darker-Sand / Mint-X-Legacy-Darker-Red style…? Then I will not have a reason to stay on LM 20.3 and will use the cutting edge version. Thank you very much, Svetlomir. Greetings from Bulgaria.

  30. Having now compared LM 21.1 Beta with LM 21, the Beta feels more sluggish. The UI visual changes are quite radical, but at least most of them can be still reverted as the themes are installed. I really liked the previous paler green default color, the new default blue is OK as a color but it just is too intensive. It stands out a bit too much and yells at your face. Sadly, the other colours, including the greens, are just worse and stand out even more. The new sound theming feels just alien too, and the worse part is, the old sounds are not there to change to them. The startup sound is too dull, even if the previous sounded maybe a bit too bright. The volume change blip is too silent and has only lower frequency tones, it is easy to set the volume too high as the blip does not properly reflect how loud the volume really is. The original volume change chirp was maybe too loud and too bright, but at least you knew when the volume was loud!

  31. After a fresh install of 21.1 beta(vera) the installation went super smoothly …and this rev looks and performs really well!
    I ran command:
    USER@LM21-1-VERA:~$ sudo apt-get update
    Hit:1 jammy InRelease
    Hit:2 jammy-updates InRelease
    Hit:3 jammy-backports InRelease
    Ign:4 vera InRelease
    Hit:5 vera Release
    Hit:6 stable InRelease
    Hit:7 jammy-security InRelease
    Reading package lists… Done
    USER@LM21-1-VERA:~$ sudo apt-get upgrade
    Reading package lists… Done
    Building dependency tree… Done
    Reading state information… Done
    Calculating upgrade… Done
    The following packages have been kept back:
    xserver-common xserver-xephyr xserver-xorg-core xserver-xorg-legacy
    0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 4 not upgraded.


    1, Why are these xserver packages kept back.
    2. Would this be a suitable recommendation: sudo apt-get –with-new-pkgs upgrade
    3. Or finally… should I just be patient as vera is beta stage release?

  32. Well, after a few days of ccassional use of Beta I’d like to change my previous opinion on the visual changes in LM 21.1. I mean colours. Whichever icon set of the Mint-Y series I choose, I always get yellow icons. The accent colour on the thin diagonal strip changes, but it doesn’t really affect the dominant yellow. I can use other icon sets, I know. I like Papirus, it is installed, but it will always make my folders blue. I can modify the colour of individual folders, but the default is blue, I mean. Windows and Mac OS make choices for their users, don’t imitate them. Mint has made several steps to resemble Windows, but these are usability improvements and are welcome. Please don’t go Redmond where it means limitation and loss of identity. Mint is Mint. If your decision to use yellow folders is irreversible (I hope it’s not), then perhaps change the theme colour from blue to green, yellow and green look pretty good together.

    1. Agreed, Greg. I love the ability to change the full icon color to whatever I want it to be changed. My wife and I use the different icon colors to make it obvious at a glance to our not-so-great eye sight which folder is what. If we can’t do this in Mint 21.1, then this is a huge problem for us. Change isn’t always a good thing, when it removes functionality that people rely on! A little colored mark at the bottom-right corner isn’t nearly good enough. That said, is this functionality still supported by legacy theming? If so, then we can just use the legacy themes for now.

    2. Axel – Unfortunately, Clem closed that github issue with no acceptable resolution to our problem (in my opinion). 🙁

    3. To Mike F: As you said, different folder colours have practical use. They make folders visually distinct. Neither new Mint-Y nor Yaru icons offer much in this respect, the theme colour on them is hardly noticeable, at least to a cursory look. I respect Mint Team’s right to shape their creation as they want, in fact I’m happy there is a more or less monolithic experienced decision-maker, but I’m not sure what to do next, maybe I’ll install new icons. Legacy icons are still there in Vera as you pointed it out, but I like those new colours so much…. But c’est la vie.

  33. I loved it, and the option to have Papirus icons in themes, always used Papirus. Just one little thing would be perfect, have the Papirus folders for the system in the same refreshed new green color of Mint-Y. If it is possible, please, implement it.

  34. My impression:

    – It is not a good idea to break your corporate identity. Yes, I know one can adjust themes but that’s not the point.

    – There seems to be a focus on visuals (again) that I don’t understand. There’s plenty to fix and improve feature / technology wise.

  35. Will have a closer look at the beta the next days but first impression is quite good!
    Two small things are already on my wish list, though:
    1. Have you checked if you have finally removed the code-line that de-installs Gnote with every mint version update? I mean it is a bit of a running gag by now, but… you know… 😉
    2. Can we pretty please with sugar on top get a NORMALLY sized close button for the window bar again? This ginormous thing sticks out like a sore thumb (even adwaita-theme hides its colour shamefully away until you hover over it) + the icon does not look good compared to your other sybolic icons.

  36. Most of the new features are fantastic. The new Flatpak integration, Display Setting menu option and ISO stuff is awesome.

    However, the visual changes are odd, specifically:
    — Mono-spaced dates in Nemo (is there an unexplained utility to having this?)
    — The new sounds (they’re not charming like the legacy sounds are; will the old sounds be available still?)
    — The new default theme (why remove the green from an OS known for being green?)

    One of the most endearing parts of Linux Mint is its distinctive look and feel. And while it may not be _absolutely necessary_ to be green to be Mint, the switch to blue and yellow in Nemo seems arbitrary. Is something wrong with green? Paired alongside the more vibrant colors, the new look is reminds me of Windows 11, which is definitely _not_ most sexy. It may be trendy, but I’m not certain that correlates with good. The screenshots for the 21.1 Beta are much less recognize-ably Mint. The website will soon be greener than Mint itself. As Christian Hennecke wrote, it’s a break in corporate identity, and a baffling decision.

  37. In 20 version, there was possibility to
    Alt + Space
    and menu for window would be shown, than pres
    for close the window.
    Will this be implemented. Is the only reason I am NOT on 21 version yet.

    1. In vanilla 21, you can still display the window menu with ALT+space, but C does nothing. You can hit ESC though to close this menu.

  38. It would be wonderful if there was a Mint-X dark mode version. I’ve never been a fan of the boring, stale flat themes like Mint-Y or Windows 10 themes. It would be better if there were at least some shadows behind the flat elements (buttons, etc.), but it’s just all flat and plain and dull. Meanwhile, Mint-X is the best theme I’ve found for Linux. I love the subtle gradients and shading, the shadows on the inset text boxes, etc. But it doesn’t fully and properly support dark mode like Mint-Y does, which is frustrating when I want a really great dark theme and can’t find any except ugly flat things.

    1. Mint-X is a great theme. I am very happy that it is still included. I like Mint-Y as well, but I am partial to Mint-X. I hope it remains an option for years to come. Dark mode would rock.

  39. There are many great things to say about linux mint. Great job everyone!

    I have some constructive feedback

    I think you’re making a mistake switching away from the default green (or “mint”) as the default color. The blog says “We don’t need to look green to be Linux Mint. We’re Linux Mint no matter what”. But guys, make your logo blue and your website blue, and then I’ll believe that. Green/mint is part of the brand’s identity. If you really want to get away from that you might want to change the name of the distro and rebrand.

    Having Bibata as the new default cursor is objectively a bad idea. It is rounded and doesn’t come to a precise point, something a cursor needs to do. Your target has always been to be a classic desktop experience, so your default should be a traditional standard desktop cursor.

    Similarly, the Trash should remain on the desktop by default. People who don’t want the trash on the desktop know how to hide it. But non-technical people won’t realize how to add it back. If you really can’t stomach it being on the desktop by default anymore, then I have two possible suggestions: In the First Steps add Desktop Layout, modern or traditional. Or add by default a mac-like trash bin to the notification bar or panel, so that at least the user can see that the trash has been “moved” from the desktop to the bottom of the screen.

    I think that the corner stripe on the new folder icon is potentially confusing and that it is a bit of visual clutter.

  40. It’s nice and stable. Not a fan of the new look, sorry. Feels like a sixteen year old has been fiddling with my machine.
    If only there was a native app like kde-connect
    Nice work. Looks pretty ready to me

  41. I appreciate the new, handsome design of the mouse pointer. I don’t welcome however the new way of coloring the folders. You can’t barely see the differences of the folder colors as they are only visible onto the small slanted ribbon.

  42. Most of the comments are dedicated to the design theme. This is strange for me as I change ALL themes in Linux Mint after installation. That hasn’t stopped me from being a Mint fan for many years.

    1. I completely agree with Igor, but the abundance of comments focusing on the GUI may be an indication that hardly anything of significance is problematic with the beta – great!
      I personally check in here because I am interested in updates on the grub memory bug, but can only see one post about it.

    2. Igor, I agree to an extent. Yes, all these things can be changed. This *is* Linux, after all. That said, first impressions are extremely important, and we all want our favorite distro to have the best first impression for new users as possible. We also don’t want to lose functionality and accessibility, which some of these design changes affect.

    3. I make changes to pretty much all distros I try. All that was before is still there in System Settings. Thinking what Linux was 17 years ago when I first used it, I’m actually kind of grateful how easy it is to choose what icons and colors I want in a system that “just works.”

  43. Just wanted to pop in here and say Cinnamon looks great, the beta works well for me. Appreciate your system I have used for the better part of 10 years.

  44. I really appreciate the effort that has been put in refining the look of Cinnamon in this release, I find the changes well-thought and balanced – thank you LM team! However, I have to agree with the previous commenters that the color-stripe in the folder icons might add some undesired complexity in the view.

    Thinking of the new themes, would you consider an increase to the width of the taskbar applications highlight, in order to make it more square? Or make it configurable in the panel preferences? I also think that a slight increase in the padding between each highlight would give the taskbar a more balanced look.

    As a final thought, I recently found out a Cinnamon theme (Numix-Cinnamon-Semi-Transparent) that adds a nice transparency effect to the panel and menus. It would look amazing if it was merged with the colors and the clean elements of the new Mint-Y-Dark themes.

  45. Nemo/Edit Preferences/Default View/… Icon View Defaults, or Compact View Defaults or List View Defaults.
    When changing zoom percentages, it does not work as it should work. It can zoom the first time, then no more, or it just does not work from the beginning.

  46. What is happening of late around Warpinator? It was working – between various laptops and phones. Suddenly it starts having a fit over ‘Warpinator’ so we have a l-o-n-g household meeting, choose a new ‘code’ and now nothing sees anything anymore. Like no devices found, the end, amen. There is (still) no reset or rescan button in the UI either. We are back to running around exchanging USB sticks because it is less stress.

  47. I have tried the beta Cinnamon 21.1 on 3 machines all very different. Everything worked as expected for me. I was able to recreate a desktop I was happy with, though I do wish for scroll bars to move the window contents of the themes etc up or down.
    I know it sounds really weak this, but the green in the Legacy themes is actually important to me, I have used this colour as part of my office work space, backgrounds and a whole lot more. I am ok at the moment, and kinda knew this would happen eventually, but wish the shade was available in all of the new alternative icon and control themes too.

    I run a “Dark” Desktop setup. I do find that with multiple tiled windows open it is hard to identify which window has focus as there is only a change to the titlebar text. I would like to see the titlebar on background windows lighten say 20% to distinguish from windows with the focus.

  48. Hi Linux Mint team,
    I found two fault in the LM 21.1 beta:
    — Open two Terminal (or any) window
    — Drag window_1 the left of screen
    — Drag window_2 the right of screen
    In this case, window alignment is activated. Now…
    — Click window_2 (right window)
    — Increase the window size (dragging the left edge of the window to the left)
    Window_2 is shrinks (the bottom edge of the window pops up, the window size changes)

    — Click Sistem settings — Themes
    — Choose mouse pointer: DMZ-White
    — Now: open Disk application (it is a GTK header window, this is important!)
    — Drag the mouse pointer any corner or edge
    — Mouse pointer shape will change, will transform to original pointer shape, and not DMZ-White shape!
    — Drag the window edge: the mouse pointer shape will transform to DMZ-White shape.

  49. Although I value and appreciate the improvements in stability and functionality, I didn’t like the change in design and sounds at all. I think Linux Mint loses its essence with these new icons. The mouse pointer looks like the customization a teenager would do. In my opinion, the Cinnamon desktop, created by and for Mint, should focus on having the speed and adaptation to the new technologies of Gnome without incurring in that alleged simplicity of “take it or leave it”.

    In general, this new version doesn’t look pretty or practical for Linux Mint’s target audience: people looking for a conservative, functional desktop that doesn’t arbitrarily remove features like GNOME.

  50. при касании тачпада не загорается подсветка клавиатуры, загорается только при нажатии клавиш

  51. Hi guys. Fresh install Mint 21.1. Update Manager freezes while processing updates. I had try different download links and reinstall. I changed software sources via Synaptic and reload. Same result….

  52. Hello. Could anybody explain why the screen saver does not kick in at all, after being set ?
    Linux Mint Cinnamon 21.1

  53. One thing I assure you I will never do again is an in-place upgrade from LM 20.3 to LM 21.2 or similar version upgrades. Point updates in place? Yes…Upgrades? No.

    I will always do a clean install in the future. Not only was I forced to use Timeshift (I build clones) but I also was not advised to remove all unused kernels (63 of them) from 20.3 before attempting to upgrade. The entire upgrade process took 8 hours and 20 minutes of my valuable time and was loaded with user input dialog boxes in order to continue. I had to stay at my seat. I could have very easily done a clean install of 21.2 in half the time or less…! I noticed that most of the in place upgrade process as displayed in the terminal, was dedicated to Ubuntu dependencies and similar.

    I like LM a lot but LMDE is looking better every day. I have it loaded on another machine and find it to be far less “bloated” than the Ubuntu based distros of LM. I have a better appreciation of why Clem and some developers and users quietly promote LMDE. I agree with commentators on the LM blog who believe that the less time and resources spent on appearances and more time on fundamentals is the way to go. Focus on LMDE more….IMHO it’s the obvious winner of this in house LM/LMDE competition.

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