Linux Mint 20.3 “Una” Cinnamon released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 20.3 “Una” Cinnamon Edition.

Linux Mint 20.3 Una Cinnamon Edition

Linux Mint 20.3 is a long term support release which will be supported until 2025. It comes with updated software and brings refinements and many new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use.

New features:

This new version of Linux Mint contains many improvements.

For an overview of the new features please visit:

What’s new in Linux Mint 20.3 Cinnamon“.

Important info:

The release notes provide important information about known issues, as well as explanations, workarounds and solutions.

To read the release notes, please visit:

Release Notes for Linux Mint 20.3 Cinnamon

System requirements:

  • 2GB RAM (4GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 20GB of disk space (100GB recommended).
  • 1024×768 resolution (on lower resolutions, press ALT to drag windows with the mouse if they don’t fit in the screen).

Upgrade instructions:

Download links:

Here are the download links:

Integrity and authenticity checks:

Once you have downloaded an image, please verify its integrity and authenticity.

Anyone can produce fake ISO images, it is your responsibility to check you are downloading the official ones.


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun with this new release!


  1. The text at the start of the post reads “This is the BETA release for Linux Mint 20.3 “Una” Cinnamon Edition.” I think you meant STABLE.

    Thank you and all the team for your great work.

    1. Thanks, I can’t believe it, after checking all the links 20 times. The happy new year announcements also said 2021. Anyway, corrected and it’s out now. I need a drink and a good night of sleep I guess 🙂

  2. Re the first sentence, just spotted that as well. I think it’s the same typo for each new announcement. Anyway, great news and great start to 2022 🙂

  3. excelente parabens pelo otimo trabalho estou usando o linux mint como maquina principal desde o 19.2

  4. Did the upgrade from 20.2 last night, smooth as silk! Thanks, Clem and team, for another AWESOME release!

  5. Great release as usual, upgraded without problems to 20.3.

    Tip: I use EDS Calender Integration in Thunderbird to sync my calendar in the new Cinnamon calendar applet. Works like a charm.

    1. Quick note about the calendar: We’ll update the translations again to fix the date format (it’s fine in English but not in other languages where the format is different).

  6. Bug when upgrading from 20.2 to 20.3:

    My Firefox profile got partially reset and things like “studies”, Google and Amazon for a search engine, and other insecure settings were re-enabled/re-added! Why are Firefox profiles being modified upon upgrading, especially with some of the most annoying and insecure settings being reverted while other settings haven’t been?


    1. Hi,

      We’re starting a new partnership with Mozilla. It hasn’t been announced yet and doesn’t yet impact past releases. 20.3 got this update to Firefox during its BETA ahead of other releases. As part of the partnership we’re removing most of the changes we made to Firefox and moving towards a configuration which is in line with Mozilla’s defaults. Studies were disabled by us in the past, they’re enabled by default by Mozilla. Yahoo (or Startpage/DuckDuckGo) were default in Mint in the past, Google is default now with Mozilla.

    2. Clem,
      Will Firefox reset my settings every time a security fix gets released – e.g every couple of weeks?
      Will it be possible to have settings that retain their settings?

  7. Hi Clem!

    Thanks for this great release!

    Please make LDME systemd-free and please don’t alter the Firefox logo, keep it the original way.

    1. I would also love to have the option of sysv, and is it really necessary for mintupgrade to block deadbeef and it’s dependencies? They never cause a problem when always reinstalled after mintupgrade.

    2. Systemd controls too many aspects of the system. And it’s composed of a lot of code (millions of lines of code) so when we’ll wake up and realise that systemd is not as good as they advertise it (or turn into spyware), it will be too late to replace it, because many aspects of the system (including apps) will look specifically for systemd and will refuse to function properly.

    3. @John D
      >millions of lines of code…

      So is the Kernel but no-one complains. Most systemd components are optional. Distros don’t use them because they have to, they use them because they’re superior to the alternatives.

      >or turn into spyware

      It’s fully open source. Distros can remove anything they don’t like anytime they like.

      Systemd is the best thing that’s happened to Linux since the kernel because it helps unify the distros and create a single platform. An OS is nothing without applications and app developers cannot target Linux if every distro has different system components. Systemd is a work of genius (optional and yet indispensable due to its superiority) that’s helping to change Linux from 100 different platforms into a single platform and this is absolutely vital if Linux is ever to become anything other than an OS hobbyist’s toy. If Linux is ever to complete with Windows and MacOS on the desktop then systemd is vital to this. All we need now is a systemd of the desktop and a standardisation of system libraries with a guaranteed 10+ years of backward compatibility otherwise Linux is not a platform at all. Hobbyists can still tinker all they like because it’s all open source but we still need a single unified OS if Linux is ever going to succeed on the desktop.

  8. 20.3 Cinnamon is running since this morning on 2 laptops, no real big issues spotted! Thanks a lot for all the work and getting this release out so shortly after the beta.

  9. I upgraded (from 20.2 to 20.3) my primary computer a moment ago and so far so good. should be another solid release, like usual 😉

    I like the small things/tweaks so far (but this is largely why Mint is solid as they tend to keep the core look/function similar for a fairly long time as some might want more change but I personally like it like it is as it’s interface is simple and to the point and generally avoids change for the sake of change and even when it does it’s typically minor change, so it’s not a problem). like rounded corners etc on opened windows and stuff like Celluloid went from usual light-grey color to dark themed etc.

    p.s. but I had to remove ‘sticky’ and reinstall ‘gnote’ as the same thing happened when I upgraded to 20.2 from 20.1. but thankfully all gnote data is still intact, so no harm done.

  10. I’m new to Linux. For the past 16 years I’ve used Windows OS. I liked “XP” and “7” but over time have been disappointed in my choices being undermined. Now I’m told I must upgrade my equipment to use “11”. So I choose to use Linux Mint and reading the Linux magazine and whatever other publications are available I am learning this new desktop environment.
    I’ve worked with computers in various ways all my working life but became really interested when I bought the Commodore 64 in 1985 Since then I’ve upgraded to what I have today.

  11. I love Mint, but I wish an official KDE version would be resurrected. As of now I have installed KDE Full on top of Mint Cinnamon 20.1 and it works great. I am a little apprehensive of upgrading to 20.2 or 20.3 as this is my main machine for work.

    Thanks for all you do.

    1. Watch out for Baloo, the file indexing program for KDE. If you ever decide to remove KDE you might run into an issue where Baloo remains and continues to run all the time. I had this issue and the system would report my disk space getting low all the time. Baloo was virtually eating up hundreds of GBs if I left my system on for more than an hour. You’ll need to manually purge it.

  12. Tried upgrades (in VM’s) for Mint – went smoothly.
    However, even loading mint-themes-legacy gave only a restricted list of emblems.

    Will each future upgrade of Mozilla undo security settings I make, such as removing Google as a search engine and replacing it with DuckDuckGo?

  13. Hi Clem
    All working very smoothly on upgraded PCs, thanks for all your (and the teams’) hard work

    Do you have any idea as to when the 20.3 Edge ISO will be available? I have a new PCIe 4 NVMe drive and rather than clone my existing drive I thought I would do a fresh install, but need a newer kernel than 5.4

    1. Nigel ; if your in a hurry, you could always just download Mint v20.2 EDGE ISO, install it, update it, then upgrade to 20.3. but I think that comes with 5.11 kernel. but as long as your setup works on 5.11 kernel it will be good enough for you to run temporarily as support of that ends Feb 2022. or opt for 5.14 kernel that others mentioned in this thread even though it’s not available through the more typical way we install kernels on Mint, which is through ‘Update Manager > View > Linux Kernels’.

    2. Hello Secret-chest and ThaCrip

      Many thanks for the tips, will do as you suggest, my machine works fine on the 5.11 kernels then when support ends I will look to the later 5.13 or 5.14 kernels. Best wishes

  14. Great and smooth update as always!

    It’s been discussed to death already, but seeing it first-hand, I also have to lament the loss of Mint-Y-dark(er). I’m generally loving the new look, but it’s either too bright in some applications like Nemo while using Mint-Y or too dark while trying to work with emails using Mint-Y darker.

    Actually, Mint-X Controls combined with all the latest Mint-Y stuff looks about right to my eye in terms of comfort, it just looks a bit dated. For now it’s looking like I’ll be using the legacy themes, but a darker version of the new theme would really make Mint look fantastic!

  15. Made the update today, gone very smoothly.

    My laptop (XPS 13 – 9380) is venting a lot (most of the time indeed) since the update.
    Even with a low load.

    Could it be an issue ? How can I track this ?
    (I’ll be glad to avoid a fresh install !)

    Thanks Clem + the Team for all those efforts ! And keep going 🙂

    1. I have the XPS 15 and have not yet upgraded from 20.2. Could it be the new ‘library’ working in the background to catalogue all your documents? Is it still venting heavily after an hour or two?

  16. Runnig 20.3 on two desktops and 2 laptops without any issues.

    I notice that the Library tool (“thingy”) displays the content of some of my PDFs but some just show as a generic “PDF” icon. Can’t see why – they all reside on the same mounted disk and size of document doesn’t seem to be the issue.

    When I switch the Library view to LibreOffice Writer or Calc, there are no contents displayed at all.

    1. An update on the PDFs, they are all showing content now. Maybe there is some sort of background process that needed to run before all of them were thumbnailed. Still no views of LibreOffice documents yet, maybe that’s in the pipeline.

    2. Just to clarify re the LibreOffice documents. The filenames show up ok, just no thumbnail pictire

    3. All thumbnails require a thumbnailer program – sometimes this is included with the main application, sometimes its a special purpose program that only creates thumbnail images.

    4. For the moment, thumbnailing only occurs in the file manager or (usually) the typical programs that open a particular file type. So, in your initial case, you probably had never viewed those pdfs that weren’t showing a thumbnail, or had never browsed to them in the file manager. Perhaps in the next release we’ll get thingy to generate thumbnails as well if they’re missing.

      For LibreOffice, try installing libgsf-bin, which can thumbnail many office formats. We’ll probably end up having this installed by default eventually.

  17. For the Cinnamon Edge edition, the 5.13 kernel has many problems, not only the most recent version. All 5.13 crash on my 4700U and leave “static noise” like on old B/W TVs (5.11 works fine). There are quite some bug reports for 5.13 besides that one.
    However, 5.14 OEM (linux-oem-20.04d in Synaptic) does work properly, and it’s even an LTS kernel with support until 2025. Maybe it would make sense to use that as basis for Cinnamon-Edge instead of 5.13.

    1. I’ve seen the exact same thing with the 5.13 kernel on my AMD 4800H-based laptop. I had to go to the 5.14 OEM version as well. I agree that it might be a better choice for the Cinnamon-Edge version. Why not go with the most up-to-date kernel available in the repo, since it’s an Edge release?

  18. Thanks for the release Clem.
    Any plan to upgrade built-in kernel to latest version ? I’m checking and testing this ISO, it still use 5.4 kernel. Not 5.15 LTS kernel. Linux kernel 5.4 not running well on my desktop PC with latest ryzen CPU and AMD APU not work well. Can you make ISO with latest LTS kernel soon ?

    1. Ryan, install the oem kernel. there is a post in the forum.
      oem kernel 5.14.
      it work perfectly for me. and it is supported directly by Canonical.
      Give it a try!

  19. Happy new year for all the team of this great project. I tried twice to upgrade from mint 20.2 to 20.3 and experienced a problem on my Dell laptop: everything seems to be okay, but when I restart on 20.3, the configuration panel (and every configuration item) refuses to open. Another thing; when I want to upgrade, I can do it by two ways: in the upgrade manager, when all the files and softwares to be upgraded appear, and also in the mint update tool. I didn’t experienced it with the former updates of Mint 20 series. I will try tomorrow on my other computer to see what happens. Nervertheless, I’m very grateful of your precious work, waiting a little bit more to upgrade my laptop.

  20. Are you trying to make us sudden dead? That’s what almost happen when I rebooted adter the upgrade. You really think that this new Windows-11 mimicking theme is better? Fortunately I could recover the previous one from the Timeshift backup.

    1. You can install mint-themes-legacy under 20.3, and that gets you back the previous Mint-Y themes.

    2. It’s just more modern. And while I’m not nedccesarily a fan of rounded corners on windows, let’s be thankful for it not cutting window content. (it only cuts the top part with the titlebar). Also, to get the old theme, install the mint-themes-legacy package. Also, I use Adapta Colorpack (modified version of Adapta and Adapta-Nokto with more colors to choose from) theme. You are not forced to use Mint-Y.

    3. Doesn’t look like a Windows theme to me. Rounded corners have been a common thing for decades, even on Linux. The old Mint-X theme has them. I really don’t understand the problem. If you don’t like the theme, there are plenty of other themes that you can go find and install. There’s a bunch on the System Settings > Themes Add/Remove tab, there are some gtk themes you can install in the Ubuntu repos, or you can go to something like and find a bunch to install

  21. Mint-y-dark icons are working for GNU Octave 6.40 (installed using flatpak) but not working for GNU Octave 5.20 (installed from repository). Hopefully someone can fix that problem?

  22. It took only 24 minutes from I click Install Una on Update Manager to reboot and have the new upgrade. Great work.

  23. Clem
    I would like to know your opinion about all of gtk4 and libadwaita discussions. What is the plan for Cinnamon?

    1. Cinnamon has nothing to do with these things. They’re libraries that applications use for constructing their GUI. These will be included in Mint 21 since by then there will be apps that utilize them.

      At the moment we’re not planning on porting any of our apps to Gtk4, at least not in the short to mid-term.

  24. In omg-ubuntu I just read the following comment: “Snap is new technology. Flatpak is just a packaging method. I think AppImage is doing the job much better than Flatpak. Even packaging as a Docker image works much better than Flatpak. From my experience, Snap is the best, Docker is more multi-platform, AppImage is the most convenient from a user’s perspective, and Flatpak is useless.”
    My question is, why did Linux Mint decide to opt out of this technological innovation?

    1. > Snap is new technology

      New isn’t always better. Actually snap is only a year younger than Flatpak

      > Flatpak is just a packaging method

      Nope, it’s more than that

      > I think AppImage is doing the job much better than Flatpak

      In what way? I’m not saying it’s not and amazing tech, I’m asking for a specifics example.

      > Even packaging as a Docker image works much better than Flatpak

      Apples are better than oranges m8. Again, any specifics?

      0 usefull info

      PERSONALLY I try to not to use snaps for these reasons:
      1. It’s slow, research “snap cold start”
      2. it is partially proprietary, mainly the snapcraft servers backend where all snaps are stored, meaning if ubuntu goes dark it will be harder for you to work with it
      3. it is somewhat tied to ubuntu ecosystem meaning it is harder or even impossible to set it up on some systems, for example ones that do not support systemd
      4. It is enabled by default even on server version build of ubuntu (this is more of why I stopped using ubuntu on my servers). This is bad because mostly you don’t need snap on a server, and it being there not that much of a problem. Problem is it is running by default, meaning one might setup server, forget to disable snap, then some exploit is found and your server is compromised.

      I feel like there were more I forgot about but even those I listed are very bad

  25. Thanks to you guys for the new release! Only issue so far is the automatic replacement of Gnote in favour of Sticky. Not a big deal, since Gnote can be reinstalled without any loss of data, but still a bit annoying. As ThaCrip pointed out, it had happened before when upgrading to 20.2. Would be nice if this will be fixed.

  26. Very Nice Update!
    Especially calendar-applet and xreader tweaks are very nice!

    Would be nice if the next update would not stealthily de-install gnote, though.

    New window borders/theming are not quite there, yet imo:
    The light theme looks quite nice i will give it that but the dark theme distracts me massively with the combination of massive close-button and the harsh contrast. The visual difference in positioning of the button between regular apps and CSD apps makes it only worse. Add to that that the size of the new titlebar is simply a waste of vertical real estate. Since theming wise the rounded corners of regular apps are tied to the window border setting and the corners of CSD apps are tied to controls it unfortunately also makes it harder to freely combine with other theming options. Some tweaks may be advisable here.

    There also seems to be a small error with the display of manually assigned symbolic icons while using dark y-themes in nemo: they seem to appear only in dark instead of light.

    Aside from the cosmetic stuff a very nice update from a usability standpoint! You guys are awesome!

  27. Themes are not working well. CBlack border show some windows instruments and on the open window i have some ugly buttons yellow-green-red. Adapta-Nokto is black but on the open window is white. The left side of Nemo was black and now is sand. The old version was perfect! I didn’t expect such a problem.

    1. Mint Y Dark windows borders is missing, not the one from controls. I can’t understand why it was removed.

    2. This not the thing I’m talking about. When I open Windows Borders section I have six options to choose from: Adapta_Nokto, Cblack, Jade-1-Blue, Mint X, Mint Y, Windows 10. Mint 20.2 had Mint Y Dark which is missing now. New is Jade-1-Blue. Can you add again Mint Y Dark?

  28. THX a lot!
    what about the FF spell check? It works fine for English language, and only for English, even the system language is other. I found it works fine only on Gmail surface, but on other forums, including FB all non English words are underlined with red,

    1. Same problem with the dutch-spellcheck. At least 3 users have reported this problem on the dutch LM-forum. Indeed, easy to fix, just reinstall the appropriate dictionary.

  29. Thanks to the Linux Mint Team and Firefox, Mint 20.3 Rock’s ! I can not believe the speed that Firefox hits the internet ? Has anybody else noticed this ! Although I use Swisscows search engine and Script Blocker Ultimate, Going a little bit against the grain. Just love Hypnotix and the Web app’s Manager. Hope for some future improvement’s with Celluloid media player. Hope Clem enjoy’s his drink and a good nights sleep. Best wishes and cheers from NUM NUTT.

  30. Nice upgrade !
    Looks very modern en fast !
    Noticed the half-round corners on the upper side, loading apps looks much faster !
    Firefox is blasting over the internet … How they do that ??? Doesn’t matter, it works !

    Thank you, team effort !

  31. 5.14-oem-d fails to wake Zenbook AMD UM425 from suspend (s2idle), though 5.14 work fine on Manjaro, Fedora etc. Let’s hope you’ll make it right when it’s official.

  32. Kudos to the Mint Team
    smoothly updated to LM20.3 from LM20.2 on my Lenovo x230 laptop with Cinnamon & Linux kernel 5.4.0 92. No errors during the process or after reboot.

    However, the one big issue I am experiencing is that I am unable to launch the System Settings or System Info or Startup applications tasks in the toolbar from the bottom left corner menu. When I click on these 3 icons, nothing happens. No error messages either.

    Has anyone else experienced this system settings issue on Cinnamon ?
    Any idea where I can submit this issue to the team. Cant find LM bug tracker on github.

    1. Thanks for prompt response Clem. Command “cinnamon-settings” produces error message “no module named certifi found”.

    2. software manager confirms python3-certifi is already installed. Version is 2019.11.28-1

    3. Ah.. you might have a conflict between system python modules and user installed ones (via pip).. my guess is that your version of python3-requests is pip’s.

      Can you try to install python3-requests via apt?

      apt install python3-requests

    4. tried installing via apt install python3-requests but message stated python3-requests already newest version and would not install.

      1. Synaptic confirmed that python 3-pip is NOT installed.
      2. used Synaptic to successfully reinstall python3-requests.
      3. restarted machine but still unable to launch system settings.

    5. hi Junglans,

      Please start an issue on Explain the problem and include the error message about the module not being found. Also add the output of “dpkg -l | grep python” and “pip freeze” there. Once on github we’ll be able to troubleshoot and communicate better. We’ll follow up and find a solution.

      Paste the link of the issue here in case other people have the same problem.

    6. many thanks for your time & help with the issue Clem. Much appreciated.
      I will kick off the issue on github & link back to it here.

  33. Follow-up details on my above issue
    Other system functions such at System reports & System monitor & System Profiler are working fine. System reports states no problems found, there are no crash reports. Also. the system info tab displays what I would expect. All user applications seem to launch OK.

    I am able to launch system settings from the command line with cinnamon-control-center. This displays a partial systems settings gui with 4 hardware icons but am unable to see or scroll to any
    other system settings icons.

    1. I have se same issue. When I launch the system settings using the cinnamon command line, I see an all new plasma panel, completely different. Is it a conflict between gnome and plasma ?

    2. More about this, after more testing: in mintinstall, I can see that various plasma application are now installed, such as plasma-desktop, that I never installed by myself…

    3. Finally, I get this when running system info
      Système d’exploitation : Linux Mint 20.3
      Version de KDE Plasma : 5.18.5
      Version de KDE Frameworks : 5.68.0
      Version de Qt : 5.12.8
      Version de noyau : 5.4.0-92-generic
      Type de système d’exploitation : 64-bit
      Processeurs : 8 × Intel® Core™ i5-8265U CPU @ 1.60GHz
      Mémoire : 15,4 Gio de mémoire vive

  34. Hello, my Firefox Browser has the gap above the tabs. The tabs are below than end of display, and I have to brake earlier. Do you have any idea to repair it?

    1. Yup, mine too. There are gaps above tabs, on the sides of maximized window, and between taskbar and maximized window. Every time I click on the tab I switch to another app. Everytime I middle-click on the side to activate autoscroll I switch to another app.
      Borderline unusable behaviour. Only in Firefox though, other programs are fine, including Telegram and Chrome (they ignore system windows and use their own decorations).

  35. Hi Clem,

    thanks for 20.3. But how can I prevent my Firefox settings from being changed. I have optimized the settings over the years effortfully (about:config). I do not want to start from scratch again. Until now I thought that I can rely on my settings not being changed in Linux. So far I was enthusiastic about Linux Mint. Now I am very pensive. Can you help me?

  36. Hello, and thank you for this release.
    I just want to ask here first before creating a new issue in github, to make sure it’s a bug and not a “hidden feature”. I noticed that in this new release (20.3) in nemo (5.2.3) when video file is highlighted and when I press “ESC” button, it plays a video in “nemo preview”, just like after pressing “Space” button. Same, with images and text documents. In other words, ESC button acts like Space button. This “feature” wasn’t included in previous releases. So this works like it should be or this is a bug? If this is not a bug, how can I disable ESC button to not open file in nemo-preview? (I want to open files in nemo-preview just with Space, not with ESC button).

    P.S. I did upgrade from 20.2 to 20.3

    1. Before upgrading to 20.3 I did a backup with Timeshift, so now I rolled back to 20.2 and did a new upgrade to 20.3 and this time everything works fine. Perhaps something went wrong while I upgraded the first time. The important thing is that now everything works fine.

    2. Oops. Pressing the SPACE playing starts but I got a green screen (sound is OK). What can be wrong? /Opening in VLC the video is OK./

  37. In 20.2 I was able to customize animations to look more “premium” than the default ones (I work as a UI developer so I have some knowledge about this). Configuring effects is not possible anymore and the default animations are not very good, there is no easing on the animations or anything that feels unique like in MacOS or Windows 11. I hope this gets improved in the following iterations. I know it sounds like this is the less important thing to improve but this is important for normies, gamers and other kind of users coming to Linux in the future, it should not feel as a cheap OS because is not.

    1. It absolutely is important.My heart sank when I found out about this. I had those set up in a way always made me smile, because the animation speeds in cinnamon and gnome I’ve always found too quick and jarring. I know the system was a little odd and cumbersome but there are very few tools that I know of that let me slow down the animations. That was my favorite thing about cinnamon.

    2. The effects downgrade is disappointing to me also :(. Do anybody know a hack or tool to have the old effects on windows open/close minimize/maximize come back?

  38. I successfully upgraded to Linux Mint 20.3 from 20.2 both Cinnamon and MATE DE and I found it amazing as it worked like a charm! Great job as usual and without any delusion as well!

  39. Congrats on the release!

    Liking the visual changes made in this release. A great step in right direction !

    I really really hope that these next additions could be considered for a
    visually great out of the box experience:

    1. Change tooltip color away from gold
    2. Update color pallet to something like the Mint Yz theme for accent color spots
    3. Way better looking icon theme like Tela, Kora, Marwaita Remix or something else…

    Thanks for all you do!!

  40. Hi LM team,
    Got my hands on 20.3 and it works like a charm. I really appreciate the new theme icons. I have a few less minor issues so that is appreciated. I still have the issue with the menu taking mouse priority rather than keyboard ( but maybe Mint 21 will help with that. A part from this point, to this day, I have a nice look and feel. Great job and many thanks !

  41. Hi.
    Something strange happens to me when using Calendar-applet.
    I click on it and select one day and appears an icon saying no events. This is OK. Then I click oi it and appears the calendar. OK. I insert a date. OK. I close Calendar. In calendar-applet appears the little dot and the event. OK. I click again the date from calendar-applet and Calendar appears again. OK.
    I delete the date from Calendar and close it. The calendar-applet shows no little dot. OK. BUT when i click on that day the icon with no events does not appear and I cant put a date again from it. I have to restart LMint to make it appear again.
    Another annoying thing is that when I create a date from Calendar, close it, open it again and delete the date, the little dot remains in calendar-applet. It dissapears when restarting LMint.
    Sorry by the puzzle writting, but calendar-applet in my laptop seems as if it has no quick refresh.

    1. Restarting LMint in my laptop makes calendar-applet refresh ok.
      I have now installed Edge stable version from Micrsoft page and it goes a little more sweet than Firefox.
      Nice to see this working fine on LMint.

    2. Just to be clear, after rebooting, the calendar issues aren’t there any more? Thanks

  42. La recherche sur le contenu des fichiers reste lente et décevante. Elle pourrait être améliorée à l’aide d’une indexation en arrière-plan (éventuellement facultative), comme le propose par exemple le bureau KDE.
    Est-ce que c’est une option envisagée pour une prochaine version ?

  43. The search on file contents is still slow and disappointing. It could be improved with background indexing (possibly optional), as for example the KDE desktop offers. Is this an option for a future release?

  44. Hello Clem and team and the Beta-Testers,
    Thank you for the upgrade. Worked as a charm – as always during the last years.
    My five years old Lenovo notebook won’t be upgraded to Win 11. I don’t want to comment this remarkable development. Given that background it is soothing to know that I can rely on Linux Mint.
    I wish you all the best for 2022.
    Kind regards.

  45. I just did a fresh install and on the first update via Update Manager, it’s stuck on “Checking for Cinnamon spices”. It’s been more than 10 minutes wait and not sure if it will ever stop checking. I’ve had the same problem on previous releases where it takes a minute or 2, checking for cinnamon spices but this time, on 20.3, it’s as if it takes forever to wait.

    Is there a way to disable checking for cinnamon spices on Update Manager?

  46. Update went like a charm.
    I have a problem with Firefox now. The browser is constantly asking for my primary password. When I enter it and click “ok”, it nevertheless keeps on asking (yes, I do enter the correct pw, double-and-triple-checked).
    nvidia seems to be quirky again. As I started my machine today after a suspend, the monitors stayed black, i.e. no signal had woken up the monitors. Had to power off and on again to get the monitors to work.

  47. Dear LM team,
    I want to thank you once again for the great work done for this update. I did it and the update ran smoothly, the system runs very stably and beautifully.
    As a user, I can only say that I love the way to update a system keeping the setting made on it, and above all the installed applications run without any problem.
    From a productivity point of view, this is something that not all Linux distributions can offer.
    Good job. Thanks

  48. Linux Mint 20.1 HWE Kernel 5.13.0-22 on ASUS TUF FX505DY-WH51 Laptop(Ryzen 5 3550H/Vega 8 Integrated graphics and Radeon RX560X(Polaris) Discrete mobile GPU)

    ubuntu-drivers-common (1:0.9.0~ focal; urgency=medium

    [ Jeremy Szu ]
    * ubiquity/target-config/31ubuntu_driver_packages:
    – Install nvidia-prime in eariler stage (LP: #1943816).

    This update does the same thing that Kernel 5.13.0-23 does to the laptop and I’m using Linux Mint 20.1 currently and once again after installing “ubuntu-drivers-common (1:0.9.0~ focal” update the Laptop is not getting into cinnamon desktop or even past bootup.

    The Ubuntu source and Linux Mint downstream from that source appears to be becoming unstable for the ASUS TUF FX505DY-WH51 Laptop and it’s Ryzen APU(Zen+ 3000 series) with Vega Integrated Graphics and Polaris Discrete Mobile GPU.

    Once again I’ve had to revert after getting into recovery mode to get the laptop working sans 3D acceleration this time and really I’m concerned about Ubuntu’s/AMD’s support for older Ryzen APUs and Laptops with Polaris Discrete Graphics.

  49. Thank you for the new version! Though I will not be making the upgrade not before the next weekend. I have got work to do.

    Now with rounded corners on the widgets? I hope you do not get sued by a certain fruit dealer for that. 😉

  50. Hi.
    I am very fond of LM and want to thank you for your work.
    However in LM 20.2 Uma there is a annoying defect:
    LibreOffice Impress: Existing documents cannot be opened nor can new documents be created.
    Another minor error concerns the find-function of nemo:
    The button to start does not work. Enter works all right

  51. The whole point of going to mint was to get away from them, having 24/7 surveillance, tracking, listening, controlling our mic, camera, but you just handed them the keys by signing a contract, and resetting to defaults, Every one is falling in line lock step and betraying the people, and you fools are like yeah thats great, Give a contract to firefox, snaps and flaks, ETC. The 3 letter watchers are recording every key press, mic camera and you think its they are off, thinking your behide a vpn, or mint is doing your best interest. LOL Now I be on their list. go back old school people, install offline, only install bare min, no bloatware, install for your computer, not a OS thats made for everyone. Might as well be using Windows.

    1. Well go on then, stop using the 100% open-source browser and go use Windows instead. You’re literally making a case for Free Software with this argument. Everything you’re afraid of can be checked and verified with Firefox, not so much with Windows.

  52. Linux Mint 20.1 ASUS TUF FX505DY-WH51 Laptop(Ryzen 5 3550H/Vega 8 Integrated graphics and Radeon RX560X(Polaris) Discrete mobile GPU). [New Kernel Build Arrives fixes all issues related to laptop]

    Linux HWE Kernel 5.13.0-25 appears to have fixed all the issues on the ASUS Tuf FX505DY-WH51 laptop that appeared with the kernel regressions(Kernel 5.13.0-23 HWE). Happy Happy Joy Joy and all is well on AMD Ryzen APU/Vega integrated graphics and Polaris Discrete GPU based laptop. Updated my ASROCK Desk Mini X300 as well(Ryzen 5 3550H/Vega 11 Integrated graphics).

    1. 5.13.0-25 still has the graphics crash bug on my 4700U with iGPU only, like all of the 5.13 series.

  53. Correction——————————————————————————————————————————-

    Updated my ASROCK Desk Mini X300 as well(Ryzen 5 3400G/Vega 11 Integrated graphics).

  54. my computer keeps disconnecting from the internet, my other computers work fine, this problem is related to 20.3. the computer can be browsing or sitting idle. the computer stats are blow:

    Kernel: 5.13.0-23-generic
    Laptop System: HP product: HP 250 G7 Notebook PC
    Dual Core model: Intel Celeron N4000 bits: 64
    Intel UHD Graphics 605 vendor: Hewlett-Packard driver: i915
    Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet
    Realtek RTL8821CE 802.11ac PCIe Wireless Network Adapter

  55. 06h30 South African time, just did 20.3 Una upgrade in less than half hour, no apparent issues. Show me any version of windoze that can do that!

  56. Hi Clem,

    Is there a reason the lower corners of the windows don’t have the same rounding as the upper corners? It looks kind of inconsistent and weird. I’ve heard others commenting this too.

  57. Hello, this probably is not the right place to ask those questions, but I’d like to inform you (and other people that may read this). After upgrading from Mint 20.2 to 20.3, my mariadb-10.3 instance doesn’t start anymore with the following error:
    mysqld: Can’t lock aria control file ‘/var/lib/mysql/aria_log_control’ for exclusive use

    The file doesn’t seem to be in use of any process, mysql is also not running. I’m not sure if this problem is caused by the upgrade, but it’s weird that this problem began after the upgrade according to the syslog. I’m still investigating for a solution.

    Thank you very much for the upgrade nonetheless. Mint became my favorite distro and I’m using it for three years now.

  58. I moved from LUbuntu to get more international keyboards and spell checkers. Fine! But sound on Linux Mint, Cinnamon or Mate, is interrupted every couple of minutes, by a DeDeDeDe noise. It happens with U-tube, podcasts, Zoom, playback of files on hard disk, recording from microphone or via amplifier. On the blog I found a recommendation to change settings in daemon.conf and client.conf. This did not help. I am considering using L-Mint on 1 partition for correspondence, and LUbuntu on the 2nd for audio work.

  59. Why oh why do wannabe-designers (or programmers) think they must change the color scheme the user is using. Took me a while to get my old Nemo colors back again (could not remember where to put the gtk.css). Guys, don’t do that anymore.

    Fix bugs or add new shiny features but don’t think you know better what design the user has to use.


    Beside this: the new release is amazingly robust, works perfectly – good job!

    1. I did an upgrade from UMA (20.2) and all my color schemes and other preferences have remained the same, as they have for the most part with all previous upgrades. I’m thus assuming you did a fresh install (maybe in a virtual machine) which has caused unnecessary distress to you. I have upgraded MInt multiple times without hitches on admittedly ancient machinery (3rd gen i5 and Core 2 Duo laptop). I believe Mint Cinnamon to be the best alternative to that other piece of junk that keeps changing everything, never mind just colors.

  60. HI Clem. Thanks for your work! I have a problem with the scanner drivers of HP Laserjet Pro MFP M26nw. The Team solved me the problem in Mint 20.1 but not in Mint 20.3 and in Mint Lmde.
    Is it possible to solve it?

  61. Hi,
    thank you very much for this release, it was super-easy update and the new theme is beautiful!

    One question: Is it possible to force dark mode for certain apps? For example light title bar with dark Visual studio doesn’t look good. Thanks!

  62. Not a big problem for me, because I am not using often this feature, but in Nemo opened a folder containing mp4 videos made by smartphone and select one “vertical/portrait” ( I mean it’s height is higher than it’s width), then pressing SPACE –> Cinnamon or whole system freezes – I can only pressing Alt+F(x), and reboot the system from the new screen. There are no problems with “landscape” videos made by the same smartphone. Did anyone noticed this problem or this happens only on my system?

  63. Thanks Clem and Mint team. 20.3 installed beautifully on my Dell laptop. Great OS as always. But I had a few glitches with an MSI Bravo 15 installation. I’ve managed to get it working but I think I should file a bug report. For one thing I can only get it all working with kernel 5.8 which is soon not supported. I logged an issue on the Cinnamon Github account but was told I should rather log it under Ubuntu Kernel. Is this correct? Seems a bit odd for a Mint user to log a bug on an Ubuntu list and I don’t want to irritate them.

    1. Hi Nathan,

      If it’s Mint specific it might waste their time and irritate them. If it’s upstream and it affects Ubuntu as well, you’re helping them as well by reporting it. The best way to know is to quickly check with Ubuntu to see if it happens there as well. When it comes to kernels though, in general it’s the same in both distributions, the issue is very likely to be upstream.

  64. hallo clem
    möchte sie gerne finanziel untstützen wie kann ich dies tun
    bin seit 1 Jahr nur mehr mit linux mint unterwegs nie probleme damit gehabt. keine systemupstürtze.
    dieses betriebsystem tut das was es tun muß danke für dieses tolle betriebsystem
    bei meine neuen lenovo notbook läuft linux mint 20.3 jetzt habe nur die meldung grafigkartetreiber instellieren obwohl ich dies schon gemacht habe. vielleicht verschwindet diese meldung irgenwann nach ein update.
    musste die letzte 3 monate auf manjaro mit cinamann obfläche ausweichen. aber dies ist nicht mehr notwendig. da ich jetzt nach gafiktreiber instalation das system nicht mehr hochfährt.
    wie schon geschrieben nur noch mehr die meldung (Grafiktreiber installieren obwoh dies schon gemacht wurde und auch aktiv ist)
    danke für ihre tolle arbeit

  65. Hi Clem and team,
    thank you for making my computer life so much more joy since coming from Windows XP +10 years ago.
    I’m happy to see the EDGE version of Mint 20.3 being uploaded to the mirrors. Never needed it before but my new hardware is not fully supported by kernel 5.4.
    I know the documentation on edge ( but can you or someone else please explain if there are further differences between 20.3 and 20.3 edge than the default kernel which could also be activated via update manager in non-edge 20.3?
    Thanks again. :o)

    1. Hi Robert,

      That’s the only difference. Some people with newer hardware can’t boot the LTS kernel so they couldn’t install Mint without this EDGE ISO.

  66. I just installed Linux Mint 20.3, but I went with the Xfce desktop instead of Cinnamon. Installed it on my old Dell Core i3 laptop with 16gb of RAM and a 1tb SSD. Wow! It’s fast! Another thing I like about Linux Mint, it’s just about the only distro that supports my Wifi adapter out of the box with no hassles. Another winner from Linux Mint! I’m gonna donate another $5 torwards the cause.

  67. Hi Clem, thanks for one more great release!

    Introducing planned design changes in “Monthly News – September 2021”, you proposed to drop using color inversion for selection in larger widgets. You specifically mentioned Transmission, were UI becomes unreadable when inverted. But it still looks the same in Mint 20.3. Could you elaborate a bit, why did you change your mind?

    One more question. Ubuntu Desktop has switched completely to HWE kernels:
    What do you think of doing the same in Linux Mint? What are pros/cons?

  68. I know im late to comment here but, Have you guys given up on Cinnamon’s fancy past ?
    It seems like the cool interesting stuff on the desktop environment has stagnated for a few years. Im not even talking about GTK4 or Wayland buzzwords. More simple stuff like having a new Scale /expo feature that isn’t the same one from many years ago which needs some polish to begin with and could function more like gnome with nice round edges and better less stutter’y performance. Then there is a menu called ‘cinnamenu’ it’s way better than your default one [everybody uses it] that should be standard. What about tiling support ? There is a neat gnome extension for this: it’s simple and works much the same as PopOS tiling, not to mention that KDE now has ‘bismuth’ tiling extension:
    Any more new effects ? that area seems fairly the same for years now. Speaking of effects, i recently ventured into KDE land and was amazed to find that wallpaper engine on steam works through KDE! But even so, animated wallpaper extension has worked successfully for years and is great (there are others like blur background on focused windows) . Windows 10/11 has all this stuff now, they are watching what people on r/unixporn are doing im guessing. Speaking also of Blur, KDE / Wind 11 has blur everywhere if you want it, on the terminal looks great! some of us nooby linux folk kind of like that flashy stuff.

    The best thing about cinnamon is that it is not Gnome or KDE for either over complex or too limited, but these both have some neat features that could be ported to make cinnamon the best desktop environment.

    Yea i want more flashy stuff, 🤣 cinnamon used to be up there with the best at this 👍

    1. No reply but a supplement

      I am grateful for the activities of the LM team and the associated community because most of them contribute for free. I contributed last summer to the German translation of Cinnamenu and it was a significant amount of work to achieve quality in that area. Given that experience I don’t agree with the choice of words by Cinnaman which is inappropriate with respect to the engagement of the volunteers.

      Nevertheless some of his statements touch aspects that I would subscribe: I notice that LM lacks some standard functionalities, e.g. the ability to show the entered password for correcting typing errors, the “Send per mail” in the context menu of Nemo/xreader/xed/snipping tool. In addition to that the snipping tool and xreader don’t possess the functionality to mark parts of the picture / text. All examples have common that the aforementioned functions would enhance the individual productivity. These are some examples and yes, the tiling extension looks very promising at first glance.

      I would be pleased if the above-mentioned considerations would lead to a critical examination of existing development plans.

    2. Because it is Cinnamon, and KDE is KDE, and so on… If Cinnamon became as KDE, it maybe will be fun, but.. what for two “KDE”-s?
      Anyway You can try themes, and there are also some effects, disabled by default, go to settings, see them…
      (BTW the only thing is miss, that the active windows is same as others inactive. Maybe a separate colored borders or a colored line in upper region somewhere is would not be bad)

  69. Clem,
    Everything works great. Thanks a lot! I very appreciate your job.
    Is it possible to develop original mint system monitor applet for cinnamon? Of course, the existing ones isn’t bad (i like one made by orcus). But, you know, something with additional functionality. Right click opens menu for shutdown, restart, sleep etc. Kind of sysinternals’ process explorer. Just an idea.
    Thank you once again.

  70. During upgrade with mintupgrade I have seen some warning messages about errors of deleting old directories. (They was not empty). Is there a log file somewhere, to check for them?

  71. First of all, thanks for the new version!

    My fresh installation of LM 20.3 Cinnamon went without any problem but after changing the video driver to the recommended Nvidea-340 (340.108-0ubuntu it become unusable. The system stands up correctly, I can log-in and a cursor appears but after a while the screen begin to flickering and you can’t see anything anymore.
    My video card is: Nvidia C77 [Geforce 8200]

  72. my computer keeps disconnecting from the internet, my other computers work fine, this problem is related to 20.3. the computer can be browsing or sitting idle. the computer stats are blow:

    Kernel: 5.4.0-94-generic
    Laptop System: HP product: HP 250 G7 Notebook PC
    Dual Core model: Intel Celeron N4000 bits: 64
    Intel UHD Graphics 605 vendor: Hewlett-Packard driver: i915
    Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet
    Realtek RTL8821CE 802.11ac PCIe Wireless Network Adapter

    i changed the kernel several times and some kernels wont give me internet after it fails and other kernels just keep disconnecting giving me a massage connection failed, i have been working on it all week and have no idea what to do

    1. i solved the problem by doing a clean install of 20.2 and then doing a full back up and then doing an update to 20.3. no problem with the wifi after that

  73. Error:
    Does not update Grub after installation. Stuck with the GRUB screen after reboot.
    Still trying to figure out how to manually tell GRUB where drives and files to boot are 🙁

    Clean OEM Install. Dualboot-system. Grub 2.04. The second drive (Windows) was removed during installation.
    Sames procedure worked flawlessly a year ago with installing Cinnamon 20.1 (20.2? , not sure) with identical hardware setup.

  74. Hello Cem,

    Thank you for the “Fit image to window width” icon in Pix! Perfect! Also, would it be possible to show Pix’s status bar in thumbnail view and auto-hide it in image view? And it would be good if the filters for “HEIC/HEIF” formats could be taken into account by default when installing Mint 😉 Thank you for Linux Mint !!!

  75. Unfortunately, version 20.3 of mint gives me system freeze problems or crashes. The crashes are random and have made me go back to version 20.2 more than 3 times, I’m on version 20.2 with firefox 96 without problems, but quite the opposite when I tried it in the new version

  76. Relatively new to linux and tested a few distros, this is by far best choice. Install smooth, no panic moments, drivers intact with all the preferences. (or did i miss something on the the install, joke) You guys put some serious work into this project, thanks–

  77. Is anyone else with a Ryzen laptop with integrated APU experiencing issues? 20.2 things worked fine, but on 20.3 I get a popup saying that I don’t have any Graphics Drivers. Is there a bug with the new linux-firmware package or something? I’ve tried several different kernels and tons of kernel command line arguments and can’t get it working so far.

  78. Too bad you don’t have a them with everything white but black border for example. Everything’s either white or black….nothing in between 🙁

  79. Upgrade painlessly fast and smooth 20.2/20.3 ( five minutes ?), Lenovo ntb, there is everything sharper on a screen. No problems so far, programmes well running. ( Last upgrade into 20.2 troubled ). THANK YOU !

  80. Hi
    In LM 20.2 Uma access to iPhone is unstable. Sometimes it works, sometimes the access is denied. Just before and after the latest update of the Kernel the pix importer cannot access anything. However DCIM can be accessed.

  81. Hi! I upgraded my Mint MATE 20.2 to 20.3, the only problem I had after upgrading is that some software don’t start anymore, for example Stremio, Zoom, Microsoft Teams.. They were installed via Software Manager, I tried to remove them and reinstall them (via software manager) but it didn’t work; solution has been installing them with another kind of package (I went on their website and downloaded the deb package instead of Flatpak).
    Is this a known issue?

  82. I upgraded today, but now many applications are using dark mode. How can I switch to light-theme as the default for applications?
    I can change the window bar to light mode in the “themes” by choosing “Mint-Y”, but for me this does not change the behavior of other applications, even after restarting the system.

    For example, if I run xed it starts in dark mode. In the settings I can set it to dark mode, which does nothing, but turning dark mode off, will turn xed into light mode. This change however is lost after restarting xed.

    I can start xed with Mint-Y by starting it like this from the command line
    > GTK_THEME=Mint-Y xed
    This starts xed in light mode, except for the title bar, which remains black. After switching dark mode on and off in the xed settings also the title bar will change to light mode.

  83. Поставил mint на ноут и на новый компьютер, не нарадуюсь! Спасибо за отличную и удобную ось!

  84. Hi there,

    Recently I have purchased a new laptop Asus Zenbook UM325UAZ and by default it comes with Windows OS. I installed Linux Mint (the latest version Cinamon 20.3 Ura) but I am facing with lot of issues. CPU usage to high, keyboard and touch-pad sometimes not working or needs to be rebooted. I did a research in forums that upgrading kernel from 5.4 to 5.13 will fix the issues but it fixed only the WiFi which didn’t worked with default kernel that comes with Linux Mint 20.3.

    Does anyone is faced with these issues? Or when will be ready new version of kernel that will fix all these issues?

    In below are technical specs of my notebook:

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