Monthly News – July 2021

Many thanks to all our donors, sponsors and partners and all the people who are involved in helping our project and our community. We received 380 donations in June and more than 500 in July. Not only do your donations help us  they constantly remind us you enjoy our work. On top of your feedback and support messages this is an amazing source of focus, pride and motivation for us.

Linux Mint 20.2 “Uma”

Linux Mint 20.2 was very well received. Over at ZDNet, Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols said:

The years go by, and I keep trying one Linux desktop distro after the other. But for more than a decade now, I come back to Linux Mint. Why? It’s simple: Year in and year out, Mint remains the best, easiest-to-use Linux desktop. That’s the case again with the latest release, called Linux Mint 20.2 “Uma.”

We were delighted to see your reactions here on the blog when you started to use some of the new features. The search functions and the bulk renamer in particular proved to be very popular.

The upgrade path was opened shortly after the official release and a few weeks later the new features were ported towards LMDE 4.

We also took the opportunity to provide some of the improvements and bug fixes from Linux Mint 20.2 to 20 and 20.1 by backporting the latest version of the following packages: folder-color-switcher, gnome-online-accounts, hypnotix and youtube-dl, lightdm-settings, mint-themes, mintbackup, mintdrivers, mintinstall, mintlocale, mintreport, mintstick, mintsystem, mintupdate, mintupload, nvidia-prime-applet, warpinator and yelp.

The next development cycle is now open and the next target is Linux Mint 20.3. It is planned for Christmas 2021.

New website

When our current website was revealed it looked amazing. It did, people loved it, but that was in 2008. This was 13 years ago. The first thing people say when they see it nowadays is that it looks old and outdated. And they’re right, it is exactly that, old and outdated.

Although it was interrupted by the release of Linux Mint 20.2 work continues on a new website.

The new website will have a new look but it will also feature an adaptive layout, work well on any device, present information in a modern way and focus on what most visitors expect to find when they first browse it:

  • What is Linux Mint?
  • Why use Linux Mint?
  • How to install it?

With the stable release just behind us the timing is right and this project is given more focus.

If you’re talented in graphics design, UI/UX design, web design or even artwork in general get in touch with us. This project is hosted on github at and you can also get in touch with us directly by email at

Right now we’re working on this website but we’re also constantly looking for artists. Put bluntly we can implement pretty much anything, any website, any software application, we can make it work and work really well, but we can’t make it look nice 🙂 After this website we’ll have more websites to redesign, we’ll want our icon theme, GTK theme, titlebars and the look of the Linux Mint desktop in general to improve as well, and for this we need more artists to come and join us.


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Donations in June:

A total of $9,129 were raised thanks to the generous contributions of 380 donors:

$350 (3rd donation), Blue Ridge POS, LLC aka “Dewey
$216 (6th donation), Duncan G. aka “catraeus
$200, Fulton H.
$150 (2nd donation), Garlin Security Consulting, LLC
$135 (3rd donation), J aka “look but don’t touch. Thank you”
$120, Grigoriy Demin
$108 (7th donation), Jacques P.
$108 (2nd donation), Michael F.
$108, Jan S.
$108, Hans R.
$100 (4th donation), Andrew Gouw
$100 (3rd donation), Michael P.
$100, na5m
$100, John C.
$100, Brad C.
$100, John K.
$86 (4th donation), Rhydwen V.
$86 (3rd donation), Thomas I.
$75, Gord S.
$75, Amy B.
$54 (6th donation), Ingo Luedeke aka “TheGo”
$54 (6th donation), Bernard H.
$54 (5th donation), Karl H.
$54 (4th donation), Mark DR
$54 (4th donation), Philipp S.
$54 (4th donation), Rasmus A.
$54 (3rd donation), John B.
$54 (3rd donation), Uwe W.
$54 (2nd donation), A. P. .
$54 (2nd donation), Stephan D.
$54 (2nd donation), Vasiliy B.
$54, David V.
$54, Norbert V.
$54, Roman W.
$54, Graham H.
$54, H.S. aka “Huub”
$54, Alexandra V.
$54, Joseph K.
$54, Mike H.
$54, Bent Nielsen aka “BNi”
$54, Joachim R.
$50 (50th donation), Anthony C. aka “ciak”
$50 (17th donation), Hans J.
$50 (11th donation), Douglas J.
$50 (9th donation), stewy
$50 (5th donation), Guy L.
$50 (5th donation), Marty L.
$50 (5th donation), Edmund B.
$50 (4th donation), Joe K.
$50 (3rd donation), Pj Sylvia.
$50 (3rd donation), Martin C.
$50 (3rd donation), Michel R.
$50 (3rd donation), Terry P.
$50 (2nd donation), Nathaniel B.
$50 (2nd donation), Mark Patterson
$50 (2nd donation), William M.
$50 (2nd donation), Andrew S.
$50 (2nd donation), Jeff A.
$50 (2nd donation), Scott P.
$50 (2nd donation), Leopold F.
$50 (2nd donation), Scott N.
$50 (2nd donation), roger
$50 (2nd donation), Adam W.
$50 (2nd donation), Stuart C. D.
$50 (2nd donation), Jack B.
$50 (2nd donation), Clayton H.
$50 (2nd donation), Harry Fine Paralegal Services
$50 (2nd donation), John A. F.
$50, Claude A.
$50, Rhoda O.
$50, Myron S.
$50, Maxime B.
$50, Michael R.
$50, Kari K.
$50, Harry N.
$50, John B.
$50, Christ P.
$50, Alejandro P.
$50, Yul R.
$50, R Michael A.
$50, Ján L.
$50, Jerry R.
$43 (135th donation), Olli K.
$40 (7th donation), Robert T.
$40 (2nd donation), Charles R.
$38, Mr Ian Sheppard
$35 (14th donation), Ted S.
$35, Ali S.
$32 (2nd donation), Christian S.
$32 (2nd donation), Manuel López
$30 (18th donation), Kevin S.
$30 (9th donation), Vladimir Litvinenko
$30 (7th donation), jowind
$30 (2nd donation), Birger M.
$30 (2nd donation), :Karen-Ann: aka “Annie”
$30 (2nd donation), Ken S.
$30 (2nd donation), Carl T.
$30, James H.
$28 (6th donation), Adam K.
$27 (16th donation), John K.
$27, Thomas H.
$27, Christian T.
$27, Peter Thornton Tate.
$27, Mariano V.
$26 (14th donation), Tsatsorin E. aka “Eugene713
$26 (3rd donation), Marion P.
$25 (13th donation), George R. aka “Az4x4”
$25 (8th donation), Andrew Currie
$25 (5th donation), Michael M.
$25 (5th donation), Linux Mint Sverige
$25 (3rd donation), Thomas N.
$25 (3rd donation), Michael F.
$25 (2nd donation), David K.
$25 (2nd donation), Matt W.
$25 (2nd donation), Kyle S.
$25, Ivan D.
$25, In honor of Bob B
$25, Jessy Cheung
$25, Sean B.
$24, Marcus E.
$22 (25th donation), Doriano G. M.
$22 (15th donation), Peter E.
$22 (11th donation), Dick B. aka “Dick”
$22 (10th donation), Teobaldo D.
$22 (6th donation), Chema Cortés
$22 (6th donation), Martin L.
$22 (6th donation), Jerome M.
$22 (5th donation), Krister R.
$22 (5th donation), Tapani H.
$22 (4th donation), daoud
$22 (4th donation), Andreas G.
$22 (4th donation), Sven-Uwe U. aka “surban”
$22 (4th donation), Joe S.
$22 (3rd donation), Benedikt F.
$22 (3rd donation), Wolfgang N.
$22 (2nd donation), Werner K.
$22 (2nd donation), William H.
$22 (2nd donation), Michel J.
$22 (2nd donation), Erwin S.
$22 (2nd donation), Klaus B.
$22 (2nd donation), Martin L.
$22 (2nd donation), Edward A Lockhart
$22 (2nd donation), Robert S.
$22 (2nd donation), Patrick C.
$22 (2nd donation), Vittorio A.
$22 (2nd donation), Marko B.
$22, Jonathan S.
$22, Juan M.
$22, Tony M.
$22, Lukas W.
$22, Johann K.
$22, John Baines
$22, Hans-helmut H.
$22, Ralf S.
$22, J.
$22, Jukka H.
$22, Henk T.
$22, Josef Z.
$22, Andreas Berg R.
$22, Dominykas C.
$22, Andrej K.
$22, Werner P.
$22, aka “splash”
$22, Daniel J.
$22, Rolf S.
$22, Ueli S.
$22, David Z.
$22, Lucas E.
$22, Cord S.
$22, Zoltan N.
$22, Farah K.
$20 (55th donation), Curt Vaughan aka “curtvaughan “
$20 (35th donation), Bryan F.
$20 (34th donation), Stefan M. H.
$20 (31st donation), Mike W aka “bajan52”
$20 (18th donation), vagrantcow
$20 (17th donation), Ke C.
$20 (15th donation), Michel S.
$20 (15th donation), François P.
$20 (11th donation), Brent P.
$20 (11th donation), Anon
$20 (8th donation), Robert L.
$20 (8th donation), Joao Kodama
$20 (6th donation), Stephen F.
$20 (5th donation), Mark F.
$20 (4th donation), Thomas C.
$20 (4th donation), Leroy H.
$20 (4th donation), David H.
$20 (4th donation), Kevin M.
$20 (4th donation), James W.
$20 (4th donation), Eric W.
$20 (4th donation), Lennart S.
$20 (4th donation), Paul S.
$20 (4th donation), Sidney F.
$20 (3rd donation), Michael A C.
$20 (3rd donation), Pavel N.
$20 (3rd donation), David V.
$20 (3rd donation), Dennis G.
$20 (2nd donation), Patrick M.
$20 (2nd donation), Anthony K.
$20 (2nd donation), Timothy P.
$20 (2nd donation), Micheal H.
$20 (2nd donation), a donor
$20 (2nd donation), Everett F.
$20 (2nd donation), Steven O.
$20 (2nd donation), Donna J.
$20 (2nd donation), Robert H.
$20, Brian S.
$20, Jay H.
$20, OBIE ENT.
$20, Van K.
$20, Richard J.
$20, Jim H.
$20, John P.
$20, Austin C.
$20, Joseph Y.
$20, Paul B.
$20, Jonathan M.
$20, Samuel W.
$20, Boone A.
$20, James F.
$20, Brian S.
$20, Andrew R.
$20, Jonathon F.
$20, Richard L.
$20, Wesley C.
$20, Wolfgang S.
$20, Michael M.
$20, Sylvain M.
$20, Fernandes J.
$20, James G.
$18 (31st donation), Michael R.
$18 (5th donation), Alexey T.
$16 (53th donation), Andreas S.
$16 (15th donation), Kevin Safford
$16 (2nd donation), Dave Langers
$16, Reidar S.
$15 (13th donation), Constantin M.
$15 (4th donation), Douglas S.
$13 (2nd donation), le-key
$13, Antony L.
$12 (124th donation), Tony C. aka “S. LaRocca”
$12 (22nd donation), Lance A.
$12 (15th donation), Simone G.
$12, Daniel J.
$11 (17th donation), Denis D.
$11 (15th donation), Daniel S.
$11 (12th donation), Antonio aka “pengu73”
$11 (11th donation), Štefan V. aka “Thinker8”
$11 (10th donation), Yves R.
$11 (9th donation), Tomi P.
$11 (9th donation), Davide A.
$11 (7th donation), Soutarson P.
$11 (6th donation), Eduard L.
$11 (6th donation), Mirko A.
$11 (5th donation), Rupert B.
$11 (5th donation), Robert W.
$11 (5th donation), Florian L.
$11 (4th donation), John Marakis
$11 (4th donation), Marko U.
$11 (4th donation), Nicolas R.
$11 (4th donation), Tom S.
$11 (4th donation), Michael K.
$11 (3rd donation), Emanuel C.
$11 (3rd donation), Gerard D. W.
$11 (3rd donation), Jean R.
$11 (3rd donation), Richard Bergen (Writer)
$11 (3rd donation), Stefan P.
$11 (2nd donation), Patrice C.
$11 (2nd donation), Norbert D.
$11 (2nd donation), Christian W.
$11 (2nd donation), Galder D.
$11 (2nd donation), Ralf M.
$11 (2nd donation), Thomas K.
$11 (2nd donation), Peter B.
$11 (2nd donation), Martin K.
$11 (2nd donation), aka “billia”
$11 (2nd donation), William D.
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$11 (2nd donation), Thomas P. H.
$11 (2nd donation), Bernd Lauert
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$11, Jan S.
$11, Heiko W.
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$11, Patricio M.
$11, Ib Oscar J.
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$11, jo
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$11, Louis M.
$11, Daniel Čermák
$11, Bernd B.
$11, Surinameclubcard
$11, Mehdi A.
$11, Ørjan S.
$10 (86th donation), Tree Service Kansas City
$10 (80th donation), Tree Removal Raleigh NC
$10 (64th donation), Thomas C.
$10 (58th donation), Fence Baton Rouge
$10 (41th donation), Rick R.
$10 (25th donation), Francois-R L.
$10 (23rd donation), Serhii B. aka “sinpavla
$10 (18th donation), Wilson G.
$10 (14th donation), Michel C.
$10 (12th donation), Tree Service Eau Claire
$10 (11th donation), Fence Company Raleigh
$10 (11th donation), Philip Woodward
$10 (10th donation), aka “
$10 (9th donation), Philip E.
$10 (8th donation), Owen D.
$10 (8th donation), Concrete Contractors Raleigh
$10 (8th donation), Frank H.
$10 (7th donation), retaining wall blocks Salem Oregon
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$10 (2nd donation), Waleed A.
$10 (2nd donation), Plymouth Roofing
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$10 (2nd donation), Imre N.
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$10 (2nd donation), Auguste H.
$10 (2nd donation), Window Tinting Mackay
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$10, Daniel P.
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$3 (11th donation), Fabio Baratti
$3 (10th donation), Szilard S.
$3 (6th donation), Ashraf H.
$3 (3rd donation), Ivan Zhelev
$3 (2nd donation), Erly T. O.
$3, Anton F.
$25 from 19 smaller donations

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    1. I think another desktop wallpaper (not the standard black one shown on the new site) will be more attractive. The black one is not very pretty.

  1. Hi Clem

    New website screenshot looks a great improvement!! This gives a much better initial impression, which hopefully will make people landing on the site looking for a new-to-them distro realise that Mint is also really professional and reliable and thus encourage more people to try it.

  2. Many thanks Clem for your hard work.
    However, I regret to say I had to switch to Ubuntu as Mint Cinnamon shows ugly colors on my new Asus laptop: red is brownish red. I tried in vain all kind op apps to improve the colors. In Ubuntu the colors are bright, as they should be; no need to change settings.
    I continue to use Mint on my desktop.

    1. Hi Roland,

      You can check in System Settings -> Colors to see if there’s a color profile which was auto-generated. If there is, remove it and see if that helps. We got similar feedback from another user who was facing this issue and this solved it for him. I’d suggest testing with redshift disabled also.

      Ubuntu uses GNOME so it also has a color profile management tool. Check in there to see if the color profile matches or if it’s different.

    1. I echo that sentiment, at least so far as the paleness goes. Readability and aesthetics require more contrast than is shown in the mock-up. (The Linux reviewer ‘Dedoimedo’ may be something of an eccentric, but, for years and with respect to many Linux distributions, he has been complaining, rightly, about such lack of contrast.)

  3. Hi Mint team,

    Thank you so much for the amazing work of all of you! I love Linux Mint so much (^o^)//

  4. When the super-key search was improved, I got “telegram” immediately after pressing “t” on top of the list. I assumed it is tracing what I most launch. I like that! But recently when I press “t” Im getting Timeshift, of “te” gives me “text editor”, “terminal” first… Did something change? Or am I crazy? XD
    I find this type of feature very esential and its behaviour should be discussed more in the open, I would suggest.
    Thank you for any response.

    1. It doesn’t keep track of recently used apps. I assume the most important search match would be on the name of the application itself, but “te” matches “text editor” and “terminal” just as much as it would “telegram” so that doesn’t look like a bug to me. We could keep track of which apps were launched the most or the most recently in a future version of Cinnamon, but we don’t currently do that.

    2. It’s definitely not a bug. It just feels like something changed. Anyway…
      Thank you so much for all your hard work! Im happy to support this project once a year. Recently I felt a few small improvements. Like for example the cinnamon restart not randomly changing the order of WindowList applet anymore.
      The best thing on linux mint is that it is not always trying to reinvent things, but really polishing what already is there. That is amazing.
      But I agree, looks are important too. Try to focus on the website, that will draw in much more normies. And details like celluloid default without “client-side decorations”, a better deafult “Show desktop” applet… and things like that. Just polish.
      Keep it up! You guys are amazing! Love you <3

      PS: You are making the world a better place, I'm serious. Don't underestimate your impact.

    3. @Clem,
      I’ve noticed this wasn’t working right for me since I can remember using Cinnamon (since it launched). I’m using the Pt-Pt locale.
      Here’s a print screen of what I get when typing “te”:
      “Acessibilidade”, or accessibility, (my top entry) do not even contain “te” on them, neither does the Portuguese description shown (don’t know what the English one would be).
      Not a show stopper but if this worked as intended it surely would increase the ease and speed of searching for software through the Mint Menu.

      By the way, I’ve upgraded 3 PCs from 20.1 to 20.2. After making a preventive backup on the 1st machine, the upgrade process was so quick and trustable I did the other 2 upgrades with such confidence in Mint I didn’t even feel the need to create backups before upgrading! (I had some older backups anyway as safety and best practice, anyway). Thanks for my soooooth OS!

  5. Hello

    the new website seems to be quite nice but one thing really bothers me a lot: we see too much mint ubuntu and not at all the lmde! it is completely hidden! you made a very good operating system with the lmde and you hide it as if you were ashamed! why? I am aware that one day you will abandon this system to put all your efforts only on ubuntu and I think it is a terrible mistake you are making even if I know it is difficult and a lot of work to maintain two operating systems.but if, for the moment, you want to keep the lmde, then why hide it and not put it on the homepage as well as the ubuntu version:people would see clearly that there are two versions and could choose as they like.
    I know I love lmde, I started with mint 17.0 and moved to lmde 3 because of too many frequent updates and the system stuttered sometimes; since I moved to lmde 3 then 4, much less unnecessary updates and a much more stable system for me: this is my personal experience.

    Translated with (free version)

    1. Hello, I agree with you Chris
      To my mind, on the previous website, LMDE was not enough highlighted on the front page and was presented as an experimental or temporary project in case of Ubuntu dissapear and also as a distribution for expert. I fully disagree: LMDE is extremly easy to install, stable and everything is perfectly working. I can not imagine my future as a linux user (home and work) without LMDE, I tried many other distros and LMDE is from far higher than other : much much better than ubuntu, much better than Fedora, better than Debian …
      I also think that you should not scatter your working forces on too many distros/environment. Cinnamon is your historical favourite desktop, you really should keep it and maybe choose only a second one between Mate or Xfce or Lxde for older computers. You also should make the LMDE Debian stable based branch the official MINT one and stop the ubuntu based one. Or if you really whant to keep a less stable and more up to date branch, why not switch from the ubuntu based to a Debian testing based similarly as you did with the LMDE ?

  6. My first Linux was Linux Mint 7 many years ago. Honestly, Mint should drop MATE or XFCE version and release a GNOME version (just install Dash to panel). Solus OS they developed Budgie desktop but they also offer GNOME, KDE, MATE. You can continue betting on Cinnamon, but remember what Unity was and what it is today.

    1. No offense but I don’t-think that Mint should drop MATE nor XFCE, as MATE is a fork (in this case, “continuation of”, not “spinoff” and/or “splinter of” and/or “splinter-faction from/splinter-faction of”) of GNOME2 (yes, the GNOME you were talking-about) and “Cinnamon” is based on GNOME3 but with a more-traditional “desktop”-environment[/metaphor] than what the current “GNOME”-desktop-environment is.

      and XFCE continues to be an AWESOME desktop-environment for those who want an even LIGHTER-on-computer-resources desktop-environment than what MATE (i.e. the-continuation-of GNOME2) currently-offers.

      [heck] even Manjaro uses it.

    2. Unity is not a good example. It was created with certain goals in mind, and when those goals didn’t pan out, Ubuntu decided it wasn’t worth the resources to continue.

      As for Mate and XFCE, well, there’s a reason we still have those editions. Even though they aren’t as modern as Cinnamon, they are more lightweight, which is ideal for older hardware, and they each have a niche within the cinnamon ecosystem. Gnome shell on the other hand offers no benefit to us. Cinnamon is already a fork of Shell, and so uses the same technologies. Most of the development that’s happened in Shell since Cinnamon was forked from it has either been the wrong direction for us or we cherry-picked it. Having a Gnome Shell edition of Mint would be a tremendous amount of work (that was true even back in the beginning, which is why cinnamon was created in the first place), and offer us nothing in return.

      If you really want to, you can install Gnome Shell and all it’s dependencies in Mint, or you can install the Mint tools in Ubuntu, but to really get the Mint look and feel in Gnome Shell, we’d have to do a ton of work, and ultimately you’d end up with something not too different from Cinnamon. At that point you may as well just use the Cinnamon edition.

    3. Mate is one of the lightest, most functional desktops in the Linux world – of course it will be dropped.
      Fortunately Clem (I understand) supports MATE and contributes to it’s development. PLEASE do not use Mozilla’s “roadmap” and destroy your product.

    4. The three editions are great, and Unity’s still very much alive, there’s an unofficial ubuntu unity edition that comes with the Papirus icons. A KDE edition would be good, but it would create more problems than it solves.

    5. That is definitely a bad idea. GNOME DE is crap (and don’t get me started on GNOME Foundation’s policy and Code of Conduct), and they don’t give a damn about their users. Not being able to place files and folders on the desktop they call it a feature! What an arrogance – Apple style!
      You can make GNOME work okayish with all the addons, but you risk they don’t work next time it gets an update. We don’t need that.
      Linux Mint is doing things right, and focus on stable and user-friendly DEs such as MATE, XFCE and their own Cinnamon.

    6. I think there’s an audience for everything. Let’s be constructive. There’s no need to use emphatic or derogatory terms. We can agree there are very different visions of what a desktop should provide and the reason we didn’t follow GNOME 3 was because it stopped providing features we didn’t want to lose and broke principles we cared a lot about.

      If we’re going to talk about GNOME I’m more interested in the positives personally, from people who already enjoy Cinnamon. Do they find GNOME more modern looking? and if so why? is it because of its desktop layout? paradigm? minimalism? or are they talking about Adwaita itself? We used GNOME and we no longer do for a reason, but if there’s an opportunity to continue to learn we’re always interested. That’s the kind of feedback I’d like to see personally.

    7. Unfortunately for XFCE lovers, as GTK3 has been incorporated, resource usage of XFCE has increased quite a bit. It’s still lightish-weight, but users of older hardware may be advised to try MATE these days. XFCE is still a nice DE, it’s just not so lightweight these days.

      “As for Mate and XFCE, well, there’s a reason we still have those editions. Even though they aren’t as modern as Cinnamon, they are more lightweight, which is ideal for older hardware”

    8. Dear Clem and Linux Mint Team,

      Being a PC user for a very long time, I have very recently started discovering GNU/Linux. Thanks to you and your efforts, my transition has been a smooth and great experience. Not only this, but I have also had the privilege to discover the world of F/LOSS and the wonderful community behind. Thank you all for this.

      After starting to use Linux Mint, (maybe) like most new users, I’ve been interested in other distros to get a better understanding of the Linux world. I’ve set up small virtual machines in my Linux Mint installation and have tried tweaking them to the best of my little knowledge and abilities to understand what I can visually (aesthetically) achieve. To be honest, although the ease of use and simplicity of Linux Mint is great, I have found myself attracted to the GNOME 3 DE for the below reasons:

      – Moving on to Linux and beginning to grasp the world of F/LOSS has created a paradigm shift in me. I feel that the DE should also be in line with this shift. Rather than experiencing a WIN continuum, (I mean desktop only), a face-lift has made me feel better with my transition.

      – I sense that Linux is also progressing to the mobile devices (with Librem5 and PinePhone). This may be a long way to go, but (IMHO) I think for the sake of convergence a “touch-friendly” DE environment would be an advantage (i.e. PHOSH-GNOME / KDe Plasma) for the future.

      – In ’95 when Windows introduced the start menu, it was “new” for me. I was very excited about how organized it was and how useful it was. For the last decade, I hardly used its potential in this sense. I was either using shortcuts (or soft-links) to my applications, or just punched in commands from from the “run”. The start-menu began to seem like a long link of menus you have to get through without releasing your mouse button to run an app, and I didn’t like it. For this reason a simple “dock” for most used apps and an “all apps” list (with maybe a couple of folders) in GNOME seemed more than enough.

      – A simple dark mode-light mode that works with sunrise-sunset add-on provided by GNOME became very handy. In Cinnamon, manually trying to change themes seemed difficult (I don’t know if there is a tool for /applet/desklet doing this, but I couldn’t find one). In the end, going through some forums, I wrote a very small and simple script that changed my theme in Mint. Though… I did prefer the holistic nature of GNOME.

      – Learning about how QT and GNOME came to be in the GNU/ Linux world, I gave my appreciation to GNOME (humbly and with no-offense to anyone). With this and if possible, I tried my best to use GTK applications where possible and saw they were very subtle in GNOME. If I’m not mistaken, the Ubuntu and Mint repos do add a small touch to the app menus (or title bars) to integrate them more to their DE’s, but I’m not sure they blend in as well as GNOME (again, most of the time they feel line WIN). Please correct me if I’m wrong here.

      I love Mint and keep using it as my main distro (it feels safe : ). I’m very interested in moving onto LMDE so I can disassociate with Canonical (again personal preferences, please no offense meant for anyone), but am not sure about installing GNOME DE as I’ve seen some applications (i.e. Software Manager) conflict. Because I am not tech-savy to remove these contradictions, I prefer a clean system and use it the way it was designed to be used. Nevertheless, this does boggle my mind to try out Debian at a point where I feel safe and that I can maintain my PC.

      I don’t know if any of this meant any sense, but seeing how committed the Linux Mint team is, I just wanted to share my two-cents. I thank you again for helping me move-on to a libre-world of technology. Best regards.

    9. I’ve been using Mint as my daily driver since v. 6 or 7, can’t remember after all these years.
      I used GNOME2, the GNOME Shell Extensions when GNOME3 broke backward compatibility and were the possible work around, went to XFCE for a while on a single core 900MHz Celeron PC, and then started using MATE and finally Cinnamon.
      I’m a strong advocate of Ergonomics. The tool should bend to the user, not the other way around.
      I remember when the GNOME Shell Extensions were so broken and impractical (thus leading to Cinnamon) around the time of Mint13 that I’ve skipped even installing Mint 14 (I believe) until this all thing settled down – it was the single Mint version I avoided ever as it made my computing experience unpleasant!
      I’ve tried GNOME3 once. Felt myself stupid looking at a “tablet” U.I. when having a mouse & keyboard. Opened the “apps menu” and couldn’t even read the full name of the applications. Couldn’t do much in there. Things looked and felt way too weird for my liking. The whole experience took no more than 2 minutes for a round and sound No no NO!
      I respect KDE a lot but every time I try it I feel like I have to “scuba dive” into such a deep experience before actually starting to work.
      On the other way, the learning curves of MATE and Cinnamon felt almost non-existant. I felt like home immediately with the defaults and knew where most things were supposed to look and be before even using them. 1st time immediately productive experience by intuition. THIS is (my personal view on) Ergonomics!
      Should MATE and XFCE be abandoned? IMHO, no. I use MATE on a multimedia server I can actually use in case of emergency. With ZRAM installed, an old dual core CPU and 2GB of RAM works amazingly and surprisingly well even on spinning hard drives!
      If the 32 bits versions of Mint had not been abandoned (but I understand it), I still have 2 very small old laptops I would install XFCE or MATE on them just for browsing files and watch videos. These UIs still have their place!

    10. Cinnamon is really better than MATE and MATE could be abandoned and replaced by KDE (KDE Neon is used now on smartphones).

  7. When it comes to a new revision of Linux Mint, the key question that is never answered is “Is it compatible with Separated Home Partition from 20.1 or any other previous Linux Mint running Cinnamon?” or is it going to/known to break something? What about the apps or libraries that I have “frozen” on Synaptic or via sudo apt-mark hold?

  8. Clem, let’s make a fundraiser for a design overhaul.

    Linux Mint is awesome, it’s been my daily driver for more than 10 years now, we all know it’s stable, very nice to use with great tools but, when you compare Cinnamon to Plasma or Gnome 40 it looks very dated.

    I think we could bring a lot of users doing this. I’m more than happy to help with money since design is not one of my abilities.

    1. I think it looks great. I would rather focus on polishing details than “overhauls”. Panel launcher shortcuts, window selection screen polish, and things like that. Rather than some reinvention of Cinnamon. Those things end up being a one step forward, two steps back, for allot of money, situations.
      What cinnamon needs are clear and specific suggestions to update current defaults. Not a new environment.

    2. How does KDE or Gnome 40 look better? That’s what we need to know. That’s the sort of more detailed feedback that we can work with. I’d love to hear more feedback like that. Give some specific areas where you think Mint is behind some others.

    3. JosephM, the first thing that comes to mind are things like blur transparency that is absent in cinnamon but present in KDE. Graphical features like that can open up a whole new dimension to the cinnamon graphical interface, can make it look way above its time, and we can have a lot of fun with it in terms of customization. Slowly blur transparency can be introduced in every aspect of the GUI like the file explorer and title bar and systray calender etc etc. Making these changes would bring cinnamon to a whole new level, and it will be able to compete with KDE in that regard. That’s just my two cents. I hope that is helpful.

    4. The appearance is very individual. It is easily changed by regular Linux Mint tools. Follow the link – my version of the desktop design. I would like to be able to set the size of the main menu window. Now you can set the height. Please also make the width adjustment. Otherwise, I have to open cinnamon. css.

    5. Thanks for the question Clem. Thank to you and your team for the fantastic job on Mint 20.2 Uma.

      To answer your question, blur transparency basically looks appealing everywhere. The effect of blur transparency on top of some type of shading (usually black or white shading) gives you the impression that you are working on top of glass, which is very cool. I think that is one of the reason why you see other OS’s (Windows and macOS) gravitating towards this type of design.

      For me specifically, I was planning on making my panel (taskbar), app drawer (start menu), title bar, and file explorer window blur transparent before figuring out that blurring is disabled in cinnamon for some kind of bug. I also think that it is very important that the color pallet of the background wallpaper be let in through blur transparency on to the surfaces of other cinnamon baked in apps such as the file explorer. It is important because background wallpapers have a combination of colors that the user loves (otherwise, that wallpaper would not be there). If that color pallet seeps in to other app surfaces, that makes those apps look way more beautiful and makes the user feel like those apps belong there. Example,

    6. +1 for improving UI
      Cinnamon is not bad.
      But KDE, for instance looks more modern.
      Maby it’s the trasnparency, or something else.
      Or maybe i’m just picky.
      Just my two cents.

    7. What I would really appreciate in Cinnamon would be an ease of theming and customization for choosing contrast, colors and controls. Some of these things are already done in MATE and could be imported into Cinnamon.
      Editing CSS files is a chaotic unnecessary mess. Even when you can find whatever you need to, or can even actually change it. Some tool to create and customize themes would be very handy.

    8. What I consider dated is the way it looks, yes the theme, the paradigm is okay, it’s the classic desktop paradigm and this is not a problem. Zorin uses the same paradigm and still looks nice to the eyes, modern, clean, flat. Linux Mint can look the same way or better without needing to remove its functionalities. Mint, especially, Cinnamon is not GNOME to be this way. A modernization would be great and I’m not against it. We need to build Mint for the new generations.

    9. Some ideas for Linux Mint… Some of them are related to the design, appearance…

      1. Add more blur to the system, for example to the Nemo, panel, menu and some Cinnamon applications or a way to the user to control it manually from the main settings;
      2. Get the possibility to have a “global menu”, even as an applet;
      3. Have more transparency or a way to manage this from the settings without any third-party applet;
      4. Get a Spotlight-like feature for Linux Mint. Something like Albert, Krunner, Ulauncher or create/fork their own;
      5. Improve the menu search and customization;
      6. Add more modern themes
      7. Create a specific category in the Cinnamon Setting or add the color pallete selector (desktop color), desktop layout to a subcategory inside Themes settings instead of using the Welcome Screen to change things that are meant to be in the settings. The Welcome Screen should be used as a shortcut to the settings, you click there and go to the specific settings to change what you want.
      8. Modernize the layout because it looks very old school. Make a new theme, follow the Zorin style pallete of colors adapted to Linux Mint, but with a more modernized touch into it.
      9. Modernize the official forum, the blog, everything and not only the site, make everything concise and easily accessible from the main website of the distro.
      10. Add wallpapers subcategory, like nature, texturized, animals, cities or something like that.
      11. Create a proper graphical driver manager for LMDE (the Debian based version) for making this easier.
      12. And very important thing for cap lock users, add a setting for us to make cap lock to work like Windows, without the delay between typing making the capitalization something like that: HEllo instead of Hello. More info about the caps lock delay here:
      Instead of using scripts, it would be nicer if we had the possibility to manage this issue from the Cinnamon settings, in the Keyboard category.
      13. Start to adapt to Wayland. Only GNOME and KDE seems to care about the Wayland development. If Cinnamon starts to develop Wayland for their DE, people will look to Cinnamon as a serious project and not only an old fork of GNOME (that indirectly still depends on them).

    10. The blur can already be changed with themes. Maybe add Mint themes like this?
      Mint-y – default/dark – default/blur – mint/yellow/aqua/teal/pink/gray/brown/blue
      So I could choose the “Mint-y-dark-blur-teal theme

    11. Sorry, I’ve posted this and forgot to check back.

      I like the desktop paradigm that Cinnamon adopts, something very Windows-like. That’s also what KDE does.

      What I need that think attention to is the default theme, the icons, the colors, the default background, the logo.

      I think a team of very good designers would do great attracting people to LM.

      Look how people get impressed with Deepin and Elementary.

      And they are ( IMHO ) just pretty. They lack many tools, stability and a awesome community, something that LM has. We are in great shape, I think we just need a facelift 🙂

  9. Hi Clem:
    Starting with version 20.1 I have problems with the driver of my NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 card. When I do a “clean” install with Linux Mint 20.1 Cinnamon or Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon, I get Grub rescue. I know the problem is with the graphics card driver because when I do the same installation on another computer I don’t get any errors. any suggestions?
    I would like to ask you about the future of Linux Mint, is it going to go the way of Windows 11, in the sense of being adaptable for tablet use, for example?
    I want to thank you for the enthusiasm and professionalism that you continue to show during all these years, allowing many newbies, like me, to feel at home in Gnu Linux.
    Congratulations and may the rest of 2021 be an excellent year for you and your loved ones.

  10. the new design for the website looks very promising. if it is not too much then I would suggest a dark mode switcher.

  11. Only Problem is to fix the look of cinnamon panel and desktop…mean those desktop overview look really outdated..mean ux is not at that level

    1. How do you feel they could look better? Anything you can point to that you think would be nicer?

    2. I think they should use Zorin appearance and design as a concept of modernization to build Cinnamon.

  12. Guys, do you have any plan to support blur transparency in cinnamon? It would open up a lot of possibilities for themes.

    1. Transparency is already supported, but only via cinnamon.css file in a theme’s folder. You can set main menu transparency in section “.menu” using field named “background-color”. Or “.panel-top, .panel-bottom, .panel-left, .panel-right” section and it’s “background-color” field to set transparency of panels. There are also options to set border color, width, padding for panel elements.

      Ability to set it via GUI would be great feature though. Something like “theme editor” feature will make it easier for most people to customize look and feel.

      I personally think that Mint-Y-Dark theme with Mint-X icons is the best for productivity and everyday work.
      But I add transparency to menu and also change borders for window list items (panel items). I have to use text editor to do such a thing. So some GUI tool would be great.

    2. There has been a ‘work in progress’ pull request for this for a while. It had some problems, and I hope to get back to it at some time.

  13. To be honest, not a huge fan of the new site design. I feel like its trying to sell me something.

    (It could use a dark mode though)

    1. Yeah, that level of green is crazy. Imho. And I like Dark everything.

      I love MATE personally (responding to comments up above).

      I’d rather see Mint continue to be functional and “fix” all the broken things about linux like they have been already for more than a decade than worry about fonts, theming, or websites.

      That said, maybe I’ll put together a Mint website real quick just to help out.


  14. I’m not sure whether this is a bug or working as intended, but in Synaptic, if I go click the “Origin” tab and pick anything in that category besides “All”, some packages will be listed multiple times for whatever reason. For example, if I click “uma/main”, the package mint-backgrounds-ulyssa is listed 4 times, but it is only listed once if I click the “All” category. It seems to only be a listing issue since if I mark anything for install/uninstall, all of the same package listed get marked together at the same time.
    Speaking of wallpapers, perhaps your planned website overhaul could spare a page for previewing your extensive collection of backgrounds available in the repository. I think there are other users out there besides me who would prefer to see what we’re getting before installing them. Currently, I’d have to install the packages first before I have a chance to check out what’s inside.

  15. New Web Page. Linux Mint does not mean green. If you say somebody’s a bit green it means their new, slow.
    Mint also means value, that’s where they print the money and make the coins. It also means condition.
    If somebody states the something is in Mint Condition It means it’s like new and works well. Mint could also mean Mint Leaves that are green. Maybe we can change the color to the web page. Purple ! Cheers.

  16. Hi, from south Africa.
    Pls I need help to run Linux from bootable USB. Windows 10 won’t allow, even after changing boot. I just can’t figure it out. I want to migrate to Linux, but would like to do a test run first.
    Thanking all in advance.

    1. Have you changed the booting order in your BIOS? FWindows cannot get in the way if your Linux Mint bootable USB loads first. Good luck!

    2. What hardware do you have? Do you know how to get into the BIOS? Some manufacturers try very hard indeed to hide their BIOS from the user. Whatever, look it up on the web if you need to, then power off completely, Plug in your USB device then switch on and immediately do what it takes to get into the BIOS. Look for the section (sometimes a tab) that controls what the machine is allowed to boot from. You may need to disable secure boot, or specifically enable USB boot, maybe both, before it will recognise your USB as a valid boot device. These are all features intended to protect you from malicious boot devices, but we all know Mint is safer than that virus known as Win10… 🙂

  17. Well done
    LMDE user here

    How is development coming along?

    I think Mint (Ubuntu based) is a wonderful distro. Definitely one of my top 5. However, I much prefer LMDE and I love it.

    I cannot imagine there’s many of us.

    Just wanted to know how things are going, especially because I know that you have other tasks to focus on.

    Thanks for LMDE. I hope it lives for decades and decades to come

    1. Same question. I’m an LMDE user as well, and with Debian Bullseye frozen, with a release date 2 weeks away, we LMDE users are all curious on the plan for LMDE. Hopefully any updates will be before Mint 20.3 and not after.

    2. Hello Danny
      Don’t worry you are not alone, I am also a LMDE user and also hope LMDE will live forever !

  18. Hi Clem, great to see you’re getting a chance to focus back on the LM website. I’m sure the content will evolve during the process but I’m wondering if there should also be some reference to its popularity on the home page as well, maybe under the ‘What is Linux Mint’ section. Human nature being what it is, most like the confidence of knowing they’re heading down a well-trodden path. Possibly also some reference to when it first appeared? Anyway just some initial thoughts. Either way, excited to see this happening.

  19. Forgot to mention, try and build in some cross-site navigation, e.g, put a link to the blog on the site, and a link in the blog back to it (maybe in the sidebar?)

  20. Dear Clem and all developers on Mint,
    I fully agree with Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols: sometimes when I try another distribution, I must admit, Mint is still the easiest to setup and use for me. So I regularly swipe the test-partition and turning back to Mint feels like “home”.
    Really appreciate your work – Thank You and keep on!

  21. In fact, for the Mint-Y theme we could finally correct the problem of the lack of separator lines in the menu columns in many programs (for example in VLC to understand). The historic Mint-X theme is not affected by this problem.

    1. Debian 11 just released 2 days ago, if the Mint team is working at its usual pace on the next LMDE, version 5 will not be ready until 02/15/2022 ;-(

      From another point of view, as the Mint version of Ubuntu is only available as a 64-bit version and there is no longer a 32-bit version to create and maintain, if you’re lucky the Mint team will have more time available to work on LMDE 5. Maybe by mid-October something will happen 🙂

  22. The site is very beautiful!

    It would be nice if the panel had a “Dock Mode” the same as desktop budgie, so we could combine it with smart hiding, and have a functional dock similar to Plank, only native.

  23. Perhaps the discussion above about Gnome makes this as reasonable place to ask the following question. I take it that to adopt Wayland, big changes will be needed to Mutter. I worry that those changes might be the demise of Cinnamon. Will Cinnamon survive – be technically feasible – when Ubuntu adopts Wayland?

    1. What Ubuntu does in this regard has no affect on Cinnamon. They’ve been using wayland for some time.

  24. to premise that linux mint cinnamon is wonderful never had problems one thing i miss a lot is the compiz graphics effects on cinnamon would be amazing just like gnome did with wobbly effect and magic lamp.

  25. As for Mint 20.3, I’d suggest bulk “chown” for Nemo – right now, bulk “chown” requires terminal usage.

    I suggest to make the new Mint website accessible and readable from the beginning, as explicit design goal. A nice checker tool for that is because it provides actionable hints. You can verify individual contrasts using e.g. along with WCAG contrast evaluations. That avoids these “unreadable light grey on white fonts” that modern designers love so much.

    Please also make sure that the new website doesn’t require JavaScript at least for basic usage, in particular for navigation and downloads (i.e. progressive enhancement). A lot of new websites abuse JavaScript for things that should be done in CSS or even HTML.

  26. I’m confused as to why you chose a proprietary website template. Surely an MIT or creative commons licensed website (or which there seems to be many available) would be more in keeping with the open source nature of Linux.

    According to the license for this chosen template:

    You can … Modify the Theme or combine the Theme with other works to make a derivative one. *The result is subject to this license.*

    You cannot… Re-distribute the Theme’s source, modified or not, even if the Theme is modified.

    You cannot… Allow the End User of the End Product to access the Theme’s source and use it separately from the End Product.

  27. Clem – When I install MINT on a laptop, I always have to go to Settings > Touchpad and UNTICK “Reverse Scrolling Direction”.
    Why is this?
    Surely more people come to Linux from Windows than from Mac?

  28. Hi Clem and Mint Team,
    I love what your work! A new donation is coming asap.
    i hope in the next iterations there will be a fix for dummies for the iwlwifi bug?? in the ubuntu based mint which recognises wifi but does to connect allow to connect and keeps asking for password. As I use Mint for work this has forced me to change to LMDE 4, where wifi runs smoothly but has prevented me to recommend to other people and install the Ubuntu version in other machines. What a pity!
    Thanks for reading!

  29. Dear LM Team,
    Congratulations to the entire Linux Mint (LM) team once again. Excellent job you have done with LM 20.2 (Cinnamon desktop)
    I just upgraded from LM 20.1 and everything is running smoothly.
    About Desktop Environment:
    1. Interestingly the first time I installed LM was with version 18 which still offered KDE-plasma at that time. However, I installed it with Cinnamon environment and I don’t regret it. I did it because I came from a distribution that used KDE and despite the spectacular effects and versatility of settings, it was simply unstable for a continuous productive work.
    2. On the other hand Gnome (even Gnome 4.0) is not an alternative for the reasons stated in this chat, above.
    I think the Linux Mint team is doing things right. Focusing on stability, without leaving “beauty” aside and putting the user first.
    For the same reason, I think that adding more “work” to offer additional graphical environments, would detract the team from focusing on what’s important.
    Finally, there have been several improvements offered in this new version, but I would like to highlight the following 2:
    1. File renaming function. Finally available at a click away. Bravo !
    2. The new update tool. Simply brilliant. Thank you for now including the LM Spices updates.
    Thank you once again for maintaining and developing an operating system that I would simply call “exemplary”.
    Juan Ehrenhaus

  30. Hello, sorry there are so many questions, can you tell me if Kde and Gnome are planned? Are there any plans to change the icons, for example to the standard Firefox icon? And tabs in Explorer?
    And the overall design redesign of Mint?

    1. I cannot answer in the name of the Mint Team, but as a long long term user, maybe my two cents can help:
      -I’d wager that Gnome and KDE are not planned. The Mint Team tries to have a uniform look and also it takes a lot of resources to have more DEs. KDE used to be one of Mint’s DEs, but it was droped long ago.
      -I actually asked for the default icons, so have other people. The Mint Team seems to feel their icons are the best solution, so i don’t see them changing anytime soon. I actually want to get around and open a bug, but never got the time…
      -I don’t know what you mean by ‘overall redesign’, but Mint is constantly evolving. The Mint Team seems to prefer an evolutionary route, with lots of small improvements, instead of reinventing the wheel every release. I actually prefer this approach as is makes Mint more stable.

    2. linux Mint, Cinnamon all the way for me. That’s the Mint Project and we will keep improving everyday.
      You do not have to be the best or the biggest but just awsome in your own way. That’s Linux Mint.

  31. Hallo Linux Mint Team
    Ihr macht gute arbeit. Habe mir schon mehrere Lunux Versionen angeschaut. Immer Wieder komme ich zu Linux Mint zurück. Ihr macht tolle Arbeit. Hoffe das ich nie wieder zu Windows zurückkehren muß. Linux Mint ist das richtige Betriebsystem für mich. Funktioniert perfekt auf meine 2 PC.Dieses Betriebsystem hat nicht viel schnick schnack. Es kann dies was ein System machen soll.

    Danke an das LM Team

  32. LM 20.2 corrupted my audio & mic. Had to reinstall OS with LM 20.1. Unfortunately, didn’t receive help on the forum, slightly disappointed with these upgrades and their advertisement.

    1. Cheers, How can l help ? (LM 20.2 corrupted my audio & mic ?) What audio and what mic ? Are you running a Digital Audio Workstation, Playing computer games, Producing sounds, music ? What programs are you using ? Wine, Linux Mint ? What are you trying to do or produce ? ( Unfortunately, didn’t receive help on the forum, ?)
      What forum ? wheres the link ? More information about what is that you are trying to do will help. Cheers.

  33. Hi,
    is there a link for a roadmap (Trello) for Mint 20.3? Mint 20.2 runs stable … like always. Thank you for your work

  34. bonjour, l équipe linux mint j adore ce système d exploitation. A par hypnotix ne fonctionne plus a par quelque chaîne tv . Pourquoi ?

  35. Nice and congrats to all involved in the project! The new website design mockup doesn’t look bad to be honest. I think having the other social-related links at the top right to be consistent with what most other sites try to do so I think it would make sense to give the user an easy way to get to all the different Linux Mint resources that way. This is technically already done on the current site but at least with the redesign you can add more sites. For instance, I think it was last year when Linux Mint put up a channel on YouTube. Might be a link to add there.

    1. I’ve searched on YouTube and could not find an official Linux Mint channel.
      Can you please provide me with a link? Thanks!

  36. Bonjour,

    Good job as always. Will it be possible to integrate an option to enlarge the cross to close the windows that I find a little too small on cinnamon.

  37. Heads up: A video driver update is causing white-screens and illegible menus when Linux Mint 20.2 is a guest operating system inside of VirtualBox.

    The driver in question: mesa VDPAU video acceleration drivers 21.0.3-0ubuntu0.2~20.04.1

    There’s a linux mint forums post about this:
    “3D acceleration Virtualbox no longer working”

    You can avoid the issue for now by not upgrading that video driver until whatever’s causing this is identified and fixed.

  38. Hi Clem,
    i notice a bug with my vpn since Mint 20.1 i install it i manage all but always when i reboot networkmanager is always offline and i have to access at my wify manually … there’s something else to set who i forgot about it ?

  39. Clem, thanks for asking opinions about look and feel. I really prefer the Cinnamon DE to the others I’ve tried. The overall look is clean and minimalist, but it’s easy to get to the functionality you want. Since the basic layout is already good, the look is probably determined more by the available themes and backgrounds that a user chooses than anything else.

    When I started using Cinnamon years ago, I noticed that it was very discoverable. Some of the other DEs I’ve tried, although they look pretty, are not very discoverable. (And they don’t look prettier than Cinnamon.) Compared to Cinnamon, they also seem inefficient in terms of the amount of mousing, clicking, and scrolling that is needed.

    I agree the new website mockup looks good. I also agree that the black screen background with the logo on the mockup isn’t appealing, at least to me. I’m sure a lot of work went into that screen design, but I wonder if it is really that important to have a “standard” background. Especially when background photos you provide are so nice.

    I appreciate the flexibility that Cinnamon provides and realize that different people like different things. For example, I like a clean background screen and lots of custom key commands. So I would go to some effort to get rid of a dock if one were standard. Other people would feel just the opposite.

    Your idea to look for graphics pros (of which I am not one) to volunteer seems good. No matter how you change Cinnamon, I hope you will keep the uncluttered look and the human-factors efficiency and logic.

    Finally, it doesn’t bother me that Cinnamon looks a bit like Windows.

  40. With each release Mint gets better and better, and Uma is no exception. Text search, file renamer and the new update notification system are really cool and useful features. Sticky notes are probably not quite there yet, just as the drawing app that is still not fully functional, but I bet they will shine one day. The only real problem I have with Cinnamon is freezing. Cinnamon freezes quite often, even in Uma.
    And it would be nice to have a simple in-built clipboard manager and a simple color picker at hand in Mint. Much work, I know, but maybe…? Anyway, thanks a lot for the quality operating system, keep your good work.

  41. Here are some ideas I thought for Linux Mint to add in future versions…

    1. Add more blur to the system, for example to the Nemo, panel, menu and some Cinnamon applications or a way to the user to control it manually from the main settings;
    2. Get the possibility to have a “global menu”, even as an applet;
    3. Have more transparency or a way to manage this from the settings without any third-party applet;
    4. Get a Spotlight-like feature for Linux Mint. Something like Albert, Krunner, Ulauncher or create/fork their own;
    5. Improve the menu search and customization;
    6. Add more modern themes
    7. Create a specific category in the Cinnamon Setting or add the color pallete selector (desktop color), desktop layout to a subcategory inside Themes settings instead of using the Welcome Screen to change things that are meant to be in the settings. The Welcome Screen should be used as a shortcut to the settings, you click there and go to the specific settings to change what you want.
    8. Modernize the layout because it looks very old school. Make a new theme, follow the Zorin style pallete of colors adapted to Linux Mint, but with a more modernized touch into it.
    9. Modernize the official forum, the blog, everything and not only the site, make everything concise and easily accessible from the main website of the distro.
    10. Add wallpapers subcategory, like nature, texturized, animals, cities or something like that.
    11. Create a proper graphical driver manager for LMDE (the Debian based version) for making this easier.
    12. And very important thing for cap lock users, add a setting for us to make cap lock to work like Windows, without the delay between typing making the capitalization something like that: HEllo instead of Hello. More info about the caps lock delay here:
    Instead of using scripts, it would be nicer if we had the possibility to manage this issue from the Cinnamon settings, in the Keyboard category.
    13. Start to adapt to Wayland. Only GNOME and KDE seems to care about the Wayland development. If Cinnamon starts to develop Wayland for their DE, people will look to Cinnamon as a serious project and not only an old fork of GNOME (that indirectly still depends on them).

    1. Dan – at 85 the built in blur gets even worse!
      I would like to understand why anyone at any age needs more blur except, of course, when printing portraits of old wrinkled people.

  42. Hi, your new website design looks really nice. The green gradient, its shape and clutter-free layout look so refreshing and modern. Personally, I would choose darker font, the grey one is rather eye-straining. The rest looks really good. BTW, there is no way to close the ‘text search’ field at the bottom of Xreader display. Once opened, it will persist until the app is closed.

  43. Tengo todavía Mint 19.3. No me ha sido posible actualizar a ninguna versión 20 y tengo procesador AMD64. Necesito un CD con una versión de instalación más actualizada. ¿A quien se la compro?

  44. I did a clean install of LM 20.2 Cinnamon. I used for the first time the Mint backup-tool. This is a very useful tool for reinstalling used packages. Well done! It would be nice to have a also an entry to be able to reinstall the used fonts system-wide. I have a backup of my fonts, but manually reinstalling them is quite a job (if you have a lot of them). The installation of LM20.2 was almost perfect, I noticed that the bluetooth-name of my computer was set hidden while an extra name (with #1) was set visible. I had to unhide the first name before I could getting bluetooth to work. I’ll try to figure out if this issue can be repeated.
    Any how, again a great applause for the team! Congratulations from a used since more than 10 years.

  45. Hey Clem!

    As someone who actually *hasn’t* complained about the existing website design (OMG! there’s actually one of those floating around?!?) I have to say the new design looks really fantastic and is reasonably in line with commercial web site designs. Honestly, I think that’s a good thing, and if it helps contribute to a “good first impression” then so much the better.

  46. Clem –
    BTRFS with Timeshift built-in is awesome (and easy for the user to backup/restore). Any thoughts on having this functionality? Also, while I’m thinking about it… I use the terminal a lot and find myself adding two alias’ called ‘update’ and ‘clean’ to my .bashrc file. They basically do the update/upgrade and clean/remove commands. This might be handy for others. Thoughts on including these alias’ to .bashrc? The only issue (and I would have to look at this closer) is that spices may not be kicking in with the sudo apt get upgrade command… or maybe it is and I just missed it. Thank you for all your work and perseverance with LM; absolutely my favorite distro! 🙂

  47. I have a quick question regarding hypnotix, most channels no longer work. But thank the linux mint team for what you are doing.

    1. the channels come from a github list of free iptv channels that they pull from – they get updated once in a while – I see I have France 2-5 again briefly but the streams mostly get taken down after a while – nothing the team can do since they don’t maintain the list but you can try to find your own streams and add them in your own m3u

    1. Snap. I too spent many years supporting VMS, and while I know it is never going to happen, I could dream of a fully functional DCL.

  48. Hi Clem,

    I was interested in making an adjustment to either linuxmint 20.2 or 20.3. My machine has 16Gb of ram, and i am not convinced that all of the available ram is being used by either the OS or the programs i run. With 16Gb of ram i thought i would be able to use a browser, torrent client, Rhythmbox, VLC, Thunar, and move large files between Hdd partitions, all at the same time. I know that is a lot of stuff running all at the same time, but i thought the large amount of ram would be able to smooth out the hiccups when i do this much stuff all at once. Do you know if there is some ram not being used when you have these higher ram machines running linux? Keep in mind, puppy linux runs 100% of the OS and programs in ram. I know that is a different distro, but do you think linux mint would be even better if 100% of the OS and programs could run entirely in ram, especially for high ram machines? Let me know, thanks.

    1. I’m not sure if i understanded correctly your situation but as far as i know, the speed of your machine is not decided only by the amount of ram in it. You have to consider The processor, the storage, and the ram too. And let’s consider that you are running two things that are using a lot of your HDD writing and reading capacity ( both the torrent and the act of moving big files )

  49. Hi Clem & all

    I’ve had the same problem as Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols for years now, ever since 7 😉
    Basic Mint issue: It just works.

    Any application I need, it just there and installs with no hassle at all. Codecs, drivers, MS-fonts (yes, I need arial 🙂 ), it’s there and it’s stable. The lts-based policy has proven to be a wise one. I think this is the real strength of Mint over the years. Along with the choice to offer a desktop paradigm people have become used to and are comfortable with. (Yes, admit it: we’ve all been conditioned by Windows).

    But people have been getting used to working on other UI’s to interact with their mobile devices. So I do appreciate the Gnome dedication to make a paradigm shift on the desktop as well. So everytime a new install comes along, I always try Ubuntu and Gnome (incl vanilla) first. Then I try KDE, awed by itś beauty. But after one or two days I regain my senses, and start wondering what it really offers me more than Cinnamon…

    Yet I do agree that Cinnamon is getting, well… it’s just Cinnamon. Like a beautiful masterpiece painting, which I’ve just been staring at too long. Maybe a new frame, or some new lighting would do.

    So yes, If only Gnome would start making more sense, I might make the switch for the longer haul:
    Dock to bottom, global menu on maximize (like in Unity, so I don get three bars o top when using Libreoofice or Frirefox), hot corner with windows spread, no extra desktops if I don’t need them… Things like that. And some more useful configurability out of the box.

    Like Cinnamon

    Oh yes, and blur of course 🙂

  50. guys, any chance that linux mint on the rew relase include something like the mac that change the wallpaper acording to the hour, or maybe change the theme from light to dark acording to the day time?

  51. Thanks for such a complete distro! I have tried several distributions and I always come back to this one for the versatility of its functions. However, I’ve learned something from each DE and, for example, I love the global menu in KDE Plasma (or the category capsule in Dolphin to quickly find photos, videos, music; which may be in other folders but it groups them all in a single section). But as I said, I always come back to this distribution for its balance between ease and operability. Do you know if it could be implemented as an applet for Cinnamon DE the task ribbon attached to the panel for application windows? Thanks again.

  52. When I boot my laptop I get the Grub boot menu, which I don’t want. I thought I saw something about this earlier related to using LVM, but I can’t find it.

    1. I don’t know if seeing it is related to LVM, but you should be able to “hide” it by setting GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0 in /etc/default/grub. Just run sudo update-grub afterward to regenerate GRUB’s config file.

  53. Yesterday, I fixed every problem that I’ve been having with Linux Mint Cinnamon 20.2 in only one hour by installing a new solid state drive in my 2012 Dell XPS laptop. Instead of patiently waiting over 3 minutes for the boot sequence to complete I now wait less than 30 seconds. Instead of waiting up to 45 seconds for an app or program to launch I now wait 2 to 4 seconds. My system resource usage has dropped, my desktop action is much more snappy and responsive, and my processor cooling fan runtime has significantly dropped. I had no idea that my old disk drive was causing such a strain on my system until I replaced it with a solid state drive. I’m not by any means advocating that installing a solid state drive is the cure for everybody’s problems, perhaps I just got lucky. However, I can truthfully say that I’ve seen a dramatic increase in my system performance which has elevated my Linux Mint user experience beyond measure. Thank you Clem and the Linux Mint team for a truly awesome operating system!

    1. It’s remarkable the difference an SSD can make, I remember when I first did the same myself. Glad you are enjoying the new version.

    2. Hello Simon Brown! Since my original post I have also discovered that the Suspend hang and Shut Down hang that I was frequently experiencing before I installed my solid state drive has no longer been an issue. It may very well all be due to starting over with a fresh install of Linux Mint Cinnamon 20.2 onto my new SSD but whatever the reason it seems that every problem that I was experiencing is a problem no more. Thank you for your reply!

  54. I echo the sentiment of others who dislike the low-contrast body text. This can cause eye strain and is difficult to read if you have less than average vision. Darken up the font, and you have a winner!

  55. The draft look of the new website is nice but I think you should make the text larger and darker (#ffffff would be nice). Light-grey text over a white background is a horrid modern trend and causes legibility problems, even on my 21″ monitor. I hope you’ll make it as readable and user-friendly as possible. Thanks for an awesome OS. 🙂

  56. If it had not been for Linux Mint I never would have gotten away from Windows. I came here knowing nothing about Linux, at times it was frustrating but I found help readily available. There were times I was very critical of Linux Mint, as time passed I found all my frustrations had been about me, not Linux Mint. Leaving Windows and moving to Linux meant it was up to me to remain teachable if I wanted it that bad.

    As I learned more about Linux I tried other distros but I always came back to Linux Mint. I found mint is very flexible, being able to add anything I want, making it look anyway I want. Basically I can do anything I want with Mint because I have stuck with Linux long enough and remained teachable. That lesson not only helped with computers but has extended into my daily life.
    The ones that tell you that you are making a difference and changing the world…my life is a perfect example!

    Thank you for all you guys do! Thank you for making a distro that a know it all ex-Windows guy can start with and enter the world of Linux and learn how important remaining teachable is along the way!

    You guys are great!

    1. Craig i totally agree, initially i did get frustrated with Linux Mint, that was back in mint 17.3, since then i have learnt a lot, although i have tried other Linux distros, i keep coming back to Linux Mint.

    1. Looks like it’s searching for any phrases and words with “opera”. In your situation it’s showing all packages with the word “operations”, since it contains “opera” in it.

  57. I agree with kevs. Forget the light grey text. Greyed-out has long meant something that was unavailable or obsolete. Some of us Mint users are old and have weak eyes. Don’t make things more difficult for us!

  58. @clem and the rest of the grate team of linux mint:

    1. thanks for even considering us for upgrades and all this stuff (really thanks)

    2. about the look and feel of linuxmint… why dont we use a different aprouch….

    – insted of create a look and feel, why not create tools (or integrate in a super easy way the tools we already have) that let ANY STANDARD user modify super – super easely the themes and all the look and feel of the os, and then upload those themes to the spices “” in an special area where the user (we) could upvote or down vote or even donwload the best teams,

    3. in that way i guess picking what the users want would be super easy

    4. i remmember way back from my windows times that there was a tools to modify themes, and it was a grate pleasure to use them because they were super easy

    some times i feel that i want to change of distro and after spending some time testing another distro i realize that the only change i really want is graphic gui change (i love elementary backgronds a kind of feel, but only that, i love zorin look, but only that no other linux that i have use really likes me as mint)

    best regards

    give tools to the people!!! (to the non that smart people!!!!)


  59. @clem @all the linuxmint team

    still thinking about creating tools to let anywan modify the look and feel…

    – would it be posible to create someting that allow us to donwload a theme that includes everything in a package, not only a set of colors i mean that i could install a theme made by someone at the community including a conky clock, wallpapers start menu color, icons…. would it be imposible?

    i mean some time i see a grate image of a desktop on, but what i like is not only the color of the bar menu, what makes beautiful a desktop is the hole composition… the wallpaper, the color of the bar, transparency, maybe the konky stuf etc etc, and then… i go to do donwload a theme and the “only” thing i download is a new color for my menu bar….

    could it be possible?
    i undesrtand the the wallpaper images could have trademarks issues, but maybe if we just could pick pictures from specific sites with free pictures or something like that

    what i say souds reasonable?


  60. I am using Firefox 91.0 with Linux Mint 20.2 and Cinnamon 5.0.5, and sometime I lose the mouse control and have to restart. I do not know why. This did not happen with older versions
    When I use my PIA VPN with a foreign server Firefox’s language commute automatically to its local language.
    How can I force Firefox to stick to my mother language?

  61. Mint 20.x is nice but I’m disappointed in the increase in required/suggested RAM from 19. Definitely keep XFCE and keep it efficient. I really can’t see any ‘improvements’ between 18-19-20 that would be worth doubling the RAM requirement.

  62. Hi…..
    This is mark and I am doing my job as an SEO consultant. I did my master’s in computer science also did my job as a research assistant. My thesis was based on Vanet (vehicular ad hoc networks). So I used ubuntu but that was not good enough to perform my simulation. I had to use some tools like Omnet++, Sumo, NS2, and NS3. But I was failed to get my expected results because some of the ubuntu versions are not fully supported.
    I just want to know that if anyone has an idea about which Linux distribution is best for networks simulation.

    1. Using the website would possibly list Linux software alternatives that you might find useful. Suggested software alternatives may very well already be available within LinuxMint sources. So, switching to a different Linux distribution might be unnecessary. Synaptic is also very useful for finding software.

  63. I use Linux Mint for 2 years and I have mostly positive feelings about it.
    There is a bug in Cinammon (?). Disabling Bluetooth in Bluetooth device manager does not survive a restart.

    1. This is not a Cinnamon bug. I had this once too. Google for “ubuntu bluetooth turn off startup”. There are a bunch of articles, which give you some hints on how to disable bluetooth on startup.

  64. Hello, I’m a user and big fan of your Linux mint system.

    After installing the newest version 20.x and few days of using (with restarts), I wanted change the password of main account.
    Everything goes perfectly, by command “sudo passwd”. But now, the system is not remember the new password but the old (first) one.

    I’ve wanted install something, then needed super user to do it, new password was rejected with “sorry, try again.” Old password worked!
    The same is with installing updates in UPDATE MANAGER. And after restart system as well.

    I can’t change my system password? Maybe that is a bug there or it’s me to not doing it well. Can you help?

    Please answer by email or any contact way listed on blog – tab “contact”,
    I’m on twitter almost everyday.

    Thanks in advance,
    Msc Magdalena Korzeniewska from Poland

  65. hello, I have a bug concerning the adjustment of the sound with the keys of the keyboard. If j increases the volume with the keys it goes up to 35 is blocked more possibility of going down nor of raising …. the mute works. I tried in all modes 2.1, 4.1, 5.1, 7.1 ca bug. on the other hand in the 2.0 4.0 5.0 mode it works perfectly! . I’m also looking for the manipulation to have the volume changing from 1% to 1% …. on my pc 10% too weak 15% too strong …. Thank you all!

  66. I wish you would make the LDME Linux Mint installer work like the Cinnamon installer. I tried to install it beside Windows 10, and it did not recognize it was there.

  67. New website looks nice. I believe Linux Mint needs new theme/icons, I personally don’t like out of the box theme, I’m currently using Adapta Gtx Theme from Software Center with Papirus icons, and with these, it looks more than decent. Do you have plans to update version of Software Center apps? Because most of the apps that I use everyday like Thunderbird, Okular, Libreoffice are so outdated.

  68. @clem @all the team of linux mint

    regarding the linux mint look and feel…

    consider then in the next monts windows 11 will be relased, and if everything goes as planned by microsoft, a whole big bunch of pc’s will be just some kind of nice trash since the new windows wont be able to install on them since they lack some windows security, may i cuote “windows security”…

    so… a lot of peoble will look to linux, and they will read forums about how good is linux mint and they will tray it…

    given a woooow face

    best regards froma mexican fan of the whole linux mint work


  69. Hi everyone,
    When I open Celluloid I get the error message :
    “Impossible d’appliquer une ou plusieurs options à mpv.”
    How can I get rid of it?
    Thanks for your answers.

  70. Tengo todavía Mint 19.3. No me ha sido posible actualizar a ninguna versión 20 y tengo procesador AMD64 de 64 bits. Necesito un CD con una versión de instalación más actualizada. ¿A quien se la compro?

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