How to upgrade to Linux Mint 20.2

It is now possible to upgrade Linux Mint 20 and 20.1 to version 20.2.

If you’ve been waiting for this we’d like to thank you for your patience.

1. Create a system snapshot

You can use Timeshift to make a system snapshot before the upgrade.

If anything goes wrong, you can easily restore your operating system to its previous state.

Launch Timeshift from the application menu, follow the instructions on the screen to configure it and create a system snapshot.

2. Prepare for the upgrade

  • Disable your screensaver
  • If you installed Cinnamon spices (applets, desklets, extensions, themes), upgrade them from the System Settings

3. Upgrade the operating system

Upgrading to Linux Mint 20.2 is relatively easy.

In the Update Manager, click on the Refresh button to check for any new version of mintupdate or mint-upgrade-info. If there are updates for these packages, apply them.

Launch the System Upgrade by clicking on “Edit->Upgrade to Linux Mint 20.2 Uma”.

Follow the instructions on the screen.

If asked whether to keep or replace configuration files, choose to replace them.

4. Convert the system with usrmerge

We recommend you convert your system with usrmerge. This is done already for all fresh installations of Linux Mint 20.1 and 20.2.

For information on usrmerge, read

To convert your system, open a terminal and type:

apt install usrmerge

5. Reboot the computer

Once the upgrade is finished, reboot your computer.

Commonly asked questions

  • If the upgrade is not available to you, check that you have the latest versions of mintupdate (5.7.3 or higher) and mint-upgrade-info (1.1.8 or higher) and restart the Update Manager by launching it again from the applications menu.
  • If the latest versions of mintupdate and mint-upgrade-info are not yet available in your mirrors, switch to the default repositories.
  • This happens rarely, but if you ever got locked and were unable to log back in, switch to console with CTRL+ALT+F1, log in, and type “killall cinnamon-screensaver” (or “killall mate-screensaver” in MATE). Use CTRL+ALT+F7 or CTRL+ALT+F8 to get back to your session.


    1. Opet drndas po caletovom, bratovom ili muzevom laptopu :-))))))
      Nije mene lako zasmejati u mojim godinama.
      Hvala Marija :-))))

    2. Marija osvesti se, o kakvim ti računima pričaš, ženo Božija? Ovo nije Facebook već Linux Mint-ov blog. 😂

    1. Does the sound work in this update because every since i got my linux OS its been gone and it aparently something a lot of people get, does this update fix that?

  1. I love this update. Thanks to the Linux Mint team for your hard work. You guys are awesome. 🙂

  2. As usual, you folks are geniuses when it comes to making upgrades to the OS so easy. Thank you very much.

  3. I have version 1.1.7 of mint-upgrade-info, and Synaptic tells me that that is the latest version available to me. What should I do?

    1. Close the upgrade manager, and start it from from the main menu. That’s how I got mine to show the upgrade from the Edit menu in the upgrade module.

    2. Hi Tim,
      it is possible that your mirror does not have the latest updates at hand. So you could basically just wait that your mirror catches the latest releases or switch to the default software sources:

    3. Hello, Mr. Kynerd. I had the same issue. My Main (ulyssa) mirror was Gigenet, which is slightly behind. Changed it to another mirror and reaped the current mint-upgrade-info package (1.1.8).

      First, check your mirrors. From the Update Manager’s menu bar, click Edit and select Software Sources. Enter your password if prompted. A new window labeled Software Sources is now available. Make sure the Official Repositories tab is selected on the left pane. If so, the right pane lists your mirrors. The Main (your linux mint installation) mirror is responsible for your mintupdate and mint-upgrade-info packages. Make note which mirror you are using.

      Next, click your Main mirror and verify the “Select a mirror” window opens. Mintsources runs a speed check for your convenience. Select a fast mirror that is different from your original choice, then click apply. For example, my original mirror was GigeNET, so I chose packages.linuxmint in lieu. Back to the Software Sources window, a notification should be visible: “Your configuration changed. Click OK to update your APT cache.” Click OK and wait while your cache is updated thru your new mirror. Once cache update is complete, close your Software Sources window and bring Update Manager forward. Click refresh and Update Manager should offer an update of itself. This would be mint-upgrade 1.1.8. Click update.

      If the above does not work, try a third, perhaps more local, mirror. Or leave a reply and we can help you from there.

    4. Hi Tim,

      You need 1.1.8, if it’s not in your mirror switch to the main repositories using Software Sources.

    5. Hi all,

      I just needed to wait a bit. When I came back to the computer earlier this evening, there was an update to the Update Manager, and once I applied that, I was able to upgrade. Thanks, everyone!


  4. Great upgrade. Is there a way to fix a toolbar icon that appears to have broke during the upgrade process. My Synology Drive icon used to be a cool looking ‘D’ that would show a tiny green circle when it was syncing. Since the upgrade, it now just shows a blue circle with a lower case “i” as if to indicate a missing icon. Reinstalling the Synology Drive client does not appear to resolve the issue.

  5. Hello Clem!
    Thank you for the work of you and your team!

    I have a request for you and your team!
    Is it possible for you not to create an ISO for LMDE4 with e.g. the 5.10 kernel?
    LMDE4 with its 4.19 kernel is difficult to install on modern hardware!

    Greetings from Styria / Austria


    1. @tommix
      Investigate updating to a backported kernel – I’ve been using 5.10.0-0.bpo.7-amd64 successfully for some time now.
      I doubt you will see a default 5.10 kernel until LMDE5 eventually emerges.

  6. There is a mistake in your instruction. I got the update message in ” System Reports ” not in the Mint Update.
    guys, look it up in system reports.

    Thanks for your great job.

  7. Thunderbird does not minimize to the toolbar, when pressing minimize it closes completely.

    1. This morning, on start up of my desktop, the same thing happened, Thunderbird starts up automatically, but doesn’t show up in the toolbar, on minimizing it closes. So , contrary to the reply below, the problem is not soved.

  8. Smooth upgrade as always! Thanks Mint team!

    Actually not much “new” impressions, but it is also good, stable & mature!

  9. Nemo – dual pane – Thank you for improving this use case! F6 didn’t always work properly with the F9 sidebar. So thanks for fixing this. I would suggest to focus in the future a little more on the dual-pane use case. Nemo looks amazing and if this could be just a tiny bit improved, this could really rival the other greats like DoubleCommander.
    If it would be possible to remap F6 to Tab, and make the copy and move commands somehow suggest the other pane as the target – that would make me and maybe many other people consider switching totally.
    Anyway, thank you for this amazing work. I will continue supporting this amazing project!
    Stay free and independent as always 🙂
    Love love!

    1. Thank you to highlight this way to use Nemo. As a big fan of windows TotalCommander I really appreciate to see this too embedded in Mint

  10. Small tip to the update process:
    When the window says “You can close this”, but the last message in the terminal looks like it’s still doing something… I was waiting maybe half a minute till I really clicked close. And than that repeated maybe 3 times… I was not 100% sure if Im doing it right. All went well, but it would be a tiny bit better if the final line in the terminal would say “Done” or something like that. Sorry for the nitpicking… just a suggestion to the future…

  11. Very fast and smooth upgrade from 20.1 to 20.2 !
    No issues at all, everything works great. I am using Cinnamon desktop.

  12. Dear Clem and team, thank you very much for this update. It works flawless. Greets from a happy Linux Mint user since its 11th version.

  13. Hi. I have a small question regarding Timeshift. I don’t have a lot of storage space available in general, so I would like to know how much space does Timeshift’s snapshots take up before I try upgrading. Thanks in advance!

  14. I’ve upgraded without issue other than my second hard drive now won’t mount at boot and I have to go into gparted – check then mount it. No settings were changed for booting it. A bit annoying as some programs say they can’t see the drive despite it being mounted and the programs can access the files???

  15. I’d been doing the Beta. VERY boring, as is, not a single bug or crash that I could see. Thank you guys!

  16. Does replacing the configuration files as you ask us to, reset/remove all personalizations and non default settings I have on my desktop? Or does it have no effect whatsoever?

  17. I tried to keep Firefox 88 from upgrading to the 89 mess. I had it blacklisted in Update Manager. It didn’t work. With that said I changed the proton settings to false in about:config. Problem I have now is that the “email a link” is broken. I get a flashing red box in the panel and if I click on it I can compose an email but if I click back to the browser or Thunderbird it disappears along with the composed email.

    Other then that the upgrade went well. But I have to have a usable browser and Firefox 89 doesn’t work for me. So for now I’m Time-shifting back. Mint 20.1. Unless someone can tell me how to load Firefox 88 into Mint 20.2 until Firefox 90 is released. Thanks

    1. Looks like today’s update (July 14) fixed the email link problem along with Firefox 90.

      I’m back on Mint 20.2 and so far so good. My thanks to the Mint team!!

    2. Assuming you’re using cinnamon, your email link/flashing box issue may be fixed by updating to cinnamon 5.0.5.

  18. Update Manager alerted me that 20.2 was available, I told it to install it….clicked ok on 3 or 4 popups, rebooted….and was upgraded. No issues at all.

    Good work team!

  19. The Mint menu has “pinned” icons on the left. On the right it has two equally spaced columns, one for categories, and one to display the contents of those categories. On one of my machines, after updating to Mint 20.2, the right most column (the one that contains the contents of each category) is about three times wider than it used to be. Any idea why that might be?

    1. There seems to be a bug with the Recent Files option in the Mint menu. If I clear my Recent Files, log out, and log back in again, the menu returns to its original size. At first I thought the menu was expanding to accommodate longer files names, but I found this to not be the case. If I open a file with a long file name, from a folder that doesn’t contain a lot of files, it’ll appear in the Recent Files list as expected. If I open the same file, from a folder full of files that contain many other files, with long and complex file names, the Recent Files list is immediately fills with many items (possibly the names of the items in the folder?) and the Mint Menu’s shape will change (it becomes much wider). The files I noticed this behaviour with are images that have many words, and numbers, that are separated with under scores (_) in their file name. I guessing that any folder that contains many images, with longer file names that contain numbers, letters, and underscores, will create this issue. This behaviour was recreatable on all the computers that I upgrade to Mint 20.2

    2. I have 3 machines, in one the right column is wide enough to contain all the text, in the other 2 the text gets truncated, for example “Advanced network Con…” Even if I set them to the same screen resolution the difference remains.

    3. Hi Intrinsic, Clem and team, I have the same problem on my main desktop. The desktop install automatically upgraded from 20.1 to 20.2 using the regular update operation. Immediately after the upgrade restart the menu width looked wrong. A second machine showed the same extra-wide menu box after a clean install from 20.2 Beta. I restored that laptop to 20.1 using Timeshift and the menu returned to normal. When that laptop upgraded by itself a few days ago this extra-wide Menu did not appear.
      In both cases with extra-wide Menu the hosting system display is 1920×1080, and default drivers. Two other systems with smaller screens did not show the extra width Menu when tested with 20.2 Beta installs (i.e. not upgrades).
      In every other way, however, the Beta and now current 20.2 version seems rock-solid and very reliable. I do love my LinuxMint, thanks very much Clem and all the gang!

  20. A little buggy for me. Regularly the window list (not grouped) reddens one of my windows and then makes it disappear from the panel. Restarting cinnamon fixes it, but unfortunately it happens frequently.

    1. I’ve noticed this as well. Restarting the window-list applet also solves the issue temporarily. When it occurs, it’s upon spawning of a new window; doesn’t seem to happen spontaneously to existing window buttons. However, no apparent pattern as to which window buttons, i.e., for which kind of windows, “go red” on spawning then disappear when clicking them. The associated programs, themselves, appear to run properly and aren’t crashing. You can alt-tab to the window that’s missing its list button.

    2. This is a known issue that is being worked on. There should be a fixed released soon.

  21. After update and restart:
    ‘Unable to load “cinnamon-session-cinnamon X session——
    Cinnamon-session-cinnamon not found; falling back to default session’

    I click ‘OK’, then:
    ‘Failed to load cinnamon’.
    So please help me.

    1. @ Roland ; the easiest thing for me to to tell you is to restore your Timeshift snapshot. I never had to do that yet but I think the gist of it is to boot to Linux Mint v20.x USB stick, and then run Timeshift from there to restore the image and it should put you back prior to the upgrade, assuming you made a Timeshift image before upgrading which people should do.

      p.s. I have not upgraded yet, but I always do a Clonezilla image as I know that’s going to be a rock solid reliable way to get my system back up and running should a upgrade etc fail.

    2. Thanks Clem. However the problem persists.
      Translated from Dutch:
      (…) some packages could not be installed(…) this could mean you asked for an impossible situation (…)
      Cannot solve problems, you have defect packages

    3. Roland, (…) some packages could not be installed, After update and restart:

      Try to reinstall, ! (Clem)
      This happens some times after new release. “NUM NUTT” = CHANGE SOFTWARE SOURCE.
      Everything sometimes does not all happen at once. Just takes some time, some times ? Cheers.

  22. There is a bug!
    When open more then 1 libre office writer document, the other one is not shown down at panel. There is only 1 icon of libre office, the others are not shown.

    Long time ago I set up icons not to group on the panel, and others like nemo works good (not grouping and showing every individual icon on panel separate from others). I have tried through welcome screen to choose traditional layout again, but it didn’t help (apart from messing my settings on the panel).

    Please help, this is very frustrating cos I use mint for work

    1. Yes, I just noticed I have the same problem after the upgrade to 20.2 . And not only Writer docs, Calc docs also appear grouped.
      And I do NOT want grouped icons, I want one icon for every document, like I had before.
      I tried to find if there is any place to customize this behavior, but I didn’t find any.
      Please help, for me this does not work.

    2. There is only one icon but with a ” 2 ” number on top left of it, and when your mouse flight over it it shows the two documents you can then select.

    3. Jean-Claude, there is no number on the top left, and hovering the mouse only shows one document.
      Anyway, I need separate icons, like i had in 20.1.
      If this is not solved, I will go back to 20.1

    4. there is no number 2 or any number, I use traditional layout. Not even after clean install. Still this problem exists. Only with libre office icons. Other icons are fine.

    5. This is a known issue and has been fixed. There should be a fix released soon.
      If you cannot wait, at the command window you can use this command:
      dconf write /org/cinnamon/demands-attention-passthru-wm-classes “[‘gnome-screenshot’, ‘lxterminal’, ‘xfce4-terminal’, ‘firefox’, ‘libreoffice’, ‘soffice’]”

    6. Just installed cinnamon 5.0.5 via update manager.
      This problem is solved.
      Thanks a lot, mint team, for your excellent work

  23. I had problems during update, file downloaded but the installation crashed and I had to recover the 20.1 snapshot. My system is: Linux Mint 20.1 Cinnamon, 5.4.0-77-generic, Asus mini PC PN 40, Intel Celeron N4000 CPU @ 1.10GHz × 2

  24. To CLEM & The MINT TEAM,
    Once again a brilliant upgrade to Mint 20.2 which went flawlessly & the end result is fantastic. This is a wonderful achievement Thank You all for your hard work. Mint just gets better & better I love it.

  25. Grub Customizer did not see 20.2 but 20.1 after restart. Only ‘Ubuntu’. Did try default Debbie startup and do see now 20.2 in G.Customizer. It might be alright now. Triple startup LMD32b. W10, 32b. LM20.2, 64b. Cinnamon. Did not try a cold start yet.

  26. Thanks Mint team! The only issue was a hiccup with the update tool. At the last screen where there is a box that says “I understand the risks” or something similar, it would not let me click the box. I clicked it several times. The “apply” button was greyed out. Then the update just started anyway, with the “I understand the risk box” still not checked, and the “apply” button still greyed out. Very odd, but the update proceeded smoothly.

  27. I can safely say that after Linux Mint 19.1 “Tessa”, this is the best release. No more thunar for bulk-rename. No more searchmonkey to search file contents.

  28. Yet another flawless upgrade from 20.1 to 20.2.
    I’ve upgraded 3 machines so far without any problem !
    Congratulations to all the team for the good work.

  29. I updated and checked. Best release after Linux Mint 19.1 “Tessa” Cinnamon Edition.

    No more thunar. No more searchmonkey.

    Thank you very much.

  30. Hi Clem
    Great job by you and the team. Many thanks!! Upgrade worked fine on one machine (without Skype installed) but had Skype errors on the other machine (which has Skype installed) before upgrade began, though upgrade started automatically anyway despite red coloured warnings saying to change mirrors (I am using the default anyway)

    The error still exists now I have upgraded

    Could not download all repository indexes

    The repository may no longer be available or could not be contacted because of network problems. If available, an older version of the failed index will be used. Otherwise, the repository will be ignored. Check your network connection and ensure the repository address is correct in ‘Repositories’ under ‘Settings’.

    An error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is not updated and the previous index files will be used. GPG error: stable InRelease: The following signatures were invalid: EXPKEYSIG 1F3045A5DF7587C3 Skype Linux Client Repository Failed to fetch The following signatures were invalid: EXPKEYSIG 1F3045A5DF7587C3 Skype Linux Client Repository Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

  31. Hi, After upgrading to 20.2 i can still see gnote only, as per changelog now it should be sticky notes??

  32. Just performed the upgrade, no issues whatsoever, so great work. It was from a fairly recent install of 20.1, so I guess no big surprise. That old 20.1 got seriously thrashed after a power cut, couldn’t get past grub, no kernel found, but all is well as of now.

  33. After upgrading to 20.2 Cinnamon, Software Manager (mintinstall) will no longer open. It opened the first time I tried, after upgrade, but seemed stuck updating. So, I closed it and tried reopening it. I haven’t been able to open it since, even after a reboot.

  34. My comp needed only 15 minutes to upgrade.

    Thank you Clem & Mint Team for the wonderful experience.

  35. Hi Clem
    I have upgraded 3 machines to 20.2 cinnamon edition from 20.1
    On one one the start menu displays correctly
    On the other 2 the right column of the menu is too narrow and truncates the words such that it says Advanced Network Con… for example
    I have set all three to the same screen resolution to no avail. I have also reinstalled cinnamon to no avail. All suggestions appreciated

  36. Warpinator no longer finds other machines on the network with GUFW enabled after updating to 20.2. The fix for me is to go to the warpinator preferences, connection button and click update firewall rules. Hope it helps someone

  37. Hello
    Is it possible to make the same thing with command line ?
    Thank’s in advance for your answer

  38. Bonjour,
    Après la mise à jour vers Mint 20.2, xfce4-weather-plugin ne fonctionne plus !!
    Que faut-il faire pour le retrouver ?
    Merci pour vos réponses.

  39. Upgraded with the steps outlined last night and it was flawless. My laptop is much more responsive and quicker running Linux Mint 20.1 versus 20.1. I was switching between this laptop and my Manjaro Linux laptop, but I’ll definitely be working on this one more again. Thanks so much again for this wonderful distro.

  40. Thank you, for yet another effortless upgrade of probably the best Linux distro at the moment! <3

  41. Great work people. It installed like slicing warm butter (from 20.1 to 20.2). Now lets hope Dr. Evil from MicroShaft doesn’t try and pooch my GRUB bootloader again.

  42. Nothing is working for me. Lots of packages fail to download. I have Mint 20.1 Never experienced this before. Changed sources and updated cache many times, still all fails. Even on the command line. It hangs waiting for packages and never download them.

  43. Seamless upgrade. Utterly painless. I backed up a lot of customizations expecting to have to reapply them.. Not needed. I was having some freezes and crashes hopefully this will address them.

    Thank you Clem and the rest of the fantastic Mint team

  44. Can’t install mint 20.2 cinnamon on my SSD disk. It says: “The installer encountered an error copying files to the hard disk: [Errno 5] Input/output error This is often due to a faulty CD/DVD disk or drive , or a faulty hard disk….. ” i have tried to install from DVD and USB key and download also 2 different images, but this error always comes up. I hope I don’t need to buy a another hard disk. Please help.

    I love this Distro everything works good, but now only problem is I can’t install it. 😀

  45. Where is Sticky Notes?
    Thanks for the upgrade, all went well until … I try to find ‘Sticky Notes’!! There does not appear to be anything in the menu, and I have tried the various ways and used various names for it in the search boxes. I upgraded from 20.1 Xfce (which I love).

  46. Upgraded from Ulysa…Tina. All goes ok.
    When searching inside archives it works with one word, but if I search for two or three it does not. I.e.: I search for “discipline,” and finds the discipline and , But if I search for good discipline or a phrase i have no results. I tried using “” or & but no solution. Maybe I am doing something wrong.
    And Bulky… I expected a way to rename all before the dot and extension when original names are different in size. I.E: renaming Spring.txt and Springtosummer.txt just in only one renaming process, just deleting all letters before extension dot and inserting one new name and the 1,2,3… order automatically.
    For the rest it goes fluently and perfect. Thanks.

  47. Thank you for yet another great and easy upgrade.
    I’m sure you have your reasons, but I wish you wouldn’t automatically remove software. I’ve been using Tomboy, and later Gnote, since 2005. Luckily, it was very easy to reinstall Gnote.
    Luckily, because Sticky doesn’t run on my system. When I try to run it with the terminal, I get this message: “Failed to register: Timeout was reached”
    Probably some glitch specific to my system. A shame, because I was fully prepared to try it out.
    Thanks again for all your hard work.

    1. Hi @Andrew, that message typically means that the app is already running, but is frozen. The freeze was most likely caused by a bug in the import process from gnote. That bug has been fixed, but it wont show up until the next update of the sticky notes package shows up in the update manager (it may take a few days depending on when @Clem has a chance to upload the new version to the repositories).

  48. Upgrading from 20.1, after the update and rebooting it gets stuck during startup with loads of messages like these on a black background. Whats going on?

    [ 78.123456] systemd-journal[300]: failed to write entry (22 items, 787 bytes), ignoring: read-only file system
    [ 78.123456] systemd-journal[300]: failed to write entry (22 items, 686 bytes), ignoring: read-only file system
    [ 78.123456] systemd-journal[300]: failed to write entry (22 items, 787 bytes), ignoring: read-only file system
    [ 78.123456] systemd-journal[300]: failed to write entry (22 items, 686 bytes), ignoring: read-only file system
    [ 78.123456] systemd-journal[300]: failed to write entry (22 items, 787 bytes), ignoring: read-only file system

  49. My cinnamon menu has doubled in size horizontally. I haven’t found a configuration that allows me to resize it, but I could be wrong. I’ve already tried to create another menu, but the problem persists. Does anyone know a solution? Despite this small bug the upgrade worked wonderfully. Congratulations to the Mint team for the excellent work. Greetings from a longtime user and fan.

    1. Issue solved by Cinnamon 5.0.5. You guys are awesome!!!!!!
      Thank you very much!!!

  50. When explain more about extended support maintenance for tina (bionic beaver 18.04 lts) with the own token given in the ubuntu account input on terminal?

  51. Hello Everybody. I have a question. It is possible to install linux mint on Hp Omen Core I7 – 8750H CPU @ 2.206Hz Ram 16.0 GB. Any Suggestions? Please Thank You

    1. I cannot imagine why NOT, I have just updated a 10 year old laptop to 20.2 this evening. Smooth as silk. In the past I had 20.1 running on an i7 based laptop with 6gb ram, so with 16gb it should work like a charm.
      However, your biggest problems may be creating the installation usb stick, and finding out how to boot from it.

  52. It went really smooth. One note though. This last part of step 3 did not come up until step 4. ‘”f asked whether to keep or replace configuration files, choose to replace them.”

  53. Found a bug. After upgrading to LM 20.2 (Cinnamon), the Window-List applet doesn’t work properly with LibreOffice when opening a file by double-clicking on the file within Nemo. If I double-click on a LibreOffice file (such as an .odt file), it will not show up in the Window-List applet (the one in the “Traditional Layout” — I haven’t tried the “Modern Layout” version). However, if I open it from File > Open or from File > Recent Documents in LibreOffice, it *is* shown in Window-List applet, as usual. Again, this seems to be only with LibreOffice. All other file types I’ve double-clicked in Nemo and opened in other programs show up in the Window-List applet. When this problem occurs, I can restart cinnamon in the panel menu’s Troubleshooting section, and the documents appear in the Window-List applet after it reloads. This problem did not occur in LM 20.1. This happens in both my laptop as well as my wife’s, both now running 20.2, so it’s not just a one-off thing.

  54. Since 18.3 finished I have successfully upgraded to 19.3,20 and 20.1 with no problems. Since upgrading to 20.2 I have had a problem with disappearing/not appearing icons in the taskbar.
    First I had firefox and thunderbird open with the icons showing in the taskbar and then they were gone.
    Next I had xed,vlc and firefox open and the icons for xed and vlc disappeared. After killing xed and vlc with system monitor and restarting them the icons stayed visible in the taskbar until I shutdown.
    Is there a way to hide the ‘search content’ bar in nemo as I only tend use the ‘search for files’ bar.
    I use nemo in icon view at 66% and the folder icons are the size I like but the spacing is not. The vertical spacing is much too big. Is there a way to adjust the spacing without changing the icon size?

    1. Hi can you update to cinnamon 5.0.5 and see if the disappearing icons is fixed?

    2. I was having a problem with the keyboard applet changing from us to uk every time I logged out and back in again but ok on a reboot. It turned out to be a ‘locale’ problem. LC_NUMERIC= was set to LC_NUMERIC=C
      changed it to: LC_NUMERIC=en_GB.UTF-8
      sudo localectl set-locale LC_NUMERIC=en_GB.UTF-8
      Then used ‘mintlocale’ to set language,region,time format to ‘English, United Kingdom’ and Apply system-wide
      After logout/in checked:
      Since then the keyboard applet does not change from us to uk when I logout/in.
      The bonus was that it also cured my disappearing icons!!

  55. after switching from windows 10 to linux mint, my tpm chip cannot be detected. on computer startup i get a message: {0.600251} tpm_crb MSFT0101:00: can’t request region for resource {mem 0xa4fff000-0xa4fff02f}

    1. Hello Brendon:
      See if you can go into your BIOS and turn off or select ‘bypass’ TPM. That should fix the issue.

  56. When clicking the “menu, shutdown icon”, the “shutdown this system now” box does not have focus depending what windows are already open behind it, if firefox or evolution or celluloid, for example, are open then you have to click the shutdown box to regain focus.

  57. The update works fine under normal circumstances, but like previous updates it fails on an IPv6-only system, where it forges ahead without checking and then can’t contact some servers, leaving the system in an in-between state. I don’t think too many people are affected, but making your servers IPv6-capable should be a simple fix. Please look into it. Other than this little nitpick, excellent work!

  58. Hello
    Cleam i was upgrading from 20.1xfce–>20.2xfce successfully but today I am trying to upgrade with the package slimjet_amd64.deb ver.31 I click on the “install package” box and after 2s the box disappears and does not upgrade, previously on 20.1 xfce the upgrade worked for me this way

  59. Hi guys,
    first of all thank you for your excellent work. Smooth update, no problems with cinnamon for all the time I am using it.
    One minor thing: it seems to me after update my menu ( got shrinked a bit. My theme is Graphite Zero. For now I edited applet.js, function _resizeApplicationsBox() to extend the width but obviously this is not a good solution. I understand there may be technical reasons why for some themes get_preferred_width() does not work well but for such situations I would suggest the added constant (currently 42) to be configurable in menu configuration.
    Not a big deal but for future updates this would save me from editing the applet what I feel is not good at all.
    Thank you

    1. Hm, after applying Adapta theme update offered by Update manager the menu got much wider, obviously more than needed. Maybe this will help you in resolving the issue.
      And this also indicates that enabling configuring of menu width will not address the problem and it is something deeper…

  60. my Mate upgrade was largely successful but I have a problem with “notes” in that upon rebooting and trying notes, I was asked “do you want to import from gnotes?” … I answered yes and waited a few moments, but found that notes wouldn’t launch from the icon (and at the terminal, $notes just returned to the prompt with no info printed to the terminal).

    Rebooting has allowed me to launch notes but the imports which I hoped/assumed would be there, are not visible.

    Where would I look for the original “notes” and in what form – are they json?

    1. 11th July 2021 13:13 I asked : “Where would I look for the original “notes” and in what form – are they json?”

      Update: 25 xml files were found in ~/.local/share/gnote which I was able to edit and import one by one – the data has been rescued (and of course I always had timeshift to fall back upon)

  61. Une mise à jour faite en quelques minutes, sans aucun problème !
    Bravo et merci à toute l’équipe de Linux Mint.

  62. Thanks for another great and smooth upgrade.

    The only thing not working on my system is the not taking program sticky. I tried reinstalling sticky but it still didn’t work.

  63. Nemo file manager detect my network samba shares (QNAP TS-251) but cannot browse on it. Windows does, MacOS too. This happen with all versions of Mint. Why?

    1. I cannot say for sure, but this page may help.
      In etc/samba you will need to add a line to your config file to allow use of what is called NT1. More accurately add client min protocol=NT1 at least, if your problem is what I’m guessing it is. I believe it has to do with an upstream bug. It worked for me.

  64. I have Linux Mate 20.2 up and running but every time I run updates it shows I need to reboot which I do and then run update again to fine I still have the sames update needed to be installed anyone knows how to fix this ?

    1. Since 19 and 20 have different Ubuntu bases, you’ll first have to do the more difficult upgrade from 19.3 to 20, then you can do the direct upgrade to 20.2 after that.

  65. After the upgrade I’ve noticed “mpv Media Player” appeared under “Sound & Video” in the main menu.

    I don’t think this was meant to have happened, but it’s not dangerous either, I think.

    Will there be a fix via the Update Manager, or do I need to correct this myself (it irritates my brain). If the later, how can I do this?

  66. Further to the “shutdown this system now” box losing focus on clicking since installing cinnamon 20.2, I have noticed a red flashing “session” box in the taskbar, the flashing stops after a couple of flashes and the box stays red. If I click the box or the shutdown window focus is restored

  67. Sorry Clem, I don’t worry, I have found a solution to the shutdown box losing focus – going to windows, Behaviour and then setting window focus mode to “sloppy” seems to have fixed it!

  68. Really sorry Clem, red herring – the shutdown box setting to sloppy has not fixed the issue, at least not permanently as it has reappeared. Is there a way to make the shutdown box retain focus on opening?

    1. Hi, can you update to cinnamon 5.0.5 and see if this still happens? Make sure to log out and back in after updating.

    2. Hi Michael
      Sorry still the same. Have confirmed running cinnamon 5.05 in system info
      If I open firefox for instance ,then go menu, shutdown I get a flashing session box in the taskbar and I do not have focus. If I then cancel and go menu, shutdown again it keeps focus

  69. The new GNOTES is horrible! Not only did it fail to restore my notes from the old version, but there’s no way to view one note at a time. You either have a screen full of notes, or nothing at all. Lots of bugs here and I hope they are fixed soon. Is there another alternative that I can download? I use notes quite a bit, but this format is ridiculous…js

    1. I just reinstalled Gnote from the repositories. Sticky doesn’t even start on my system.

    1. You can install mint alongside windows. A fresh install will ask you what you want to do

  70. Updated from Cinnamon 20.1… no hitches but I notice a problem with video playback on the Odysee & Lbry channels. The videos do not play at all? I get a message about incompatible format…

    Anyone know about this? Thanks

    1. Here is the error message: “The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.”

    2. I have no problem here in NYC. What are you using, a player or your browser?

    3. Thanks Ed NYC… After a couple of shutdowns and reboots the videos will play.
      It was in the Vivaldi browser.

  71. Thank you Linux Mint Team for your good work. Much appreciated.

    Upgrade went smooth and very fast, took not much more than 5 minutes.

    There was one tiny hiccup after reboot, though: Tried to open file manager from the menu, but vlc comes up and fails immediately. Turns out that it was set as preferred file manager app in Control Panel -> Preferred Applications (but not by me). Changing to caja solved the problem.


  72. Software Manager (mintinstall) fails to load after two upgrade attempts from 20.1 to 20.2 Cinnamon using a different mirror each time. When attempting to run mintinstall from the terminal I get what appears to be a Python error and mintinstall won’t run. Other than that everything else, as usual with your upgrades, appears to work flawlessly.

    randy@randy-HP-Spectre-x360-Convertible-13t-aw000:~$ mintinstall
    MintInstall: Detected system architecture: ‘x86_64’
    Installer: User pkgcache is most recent, using it.
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/lib/linuxmint/mintinstall/”, line 1161, in sync_installed_apps
    pkginfo = self.installer.cache[pkg_hash]
    File “/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/mintcommon/installer/”, line 96, in __getitem__
    return self._items[key]
    KeyError: ‘apt:apt-transport-https’

    During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/lib/linuxmint/mintinstall/”, line 579, in do_activate
    File “/usr/lib/linuxmint/mintinstall/”, line 892, in on_installer_ready
    File “/usr/lib/linuxmint/mintinstall/”, line 1164, in sync_installed_apps
    UnboundLocalError: local variable ‘pkginfo’ referenced before assignment
    Error in sys.excepthook:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/”, line 153, in apport_excepthook
    with os.fdopen(,
    FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/var/crash/’

    Original exception was:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/lib/linuxmint/mintinstall/”, line 1161, in sync_installed_apps
    pkginfo = self.installer.cache[pkg_hash]
    File “/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/mintcommon/installer/”, line 96, in __getitem__
    return self._items[key]
    KeyError: ‘apt:apt-transport-https’

    During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/lib/linuxmint/mintinstall/”, line 579, in do_activate
    File “/usr/lib/linuxmint/mintinstall/”, line 892, in on_installer_ready
    File “/usr/lib/linuxmint/mintinstall/”, line 1164, in sync_installed_apps
    UnboundLocalError: local variable ‘pkginfo’ referenced before assignment

    1. Hi. you should be able to update to mintinstall 8.0.8, which fixes this issue.

  73. Hello,

    is there a possibility to run the update also via ssh?
    I would like to automate the process to be able to update multiple devices.

  74. Upgraded my Korean Samsung NC110 from 20.1 to 20.2 with minimum problems. Thank you all again Linux Mint Team. So helpful, as always.

  75. Hello All;

    RE: The upgrade instructions, step 4. Convert the system with usrmerge.

    Since I completed this step during the previous LM MATE upgrade (20.0 to 20.1), is it necessary to perform step 4 again during this LM MATE upgrade (20.1 to 20.2)?

    1. Hello, Michael B.
      No, you don’t need step 4 again. Convert with usrmerge is something that is done once, and that’s it.
      Since you’ve done it during the previous upgrade 20.0 to 20.1, just forget step 4.

  76. Linux Mint – helping to keep old laptos going since – er, I’m not really sure 🙂 However, I’ve just upgraded a 15-year old Thinkpad and a 12-year old Acer to Mint Cinnamon 20.2 and both are still doing useful jobs of work. As usual, the upgrades went without problems.

  77. Same problem about Software Manager like Randy Lindsey but with default software sources
    Software Manager (mintinstall) fails to load after two upgrade attempts from 20.1 to 20.2 Cinnamon

    petre@petre-OptiPlex-9020:~$ mintinstall
    MintInstall: Detected system architecture: ‘x86_64’
    Installer: User pkgcache is most recent, using it.
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/lib/linuxmint/mintinstall/”, line 1161, in sync_installed_apps
    pkginfo = self.installer.cache[pkg_hash]
    File “/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/mintcommon/installer/”, line 96, in __getitem__
    return self._items[key]
    KeyError: ‘apt:bricscadv18’

    During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/lib/linuxmint/mintinstall/”, line 579, in do_activate
    File “/usr/lib/linuxmint/mintinstall/”, line 892, in on_installer_ready
    File “/usr/lib/linuxmint/mintinstall/”, line 1164, in sync_installed_apps
    UnboundLocalError: local variable ‘pkginfo’ referenced before assignment

  78. Superb update process – congrats to all involved. Notes is apparently not coming out to play and the import of prior Gnotes option isn’t working but reinstalling Gnotes brings all the notes up as before so nothing is lost.

    1. I’m only asking in case there’s nothing personal, but if you could provide a copy of the ~/.local/share/gnote folder and create an issue on we’d love to try to reproduce the issue and fix it.

    2. Hi @JLH, that bug has been fixed now, and should be gone in the next update that lands in the update manager (hopefully within the next few days).

  79. If you have already converted your system with usrmerge after upgrading from Mint 20 to Mint 20.1 do you really need to execute usrmerge again after upgrading from Mint 20.1 to Mint 20.2? Thank you in advance.

    1. Thanks, Clem. Just updated my system and everything went smoothly. Much gratitude to the Linux Mint gang for consistently producing the best Linux distro available.

  80. I tried several mirrors but never saw the “Upgrade to 20.2” in Update Manager. Running LMDE4 with a custom 5.* kernel. Does the upgrade depends on a 4.19 kernel? Otherwise I’m unable to understand why I’m not getting the option. mintupdate is version 5.7.3, and mint-upgrade-info is version 1.1.8.

    1. LMDE is a different distribution, you can’t upgrade it to Mint 20.2. That said we will be backporting all the new features from 20.2 to LMDE 4 this month.

    1. Hola.
      El gestor de actualizaciones puede valerte. Al ejecutarlo te actualiza el sistema (si ya lo tienes actualizado sigues con lo que comento ahora) y al final del proceso vas a Editar y encuentras la opción de Actualizar a Uma.

  81. Hi. Can you please update the repositories so that mintupdate would have dependence on gir1.2-notify-0.7 ?

    When I upgraded to 20.2, the mintupdate did not work. After googling, I found out that I need to install gir1.2-notify-0.7 for the script to work. Maybe this package is installed by default but I use debootstrap to install linuxmint.


  82. Hi Clem
    I see in the New Features you say “In the window manager, improvements were made to focus-stealing, wine fullscreen applications and the restoration of window positions after a Cinnamon restart.”
    I do not know if this is the cause of an unfortunate bug concerning the behaviour of the shutdown window.
    If I click menu/shutdown the session box does not have focus and I need to click it to regain focus in order to select suspend or hibernate etc. If however I close the session box and immediately click menu/shutdown again the session box keeps the focus. Given that someone is unlikely to open the session box without intending to perform one of the actions therein, is it possible to allow this box to retain focus when opened? This was fine in 20.1 and earlier

    1. It’s been more or less four or five years I use linux mint. Great.
      I have a question (and a problem).
      Since I upgraded to linux mint uma the system give al alert.
      apt is corrupted… change the mirror.
      I tried four times and almost every time i boot , after a while the system gives me the same alert, even after the update was OK. I updated from the terminal to see if from there the system gives me any kind of error.
      That seems to be OK too.
      I noted the same alert on two machines, so I think something is wrong.
      Thank you in advance.

  83. Hello Clem,
    I updated two laptops, mine and my father’s (77 years old), everything went perfectly. Thank you and the team for the wonderful operating system. I have a question: why in LM 20.1 we transfer files between phone and laptop with active firewall, now in 20.2 I have to disable firewall to transfer files. Before it created two rules in the firewall for port 42000, now it creates 2 rules for ports 42000 s 2 rules for port 42001. With active firewall the warpinator writes to me that it is waiting for connection in both directions?
    Thank you so much for everything you do so good and beautiful.

    1. Hi Mick
      I do not know about the phone version, but i found that I had to update the firewall rules on every PC running warpinator after the upgrade to 20.2 otherwise they would not see each other. Once all the firewalls were updated it all worked fine

  84. HI.
    I did another thing for upgrading from Ulyssa to Uma in another laptop I had, both similar hardware.
    I got a BootRepar bootable USB and after stopppig BootRepair utility I went with Gparted, that comes inside that USB as a system tool, I copied the Uma partition into another partition in an sata disk connected with usb3.0 to sata adapter. (I could take the another laptop disk and connect it as well, but I had another one and I had not to open laptop to extract it).
    After pasting the Uma partition into sata external disk I switched laptop 1 off and booted in laptop 2 with the BootRepair USB Bootable. I went to System Tools in the Menu and with Gparted again I deleted Ulyssa partition in laptop 2 and pasted Uma one in external sata disk.
    After that I switched off and restarted laptop 2. And it was working, BUT it was spending almost 30 or 40 seconds with LinuxMint logo on screen before seeing desktop, so I booted again with USB BootRepair and repaired Boot with this excellent utility. After it made its job, I restarted and… perfect Uma in Laptop 2. Fast boot and all working perfect. ALWAAYS BEING CAREFULL OF NO MISTAKE THE PARTITION TO COPY AND THE ONE TO DELETE.
    And another thing about BootRepair. I pasted one LinuxMint partition into an empty external disk and BootRepair goes to Internet to do some things. You have to paste some commands it gives to you in Terminal and wait a little. After that another entry appears in Boot. You can see it by pressing ESC or F” before boot logo appears (the BIOS…). Very nice and time earning solution this. A lot of time used to reinstall programms and things now is not needed. All quick and perfect working. Thanks.

  85. Thank you for the release. I switched to LM 20.2 again from LMDE as the former seemed to be up to date.

  86. Hi.
    Problem with Sottware Manager.
    When I try to install something it says that can create temporary file.
    Disk has a lot of free space.

    1. Uninstalled and reinstalled with sudo apt-get install mintinstall and it continues with the same advice. Canẗ create temporary directory and it takes a long time to show the Install button. I installed from zero Uma in a disk and it works perfect, so there is something I did wrong using it.

    2. I did sudo flatpak repair and it was working for about 5 minutes but nothing new after repairing. I can install software from Software Manager but not flatpak versions.

    3. HI.
      I did mintinstall, Michael, but nothing went in the full right way.
      So I recovered an old Ulyanna partition I had in a forgotten laptop (the whole apps I use were running ok on it and I had not to reinstall almost anyhing) and with Gparted pasted it into the one with Uma, deleting it first, of course. Then with Bootrepair I could start Ulyanna and then, after upgrading it I could Upgrade to Uma very fast. Now it works great all. It was not a very shinning solution, but it works again. Hope one LinuxMint distribution were called Vesta in honour of ancient Home Goddess… I think some gods are putting light to my ideas to make it work again fluently and fast with not very natural capabilities. I am very happy again. Now I go to backup partition with Gparted in another disk. Thanks.

  87. Hi! I have a question: Is it possible correcting my compu in a slow state by updating it with this linux mint 20.2 version?

    1. Hi Jose:
      Upgrading to the latest version of Mint will not make your computer run any faster. However, if possible you should upgrade your machine’s total RAM to eight GB if it has less. If your computer has a mechanical rather than a SSD you should defrag it by running the command e4defrag /* Running Bleachbit as an administrator before defragging the hard drive is a good idea. I would back up your entire hard drive to a USB by using Clonezilla after making any of these changes.

  88. Just an FYI for fresh installers of linuxmint 20.2. Video card wrinkle, fresh install. I decided to fresh install linuxmint 20.2 into some unallocated space on my hdd, beside 20.1. That way it would be easy to go back to 20.1 if i needed to. After the install was completed, i rebooted and got an ‘unsupported mode’ error, on my monitor. Turns out, the Nvidia driver was not included in the mint20.2 iso file. So i shut down, and booted into recovery mode in GRUB, i ended up in the open source Nouveau video driver. The distro itself let me know that the Nvidia driver needed to be downloaded and installed. So i went ahead and did that. Then i did a normal reboot into linuxmint 20.2, fresh install, and the video error went away.

  89. I’ve updated two of my machines so far, both went fine going from 20.1 XFCE, but I’ve noticed the orage panel clock has gone in both cases, when I go to reinstall it in synaptic it throws an error that it needs orage-data which needs something else, can’t remember what. Is it safe to chase that trail and install it all or has it been removed intentionally for some reason ?

  90. Every software update presents its own unique set of challenges. On that note, I wanted to thank the Mint Team for their responsiveness, kindness and patience through this process. I’m absolutely delighted with Mint 20.2 Cinnamon Edition!

  91. Anyone have issues with Suspend or Sleep? It seems that if I have Libreoffice open and then Suspend, the files are closed when i log back in and resume. I have to recover LibreOffice files.

  92. Linux mint 20.2 is using at least 1gb less ram than the previous version with my PC daily workload. This is amazing since I only have 8gb. Congratulations to the developers for the excellent work!

  93. Hi Team
    Is there any way I can save my User menus in Cinnamon so that I have a reference as to which programmes I need to reinstall from the repositories?

    1. Hi Fred, you should be able to use the ‘Backup Tool’ (mintbackup) to save your current list of user-installed software – this will create a file you can use later to restore the selection.

  94. Upgrade to Linux Mint 20.2 x86_64 “Uma” Cinnamon Edition in three words: Easy, Clean, Perfect.
    Good job team! This is the reason why you receive a small contribution from me every year.
    Keep making this distribution one of the BEST in the world.
    Thank you, thank you very much.

  95. I love Warpinator, but it no longer works (on any of the 7 pc’s I’ve updated to 20.2) It can’t find any of the other computers. I’ve deleted and reinstalled firewall rules too.

  96. Sorry, it does not work for me (Kernel: 5.13.3-051303-generic x86_64 bits: 64 Desktop: Cinnamon 4.8.6 Distro: Linux Mint 20.1 Ulyssa)
    System reports shows upgradable notes; pressing button to upgrade: nothing happens, no error messages.
    Also, mint update program shows the menu entry “System aktualisieren…”, but again, selecting it, nothing happens.

    1. OS: Linux Mint 20.2 x86_64
      Host: Inspiron 5575 1.3.3
      Kernel: 5.13.1-051301-generic
      Uptime: 3 hours, 25 mins
      Packages: 2610 (dpkg), 13 (flatpak),
      Shell: bash 5.0.17
      Resolution: 1920×1080
      DE: Cinnamon
      WM: Mutter (Muffin)
      WM Theme: cinnamon (Mint-Y)
      Theme: Mint-Y [GTK2/3]
      Icons: Mint-Y [GTK2/3]
      Terminal: gnome-terminal
      CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700U with Radeon V
      GPU: AMD ATI Radeon Vega Series / Ra
      Memory: 2825MiB / 15641MiB

    2. Finally! I came to a solution: I found this page: where via sed the source repository is set to ‘uma’.

      I had the additional problem that the server “evowise”, which I had set as source, was not responsive. After replacing it, the upgrade finally worked.

      After all, I think it would be very helpfull if the upgrade process (what ever it is) should leave some error logs of the problems detected!!!

  97. I’m just surfing around and suddenly there is a pop up to update software, and I just click ok, next, ok and it’s updating now. I don’t take any precautions. All files downloaded and unpacked and told me to reboot, I rebooted pc And now my pc is stuck in Mint linux Logo. What can I do?

    1. Restore the last snapshot using timeshift on the live ISO. If you don’t have any, try boot-repair or check on the forums to troubleshoot the boot sequence (pressing the arrow keys usually shows the text version and gives more info).

  98. testing and working with Uma for almost a week and it goes fluently, no errors, and faster than Windows 10. Very good job.

  99. Hello everyone!
    Like some other users here i have a problem with warpinator after update to version 1.2.3 (OS: LMDE4). The symbol in the taskbar shows a red dot (offline). After using the button to update the firewall rules in the warpinator settings, the ip-address is shown (before But warpinator still says that there is no connection to the network.
    My other computer runs LM 19.3 with warpinator 1.1.1. Is that the problem? Or is there a bug in the new version?
    Thanks for your help in advance. 🙂

    1. Afaik it’s a compatibility issue with the new warpinator and the old network-manager API in LMDE, we’re going to get it fixed ASAP.

    2. @Clem
      After updating warpinator to version 1.2.4 everything works again! 😀

      Thanks for fixing the problem so quickly.

  100. Clem, many thanks to you and your team for the terrific updates to LMDE 4 which I use with the 5.10 series kernel. LMDE 4 is better than ever and it’s the pride of my PC!

  101. Big thanks to the team for fixing the start menu right hand column width issue, now I have updated it is displaying correctly

  102. Thanks to team esp Michael Webster for fixing the shutdown box loses focus issue, great response and much appreciated

  103. Hello.
    I am noticing that the icons of minimized applications (LO docs, PDF’s, whatever) appear in the panel in a tiny size, (similar to the launching icons that one can add to the panel), instead of the normal (about 3 cm wide) icons. This strange behavior started about 2 or 3 days ago, I don’t know why.
    Before, with Cinnamon 5.0.4, there was the bug of the “single icon” per LO document, that was fixed by Cinnamon 5.0.5. And everything was OK for a few days, until this new “tiny icons” anomaly began.
    I do not get to associate it with any update or change in the system in the moment this started to occur.
    Any ideas how to solve this and restore the minimized applications icons to their normal size?

    1. Hi Luis, can you provide a screenshot maybe? Did you have labels enabled in the window list, and maybe turned them off? Then they would appear just as icons. There are also icon size settings in ‘Panel Settings’.

    2. Concerning this matter, I continued to investigate on my own, and I came to the following conclusions:
      Cinnamon versions don’t seem to matter, because in another test system I also have the latest versions and things are OK for me, the way they used to be (meaning launching icons left, applic. icons left and normal size (3cm?).
      I also found that if i activate applet Grouped Windows List (GWL), the applic. icons become small (1cm wide, like launching icons).
      Furthermore, pre-existing launching icons (eg firefox) become application icons when I launch them!
      If GWL and windol list (WL) applets are both active, I may have launching icons left and right, and also duplicated application icons, regular size and small size.
      If I reset things, I get GWL active, WL inactive, launch icons OK but appl. icons small.
      If I deactivate GWL and activate WL, launch icons and applic. icons (of normal size) are all on the right, and they should be on the left.
      So, the concrete questions I want to ask are:
      With WL, how can I force the icons to be on the left side?
      With GWL, how can I have regular size application icons, and also active application icons separate from their launching icons (eg firefox)?
      Thankyou very much for your answers, hints or suggestions.
      I am sorry for bothering you with these questions, but I do not think I am the only one experiencing this.

    3. Michael, thanks a lot for your answer. Yes, the problem was labels disabled. I just enabled them, and everything went back to (what I consider) normal.
      May I also ask why icons sometimes appear on the right side, instead of left? It happens when I activate WL and deactivate Grouped WL, or vice-versa. The only way I know to force icons back to the left side is to reset the panel, but I loose my personal launchers and have to put them back on.

  104. To Clem or someone at Linux Mint:

    I have tried for a long time to get a LTE modem to work in LMDE 4 but to no avail.
    The modem is called Fibocom L850-GL and is based on the Intel chip XMM7360.

    The modem works in both LMDE 2 and LMDE 3, also in live mode! (running the iso from a USB stick or a DVD).

    As I understand it, in LMDE 4, there is a PCI interface taking precedence on boot before the USB 3.0 interface. Both interfaces are supported by the modem according to it’s datasheet.

    There are some hacked solutions for USB and PCI offered on github, but I have not been able to get it to work as I get error messages. Also I am not brave enough to start running AT commands in a serial such as minicom.

    Is this something you are able to fix by sending an update through update manager?
    If not, then at least could you take a note of this and perhaps provide a solution in LMDE 5, when that will be released sometime in the future?

    1. From the module’s datasheet – Interface subsection:

      PCIe (Windows 10)
      USB 2.0
      USB3.0 (Non- windows)

    1. I wouldn’t have though to do that but I tried it and cinnamon froze as you say. Ctrl-Alt-Backspace allowed me to log in again

  105. Sticky still doesn’t work for me. Hope the output when I start it with the terminal helps:
    formatting error detected – attempting to fix
    formatting error detected – attempting to fix
    formatting error detected – attempting to fix
    formatting error detected – attempting to fix
    formatting error detected – attempting to fix
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/lib/sticky/”, line 628, in do_activate
    File “/usr/lib/sticky/”, line 812, in load_notes
    File “/usr/lib/sticky/”, line 797, in generate_note
    note = Note(self, self.dummy_window, info)
    File “/usr/lib/sticky/”, line 195, in __init__
    self.move(self.x, self.y)
    OverflowError: 10737418240 not in range -2147483648 to 2147483647
    Error in sys.excepthook:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/”, line 153, in apport_excepthook
    with os.fdopen(,
    FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/var/crash/’

    Original exception was:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/lib/sticky/”, line 628, in do_activate
    File “/usr/lib/sticky/”, line 812, in load_notes
    File “/usr/lib/sticky/”, line 797, in generate_note
    note = Note(self, self.dummy_window, info)
    File “/usr/lib/sticky/”, line 195, in __init__
    self.move(self.x, self.y)
    OverflowError: 10737418240 not in range -2147483648 to 2147483647

    1. I have seen the orange dot a few times since the update so20.2 yes, that still appears

  106. See my earlier post about Sticky not working.

    The problem was that it had imported over fifteen years of notes, (from TomBoy, then Gnotes (and i now discovered that there is a new for, TomBoy-ng, which allows MarkDown editing…) and that was too much apparently.

    Anyway, I gave the imported notes (“home/myname/.config/sticky/notes.json”) another name, basically starting with an empty notes-book… and that solved the problem. Sticky now behaves as it should.

    Since I don’t like giving up my old notes and Gnotes has a few features I like and use daily, I’m staying with that program for the time being.

  107. I notice that some of the newer kernels (even the 5.10.x series) are looking for Lib C6 2.33 while LM comes with version 2.31. Is there a way to update Lib C6? Any future plans to update it in the new release? Thanks…

  108. …Hello guys and happy Thursday .. happened to notice this morning that the Weather 1.3.2 applet (Spices) while updating through the Update Manager, required no privilege elevation to install. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad or normal (seems bad), but I thought I’d pass it along in case (exceedingly low priority).

  109. Thank you for your excellent work and team.
    My suggestions last year for correcting file menuitem definition in files manager from ‘貼上’ and ‘貼上資料夾裡’ to ‘複製’ and ‘貼入資料夾’ receive perfect results.
    By the way, i wants to share some experiences.
    Normally, I make partitions for cinnamon by ‘efi’ 537 MB, ‘system /’ 86 G, and ‘swap’ 5 G. Although, during installation I choose not to use ‘efi’.
    I did a good update from 20.2 beta to (cinnamon) 20.2 stable. As usual, I made a system-transfer to a new ssd by restoring the already backuped image file for ‘system /’ partition by disk utility to the same-size second partion of the new ssd.
    Next I do the following steps to build a new grubing procedure.

    1) Boot from live usb:
    2) $ sudo fdisk -l && ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/ (to check device, assume the new ssd is /dev/sde )
    mint@mint:~$ sudo su
    root@mint:/home/mint# sudo mount /dev/sde2 /mnt (/dev/sde2 = system ‘/’ partition)
    root@mint:/home/mint# sudo grub-install –root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sde
    Installing for i386-pc platform.
    Installation finished. No error reported.
    root@mint:/home/mint# exit

    After changing the correct uuid in /etc/fstab for swap partition of the new ssd, the new ssd does boot, but it takes about three to four times of boot time than normal boot.

    Unable to find out the reasons for longer time boot, I did a new installation for 20.2 stable version. Then, I made image file backups for both ‘system /’ partion and ‘swap’ partion.
    Again, I made a system-transfer to a new ssd by restoring both the ‘system /’ backup image file and the ‘swap’ backup image file to respective partition of the new ssd.
    And do the above steps in terminal to build a new grubing procedure. The new ssd is a 100% duplicate of the installation ssd.

  110. Another sharing is about nvidia display driver. If one like me currently uses nvidia driver e.x. driver v: 465.31, and he makes an update by the renew manager from driver v: 465.31 to v: 470.57.02.
    Then the new boot will break down, because both the /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf and the /lib/modprobe.d/nvidia-graphics-drivers.conf undergo changes by the update.
    The parameters setting of your own in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf are gone, so re-add the following lines: (I add both nvidia and nouveau parameters simply for convenient switch between nvidia and nouveau)

    blacklist nouveau
    blacklist nouveau off
    options nouveau modeset=0
    alias nouveau off
    alias lbm-nouveau off
    ## options nouveau noaccel=1

    # blacklist nvidia
    # blacklist nvidia_drm
    # blacklist nvidia_modeset
    # blacklist nvidia_uvm
    # alias nvidia off

    And re-build /lib/modprobe.d/nvidia-graphics-drivers.conf file with content as follows:

    blacklist nouveau
    blacklist lbm-nouveau
    alias nouveau off
    alias lbm-nouveau off

    Finnally do the following steps in live usb terminal:

    1) Boot from live usb: (( the changes for above two files can be done during live usb boot ))
    2) $ sudo fdisk -l && ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/ (to check /dev for new ssd, assume the new ssd is /dev/sde)

    mint@mint:~$ sudo su
    # sudo mount /dev/sde2 /mnt
    # sudo mount -o bind /dev/ /mnt/dev
    # sudo chroot /mnt /bin/bash
    ( Now within the chroot)
    # sudo update-initramfs -u
    (grep: /proc/cpuinfo: 沒有此一檔案或目錄)
    # exit


  111. I run MDADM on my system. Does anyone know if there will be issues with the array when upgrading from 20.1 to 20.2?

  112. i’m unable to upgrade due to borken packages (systemd etc). Even after changing base repo, still stuck

  113. How can I update mint 20.1 to 20.2 in terminal? I have an installation of mint in a server with xrdp and mintupdate doesn’t work in rdp protocol.

  114. Does not work for me, I get immediately a message “The upgrade did not succeed. Make sure you are connected to the Internet and try to upgrade again”. It doesn’t try apparently to download anything, I am of course connected. Doesn’t ask for root password (I just log in with my user, launch upgrade manager and select “edit” > “Upgrade to Linux Mint 20.2 Uma”).

    If I open synaptic and try some privileged function, it does ask for the administrator password, but upgrade manager doesn’t

  115. Linux Mint can be updated without any fuss… if You remember first how to install it properly.

    1. Create three partitions (“/”, “home”, “swap”) and install LM
    2. Start “Timeshift” and move snapshots to “home” partition
    3. While preparing to migration go to “Backup data tool” -> “Software selection” -> “Crate Copy Now” (app will create backup of all your applications and related settings and will store that info in “Timeshift” catalogue which is now “home”)
    4. Run new LM from Live CD and order it to format all partitions except home
    5. Complete new installation and go to “Data Backup Tool” -> “Software selection” -> “Restore”
    6. Log in and log out

    Remarks. Remember that all account data should be identical as in the old installation (it will save you time reconfirming your identity in different accounts).

    Maybe this universal method would be worth an entry in your blog.

  116. Hello
    Some questions i hopefully get answers on.
    1. Are the /home partition on a separate partition left untouched? Does the new update create a new /home partition on the system partition?

    2. Does the update keep my existing icons and theme settings?

    3. Does the new update keep my grub and boot splash settings or does it create a brand new one?

    4. I`m running on a Macbook Pro and i had to install some files in the system /etc to have the SD-card reader to work, do i have to do that over again?

  117. After some days 20.2 was released, I tried to upgrade from 20.1.
    For the first time after many version upgrade I got an error, involving mintinstall. I promptly recovered the 20.1 to her previous state with Timeshift, that worked great!

    The subsequent update of mintinstall to 8.0.8 in 20.1 continued to went in error; I think in the post-install phase, unfortunately I did not save the log messages.
    After some searches, I found the solution at, that worked for me. I posted it here for the benefit of others in my same condition. 😉

    As soon as I get the chance, I will retry the upgrade to 20.2 and report here the outcome.

  118. Hi
    Problem with stuttering in firefox when watching youtube, I have to go into firefox settings and delete the cach, after then it is fine. This happens when cach has reached 1Gb.

  119. After updating from 20.1 to 20.2 within update-manager, do i ceep all my apps and settings? Also settings of my personalized grub and plymouth themes?
    Asking because i am new in this game 🙂
    Please respond to this, anybody.

    1. All your apps and settings should remain identical, based on that I just did the upgrade 10 minutes ago. I had to reset to my preferred software mirrors and reload apt cache after upgrade but no big deal. Then there were a couple upgrades so I did those. Now, all done! Took about 20 minutes including downloading the new stuff. My upgrade did not do a single thing (that I noticed) regarding Plymouth nor Grub. Worst case scenario, you’d maybe need to use Grub Customizer and/or whatever configures Plymouth, to fix that stuff if it got munged, but my opinion (2 cents) is you will not have a problem with those.

  120. Hi
    I tried to upgrade from Cinnamon 20.1, but I face a problem in the last screen of Updater’s upgrade wizard (where I am supposed to click on a checkbox that says “I understand the risk….”.). The problem is that the dialog does not let me tick this checkbox! I restarted the laptop, but this does not resolve the issue.

    How to overcome this issue?

  121. I upgraded from 19 and lost access to my Epson EcoTank 3750 printer. The 2750 driver (closest I could find) just spits out blank pages. I like all the improvements. I wish there’s been something in the release notes about this. I will try to timeshift back to before the upgrade until it seems safe.

  122. The new website layout is very nice. Much nicer change than I expected. However, am wondering if you’ll be putting some kind of notice on very first page when the monthly news is ready. In the past, too often I would not notice it right away, especially if it was a bit late. I would think that too often I wouldn’t remember to dig for it with this new layout. In the past I would often get confused by the title as to which month I had alread read.

  123. I have an Intel NUC-Core i5, that has been running 64-bit Linux Mint 20.2 Uma with a MATE environment since January 2021.
    Its hardware and software include:
    CPU: Dual Core Intel Celeron N3050 (-MCP-) speed/min/max: 546/480/2160 MHz Kernel: 5.4.0-84-generic x86_64 Up: 2h 47m
    Mem: 3126.4/7880.4 MiB (39.7%) Storage: 111.79 GiB (36.5% used) Procs: 185 Shell: bash 5.0.17 inxi: 3.0.38
    I have done regular updates and was running the 5.4.0-84-generic kernel when the 9/28 updates appeared. This included the Linux kernel 5.4.0-86.97 and it installed and ran without any problems.
    But after using it for about 10 minutes, I found both the USB mouse and USB keyboard froze and had to disconnect AC in order to restart the unit.
    It restarted without problem, but again after 10 minutes, both the mouse and keyboard froze again.
    After seeing this problem a third time, I used TimeShift to restore back to the 5.4.0-84-generic kernel and have had no problems after two days of use.
    My question is how should I go forward in applying new updates at this point?

    1. Hi Todd,

      You can blacklist that specific version of the kernel in the Update Manager by right-clicking on it and choosing to do so. This will make it skip the kernel update until the next version becomes available.

  124. neither of the methods are working, personally I think the usrmerge think is a joke, which made me rename 146 files available in both sbin directories, then I was expecting the bang but nothing, it just finished and I m still with 20.1, mint-upgrade also doesn’t show anything in the edit menu, so what is the problem? nomrally the prog should say what’s missing, just a guess 🙂

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