Linux Mint 20.2 “Uma” Cinnamon – BETA Release

This is the BETA release for Linux Mint 20.2 “Uma” Cinnamon Edition.

Linux Mint 20.2 Uma Cinnamon Edition

 Linux Mint 20.2 is a long term support release which will be supported until 2025. It comes with updated software and brings refinements and many new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use.

New features:

This new version of Linux Mint contains many improvements.

For an overview of the new features please visit:

What’s new in Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon“.

Important info:

The release notes provide important information about known issues, as well as explanations, workarounds and solutions.

To read the release notes, please visit:

Release Notes for Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon

System requirements:

  • 2GB RAM (4GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 20GB of disk space (100GB recommended).
  • 1024×768 resolution (on lower resolutions, press ALT to drag windows with the mouse if they don’t fit in the screen).

Upgrade instructions:

  • This BETA release might contain critical bugs, please only use it for testing purposes and to help the Linux Mint team fix issues prior to the stable release.
  • It will be possible to upgrade from this BETA to the stable release.
  • It will also be possible to upgrade from Linux Mint 20 and 20.1.
  • Upgrade instructions will be published after the stable release of Linux Mint 20.2.

Bug reports:

  • Bugs in this release should be reported on Github at
  • Create one issue per bug.
  • As described in the Linux Mint Troubleshooting Guide, do not report or create issues for observations.
  • Be as accurate as possible and include any information that might help developers reproduce the issue or understand the cause of the issue:
    • Bugs we can reproduce, or which cause we understand are usually fixed very easily.
    • It is important to mention whether a bug happens “always”, or “sometimes”, and what triggers it.
    • If a bug happens but didn’t happen before, or doesn’t happen in another distribution, or doesn’t happen in a different environment, please mention it and try to pinpoint the differences at play.
    • If we can’t reproduce a particular bug and we don’t understand its cause, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to fix it.
  • The BETA phase is literally a bug squashing rush, where the team is extremely busy and developers try to fix as many bugs as fast as possible.
  • There usually are a huge number of reports and very little time to answer everyone or explain why a particular report is not considered a bug, or won’t get fixed. Don’t let this frustrate you, whether it’s acknowledged or not, we appreciate everyone’s help.
  • Please visit and to follow the progress of the development team between the BETA and the stable release.

Download links:

Here are the download links:

Integrity and authenticity checks:

Once you have downloaded an image, please verify its integrity and authenticity.

Anyone can produce fake ISO images, it is your responsibility to check you are downloading the official ones.


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Many thanks in advance for testing the BETA!


  1. The Autocheck Spelling feature in xed marks miss-spellings with a red squiggle underline. This is practically invisible in the Dark Theme. I can see the light text on the dark background but not the red squiggle. Is there a way you can make this standout more in the Dark Theme. I have to switch back to the Light Theme when I want to use this feature.

    1. The content of the text document is themed separately from the GTK theme using a GTKSourceView theme. We can ship with one which is readable in dark themes if you can find one you like:

      Place the themes in ~/.local/share/gtksourceview-4/styles and find one you’re happy with. You should create an issue on github (in the BETA repo linked above) so we can keep track of it.

    2. Thank-you Clem for pointing out that Xed is themed separately from the GTK theme using a GTKSourceView theme. I was able to bring up XedPreferences and select Theme. There are two existing themes in there (Kate & Solarized Light) that work fine with the dark theme. I will choose one of those. There is no need to import any others to see the red squiggle lines.

  2. Linux Mint Cinnamon 20.1 I’m writing for: Mozilla Firefox It uses a lot of CPU and RAM Works lighter on other linux operating systems Need to find a solution to this. I wish you ease.

    1. yes it does, but after I upgraded to 8GB ram my freezing problems went away almost all, (it’s only happened for a few minutes before I could shut down a restart fresh) using both Firefox and Chromium with multiple tabs open and usually have a video playing. I also added a 500GB M.2 as backup. and upgraded from a 140GB SSD to a 500GB.

  3. Hi Clem
    In the release notes you say:-
    Unused Flatpaks are automatically removed when this option is active.
    What determines when a flatpack is unused? Is this after a certain time period of not being used? or do you mean older versions are removed?

    Lots of positive changes with this release, great job as ever, Mint just keeps getting better and better. The work of you and the team is much appreciated

  4. I just tested the beta and couldn’t find any bug … I just have one question: Will this version of Mint not update the [very outdated] Flatpak package?
    Best regards and thanks for the excellent work

    1. Hi Sebastian,

      It’s in the roadmap for 20.3. You can backport flatpak manually if you want using a PPA.

  5. @Clem & Team,
    Thanks for another birth child of loved hard work.

    Regarding Warpinator, I had problems in Mint 20.1 because I am using Firefox ESR. Will this be fixed in 20.2?

    (eagerly waiting to go through the upgrade path)

    1. Hi Bruno, I’m not sure what you mean – warpinator and firefox are unrelated. What release are you having those problems on?

    2. I am terribly sorry!! I’ve made an honest mistake and confused Warpinator with the webapp-manager!
      There is nothing wrong with Warpinator regarding Firefox as you @Michael T Webster pointed out calling my attention!
      The problem with the webapp-manager is that it didn’t work with Firefox ESR and I’ve found a workaround, it’s here:

      Well, since the spotlight is on this one I take the chance to ask if this is going to be solved in Mint 20.2 😀

      Again my sincere apologies for this honest mistake and thanks again @Micael for noticing it and calling my attentions. Cheers!

    3. Hi Bruno,

      Please create a github beta issue for this. Tell us which version/origin of Firefox ESR you’re using. Once we can reproduce the issue this should really easy to fix.

    4. @Clem
      Hi Clem and thanks for replying.
      To be honest but respectful I don’t feel like going jump through hoops and create a Github account (I believe I have to create one in order to report) and go around trying to find the way to do the report. I honestly don’t navigate well around Github, even for simple downloads I struggle to find things. Maybe it is just me, and I also don’t have the time or the interest in another learning curve.
      I’ve just went quickly through the Linux Mint’s page documentation about troubleshooting and I didn’t find the process quick, easy and empiric. My immediate feeling was a What!? Naaah, drop it!
      I honestly prefer to do things by email or on the Mint Forums, for me these work quite well (and I salute the Mint Forums with my utter respect).
      I believe there should be a way for the average “Joe” do some bug reporting in an accessible and guided way and someone else on the Mint Team gets things tidy in the back office.
      I have written you an email on January 11th with all the info I could gather on this issue, including the workaround, and a link for more in depth info on the Forum. I hope you have taken it under consideration. Thanks.

  6. @Clem & Team,

    On Nemo from Mint 20.2, will it be possible to chose an icon for a folder, like it was possible back in the LMDE2 times?
    I’m a visual navigator and I really miss this function, it made my life much smoother!


    1. Bruno, are you talking about changing from the usual folder icon to your own custom icon, or are you talking about emblems, where a smaller icon is shown over the top of the folder? In either case, I can still do both in LM 20.1. If I right-click on a folder, click on Properties, and then click on the icon, it brings up an icon selector where I can change the icon to whatever I want. If I do the same, but instead of clicking the icon in the Properties window, I click the Emblems tab, I can select from a number of pre-defined emblem icons, which get added on top of the folder. Is either of those what you’re meaning? If not, please explain further.

    2. @Mike F Thanks Mark for replying.
      I should have had one more coffee so I could have been more explicit. What I mean is changing the folder icon to a customized one (not emblems and yes you can do this) but then add those folders to my bookmarks on the left pane of Nemo (do not confuse with the new management function of Favorites) and that bookmark would adopt that folder’s customized icon and not the default boring one.
      Being a visual kinda guy I felt my productivity climbing down when Nemo stopped supporting this after LMDE2.
      Caja still does this, I have it on a simple file server and navigation is an empirical breeze. I even thought about abandoning Cinnamon and moving back to Mate on this new computer, I didn’t but I sure miss this feature.
      I hope I was explicit enough now, Mike, and thanks for pointing it out. Cheers.

      PS – So is this lost feature coming back to Cinnamon on Mint 20.2, please?

  7. I guess still no news on the improvements for users in regards to GUI/Window adjustments, like colors, border, title bar and others modifications that user can make them selves.

    Hope this happen next with the next release…

    Additionally, are there any plans to improve distribution as a whole for RAM and Storage gains?
    I mean, even heave KDE these days have lower memory footprint than Gnome and consequently Cinnamon.
    – I guess this can be improved, though I understand this has more to do with Gnome than Cinnamon, maybe there are some ways to do that in Mint?

    – The same goes for storage, there are plenty of files on the disk after installation (the same is for most Distros) that are never used. Maybe there is a way to trim them down?
    This would save a lot of precious GB and in effect speed up system itself.

    1. The screensaver no longer runs in server mode and there’s a new memory limiter. This is detailed in the new features.

    2. Thank you Clem,

      I read release notes before writing here, and it’s not what I meant.
      You wrote about speeding up/improvements in Cinnamon, I was talking in general improvements in Mint like Gnome on which Cinnamon is running and all the files that clutter HDDs/SSDs and are never used.

      Plus, as many times before and with other people asking about it, there is still no information on when we will be able to adjust Mint ourselves by choosing colors, borders, title bars, etc.
      This is the very first thing that people want to do after installation of the OS.

      Sure, themes are fine and sometimes enough, but most often than not many people/us/users want to tweak the visual aspect to our liking.

    1. Hallo Karl. Ein Upgrade von 20.1 auf die Beta ist nicht möglich, wird aber einige Zeit nach Abschluss der Beta möglich sein. Die Aktualisierungsverwaltung (mintupdate) benachrichtigt Sie, wenn sie verfügbar ist. Sie können diesen Blog auch im Auge behalten, da hier bekannt gegeben wird, wann Sie von 20.1 auf 20.2 upgraden können

    2. Hallo,
      in der Datei “/etc/apt/sources.list.d/official-package-repositories.list” ulyssa durch uma ersetzen. Und dann im terminal sudo apt update und sudo apt upgrade. Ist aber rein experimentell. Den Timeshift snapshot nicht vergessen.

  8. If “Update Flatpaks automatically” is disabled, will the Update Manager list when new Flatpak updates are available? This would be helpful as then Flatpaks could be updated when the computer is not in use. Thank you

    1. Not yet. We’re planning full Flatpak integration into the Update Manager (similar to what you can see in 20.2 with Cinnamon updates), it’s in the roadmap, but it’s not in this release.

  9. Nice, smooth installation here on the Texas Gulf Coast, no issues to report. Thank you, Mint Team, for your hard work!

  10. “a new monitor was implemented to detect, log and tackle cases where Cinnamon takes too much memory”- please tell where are these particular logs stored, it can be very informative.
    Thank you for great work.

    1. Yes, right now EDGE is 20.1 with a 5.8 kernel. We’ll wait for three things to happen before refreshing it:

      – 20.2 stable (this should happen very soon)
      – HWE to move from 5.8 to 5.11 (this is planned upstream for 20.04.3 which is due in August)
      – Common proprietary modules in 20.04 to support 5.11 (NVIDIA, Broadcom, etc..)

      We’ll then issue a Mint 20.2 EDGE ISO with a 5.11 kernel.

    2. Bolo: Yes, EDGE is just the ISO, whether you install with EDGE or the traditional ISO it’s still 20.1 and it will be upgradable the exact same way.

  11. Hooray, the new version of Nemo searches for content within a plain-text file, or a PDF file, which is very handy.
    I wonder if it will eventually be able to search in word processor document & spreadsheet files (doc, docx, odt, xls, xlsx, ods)? It doesn’t seem able to do that at the moment.

    1. There are a couple of packages missing in the beta iso for nemo, which will be resolved in its next update. Nemo will be able to search: doc, ppt, xls, docx, pptx, xlsx, libreoffice (open document formats), pdf, ps, latex, as well as image and music file metadata and any plain text file.

  12. Thank you for constantly improving Linux Mint! 🙂

    You understandably mention not wanting observations as bug reports, so asking here instead…
    Since Plymouth no longer uses dots to indicate loading, can the Mint logo and background spinner be centred?

    Kindest regards.

    1. Hi David,

      It is centered horizontally. It might be showing closer to the top vertically to leave space for prompts and messages, is that what you mean?

    2. Thanks Clem for taking time to reply.

      Yes meant vertically, thank you for explaining the rational. In the grand scheme of things its not important, from a design perspective it can be more aesthetically pleasing to have logo’s centred. Could prompts and messages appear lower third?

      Possibly something for future consideration. Speaking of which (off topic), wonder if a future Linux Mint versioning change would help, skipping odd numbering, and keeping in sync with Ubuntu’s main version number, for example, Linux Mint versions…

      20, 20.1, 20.2, 20.3
      22, 22.1, 22.2, 22.3
      24, 24.1, 24.2, 24.3

      Several Ubuntu releases in the future, this type of versioning change keeps Linux Mint fresh, and prevents the possibility of a perceived development slow-down. Users will also be easily able to identify which version of Ubuntu, Linux Mint is built upon.

    3. Yes, some manufacturers logo appear there with some proprietary drivers as well as password prompts in LUKS mode.

    1. Hi Igor,

      We decided to stay on LTS for this release. Mintupdate makes it easy to switch post-install and the EDGE ISO allows people to boot with 5.8 if 5.4 is an issue. HWE is nice but it’s not always better supported.

  13. What version of libc-6 comes with this update?
    I ask this because the newer kernels require 2.31 or higher. The latest libc-6 is 2.33


  14. Cant i use beta vesion via update manager? Do i have to download and run ISO every now and then? and ISO is always a fresh installation….

    1. it’s easier to check for bugs with a fresh install because if the bug is found it’s easy to find out if it’s a package that already came in iso, or regression in programs, and installing a beta with an older version would mix more packages and cause even more problems that the beta installed from scratch, making it difficult to discover bugs.

  15. First off, thanks for your hard work creating such a great distro!

    I keep a little database in Gnote, and cannot figure out how to get this across to your new Sticky Notes program. Is there any documentation? You state that Gnotes can be imported, but I can’t figure out how. Help please.

    1. Hi Allan,

      Sticky shows a dialog when first run to import your Gnote notes. If you need to reinitialize Sticky you can use the following commands:

      gsettings reset-recursively org.x.sticky
      rm -rf ~/.config/sticky

    2. Thanks Clem, worked fine.

      I have about 100 notes, and when I started Sticky Notes they all splattered across my desktop. Unless there is a way to display notes in a list format (like Gnotes) then SN is useless to me.

    3. Hi Allan,

      If you don’t need the notes on the desktop and the tray support then Gnote is a better alternative for you. I’ll talk to Stephen to see if we can make Sticky better and satisfy this use case for 20.3. I think we could by making it possible to fully view/edit a note within the manager window, and by adding an option to not show notes on the desktop.

  16. Thanks to your and your team for your effort Clem. Lots of things added to Cinnamon 5.0 and am looking forward to using them when this version is finalized.

  17. I have just one minor observation with this beta release (Cinnamon edition). I use Screenshot (part of the standard installation) to take screenshots of whole or part screens. In previous releases after taking a screenshot of, for example Firefox, a “Save As” box appears on the screen. This box now opens behind Firefox and has to be brought to the front in order to save the screenshot.
    In the MATE beta release this works as expected.
    My thanks to all the Linux Mint team for everything you do.

    1. Hi Robert,

      Keep an eye on muffin updates. Cinnamon 5.0 shipped with focus-stealing changes some of which have been tuned since.

  18. thank you to the mint team for a great release, have not found any bugs in its use.
    i have it installed in my test machine and no problems running it.

  19. Great! I’m so happy to see the nemo improvements and the fact that update manager updates the spices.
    From what I read on @Clem comment on github. When Cinnamon 5.2 is release it will ship with a new spice type called nemo actions allowing us to create spices to extend nemo.
    That is the big leap forward for nemo.

  20. HPLIP does NOT detect the duplexer on my HP 932c Printer.
    Posted problem on Git Hub.
    HPLIP / Print Settings / Installable Options /Duplexer Installed not selectable.

    1. HPLIP should be HPLIP GUI. Same problem true for HP 8620 & HP 8100. However, the printer will print on both sides if selected in the GUI, but the Installed Option can not be enabled in the GUI.

  21. 20.2 Cinnamon: Setting the button theme to any Mint-X variant causes a light-grey 1px line at the top of the desktop background. This was not the case with 20.1 Cinnamon.

  22. @Michael T Webster
    Since an observation, ask here rather than GitHub.

    – Nemo ‘Search for files:’
    Wonder if most users expectation is for ‘Search folders recursively’ to be enabled by default, providing similar functionality to 20.1?
    At first, thought this feature wasn’t working, until noticed in 20.2 beta its disabled by default.

    Many thanks!

    1. This was done for 5.0.2 – recursion is enabled and case sensitivity disabled by default, to match the old behavior.

  23. Thank you for all your hard work!
    So happy to see the bulk renamer. Currently I’m using the XFCE bulk renamer on my cinnamon.
    This addition is such a great improvement.
    It’s also great to see the content search and warpinator for Android!
    Many THANKS to the Linux Mint team!

    1. Hi David,

      I reply to this comment but it’s the same for the previous ones. You already mentioned these issues the last time around. We’re aware of them, some of them are in our roadmap even. There’s no need to post them again even if the issue is still present in this release.

  24. I installed LM in French, updated with the missing language packages. When I start Synaptic, the authentication windows is in english instead of being in french.

  25. Ahhh, too bad we don’t get the chance to see (manual) Flatpak updates in the update manager yet – great release otherwise !

    I would note though – wouldn’t it make sense to remove unused flatpak runtimes as part of automatic maintenance, rather than the flatpak updates ?

    Also it would be very nice if we could adjust the snooze time on update notifications, please tell me if I should open an issue for this ! 😀

    1. Hi Clem,

      I know, my point was that it would make more sense if it was part of the automated maintenance IMO

    1. I would also like an indicator in the option settings where you can change mouse movement speed, a tick or line or icon or dot or SOMETHING to indicate “here is the default mouse movement speed”, so you can change it back to the way it was before you made your changes if you don’t like the changes you made to the mouse.

  26. Well Done Team ! It took me a bit to get this purring like a pussy cat and flying across cyber space at the speed of light. Hmm, live boot beta on usb default search engine is Duck Duck Go ! Full install on usb 64Gb. default search engine is Yahoo ? I use Swisscows and some blockers and what a differrance. Any comment’s on this. l hope this helps. Only using 2 gb. Ram. Very buggy to start but improved everytime it reboot and l made changes it started to take off. Thank You So Much. NUM NUTT . Cheers

  27. Hi.
    I use Bulky for renaming, but I select 4 or 5 or more archives and it only let me rename 1 or 2, not all the ones I firstly selected before the bulky window appears.
    And tough there are some possibilities for renaming I cant rename just deleting all the name in all archives and introducing a new one. For example I select 4 archives: abcd.txt, abc.txt, abdf.txt and abbacd.txt and I dont know how to rename all to cab.txt sequence so they will be renamed to cab1, cab2, cab3, cab4.

    1. 1/ DISMIO WINDOWS.txt
      2/ W10KEY 2.txt
      3/ W10.txt
      Bulky only let me rename de 3. ! and 2 dont appear in the bulky rename window. If I select the 1 and 2, the renaming window appears empty.

  28. I’m om Linux Mint 20.1(HWE 5.8) Cinnamon and was offered Kernel 5.11 and I updated to that on my ASRock Desk Mini X300 Ryzen 5 3400G/Vega 11 Integrated Graphics. I’ve update to 5.11 on the Desk Mini and there appears to be no issues there. But 5.11 is installed now and I guess it’s not currently the Mint HWE Kernel of choice but I’m not running any Proprietary drivers or any WiFi cards on the X300 that have out of Kernel Tree drivers(Open source or Proprietary) !

    Now I have an ASUS TUF FX 505DY-WH51 Laptop that’s Ryzen 5 3550H/Vega 8 integrated Graphics and a Radeon RX 560X Discrete GPU. Now that Laptop that’s got a Realtek WiFi(Open Source but Out of Tree Driver).
    The Laptop is currently running Linux Mint Cinnamon 20.1 and needs the HWE Kernel 5.8 Kernel to operate its cooling fans properly so I’ve got Kernel 5.8 there currently and have not updated to Kernel 5.11. But the Realtek WiFi on that laptop was a pain to get end user signed for Secure Boot and I do not want to risk messing that up on that laptop that’s currently dual Booting Mint 20.1 and Windows 10. So maybe I’ll stick with Kernel 5.8 a little longer on that laptop.

    But Why is the Mint Update Manager offering Kernel 5.11 currently and what’s Kernel for Mint 20.2? Also how long does is take for WiFi drivers to get included in the Kernel Tree and no longer require any separate secure boot signing hoops to jump through, is that years on average?

    1. The kernel on the 20.2 ISO is 5.4 LTS. You’re on 5.8 HWE which just swapped to 5.11. We didn’t test proprietary support with this kernel yet. There are no rules when it comes to support, it can be ready on day one just like it can take weeks or months.

  29. finally “Bulk File Renamer”
    “content search” wait what this feature will save me a lot of time thanks guys
    much of love and respect!

  30. Cinnamon crashes frequently, but not always, immediately after coming coming out of suspend. Didn’t do it in 19.x of Mint. Started in Mint 20.0 and had hope that it would have been fix in Mint 20.1 but didn’t. In fact in this beta the restart Cinnamon button didn’t seems to do anything – screen flashed but remained to safe mode (ie. with the fat icons). There doesn’t seem to be a crash report generated or at least I can’t seem to find a crash.tar.gz anywhere. I have a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 laptop with 8GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD. Never really had any Cinnamon crashing issues prior to Mint 20.x and anecdotally they seem to be getting worse even after fresh reboot and then suspending computer not long after (few minutes eg 5 to 10mins). Not sure what other detailed info I can give that might help.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Try to find out how to make it crash systematically and look for stack traces in mintreport (System Reports). Add screenshots of that safe mode you mentioned in your github issue.

    2. OK, thanks but there were not stack traces in mint reports when I look after the “apparent” Cinnamon restart. I try and see if I can gather more information.

    3. Hi Chris. I don’t know if this will help, but I had occasional Cinnamon crashes on my desktop (Ryzen5 running 20.1)that only started with 20.1. In the forums it was suggested to reinstall Cinnamon. I did so and have had no trouble for the past week. It may help you, so I thought I should suggest it. IIRC in terminal use this:
      sudo apt-get install –reinstall Cinnamon That’s 2 hyphens before reinstall, it doesn’t look clear to me here. I hope that helps.

    4. Rather interestingly, the Cinnamon updates that came through several days ago for the original Beta seems to have possibly resolved the issue – at least so far I haven’t had Cinnamon crash / restart immediately after the system comes out of suspend mode. Perhaps its got related to the post from JUSTANED about re-installing the Cinnamon fixing the problems which would have happened I imagine when the Update Manager downloaded the Cinnamon update for the Beta. PS: So thanks for the tip JUSTANED, I’ll keep it mind, if the issue reappears in the future and also try it on version Mint 20.1

  31. Using recent GUI on a laptop has become difficult.
    Reason is resizing windows with a touchpad.

    This started with (previous) XFCE, now affecting MATE I use on a 2GByte only netbook (Mint 20.1). it happened to spend half a minute to locate the tiny border (tinier as time goes by).

    Wish MINT 20.2 (while not yet published) may address that problem so many are timid to identify…

    1. Not sure if possible with touchpad, but have you tried resizing them by: holding ALT + whatever you need to do to hold a right click + scrolling in the desired dimension

  32. Can we get the PDF file reader to be able to left click anywhere the page and have the mouse or touch pad move the page smoothly up or down. l have to do this very often everyday when doing the form for grehound racing for data entry into a libre office program that l have built to set the odds. Other wise l have to install Wine and use portable apps Sumatra PDF reader. Thank You !

    1. Thank you for your response Joel. Yes the program does exactly what l need. Got it from Mint,s Software Manager although it seems to be well behind it,s latest updated release. Would be good if the Mint Team could work on getting the software manager up to date with the latest and the best software released. Still Mint is my first choice and they say Rome was not built in one day. Cheers NUM NUTT.

  33. I found the input method could cause GUI buggy. If I use im-config to select “none”, all things are as good as I expect. If I switch to “ibus”, the GUI (e.g. Firefox, nemo) will start lagging. If I switch to “gcin”, the GUI of wxwidgets applications such as FileZilla and Audacity will be broken.

    1. The ibus issue can be solved by not unchecking the option “Share the same input method among all applications”.

      I also found the opening speed of all QT applications somehow became slow. Not sure what packages I installed affected it. But this can be solved by changing the QT theme/style to “Fusion” or others instead of “gtk2”. See:

  34. Hello,

    I wanted to test the Kio-Gopher browser (package kio-gopher). But it does not start. Then I wanted to test the sgt-launcher. It works at first, but when you start a game, the interface freezes.

    Then I tried the whole thing in Mint 20.1 and was shocked to find that it has the same errors. I haven’t tested it in 20.0 yet, but I assume that the same error can also be found there. However, the error is not present in 19.2 and 19.3.

    If you are not responsible for these errors, please pass them on to the right place. Thank you.

    With kind regards

  35. Can the notifications in the Update Manager be turned off completely by “Only show notifications for kernel and security updates”? Or does this only let you decide if you want to show notifications for all or only for security and kernel updates?
    An easy way to turn it off in the GUI for experienced users would be nice.

  36. When launching recoll or Master PDF Editor, there is a 30 second delay before the app opens.
    If launched from a terminal, it displays “qt5ct: using qt5ct plugin” for 30 secs before opening the app.

    1. Thanks to MagicLen for post above re QT5 style, setting Menu/Preferences/QT5 Settings/Style to “Fusion ” resolved the app launch delays

    2. Same issue here when using ibus. My solution is to change the qt style/theme to others instead of gtk2.

  37. Dear Devs,
    I never test betas but “never say never”, as James Bond said. Well, I’m testing right now and the new Mint Cinnamon edition is very promising if not fantastic. My computer has 3.7 GB RAM and on average the 20.1 version tends to use some 45-55 % of RAM. By ‘average’ I mean the system has been in use for several minutes, and it is either running idle or there is one or a couple of apps in use (but not a web browser or any RAM-hungry app). When I launch Firefox and open three or four tabs with Youtube videos running the system freezes. This is no longer the case with Uma 20.2. The average level of RAM in use is some 30%, Uma releases RAM when apps are closed and I need at least nine Firefox tabs with running Youtube videos to freeze the system. Marvellous result, you have my sincere congratulation.
    Bulky is another great news. It’s a life saver indeed. The only thing which probably could be improved is the following: when I select several files in Nemo and choose the right-click menu ‘rename’ option, Bulky opens but the files selected do not appear in the Bulky display area. It remains blank. I have to launch Bulky from the Cinnamon menu, add files manually in the file renamer and do the job. Or am I doing something wrong?
    The Nemo content search seems another beast, but I need more time to check it out. Uma is beta, and already amazing. Thank you a lot.

  38. One question I have is if I’m running 20.1 with all the updates is there any reason to upgrade to 20.2? Or with all the updates is it just like 20.2 when it comes out?

    1. There is no reason to switch to the new version. Just do it if you want what the new version brings.
      Having everything updated is not having the new version released soon. You will not have the new features of version 20.2.

    2. If it’s like previous point-releases, your Update Manager will be updated shortly after 20.2 is released. At that point, you will have a menu option saying something like “Upgrade to Linux Mint 20.2 Uma” or similar. Select that, and your system will be upgraded to 20.2. Ignore it and you will stay on 20.1. Staying on 20.1 will still give you the normal Ubuntu 20.04.x updates and security updates, but no new Linux Mint 20.x updates will happen from that point on.

  39. I’m using the traditional panel. When there are several LO documents open, the window list works as before. But the behavior with Firefox is strange. If several LO documents are open and I start firefox, firefox does not get focus, but there is a red firefox tab in the list. I have to use alt tab to give firefox focus. But then firefox does not show up in the window list in the panel

    I do not have this problem with chromium.

    (I think firefox was updated to v 89 around the time I installed the mint beta.)

    1. @minter Does this still happen after installing all system updates? (particularly the cinnamon and muffin packages in the update manager). Be sure to log out/in or restart cinnamon if you install these.

    2. Michael Webster, I think this was a non-problem, as well as my PR on the custom calendar configuration.

      By the time I saw your response, I had reverted to 20.1. So I reinstalled 20.2 to check as you requested. When I previously installed 20.2, I had installed just /, using the old /home from 20.1. I reported the problems on that installation. This time I installed everything for 20.2 in a single partition, so I had a brand new /home. From the get-go, the problems I saw previously were not there. I installed all updates to the software, and of course still no problems 8>)

      So I’m assuming the old /home caused the problem. Live and learn.

      Thank you very much for your quick attention to my report. Mint and its developers are really great!

  40. Hi, when I open some files to rename in new file renamer, then select regular expression option and try to write * in the find window, the application stops working and I must kill it. It doesnt work again if I don’t stop the bulky process in task manager.

  41. very good release, lts 20.04 is a good base, and i have already a desktop using 20.1 now i’m testing 20.2 on an officially supported notebook, only annoyance is kernel, default is is oem one, but mint keep asking to install kenrel 5.4, and i have done it, but i think is unnecessary…

  42. Hi Clem,
    I think this is not the right blog, but I don’t know where to note that, for almost a month, it is impossible to download Skypeforlinux updates. Mintupdate reports me this error
    “GPG error: stable InRelease: The following signatures were invalid: EXPKEYSIG 1F3045A5DF7587C3 Skype Linux Client Repository The repository” https: // stable InRelease “is not signed.”.
    How can I solve this problem?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. That’s on Skype’s side unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do. We have a recent version of Skype in our own repositories though and once installed you can remove this repository from your sources.

    2. I ran into the same problem and found a solution online. You can run the following command to refresh the keys:

      sudo apt-key adv –keyserver –recv-keys 1F3045A5DF7587C3

    3. And just for clarity, those long dashes before “keyserver” and “recv-keys” are double-dashes, not single ones.

    4. Hello, Gian Piero; hello, Mike F; hello, Clem:

      Just to add my experience in the mix for everyone…I also ran into this issue, last month and since it wasn’t fixed, relatively quickly, I contacted Skype, directly, on June 24, because I was concerned my Linux-based clients were not receiving their Skype updates. I was pleasantly surprised when a representative of the Skype SRE team wrote back the next day, apologizing for the flaw and providing instructions on how to fix the issue. Needless to say, I responded with much appreciation for the quick and informative response, along with the resolution to the issue.

  43. Thank you, Mike F
    I solved the problem by deleting the old key and downloading the new one, as you advised me, using the ‘authentication keys’ section in Software Sources. It is reassuring for us, old newbies, to know that there is always someone to help us. Thanks again.

  44. great beta Clem and crew! I am running it on a dell vostro 3700 and it is running flawlessly.and very fast! Now I can eagerly await the final release!! You’ve done it again!!

  45. I whole-heartedly thank you for your work on this distro. It’s really one of the best.
    I hope the window titlebar buttons (maximize, close, etc) get a little bit bigger.

    All the best!

  46. It seems there is a bug with the applets, desklets, etc list on control panel. Those lists are okay for English users, but probably the sort order/collation is not okay for languages like Hungarian.

    Panel indítók
    XApp Állapot kisalkalmazás

    The elemet Áttekintő should follow applets with begining char “A”, Értesítések should follow applets begining char “E….” not after “XAapp….”

  47. After Linux Mint 20.2 “Uma” Cinnamon-BETA was released, I installed this version on my Dell Inspiron 14 5418 notebook. During the use process, I found that the system prompts me to install the hardware driver. At that time, I used the Driver Manager to install the hardware driver. It is recommended to install nvidia-driver-460, and it is found that the driver has no substantial effect. In the NVIDIA Optimus tray, I tried to switch to Nvidia On Demand or Nvidia (Performance Mode), but it couldn’t boot up normally, and the computer was in a bright screen state. After repairing with the sudo prime-select intel command, you can boot normally.

  48. I have just purchased and new laptop and installed Mint 20.1 (later 20.2 beta). I made sure to switch off FastBoot etc. in the bios, and during live session and after installation, the system doesn’t recognise my wireless adapter. In the past, I have solved this by connecting via ethernet and downloading the necessary files, but the system doesn’t recognise any connection.

    I am writing this from my windows partition and am eager to get Mint to work; I haven’t used windows this much for years……

    The laptop is an MSI GP76 Leopard, with an 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-11800H @ 2.30GHz, Killer E3100 2.5GbE LAN & Killer WiFi 6E AX1675 (2×2 ) WLAN.

    Is there another, perhaps easy way of installing the necessary drivers? I don’t have an optical drive but know how to create a bootable usb drive. Any help would be appreciated, especially since I have made several attempts after checking the forum pages.

  49. Nemo does not find files in anything other than the current directory. Even if the ‘recursive search’ button is pressed, files in lower level directories are not found.

  50. If the earphones are plugged in when the system is first booted up then the earphones will not be recognised and all the audio is played out on the normal system speakers. I have kept them plugged in with previous Mint versions to suppress the bootup / login sound.

    1. Try reading this article, which may provide some insight to the multiple
      problems associated with Audio etc.

  51. I stupidly set it on automatic update. Suddenly, around December 1st, the computer could not recognise my screen correctly, and I can only see the top of the icons on my panel. It is difficult to turn off full screen mode by using mouse.

    This also happened all the time in the beginning when I started with Linux, but then I could fix it by changing the screen solution and then go back and set it to the right solution again. This doesn’t work now.

    I have a Finlux screen, old mac mini without screen.

    Second: Could you change something so that even if you set it on automatic update, you can still use timeshift, but if you use timeshift to restore, it will not automatically update everything and we are back to the same stupid problem?

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