Monthly News – December 2020

Happy New Year everyone!

Thank you for the feedback you sent us. Between the blog and the Github reports we closed 75 issues since the BETA release.

Many thanks also for your donations and for your support. With the money collected during the past few months we were able to send big bonuses to our developers and to our moderators. This always feels really good, especially around Christmas.

At the moment there are 34 issues open. Most of them aren’t release blockers but there still are bugs we want to fix prior to giving Linux Mint 20.1 a stable release.

I know it’s been asked a few times but I can’t give you an exact release date. It’s not that we don’t want to tell you, it’s simply that we don’t know exactly when the release will happen. Until it’s ready it won’t happen, and once it’s ready there’s no reason to wait for an announced date.

As a project, if we wanted to announce a release date and stick to it we would have to deliberately plan it further than anticipated, be ready to make people work late at night even where there are no real emergencies or worse, release the product with important bugs we could have fixed but didn’t have time to. I know some companies and some projects work like that and that’s OK. I know the visibility they give their user base is important and appreciated as well, but that’s not how we chose to operate. The release comes out when we’re happy with it. Looking at the list of bugs we have, there still are issues we want to fix. In 2 months time it won’t matter at all whether we released this a week earlier or a week later, but the bugs we let through, especially those which affect the live session, will mark the release forever and be on the forefront of the version people download for the next 6 months.

So we do not have set release dates. We do however have a 6 months release cycle which gives us rhythm and a sense of urgency and getting this release out right now is all we’re focused on.

Some upstream regressions affected the Ubuntu LTS kernel we ship with. We’ve noted touchpad issues in particular. These aren’t likely to be fixed soon because of the holiday season. In parallel to this we heard your feedback on AMD Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 which lacked proper support in the 5.4 LTS kernel. We won’t switch kernel post-BETA and certainly not towards 5.8 which isn’t even HWE yet. That said, we’re considering making an extra ISO image as part of the release with a 5.8 kernel. If you had touchpad and/or AMD Ryzen issues with the BETA, please let us know and give us as many details as possible.

Finally, a quick note to Compiz fans. Compiz will be back, and functional out of the box, in the stable release of the MATE and Xfce editions. Thank you for your feedback.


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$500 (3rd donation), Gerald L.
$300 (4th donation), Mikhail C.
$300, David J.
$300, B Z
$200 (6th donation), anonymous
$200 (5th donation), Don P.
$200, Greg B.
$163, Quintessa Limited
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$150 (7th donation), Stefan S.
$108 (7th donation), Martin R.
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$100 (8th donation), Mountain Computers, Inc
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$100 (3rd donation), Raymond H.
$100 (2nd donation), Charles E.
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$100 (2nd donation), Gerald C.
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$86, TM
$80, D W.
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$75 (3rd donation), Václav K.
$75 (2nd donation), Bill Harpley aka “quantum-billy”
$65, Alexander S.
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$40 (128th donation), Olli K.
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$33 (16th donation), Geoff P
$32 (7th donation), Andreas M.
$32 (5th donation), Jürgen F.
$32 (4th donation), Frank H.
$32 (3rd donation), Wolfgang S.
$32 (3rd donation), Oliver G.
$32 (3rd donation), Lois S.C.
$32 (2nd donation), Anton M.
$32 (2nd donation), Vnr J.
$32 (2nd donation), Robbie H.
$32, Tim H.
$32, Christian S.
$32, Martin K.
$30 (5th donation), PulpKult
$30 (2nd donation), Michael H.
$30 (2nd donation), Cuauhtemoc M.
$30, Beat F.
$30, Guido B.
$28 (2nd donation), Adam K.
$27 (10th donation), Luca D.
$27 (9th donation), Ralf D.
$27 (4th donation), Hendricus P. D. V.
$27 (4th donation), Marco van den Berg
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$24 (5th donation), Keith M.
$24 (2nd donation), Bobby
$22 (23rd donation), Doriano G. M.
$22 (8th donation), Peter E.
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$22 (8th donation), Mark A.
$22 (6th donation), Karl K.
$22 (6th donation), Rob B.
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$22 (5th donation), Alexander H.
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$22 (4th donation), Lukas W. aka “Luk”
$22 (4th donation), Benjamin L.
$22 (4th donation), Stefan Becker aka “Appeltaler”
$22 (4th donation), L.B.
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$22 (4th donation), Richard L. F.
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$22 (4th donation), Gerard V. S.
$22 (4th donation), J. F. .
$22 (3rd donation), Marc F.
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$10 (52th donation), Frank K.
$10 (51th donation), Fence Baton Rouge
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  1. Hi there Clem,thank you for you time and service.I wanted to ask,if it is save to install the new version of Linux Mint 20.01,which is available in some sites that host your images ?

    1. YES, thx for Compiz being back in the MATE edition. That’s great news! I was almost inclined to look for an alternative, but now I can stick with LM 🙂 – thank you for your efforts. Looking forward to the stable release. Keep up the great work and I wish you a happy new year!

    2. YES! Thank you Mint team for listening to the feedback regarding Compiz issues. YOU ROCK.

      Happy Hollidays!

  2. I know it sucks (I myself check the Linux Mint site every day looking for the stable release), but you’re right: it’s better to have a really stable release than a buggy one. Release dates matter less than a flawless OS. Keep up the good work and enjoy the holidays!

    1. Yes, again totally the right move by the team. Dates don’t matter if the stability isn’t there.

    2. @ Leon ; I totally agree. because it’s always the safer choice to release a little late and be a bit more polished upon the clean install then to release a bit prematurely with some potentially bigger issues. because as they said on the websites notes, it will be the release people download and use for the next six months (so it’s best to leave a good impression here as to not damage their reputation). so even if it’s a couple of weeks or so later than expected(which appears to be the case), in the end, it’s best that way. because people in general just want stuff to work as intended as if it passes there, then it’s a solid release, if it fails there, it’s a problem.

      so the Mint teams mindset is better than corporations that are in a rush to meet deadlines and then end up with some show stopper issues. because as the Mint team said, they generally aim for about 6 months apart but it’s not a hardline date. because normally v20.1 would have been out before Christmas, but this time they feel they needed to squash some bugs first before releasing. my guess, given what actually has happened in the past, Mint v20.1 will probably be out no later than about mid January (or almost certainly before Feb 1st 2021).

      I am waiting on Mint v20.1 to do a clean install from Mint v19.3-Cinnamon on my main PC and then ill likely also do a clean install on my two backup computers to as currently all three use v19.3 (main PC is Cinnamon and the other two are Xfce). then at this point I should be good for about a couple more years before ill consider moving to the newest Mint as by then v21.1 should be out as I would imagine, for those who like to be a bit on the cautious side, but don’t want to wait TOO long before upgrading, it’s probably best to switch to the newest Mint at the “xx.1” release as by then I would imagine the bulk of the issues should be sorted given the extra 6 month wait after the initial major release. but for those who like to be extra cautious… say those who are on Mint v19.3 right now, could wait until Mint v20.3 release and then upgrade at which point the OS should be thoroughly polished and then ride that until the v21.3 release comes out and keep doing that cycle. but personally I like to find a little balance between the two as this way I can still get the benefits of the newer OS over the older one but without waiting too long to upgrade at which point v20.1 should be the sweet spot as it’s had 6 months of polish from initial release.

      just some thoughts and thanks for the update to the Mint team knowing the v20.1 final is nearing 😉

    3. ThaCrip
      I’m not quite as cautious as you. I’ve been installing RCs and betas since LM 12 and been mostly happy with the results. On the caution side however I dual boot with the previous stable version, just in case. I keep all my important personal files on a third partition that mounts on boot for easy access from both. That third partition is, of course, backed up on a removable drive. Safety, stability, and all the fun of exploring a new system. This is not criticism or even a recommendation, just an option anyone can use if they choose and an example of why we’re using Linux. As for your comments on Mint’s ‘when it’s ready’ philosophy and it’s effects on the end user I couldn’t agree more.

  3. Thank you too everyone in the team for the creation of Linux MINT. Linux Mint 20 is my favorite & preferred OS its a wonderful friend on the desktop. YES! I think your development approach makes a great deal of sense, & not releasing a new edition until “you are” happy with it, is far far more important than having set release dates. Its rather brave to take a different stance and not to follow the herd as it were. All the best for 2021.

  4. Happy New Year Clem. Thanks to you and the team for your efforts!

    Looking forward to 20.1 when it lands – no rush and glad you’re closing the issues first before release. 2021 is looking good :o)

  5. I want to do a fresh install on a new drive with LUKS, but I don’t want the OS to take the whole drive. I need to have one unencrypted partition left where I will copy all my non-sensitive data. Is it possible with the default installer?

    I just tried this in a VM and by default the whole disk space is used by the system. I also tried to resize/shrink the main root partition (encrypted), but it did not work. Is doing all LUKS/LVM steps manually my only option? If so, then the installer is not really that flexible.

    1. Not with LVM, but you can create/edit partitions which do not take the entire disk and set them as encrypted volumes. In the installer, choose “Something else” (i.e. custom partitioning). Then select the partition you want to encrypt or create and in “Use as:”, select “physical volume for encryption”.

  6. I was really hoping for a Minty Christmas present. But it is what it is. Looking forward to a release as bug free as possible. Thanks for a great distro.

  7. Hi Linux Mint team, happy new year from Argentina! I want to ask about the following problem related to Mint software store: When I select an app to install, the packages and ALL of the dependencies are marked as manual installed (explicit installed). I don’t think it is a correct behavior, because.. upon further package remove, its dependencies remain installed on the OS and you cannot perform an “sudo apt autoremove”. On a side note, i have noticed that screenshots on the store are very old! Can you source them from other places?

  8. Clem can you estimate when XFCE 4.16 will be available?
    Will that only happen when Ubuntu 22.04 is released or can you add it sooner?

  9. Personally, I consider that the launch approach is appropriate, it does not make sense to release an operating system before it is really ready and rushing the launch by self-imposed deadlines is a mistake that only generates more chaos.
    In advance, many thanks to the LM Team for the effort put into the project … especially in a very difficult year.

    Btw Happy Holidays!

  10. Bravo Clem! No reason why you and the team shouldn’t enjoy the holiday season like the rest of us without having to work late at nights etc. Completely appreciate your dedication to releasing a stable product everyone can be proud of. A few days or even weeks won’t make any difference down the road. Stay safe.

  11. “Finally, a quick note to Compiz fans. Compiz will be back, and functional out of the box, in the stable release of the MATE and Xfce editions. Thank you for your feedback.”
    That news is the best at the end of an very ‘special’ year 2020!

    Many thanks to the whole Linux Mint Team !!

    You make a superb job

    1. Hello all the Mint team and all the best for the new year. Only to be clear, is this “Compiz revival wave” not available for the Cinnamon desktop?

  12. Ever since I began using Linux Mint (back in the Gnome 2 days believe or not) it’s always been, “It will be ready when it’s ready”, and it’s never changed. And that’s fine with me. By and large Mint has been the most bug-free OS I’ve ever used and if one was found and reported it was always fixed in relatively short order. Plus, the devs actually listened and responded to their users and that made Mint a winner in my book.

    Okay, enough praise. 😉 Happy New Year, folks! 🙂

  13. Happy new year everyone!
    Thank you for all the efforts you make to provide a stable release! I 100% agree with your approach. It makes no difference, for me personally, even if you make one release per year, as long this is stable and “mint-polished”!!
    Take care, stay safe!

  14. > We won’t switch kernel post-BETA and certainly not towards 5.8 which isn’t even HWE yet. That said, we’re considering making an extra ISO image as part of the release with a 5.8 kernel. If you had touchpad and/or AMD Ryzen issues with the BETA, please let us know and give us as many details as possible.
    I was only able to get a new Ryzen 7 Asus Zenbook working by “upgrading” the kernel to 5.8 via a rather clumsy process (details on the forum). But after dong so, both the graphics and the pad work OK.
    If, indeed, you can provide some straightforward method to install 20.1 with 5.8 kernel, it will be very much appreciated.
    Happy New Year 2021, and thank you for all the hard (and very effective!) work you are doing here.

  15. Clem,
    Thanks for listening to our Compiz feedback and including it into the coming LM 20.1 Mate and Xfce stable releases.

    1. Personal thanks to the whole team. Will re-review the Linux Mint Beta (with new updates), and resubmit any bugs/issues I see.

      VERY great news regarding Compiz! Thank you again!

  16. Great news that that’s your attitude, stability first. 🙂
    Are you guys pushing tons of data out to the mirrors today?
    I’ve tried installing the beta and all the mirrors timed out, so I though “ok that’s just a beta thing” So now I’m trying to install 20 and again, the installer is stuck saying 75 minutes to install the language packs?

    1. I always skip installing the language packs during install (Hint: You have to click “Skip” twice at the beginning of the language pack install) as well as 3rd party codecs (it might lock up the install altogether). English is then the only one installed. And I recommend you do the same especially if you have a slower connection. Even with a fast one it can add a fair amount of time to the install. You can always add more languages after install if you want to.

  17. Merci Clément!
    I’m wondering if Debian is a more stable base than Ubuntu.
    I currently run both Mint 20 and LMDE4, and that latter is very stable, as far as I can tell.

    Le meilleur pour 2021!

  18. Clem,
    A favorites list for Hypnotix is indeed needed and I eagerly await it. A way to tell what channel I am currently watching would also be helpful. A persistent highlight of the last channel I clicked, as in v 1.0.0, would serve nicely for this and should be fairly simple to to implement. Wishing you and the team a prosperous, productive, and very happy new year.

  19. What is the problem with Ryzen 7 and the 5.4.x kernel? I have a Ryzen 7 3700 and an ASUS 570 motherboard. I normally run Mint Mate 19.3 but I have spent a little time with Mint Mate 20 (separate drive from 19.3) and have not noted any problems except that I must have the proprietary driver installed for my Nvidia GTX 1650.

    1. I think it is not described accurately. The problem is not with kernel 5.4 for *any* Ryzen5 or 7 cpus in general, but related only to the latest 4000/5000-series Ryzen5/7. In my case LM20.1/xfce is completely freezing on ProBook with R7/4700U after a few minutes. No kernel-panic, nothing, just hardlock. I did not even have enough time to install 5.8 kernel (which might help, because xubuntu20.10 with kernel 5.8 is running without any problem)…

    2. My Ryzen 3950 on an ASUS motherboard is working fine, using it as a virtual desktop server running 7 simultaneous Windows VMs, been up for 4 months no issues. Will put off upgrading to 20.1. Am building a new Ryzen 9/5950 box starting next week. Guess I’ll stick with 20.0/XFCE for now.

  20. Hi Clem,
    Is kernel 5.8 not included in the cinnamon 20.1 stable/beta update??
    My laptop is having problems with kernel 5.4 and I have to manually upgrade it to 5.8. I am waiting for Mint to officially support 5.8. Thanks and happy holidays

  21. I really appreciate this getting things right attitude. I did notice with the Linux Mint Cinnamon edition that I have had problems consistently with Zoom, freezing up my entire system when I am using it. Any Suggestions? Thank you.

  22. I know it’s a little late but a year ago Linux Mint 19.3 was released with a 32 bit version. When Linux Mint 20 was released 7 months later, only available as 64 bit version which is understandable, it contained Warpinator which is absolutely great and had been discussed during the release of 19.3, including possible names. Just my humble opinion but I’m sure many who are using 32 bit 19.3 would liked to have that one great feature available for 32 bit systems. Side note, I do have two 64 bit Linux Mint 20 machines and it would be nice to include my 32 bit system running on an older machine in the group. Warpinator works beautifully, thank you for that, much appreciated. Most important, Linux Mint is great! Keep up the great work!

    1. @Mark C.
      Je suis d’accord avec toi, mais je pense que warpinator ne sera jamais disponible pour Mint 32 en raison du temps et du coût que cela représente ce qui est compréhensible …
      Pour ma part, j’ai mint 32 & 64 bit et j’utilise une alternative à warpinator (snapdrop)

  23. Happy new year. Grateful for all the work that the Mint team does and would never question the approach to release. Glad also to hear that you were able to reward the team. I try to give whenever I can and will continue to do so.

    Keep up the good work. Would love an ARM based image for my pinebook pro (manjaro with cinnamon just isn’t the same), but I recognize that this is not a priority at the moment.

  24. I have an ASUS FX505DY(Ryzen 5 3550H/Radeon RX560X) laptop and that Laptop needs at least the Linux Kernel 5.6/Later so any option of getting a build of Mint 20.1 with Linux Kernel 5.8 as an ISO image to make a live USB would be appreciated. And that Laptop needs that Patch that’s in any Linux Kernel 5.6/later for the laptop’s fans to be able to ramp properly under load.

    I’m currently on Mint 20.0 Cinnamon with the Kernel 5.8.0-33 Kernel installed from the Ubuntu kernel offerings and the laptop’s fans ramp properly under load but I keep an Ubuntu 20.10 Live USB handy in case I have to fix the Grub2 boot loader as I’m dual booting that laptop with Windows 10/1909 Home edition on that ASUS laptop. But AMD’s Ryzen APUs are gaining in popularity and that’s especially so with the Ryzen 4000H/U series APU based laptops. And really System76 has started offering a laptop that uses AMD’s Ryzen 4000 series APUs and my laptop’s Ryzen 5 3550H series APU based was an end of Q1 2019 model year laptop. So that laptop’s technology dates from the beginning of 2019.

    But really the rate at which new Laptop Processors are being introduced from both Intel and AMD has increased with competition and that’s needing to be watched closer as the hardware changes that have happened since AMD introduced it’s Zen based processors have been moving forward at an accelerated pace due to the increased competition and especially so in the Laptop APU/SOC market.

    I do wish that eventually The MESA Graphics drivers that ship with the Unbuntu Base would ship with some OpenCL enablement from the start as Blender 3D, Darktable, and other open source software use that and the OpenCL code path that accelerates workloads via the GPU(Integrated and Discrete). And so much of the focus is around MESA and Linux gaming gaming and not any Open Source graphics software that’s needing OpenCL support in order to make quicker work of rendering on the GPU(Blender Cycles Rendering accelerated via OpenCL on the GPU as an example). I’m currently having difficulties trying to get the AMD Pro drivers installed and need to get that resolved eventually to get that OpenCL support but really I’m hoping that OpenCL makes it into the MESA package by default at some point in time so that’s one less issue as more and more open source software packages look towards more GPGPU acceleration via OpenCL on GPUs.

  25. my wish for 2021 is a new non entirely green web site please, a new theme and icons for LM, totally new and respecting the third-apps icons, if is something to work on strongly on LM is the design.

    I know that can change everything, but first impression matters, most to newcomers

    happy new year to all

    1. Yes a lot of what I discuss in my beta review on YouTube is this kind of “Fit and Finish”.
      And getting the theming and icons all in line and looking sharp are two of the core things to make that happen.
      I’ll be running the updates on the beta partition and re-reviewing now, as I think a lot of the bugs I reported have ostensibly been fixed.

      Cheers again Mint Team and Happy New Years!

  26. Thank you very much to everyone involved in this amazing Linux Mint project!

    Happy New Year to everyone in the community (^ o ^) //

  27. Just want to say “Thank you” for all your hard work and this extremely stable and nice OS. Running Linux Mint Xfce on all my desktops and laptops since years. And don’t want to miss it.
    Happy new year and stay safe!

    1. I have an issue with Celluloid as well in Cinnamon 20.1 beta. Celluloid will play one 10-second video clip completely, no problems
      After that it won’t allow you to open another clip either by the thumbnail or using “+ open…” and “+ open folder…” options (the file names are greyed out). Close it and it again works well for one clip only
      VLC works and will open a folder full of 10-second wildlife camera video clips and play them either individually or continuously without further intervention
      This is the only issue that I’ve seen, 20.1 beta is otherwise stable for me, thanks team for your hard work

    2. I think the idea is that you should open a new issue with the missing information rather than put it in the comments of the same issue. That way it’s way easier to manage.

    3. Just updated Celluloid via the Update Manager, my issue is now fixed.
      Thanks Aritz, duly noted

  28. Hi Clem, thanks for all the hard work.
    I have an AMD Ryzen 7 4800H laptop (Lenovo ARH05), a gaming one.
    I really really want to use Linux Mint but cannot because the kernel 5.4 does not seem not work with Ryzen 4000s. I am really happy to learn that your team is considering a separate iso with a 5.8 kernel. I hope this idea materialize soon. 🙂
    Again thank you very much.

  29. So, I got a brand new laptop a week or two ago, and decided to put 20.1 on it since it was almost to release time anyway. It has a Ryzen 7. After working through several issues, the only major issue I’m having now (and I’m not sure if it’s a Ryzen issue or a motherboard issue, or some other problem) is that I can’t fully power off. Everything shuts down, software-wise, and I can hear the hard drive park (it has one SSD and one HDD) but the power won’t turn off and all lights are still on. I’ve been getting help in the forums, and pretty much all of my other issues have been solved, but the shutdown issue is still unsolved. The other issues were missing drivers for my backlit multi-colored LED keyboard (I had to compile and install them myself and install OpenRGB to configure them), and issues with a lack of support for AMD+NVIDIA hybrid graphics. At first, it had difficulty booting to the desktop (black screen), but I could tell by hard drive activity that my password was logging me in, so I knew it was graphics-related. Forum help got me up and running to where I can use AMD as the main GPU, and offload to the NVIDIA on-demand for games and whatnot that needs it. But, I can’t seem to get either the NVIDIA Prime Applet or the NVIDIA Prime GPU Display applet from Spices working, even though I seem to have Prime set up correctly (command line prime commands work fine and do what’s expected). Otherwise, everything else works as expected with no problems that haven’t already been reported to Mint/Cinnamon’s github by others.

    1. Hola! En septiembre pasado compré un mini-pc de MinisForum, en concreto el BESSTAR TECH LIMITED model: DMAF5 AMD Ryzen 5 3550H with Radeon Vega Mobile, con 16 G Ram. Venía con Windows 10 preinstalado, que en mis manos duró nada, enseguida lo cambié por Linux Mint 20, ya que soy incondicional desde las primeras ediciones. Nunca me dió problemas en otros sistemas menos actuales, como portátiles Lenovo con Core 3 y/o 5. Y tarjeta integrada de Intel.
      Sin embargo, Linux Mint no funciona bien en mi DMAF5. Especialmente el Linux Mint 20. Se congelaba, se reiniciaba, dos, tres y hasta cuatro veces seguidas.
      Entonces instalé Linux Mint 19, 3. Va mejor que el 20, pero continua dando errores que me traen de cabeza, como dice el amigo Harry arriba, sufro “completely freezing” a los pocos minutos de encendido, y “No kernel-panic, nothing, just hardlock” . Para mí un problema grave que me hace temer por mi nuevo equipo.
      Estoy tan preocupada, que ya estoy planeando migrar a KDE manjaro plasma, o al último Debian, o uno similar en el que encaje mi hardware. Por cierto, excelente idea crear una distro para AMD! Ojalá salga pronto!!
      Esperaba la actualización del Mint, pero si tarda no podré seguir esperando. Y, la verdad, me pone triste porque adoro Linux Mint en su sabor canela. ¿Qué otra cosa puedo hacer? Gracias. Feliz año nuevo para todos. Saludos.
      Eva Vlez

  30. First-time donor, since money tight, but wanted to make sure you guys know how much I appreciate your work. Totally agree with your philosophy, and looking forward to the final release!

  31. Thank you a lot for bringing Compiz back!
    It is really important for me to be able to have all that glorious customization capabilities!

    Oh and I should mention that have opened an issue at GitHub with some missing features I found when trying Mint Mate 20.1 (I really hope I found all the potential problems so they can be fixed before release, I think it shouldn’t be too hard to recover those missing features, as they are already present in the current panel incarnation but missing in the mint menu.)

  32. Hello Clem and Team,

    Happy new year!! and thank you for the fabulous work you are doing, eagerly waiting for the new year gift of LM 20.1. Will this new release also ship with the new color themes as an option besides the old ones? Even if they are not included by default please do give us an option to download them separately.

  33. Mint Team, all the best in 2021 🙂 Like all the readers I’m happy you do not want hasty releases. It’s a wise approach definitely. Happy New Year!

    1. That was answered previously:

      Clem December 31, 2020 at 3:09 pm
      No, it wasn’t released in time to be in the BETA. It’s in the roadmap for Mint 20.2 now.

  34. Happy New Year to you!

    I think your decision is right. Linux Mint 20.1 will be ready when it’s ready. Looking forward to the release.

    Best regards

  35. Happy New Year!

    Have you ever considered enabling other ways to make donations? I’d really like to contribute, but I will never ever use Paypal (due to reasons not relevant for this message), and even the credit card option is through this company.

    There’s many people not using Paypal, but using credit cards to buy in Amazon, Aliexpress, etc, I think if you enable other options, new donations would arrive.

    Anyway, good work! Keep on!

  36. Happy new year!

    I am having a bit of trouble finding out what ‘HWE’ (as in ‘We won’t switch kernel post-BETA and certainly not towards 5.8 which isn’t even HWE yet’) means.

    1. HWE=HardWare Enablement

      The HWE stack generally includes newer kernels and XOrg/Mesa drivers that are backported from newer non-LTS Ubuntu versions in order to enable the use of (relatively) newer hardware.

  37. Happy New Year!

    Clem, I’m reporting a problem I’m having when using linux mint 20 and 20.1 beta on a lenovo ideapad s145 notebook with ryzen 5 3500u and gpu rx vega 8:
    -The lenovo logo is not shown at the start of the boot
    -This problem happens in full and is the most critical:
    -problems with touchpad that only works in compatibility mode
    -problems in the xfce composer that ‘cuts’ every screen

    Such problems do not happen in version 19.3 (tricia), unfortunately I had to go back to 19.3 because I didn’t have stability with the new LM20

    (Sorry for English, using the google translation tool)

    Thanks for the freedom to expose the problems

    1. The Lenovo Logo problem shouldn’t have anything to do with Linux Mint. That all happens before the OS is even touched by your system. Maybe it’s a BIOS setting issue?

    2. Mike F
      The logo is shown on mint 19.3, but it does not appear on 20.0 / 20.1. Using the same settings as the bios. In fact this is more of an ‘aesthetic’ problem as it does not interfere with the functionality of the system, unlike the problem I posted via link

  38. Congrats and thank you.
    Very good and prof decision about 20.1
    I prefer to wait and get good, polished product. Much better than something like monthly updated problems of win10.
    Because of that Mint > win10 and I love it.

  39. While I can understand the enthusiasm for people wanting to install Linux Mint on a brand new Ryzen based laptop, it has never been the role of a LTS distribution to support cutting edge hardware. Mint relies on what Ubuntu does kernel wise as well as firmware. I know it is frustrating but on the other hand it is not fair to pressure the Mint Developers on what to include on the ISO or to delay a release waiting for a kernel. It has always been assumed if your hardware is at least a year old, its going to be fine with a LTS distribution. I don’t see anything that has happened to change that. This is what a rolling release is for.

  40. 1. Can a TV station in Hypnotix be added to Favorites in the bottom right in Linux Mint 20.1?
    2. Will Linux Mint 20.1 please be released with Thunderbird 78?

    Thank you

  41. Clem could you please help me help you?
    I don’t know much about GTK coding but I really want this feature and there must be a way to make it work and make it simpler, as some desktop elements do have those options (custom color bg and opacity) and are currently present and working well in the new Mint Mate 20.1 beta version so it’s not completely lost.
    How often does GTK version changes? How often is people going to loose features? We almost lost Compiz, next time if nobody keeps things in check and says anything we might start loosing everything! I don’t want anything to be lost for the future linux users! What kind of “improvement” is to mindlessly ship linux distros if every time a new version of something ships it has to loose non critical but still important features? Does Linux as a whole have any future if coders have to work like mindless automations reinventing the wheel everytime something needs an update? Why does the code has to be rewritten from scratch every time? Software engineering seems fundamentally broken as a profession for me if things have been working like this, because nobody can guarantee that everything that made all Linux distros great will remain in place and working forever, once Linus Torvalds dies, what wil be our fate? Perhaps Microsoft awaiting for that to happen to extinguish us? I’m sorry if I sound depressing but I’m feeling worried about the long term future of Linux.

  42. Thanks to the whole team and all the contributors! Linux Mint is installed on all of our home computers, so four users who love it! Happy New Year!

  43. Clem, your product is great. The extra time to make it so is of no consequence. My fear is the day you decide to hang up the keyboard, thank you for your efforts.

  44. I enjoy playing with RCs and Betas, but when I install something on my elderly parents-in-law’s machine I like knowing that it was released because it was ready, not because the marketing department decided that was a nice-sounding day for a release. Please don’t ever change! Have a very happy new year!

  45. Linux mint is the best. Thanks for Compiz. Mate + Compiz is fabulous. Looking forward to the release
    Happy New Year to everyone !

  46. Hi Clem

    An image with the later kernel would be fantastic. I have treated myself to a Ryzen 5900x and 570 chipset motherboard (not had time to build it yet) so being able to install Mint on it “out the box” as it were, would be wonderful

    And as for the latest release, I totally agree with your approach of “release it when ti is ready”. The reliability and stability of your releases is much prized and worth far more than having to hit an arbitrary date

  47. I have been working with Mint Cinnamon for almost ten years and I have to say that since I came to this system, I have had none of the problems that drove me to shoot one of my machines, as I could not get the competitors system to work at all one night when I had a deadline and failed to make it work. I am now in a better world, and I will not change from what does definitely work. Thank you and the team for all you guys do. May the new year be better for the world now.

  48. I Think I May Have A Solution For Issue #43 kernel: boot issues and graphics issues with AMD Ryzen 5/7
    I Use The 5.9 Series Kernel and everything works it is the latest stable xanmod kernel i use Intel hardware no AMD Though
    for those interested in checking it out there are 2 ways to install it via apturl and the terminal on the xanmod website you can use apturl and install right there on the spot just select the stable branch this is no ordinary kernel it has allot of patches from Intel’s clear Linux for performance and stability
    My Computer is a Dell Optiplex 760 Small form factor with Intel core2duo CPU Integrated Intel Q43Q45 Chipset 8GB Ram 2TB Disk Space and no issues on XFCE Edition of mint 20 everything is picture perfect No Issues At All everything works flawless

  49. A Note About The RT And Edge Versions of the xanmod kernel
    Note: The current proprietary NVIDIA, VirtualBox, VMware Workstation / Player or some other dkms modules builds may not be fully compatible with Linux 5.10 (EDGE) and RT kernels.
    The Stable Branch Has Always Shown Me The Very best results
    I Recommend that branch over all the rest

  50. Hi Clem,
    a question that seems important to me …. disabling the getty @ tty1 service for not having the two text messages that appear immediately after the splash could compromise the stability or security of the system?
    I thank you in advance and wish you and the whole team a peaceful year.

    P.S. I see new updates to version 20.1 beta starting to arrive. Very well. Good job everyone.

    1. That Service getty @ tty1 service I Would Leave alone
      if i were you i have never had any issues with that service
      if your having boot issues i would switch out your hard drive for a solid state drive ssds are way cheaper now more than ever since i did that my system boots crazy fast i can be using it in 5 seconds i use a crucial BX500 1TB SSD via a esata hard drive docking station Orico makes cheap but good docking stations

  51. Hi Clem,

    Could you please fix this annoying behavior of the main menu:

    1. Open the main menu
    2. See an app you want to launch already in the right part of the menu. Let’s say the driver manager
    3. Start moving your mouse in a straight line towards the driver manager icon
    4. The pointer moves over the categories in the menu and suddenly the app you were going for is gone from the right side of the menu since it’s updated with the content’s of some other category the pointer happened to be moving over.

    1. You didn’t say what desktop you’re using. In Xfce you can right click menu icon, click ‘properties’, and uncheck ‘position categories next to panel button’.

    2. I rarely use cinnamon so i played with it for a while. Moving the menu to the right side of the panel, so you can get the cursor to the app without crossing categories, is the only workaround i could come up with. To do this right-click on the panel and click ‘applets’. In the ‘manage’ tab scroll down to ‘menu’ and click to highlight. Then click ‘add’ on the tool bar. Another menu will appear on the right side of the panel to the left of the tray icons. If you want it all the way to the right right-click on the icons, click remove, and agree in the popup window. You will now have a network icon you cannot remove…Ignore It! Now add the icons you removed which will appear left of the menu, the first added being the closest to the menu. The new network icon disappears when you replace the original. You can treat the clock(calendar) as an icon. If you like you can remove the first menu on the left of the panel. If you make a mistake you can remove and replace one at a time or click ‘reset all’ in the tool bar and start over from default. Good luck! Let me know how it goes.

    3. @ITfW

      Thanks for your suggestion, but I don’t want a workaround. I want the menu to behave smarter so that the cinnamon experience would be better for all users by default. This is one of those papercut type of things. Very minor but still annoying.
      I don’t know if it’s possible, but I would like to have the menu detect if the cursor is moving up and down the categories when the user is browsing the categories or is the cursor speeding past the category selections diagonally/sideways and then behave accordingly.

    4. Hi W. I tried your example and see what you mean. Here’s one workaround: click the menu button, then move the pointer in a horizontal line (through the panel) until you’re below the icons you want. Then move straight up to the one you want. This is actually pretty similar to what you have to do with a lot of web sites… if you move straight to the item you want, you get distracting stuff opened up. Move in a somewhat less direct way and things work fine.

    5. @Minter

      Yes, that’s how I usually do it at the second attempt. But like I said. I’m not looking for a workaround.
      I feel that pointing out and fixing even these minor issues we encounter will make Mint shine like the great distribution it is. After all, whenever people encouner something remarkable, the first thing they usually mention is the attention to detail.

  52. An extra ISO image as part of the release with a 5.8 kernel would be much appreciated. I am running Mint 20 on an AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 4750G and 570 chipset currently with the 5.8.16 mainline kernel and it is very stable. On my original install I upgraded from 5.4. > 5.8 sequentially until I found stability with 5.8.
    Clem thanks to you and the team for all the hard work to to turn out a great release.

  53. Hi Clem and team, thank you for what you do, Mint is very near perfect for my needs. One issue though that has been present in Cinnamon since the 4x series started is that when moving a certain application window the interface of said application (always happens when i drag to the bottom right of screen) gets blocky and transparent in certain areas of the app. It seems to happen on older stuff, notably grsync, which if you can try it my demo the issue nicely for you. This happens on all of my hardware, Intel, AMD processing and graphics and even Nvidia GPU. I thought I had seen the last of this by changing from “presentation mode” in cinnamon to “none”, sadly not.

    You still have my thanks though, but this is driving me nuts 🤔🤔

  54. Hello mint folks, just curious to know if anyone else has experienced a glitch with the Rhythmbox app in linux mint 20, XFCE. Sometimes, during playback, in between (FLAC) songs, the app will seize up, and get stuck. If the app is active in the task bar, you click it, and the program freezes at the top of the screen, force quit shuts down the program. If Rhythmbox is in the system tray only, the only way to kill the stuck program is logging out, and logging in. Clem, or anyone else, do you know if this issue is resolved in linux mint 20.1 XFCE?

  55. Linux Mint Beta, 20.1 (HYNOTIX 1.4) EDIT/REMOVE, Still not workin ?
    There seems to be not much change from: 1.1 to 1.4
    Is there a change log as to know what to look for ?
    Hope Beta up dates are coming through properly ?
    Good to see other Linux Distro showing some interest.
    IPTV Channel list up dates well, Thanks to the maintaner.

    1. @num nutt
      I can see in github that there is a Pull Request to fix the issue with not being able to edit/delete a provider. So I imagine that will be included soon.
      Re change logs, if you can see updates are ready in Update Manager, select the desired item (hypnotix in this case) and in the lower pane click the tab named Change Log and you’ll see some details

  56. Two AMD boxes here. Gigabyte B450 Mini-ITX/3400G installed initially with Mint 19.3/Kernel 5.3 had graphics problems making it difficult to use. Mint 20 upgrade was a big improvement but some graphics problems remained. Kernal 5.8 delivered rock solid perfection in all respects.
    ASUS PN50/4800U just managed to install Mint 20 with warning messages that there was no graphics acceleration. It worked well enough to upgrade the Kernel to 5.8 after which it worked perfectly.
    An installation .iso would be much appreciated although it does place more pressure on the team.
    Looking ahead, Kernel 5.10 is LTS and I have read that 5.11 is largely made up of AMD updates to support the Ryzen 5000 series processors.

  57. #006: Terminal quick-access Quick Fix Go To Keyboard Shortcuts go to x-terminal-emulator and change the long ctrl alt t shortcut to ctrl t
    like it used to be ctrl key plus the t key at the same time that should fix that issue

  58. Yes The Terminal should also be in favorites as well
    hope my solutions help somebody
    Hey rhY one fix that might help you with the issues you are having with your old graphics card
    Install the xanmod kernel
    Select The Stable Branch you can install right there via apturl

  59. Honestly i think 5.8 should be the default kernel or higher so its not HWE that should not matter since all new kernels add more hardware support anyway
    even if you where able to add 5.9 instead it is not going to matter as far as i can tell
    when i installed kernel 5.9 it was released as stable and i had no issues with either 5.8 or 5.9 adding a newer kernel like 5.9 is not going to affect the rest of the HWE Stack at least it didn’t on my computer
    5.9 as far as i can tell has even more support for AMD Ryzen And Other AMD Hardware from what i have heard anyway
    5.10 and 5.11 i would stay away from for now on my system 5.10 had lousy audio

  60. Thanks a lot for your efforts. LM Mate is still my favorite distro.
    I would very much appreciate an ISO with 5.10 kernel because of 3 Ryzen computers: 3900x, 5900x and especially for 4500U (laptop – that’s the most problematic with 5.4, can’t even get the HDMI port to work, but it works with Ubuntu 5.8 ISO, but not a fan of Ubuntu).
    Since 5.10 is the new LTS and it has many more AMD updates, I think it makes more sense to make a new ISO with this one…so we can keep getting kernel upgrades. 5.8 is already dead, so no point to start with a dead end.

    So…please go forward with the 5.10 kernel LM Mate version. Please, please, please.

    And as for the latest release, as someone else said above, I totally agree with your approach of “release it when it’s ready”. The reliability and stability of your releases is much prized and worth far more than having to hit a fixed date.

    1. True, we can switch the kernel in 20 and 20.1 to 5.8, but it seems it’s not enough to get the HDMI working on an HP Probook 455 Ryzen 4500U, and I’m not sure what’s going to happen the moment I receive the Ryzen 5900x on a new desktop machine.
      The HDMI works with Ubuntu 20.10 ISO which comes native with 5.8 kernel.

    1. No unfortunately it will not. I will come with the Focal LTS version 6.4.6. If you wish you have version 7, you can always add the Libreoffice PPA.

  61. Hey Mint Team! Only one issue left in my beta testing (after upgrading my graphics card):

    VLC still does not close. It just stays in the system tray down by the clock. I have to open it and xkill it.

    Other than that, after the new gfx card EVERYTHING works GREAT!

    Great Job Team!!

    1. @rhY
      I had this vlc issue just once on a 20.1 machine but now no problem. No idea why/how it sorted itself out.

  62. Ryzen 7 here but it was simple enough to use your kernel manager to upgrade to the 5.8 kernel and keep it up to date when it became available in the kernel manager. The system ran well enough with the 5.4 LTS kernel that it wasn’t necessary to have 5.8 in the ISO when I installed LM 20(.0) but it sure was nice getting the Ryzen 7 issues worked out.

  63. 1. Warpinator. Why does an ordinary user need it?
    2. IPTV player is a useless job. There are many such players. Anyone can be installed!
    3. Make a minimal image at last!
    4. What have you done with Celluloid? There was a good player! Now it’s trash! Had to delete! Put MPV! Works good!
    5. Rhythmbox is horror! Why can’t I install Quod Libet, Audacious …… Anything else !? You would all be grateful!
    6. You are on the wrong road!
    7. Spend money down the drain.
    Good luck !!! Your work is disappointing and not happy!

    1. Yuriy,

      I agree with some of what you said, Rhythmbox is definitely the worst. I also think a focus on fixing core issues, usability, functionality, and etc. ahead of new projects like Warpinator or Hypnotix. However, at least I think warpinator is very useful in an office environment.

      There are 1,000 issues that could be solved with just a basic look over: Theming, windows popping up in the wrong place, weird little glitches and bugs….

      That said: Mint is currently still the best OS available for the average user. Would I like them to fix all the issues instead of making TV apps? HELL YEAH. But at least it’s 8 BILLION times better than Windows or Mac. *sigh*

    2. quod·​li·​bet | \ ˈkwäd-lə-ˌbet How to pronounce quodlibet (audio) \
      Definition of quodlibet

      1 : a philosophical or theological point proposed for disputation also : a disputation on such a point
      2 : a whimsical combination of familiar melodies or texts

    3. Wau! … Yuriy this feedback is hard, you are putting in question the focus of the job of the LM developers. or?.
      From abroad I can follow some of your points adding for instance the situation of CINNAMON Applets, Extensions and Desklets that sometime are not updated to the last CINNAMON Version. As user I want to have access to a proper operative spices. But topic by side….
      Might from benefit to all of us to understand the opinion of Clem (for instance …) to your statement and may be so can we follow and be happy about the changes and improvements done in the system behind the desktop.

    4. If I were a LM team member, I would really be hugely proud of Yuriy’s post (no joke) because it means that the OS provided runs so well that the only quarrels occurring are somewhat peripheral and only concerning comfort (apps, applets, dekstop, aso). And in fact, it’s true. Running Ubuntu based-Mint on 2 computers and Debbie on 3, I never had any serious problem.
      So, my first assessment as a user is a real big thank you to the Team for providing such quality OSes. A proverb in Clem’s home language (also mine by the way) says ‘You don’t look at the teeth of a given horse’, which means that if a horse id given to you, you take it like it is (or of course refuse it). Specially if it’s a great horse.
      Sure, I’ve my opinion on the apps (in fact more habits than opinions) and to be honest, I don’t use a single app provided by install, except some administration tools. Even Firefox was replaced by its Flatpak version to assure profile compatibility between Tricia, Ulyana and Debbie. At installation, it costs me about 15mn to select and uninstall what will be unnecessary (don’t really need a minimal version to do that once every 2 or 3 years – maybe distro-hoppers will see a plus). A bit longer (because of the downloads) to install my favorite apps (VLC, Gimp, Handbrake…) but I can do other things during the downloading process.
      Even the debate between Ubuntu-based and Debian based Mint has no real sense for me. Debbie’s so good it doesn’t need more time to spend on. And developers can also have fun during their work…
      This ends my contribution to the ‘clash of the wealthies’ 🙂
      Best wishes for 2021 to LM team and members of this blog

  64. To my opinion, one of the annoying aspects of the LM desktops is the issue of focus stealing. Launch several apps at once and start using the first app coming up, then after a while you’ ll be disturbed by windows of the other apps coming up later. This issue is particularly bothersome while editing a text or entering info. Due to the focus stealing your last entered characters are lost or entered unwanted into the app last popping up. Focus stealing also happens when entering an usb-stick. I notice that the Ubuntu 20.10 has solved this issue by giving notifications that an app is ready to be used, while the focus remains on the app you’re using. Is there an intent to cope with focus stealing this year?

    1. Cinnamon has an option to prevent focus stealing. System Settings | Behavior | Prevent windows which require attention from stealing focus [Off/On] The default is Off. Have you tried that?

    1. You can fix your VLC issue by either stopping the video before closing VLC or install the latest mesa (sudo add-apt-repository ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers).

    2. I think there’s even a 3rd option and that is to install VLC as a flatpak. I vaguely recall doing that when LM 20(.0) was first released but then discovered simply stopping the video first fixed the problem.

  65. Really great distro, Clem!

    And thank you and your staff for the job. I believe Mint (cinnamon) 20.1 will stay on my laptop for a long time. But one thing I can’t do … Make celluloid appear in the middle of the screen. Since the previous version, it opens at the top left. How can I resolve this issue?
    Thanks again.

  66. “The release comes out when we’re happy with it. […] In 2 months time it won’t matter at all whether we released this a week earlier or a week later”

    This is one of the reasons why I chose Linux Mint as my daily driver. Stability and less bugs instead of speed just for the sake of being fast. 👍

  67. found what might be a bug in 20.1 beta cinnamon 64. If I boot it normally on my vostro3700 , it boots fine and identifies I have a wireless available. However as soon as I open a menu to log in to the wireless the computer locks up requiring a reboot to get out. The same thing happens when I open the cinnamon menu. the machine locks up requiring a reboot. The machine works fine if I start 20.1 in compatibility mode. all menus work as expected. My machine has an I5,running NVIDIA 340 and a broad-com 4313. hope this helps!
    Dan Cardinale

  68. My Oppo A52 phone won’t transfer photo files from the DCIM Camera folder to my PC with LM20.1 Cinnamon beta. The file copy appears to start but the Nemo progress bar stays at 0% and eventually times out. Only a partial photo file ends up on the desktop. This problem doesn’t occur on my laptop which still has LM20.
    Oddly, I can transfer photos to the LM20.1beta machine from a Samsung S8 without an issue. Both machines have libmtp version 1.1.17-3. I don’t often take photos with my phone so no big deal, but other folk trying LM20.1 may want to test their phone transfer works on it.

  69. Hi!

    Good post, thank you! I appreciate the approach of creating a stable release with major bugs fixed before going live. The post-release bugs just cause extra work, when they need to be fixed while people are already using the new version.

    Happy New Year!

    Best regards

  70. Hi, thanks for Mint and your work, I’ve just updated to 19.3 and am happy with it.
    Is there any chance to get Thunderbird 78 via Update Manager soon? I’d really like to update it.
    Best regards and happy new year!

    1. Just updated to v20 even though I’ve decided to not remove foreign packages, there are too many, what makes me unsure if the list is correct. I’ve tried it once and it won’t work because the list also includes mountall (2.54ubuntu1) which leaded to an error message and to not removing anything.
      v20 seems to run fine, the long removal list still exists, I didn’t try to trigger it so far.
      I’m on a TUXEDO notebook which had Mint 18.x (18.6 iirc) installed 2 years ago.
      Let me know if I should post some specs and/or the long removal list somewhere.
      Best regards.

    2. Hi, feel free to remove my self-answer-spam from this blog comment, I’ve managed to clean my system using the synaptic package manager and will update to 20.1 when instructions are available.
      Best regards.

  71. Hey there,

    can’t wait for 20.1 to launch, good luck!

    Something very strange just happened (20.1 Cinnamon beta in Virtual Box 6.1.16):
    While deinstalling “Krita” via the mint menu entry I wanted to uninstall “Inkscape” at the same time.
    After entering my password to continue a little window popped up and asking for packages to be removed as well named something with “Cinnamon 4.x” and another one (unfortunately I didn’t take a screenshot…)
    I denied the removal and gave it another try, this time without any popups…
    What could be the cause?

  72. I’m glab to see Compiz revival. Compiz is absolutely fantastic. Even if you use a few of it (I am a smooth compiz fan not a rockin’ crazy compiz fan) : it brings some gems to enhance the user experience without slowing down at all. XFCE on its own is already highly cutomizable, with Compiz on it you get the best DE ever. If the Mint team did manage to make it stable, it will quickly become a must have IMHO.

  73. In Hypnotix:
    1. Can the countries in the Free-IPTV (TV Channels) sections please able to be sorted alphabetically?
    2. Will there be flags with “GERMAN TV (29)”, “GERMAN LOCAL (102)”, “GEM ONLINE” and “PLUTO BR (30)”?
    3. The screensaver seems to not turn on if Hypnotix is running, can this also happen if other programs like VLC are running?

    Thank you

  74. I see Mint 20.1 is in the ‘stable’ folder now. so for those who want to get it a bit earlier can right now 😉

    I think the ‘edge’ release is the 5.8 kernel from what I heard and the regular ones use 5.4 kernel.

    1. Tried the Cinnamon Edge on my IdeaPad 3 17ARE05 with a Ryzen 5 4500U and everything seemed to worked except the touchpad. Was hoping this 5.8 kernel would help with that. Tried Manjaro and no touchpad as well. The only distro so far that gave functionality to my Lenovo touchpad was Fedora 33. Tested the Xfce and MATE versions on my other computers and they work great! Thanks Clem and Linux Mint team for all of your hard work!

  75. WOW! Using Linux Mint beta 20.1 full installon a 64GB usb (Cinnamon) with all the latest kernal and driver updates that just hit. Wine installed and using a 2nd. usb drive with Portable Apps-with delux pacman 2 got all the custom made screens of pacman running fast and very smooth on an old dell latitude 64bit D830 thats got no working hard drive that cost $20.00. The things that you can do when you put your mind to something. Linux Mint Rocks. Cheers.

  76. In addition to the discussion on kernel 5.8+ compatibility:
    1. The latest Nvidia drivers (390,450 and 460) claim compatibility with 5.8. This is a good news for them, but not for 340.x driver which is not compatible but still offered for legacy cards (e.g. Quadro series). And there is little hope to have it corrected. So, once it lacks further support, the time came to exclude it and use only the nouveau driver, with no other options in Driver Manager. Probably this is a question more to Ubuntu team…
    2. For Broadcom BCM43224, the proprietary driver (bcma-pci-bridge) reports a post-build error yet works normally. This is true for Mint 20 but not for any Ubuntu-based distribution (e.g. in Lubuntu 20.10 it fails to build at all.)
    3. VMware Player (15.x, 16.x) is not compatible with 5.8, it fails on switching to the guest’s graphic mode. (Both on Nvidia/proprietary, Nvidia/nouveau and Intel graphics.)
    4. My own experience with Ryzen 5 3500U and Vega 8 (not the very latest chips): installed Mint 19.3 onto Lenovo IdeaPad L340-15 about a year ago, with regular 5.0 kernel. Then upgraded to 5.4 kernel. No problems found.

    1. The broadcom driver bcmwl-kernel-source was backported to work with 5.8 in 20.1. We bumped into that problem when testing the Edge ISO.

      We’ll also backport it to Mint 20. We have a few packages to backport actually, it’s one of them.

    2. Thank you for your attention, Clem. The issue is somewhat more complicated. I just played with my testbed (a 10+ yr old Atom netbook with the said BCM43224), upgrading it from 20.0 + 5.8 kernel to 20.1 by manually switching repositories. It ran smoothly but wireless driver did not set in place (no wonder, after reading your message). Installing bcmwl-kernel-source in the current 5.8 kernel fails silently and fatally, the chip is managed by “wl” instead and does dot work. The only alternative offered by Driver Manager is to disable it completely.
      In Mint 20.0 + the previous 5.8.x kernels, the chip was actually managed by bcma-pci-bridge kernel module and did work, regardless of the reported post-build error. If open-source driver was selected, then wl was used without success.
      In Mint 20.1 + the current 5.4 kernel, if proprietary driver is selected, it is reported to be built normally, and the chip is said to be managed by bcma-pci-bridge – but does not work. If open-source driver is selected, then the same bcma-pci-bridge is reported… and does work!
      It was only Mint 20.0 + the previous 5.4.x kernels where things worked as they should: either bcmwl-kernel-source was installed correctly, or an open-source alternative (wl, afair) was tried without success.
      Unfortunately, it is now hard to recollect at which point, in which exact version, the changes took place. Probably it would be easier to track changes in code related to it.

      ps. Congratulations with 20.1 release.

    3. Ah OK. I’m sorry iourine, I don’t have this chipset here. The issue we tackled in 20.1 Edge was that bcmwl-kernel-source would not compile the module for 5.8. We backported to solve this issue. We’ll be backporting it towards 20.0 as well this week.

      There were no other changes on our side in relation to this.

    4. Clem,

      At least, this explains why Mint 20 did work with this chip and *buntus did not. So, at the moment I have exactly bcmwl-kernel-source, Mint 20.1 (could my manual upgrade method affect anything?), and kernel 5.4.0-60 installed. The Driver Manager says that the device is disabled – while I am actually working via it, and it is managed by bcma-pci-bridge. Prior to this, I had kernel 5.8.0-36, the Driver Manager did not report any errors, the device was also managed by bcma-pci-bridge but did not work. I’ll find an empty disk and make clean 20.1 installation to reproduce the results within a few days.

    5. To continue with Broadcom driver. Eventually there are 2 states:

      – wifi does work.
      – inxi -N reveals the driver as “bcma-pci-bridge”.
      – NM’s “Connection Info” indicates “brcmsmac” driver.
      – Driver Manager shows the device as “Disabled”, the other option is the proprietary bcmwl-kernel-source (…-0ubuntu7).
      – dpkg shows status of bcmwl-kernel-source as “rc”

      Not working:
      – no errors reported
      – wifi chip is seen, interface is created and available networks are seen, but it cannot connect.
      – inxi -N reveals “wl” driver actually working
      – dpkg shows bcmwl-kernel-source as “ii”

      1. Run 20.1 Mate (5.4.0-58 kernel) LiveCD. It works right out of the box. Something is wrong as early as at that point: it should not.
      2. Installed onto a clean disk. It works as well.
      3. Switched to proprietary driver. It does not work.
      4. Rolled back to “Disabled” and upgraded to 5.4.0-60 kernel. It works.
      5. Switched to proprietary driver. It does not work.
      6. Updated linux-firmware, assuming that it might have some relation to the issue. No effect. So do the other updates.
      7. Rolled back to “Disabled”. Now remains not working.
      8. Upgraded to 5.8.0-36 kernel. It works.
      9. Switched to proprietary driver. It does not work.
      10. Rolled back to “Disabled”. Now it works again.

      Something appears to be toggled vice versa in packet management. Can I try anything else to make things less unclear?

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