Monthly News – December 2018

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you had a great holiday season and you enjoyed the 19.1 release. We were delighted to read your reactions and go through your feedback. We had a smooth release and 19.1 got a great reception. The fact that it was ready just before Christmas made it feel really special.

Although we needed a break after the stable release, we were able to interact with BETA testers and fix a significant amount of bugs thanks to their reports. I’d like to apologize for posting this late and send my thanks to all the people who helped us test and identify bugs during the BETA phase. We release Cinnamon an entire month before Linux Mint, and we see it happen every single time, when we hit the Mint BETA, we get a huge amount of bug reports and the quality of the product increases significantly. Of course, we get early feedback from rolling distributions and we’re grateful for that too, but there’s nothing more important, in terms of testing, than our BETA release.

This January, our first priority is to port all our new packages towards LMDE 3. This is happening right now, and it will be followed by a review of all the pull requests which didn’t make it in time for the 19.1 release.

After that we’ll open up the next development cycle and we’ll start working on the new features which will land in Linux Mint 19.2. As usual, we’ve got many ideas but very little time, we’ll do our best to make as many of them happen as possible and we’ll post previews as we implement them.

Many thanks to all of you for your support, for your help and for your donations. This is an amazing project to work on, with a fantastic community, and a fantastic team. Here’s to 2019, I hope we’ll have a great year 2019 together.


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$300 (3rd donation), Mikhail C.
$200, Ned H.
$163 (5th donation), Jan S.
$109 (15th donation), Hendrik S.
$109, Hans O. L.
$100 (8th donation), Yves L. aka “amadeus128”
$100 (4th donation), Sheila S.
$100 (4th donation), anonymous
$100 (4th donation), Mirza B.
$100 (3rd donation), Jerry S.
$100 (3rd donation), Mountain Computers, Inc
$100, Jean J.
$100, Yifan W.
$100, Anthony F.
$100, Alexey B.
$100, Edward M.
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$72, Joseph B.
$71 (3rd donation), Jacques P.
$71, Annett R.
$65 (2nd donation), Miguel V.
$54 (3rd donation), Soeren S.
$54 (2nd donation), Campbell W.
$54, Peter G.
$54, Urda M.
$54, Burkhard S.
$54, Ralf M.
$51, Alan H.
$50 (30th donation), Anthony C. aka “ciak”
$50 (29th donation), Anthony C. aka “ciak”
$50 (5th donation), Paul C.
$50 (4th donation), Wallace P. M. J.
$50 (3rd donation), Garry R.
$50 (3rd donation), Ray W. aka “Ambiray
$50 (3rd donation), Thomas H.
$50 (3rd donation), Brian S.
$50 (2nd donation), Bruce K.
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$50 (2nd donation), Craig B.
$50 (2nd donation), Juan E.
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$40, Lionel C.
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$38 (4th donation), Ian W.
$38 (2nd donation), Bogusz S. aka “PIMPEX
$36.15 (3rd donation), Jon G.
$33 (105th donation), Olli K.
$33 (5th donation), John H.
$33 (3rd donation), Stephen M.
$33 (3rd donation), Benjamin E.
$33 (2nd donation), Carl A.
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$20 (12th donation), Lance M.
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$20 (6th donation), Carl K.
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$15.5, Anonymous aka “Anon”
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  1. Happy new year Clem, and happy new year to all the team.
    All the best for 2019 and thanks a lot for what you are doing.

  2. Hello Clem and all,
    I am a big fan of Linux Mint since many years, specially of Cinnamon.

    I’ve upgraded from 19.0 to 19.1 using the upgrade manager, a week ago.

    Since this upgrade, I’ve started experiencing a very annoying issue: after sending an e-mail in Mozilla Thunderbird, at the moment when the window with the new message sent is going to be automatically closed, all Cinnamon gets frozen 🙁
    It used to happen after sending the first e-mail of the session, or sometimes the second one or the third one.

    To avoid the hard reset, I had to go to a console (ctrl+alt+f1) and run killall cinnamon-session

    I’ve decided to go back to LM 19.0 with TimeShift and everything is working perfect again.

    Did somebody experienced this behavior?

    Thanks for this wonderful distro and have a very good new year!!!

    1. Hi Pablo,

      We’ve got a pull request ready to fix this issue, we’ll send an update at the beginning of the week.

    2. I also found a weird cinnamon-freeze recently.
      In GIMP 2.10.8, File – Open – select an image – click Open – freeze
      I get out with ctrl + alt + backspace (restarting cinnamon).
      Could this be a similar issue?

  3. Happy New Years to Clem and the Mint Dev Team. Many thanks to all on the Team and all the reporters.
    What a great release!
    Looking forward to more Mint goodness this year!

  4. Happy new year to the Mint Team as well. I installed the 19.1 Cinnamon release on my parents computer during the holidays so far it works like a charm. Boot to desktop in just 12 seconds. Great work.

  5. Happy New Year Clem, 19.1 cinnamon is amazing. Especially the way new mint is showing the notifications now I just love it. Great job.

  6. Happy New 2019!

    After upgrade from Mint 19 to 19.1, Yakuake stopped working properly.
    Pressing F12 will unroll the terminal, but only to about half and 1/3 of what is set.
    Restarting Cinnamon by Ctrl+Alt+Esc solves it for a moment, but then hiding Yakuake (F12) and pressing again F12 will unroll terminal again between a half and one third of its normal height.
    Also, no names of tabs and the whole thing with menus etc. is not being shown. It’s like the bottom was cut out.

    Anyone knows how to solve it?

  7. Happy New Year!

    I’m very impressed with the direction Cinnamon is taking and the only thing I feel the desktop would benefit from would be integrating a launcher of some sort—similar to Unity/Gnome dash where a search function is displayed on the screen via an overlay. The utility would come from being able to search nearly everything on the system…. which is basically files, apps, and commands. Aside form that, this is hands down my favorite desktop and I don’t see much point in porting/inventing anything else.

    Here’s to another solid year with Linux Mint! 😉

  8. Hello Clem and Team,
    happy New Year and thank you for all your work.

    I run LM Cinnamon 19.1 64Bit on three machines and LM XFCE 32Bit on one older, everything runs just fine and improved. One Laptop is waiting for LMDE. 🙂

    Next week I will switch the first five workstation at my employer to LM Cinnamon for a test ride.

    Best regards


  9. Happy New Years to everyone. I recently installed 19.1. and have enjoyed it very much. I do not think this is a bug– but i have not found where in 19.1 how to increase the font size in the panel–the fonts are to small to read,. Does anyone know where to increase the font size?

    1. Hi, Dan:

      Thank you for your comment. I, too, am experiencing the font-related issue in the Cinnamon panel. Another user had stated it is probably related to the theme being used; however, I, too, can attest that my Cinnamon panel fonts were sized, properly, within version 19. Once I upgraded to 19.1, the fonts were much smaller and the Cinnamon font adjustments appeared to not adjust the font size, as expected. As far as I can tell, once this gets adjusted, 19.1 will be either on par with 19 and/or better than 19.1.

    2. Open as root the file /usr/share/themes/Mint-x/cinnamon/cinnamon.css (or MintY if you use these themes) make changes and save the file:
      1. At the very beginning of the file change
      stage {
      font-family: Noto Sans;
      stage {
      font-family: Noto Sans;
      font-size: 12pt;

      2. Find the partition called Applets (applet.js), and in it the lines
      .applet-label {
      font-weight: bold;
      color: #ccc;
      change to
      .applet-label {
      font-weight: bold;
      font-size: 12pt;
      color: #ccc;
      as well as
      .applet-label:hover {
      font-weight: bold;
      change to
      .applet-label:hover {
      font-weight: bold;
      font-size: 12pt;

      You may also need to edit the corresponding file in the installed themes

    3. They removed a lot of customizations. I remember that Microsoft did that several times with Windows. I hope Linux will not follow Microsoft way…”we know better”. Linux is excellent OS, but……

    4. You can find out which theme is used in Cinnamon Control center (Menu-system Options). It can be Mint-X-Orange or Mint-Y-Sand or… , the one that defines the appearance of the desktop and that you want to edit. If your theme is Mint-Y-Sand, you should edit /usr/share/themes/Mint-Y-Sand/cinnamon/cinnamon.css

    5. To Linux Mint Staff.
      My Linux Mint 19.1 finally crashed because of my Panel problems. What I found curious is–When I used Timeshift to restore my operating system. The Speaker Icon moved from in front of Network Icon to the very end of the Panel–In so doing the words in the Panel grew in size. I can now read the words in the Panel.

  10. Happy New Year to all team members and community.
    I am using slic3r for my 3D printer and I discovered that *.APPImage extension is not reconsidered in LM19.1.
    When executing a new file the system return “Unknown file type” and ask to choose a program (In LM18.3 it was reconsidered by default asking if the user is sure that wants to launch the program). If I go in file properties/permissions and check “allow executing file as program” and then executing again the program it is launching as expected.
    Is this behavior intended or it is a bug?
    2) Software Manager: When installing new software which ask for additional packages after accepting the new packages the window stay open… for me it is strange.
    Apart these two issues I am very happy with LM19.1 and I am looking forward to LM19.2, some love to phone connectivity would be nice specially to android (e.g. copy photos from the phone)

  11. WARNING:
    Severe naming scheme bug in LVM2/LUKS under LinuxMint!

    If you like me running several encrypted Linux Mint versions on various ssd’s etc and need access to the other, you’ ll be prone to render one or the other useless the moment you try to mount the encrypted partition. It requires repair IMO beyond the scope of a novice like me.

    What happens?
    LVM2/LUKS partitions have the same name (mint-vg). It wont mount, just errors out. Ok, that s the easy part, B U T after reboot one or both will boot but no longer fully load (stuck after successful password input, black screen or Mint logo)!!

    1. This probably isn’t the best place to put this… if it’s a legit bug then report it or something. Nobody is going to find this comment unless they bother to scroll down all the comments like I did….

  12. Thank you for LinuxMint 19.1 Mate. I installed it on a Mintbox2.

    There is only one issue: Only for the two “Traditional…” themes the mate-charpick-applet runs without any problems. With the other themes, the character selection buttons get messed up. Anything else is fine, also Thunderbird and GIMP 2.10.

    With my best wishes to you and the Mint team

  13. Happy New Year to Clem and all members of the Mint Team. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for LM19.1. I moved from 18.3 to 19.1 just before Christmas. So far I am well pleased with all the improvements that had happened since 18.3. Thank you very much.

  14. Hi Mint team,
    There is an issue with linux mint 19.1 printer settings, I am using HP laserjet 1415fnw printer.
    If we print 2 pages or more it doubles the copy automatically. No issue with single copy printing. If we print two copy then prints 4 copy. I gone through all settings but issue not solved.

    1. This problem exists for a long time, but no one fixes it. There is a dubbing of the output to the printer and through the Remmina program.Appealed to the developers Reminna but without result.

  15. I love the increased contrast in Cinnamon and I love how snappy Nemo is now. It’s amazing how each release of Mint brings new improvements and it just keeps getting better and better!

  16. Good Day Clem, I just finished installing and configuring my Linux Mint 19.1 64bit Cinnamon. and everything works fine on my computer. (Using a 2nd Gen Intel Core i5, 3.4Ghz and 8gb ram.) This Amazing O.S still makes my computer run like it’s new. this Linux Mint Runs Really Fast! so far, very satisfied with it.

  17. Happy New Year to all.
    Over the Christmas break I completed 2 fresh installations of Mint Cinnamon 19.1 on two aging machines – an Acer netbook and a custom built tower – replacing the 18.3 version on the former and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on the latter. So far everything is fine save for one niggle on both machines. I seem no longer to get a “busy” notification cursor (the circle with a spinning line of dots in it) when starting up an application. It’s certainly missing on Thunderbird, Firefox, Gimp, Libre Office Writer and KDE Marble.
    The cursor is clearly in the system as it spins around quite happily when I manually check for updates and the update manager is going through the packages.
    I’ve checked on Thunderbird and Firefox that the launcher contains “StartupNotify=true”, and am at a loss what else to try. Any thoughts?
    Apart from that, everything seems to be going very smoothly and has reminded me of what a relief it was to have ditched Windows for Linux, so thanks for all the work.

  18. Hi Clem,
    congrats to 19.1 and a good start into 2019! I really like the way Linux Mint goes, with this high grade of desktop integration and easy handling. Controls are quite often there where you search for them, the UI is smooth.
    However I found a bug which is now in since several versions, it is quite easy to find:

    1) Install a new Linux Mint
    2) Take at least a 2K (HD) Video file (264 coded, e.g.)
    3) Doubleklick on it in Pix to play it.

    –> At least at three different machines I tried that, the Video is shown upside down…

    Maybe I might add here my perspective to further development: Even more important than sophisticated eye-candy are the things people really need – and that is typically a robust system without surprises, for daily use and with a Desktop easy to understand , easy to handle and good in helping you to get the root cause if something goes wrong. (E.g. great is the possibility to reset the cinnamon-config to defaults with just some mouse-klicks.) By the way, I guess that exactly that strength made Linux Mint such famous as it was last years. It is good that you started with CI supporting your SW building last year, if I remember correctly.

    I wish you the very best for you and the whole Linux Mint team,

  19. Hello,

    Happy New year to Linux Mint team and users.

    I have been using Linux Mint Mate for several years, since Maya. I experience a strange issue with Caja in 19 and 19.1. When I attempt to eject a removable disk from Caja, all Caja windows are closed automatically. Did anyone experience this issue? Is this a known issue? I never experienced this in 18.x (and earlier).

    Thanks and Regards

    1. Hi Sreenath, for Nemo; there was an option in Edit => Preferences just like this and it was checked by default, so I uncecked that. Maybe the same for Caja..

    2. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried to do it in Caja, but i didn’t see any option.

      I did a bit of search and found that this is a known issue with Caja and Nemo ( This happens when I try to safely remove drive from side bar. Menu-> Computer->Drive and Right Click+Eject doesn’t cause this issue.

  20. “This January, our first priority is to port all our new packages towards LMDE 3.” For the past two weeks all day, every day I have been loading all of the latest versions of LinuxMint on a plethera of laptops I have aquired over the past 10 years. My primary desktop machine has had LM Cinnamon 17,18 and 19 and I am delighted that you are turning towards LMDE 3 “Cindy” and away from Ubuntu as the base. I am fast growing weary of Ubuntu’s point releases be they LTS or not. Even after loading Debian 9 “Stretch” and giving it a go for 2 days I came right back to LMDE 3 “Cindy” and gave it 1st prize. Please, by all means focus on making LMDE 3+ Cindy your flagship distro. It will be the only one I will promote and use in the future on my family and friends machines “hands down”. Thank you for all the hard work you and the entire team are putting into LM…..especially LMDE 3+.

  21. I tried leaving this comment before, but it didn’t show up so I’ll try again.
    I upgraded to Mint 19.1, and, while Nemo was faster for the most part, if I tried to set the view to Icon Mode in a folder with thousands of video files, Nemo would bog down to the point of being completely unresponsive after a while. While Nemo was slower in 19 and previous versions, at least it did, in fact, finally load. Please fix this, as it caused me to have to use Timeshift to revert to Mint 19 again!

  22. Happy New Year to you.

    LM18 LM19 LMDE3 is the perfect masterpiece
    Using kolourpaint4 archive on LMDE3
    Unable to specify the directory.

    Cinnamon desktop icon is more diverse and
    convenient in use LM19 than LM19.1

    1. If I understand you correctly, you wish to have the ability to close an open app via the app’s thumbnail on the panel. In the “Modern” layout, you can already do this in 19.1/Cinnamon. Once you hover over over an open app’s icon in the panel the thumbnail will display. Move your cursor over the thumbnail, the thumbnail will be highlighted and you’ll see an “X” (close) appear in the upper right corner of the thumbnail.

      Again, this is only for the “Modern” layout in Mint 19.1/Cinnamon. I don’t know about the “Traditional” layout o in the Mint/MATE/XFce editions.

  23. 19.1 is the best release ever. I usually had to install Mint serveral times and always had problems with UEFI and the HDD encrytion and graphics drivers. This time it worked perfectly and everything works fine. Thank you so much:)

  24. Hi Clem:

    Delighted that Mint 19.1 is now out (Cinnamon). I will soon install it on my backup computer.
    However, I suggest that endlessly adding new features to Mint may not be a good idea. This will eventually lead to a large/bloated collection of software, similar to Windows 10.

    Instead I suggest a freeze all non-essential new features while just about every single bug in Mint 19.1 is swatted.

    Best Regards.

    1. It is best to have all the function lists when installing.
      Let the user select the function they want at one time.
      This is the biggest benefit to running the computer.

  25. Yeah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all you cinnamon, mate, and xfce users, I hope you enjoy your new mint, since us KDE users got left out in the cold. Thanks mint team, this is why I never support a Linux distro, because just about the time I get use to something that I could get behind and support, it stops being supported and goes in another direction. It’s also NOT a good way to lure people away from MS or any other OS since I’m sure I’m not the only one that has experienced this.

    Good Day,
    ~ Mike

    1. Hi Mike Lovin, you might want to get warm with Kubuntu 18.10 :), as it’s quite a great real Christmas gift for everybody. It’s already not worse than Fedora 29 KDE and Manjaro KDE, so all three getting my multiboot production machine even more reliable. The second Christmas gift this season is the first official release of Qt for Python. So when ubuntu turns 20.04, and all will be matured enough in 2020, even Wayland :), I wish Linux Mint may fasten the fourth – Qt – wheel to its most good, of course, but only three wheel vehicle, imho, and get back on the road again. With both KDE and LXQt flavors again, as I hope, who knows.
      Marry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody, especially nice people (I remember the words of Clem) at Kubuntu, and all Linux Mint team!

    2. Hi Vegalin,
      I have already found another distro that I’m happy with and have moved on, but thanks for your suggestions.

      ~ Mike Lovin

  26. A very useful thing to implement would be the automatic update of the Applets downloadable and therefore not included basic with Mint (added by the user). Best regards.

  27. I want to thank Clem and all the Mint team for the magnificent product of your work.
    You made Linux available to me. I follow you since Isadora.
    I wish you an excellent 2019, full of joy and energy.

    1. already installed on my laptop lmde3,and after minutes the system updates brought me cinnamon 4.06,giving a modern and faster look to the entire desktop.I will use this version and I wish in the future more energy will be profused to this project instead of ubuntu version.I will see when the debian buster is out,how will take the process to give us lmde 4.:)Thanks in advanance for your amazing work!!!

  28. Thanks a lot for 19.1, each release is better than the previous 🙂 A lot has changed for better since I installed my first linux distro, which was Mint 18. It’s really amazing that relatively few devs behind Mint with relatively meagre funds are able to provide a product comparable and even better in several aspects to Microsoft’s Windows 10 with their jars of money, crowds of programmers, telemetry and the insider programme…. If Mint used distro names of the Ubuntu type, I would suggest you call the next release either “Wonderful Weed” or “Seductive Spice” 🙂
    There are only two things that could make me happier – global search option, able to find strings of data inside documents etc and ability to choose darker text background in Xreader. I have the so called eye floaters in both of my eyes, which makes reading white page text quite uncomfortable. Whenever I move my eyes, lots of gray trash inside my eyes move from left to right or in the opposite direction and spoil my reading experience. And I don’t like black themes.
    Best of luck in this year!

  29. The Cinnimon update to Cindy yesterday made everything display related to be brighter and sharper – don’t knave a clue as to what you did but it looks great. Obviously, no issues.
    Thanks and a Happy, Healthy New Year to all.

  30. I suggest you remove the Distrowatch Rankings because they are cooking the numbers. I can provide evidence for this.

    1. Why are you surprised? Mint dropped KDE and all the people that used Mint for that reason is looking for other options now. If you recall the same thing happened to Ubuntu when they dropped Gnome, they were Ranked #1 and look where they ended up, they have however regained some places on distrowatch since then, but they have a long way to go to get back to #1. This is the price to pay when you turn your back on followers and potential supporters.

    2. Vasily, taking away a DE choice that people like is not good, I’m glad you like your cinnamon even though a lot of us don’t.

  31. Cinnamon 19.1 bug reports (tested on two different laptops):
    1) If ‘Fcitx’ input method icon is visible in the system tray – then some other icons are invisible, such as the Keyboard icon (I use it also for third language), and sometimes the User icon.
    2) When I want to ‘Shut Down’ the laptop, I usually need to do it twice – the first time it does nothing.

  32. The side bar on 19.1 with the Mint y theme is hard on the eyes the grey on dark grey don’t work well. Is it possible to change the font to make it clearer possible a white font instead of the light grey?

  33. Thanks for 19.1. I treated my laptop (Dell Inspiron 6400) to a new SSD and grabbed the latest & greatest, which is 19.1 MATE (32-bit). But there are 2 problems I can’t yet find workarounds for.
    1. Hibernation doesn’t work! It did before I upgraded. I need it. Badly. It’s a laptop, and it doesn’t get used every day. If I only sleep when I have to move, the battery dies. It’s a basic requirement. Even Windows can hibernate.
    2. No working scroll-bars in Firefox. Tiny skinny things that are so difficult to position the mouse on, no arrows at the end (and the horrible “warp” misfeature that GTK3.0 is wishing on us, but at least I found how to turn that off). Installing clearlooks-phenix used to fix this; it still does for most programs but Firefox is resisting.

    I will continue to try to find workarounds. Am hoping for the best. I want to like this. But I also want to stop fiddling with the computer, and get some work done!

    1. Frank, to produce reasonable scrollbars for Firefox and other GTK3 applications, create ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css and populate it with the following (change values to suit):

      scrollbar {
      -GtkScrollbar-has-backward-stepper: true;
      -GtkScrollbar-has-forward-stepper: true;

      scrollbar slider {
      min-width: 14px;
      min-height: 14px;

      scrollbar button { /* stepper */
      min-width: 20px;
      min-height: 20px;

  34. hello linuxmint would like to know how I can make the auto update to apply when the update manager refreshes and finds updates

    1. Hi Freddy, I do this manually everyday, so that I haven’t been opening the update manager for a long time, not only for Mint but also for other distros I’d like to try. I don’t mean I suggest but just for you asked..

      (Sorry if you already know. Assuming you don’t know, or you might be new to linux)
      Just open a Terminal and :

      sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

      (You don’t have to type or remember each time. Next time you open a terminal, just hit the up arrow and it will appear -in one or a few hits-..)

    2. In fact this is what I do exactly :

      sudo apt-get update -y && sudo apt-get upgrade -y

      ( -y means “yes to all questions in advance”)

      P.S. there’s an option in the update manager’s top menu: Edit=> Preferences=> (the last tab on the right) , but this is much more easier imho…

  35. Emin I’m referring to the automatic mode of the update manager, so if you use the command just press update from the manager

    1. Yes, ok, sorry, but as I mentioned, this way I don’t even open the update manager (disabled from start up) and do it at once; both refresh & upgrade… Maybe the one in “preferences” does the way you like…

  36. In LMDE3 the desktop icons change positions and some end up over the top of other icons after the recent cinnamon updates. This happens after each reboot. The desktop also takes a long time to come up.

  37. Hi Glen, I have been using Linux Mint 18.2 & 18.3 almost 3 years on one of my desk tops & 2 laptops. 1 del inspiration lap top & 1 leonvoT530. Every thing was great until I did a full installation to 19.1. Driver manager in 18.3 recognizes & shows intel-microcode correctly. On all 3 computers I did a clean install. In mint 19.1 driver manager does not recognize graphic GPU. In synaptic package manager I looked at xorg-video x server & everything I see in the menu is telling me ubuntu 16.04 instead of unbuntu 18.04 .xserver-xorg-video-intel source not working. Is that a bug or how do I fix that. Thank you. Fantastic job on mint 19.1. just a minor set back.

  38. Happy new year everybody ! And I’m very, very in love with Linux Mint 19.1 XFCE. It’s the best I’ve ever had on my computer. Dejan.

  39. Linux Mint19.1 and LMDE3 are the best Linux distributions.
    Nemo is the best file manager.
    Many thanks to the whole Linux Mint team for your work.
    Successes, luck, health!
    Can’t install Nemo in Debian 9.
    Google did not help.
    Dear Clem, I ask your help to install Nemo in Debian 9 XFCE.

  40. The command line displays asterisks when I enter my password. Why has this been included and is there any way to disable this function?

    1. Open as root with Xed text editor : /etc/sudoers.d/0pwfeedback
      Change line : Defaults pwfeedback to #Defaults pwfeedback

      Save text editor

  41. This is my first attempt at Linux. I installed it on a old laptop with very little difficulty. I am amazed. So much faster and easier to use than Windows 10. Why did I wait so long to do this ? 🙂

    1. Mark, you will eventually say Windows sucks so much as an OS, the first time Windows sends an update and you have to endure their update system.

  42. First and foremost, I would like to stress that I am a giant fan of Linuxmint and can not imagine any other system that I would be willing to work with. At the same time, I am also absolutely against systemd. So I continue to use 17.3 so far, that is only supported until April 2019. I looked at some other Linux systems, but found no alternative that I would like to work with. The only option for me is to continue to use Mint 17.3 without support. Furthermore, I also tried the live version of Mint 19.
    Of course, I understand the motivation to offer users more options. I’m terribly sorry, just as an example – but even the system & color settings, which were done in 5 minutes earlier, would now probably take 1 hour or more in Mint 19.
    It’s just like in politics, where eternal growth as the only blessed item is advertised. Why change anything that was absolutely perfect, as it was so far – no minimal reason to do so. More so, it hurts to see that this perfection from the Linux world is disappearing.
    This is in no way to be meant offensive. It only reflects how I’m perceiving things as a probably very individual user of free software.

    1. Harry, if you’re interested in continuing to run a non-systemd distro, MX Linux is highly thought of. For security reasons, I would strongly recommend not running Mint 17.3 once support for it has ended.

    2. I am running mint 17.3 on a second machine too, I love 19.1 on my main machine, but my scanner has not worked since 17.3 and I have spent hours and hours making changes following google suggestions to no avail. I agree with Pete that running an out of support OS is not a great idea though, and I will only be using it for scanning purposes in my case

    3. Harry, you are right. Lots of settings/customization are disappearing and requests are ignored. Tooo bad.

  43. Ok, last time i posted in here, my ip was blocked by Mint’s team. I said that time Mint was dropping thing too much. Now i came here to give my thanks for the team referring to the excellent work on 19 and 19.1 versions. I upgrade from 19 to 19.1 , six installations flawless. Voupt and Vapt.. Great work work Sirs and thank you again. I have six different distros installed in my 5 notebooks e 2 Pcs. My favorites are Debian, Mint and Ubuntu. Left behind Manjaro because i was given 3 kernel panic (XFCE – KDE And MATE) . The upgrade 17.1.12 to 18 rc and Kernel Panic. People say Manjaro update firm ware through Grub. Never heard that before. I think it must be the only distro installed on the hard drive. MX 18 is wonderful although i don’t like XFCE desktop much (very poor DE) but have problem to support Brazilian keyboard, libre office and firefox to brazilian language. You install in10 PT_br but the system does not want them. Date and time are problematic even. Installer has a bug to set region and city correctly . I know it should be posted on their forum. Now i ask … How can distros like Manjaro and MX 18 be the first on Distrowatch? Mint and Ubuntu and Debian should be the first ones there. Its my opinion and i respect other ones too. God Keep me away from K.I.S.S/Rolling Releses distros. Best Wishes. I will come back here to see if my post has been added to censorship.

  44. Nemo has a lot of problem when i work in a folder with 900 pictures. If a try to open, replace , cut or erase, Nemo tends to freeze. Everything is slow and to quit Nemo is possible only with force quit.

  45. It looks like, this page is censored! Were I seen that before….hm….oh I know on Microsoft site! “Don’t shy away from criticism, because it’s healthy and it makes you better at what you do.” Right?

  46. One problem I have is that linux mint does not make it possible to donat via normal bank transfer (within europe). I have no credit card, I deny paypal. But I would like to donate because linux mint is my and my familys favourite OS.
    very sad you would receive 200 Euros

  47. @ Pete & Nigel
    I already have MX Linux as a second system on my machine, but I think that in many ways it can not compete with Mint. In terms of security you could 17.3. also be starting from a remastered version on CD, or from a read-only USB stick / read-only hard drive.

    1. The thing is that if you are running an unsupported distro version then you are missing out on all the security updates that a supported version gets.

      So, if you are sure that your system will not be connected to the internet or any another network, and that you will not be inserting unscanned USB sticks into it, then it should be ok (except that you are also missing out on application bug fixes and feature updates).

      Essentially you have two rational choices. Give up this distrust of systemd (which I personally consider misplaced) and stick with a supported version of Mint, or move over to a non-systemd distro. The option of sticking with Mint 17.3 after April is not a rational choice unless you are going to be running your computer as a closed system as I described above.

    2. Well, especially a remastered own Version via start from CD would be a “closed system”. If nothing can be written on a medium of any kind, where would be a threat then? And as for the non-internet applications using
      the system from the hard disk, if everything runs smoothly – what reason would there be to update anything?

    3. @ Pete and Harry

      I will only be using 17.3 on the odd occasion I need to do scanning. My choice is not systemd related directly (I do not know if the change to systemd is what caused my scanner to stop working) and has nothing to do with mistrust, it is an expedient measure to enable me to continue to use the scanner feature on my (admittedly old) printer/scanner. In all other respects I found versions 18.x and 19.x to be much better desktops

  48. Clem, is there some way you could speed up LMDE3 boot up time? It takes two minutes for the desktop to come up. I like using LMDE3 because it seems to work better than Mint 19. I am not ready to try Mint 19.1 until every bug is worked out.

    1. 2 suggestions
      1. Replace the hard drive
      2. Change the size of / /boot
      I don’t know if it helps you.
      I wish you success

  49. Been using mint cinnamon for years. Love 19.1. Today I tried LMDE3 and installed all updates. It’s pretty much indistinguishable from the regular 19.1, but noticeably speedier. If it’s going to be maintained beyond serving as an experiment, I’d probably stick with it just for the pleasure of a speedier computer.

    Here are some things I observed (i3-6100 processor)

    1. To get the convenient search bar in synaptic, you have to do sudo apt-get install apt-xapian-index. It’s been this way for a long time. It would be nice for this feature to come with the installation, as it does in some other distros.

    2. LMDE3 did not auto-configure my network printer on installation as the ‘regular’ cinnamon does. Doesn’t bother me, but I thought you’d like to know.

    3. When LMDE3 installation completed and I responded ‘restart now’ the system hung. When I manually restarted it was fine.

    4. In the updated LMDE3, I had the theme settings window open, then opened synaptic and installed a cursor theme, then closed synaptic. After that, the theme settings window hung, and the system offered to close it.

    5. For both the regular and updated LMDE3 version, using a right-click on the desktop to ‘create a new launcher here’ doesn’t seem to work any more.

    6. In contrast to some other comments, LMDE3 doesn’t take a long time to start up on my machine. Both LMDE3 and the regular cinnamon take about 20 – 25 seconds to start up on my machine — in line with other distros.

    7. It would really be nice to have a simple tool that allows us to change the boot preference in a multi-boot system.. it would make things a little bit nicer when trying out new versions.

    Thanks very much for these latest, very pleasant versions. Best to you for the new year!

  50. To Emin,
    Sir, I try Mint Mate 19.1 and I got it , but here is what happened.
    during my 1st week of used, the task bar was at the lower part of the screen. but when I open my lap top this afternoon. I see the task bar at the upper portion of my laptop like the UBUNTO is there something wrong about this ?

    1. Hi Adolfo, there’s nothing bad about the panel to be at the bottom or upside. I have no idea what caused that, but you can change any time according to your taste. (Maybe you created a new panel at top position and deleted the original bottom one when playing with settings.. or something like that.. I think nothing to worry about.. )

      By the way, could you make your Epson printer work? (P.S. You can also open Synaptic Package Manager – search in the start menu for the word synaptic- and within synaptic search the word Epson.. I saw a few packages there special for Epson, they may be helpful to install if it still doesn’t work.. )

  51. Thank you for making Linux Mint 19.1, it’s very nice.

    Please never remove the ability to change back to the old panel style. One of the reasons I fell in love with Mint in the first place was because it didn’t use the modern system.

  52. After installing apt-xapian-index and rebooting I typed in the search bar in synaptic and it did nothing. I had to use the other search box which worked OK in LMDE3. The slow boot up is not a problem with my computer. Some of the distros such as Slackware booted very quickly on the same computer.

    1. Kocian, actually, the commands I use are

      sudo apt-get install apt-xapian-index
      sudo update-apt-xapian-index -vf

      I don’t remember where I found those, but they do work for me. Sorry I left one out.

  53. Thank for all the dedicated work on this project. I’m using LMDE at home and work and really appreciate how well it works.

  54. I have managed to install 64-bit MATE Mint 9 in a 15360 byte, ext4 partition on a physially tiny 64G USB key that leaves a 450GB ntfs partition free for DATA transport.

    The team haven’t noticed the MicroSoft sabotage that deletes all traces of Linux Mint during Windows ‘update’ iniitialisation which has reduced my PCs to scrap before their theft along with all my data, making sbasic survival and re-creation of thirty years work very difficult.

    1. huh? I’ve got Mint Mate 19.1, Mint Cinnamon 19.1, Fedora 29, MX18, and Windows 10 all updated to the latest and living quite happily together in software bliss. 😉

    2. yes Bruce, the Windows ‘update’ deleting all non MS compatible partitions is old news, years old.
      I don’t know if W10 also consumes other drives, I thing just the drive it is installed on.
      Be safe, Backup your data.
      I physically remove/disconnect the other drives when I use W10… I suggest you do the same.
      For those that don’t know/believe I suggest 10 minutes with Google, it is a long known and rather common problem with W10.
      *not something that any Linux can control… totally off topic for Linux Mint

    3. I have a dual boot windows 7/ Cinnamon 19.1 running happily together, not had any issues with mint being affected by windows updates.

    4. Nigel: it is Only Windows 10 Updates that do this. To my knowledge windows 7 is “safe”
      Please, Google it and become informed

    5. Dear Peter E

      Bruce R did not state he was using windows 10, just windows. For all I knew he was having an issue with windows 7 and Linux, and I thought it might help him to know that others did not have the problem under those circumstances. I will, as you suggest, google it out of curiosity – always good to learn new things. Cheers

    6. Nigel: the behavior he described “deletes all traces of Linux Mint during Windows ‘update’ iniitialisation” fits the W10 situation to a T, so I _assumed_ … my bad

  55. I think it is good to put more eggs in the debian basket. I still run LMDE2, due to issues with a drm site I had to use the FF ver 64 binary to keep streaming and it works fine. I think, they think the esr one is ancient. My other observation about things at ubuntu is currently the driver manager is not nvidia 304 325 friendly in the bionic release. I have been using a 7800gt for years. I was surprised when I did a install upgrade from 16 to 18 and the drivers were not there. If future updates delete those drivers I use in the software updater, then I will not be using the ubuntu variant anymore. At least I still have a couple years as is on the 18.3 install for it to work. If it weren’t for the fact, I have a few ubuntu variants on the same PC. With one as an update test subject then I would be screwed. Yes, trying to install a non deb nvidia proprietary driver is a nightmare.

  56. Thanks for all the great work. I’ve been using LM for years and I switched over to LMDE at home & office with the release of Cindy. Outside of a glitch in installing (something I’ve not experience with LM before) am very pleased with how well they run.

  57. After the last updates today (which were fairly big ones: Firmware etc.. about 80 MB if I’m not wrong).. Regenerated initramfs automatically.. And everything looked normal and the update seemed to finish successfully but… It doesn’t start.. Just after the splash logo (and that tty1 thing) blinking cursor on top left…

    I think I’ll wait for 19.2 ..

    (No, I didn’t take a snapshot with Timeshift, for it was almost newly installed)

    1. Hi Emin, also to me appears, since mint 19, that strange written …. tty with the password request, after the splash, which disappears almost immediately. I can not understand what it is. Of course, it’s unaesthetic. I reported this immediately after installing mint 19, but the problem was not solved. As well as Xplayer that does not fit the size of the video being played. But everything else is ok.

  58. There is a new KDE version of Linux Mint 19.1 (link removed). Is it related to you or it si just a community release? Thank you.

    1. Hi Daniel,

      We no longer have a KDE edition. This isn’t made, tested or uploaded by us. At best it’s a good quality unofficial spin (most likely, but you never know and we certainly can’t guarantee it), at worst you can expose yourself to malicious modifications.

      I removed the link in your comment.

  59. Hi Daniel, although I’m not someone from the Mint Team, I can say it’s something unofficial.. As you know, there’s no KDE release on linuxmint official web page and mirrors, and many times Clem explained why they decided to drop KDE .. (since it’s another system that requires special work, unlike Mate & Xfce, etc..)…

  60. I’m trying to install AIO Samsung ExpressM2070FW printer/scanner. After fresh LM 19.1 Tessa Mate installation Linux notice (small window in right upper corner) told me I need install software for my printer. I opened “Printers” and tried to install from list of available printers. There is NOTHING THERE, but one GENERIC driver. That driver is not working anyway. Doing same procedure in LM 18.3 Sylvia Mate did gave me tons of drivers for plenty of printers. What is wrong with LM 19.1 Tessa? Somebody forgot something? BTW on LM 18.3 I installed Unified driver uld_V1.00.39_01.17 for this Samsung printer and everything is working OK. NOT ON TESSA! Printer is printing, but scanner (ANY) is telling me that I need to install software. Do anyone have same problem?

  61. Hello everyone, I’m use Linux Mint 19.1, After installation and make the last update, I can’t create new laucher in Desktop and GRUB do not apper when starts…

    I’m thought was my HD , but i’m make a new installation clean, I’m not installing nothing any program, and after the update, the system broke again.

    Don’t create a new laucher in Desktop.
    Grub not apper in start.

    I’m make a new installation of GRUB but the same bug.

    What happen???

    I love this Linux.

    1. If Mint is the only OS on your drive (you’re not multi-booting with in other words) then the Grub menu will not appear during boot. If you need the Grub menu to appear during boot then hold down the “Shift” key during the initial start up and the Grub menu will appear.

      As far as creating a launcher on the desktop, that ability was removed some time ago but not by Mint. The decision was made upstream from Mint. At this point I’m not sure if there’s a work-around for this or not. Some research might help.

  62. Guys happy new year…..please i have just noticed new issue with my lap….when ever i try copying files like 1GB,3gb 500mb…the handle seems to work perfectly but when it gets to 99% of completion it waits till i close never shows 100% and end the copying… doesnt happen when i started using mint from 1-to 3 weeks of fresh installation……….i have used mint 17,18.1,2,3 and 19.,1 its was doing same there too…pls @clem kindly have a deep look at this…please

  63. I was unable to install 19.1 on my Fujitsu Siemens esprimo P5925 with a Nvidia Geforce 9500 GT graphics card.
    The system boots well from the LiveCD (with nomodeset as boot option). Though graphics are lousy it was good enough to click the install LM icon. All seemed to go well until it had to fire up the desktop: black screen. To install the nvidia drivers (nouveau obviously having problems with the card) I booted in single user mode until the command prompt but was unable to get the internet to work because of lacking dns information. Setting up the interface with the dns servers hardcoded or via the dhcpclient was not functioning. Decided to install LM 18.3 which worked like a charm using the procedure just described. Very good system and much faster than W7 and W10 sitting on the same hw.

  64. Hello,
    I’ve already put a comment above but failed to notice it got an answer. Originally I wrote it would be nice to have darker background for pdf text in xreader (’cause there are surely guys with eye problems). Then one of the kind minters responded I might use ‘inverted colors’ option if I don’t tolerate white background color. Right, I might, but reading longer white text on very dark backround is unpleasant too. Dark text on less dark backround would be preferable.
    I’d like to suggest another improvement in xreader if possible: improved features for epub files like zooming, changing font size or type. I know other apps such as Calibre do the job, but it would just be nice if xreader could do the tricks as well.
    Finally, I want to report an issue with folder icons in Nemo. If I change their colour, they instantly get blurred. Restoring the original green colour doesn’t fix the issue.

  65. Just a quick note to Clem and team. I installed 19 and upgraded to 19.1 Cinnamon for my wife and she said to tell you her HP Deskjet printer is working AWESOME! It was intermittent before with 18.3 and now it resounds first time every time. So thanks go out from her. 😉

  66. I think what I am most happy with is how Mint successfully downloads the right driver for the old Radeon RX460 during install. Every other distro drops the ball on this and I have to try to install it later and it still gives me problems. What I most appreciate is the care taken and reliability of the install process so far. Everything else just works the way it is supposed to for me afterwards, even on my nearly 12 year old machine.
    HP Slimline s3420f, 4GB RAM, 275GB Crucial Solid State Drive, AMD Athlon 64 x2 5400+. Far from nice by today’s standards, but Mint gets it done for me and I enjoy using it. I have so much so that I am taking classes and learning as much as I can to contribute instead of just use it and complain many seem to do. I’ll probably never contribute in a meaningful way, but its a new year and new goals.

  67. I downloaded and Installed Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa Cinnamon and put the ISo on a USB Thumb Drive, put the USB Thumb Drive in my computer and installed the ISO. It runs rock solid on my ASUS P8P67 Pro MB with 32 GB Ram and Intel I7 Skylake CPU
    I love this OS, I was until a couple days after this past Christmas, running Linux Mint and Windows 7 Pro on separate Hard Drives, but the Windows sent an update which bricked my registered copy of Windows, so I Formatted The Windows Hard Drive, shredded my Windows install Disk and said good riddance to Windows forever.
    I so think Computer manufacturers should be able to ship a computer with no OS installed and let the Buyer install the OS they want, because if I was to Buy another computer, the first time it turned on, there would be a USB Thumb Drive in it, that would have the Linux Mint 19.1, Tessa Cinnamon OS mounted on it and I would go right to BIOS and set to read the USB and during the install set it to wipe the disk and Install Linux Mint.

  68. Two suggestions for Linux Mint Cinnamon in future:

    1. Find a way to optionally install Picasa (this was possible in Mint 17). I know Google no longer supports Picasa and it is not a native Linux program. Nevertheless some of us still think it is the easiest photo editing program to use.

    2. Give users the option of choosing what programs (other than absolutely essential ones) they want to install during a clean installation from a DVD. Admittedly one can delete unwanted programs, but this is a nuisance. The move to SSDs means that storage space is again a scarce resource, especially in laptops. Some cheaper laptops have SSDs of only 128 GB. As I said in a previous post, Mint must not evolve into a Windows-style bloated mess.

    1. Agree, especially with the 2nd one.. And as another user commented in previous blogs: many languages and fonts that you won’t ever use (this is not specific to Mint).. the first thing after the new installation is to install Bleachbit and remove others but English (only one of them, UK or US) and the native language.. Hundreds of MB saved.. And if you open Disk usage analyzer and manually remove unnecessary fonts.. Totally 1GB is saved.. Yes, this way there’s risk for the daily user to spoil everything, doing wrong things..

      So, just as a rough idea (just brain storming 🙂 ) : I wish there was a step during installation as:

      * Would you like to choose what languages and font types to be installed? Yes / No (go on and install all)

      If Yes => (Alist below, Languages, then font types (grouped)
      Languages : Your L. & English (only one of them; either UK or US) are checked by default (but able to be unchecked or added others…)

      Font Types: Latin is (or Latin & your alphabet detected by your local settings etc.. Greek / Cryllic / Indian / Far-East / Arabic and Arami etc ) checked by default (and able to check/uncheck including the default ones..)

      Similar for software in next step:

      *”Would you like to not install any of these programs?”
      A list like the Main Menu : Internet, Graphics, Sound, Office etc.. and under them, the ones to be installed are listed with checkboxes checked by default and you can untick any you like.. )

      Yes, this requires special work and a special (derived) installer.. But wouldn’t it make Mint different, special and better as always and once more?
      P.S. I tried Iridium browser (sadly available only for 64 bit for Linux) but it is really lighter and faster among all, not only for Ram but for Cpu as well.. So I wish it takes place in repositories – though you can do it manually, but Mint is the most ootb distro .. Furthermore, in case it is accepted by the Team, it can even be the default one..) .. And additionally, it would be nice to include “Charmap” by default.. as newcomers can find it ready in case of need urgently.. (just 26 MB or so when installed).. Yes, I know it’s annoying to say “include this in the iso, include that in the iso.. and it shouldn’t turn into a “lorry” or a “heavy vehicle” 🙂

      Just “rough” ideas and humble suggestions, excuse my ignorance, thanks and salute to all Mint Team 🙂

  69. Bruce R
    Thank you everyone for your Comments that I am still going through, having barely installed Mint 9.1 Bruces Way on a 64 GB USBkey.
    The situation is complicated by the completetheft of my hardware, software and data that even includes my Hornsea china, my Viterbi’s textbook of Principals of Coherent Communication, my EMail and all purchase receipts, only overlooking this Ubuntu-vintage IBM Thinkpad so I am now. I am Completely ignoring Windows in re-building Mint 9.1.
    Another step forward was a called out engineer discovering a now unconnected CPR Callblocker, with Handbrake now working well but I have a really long way to go.

  70. hi, i got problem with keyboard layouts(mint xfce), doesnt work in my native romanian language, there is 5 letters ă, î, ş, ţ, â – which make the difference between Romanian and English.
    ex. [ – ă should be,
    ] – should be î.
    ; – ş
    ‘ – ţ

  71. I’m not a programmer and don’t have the time or resources to start learning. The best I can do is make suggestions and promote new ideas for improving Linux Mint. Would it be possible to either create an add-on for Linux Mint (Cinnamon/Mate/XFCE) to dynamically blur the desktop wallpaper either as an automated action (such as switching to a specific application’s window) or to toggle via a keystroke? It would also be nice to set different blur levels for 1) the background windows, the desktop, and the foreground window if a dialog box (requiring user input) pops up. I do what I can to minimize the strain on my eyes as well as to extend the life of my LCD monitor… but I would greatly appreciate a feature or set of features like this if it is at all possible. I am all to familiar with being aware of the age of the hardware some users might install Mint on. Personally, my machine is over 10 years old, but I think it can handle some blurred interface elements as it was able to run Windows Vista/7’s Aero-glass interface at 1440×900 without hiccups.

  72. Happy New Year! I’m a big fan of LMDE 3. I’m still getting used to Cinnamon instead of MATE though. I’d like Cinnamon better if I could turn off window transparency. The Discrete-Flat theme helps some. It’s so much easier to configure my desktop environment with MATE instead of Cinnamon. Any chance of LMDE 3 MATE in the next release?

  73. I updated from 19 to 19.1, I see that the new taskbar the modern layout is not available. Is this normal when Updating from 19 ??

    Thanks Dennis

    1. Hi Dennis, if you haven’t tried : just (search in he Menu and) open the Welcome screen …

      ( ” New panel layout : As you go through the “First Steps” section of the Linux Mint 19.1 welcome screen, you’ll be asked to choose your favorite desktop layout: Desktop Settings : Cinnamon 4.0 ships with a brand new panel layout and thus with a new workflow. With a click of a button you’ll be able to switch back and forth between old and new and choose whichever default look pleases you the most.” )
      Though I tried only fresh install, I just guess it may not automatically turn into modern layout when upgraded and go on as traditional layout until the user changes… like in your case…

  74. I don’t give money but have been keeping the torrents active….
    For the last few days I’ve had a Code 502 Bad Gateway one both the 19V2 & 19.1 torrents….
    Not sure if thats your end or mine…

    1. Hi John,

      Sorry for the inconvenience. It was on our side. Our entire host has been down for a few days now, we moved the server elsewhere yesterday and the torrents are up again.

  75. Customization, customozation…LM Sonya was excellent for customization! From that point less and less customization is possible. Check LM forum and here…. Please do something. Even color customization in TERMINAL stop working!

  76. Bonjour. Bravo pour Linux Mint.

    Ma proposition, en plus de l’agencement du bureau classique et moderne, ajouter un troisième agencement “Alternate”. Avec comme style Gnome, Budgie, Elementary.

  77. Lightning localization solution to:
    1. Update Thunderbird to version 60.4.0 using Linux Mint’s Update Manager
    2. Open Thunderbird “Add-ons Manager” (Menu Bar → Tools → Add-ons)
    3. On the left sidebar, click “Extensions”
    4. In the top right, in “Search on”, type “Lightning”
    5. Click “+ Add to Thunderbird”
    6. When the “Software Installation” dialog box appears, click “Install Now”

    Clem, can this Lightning add-on (i.e. from (ATN)) be automatically added to the Linux Mint installation in lieu of your Terminal instructions:
    apt install xul-ext-lightning

    Thank you

  78. I’ve been using LMDE3, with updates, exclusively for the last several weeks. What a delightful system!

    I’m curious about the pros and cons of the Debian base vs the Ubuntu base, from the developers’ perspective. Is there anything the team would care to share with us about this?


    1. Hi Minter,

      It’s a large topic, what aspects in particular would you like to compare? Please be aware also that we wear different hats here… as upstream developers (Xapps, Cinnamon, etc..) we’ve sometimes criticized Debian for its lack of maintenance, as a downstream derivative we also have an opinion but it isn’t really our place to criticize when we need to be grateful (Ubuntu and Mint are literally building on the shoulders of a giant), and last but not least.. as a competitor we can’t allow ourselves to criticize other projects, it’s not our role and it’s not ethical. We can compare technical aspects of Debian and Ubuntu if you want and if you tell us which in particular and we can do so objectively… turning this into pros and cons though, that’s the start of a subjective “which is best” topic, and we’re the wrong people to ask.

    2. Clem:
      I have always admired your stance on bashing other projects.
      That is Admirable, and I aspire to be as good as you.
      …You should not see yourself as a “competitor” but rather as a Partner with both.

      Minter asked for you to expound on:
      “pros and cons of the Debian base vs the Ubuntu base, from the developers’ perspective”…
      so You would be the only person/group that could answer that question

      my best, Peter

    3. Hi Clem, thanks for your kind reply.

      My question was probably more specific than it needed to be. I’m mainly curious about the survival and quality prospects for LMDE. Even that is not a terribly important question for me as a Mint user. I’ll stay with LMDE3. If it goes away at some point, I’ll switch back to the standard version. I’m quite happy with both, but enjoy the bit of extra speed with LMDE3. It’s subtle, but noticeable and appreciated.

      If you feel like *briefly* addressing comparative effort to produce and maintain the two versions — with the level of features and quality you require — that would be an interesting thing to know — but not really essential for us users.

      I suppose that issues beyond simply schedule and amount of effort might drive your decisions, and that discussing those might not be appropriate. So whatever you feel like sharing with us about LMDE3’s prospects would be appreciated.

      Thanks very much.

    4. I’d be tempted to say it’s easier to build on top of Debian (it’s a simpler base, with less tweaks, less distro-glue, less specificities, and it’s much more vanilla.. it’s not a product distribution) but it’s harder to reach top quality or to commit to the same amount of features and polish. Most of the time it’s a breeze, but now and then you miss something that’s in Ubuntu (either it’s broken in Debian or it doesn’t exist at all) or you need a change/fix and you don’t always find the same level of pragmatism that you find in Ubuntu. And I don’t mean this as a criticism, it’s also a strength for Debian to rely on strict policies and delegation rather than on hierarchy, I don’t think it would work otherwise.. it’s such a huge project, and if it wasn’t for Debian, well, there’d be no Mint and no Ubuntu.

  79. I have up to date linux mint 19.1 cinnamon, it is great, I like it…
    but…in case I have two nemo’s open, both with multiple tabs, and I am deleting a directory in one nemo, that is open in another nemo, that another nemo crashes with all the tabs. Maybe someone could fix that? Personally I would prefer if that single tab would go up a level in a directory that still exists. Could that be done? Thank you for all the efford. Andrej

    1. I don’t know from where are coming from! Thing is that is freezing the panel, menu and in the end the entire system. Could be something like SAADULLAH described in his posting. Could be in connection with Ff. It is hard to say.

    2. The file /var/crash/_usr_sbin_lightdm.0.crash could not be read.
      Please fix its permissions

      Traceback (most recent call last):
      File “/usr/lib/linuxmint/mintinstall/installer/”, line 526, in _task_finished
      del self.tasks[task.pkginfo.pkg_hash]
      KeyError: ‘apt:mediathekview’



      Maybe will help this informations!

  80. Верните пожалуйста Mint Display Manager (MDM)
    Please return Mint Display Manager (MDM)

    1. Hi Alex,

      You can try to compile MDM from (using mint-dev-tool’s mint-build: “mint-build -g mdm”) and we still accept pull requests for it. We’ll also support any takeover of its maintenance by a 3rd party team and facilitate the transition. In the scope of Linux Mint though, MDM did its job and helped us for many years, but we’re now using Slick/LightDM going forward.

  81. Thanks to LM team for their help. Happy to use Linux.

    BUG in Start Menu (XFCE as well as Mate 64bit version of LM19.1 and probably LM19 too), that makes it unresponsive at sides and corners.
    You can reproduce this bug easily.
    Assuming you’re using bottom Panel, here is what happens
    * The extreme corner and sides(at some specific points) of Start Menu do not respond to clicks
    * The menu icon glows when mouse hovers above those Unresponsive points, but clicks do not work.
    *increase the panel size for easy detection
    *i personally verified xfce LM19 only, Mate and 19.1 taken from Swagger’s comment in Xfce release blogpost.


  82. Bonjour,
    J’ai remarqué que sous LM19.1 les permissions accordées à la création d’un répertoire ou d’un fichier sont différentes selon que ces fichiers ou répertoires soient créés via la console ou via l’explorateur Nemo. La différence est qu’il manque la permission en écriture pour le groupe pour un répertoire ou fichier créé en mode console (terminal). Sous LM18 les permissions sont identiques que le fichier soit créé via terminal ou Nemo…..
    Est ce voulu, ou est ce un bug ??? Je précise que mes essais sous fait sous mon “user” suite à une installation de base sans modif. J’ai testé avec une clef live LM18.3 et LM19.1…. Même constat. Merci à vous

  83. Having been a Mint MATE user for years, this time installed Cinnamon on my old laptop — very pleasant experience so far. Except that “Create a new launcher here” context menu no-op bug, but there’s a patch for it on the Net so it all works well now.

    I have a question in regards to those launchers. I want to make a desktop launcher for an app (Micron Storage Executive Client for Crucial SSDs) . The app wants root privileges to run. Before I’d use gksu to input my password. But gksu has been axed in Mint 19. Of course I can run the damn app from terminal “sudo -i” , but it is rather unelegant, I’d like to do it from the desktop launcher. And I can’t think of a way to do it.
    Would somebody help me please.

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