How to upgrade to Linux Mint 19.1

It is now possible to upgrade Linux Mint 19 to version 19.1.

If you’ve been waiting for this we’d like to thank you for your patience.

1. Create a system snapshot

You can use Timeshift to make a system snapshot before the upgrade.

If anything goes wrong, you can easily restore your operating system to its previous state.

Launch Timeshift from the application menu, follow the instructions on the screen to configure it and create a system snapshot.

2. Prepare for the upgrade

  • Disable your screensaver
  • If you installed Cinnamon spices (applets, desklets, extensions, themes), upgrade them from the System Settings

3. Upgrade the operating system

Upgrading to Linux Mint 19.1 is relatively easy.

In the Update Manager, click on the Refresh button to check for any new version of mintupdate and mint-upgrade-info. If there are updates for these packages, apply them.

Launch the System Upgrade by clicking on “Edit->Upgrade to Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa”.

Follow the instructions on the screen.

If asked whether to keep or replace configuration files, choose to replace them.

4. Add/remove packages (optional)

P7zip-full (which provides the ability to create password-encrypted archives) and xul-ext-lightning (Calendar support in Thunderbird) were added to Linux Mint 19.1. To install these packages, open a terminal and type:

apt install p7zip-full xul-ext-lightning

If you are running the Cinnamon edition, you can also remove the XScreensaver hacks. These are no longer supported by the Cinnamon screensaver. To remove them, open a terminal and type:

apt remove --purge xscreensaver-data xscreensaver-data-extra xscreensaver-gl xscreensaver-gl-extra cinnamon-screensaver-webkit-plugin cinnamon-screensaver-x-plugin

5. Reboot the computer

Once the upgrade is finished, reboot your computer.

Commonly asked questions

  • If the upgrade is not available to you, check that you have the latest versions of mintupdate and mint-upgrade-info installed and restart the Update Manager. If the latest versions are not yet available in your mirrors, switch to the default repositories.
  • This happens rarely, but if you ever got locked and were unable to log back in, switch to console with CTRL+ALT+F1, log in, and type “killall cinnamon-screensaver” (or “killall mate-screensaver” in MATE). Use CTRL+ALT+F7 or CTRL+ALT+F8 to get back to your session.


  1. Love my cinnamon desktop! 5 minutes to upgrade – thank you! […] M$!

    And merry christmas to the whole cinnamon team!

  2. Thank you for the new release. I looked forward for this because it should repair v-sync issues, but it is the same as in LM 19. I don’t know is it just my system or may be more peolple has the same?

    1. It’s probably because the upgrade to 19.1 does indeed upgrade all of Mint’s side of things but leaves your desktop looking like it did in Version 19 (a wise thing if you ask me).If you were using Mint-Y icons in 19 you wouldn’t see any change at all after reboot.

      So in order to change to the new “Modern” look, open the “Welcome Screen” app via the menu, Select “First Steps” from the left hand pane then scroll down to the “Desktop Layout” section in the right-hand pane and select the “Modern” look. Wait a few seconds and Cinnamon will restart. Once the “Modern” look is activated you might have to re-add some of your apps to the left-hand side of the panel panel.

      For myself, I had to re-add Thunderbird to the left-hand side of my panel since it disappeared when I chose the “Modern” look after the upgrade.

      Hope this helps.

  3. In 19.1 I still see programms not grouped, just as the same in LM 19 and before. It is not an issue for me because I prefer this way but just telling something is not right with the upgrade.

    1. Hi Peter,

      If you modified your list of enabled applets, the upgrade won’t overwrite it. In this case you’ll stay with panel launchers and the window list. You can of course switch to the grouped window list or even apply the modern layout from the welcome screen, but you don’t have to.

    1. I can replicate this in Mint 19.1 XFCE. Videos in xplayer appear in pink. However, in VLC they play normally.

    2. Sorry, regarding the pink video, I should have mentioned that I’m running AMD cpu and gpu. Also, thank you so much for the new release and the upgrade path, Clem and the whole Linux Mint team! Aside from this minor thing the whole distro looks and feels great 🙂

    3. Thanks, Stefan B. I also have an AMD GPU, and this solved it for me too:
      apt remove –purge gstreamer1.0-vaapi
      Anyone who’s trying to copy/paste, note that there must be two minus signs “–” before purge. In the earlier post it had converted to a dash, which definitely does not work. 🙂

    4. I’m seeing pink with xplayer but VLC is ok.

      Purging gstreamer1.0-vaapi will also remove mint-meta-codecs, isn’t this needed by xplayer for video playback?

    5. Thank You Stefan B 🙂 This worked for me too.
      apt remove –purge gstreamer1.0-vaapi
      solved it for me

    6. Just a note to everyone that instead of using the longer “apt remove –purge”, you can just use “apt purge”.

      So: apt purge gstreamer1.0-vaapi

  4. Thanks – upgrading now. I did have to change my mirrors from the UK Mirror Service to the default options for the upgrade option to appear.

  5. The upgrade was fast. Everything is looking good.
    At the first reboot, the nVidia card (GT710) was not found, and Driver Manager would freeze up. Rebooted again and all is well. Thanks to all devs. You made the upgrade easy.

  6. Thanks a lot and happy holidays to you and the whole team!

    Just a short off-topic question:
    I always wond, what information is providet in the Roadmap README section?
    New is clear, fixed is clear etc., but README is always a mixture of what exactly?
    Thanks in advance.

  7. Awesome! Very easy upgrade.

    I received a message from cinnamon telling me to check looking glass because something went wrong.

    How about putting a button into that message that opens looking glass?

    It was due a incompatible extension that was enabled, just disabled it and it went fine, can’t the upgrade app check that?

    Also the mintwelcome didn’t opened, maybe because of that error message.

    I know how to fix those minor things, but “normal” users would be confused.

    Thanks for this release its awesome!

    1. Der WU, if you’ve not already done so, you might want to consider trying switching your respositories to the defaults. Worked for me after switching from the mirrors here in Sweden ; after installation of the upgrade and rebooting, I’ve nor switched back to the local mirrors, which are much faster….


  8. Only issue I encountered so far is with QT apps, such as the VirtualBox interface: on my 4K screen fonts are really tiny, while in LM19 were okay. I tried to force a different DPI value with qt5ct but does not work.
    Got better results by exporting QT_SCALE_FACTOR=”2″ (or more such as 2.5) but it works only if I run VirtualBox from commandline, not from menu/alt+F2/panel icon

  9. Comme souvent, je me suis dit que j’allais attendre une quinzaine de jours. Mais non, j’ai pas pu attendre et moins de dix minutes, la mise à jour était installée sans problème.

    Beau travail comme toujours.

    1. Petit bémol (où j’ai pas trouvé comment faire, mais le problème existe aussi sur Manjaro), Lightning est en anglais. Obligé de continuer à passer par une version bêta pour avoir le français.

  10. Very nice guys, upgrade was smooth and it only took 10 min to complete.
    I have one problem tho. No modern panel settings. Am i missing something?

    1. Hi,

      Right click the panel -> Add applets to Panel. You can then replace panel-launchers/window-list with grouped-window-list. Alternatively, launch the Welcome Screen, scroll down to the layout selection and choose the modern one.

  11. Upgrade took just couple of minutes and went very well! Thanks so much to the entire Mint team for the hard work. The modern design of the panel is very useful and much appreciated! Just love it already!
    Again, an awesome release!

  12. Many thanks to you and the team for this update, Clem – and not least for the hint that if installation fails, try installing from the default repositories ! When it was announced yesterday that the standard versions of 19.1 had been released, I refreshed the Update Manager and was then informed under the Edit button that the upgrade was available, but despite repeated attempts to install it, I consistently received an error message, with the suggestion that I check my internet connexion (which, of course, was working fine). Today, opon heed the suggestion to use the default repositories, I was able to install a new mint-upgrade-info and after clicking my way thorugh the upgrade process, I was, mirabile dictu, informed that the installation of 19.1, which took only a couple of minutes, was successful, which I could confirm on rebooting the machine. So far I’ve found it to be every bit as good – fast and smooth – as I had hoped it would be ; my only suggestion is that at the next update, the option to make the mouse pointer contrast with the background, which I’ve suggested earlier, is made available….

    Once again, congratulations to the team and many, many thanks for this superb update !…


    1. Henri, do you perhaps have the Romeo repository enabled (see Software Sources->Official Repositories)?

  13. Yesss!!! At last! Finally in the new Cinnamon Firefox with switched-off titlebar does not have a little 1px space between top of the tab and top of the screen. It was so annoying.

    1. We are not all that lucky: Besides the little 1px space on top another 1px space is visible on the left. It seems Mozilla related though since I only see the same thing happening in Thunderbird. All other programs do not display this behavior.
      To the Mint Team: Many thanks for all the hard work. The upgrade here was painless, smooth and it only took 5 minutes.

    1. Thanks a lots for your answer. I am a newbie in Linux. At previous version and another Ubuntu based distro, apt command without sudo can not be executed and warning message will be displayed. Comparing with Ubuntu, I found apt command in Linux Mint is more advanced.

  14. great work linuxmint the acceleration of the system is notorious compared to the previous version every program opens very fast excellent now prove it with the resources they use for the games I hope a great improvement because you are already noticing

  15. In the what’s new section Mint-Y-Darker themes are mentioned. I updated my Linux Mint through the 18th versions and now tho the 19.1 but I can’t found the Mint-Y-Darker theme. Do you have an idea why? Thx

  16. This morning I have successfully upgraded from Linux Mint to 19.1 and all worked really fine! Excellent job as usual!

  17. Yesterday I made the update to 19.1.
    Very easy, without errors, as usual..
    I work with severous distributions, and I thnk that “Linux Mint” and “OpenSuse” are “Top of Mind’, but “Linux Mint” looks more easy to Windows users.
    Congratulations for all, you really make a excelent work !!

  18. For anyone getting a bunch of window flickering after the upgrade who is using the proprietary NVIDIA driver, try turning “allow flipping” off in the openGL settings in the NVIDIA settings panel.

    1. I found, at least on my system, that right-clicking the taskbar, choosing Troubleshoot, then Restart Cinnamon will take care of it, even with ‘allow flipping’ on. Smooth as silk after that. Have to do it each time I reboot, but it’s a pretty workable band-aid for now.

  19. Cinnamon Edition upgrade went pretty smooth, maybe 15min on my slow dsl connection.
    One question thought, the disable v-sync in system settings that is mentioned, where is it?? I must be over looking it.

    1. I see “Enable VBlank (Requires Cinnamon restart)” and “Disable composition for full-screen windows” under Compositor Options. Are those it?
      Sorry for silly question, but not not sure if those are it.
      With both on, and both off and a restart, i still get some of the “rubber band while dragging” effect. I do have Nvidea card installed and on the 390 driver.

  20. Sadly the upgrade killed my system.
    ThinkPad T460P with Nvidia Graphic Card and Nvidia Drivers

    Upgraded to 19.1.
    Was fast and fine.
    Did the optional step to install and purge stuff.

    Restarted my laptop.
    Everything was fast but slowed down until I couldn’t start any programm anymore.
    Restarted laptop again. Bootloop in bootanimation.
    Restarted in recovery mode -> half of my system got deleted including a glibc.

    I download the iso 19.1 image and try to reinstall the root partition.
    I hope no stuff from my homepartition got deleted.

    1. Wow, that’s unexpected. Can you reproduce and run mint-release-upgrade from terminal next time? I don’t see why it would remove anything, and if it wanted to, it would ask you first.

      In any case, that’s exactly why we do system snapshots. You can boot the live USB stick and launch Timeshift and recover from the snapshot you made just before the upgrade. That will recover your system and troubleshoot the issue.

    2. Dear Clem, Thank you for the fast reply.

      I reinstalled the / root partition with the 19.1 ISO and now everything is fine.

      I could believe that my application source server hasn’t every 19.1 package mirrored and that the upgrade assistant force installed the upgrade.

      But I also executed the optional purge step BEFORE I upgraded the system with the assistant.

      I will now reinstall the snapshot I luckily made before and try to execute the update again, but in the right order. 🙂

    3. Happy News !

      Restored the Snapshot.
      Switched to standard repository sources by clicking on the “reset to standard” button.
      Executed the upgrade assistant.
      Restarted my laptop.
      Executed Step 4 to apt install and apt purge stuff.
      Restarted my laptop.
      Restarted it again.
      And it still works.

      cinnamon consuming up to 35% on one core on my i7-6700HQ in spikes.
      But the system feels faster now.

      Before the upgrade it consumed my CPU on every of my 8 threads.

      I am happy. 🙂

  21. Upgrade didn’t work on my computer. After the upgrade, graphics would flicker. A Timeshift-Backup from the fresh installation was useless, as my computer could not boot into Mint anymore. I had to use a live System from DVD to restore an older Timeshift backup.

    1. Launching Timeshift from the live DVD should detect all your timeshift snapshots, including the one you made prior to upgrade.

      Regarding the flicker, were there any custom settings in NVIDIA settings or xorg.conf?

    2. I don’t know. How would I find out if there were custom settings?

      More important: why is it not possible to restore an old backup from a running 19.1 system? Why do I need to have a live system?

    3. I have weird graphics after upgrade too. Timeshift save my laptop !
      I have Intel Corporation HD Graphics 520 for graphic card. Maybe I will wait slightly more for the upgrade :D.

    4. Yes I successfully restore from 19.1 to 19 using timeshift. I saw I had a long time ago a option in the environment file to fix tearing. I try to remove it and make the upgrade to see if it works.

    5. Everything works fine by removing the (useless option ?) “CLUTTER_PAINT=disable-clipped-redraws:disable-culling” in the /etc/environment file and after the upgrade.
      Super work linux mint team !

  22. Found a little problem here. My starter don’t work. Hmm?

    [Desktop Entry]
    Exec=ssh root@

  23. If I have still tearing issues with Nvidia 1050Ti card what can I do about it? Is there a System setting what I can change to reduce it?

  24. Hello Clem!
    In my “Update Manager”, with all updates up to date, “Upgrade to Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa” does not appear (to Edit), using local servers for main and secondary (bionic) (from Romania).
    Please see what happens to alternative servers not having received all the updates (the correct version for mintupdate – v. 5.4.7) that to can switch to Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon.
    Mintupdate v. 5.4.7 appears only on Linux Mint server from USA.

    1. Switch to the main servers ( and from Software Sources, refresh the Update Manager, and install the updates shown (there should be 2). Now, you should see the upgrade option.

  25. Update was fast and without problems.
    Quite pleased overall with your newest Christmas gift! So a big Thank you and free hugs for everyone on the Team!

    Small suggestion for improved out of the box design: Y-Themes text is to brightly coloured in the panel as of 19.1 – see here

  26. Wondering if anyone can help me out here. It used to be that if you clicked on a binary file and nemo didn’t know what to do with it, it’d ask you if you wanted to run it as an executable. I have some programs that I’ve written and have been using by launching them from the desktop / nemo. This option is now gone. Any way we can get it back? Launching every time from the terminal would be obnoxious.

  27. All’s well here on the upgrade. My machine is admittedly an old Intel Core 2 Quad machine with 8 GBs DDR2 memory with an old Nvidia GT430 “media” card w/ 1 GB DDR3 (yeah, I’m still using the old rig) but it’s still nice and fast and even faster no with 19.1/Cinnamon 4.0 on it. The only quirk I found was that the Thunderbird icon that I always add to the left-hand end of the panel was removed when I shifted over to the “Modern” look. No big deal as I just added it back after the shift.

    Nemo seems to be much faster than in 19/Cinnamon and I had no problems with my video card at all. Very well done!

    Merry Christmas to you and your team.

  28. dropbox creates a stop, because it has a input only shown in console:

    Setting up cjs (4.0.0+tessa) …
    Setting up nemo (4.0.6+tessa) …
    Setting up folder-color-switcher (1.2.6) …
    Setting up nemo-dropbox (4.0.0+tessa) …

    Dropbox is the easiest way to share and store your files online. Want to learn more? Head to

    In order to use Dropbox, you must download the proprietary daemon. [y/n] y
    Downloading Dropbox… 100%

  29. Thank you for the upgrade path (worked perfectly for me)
    One big wish for the future Cinnamon:
    Please replace the old and ugly menu. It looks bad, you can’t resize it and it can take you all monitor if you add several favorite apps to it…
    Anyway, thanks again for your wonderful work!

  30. Amazingly simple update – especially for older generation duffer like me! Added the lightning extension to Thunderbird, too, at the same time which was brilliant. Thank you SO much, Clem, and your whole team.
    Happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year to you all,
    Nic ( Mint user for many years now) ** N.B. new email

  31. Fast upgrade, but the list of screensavers in the Screensaver System Setting is missing…why is that? Any way to restore it? I also had the “really slick” screensavers installed in 19.0 and they still show as installed, but still no list of screensavers to choose from.

    1. Hi Alan

      On 5th December in the November Monthly News Clem wrote

      Support for Xscreensaver hacks and Webkit themes was removed in 4.0. It wasn’t stable enough, and more and more niche cases couldn’t be fixed properly. For an application such as the screensaver, which needs to be secure and reliable it was becoming an issue. The rationale is explained a little better by Michael at

    2. I’ve been using Linux Mint for a few years now, NEVER had any problems with instability of screensavers. I got around this by adding xscreensaver-gl, disabling the Cinnamon “screensaver”, and adding a startup command for the xscreensaver daemon. Works fine, other than the screen lock now just shows the dimmed screen until the timer kicks in.

  32. Thanks for the quick upgrade, much appreciated and happy christmas to you all.

    Noticed that the system freezes whenever I try to open an image in gimp. If I select the image first then select ‘open in gimp’ it is okay. But just double clicking as I normally do causes lockup.

    1. Same behavior for me.
      If you use the Open command in Gimp, the image is nevertheless loaded after a Ctrl-Alt-Escape

    2. I have this issue also, the desktop will freeze after attempting to open the image, the fix so far is to ‘ctrl alt esc’
      and then a few seconds later after a display dropout the image will load, not sure if this is nvidia driver related

  33. Unfortunately most unpleasent experience for mr to upgrade 19.1 from 19 on cinnamon.
    modern look. one click back and forth reset all my panel settings, shortcuts, applets and etc.
    Timeshift couldn’t rescue my previous setup.
    I arranged all my panels again. Not a big dealat the end. Just time consuming. There are some applets not wirking with the new cinnamon edition. Undestandable. I choose to use classic view at the end.
    But the struggle starts after that.
    Desktop works very lagy. Cinnamon is not responsive and I have the slowest computer now after years.
    Unexpected for this great team of Linux Mint.

    1. Dear Cevad,
      Go to settings/general and disable VBlank.
      Everything should be fine afterwards.

  34. hello no problem with upgrade process from 19 to 19.1 (cinnamon).
    The only problem i have is a total system freeze using thunderbird (60.2.1 64bits), only when sending an email (each time).
    Used “apt install p7zip-full va-driver-all xul-ext-lightning” cause using calendar.
    Where to check ??

    Is there a bug report site ??

    thank’s for this great OS.

  35. Hello,
    still on with Linux Mint 19 and still upgrade to 19.1 upgrade process seen in the update manager.
    Am I missing something? Thanks in advance.

  36. Very bad instructions!!!
    It try to change my favourite Mate to unvolved cinnamon! I have immediatly stop it, then just change tara to tessa in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/official-package-repositories.list, then upt-get-update && apt-get dist-upgrade in root terminal.

    1. It worked fine for me in upgrading my system from 19->19.1 MATE.

      In what way did the process try to change your system to Cinnamon? Did you have both desktop environments installed on your system? Did the process produce any error or warning messages?

  37. I have no “Upgrade to Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa” button in ” System Upgrade”>”Edit”.
    Linux Mint 19 Tara amd64 MATE
    Kernel: 4.15.0-43-generic

    $ lsb_release -a
    No LSB modules are available.
    Distributor ID: LinuxMint
    Description: Linux Mint 19 Tara
    Release: 19
    Codename: tara

    What’s wrong?

    1. Try setting The “Mirrors” in the Software Sources app back to default. Then refresh the Update Manager and hopefully things will be fixed.

  38. Beautiful! Took me less than 5 minutes to apply the upgrade (i7, 16GB RAM and a 1GB ethernet connection : )
    Love the Modern theme – panel icons are so nice!

  39. Happy on 19.1! Everything went smooth, it took me about 30 minutes to complete the process.
    Thanks Clem and team for your effort and dedication, we ITers know that upgrades are always a challenge.

  40. Dear Clem,
    Nice work.
    On the other hand, I wasn’t expecting to lose all the panel configuration before upgrading. I think this should have been mentioned. Secondly, I don’t know why but vblank is enabled by default and it really makes thing harder on desktop. Everything starts like they are forcing the system. I have turned it off, now the real pleasure giving system is back:)
    A question also, how do we enable thumbnail toggle button?
    Happy new year to you all and thank you.

  41. Thank you for the present!
    The upgrade from 19.0 was flawless and I love the new panel settings.
    I kept my old look: set the systray to 22px and symbolic icons to 0.73.
    I still prefer using the “new-minty” theme. I like how it’s very dark and green and a bit tighter together (unfortunately redshift has a black icon on new-minty, gets sorted with time I guess). But everything else works perfectly as before, even my weather and sys-monitor applets.

    I noticed one amazing unexpected bug-fix that bugged me for a long time. I can now have the title-bar-less firefox panel-density on “normal” and the mouse cursor on the upper edge of the screen finally touches the panel. Before I had to have it on size “Touch” to be able to click on screen-edge.

    Thank you all for the great job. LinuxMint is still my #1 recommendation to anybody and it’s getting only better.
    Love from Prague <3
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year :*

  42. How can I prevent the two information appearing on the login screen as text only when loading the system? During installation, I selected automatic login …. but, even if a few seconds, the two lines of text are still displayed. This never happened in versions 18 …! Thanks for your help. Gian Piero

    1. Cinnamon menu was not resizable in 18 either.
      XFCE can do that I think. The favorites seem to have now a fixed size (300px, can be changed in the menu editor) and it scrolls if you go over the size. Before it was resizing the whole menu size. There should not be too many favorites anyway. There is also the panel, or eventually custom menu folders through the menu editor.

  43. Upgraded in less than 10 minutes. Cinnamon Edition. No Issues. One reboot. Everything works!
    Merry Christmas and Happy Linux Year.

  44. Upgraded my Laptop an ASUS X553M from 19, Mate today, all working perfectly and much faster.
    I also did my Dell SX780 which was running 18.3, from which I copied the home folder, I did a new install of 19.1 Beta and copied the home folder contents and was more than happy with the Beta version, today I upgraded to the full version in minutes, again perfect.
    Thank you and Happy Christmas.

  45. Great job, love the new mint-y black themes.
    Upgraded smoothly.

    Thanks and have a happy christmas to all the team members.

  46. I upgraded from Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon to 19.1 and everything went smoothly.
    Thank you, Linux Mint team 🙂 !

    1. Try reverting to the default repositories through Software Sources. It could well be that the relevant updated packages have not reached your mirror yet.

  47. Wow that was a quick turnaround! Can’t wait to see all the new features. Whats become of the fractional HiDPI scaling? Is that just never going to happen until we adopt wayland/? I run dual 2k monitors and like… I dream of 1.25 scaling 🙁

    1. You can insert a line break with %n.
      Use spaces to center time or date.
      Test several themes, not all are suitable.

      Panel font height is not resizable yet, it belongs to each theme.

  48. Smooth upgrade without problems. Thanks Clem & team!

    Question: since 19.1 removed Cinnamon’s screensavers (I didn’t do the optional purge command mentioned by Clem, Mint seems to have purged them itself during the upgrade), what do Cinnamon users use if they want a screensaver? I always used the default lock screen as mine, but users I support might want a different screensaver.

  49. On a fresh install of Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon, the “Languages” window and “Install / Remove Languages” window are not grouped. Are you able to reproduce? Should this be grouped? Thank you

  50. Hi Clem,

    thanks for this very nice update. Unfortunately the mentioned Lightning extension lacks any kind of localization (to german in my case). In the past I used Lightning addon (in german) from built in Thunderbird addons but there is no compatible version available. So my Thunderbird UI is a weird mix of english and german now. Would you please fix that issue? (Or did I overlook something?) Aside of that I’m very satisfied with 19.1. 🙂


    1. I can confirm missing Lightning localization for Polish. Thunderbird is translated but everything related to calendar stays English. :-/

    2. Seems to be a packaging issue. The german download version from includes a completely localized lightning.

    3. Thanks gm10 for pointing that out!
      This indeed works but has to repeated over and over again manually when thunderbird was updated.
      The mentioned Ubuntu bugreport persists for nearly 9 years now. I don’t think that will ever be fixed in Ubuntu as nobody seems to care. ;-( Distributing a separate localized version xul-ext-lightning via mint repos could be the solution for us, Clem! 🙂

    4. French is also missing. This is bad for my father as he doesn’t speak English. 🙁
      I’ll try the described workaround on his computer but applying this manually after every thunderbird update is not a practical long time solution for this. Would also appreciate to have a translated Lightning in mint repos.
      Marry Christmas! 🙂

    5. I’m also affected by this issue. Whole System including Thunderbird itself is German but Calendar is English. For me this is just inconvenient but for my parents this is a real deal breaker. For now I was able to install the suggested workaround but I’d also like to have a permanent solution. 🙂

    6. The mentioned workaround doesn’t help or don’t understand it. I’m completely new to this whole Linux thing. I came from Windows 7 and was used to have a translated Thunderbird Calendar there. Is there any easy solution for beginners?

  51. I don’t have the “Edit->Upgrade to Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa” option in my update manager, even after a manual “apt update” and “apt upgrade” (and even “apt dist-upgrade”). I presume it probably just hasn’t made it to the mirror I’m using…?

  52. Bonjour,
    la mise à niveau vers Mint 19.1 s’est très bien passée. La nouvelle version “Tessa” est un vrai charme à utiliser. Bravo à Clément Lefebvre et à toutes l”équipe de Linux Mint.
    Joyeux Noel et bonne année 2019 à tous. 🙂

  53. Everything was excellent from 17.1 to 19, but in 19.1, the panel is a disaster, classic as well as modern. It opens and closes at earthworm pace, the time interval being 0. For a second or two, it’s like behind a misty shroud. When I try to move icons / launchers, the panel freezes, and the desktop, too. Then a soft boot is the only resort. Any ideas, any solution? Except sticking to 19?

    1. Hi Robert,

      That’s not normal at all. First, check your 3D acceleration with “inxi -Gxx”. Then, if you changed anything in your NVIDIA drivers, or in Xorg.conf, revert the change to see if it helps.

  54. Dear Mint Team,

    Thanks for another great upgrade!!!

    Talking particularly about Nemo, it has become really faster in terms of starting.
    But after upgrade I encountered one issue that was never observed before upgrading to 19.1.
    I had a shared directory that I opened through Nemo as follows:
    nemo smb://’Аа Бб’/’Вв Гг’
    (the dir names and the address are changed but the principle is not)

    As you see there are spaces in dir names on that Windows-powered server, besides the names of the dir after “abc” contain characters in Cyrillic.

    The problem is that Nemo cannot find anything that goes after …abc/ anymore. E.g. after the upgrade it cannot recognize the dirs with spaces in their names anymore. I still can open the …abc/ but it will be much helpful to be able to open those further dirs directly.

    I had a launcher created for this purpose with the command mentioned above. Nothing was changed in the launcher.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

  55. Upgrading to 19.1 was easy – the first time.

    I upgraded to 19.1 and decided I’d try the new panel. Immediately did not like it and switched back, but now my themes were gone so I reverted to the snapshot I created just before the upgrade. That didn’t save the themes either so I went through and re-created everything as I had it. Now I’m ready to upgrade back to 19.1 and now the option to do so is no longer in the edit menu?

    Is there a waiting period or does update manager assume that 19.1 was incompatible with my system and thus will no longer give that option? Please advise.

  56. Just a heads up and many thanks to the Mint team. (And a Merry Christmas to everyone!)

    FYI: I encountered this message while upgrading:

    In order to use Dropbox, you must download the proprietary daemon.
    Note: python-gpg (python-gpgme for Ubuntu 16.10 and lower) is not installed, we will not be able to verify binary signatures. [y/n]

    You have to open the built-in terminal in the upgrade manager to see it. It stalls if you don’t respond with a “y” or “n”. (All this presumes you have Dropbox installed, of course.)

    1. That’s interesting – I didn’t come across this issue, despite having Dropbox 2018.11.08 installed and not having python-gpg installed. Mint 19.1 MATE.

  57. Hi y’all, upgraded in 5 minutes as per instructions….. no issues that I can find immediately…. nice look and the system ‘feels’ faster or snappier. Gotta let you know that it works with your computer upside down, as I am from southern hemisphere!!! So congratulations to the team, and Merry Christmas to all.
    (To those who haven’t been able to find the ‘upgrade to Mint 19.2’ in their update manager, check out the different repositories in the Update Manager…..cos it well and truly out there now)

    1. Just a quick note that Peter meant 19.1. The next version, 19.2, won’t be out for several months.

    1. Hi Guy,

      Yes absolutely, along with Xapps and Mint tools. It’s all going to be backported. I don’t want to commit to any particular ETA considering how close we are to the holiday season, but it’s the next thing on our agenda.

  58. Thank you for the early Christmas gift. Not only 19.1 but the upgrade too!! You guys have set a new record on how fast the upgrade option followed the release. 🙂 Three machines done, three to go. Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019. Go the Mint Team!

  59. Hi Clem,

    Thank for updating!
    Is there a way to hide the asterisk character length when entering our password in terminal?

  60. Autre petit problème, je n’ai plus la possibilité de changer de langues.

    Dans les paramètres système, il n’y a plus rien. Je ne peux changer de langues. L’icone a tout simplement disparue.

    La seule référence à une langue est dans l’agencement du clavier.

  61. This is beautiful! I upgraded 19.0 to 19.1 without any trouble whatsoever. It takes about 5 minutes and I can continue my work. After trying the new Cinnamon (Modern Interface), I am reluctant to touch any other DE. It is just too beautiful. The file manager is also lightning-fast. Thank you Linux Mint team!

  62. Got upgraded 3 laptops yesterday and it went flawlwessly 🙂 took under ten minutes each. Until now 19.1 works fine for me. The only thing i really do not like nor understand is the kind of strange behaviour of the search line in the cinnamon start menu. Fx search for timeshift: press T doesn’t seam to bring any relevant results, neather does TI… TIM finally gives me the wanted results. Any ideas or explainations?
    Thanks for your great work 🙂

  63. Hi Clem, can you (or anyone else) answer something for me please? Over the last couple of releases, the user’s group is no longer automatically selected as it used to be prior to those releases. Is there a specific reason why this is now the default? Is it anything to do with a security issue? Is it better to leave it unselected or to select it manually? I was and still am rather baffled as to this sudden and seemingly permanent change. Initially, I thought it was just an oversight by the dev team, but I think this is now the third release since it has been this way. Could yoiu clue me in as to whys and wherefores about this please? Thanks.

  64. Great to see so many improvements! Well done all. I especially like the improved icon spacing. One minor issue though, I notice that I’m unable to change my account picture.

    1. Seems the ownership of .face in my home folder had been changed to root:root. Working fine now I’ve reset that.

  65. Hi Clem,

    i’ve got some Crashes of Nemo recently, syslog says this:

    Dec 21 13:03:42 rocket systemd-resolved[30681]: Server returned error NXDOMAIN, mitigating potential DNS violation DVE-2018-0001, retrying transaction with reduced feature level UDP.
    Dec 21 13:03:42 rocket systemd-resolved[30681]: Server returned error NXDOMAIN, mitigating potential DNS violation DVE-2018-0001, retrying transaction with reduced feature level UDP.
    Dec 21 13:03:59 rocket kernel: nemo[24230] segfault at 30 ip 00007ffff73c6b8d sp 00007fffffffcde0 error 4 in[7ffff7087000+6f1000]
    Dec 21 13:03:59 rocket kernel: Code: 6f 04 24 0f 8e 59 01 00 00 48 8b 74 24 18 44 89 ea 48 89 d9 48 89 ef 0f 29 04 24 e8 5d ef ff ff 48 8b 7c 24 20 e8 e3 a3 d4 ff 8b 78 30 31 f6 66 0f 6f 04 24 0f 29 44 24 40 0f 29 44 24 50 0f

    Kernel is: Linux rocket 4.19.8-041908-generic #201812080831 SMP Sat Dec 8 13:34:18 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

  66. The speed with which the upgrade path was offered this time around is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks a lot for all the hard work!

  67. I upgraded from Tara (19) to Tessa 19.1 Cinnamon. Extremely Smooth upgrade path and all my settings & installed applications left untouched & remain working as before. Extremely happy with the end result, Tessa very nice indeed. THANK YOU to everyone involved with making this happen. A very impressive achievement!! Awesome. Thank You.

  68. Clean install of 19.1.
    From software manager install Winff
    Does not appear in start menu. If you right click menu, configure, menu options, open menu editor, uncheck and recheck the Winff entry then it does appear in start menu (under sound and video).

    Brasero will not burn audio discs (I have not tried data discs yet). After creating audio project, it asks about burning speed etc, then it just ejects the blank disc with “unspecified error”. (Brasero, Brasero-cdrkit, and cdrdao all installed from software manager) refers. Fix is to change read/write/execute properties /usr/bin/cdrdao – set to 4711, /usr/bin/wodim to4711
    Installing software, it occasionally asks for password multiple times and keeps displaying the same “additional software will be installed screens”. This happened, for example with ubuntu-restricted-extras. and puddletag. Removing and reinstalling the packages I do not get the same requirement to keep inputting password; it seems to be a random thing.

    Overall impressions are it seems to be very fast and snappy to use, and I do like the grouped icons and the ability to resize the start menu, great job!!
    Merry Christmas

  69. I’m having a problem with Mint-Y-Darker theme and Atom text editor; the font color of Atom’s main menu appears in black instead of white and makes the font unreadable. The problem doesn’t exists in other text editors like Xed, Visual Studio Code or Geany.

  70. I’ve done a few clean Mint 19.1 installs and a few Mint 19.1 upgrades – no issues. Wonderful work! Happy Holidays to everyone!

  71. I can confirm missing Lightning localization for Polish. Thunderbird is translated but everything related to calendar stays English. :-/

  72. Does firejail firefox work in mint 19.1? I have not installed mint 19.1 yet, I am running LMDE3 for now because firejail works in it. Is the spectra bug fix applied to the 4.9 kernel in LMDE3 for 32 bit computers?

  73. Problem with desktop layout switcher

    If I use the modern layout, add applets and change panel size etc, then switch to traditional and back again, all my applets and changes are lost

    1. Hi Nigel
      Yes, I think that’s how it has been since the beta was first released. Suspect it is by design, but be interesting to hear about that from the team.

    2. Thanks Tony W, if it is how it is designed it might be useful to have a window appear or similar letting people know that if they change layouts and revert they will need to re-implement all their previous alterations

  74. Excellent systeme. ( usage privé et entreprise ) Mise à jour en quelques minutes ( en moins de 24h et pas de blocage , ni ralentissement ).
    Installation complète moins de 40 mn.
    Je répète : excellent , very good, très bon,

    Bonnes fetes de fin d’année ,

  75. Hi Clem,
    TVM as always for World’s Best OS…computing as computing should always have been! Have you considered a Linux Mint Forensics OS, if not too difficult to just add all the necessaries, as is…? Swapability of LM is/would be very useful for testing hardware, as well as the usual software forensics being catered for…? Have been testing CAINE..interesting, tho clunky, swappable, tho unclonable, (for me, anyway), and, no ClamAV or psensor, for example. Reckon LM would surpass the field re a comprehensive forensics hardware/software OS, across a range of systems, as well..?. (Please note, am a keen Linux hobbyist, not an IT professional, so, apologies for any over-simplistic assumptions….) This note can remain unpublished, if you need time to consider, no worries….. Regards, Paul PDF and Word page see Mini-Linux Factfile, fyi

  76. A great present for Christmas from the Mint development team. Thank you!
    Fast, clean and crystal clear – that is Mint 19.1. Looking forward to many productive hours on it.
    I wish you all a merry Christmas!

  77. Can you publish a notification when an upgrade is proposed ? If you don’t read some IT news, it si impossible to know when a upgrade exists. I installed Linux Mint on my parent’s computer 🙂

    Also, you can add a button in the update window only if update exists and force a new snapshot before the upgrade process if Timeshift is configured.

    Great job and thank you.

  78. Hello Clem

    I have been an happy Linux Mint user since Version 13.

    Unfortnately i can’t keep using mint because my video card ATI HD radeon 4650 crash too much very frequently with versions 18.3, 19, and 19.1beta; so i have to go back to Windows…. I’d Like if these problem of were fixed in the next nersion, in the meantime i forced to use Windows 8.1


  79. Hello Clem and the Linux Mint team,

    Thanks for a great release. I’ve just converted my 18.3 xfce vm to 19, then to 19.1. (virtualbox)

    I am not sure if it was during the first conversion or the second, but I lost my virtualbox folder sharing capability. They no longer show up in the file manager (root).

    Any thoughts about what to try to get it back?

    Thanks & Merry Christmas.

    1. Hi Mick,

      Without knowing which version of VirtualBox you are using? First try reinstalling/updating the Guest Additions, if that doesn’t fix the issue, remove older version of VirtualBox with…
      apt purge virtualbox*

      Then download and install either 5.2.22, or 6.0.0

      Finally, update Guest Additions

  80. Did an in place upgrade from 19 Cinnamon to 19.1 Cinnamon. Everything is working great and much faster except my pre-existing TOR install. Clicking on the the Tor browser desktop shortcut? Will not open. So I deleted and re-installed using the official package from the TOR website. Same. No error messages in the GUI. But guess what? There’s a synaptics solution now! WOW. Well done.

  81. What an amazingly smooth and lightening fast upgrade to Tessa! Thanks so much for all of your hard work in making this the best OS out there!

  82. Loving the grouped windows in the Modern desktop layout. Very nice to have this option now natively in Linux Mint.
    Thanks for all the work !

    1. Hi Decusgeek,

      From previously reading comments of others who have tried, you are best downloading the Cinnamon edition ISO, and performing a fresh installation.

  83. Hi, firstly thank you for my favourite OS!
    Upgrade from 19 to 19.1 went OK, except that system seems slower now than on 19, and 19 iswas slower than when I was on 18.3. I did a clean install for 19, and then upgrade to 19.1, but system is just much slower than it used to be, and my boot SSD is <10% full, mostly I need click more than once on icons to get them to react, I remember on 18.3 things being really snappy. Any idea whats wrong? I have an Intel S2600 server board, 2 x Xeon E5-2680 V2 CPUs, 64GB DDR3, GTX 1070, 500GB SSD boot + 1TB HDD. Cinnamon is reporting that some desklets/applets fail to load on startup since upgrade. Is it possible Spectre issue, should I load earlier kernel? Thanks

  84. I ran the remove screen saver that is listed above. Now I have no scree saver. What screen saver should I use? Thanks Kelly

  85. Dear Mint Team,

    Thanks for another awesome update!

    I noted one issue as follows.

    Staying with LM 19 I used a launcher to open a Samba-shared resource via Nemo. Ithad not only an IP of the resource but also several levels of dirs. Second and third level contained dir names with spaces. They were reachable via the launcher by using the ‘ characters.
    After the upgrade to 19.1 (and Nemo update) I can no longer open the dirs via the same launcher. Nemo reports there is no dir found. The command from the launcher works fine from terminal though. I can make it possible to open only the upper dir containing no spaces via the launcher now.

    Anybody noticed anything in this regard? Any solution?


  86. Works ok for me. No problems.
    Upgraded from Linux Mint 19 Mate.
    Dell Optiplex-760. 8gb Ram.
    Mint is by far the best distro.
    Keep up the good work all.

  87. Hi there Update was easy and very fast, but now the laptop is working hotter and slower.

    Using LibreOffice make the computer really hot. Having two files open make the computer to processor and RAM more extensively, and the software goes very slow and unresponsive.

    I suppose I have to use some other software, but I really like LibreOffice

    Some suggestion?

    Thanks in advance


  88. Since Tara 19.0 was supposed to be a BETA, I was hoping to upgrade to 19.1 without a complete reinstall. I’m not even close to an expert user and typing a bunch of commands is a bit over my head right now. All of this is too vague for me to bother to move forward until someone writes some clear, concise instructions for the relative neophyte. Also, if I understand correctly I will have to boot from a DVD? to use a 32 bit machine? I haven’t had to do this since Kaypros!

    1. @asynchronousman
      Its not clear to me what version of LM you have installed.

      LM 19 was not a Beta. It was a final release. If that is what you have installed, then you can upgrade from LM19 to LM19.1 ** if you want to **. The instructions at the very top of this page should be easy to follow, and don’t require typing commands.

      But if you mean that you had actually installed LM19.1-BETA then you don’t need to upgrade, the normal update process will just update the files to the latest 19.1 set.

  89. Sirs,
    I have Linux Mint 18.1 already and want to upgrade to 19.1.
    I went to: update Manager / Refresh / OK then Edit / Under ‘Edit’ there is not “Upgrade to “Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa option.

    1. hello maurice the first thing you have to do is mark on the sudo terminal apt-get update if you do not get any update after your linux version then open the system updater, refresh it to leave the new version of mintupdate install , after the installation you go back to update manager you go to the top edit, update to linux 18.2, then repeat the same process to update to 18.3, only if you do that you can update to linuxmint 19 – you will have to use commands once in linux mint 18.3 to be able to move on to the next version 19

  90. I finally found a solution to allow vlc play videos on an external vga-screen when using LM Cinnamon 19. Just add export QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR=0 to your .profile. This was not necessary with the previous LM-versions.

  91. Congratulations to this nice release. The modern Taskbar is just as usable as it is in Windows 7 (something icing task manager didn’t achieve) although not as good looking – but what is, really? Not even contemporary windows versions are…

  92. (I’ll post in the Linux Mint Form but will mention my issue here)

    Issue: Have only read authority for NTFS partition following 19 to 19.1 upgrade

    I upgraded a dual boot system (Win 10 + Mint 19) following the instructions above. The update seemed to work without issue, but after I rebooted, I found that my normal linux user (“rlind”) now has only read access to files and folders on the shared NTFS drive (which Mint now says has filetype fuse, don’t recall seeing that before). I can update / delete files in this partition as root, but not as rlind. Rlind still is listed as the owner of the folders / files.

    I’ve tried using chown to re-make rlind the owner of the folders / files, and using the top-level folder properties to re-grant rlind read-write access to the contained files. Those attempts didn’t seem to make a difference. I’ll have to research further.

    FWIW, I did a fresh install of 19.1 from CD on another dual boot machine, and I am not having the same access issue there.

    Regards, RL

    1. Hi Rob,

      If shared partition is a Windows OS partition (not recommended), check Windows was shutdown and not hibernated. Alternatively, if used Disks to create the mount options, this could be a fstab issue.

      Check /etc/fstab

      Use following example (replacing * with relevant UUID number)

      UUID=**************** /media/Shared ntfs uid=1000,gid=1000,dmask=027,fmask=137,hide_hid_files,windows_names 0 2

    2. Hi, Dave B, and thank you for the comment.

      The shared NTFS partition is a data-only partition, not the Windows OS partition.

      I had checked out the fstab, which looked correct (and had been working without issue with Mint 19) and didn’t see any problems.

      I finally decided that I had done enough messing around with Mint 19 that it would be best just to do a clean install of Mint 19.1 from CD/DVD, which I’ve now done. All seems to be working correctly now (which is good, except that I don’t know and at this point will never figure out what caused my initial problem).

      Thanks again for your help! Regards, RL

  93. The upgrade went smoothly and flawlessly, I am very happy and have been with mint since mint 4! Love my system! Thanks for all the work!

  94. @ clem
    Thanks for your answer. I had used the last snapshot to go back to 19 before I wrote the message Dec. 20. As you proposed I checked the videocard (everything fine) and upgraded a 2nd time WITHOUT any of the optional steps. The bar doesn’t freeze anymore, but it still has that earthworm pace and the ‘fog’. Est-ce possible que vous, l’équipe, ayez ‘bricolé’ un peu trop? 😉 Que le nouveau Cinnamon ne soit pas encore mûr? En tout cas, moi, je renonce à 19.1

    Wish you and the team a Merry Christmas and good results in 2019 – um … 2019.1 :-))

  95. Changing the size of the icons and the intervals between them made Nemo not attractive, a bad idea. LM19.1 Cinnamon.

  96. Hello Clem! Thanks for the new release!
    Seems that now screensaver doesn’t respect custom font for time. It is displayed not as 64 should be by default but much smaller, also it is not possible to increase it.
    And one more thing, mintupdate icon is now bigger for a few pixels than it should be and cant be adjusted too. Not critical bugs but hope you’ll fix them.

  97. Just upgraded Mint Mate from LM19 to LM19.1. Followed instructions and everything is working quite nicely.
    Thank you Clem for making us feel like we matter to you and thanks to the development team for making another
    excellent OS which we can use for years to come. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year folks!!

  98. Thanks, Clem.
    As usual without the slightest hiccup. Amazing.
    You made Windows really dispensable. What a relief…
    Merry Christmas

  99. Hello everyone:

    I just upgraded from Mint 19 to 19.1. It’s a much faster system except for one thing – no audio. No matter what I did in Alsa I cannot bring back the audio on a 27″ Late 2013 iMac (Linux replaced macOS Mojave on this machine). Can anyone provide suggestions?

  100. Clem just a note that if folks want to use WINE for some reason one of the updates in 19.0 erased a public key from the wine files and it will not let the update manager do its job to update other files. If you will contact me personally at my email I will try to get a screen shot or a text file with what it shows. The upgrade works fine other than the above.

    1. Update:
      The issue is not with LM19 it is a key issue with WINE. If anyone has an issue go to the website and look at the wiki page for the new key download.

    2. Thanks k4dkx
      I just rebuilt 19.1 on my test box and installed wine-stable. I have no keys for wine showing in Software Sources. And not seeing any problem when I do apt update.

      Be nice to see what error messages you got – you could paste to then add the link here for us to see.

      NB here is the page that discusses the new key effective 19th December:

      I’m not sure how relevant to me it is ….

  101. After the update to 19.1 I noticed the kernel is 4.15.0-43. There is one newer kernel list 4.18.0-13. Should I change to 4.18.0-13? Or just leave well enough alone? Also were can I get help for Gradio? Thanks Kelly

    1. @Kelly

      What do you mean by “where can I get help for Gradio”? You don’t say what sort of help you need.
      (Gradio is available as a flatpak in Software Manager. I installed it (took a long time to download?) and it plays ok.)

    2. Hi Kelly, you don’t need to change the kernel, especially if everything is working flawlessly.. That’s the original kernel for 19.1.

      In the past days we had to use additional software (namely Ukuu) to have a try higher kernels (compatible with Ubuntu base) to see if it cures some issues when some devices don’t work.. By this release Mint Team made it possible to have a try higher kernels without installing additional software..

      P.S. You may also install 4.18 without removing 4.15, and select which one to start with in Grub menu..

    3. Hi Tony, I did not know if this was the place to ask for program help. It took a long time to download for me too. And the saved library will not load. It was working in 19. for a while and then the library stopped loading. When I updated to 19.1 the library still would not load. So I uninstalled it and it would not reinstall for several days trying. Then one day it finally installed. But the library still would not load. So I was not sure if it was fully compatible with 19 or 19.1.

      Emin, Thanks for the response. I’ll just leave the kernel at 4.15.0-43. Kelly

    4. Hi Kelly
      Gradio’s flatpak seems to also drag down some 300MB of libraries of some sort, which is why it takes so long to download. Wouldn’ t want to do it often.

      I have gradio running on my LM19 machine and also my test LM19.1 machine. Have set up the station library on each, all looking good. I notice that when I start the program it takes about half a minute to actually load the station library. That seems rather slow.

      But if your library doesn’t load at all, I can’t think why. Are you sure there is something actually in the library (i.e. might it have been wiped)? Tried adding a new station and saving that to library, then restarting the program?

    5. Hi Tony W, I have 2 saved library’s. 1 on the c: drive/boot drive. And 1 on d: drive/storage. I guess in Linux it is A1 drive and B1 drive. They should be identical. They both have 20.5 KB. I think about 200 to 300 stations. It was taking about 5 minutes to open. But now never opens. for each file. I do have another library on another machine. I’ll try it. I don’t want to have to recreate the library just for it to happen again. Don’t know too much about linux yet. But I am the owner of the library with permissions. If it helps I do know a lot about microsoft. But never got into linux much. Thanks Kelly

  102. Pete,
    Thank you for you response. Your response was helpful. I copied out the instructions on “How to Upgrade to Linux Mint 19.’ After reading the instructions, at this time I do not think I have the expertise needed to perform the upgrade.

    Your advice helped me make a difficult decision. Thank you again.

  103. Thank you very much for the new update although I have had a problem that prevents me from being in Mint Cinnamon 19.1:
    After updating correctly, when restarting the computer, the desktop icons disappear and Nemo can not be executed. I put classic version of Desktop but the problem remained the same.
    I’ve done updates many times between different versions of Mint Cinnamon and it’s the first time I have a problem.
    I had to use Timeshift to go back to version 19 because I could not work with the system. Has it happened to someone else? Any ideas to not have to do a formatting of the system?
    Thank you very much, great job and happy Christmas!

  104. Any plans of releasing an “Everything Disc”?

    What I mean is: Release a disc containing everything possible so the user does not have to rely on repositories or hunt for that illusive .lib nobody ever seems to have on hand. And to be realistic, not everybody can access the Internet whenever they want. Some of us have to rely on grabbing everything we can via DVD-R and sort stuff out later at home.

    Want Wine and everything else needed to run Windows games and software – no problem, here you go!

    Want game-pad drivers, emulators (Kega, Zsnes, Mupen 64) and front-ends for them – Presto!

    Want all non-free software and codecs – BAM!

    Its all there along with the kitchen sink just because it can be done.

  105. A “perfect” update! No issue. Same desktop after update on Mint 19 Mate desktop.
    Merry Christmas for MINT TEAM and for all users!

  106. Has anyone problems with kernel 4.18.0-13?
    Slow downs?
    File corruptions?

    I installed it, because since 4.18 the thinkpad docking station works. (life docking ithout thinkpad restart)

  107. You should open the terminal and run:


    Or if it is on external drive…

    update-grub /dev/sdb or /dev/sd* whatever the drive letter is…

    To find the drive letter run:

    fdisk -l

  108. Hi Clem! The new panel layout it’s really GREAT. Congrats! In the next cycle, please consider create a new menu for Cinnamon, its outdated!

    1. Well, if you don’t like the default menu, use Cinnamenu instead, or CinnVIIStarkMenu. If you don’t like these either, install KDE as snap. If you dislike that one, too, leave and get yourself Elementary OS. They provide the fancy-schmancy stuff you’re looking for. Paternalism, begging and greed are included.

    2. Amélie, excuse me if my request offended you somehow. The same thing happen to the default panel in this release, i love Cinnamon and i’ll never change.

  109. I found the BETA DVD I made some time back but I have no clue how to get it to install over 18.3, and it is not a boot disk it tells me…I get the feeling that the only way I’ll accomplish this is to install a clean drive.

    I’m still fussing with the BIOS of the MPC ClientPro 365 I’m trying to upgrade (this one) as I keep getting errors that probably mean I’m in the wrong mode at bootup (BIOS or AHCI?) and I had that problem when installing 18.1

    Still possible I’ll be waiting until I can afford more DVDs at month’s end and just burn and install 19.1 fresh. Wish it just installed like the other OS.

    1. Hi asynchronousman

      You don’t need the DVD to upgrade. Go to Update Manager, check its Edit menu and see if there is an option to upgrade to LM19. Then when the upgrade is complete the same menu should end up with an option to upgrade from 19 to 19.1
      For more options on upgrading from 18.3 to 19, see this article by Clem:
      Remember, if you are happy with your current system, then you don’t need to upgrade. LM18.3 is supported till 2021. LM19 & 19.1 use a newer base (Ubuntu 18.04) and that could cause some of your existing programs to stop working. I installed LM19 as a fresh build but only because I was fitting a new SSD.

  110. Hi,
    Upgraded from 19 to 19.1. easy! took 5 minutes, and working perfectly. no issues. Still maintained things like padoka amd graphics driver, and pulseaudio 12 (which i installed on 19). thanks for your hard work, merry Christmas!

  111. Will move back to 19.0

    Usb errors
    fastboot can’t correctly work with my android device, throwing errors
    compiling an AOSP results in a not bootable device

    in windows i can use fastboot fine
    in 19.0 it worked too

    linux kernel 4.15-43

    1. Seems like the 4.18 Kernel is just Not stable.
      And that the Linux Version of Android fastboot isn’t stable, too.

  112. HI! I have upgraded my 19 to 19.1 version. But in “Edit” menu string “upgrade to 19.1 Tessa” is still there. Is it OK or something has been broken?

    1. In the terminal excecute “lsb_release -a” and checkout what is the version you have installed.

  113. I was having a screen blinking issue at mint 19, and I was hoping that 19.1 would fix it. Even after trying the solutions talked about in these comments, it did not. I was also having an issue in 19 where plugging in a second monitor would switch my screen to the second monitor, make the original monitor black, and then freeze, but the update to 19.1 wouldn’t fix that either. I know it’s probably Nvidia’s shit drivers, but there was a slight hope 😐 Nvidia, if you’re reading this, please update your 390 drivers. 390.87 works better than .77, but that is only because the screen blinking is more spaced out. Second monitor still won’t work tho.

    Anyone else having/had these issues?

  114. Hi Clem,
    in cinnamon 4.0.8 is no longer possible to switch to settings (for example, to adapt the theme), when you use the popup ‘change desktop wallpaper’, Merry Christmas to all of you.

  115. I have a system that I can only update remotely and the VNC connection is not stable.

    Is there an option to upgrade via the CLI?

  116. Great Christmas present! Update has resolved all my Suspend issues with my AMD Radeon R7 graphics card. Now I don’t have to replace 🙂

  117. Hello, commenting with no hope. Really a good thanks for the update, but it turned totally worse. I updated to Tessa and then installed normal updates. That update also included kernal updates. Then I used my laptop for about 3 hours and then shutdown it. Next when I opened it, it gave me some errors and all. I shutdown it by pressing power button. Then I again booted it, this time splash screen of mint came well and then it showed me that my disk requires fsck. I did it and saw that it deleted some files from my home directory….thats the point where all my hope was dead….next the laptop was very starting very slow. After I entered password, it took almost an hour for desktop to appear. Also, the desktop was not horrible. I could see only a black screen with walpaper showing only at the place where the panel was (actually panel is shown fully empty) I can see my desktop folders and if I open them, they come as a small window with no close, minimise etc. buttons. Thanks to docky, I launched terminal (ctrl plus alt plus T didn’t work), and tried some apt commands. It raised FatalError. I now don’t know what happened to my laptop.
    Any help would really be appreciated…:|

    * Windows booted in same laptop works fine.
    ** First my grub menu had only three entries of mint, but now there are six entries each with a kernel number along its name.
    *** Recovery mode, memtest and all others gave no hope…
    **** I didn’t go deep into errors specified, as I didn’t want to turn this blog post into any forum thing, if you wish to help me, Im really and willing to give complete error log.

    Kindly waiting for the help…

    1. Hi Arun, what about installing from scratch? Wouldn’t you consider that? All you need is to download and write the iso to a usb (if you still have Windows, Rufus is recommendend strongly by me). And using the live session you can do everything. And a fresh, brandnew install will be the best imho.

      (If the files deleted from Home folder were important and you want to recover them, you can also install testdisk & photorec on live session, which is very simple and handy – that saved my life once and found even lost partitions from ages ago- , either via Synaptic or Terminal)

    2. P.S. And also you can do a low level format before installation, – assuming you know “dd zero” – when on live session via terminal (in case there’s damage on disk, and if you are sure about the partition number sda1 or whatever – best is to open and look with gparted, then unmount- ). If the partition size is not too big, it won’t take too much time…

  118. Well still no change to the dark themes. Like in Mint 18.3 all is nice and uniform.
    That what Mint was known and loved for its polished look.
    Some applications turning out to have other themes and or settings implemented than showing up in a very
    ugly, tatty fashion. As well some software seem to be obsoleted and cant be installed no more.
    Don’t you mind? Well I do!
    Will give this one a miss again and stick to the old beautiful Mint 18.3 for now.


  119. Just 2 little things:

    * Screen settings: When the window is maximized (and also when mid-sized and centered) the green information about the screen on top left is in front of the “back” arrow and prevents you click and go back to all settings (you need to move the window to see and click the arrow).

    * When a dark theme (in my case Mint-Y-Dark-Blue) is preferred, and then Mint-X for the Window headers, the (originally grey) bar automatically turns to black and looks wierd. (Whereas the grey Mint-Y bar stays as it is when that one is chosen)

    This may not the place for this, but the notification for “Back to All Settings” (hovering on the “back” arrow) is translated into Turkish as ” Undo All Settings ” ?!?!? 🙂 ..

    1. By the way: As mentioned by another commenter in previous blogs: There’s no “Bluetooth” among the “Startup Applications” list, so you can’t enable it from the start (I used to do in 18.x) thus you have to quit bluetooth manually each boot.

  120. Hey Clem on LM19.0 I was able to plug my cellphone to the usb and move files, with 19.1 that does not work it sees the phone to charge but no files show up.

  121. Tony: The error for wine was basically a GPG no public key found and then it listed some numbers I am going to redo my system shortly if you would email me directly @ with a subject of LM19 wine issue I will copy and past a doc for you. I’m still a newbie per se and am not real good with the terminal.

  122. Mint team. I appreciate your work and use mint regularly. This is my first time checking out the blog. The layout is terrible. Please consider using a navigation bar with things such as Home – news – tips, etc. Any type of formatting other than just the last few posts (which are all the same topic) on the lefthand side.

  123. I can’t find the update in my update manager. I’m new to linux, currently on 18.3. I tried restoring to default settings then refreshing but I still don’t see it in the update manager. Help?

  124. Hi All,
    The upgrade was smooth and went well. I ran the 2 terminal commands before re-booting.
    After re-starting I did not get a login screen.
    I logged in to the terminal CTRL-ALT-F1 and issued the command killall-cinnamon-screensaver but it told me no process found. I rebooted several times and although I get my previous desktop background and a login screen I cannot get anything else. I log in and the screen goes black and then a small box appears saying unable to launch “cinnamon-session-cinnamon” X session —“cinnamon-session-cinnamon” not found; falling back to default session.
    The only option is to click on the okay button but that doesn’t do anything.
    I just have a black screen and a mouse pointer.
    All I can do is re-boot from the terminal.
    Any suggestions gratefully received before I am forced to restore 19.0 from Timeshift.

    1. I restored 19.0 using timeshift and then once everything was up and running, I upgraded again. That was successful. I rebooted without running the commands, successfully. I ran the P7zip command and re-booted, again, successfully.
      It would appear that running the apt remove xscreensaver command did something to my video drivers and the X session was unable to start. I will not run that one and see how things go. I don’t do screensavers anyway so it probably isn’t too important in my case.

  125. Disappointing.
    Errors, errors, errors.
    From the start “Fan error”.
    Incompatibility with browser, with Windows, or the whole Internet???
    The best variant was Linux Mint 18.3 KDE
    I think you never read feedback in Linux journals …

  126. I’m loving Tara, but you guys made it so easy to upgrade that I couldn’t resist Tessa. Ir really took me less than 10 minutes and tried Nemo to see how fast it is now, and seems very good indeed. Congratulations!

  127. the new 19.1 is beautiful, but the laptop: 17-ab302nu started to overheat and the fans did not sleep to noise 🙂 I went back to 19 Canela 🙂

  128. You’ve done it: The Best Operating System There is!
    I missed those early days when terminal would tell some Shakespeare back at me, not complaining – instead recall with warmth. What a wonderful job you’ve done guys.
    God Bless You All.
    Happy New Year!

    Mint 19/Acer/8GBram/4GBgpu_Nvidia. I just love it <3

  129. Thank you, Linux Mint developers and all other Linux Minters! All (forms of) contributions are greatly appreciated. Here’s hoping that everyone is having a happy, healthy, safe, and free holiday season!

  130. Thank you Mint devs. But I can’t see upgrade feature on my Mint XFCE update manager. I’ve switch to default repo and refresh many times but there is no upgrade or something like it. I use Mint XFCE 19. What should I do? Thanks a lot.

  131. 19.1 release has completely killed any possible chance to ever move to another DE or distro…
    Grouped windows list, new desktop layout, Guys you rock! Spotless, thank you lads

  132. Hi Linux Mint team,

    After I upgraded from Linux Mint 19 to version 19.1, I started having a problem with the option to show all the windows by the corner shortcut on the screen.

    In the preview there is a bug that shows the image of the window in a different position than usual, and the function of enlarging the selected window with the mouse scroll lock does not work!

    I made a video to better demonstrate my problem:

  133. Hey everyone howdy! Do not upgrade, select “something else” and keep home partition unformatted, make sure you create new user name for “home” dir, and install anew, then move old user files to new home dir.
    The reason some upgrades won’t go well is dozens of different hardware configs. It is also possible we skip essential steps when upgrading, and of course the St Microsoft; everything it says it does for security it does to secure it’s money, hence is the messed up bios, meaning dual boot systems.
    I’ve installed Mint 19.1 yesterday, perfect gift for my birthday today. Anything you can imagine gone wrong, in any other distro, is fixed here. As I mentioned in earlier post somewhere: I wish those funny Shakespeare and such quotes were back into command line interface 🙂
    One of the earliest Mint desktops once laughed at me within terminal when I ruined my system hahaaaa can’t forget that.
    I’m looking forward to be working with you guys, anytime within next year if I manage to retire from all the stone cities. I am sort of handicapped, my little struggles in life taught me, that “accessibility” tools on all operating systems are wrongly offered to handicapped persons, because perfect access ability must be the core of interaction between a computer and its’ creator – human. Having said so, I recommend hiring more autistic and handicapped personnel when working on I/O and general user interface areas. I have so many ideas they literally falling off me as I walk :)))
    Superb job Linux Mint Team! Thank you so very much!!! Happy New Year!!!!

    1. The package with the quotes is called “fortune”. You can install it easily with “sudo apt install fortune” or through the software manager. I quite like it (and I have a habit of installing loads of silly terminal programs- I particularly like catimg, which shows images in the terminal, cmatrix, which imitates the “digital rain” from the matrix movies, and neofetch, which shows ascii art of different distribution logos and various system info), but I can see why it was removed. Personally, I think the default installation should be focused on what is necessary, and toys can be installed later, but I suppose fun is also necessary (and I think fortune has a very long history with unix).

  134. Hi, just I upgrade my OS to Tessa, but I found 3 little problems.

    1.- Nemo File Manager don’t apply the settings changes made in the properties menu, by example, don’t change the icon’s size.
    2.- I use the “Expo” effect to show all the windows opened, but now, when I press Super + w to activate it and I release the keys, the effect don’t keep the windows in expo, just close the view.
    3.- Tessa reset my desktop configuration, I was able to restore it as I had it, but I find it incredible that the Linux Mint team didn’t see this detail

    Any advices??

  135. i know that no one answer me but there’s a way to have all folder small ? i see all big and i hate it idem the new cinnamon menu

    1. Maybe you could provide more information … what folders? where – on the desktop, or in nemo?

    2. Hi Salvatore, just open the preferences in Nemo and set the default ratio from 100 % to 67 % (or so).. (I did so, too) and it looks like as it was before the upgrade 🙂

  136. I love the new update of linux mint is incredible, especially the beautiful interface, its speed and stability make this distribution one of my favorite and most comfortable in the works, thank you very much to all the team of linux mint and I wish you a happy Christmas

  137. Can I suggest that if anyone is experiencing problems with the upgrade, or with running Mint afterwards, they post a query for help on the Mint support forums ( There is more chance of your issue being resolved there than on here now.

  138. After upgrade from Mint 19 to 19.1, Yakuake stopped working properly.
    Pressing F12 will unroll the terminal, but only to about half and 1/3 of what is set.
    Restarting Cinnamon by Ctrl+Alt+Esc solves it for a moment, but then hiding Yakuake (F12) and pressing again F12 will unroll terminal again between a half and one third of its normal height.
    Also, no names of tabs and the whole thing with menus etc. is not being shown. It’s like the bottom was cut out.

    Anyone knows how to solve it?

  139. I’ve upgraded a virtualbox guest os from 18.3 to 19 and later to 19.1. I have several issues and I would appreciate some help.
    (1) The grub menu doesn’t show on the screen although the toggle is set to show it. A custom grub background shows up properly but without the menu. It boots the first OS choice in the menu no matter what.
    (2) The host’s shares are no longer visible to the guest os, which complains of “protocol errors”. Manual mounting doesn’t work either with same message.
    (3) The virtual machine is noticeably slower. For comparison I installed a fresh guest os 19.1 and ran IO tests. With original 18.3 set to index 100, upgraded 19.1 was at 81 and fresh 19.1 at 85. So 19.1 is at least 15% slower. Any idea how to improve?

    1. If you are using virtualbox 6 make sure that you have updated your guest additions. And even with the latest guest additions it is hit and miss. If it doesn’t work try 5.22.
      The speed issue seams to come from ubuntu 18, there isn’t much you can do with linuxmint.
      For the grub menu not working reinstall it. The upgrade thing probably messed up the configuration if you chose to keep your custom settings rather than the package maintainer’s.

  140. I just reinstalled LMDE 3 Cinnamon. I like it, but I really hate the TRANSPARENT Cinnamon theme. I couldn’t find any way to TURN OFF TRANSPARANCY. Why not? It is much easier to configure desktop themes using MATE and turn off transparency, but LMDE doesn’t have MATE as an option. There should be another button at the top of the Themes Options that says TURN OFF TRANSPARANCY FOR EVERYTHING FOREVER!

  141. Upgrade went really smooth. Around 5 mins only.
    Panel settings now working, they were not working for me in 19 (clean install).
    I am now able to add minimise and maximise buttons and set icon size for bottom bar..
    However panel setting for icon size for the top title bar are still not available, unless I am looking in the wrong place.

    Happy new year and thanks for all the hard work

  142. Tried upgrading from 18.3 to 19.1 via the update manager and installs. Had issues. So wiped and did a clean install. Works really nicely. Just tweaking some stuff from my original 18.3 build. I found LibreOffice came preinstalled without menu bar so had to completely uninstall and reinstall and manually install Libreoffice gtk2 via synaptic. Using firejail, some bugs but slowly ironing out. Otherwise mostly uneventful upgrade and very happy with this, keep up good work. WIll consider donating $ and time to your project in near future.

  143. Upgrade went really good. This is the best and most stable upgrade (19 to 19.1) I have experienced.
    Usally I wait about 1 month, so the bugs are gone…But this version,,,smooth sailing. And a good christmaspresent…Thank you !
    What worries me a bit though, is no updates. I have not got a single update in updatemanager since the upgrade. (It is configured) Was it so finished?

    1. Ofcourse : Open any folder, (top menu) Edit => Preferences => Icon View (default zoom) Decrease to 66 % (from 100%) .. 🙂 I did so,too ..

    2. Apparently not. There’s a bunch of people complaining about this on the forum. I find that the 50% icons are too small, with the labels tiny. And the 66% icons are too large. In 19, 66% was in between these two new sizes.

    3. I agree that there are too many complaints about the new look (bigger icons as default) of Nemo. So that I was just about to write a suggestion to Mint Team to turn back to old Nemo look.. And 66% is not perfect, but just a temporary solution..

  144. Easy to upgrade and everything went smooth, no problems whatsoever….
    Good improvement …panel layout..
    Been using Linux Mint since early years, and this is the first problemless upgrade (done right after release).

    I am a bit worried though, nothing recieved in Updatemanager, since 20, december. Was it so perfect? 🙂

    1. I have had no updates in update manager either, but assume all the devs are off over the Christmas period for a very well-earned rest 🙂

  145. Just upgraded to 19.1 Tessa. Huge props to the Mint Team – So much more responsive with Tessa. After installing it felt like I installed more RAM. I didn’t but OS is so much quicker and responsive. Haven’t run into any buggies yet but just upgraded so if anything funny happens will update accordingly.

  146. I upgraded from 19 to 19.1 cinnamon. Because after this i get no more updates in the manager. Additional its not shown nightly versions of firefox. PPA is configured for the new linux. Dont know what to do. Second im a little bit sad because AMD RX550 GPU isnt still integrated in the mint 🙁 only my integrated Intel onboard chip works. But the 19.1 is faster than the old. Good job – thx.

  147. Getting severe flickering after upgrade (also described by other users above) and on the [Linux 19.1 – Screen Blinks…] thread on the Mint Forum. CTRL-F2 + r fixes the problem until the next reboot. Will try commenting out the CLUTTER_PAINT variable, as described above, in etc/environment.

    1. Hi, if you didn’t: just change the sources (mirrors) to “default” and refresh after that, then look at the top menu “Edit” ..

  148. Hi,
    I installed Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.1 BETA, will it automatically upgrade to 19.1 FINAL via normal upgrades in Update Center? I don’t have “Edit->Upgrade to Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa”.


    1. Hi Guido, you don’t need to do anything. And it’s normal that you don’t see anything as “.. upgrade ..” . As Beta versions become stable “silently” ; with normal “update”s .. Probably yours is already 19.1 stable.. 🙂

      P.S. If you like you can open a terminal and paste this command there (then hit Enter) to see all:

      lsb_release -a && uname -srm

    2. Meanwhile; you won’t see any words such as “Stable” or “Final” or “Beta” if it’s stable, but just “Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.1”

      And if it’s a beta one, only then you’ll see a word Beta at he end of that..

  149. I upgraded to Mint 19.1, but had to revert.
    Even though Nemo was faster for the most part, I found that if I have it set to Icon View in a folder that has a LOT of files, mostly video (~15000), it starts loading, then starts bogging down slower, and slower, until Nemo becomes completely unresponsive. If I switch to compact view, it truly is very fast, but I’m using a 55 inch monitor from across the room and really need Icon View.
    This behaviour doesn’t happen with Mint 19 or any release prior.

  150. Por qué linux mint 19.1 no reconoce unidad DVD, los anteriores sí lo reconocían. Es un dvd mastshita en un asus.

  151. After the upgrade to Linux Mint 19.1, the home directory downloaded documents, video and music was lost. I deleted nothing. Does anyone know how to bring them back?

    1. Hi pafcio, maybe there’s a better solution but till then you can scan that partition with “testdisk & photorec” which is a very simple to use, light and really effective tool for recovery.

      Sadly I noticed that it’s not installed by default. So you can install it easily by either command line or Synaptic. But since recording / installing will go on writing on old data and will be a risk to lose some of them, it’s best to start the pc with a live session (it doesn’t have to be Mint) and install it on live session and scan with “photorec” . (testdisc and photorec are together installed, testdisk is for lost partitions and photorec is for files & folders)

  152. Thanks for the update. I thought I would try one of the new layouts, but didn’t realise that would get rid of my panel launchers! Now I can’t work out how to get them back. I tried running “gsettings get org.cinnamon panel-launchers” but it comes back with “[‘DEPRECATED’]” so is there something I am supposed to use instead?!

    1. Hi Richard,

      After switching to ‘Modern’ using Preferences -> Welcome Screen -> First Steps
      ‘Panel launchers’ is replaced with ‘Grouped window list’.

      As you noticed, this resets to 3 default applications (Firefox, Terminal, and Files (Nemo)), all other application icons are removed but easily added back again using the menu by right clicking the application and selecting ‘Add to panel’.

      Hope this answers your question?

  153. Finally got the Gradio to work on 19.1. Reinstalled using the net cable. Now works, hmmm. I don’t know?

    Anyone know of a cooler screen saver for 19.1? Thanks Kelly

  154. After upgrading to 19.1 I no longer have “Make executable and run” option for .appimage files when I double click on them. When ran via terminal, they work fine as usual, the button just disappeared from the “open with” message box. Any ideas?

  155. Thanks for this great OS. I will donate at some stage.
    I was totally deceived by Zorin OS after paying 19 Euros on something that does not work and they would not even answer. Beware of them.

  156. OK, did a successful upgrade 18.3 => 19, all looked great. So, I got brave and did the 19.1 upgrade via update manager.
    Now I have a crashing Cinnamon, missing Driver Manager app so no way to check Nvidia for stability there, Update Manager won’t load (does nothing) and all my fonts are thoroughly borked to the point of making things impossible to read. Is there a path forward to re-run the upgrade and see what failed, or is it LiveCD and downgrade to 19 via Timeshift?

    1. Update – rolled back to 18.3 and did a go-forward with a bit more diligence in testing 19v2

      I think I’ll stay here for a day or so before doing the 19.1 upgrade.

    2. I have to say, this was one of the more painful Mint upgrades I’ve done so far, but it’s done and working now. Had to do a complete reformat of my root partition to get the install to work correctly (thanks dd backups) and had to work through a bunch of manual steps to get my NVidia card working with 3rd party drivers. Never id get this to work via Driver Manager – had to add another PPA and install v390 that way. Also never got my Broadcom B4360-based Wifi card working that I installed way back with 18, so I bit the bullet and replaced that card with an Intel-based Asus card.

      All that being said, Mint is still worth even a painful upgrade now and again. My gut feel is that the issues are 18.04 related as that release seems shaky.

  157. I am wondering if the MATE System Monitor on 19.1 is accurate or the computer is actually using 3 times as much memory as 18.3 or 19.0.

  158. I was going to take it slow, but got tired of messing with 19.1 in a VM, so on impulse I upgraded one of my laptop’s Cinnamon install, then my other two laptops. All three upgrades went as smooth as butter. I make a point of getting machines with all Intel hardware, so maybe that helped (though the oldest one has Broadcom wireless).

    And the new system is so subtly different and yet so obviously beautiful. A truly elegant interface. Now that I’m running natively on hardware, the improved responsiveness is quite evident. Very well done, Mint team!

    A couple small things of note:

    Timeshift has saved my bacon several times since its introduction on 19. I’m totally sold on it. I still do regular backups with BIT, but having Timeshift there at the ready is awesome. My only worry is it’s gonna make me more careless!

    The new, more stable grouped window applet has also won me over. Simplified and streamlined my desktop and workflow, for sure. But if, like me, you find the grouped window badges too small/hard to read, you can easily edit


    Back it up first! Look for the following passage (with my edits shown) and edit to your taste:

    this.badge = new St.BoxLayout({
    style_class: ‘grouped-window-list-badge’,
    important: true,
    width: 19 * global.ui_scale, // CHANGED: 12 –> 19
    height: 19 * global.ui_scale, // CHANGED: 12 –> 19
    x_align: St.Align.START,
    y_align: St.Align.MIDDLE,
    show_on_set_parent: false,
    style: ‘margin: 0;’,
    this.numberLabel = new St.Label({
    // ADDED: font-weight: bold ; CHANGED: 10px –> 15px
    style: ‘font-size: 15px ; font-weight: bold ; padding: 0px;’,
    style_class: ‘grouped-window-list-number-label’,
    important: true,
    text: ”,
    anchor_x: -4 * global.ui_scale, // CHANGED: -3 –> -4
    anchor_y: 3 + (global.ui_scale > 1 ? 2 : 0) // CHANGED: ‘1 +’ –> ‘3 +’

  159. The upgrade was smooth and fast, but I am running into lot of issues, primarily related to the X/lighdm on my Asus UX501V ultrabook using Cinnamon. The X session freezes at random and I have to restart lighdm from the console. After some time and some opening/closing the lid and then connecting a 4k monitor to the USB C port, the entire OS freezes and i don’t have access even to the console. There are no such issues with 18.3

  160. Wow – It took longer to read how to update than it did to update
    The longest part was the timeshift back up
    I was already on version 19, upgraded to 19.1 blinked and it was done – really fast
    Havent fully tested it yet but 17,18,19 have been great so looking forward to this

    I will now upgrade other installs

  161. My upgrade attempt was not successful. I’m very thankful right now that I didn’t skip the Timeshift step.

    “Upgrade to Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa” was not in my Update Manager’s Edit menu despite everything seemly being updated. I followed instructions on a different site to do it thru Terminal by running mintupgrade. It ran into a lot of errors at the end having to do with locale and gconf2. Here’s an abridged paste of the errors I got tens of times:
    After rebooting, the boot screen still said 18.3 despite screenfetch saying it’s 19.1. Cinnamon ran in a low resolution fallback mode and couldn’t be started in normal mode.

    Any idea what went wrong?

  162. First, thank you for the amazing job you are doing. I was been on the way during Christmas and New year and back the last weekend. Second, Before went away I upgraded my LM 19 to LM 19.1 using your instruction, it runs ok, but I could really tested the new 19.1 version until yesterday. Absolutely great !. The system started quicker, the “modern” theme is together with Cinnamon 4.0 simply … beautiful. But the main matter is that after the upgrade all the applications I have had under LM 19 and used, are there ready and without any issues (Wine, Multimedia, Internet app, etc…). After 10 years using another distribution, where any new version means also new installation of drivers or applications with all the time consume related, is this upgrade of LM simply a pleasure. As user of Linux systems, I can only say LINUS MINT is the best of all other distributions I have tested and used in the past 10 years and this is because the orientation of the systems is to the USERS more than to programmers, with all my respect to the programmers. Great Job again and thank you once more.

  163. to all master of linux mint,
    I successfully installed the Linux mint MATE 19 I am new with this OS, my problem is I can not find printer driver for EPSON L360 is there any body who can help me?
    Thankz in advance.
    I Love Linux, Goodby Windows.

    1. As far as I know there’s an issue between linux (or Ubuntu which Mint is based on) and Epson, in general most things are just plug & play in Linux (for example I did nothing to make my Hp all in one to work; neither driver nor installation. As most drivers are already in Linux kernel, you just plug and use. But if I’m not wrong, the problem is due to Epson, making drivers only for Win and Apple (I still don’t understand why a world-famous brand ignores Linux and make a disadvantage for itself when its biggest rivals support customers no matter what OS they use Win – Ios – Linux, rather than forcing them to use this or that…)

    2. I found it, official:

      According to your architecture:

      Either download 32bit : epson-printer-utility_1.0.2-1lsb3.2_i386.deb 1.12 MB
      or 64 bit: epson-printer-utility_1.0.2-1lsb3.2_amd64.deb 3.22 MB

      And also all are listed here:

      And it says: Information :
      In order to install these drivers, you need to install LSB package (version 3.2 or later) beforehand.

      Ubuntu (and Mint): So just open a terminal and copy & paste this then hit Enter:
      sudo apt-get install lsb

    3. P.S. Don’t worry about the site, it’s the official site of Epson in Turkish.

      ( On I’ve clicked on USA, Canada and UK to be in English language for you and everyone, but none of them even listed the L360 device.. )

      (On the Turkish site “Kabul Et düğmesine basarak, Yazılım Lisans Sözleşmesi’nin koşul ve şartlarını kabul etmiş olursunuz.” means : “You Accept the software license terms and conditions by clicking the Accept button” … ) (and “İndir” means “Download”)

  164. Hi! I just upgraded to 19.1 from 19, and the first bug I encountered is that the “Create Desktop Launcher” no longer works. Why is this?

    1. Agree, same problem here. Works ok on a fresh build but I don’t really want to rebuild my main machine.

    2. Hi Tony and Borena,
      Mine is fresh installation (32bit), and it doesn’t work despite that.. (as a feedback to Mint Team)

    3. Hi Tony. Yes, it’s probably better to wait for the update but it’s soothing to know that I’m not the only one encountering this problem. I also tried doing a fresh install without success, and thought (because I’m a Linux beginner) that I messed something up. Also, since I have zero python skills, a manual patch is out of the question haha.

  165. Sir Emin,
    I will do this on sunday Philippine time,
    Thankz for your concern, If you dont mind, may I know from what country are you? Sir ?

    1. Meanwhile, there are also on the Philippines link:

      Gives the results :

      Printer :


      after extracting the zip file for printer, you’ll use the .deb file(s) but again; before clicking them to install, just open a terminal and:

      sudo apt-get install lsb

      (you can do this from now also…)

      I / We will be glad if you write the result if it worked or not…

  166. The update process was flawless, and the new layout is great! Mint just gets better and better with every release, you folks rock! Thanks for the best OS, Mint team, keep it up!

  167. In Mint 19.2 when you click the Date and Time settings it should take you to the Date and Time app in the Control Center. Took me forever to fix my Taskbar clock. Thanks

  168. 6 ways to Install Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa
    Watch out a Good Video Collection for Beginners to Install or Upgrade to Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa Version:
    1. Upgrading from Older Version Mint 19 Tara :
    2. Single Operating System by replacing Windows Operating System:
    a. Using USB Pen Drive on Windows 10 :
    b. Using DVD on Windows 10 :
    3. Single Operating System by replacing Linux Operating System
    a. Using USB Pen Drive on Ubuntu :
    b. Using DVD on Ubuntu :
    4. Dual Operating System alongside Windows Operating System
    a. Dual Boot with Windows 10 using USB Pen Drive :
    b. Dual Boot with Windows 10 using DVD :
    5. Dual Operating System alongside Linux Operating System
    a. Dual Boot with Ubuntu Linux using USB Pen Drive :
    b. Dual Boot with Ubuntu Linux using DVD :
    6. As a Guest Operating System inside another Operating System
    a. Using Oracle Virtual Box in Windows 10 :
    b. Using VMWare Workstation Player in Windows 10 :
    c. Using Virtual Machine Manager in CentOS :

  169. Is posible to upgrade from 19 to 19.1 from terminal? System Upgrade only show “Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia” and for some reason the upgrade not work.

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