Linux Mint 19 “Tara” MATE released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 19 “Tara” MATE Edition.

Linux Mint 19 Tara MATE Edition

Linux Mint 19 is a long term support release which will be supported until 2023. It comes with updated software and brings refinements and many new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use.

New features:

This new version of Linux Mint contains many improvements.

For an overview of the new features please visit:

What’s new in Linux Mint 19 MATE“.

Important info:

The release notes provide important information about known issues, as well as explanations, workarounds and solutions.

To read the release notes, please visit:

Release Notes for Linux Mint 19 MATE

System requirements:

  • 1GB RAM (2GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 15GB of disk space (20GB recommended).
  • 1024×768 resolution (on lower resolutions, press ALT to drag windows with the mouse if they don’t fit in the screen).


  • The 64-bit ISO can boot with BIOS or UEFI.
  • The 32-bit ISO can only boot with BIOS.
  • The 64-bit ISO is recommended for all modern computers (Almost all computers sold since 2007 are equipped with 64-bit processors).

Upgrade instructions:

Announcements will be made shortly with instructions on how to upgrade from Linux Mint 18.3.

If you are running the BETA, perform a system snapshot, use the Update Manager to apply available updates, run the following commands and reboot:

apt remove ttf-mscorefonts-installer
apt install libreoffice-sdbc-hsqldb sessioninstaller ttf-mscorefonts-installer
sudo rm -f /etc/systemd/logind.conf
apt install --reinstall -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confmiss" systemd
sudo rm -f /etc/polkit-1/localauthority/50-local.d/com.ubuntu.enable-hibernate.pkla

Download links:

Here are the download links for the 64-bit ISO:

A 32-bit ISO image is also available at

Integrity and authenticity checks:

Once you have downloaded an image, please verify its integrity and authenticity.

Anyone can produce fake ISO images, it is your responsibility to check you are downloading the official ones.


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun with this new release!


  1. Yea! I got Adobe Air (Pandora) app working in Mint Mate 19..I knew that Adobe Air was working because Avast and Adobe reader are working. As a last ditch effort. I deleted the Pandora app in /opt and copied the Pandora folder from 18.3 /opt, to 19 /opt. Yea, it worked! I now have my favorite Pandora desktop app for at least 5 more years!! Thank you Clem and Mint team!!!

    1. I succeded in installing AdobeAir 2 runtime using the .deb file. But when I try to install Midnite LocalStatusPanel application (LocalStatusPanel.air), which worked fine on Mint 18.x, I get in the end the error message: Adobe AIR application could not be installed. Debian tools for creating deb packages (such as dpkg-deb or ar) were not found on the system. You didn’t have that problem?

    2. I had EXACTLY the same problem and could not track a solution. So taking a wild shot in the dark. I copied the app folder from 18.3 to 19, and voila! Good luck.

    3. Tried that solution. Gave med the same result: Adobe AIR application could not be installed. Debian tools for creating deb packages (such as dpkg-deb or ar) were not found on the system.

  2. Great news! Downloading the ISO and waiting for the update instructions from 18.3 🙂
    Just cannot wait to test it 🙂

    1. Pete:
      The problem here was that Kernel 4.15 is not patched for Spectre and Meltdown, while the newer 4.16 is.
      Please read the link provided in my initial comment…

  3. Due to a known acpi issue, the first thing I’ll do is to change the kernel too (4.17 working great for me). Anyway, congrats to the team for their very good job !

    1. Many thanks and congratulations the Linux Mint Team! I am waiting for the update announcement.
      However: The choice of an end-of-life kernel is a disappointment. I will upgrade the kernel to 17.3.
      The problem with that is that most people will not know how to update to the latest and safest kernel. Wouldn’t it be better to stay with old 4.4 that still is being maintained and updated automatically? Or 4.14? How dependent on Canonical can one be?

    1. From the blog post above:

      “Announcements will be made shortly with instructions on how to upgrade from Linux Mint 18.3.”

      So, they’re still working on the details of the upgrade path. You’ll need to wait for that announcement.

  4. Some of you may have difficulty copying the commands for the transition from BETA to full version.
    Here they are: with sudo added to the front of the command

    sudo apt remove ttf-mscorefonts-installer
    sudo apt install libreoffice-sdbc-hsqldb sessioninstaller ttf-mscorefonts-installer
    sudo rm -f /etc/systemd/logind.conf
    sudo apt install –reinstall -o Dpkg::Options::=”–force-confmiss” systemd
    sudo rm -f /etc/polkit-1/localauthority/50-local.d/com.ubuntu.enable-hibernate.pkla

  5. RUNNING THE ABOVE COMMANDS: In my last post.

    I just want to point out that, FOR ME, It removed the fonts in use for applications such as Thunderbird. I resolved this by reinstalling Ttf-mscorefonts. No need to reboot, just re-start the offending app.
    GREAT distro and my sincere thanks to the team.

    1. The command listed in the above post:

      apt install libreoffice-sdbc-hsqldb sessioninstaller ttf-mscorefonts-installer

      should have reinstalled those fonts.

  6. Cannot install nothing from Flat Pack. Example: Dconf Editor. An error occurred. Could not locate runtime ‘runtime/org.gnome. Platform/x86_64/3.28 in any registered remotes’
    Not even one single thing can be installed from Flat Pack. Why?

    1. Hi,

      We’re aware of the regression with Flatpak. It’s upstream from us (caused by an Ubuntu upgrade on the flatpak package, that’s why it worked in the BETA but not anymore). That said, we’ve a solution on github already and we’ll send an update.

  7. Continuing with a (to me) major bug that I documented in the LM19-beta release, there is still a problem with video playback.

    # booted linuxmint-19-mate-32bit-beta.iso from cdrom
    # installed all upgrades; installed w/recommends mint-meta-codecs

    # $ uname -a
    # Linux mint 4.15.0-20-generic #21-Ubuntu SMP Tue Apr 24 06:15:38 UTC 2018 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux

    # $ cat /etc/
    # Linux Mint 19 Tara

    # $ inxi -G
    # Graphics: Card: Intel 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller
    # Display Server: x11 (X.Org 1.19.6 )
    # drivers: intel (unloaded: modesetting,fbdev,vesa)
    # Resolution: 1920×1080@60.00hz
    # OpenGL: renderer: Mesa DRI Intel 865G x86/MMX/SSE2
    # version: 1.3 Mesa 18.0.0-rc5

    # invoked xplayer, prompted to install packages; installed; xplayer segfaulted

    [ 616.478333] xplayer[3861]: segfault at 1 ip 00000001 sp bff3464c error 4 in xplayer[477000+3000]
    [ 679.090298] xplayer[4914]: segfault at 1 ip 00000001 sp bfab5e8c error 4 in xplayer[410000+3000]
    [ 686.524094] xplayer[4936]: segfault at 1 ip 00000001 sp bfbe27fc error 4 in xplayer[45f000+3000]

    # invoked vlc; no proper play in either default or user-specified window
    # size, proper play in window-manager maximized.

    # installed w/recommends smplayer; no proper play in either default or
    # user-specified window size, proper play in window-manager maximized.
    If there’s any other information that’s needed I’ll be glad to supply it. Don’t shoot the messenger.

    1. Sorry for the typo — I burned-and-booted-from the linuxmint-19-mate-32bit.iso, NOT the beta.

  8. I’m still running Mint Mate 18.3, but having the MS fonts sounded like a good idea, so I did:

    sudo apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer

    It was successful, and I now have the fonts installed.

  9. Install Mint Mate 19 alongside various other Distros:
    I tried to install without grub: at the very end the installer froze.
    booted with existing OS, update-grub, then booted LM19
    update manager throws errors, demanded the install media, still crashed
    “Could not download all repository indexes
    The repository may no longer be available or could not be contacted because of network problems. If available an older version of the failed index will be used. Otherwise the repository will be ignored. Check your network connection and ensure the repository address in the preferences is correct.
    The repository ‘cdrom://Linux Mint 19 _Tara_ – Release amd64 20180626 bionic Release’ does not have a Release file.”

    I tried to update with synaptic, it also crashed, same errors.
    updated manually … same problems

    boot with another OS:
    review /etc/apt/sources.list
    deb cdrom:[Linux Mint 19 _Tara_ – Release amd64 20180626]/ bionic contrib main non-free
    problem found: edit sources list, rem out CD
    boot, ran update manager… successful.

    synaptic: tried to install mate-desktop-environment-extras and mate-tweak

    “mate-desktop-environment-extras” broken?
    E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.
    E: Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.
    E: Unable to correct dependencies

    so, I have part of Mate, but not all that much

    1. Thank-you. Why did they put this in as a default in /etc/apt/sources.list?

    2. Same problem here. I installed from a thumb drive and NOT a cdrom. How do I fix this? I’m a relative noob with Linux.

  10. Hi,
    looks great.
    Unfortunately OpenVPN-Clien doesn’t work it will not event connect.
    Exactly the same setup works with 17.3 and 18.3,

    1. sorry tested with the wrong machine, my OpenVPN setup only works with 17.3
      and neither with 18.3 nor with 19

    1. Not yet, but it will be. The upgrade instructions will appear in the Mint blog when they become available.

      In the meantime, you could upgrade to Mint 18.3, as suggested in (the chapter beginning “There will be an upgrade path…”.

  11. I’m running Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.0 Beta in VirtualBox since it first came out. It worked for me with only minor distractions and has been stable the whole time. However, when I try to upgrade to the release version the process eventually aborts even though I told it to continue as follows:

    The following NEW packages will be installed:
    ca-certificates-java default-jre default-jre-headless java-common
    libatk-wrapper-java libatk-wrapper-java-jni libhsqldb1.8.0-java
    libreoffice-java-common libreoffice-sdbc-hsqldb libservlet3.1-java
    openjdk-11-jre openjdk-11-jre-headless python3-debconf python3-distro-info
    python3-distupgrade python3-update-manager sessioninstaller
    ttf-mscorefonts-installer ubuntu-release-upgrader-core update-manager-core
    0 upgraded, 21 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
    Need to get 43.1 MB of archives.
    After this operation, 191 MB of additional disk space will be used.
    Do you want to continue? [Y/n] Y

  12. Attention,
    Après une installation, sans formatage et conservation du répertoire Home (comme expliqué sur le wiki français d’Ubuntu, le répertoire Images se retrouve vide, tous les fichiers ont disparu.
    J’avais au préalable exclusivement effacé les fichiers système et quelques réglages personnels avec la Live USB.
    Ce sont les seuls fichiers manquants tous les autres répertoires sont intacts et complets.
    C’est une opération que j’ai déjà effectuée plus d’une dizaine de fois sur différents ordinateurs, sans problème.
    Mes images étaient heureusement sauvegardées sur une autre disque.
    A part cela, Linux Mint Mate 19 fonctionne très bien sur un vieux Dell Optiflex GX520 avec un Pentium 4 et 4 GO de mémoire !. Pour rire essayez d’installer Windows 10 sur ce type d’ordinateur.
    Merci à toute l’équipe.

    After an installation, without formatting and conservation of the Home directory (as explained on the French wiki of Ubuntu, the Images directory is empty, all files have disappeared.
    I had previously exclusively deleted the system files and some personal settings with the Live USB.
    These are the only files missing all the other directories are intact and complete.
    It is an operation that I have already performed more than ten times on different computers, without any problem.
    Fortunately my images were saved on another disk.
    Apart from that, Linux Mint Mate 19 works great on an old Dell Optiflex GX520 with a Pentium 4 and 4GB of memory ! For fun try installing Windows 10 on this type of computer.
    Thanks to the whole team.
    Translated with

  13. Sorry for saying that, but Tare Mate is not the best of Linux Mint release. Some “devices” cannot be installed even from Device Manager. It looks like RUSH RELEASE with errors. Beta was actually better.

  14. I like Linux Mint 19 Mate very much.
    However, in Version 19, the vertical scroll bar function (on the right side) of the touchpad for notebooks (here Lenovo T61) has stopped working, though the configuration was set. In Linux Mint 18.3 Mate it was still fully functional.
    This was one superior practical functionality of Linux Mint, compared to Windows, that never could do that.
    This feature was so efficient on notebooks, I hope it will be fixed soon ! Thank you.

    1. Mint 19 uses a new touchpad driver (libinput). Mint 18.x used (synaptic).
      So I would recommend to install the synaptic touchpad driver (this is also mentioned in the Release Notes for Linux Mint 19).
      The command to install is: `apt install xserver-xorg-input-synaptics`
      This should fix your issue.

  15. I can not even install this, because on my Acer E371 the network manager doesn’t function in legacy. It says it is connected, but firefox can load a single page.

  16. Issue with Pulseaudio. Don’t save changes when you select an audio device as default. After reboot, these set is lost. It may seem like something unimportant, but if you use more than one audio device, it ends up being very uncomfortable. This never happened on Linux Mint 18 / Ubuntu 16.04

  17. This is the Profession Standard we have been waiting for. Seamless installation and operation. Great feel an presentation. Thank you so much to all the folks who contributed their time, efforts and money. Linux Mint 19 is the new standard in alternatives to Windows !!!!!!

  18. new install of linux mint mate 19. First restart takes sub 20 seconds as normal. Apply recommended updates via Update Manager then restart again and it takes between 3 and 4 MINUTES on both of my laptops.
    This is with standard x64 iso and no changes???

  19. After fresh install from downloaded image (MATE) I went to update (about 20 pcs waiting) then after reboot there was no login screen anymore (not sure is about lightdm or slick-greeter) but just blank screen. Switching ttys with Ctrl-Alt-F1 and back with Alt-F6 eventually started login screen and everything was fine until next reboot. By trial and error found that new kernel 4.15.0-24.26 was the package causing this issue after updating. Reverting to original 4.15.0-20 (from original image) fixed the issue. Anybody having same problem? It’s about a HP Compaq Elite 8300 i5-3570 here, with Intel Xeon E3-1200 v2/3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (modesetting). Let this aside, a big thanks to Mint team!

  20. Strange thing but Audacity 2.2.1 will only run as administrator. To try and run it normally gives this error:
    “Audacity could not find a place to store temporary files. Please enter an appropriate directory in the preferences dialog.”
    After creating a folder manually, it still gives same error. But when running as root, it runs great.

    1. If it’s of any help, I’m running version 2.2.2 from ppa:ubuntuhandbook1/audacity as user and not experiencing this problem (unless there is a more complex series of steps required to reproduce the problem than just running it).

    2. Audacity create a default temporary folder in your home/user directory. If you want change it at other folder or drive, then is when appears these error message, because don’t have permissions for create folder.
      If not absolutely necessary, keep audacity temporary folder in your home/user directory.

    3. The Solution was to delete the audacity.cfg file in the home/.audacity-data folder. Then run Audacity and it creates a new file and runs fine after that.

  21. some bugs

    1. Hibernation is missing on both laptop and desktop install, and there appears to be no user-friendly option to enable it.

    2. Horizontal-scroll across tabs in Xed fails when the cursor is over a tab instead of the tab-background.

    3. Auto-upgrade does not notify the user when a reboot is required. (kernels, and firmware updates for the Melt/Spectre debacle.) This is a serious shortcoming, given the modern preference for Suspend and Hibernate instead of Shutdown – it makes Mint’s Auto-upgrade a security flaw.

    4. Still no automatic or user-friendly mechanism to keep old kernels from filling the /boot partition. This is getting old — Full Disk Encryption has been normal for a long time. I appreciate this may be considered an “upstream” issue, so I’ll say it’s an opportunity for Mint to serve its users by providing documentation / an user-friendly warning / or (ideally) a mechanism.

    That’s it so far. That’s pretty good, and the new Welcome screen tour is quite well done. Seems that’s only missing a link directly to the toggle to switch-on the new Auto-upgrade. It’s kinda buried on the ‘last panel’ for the distracted new user. But Auto-upgrade needs to be fixed first, so got lucky there.

    1. Regarding 4:
      I think in Mint 19 it’s possible to remove old kernels with `sudo apt autoremove`. (This method didn’t worked in Mint 18.x, but it seems to work in Mint 19, if you have more than 3 kernels installed).

  22. DSL/PPPoE problems

    I have Linux Mint 18.3 KDE and it works great.
    I try to install first Mint 19 Mate, then Cinnamon and Xfce.

    Same two problems.

    I connect internet with DSL modem.

    I setup DSL/PPPoe (like I did in Mint 18, username/password). This works.

    But when I try to connect, there is no my DSL connection in applet for select.
    Only “Wired connection 1”, “Enable connection” and “Edit connection”.
    So, I can not connect to internet!
    Why is that?

    Second problem.
    In DSL/PPPoE setup there is “Parent interface”! What is it?
    I can select lo, enp11s0, wlp10s0.
    I must to select something or can not finish dialog.
    Try all 3.
    There is no this in Mint 18.
    What is this?

    BTW, in Mate edition I must restart Start panel (right click, restart panel).
    In Cinnamon and Xfce is OK, but Mint only brown field at the bottom.

    1. I’m in the same boat here on Cinnamon, thinking seriously to get Mate 18.3 or even Windows 7 back.

    2. DSL/PPPoE setup don’t work in new Linux Lite and Kubuntu!
      And I don’t know how to repair this.

    3. Same problem (Second problem) here! BUT…when I do Log of and Log on, everything is OK…until next start/reboot. Do anyone find solution? Thanx for any advice in advance.

  23. Unfortunately the nemo-rabbitvcs plugin disappeared from the official Mint repository with Mint 19 Tara. Its well-working integration was one of the main reasons why I moved from Kubuntu to Mint 18.
    What seems strange: the README on explicitly lists nemo-rabbitvcs as supported, commit contradicts in that nemo-rabbitvcs has been removed intentionally. However, the rabbitvcs ppa seems to not support bionic nor nemo.
    Seems like a coordination issue – is there a way how the rabbitvcs plugin can be maintained as part of the nemo plugins until the rabbitvcs maintainers adopt the nemo-specific modifications and release their package?

  24. Looks like there is problem with torrent of linuxmint-19-mate-64bit.iso. First I downloaded linuxmint-19-mate-64bit.iso through torrent and tried to install it in VirtualBox, but at the last step (copying files) setup wizard failed with something like “Cannot copy. Your iso is corrupted or your hdd is bad”. I checked the the live cd with it’s built in check and it gave me “error found in 1 files!”. Then i compared sha256:
    What sha256 should be (according to
    sha256 for ISO from Yandex mirror:
    sha256 for ISO from torrent:

    plz fix torrent file.

  25. Hello,
    I’ve just upgraded from 18.3 to 19 and everything works well. I have just one issue:
    “Gksu, which used GTK+, was removed and all the tools which were using it were migrated to pkexec.” so no more “open as root” menu? I don’t see it now and it was extremely useful in some cases.

  26. In the touchpad settings applet, changing the options for “click actions” has no effect on the laptop I upgraded to Mint 19 from 18.3.. It appears to be in “auto” mode no matter what option I select.

    I saw the previous reply about libinput, but I just checked, and another laptop I have is using libinput with its touchpad in 18.3 and it is working as expected.

    Touchpad in the laptop with 19 on it is an Elan tech in “precision” mode, while the one with 18.3 that works properly with libinput uses a Synaptics, with no precision mode available.

  27. Oops! My post from a moment ago about the touchpad not obeying the settings specified was supposed to go into the Cinnamon discussion… I didn’t see I was in MATE until after posting. I do not know if the issue also applies to MATE, but I would guess that it does.

  28. One or two minor cliches upgrading from 18.3, but am successfully running Mint19 Mate on both my AMD desktop and ancient Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop now.

    Well done guys. Looks good and so far seems well worth the upgrade!

  29. Hi!

    Linux Mint MATE has become my home computer platform of choice. Previously, openSUSE 10.3, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, and Linux Mint 13, Cinnamon were my platforms of choice. For me, over the years, I noticed that, of the platforms I used, only Linux Mint had a problem with Synaptic Package Manager (which is, of course, superb). Always with only Linux Mint (for me, at least), it took a very long time for refresh the Synaptic Package Manager. I was elated to discover that (for me, at least) there’s no such problem with Linux Mint 19, Tara!! Now—at long, long last—Linux Mint’s Synaptic Package Manager can be refreshed admirably quickly!! Here are my suggestions (which might be for MATE or some other entity or entities). “Logout” (a noun) in the Main Menu should be “Log Out” (a verb). I’d like it if the little white Tomboy Notes systray icon were yellow. (I’m going to find out whether I can make my Tomboy Note yellow.) Until recently, it was fairly easy to configure MATE’s panel applet clock (date/time) using dconf-editor and, of course, For a Good Strftime. Now, for no known reason, it seems to be impossible to configure MATE’s panel applet clock. It should be easy to configure MATE’s panel applet clock!! Instead of “Fri Jul 6, 1:02 PM”, I like “Fri, Jul 6, 2018, 1:02 PM” (%a, %b %e, %Y, %l:%M %p). I love simple (I’m simple-minded). That’s why I love Ubuntu MATE’s Minimal install(ation). I’d love it if Linux Mint offered Minimal!!


  30. Caja won’t mount windows shares. Keep getting Failed to retrieve share list from server: Invalid argument

  31. I’ve been using Linux Mint Mate in its various versions over the years with the result that I’ve gotten a lot of work done quickly and efficiently. There have been minor speed bumps and irritations as the distro changed, but it’s still my favorite for stability and getting work done. So good work guys.

    After starting to use LM Mate 19 I noticed a problem with trying to run File Browser as administrator. I had added it to my desktop from the menu. If I right click on it in the desktop it offers to Run as Administrator. Selecting that causes a terminal window to open and close very quickly and then nothing else happens. A work around is to run sudo caja from a terminal.

  32. Thank you very much for Clem and The Developing Team of Linux Mint. I have a new computer that I had installed Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia in Dual Boot with Winbugs 10 factory installed. Yesterday, I could upgrade to Linux Mint 19 Tara by Terminal. The new version has a better performance in the same conditions and use. Its beauty is spectacular, the new Icons that have been updated and the Mint-Y Dark theme for Cinnamon are beautiful.

    An anecdote, I had to install by Terminal for can separate the download and the installation of the updates, because the Nvidia driver when was active produced an error in the install process. With the terminal could do the download with the propietary driver active and the installation inactive. The result was success.

    I’m spanish user, I’m sorry for my low level of English.

  33. I find the layout of Linux Mint 19 Mate a big improvement, with a professional look. I am using Linux Mint for 6 years now, and for me its the only OS I know to secure.

    The only problem I got is with openvpn, where I can not connect to one vpn provider and, because when update-resolv-conf want to add a ipv6 route what is not there, the connection terminates. With a other vpn provider I got a connection, but the traffic does not go through the vpn tunnel.

    With Mint 17.x / 18.x the openvpn did work directly out of the box. I am afraid I need to wait some time before I can use Mint 19.

    1. I have found the problem… at-least with one of the problems (not the ipv6 ).
      Removing ‘Network manager openvpn’ did the trick!

  34. Hi!

    Here’s another suggestion: At least with my PC, Linux Mint MATE (but not Linux Mint Cinnamon) and Ubuntu MATE both have the same problem: Sometimes (very often), when moving the mouse pointer over any element that has an associated tool-tip (such as the Mint Menu button), the tool-tip itself doesn’t immediately appear. Rather, for a fraction of a second, some other image (which has the same size and shape as the tool-tip) appears.Then, in the blink of an eye, the tool-tip appears. The other image is of some part of whatever background there is at the time (from what I can tell). Sometimes the tool-tips work as they’re supposed to—they immediately pop up. It’s a very annoying problem. It would appear to be a MATE problem. As I noted, I haven’t had this problem with Cinnamon. I’m pretty sure that this problem has already been noted in the Web. It may be referred to as “tool-tip flicker”.


  35. Все хорошо! Ни из каких предустановленных релизов Tara не видно! Почему видно из загрузочной флешки??? Хоть бы пароль попросила!

  36. I’ve installed Mint in qwerty, after I’ve changed it to azerty in mate-keyboard-properties
    > if I disconnect my session lightdm is still in qwerty

    mate-applet-brisk-menu is very nice, but the right clic in it is not translated in french

  37. I cant create a bootable usb-stick. Tried it 3 times with dd under Mint Mate 18.3 and one time with another downloaded iso with Etcher under Windows.

    Why the hell does it not start from usb-stick??? Mint 18 worked perfect. I give it a last attempt now with Diskimager and a third download, when it fails again I give up. The stick is blinking 2 seconds on startup, then it starts from hdd…of course USB is set as first startup-device in my bios…there must be a problem somewhere, as said, Mint 18 was fine.

  38. Regarding bootable stick: now it works. I had to disable hdd completely from botdevice-list, whyever.

    But I am having problems anyway: the first thing I recognize after booting up Mint Mate 19 are heavy graphical glitches when I move a window to its border – its jumping around, the preview or large snap producing strange “flashes”…not a very satisfying start…

  39. Regarding flashing of snap-preview when moving a window to a border: corrupt flashing also occurs after activated the NVidia-driver…

    And I found more problems: Why is GRUB showing up on startup? (and how to deactivate?)
    Why does it tell me on startup “no symbol-table found…press any key” ? (and how to fix this?)

  40. Theme-selection-screen is defect – choosen style is not “selectable”, it always stays on the first theme which just change its color.

    Dark themes are the only (!) themes that seems to work correct, all (!) other themes seem to be not able to display symbols in the taskbar correct (wrong color, some are simply invisible on many themes)….

    Compiz still has the same graphical glitches…

    Guys, really???

    Edit: Dont know why, but now I have a normal bright theme and symbols in taskbar shows up in the correct colour – but now dark themes show the symbols in black instead of white…… what is going on here?
    Mate 19 definately need much much bugfixes and work…every update of Mint getting more and more problems instead of getting better…

  41. After I installed the latest offered kernel through the updatemanager, my PC wont boot anymore…only a blackscreen…happily (?!?) the GRUB-Bootmanager still shows up and I could easily choose the older one.

    (is that the reason why it shows up – cause new releases are so buggy nowadays?)

    I am very frustrated with Mint 19. Why is such a bugged OS released?

    Btw, I am still not able to remove GRUB or its “no symbol-table found”-message. GRUB shows up on startup even after I edited /etc/default/grub and unmarked hidden timeout=0 and hidden timeout quiet=true …whyever. And I still have no idea how to remove that symbol-table-error…

    Before I forget: Upgrade from 18.3 was also defect…it told something like “your Mesa-driver is modern…please install an older one” – and the MESA-driver was installed directly before I tried the upgrade through apt-get update+upgrade…I thought it couldn be harmful if I do this before…Linux…..why isnt such an update being removed/held back until such problems are being solved???

    Some things in Linux are just unbelieveable… 🙁 And that its free, “make it better” or things like that are just very bad excuses for bad testing

    1. Both this kernel and the MESA update were published by Ubuntu after the Mint 19 release. We’ve been working all week-end to red flag this MESA update and to block upgrades. It’s thanks to this work that you saw that message and that you didn’t brick your system. You’re talking about bad testing, you’re not even able to paste an error message. Don’t be too fast when judging other people’s work, your feedback isn’t great.

      Regarding kernels, the development pace is very fast, the linux dev team isn’t able to test everything on every possible hardware, neither is Ubuntu, and neither are we. If your computer doesn’t boot, do everyone a favor, troubleshoot and report the issue.

      Don’t use something you don’t like just because it’s free. We love Linux, we think it’s great, and it gets better thanks to feedback, troubleshooting and dedication, not by spitting on it.

  42. Clock or other symbols in taskbar are missing often after startup and or Ctrl, alt+backspace-restart (using Compiz)…same as in 18* ….I could write about bugs all day long – but its pointless, in Linux things will never be fixed

    1. Micha, I don’t know what YOU do, but I personally fix things EVERY SINGLE day. I know many in my very own team who do the same. I also know many upstream who do it as well.

      Please don’t write about “observations” all day, it is indeed pointless. Anyone can learn how to code or how to troubleshoot issues and identify their cause. If you’re waiting on other people to do what you could do, at least please respect them and value their work.

    2. You’re not writing about bugs. It is an observation you make.
      You don’t tell what happens in the process, you don’t tell what kind of system you have.

      It’s like a child screaming in a group that he doesn’t like the colour blue and someone has to change it for him.

      Your comments don’t make sense. Please be accurate.



  43. Hiyall,
    I am new to Linux but have bin with Microsoft for over 25 years.Their strategy of taking over my life does not sit well with me. Consequently I have tried all of the Mint 19 flavours and a few Ubuntu ones and think I will settle on Mate for all of my computers. Two questions:
    1. I am frequently on one computer allowing the other one to ‘go to sleep’ requiring me to ‘log on’ with the password to operate again. Where can the password be turned off?
    2. I need a download manager that works without ‘nursing’. Xtreme Download Manager works well however it is ridiculous to install requiring knowledge of terminal code which I don’t have. If anyone out there can show me what to type in the terminal window I would be pleased to do it myself.

    1. Peter,
      answer to your first item:
      Open Control Center -> Screensaver
      and uncheck “Lock screen when screen saver is active”.
      This might help.

    2. Hi Peter,
      For #2, XDM doesn’t need ridiculous typing in the terminal.
      I downloaded XDM-2018-x64.tar.xz. Here are the steps:
      A) extract the compressed file. You can do it with the file manager (you can also open the file and copy it out, that works too, so no need to use terminal),
      B) open the directory where you extracted the file ( in terminal (this is the only time you will use it). You can open to the location of the extracted file in you file manager then simply right-click and select “open in terminal” to go there directly,
      C) now in the file location in terminal, type: sudo ./

      That’s all.

      Just check the read-me.txt in the compressed file.

  44. E: ubuntu-system-adjustments: installed ubuntu-system-adjustments package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1

    I get this error while updating ubuntu-system-adjustments with mintupdate
    but the system seems to work correctly
    It’s on an acer aspire v3 771g with nvidia-driver-390 in use

  45. macbook pro 13″ before 2011 > can’t install in efi (sorry I don’t have the log)
    18.3 installed without problem

  46. Nothing is perfect, You guys are already did a great job, Don’t stop just because some people didnt like the result of your progress, there are lots of people needed your help from robbing by window’s price, sorry bad english

    1. Agreed. No system is perfect, especially the first release of any new series. Post the bugs and clem and co will take care of it. Usually by X.1 its rock solid (at least thats been my experience).
      For me it was the Mesa error that stopped me from upgrading. Tried a clean install and I started getting “could not update ICEauthority file” errors, probably because I keep my /home directory through each new install. Along with an extremely slow login screen.
      I then installed it under virtualbox and it went through perfectly. Will keep tabs on mint until the next release comes out. Will stay on 18.3 until then.

  47. I tried mint 19 and it looks great, works out of the box. thx Clem.
    Some minor issues that will be solved soon enough. So mint 19.1 can be a super stable debugged version.

    For now 19 is great already ! keep it up.

  48. Hi all,
    Tried to upgrade 18.3 -> 19 MATE edition, but following error occured_
    ~ $ mintupgrade check

    The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:
    libcapnp-0.5.3 libwebpdemux1

    ~ $ sudo apt autoremove

    0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.

    ~ $ apt remove libcapnp-0.5.3

    .WARNING: The following essential packages will be removed.

    mintsources synaptic (due to mintsources)

    ~ $ apt remove libwebpdemux1

    The following packages will be REMOVED:
    libwebkit2gtk-4.0-37 libwebpdemux1 mintsystem mintupgrade zenity

    Any idea?

    1. Hi Tamas,

      That looks like the MESA issue from last week (mesa removing zenity, which in turn removes libwebkitgtk/metacity/marco/mintsystem etc etc..). This was fixed upstream by Ubuntu on Monday, following the backport of MESA 18.0.5 in Bionic.

    2. Hi Clem,

      Thank you for the response.
      Yes it is like.
      But I have had the MESA issue last week, resolved last Tuesday.
      This seems more complicated..

      For libcapnp-0.5.3 libwebpdemux1:
      In Synaptics Package Manager/Properties/Dependencies | Dependents are 1-4 files.
      But after marked for removal there is plenty…mintsystem, xserver* etc 🙁 as to be removed, without any warning.

      Has anyone the same problem? Can you help me?
      Thank you in advance

  49. meu linux mint 19 tara não mudou muito do 18.3, eu atualizei pelo terminal tudo direitinho e em visual e configuração e continua com o mesmo do 18.3 só mudou algumas coisas mas nada que impactasse tanto, gostaria de saber se ele é assim mesmo ou tem alguma coisa errada

  50. Am I correct that the kernel that is being offered in updated manager does not play well if the target computer is using a SSD hard drive ? That has been my experience so far. I have installed Mint 19 on 3 different computers. Two of them with traditional hard drives, all went well. Installed on a desktop that has a SSD and it would not boot after kernel 24. I replaced the SSD in that computer with a traditional hard drive and Mint 19 and kernel 24 worked on it just fine. Any ideas as to when problem with kernel 24 working with SSD drives will be fixed ? Thanks.

  51. FWIW I tried unsuccessfully to update Mint 18.3 MATE edition to 19 today on a spare PC. Video was scrambled afterwards. I safe booted and had a poke around, decided I preferred the old UI, and didn’t see a way of quickly resolving the video issue. The monitor wasn’t properly detected for one thing (Samsung 225BW). I was happy to revert quickly and easily to my original installation using Timeshift. That worked well, thanks. I may try a clean install with Mint 19.1.

    Motherboard Gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2H with NVidia GeForce 7100
    Hardware drivers:
    xserver-xorg-video-nouveau v1.0.12-1build2 (open source, not proprietary)
    Intel microcode 3.201etc

    There was an issue during the upgrade that generated a message about not being able to locate a registry key file; not sure how significant it was.

  52. Hey Clem and the team, just wanted to say that you did SUPERB job with LM 19. My mother is using MATE, and my sister is using XFCE flavors, and both of them are working flawlessly on somewhat older hardware (that is the reason why I didn’t install them Cinnamon).

    Linux Mint is OS X among Linux distros (in terms of user friendliness).

  53. Hello, I’ve been running linux mint over the years and in xfce flavor, now in 19 I’d like to test the Mate variant. My laptop has an Amd E-450 apu (1.66Mhz dual core with Radeon HD6320 dx11) 8 G ram and 500 G hard disk (80 for linux and 420 for windows). Should Mate run well with this or I should get back to Xfce?

    1. Hi, I think you can easy try without fear. However if you experience “to slow” behavior, go back to XFCE. Just try it.

  54. The scroll-bars should be much wider (it would be nice if it were easy to change their width—this feature was in some GNU/Linux distributions some time ago). The scroll-bars should have up-arrows and down-arrows (also known as “steppers”, if I’m not mistaken). One should be able to easily adjust the amount of scrolling per each left click on a scroll-bar arrow. All these features/controls are nothing new.

    There’s no space between the right side of the panel clock and the edge of the screen.

  55. A little suggestion what could be very useful in next releases: a tool to clean/manage the “open file with another apllication…” in Caja – the list is quickly full of useless or double entries

  56. Since i’ve install linux mint i never be abble to run any webvideo, on youtube, facebook, every website where we can find videos..I tried on google chrome, firefox, opera but i cant see any video…Is there any issue? thanks budies

  57. I have just installed Linux Mint 19 (new July 2018). I use
    Boa-Constructor all the time, mostly with Linux Mint 17.3, since GTK3
    doesn’t seem to work totally with Boa-Constructor (else I would use a
    newer version of Linux Mint).Invoking the ‘Frame Designer’ in
    Boa-Constructor causes Boa-Constructor to completely crash.

    affects Linux Mint 19/Boa-Constructor 0.6.1-16

    I noticed that the version of Boa used for Linux Mint 19 is new (version
    0.6.1-16). The old version (1-15) works with Linux Mint 18.3 without
    crashing. The reason I haven’t stuck with LM 18.3 is because DOSEMU
    won’t run my AutoCad 6.0 (dos version). The new LM 19 runs that OK, so I
    decided to pursue using LM 19. I need to get away from LM 17.3, because
    the support will be going away next year.

    Linux Mint 17.3, using GTK2 (2.8), is the last gtk that can do the
    CalendarCtrl correctly. The newer GTK’s can’t do the SetHolidayColourFg
    or SetHolidlayColourBg . It’s a nice touch to be able to show the
    appointments for the displayed month by setting them as holidays.

    Except for this shortcoming, I would be using newer versions Linux Mint
    (19). It seems like everything else in LM 19 seems to work OK…..which
    is really great news.

    Sure am looking for a cure for this anomally!!

    I can’t send the ‘crash.tar.gz’, due to it’s size, so i am pasting the
    text from the report into this email.

    ————————– pasted text follows

    GDB Log
    “/usr/share/boa-constructor/”: not in executable format: File
    format not recognized
    [New LWP 8890]
    [New LWP 8891]
    [New LWP 8892]
    [New LWP 8911]
    [New LWP 8926]
    Core was generated by `python /usr/share/boa-constructor/’.
    Program terminated with signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
    #0 0xb6101e04 in ?? ()
    [Current thread is 1 (LWP 8890)]

    GDB Backtrace
    “/usr/share/boa-constructor/”: not in executable format: File
    format not recognized
    [New LWP 8890]
    [New LWP 8891]
    [New LWP 8892]
    [New LWP 8911]
    [New LWP 8926]
    Core was generated by `python /usr/share/boa-constructor/’.
    Program terminated with signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
    #0 0xb6101e04 in ?? ()
    [Current thread is 1 (LWP 8890)]
    #0 0xb6101e04 in ?? ()
    #1 0xb613951b in ?? ()
    #2 0x00000000 in ?? ()

    GDB Backtrace (all threads)
    “/usr/share/boa-constructor/”: not in executable format: File
    format not recognized
    [New LWP 8890]
    [New LWP 8891]
    [New LWP 8892]
    [New LWP 8911]
    [New LWP 8926]
    Core was generated by `python /usr/share/boa-constructor/’.
    Program terminated with signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
    #0 0xb6101e04 in ?? ()
    [Current thread is 1 (LWP 8890)]

    Thread 5 (LWP 8926):
    #0 0xb7f1bd09 in __kernel_vsyscall ()
    No symbol table info available.
    #1 0xb7e153a7 in ?? ()
    No symbol table info available.
    #2 0xb5e99c3c in ?? ()
    No symbol table info available.
    Backtrace stopped: previous frame inner to this frame (corrupt stack?)

    Thread 4 (LWP 8911):
    #0 0xb7f1bd09 in __kernel_vsyscall ()
    No symbol table info available.
    #1 0xb7e12303 in ?? ()
    No symbol table info available.

    Thread 3 (LWP 8892):
    #0 0xb7f1bd09 in __kernel_vsyscall ()
    No symbol table info available.
    #1 0xb7e0f43b in ?? ()
    No symbol table info available.
    #2 0x00000000 in ?? ()
    No symbol table info available.

    Thread 2 (LWP 8891):
    #0 0xb7f1bd09 in __kernel_vsyscall ()
    No symbol table info available.
    #1 0xb7e0f43b in ?? ()
    No symbol table info available.
    #2 0x00000008 in ?? ()
    No symbol table info available.
    #3 0x00000000 in ?? ()
    No symbol table info available.

    Thread 1 (LWP 8890):
    #0 0xb6101e04 in ?? ()
    No symbol table info available.
    #1 0xb613951b in ?? ()
    No symbol table info available.
    #2 0x00000000 in ?? ()
    No symbol table info available.
    #0 0xb6101e04 in ?? ()
    #1 0xb613951b in ?? ()
    #2 0x00000000 in ?? ()

  58. >
    >Hi Tamas,
    >That looks like the MESA issue from last week (mesa removing zenity, which in turn removes >libwebkitgtk/metacity/marco/mintsystem etc etc..). This was fixed upstream by Ubuntu on Monday, >following the backport of MESA 18.0.5 in Bionic.

    Hi Clem,

    Thank you for the response.
    Yes it is like.
    But I have had the MESA issue last week, resolved last Tuesday.
    This seems more complicated..

    For libcapnp-0.5.3 libwebpdemux1:
    In Synaptics Package Manager/Properties/Dependencies | Dependents are 1-4 files.
    But after marked for removal there is plenty…mintsystem, xserver* etc 🙁 as to be removed, without any warning.

    Has anyone the same problem? Can you help me?
    Thank you in advance

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