Monthly News – May 2017

Linux Mint 18.2 “Sonya” is just around the corner. The Cinnamon and MATE editions are currently in QA (functional testing) and we should be able to release them as BETA early this month.

Cinnamon was upgraded to version 3.4 and MATE to version 1.18.

The switch to LightDM was confirmed, with out of the box support for guest sessions and a beautiful login screen.

Many improvements and new features were added to the system and applications such as Blueberry, Xed, Xplayer, Xreader, Pix, Xviewer, the Update Manager and the Software Sources configuration tool.

We’re very excited about this new release and eager to receive your feedback on the BETAs.

Last month I mentioned that donations weren’t as high as last year. We’ve seen a fantastic response since and it was clearly visible this month. We’ll report the May donations in the June monthly stats of course, but since the month of May has ended I can already communicate figures. We’ve received more than $16,000, which is more than twice as much as the figure for May last year. We usually see more donations “after” a release, not before. The number of people who donated in May is also quite impressive.. it’s very humbling to imagine 647 people assembled together, here just to support our work. I hope we won’t disappoint and you’ll get to love this new release as much as the previous ones.

On behalf of the teams I’d like to express our gratitude for the support you’re giving us. Many thanks also to all the people who support us in other ways, whether it’s with ideas, patches, feedback or helping out within the community.


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Donations in April:

A total of $9,934 were raised thanks to the generous contributions of 465 donors:

$401 (7th donation), Risikolebensversicherung-Vergleich
$200 (2nd donation), James C.
$161, Andrea T.
$145 (3rd donation), Aaron M.
$108, M. B. .
$108, P. S. .
$108, Michael K.
$108, W. S. .
$108, C. O. .
$100 (15th donation), Jon Espenschied aka “xeno”
$100 (9th donation), Samson S. aka “Samtastic”
$100 (5th donation), Roy Q.
$100 (3rd donation), Richard G.
$100 (3rd donation), Mimi
$100 (2nd donation), Charlie E.
$100, Rich. B.
$100, S. W. .
$100, Stuart O.
$100, cdinvb
$100, Tri Nguyen
$100, Timothy F. .
$100, B. Sanford
$86 (2nd donation), Arnaud L.
$75, Brian M. .
$65 (2nd donation), Ion L. I.
$54 (6th donation), Volker P.
$54 (6th donation), Claude M.
$54 (2nd donation), Jeremy Meunier
$54 (2nd donation), Philipp S.
$54 (2nd donation), Jose Ignacio aka “Jose I”
$54 (2nd donation), Andy F.
$54, M. P. .
$54, B. L. .
$54, Robert Z.
$50 (5th donation), Warren A.
$50 (2nd donation), Edward B.
$50 (2nd donation), Joseph C.
$50 (2nd donation), Crispin M.
$50, C. M. .
$50, B. W. .
$50, C. G. .
$50, J. C. .
$50, T. M. .
$50, Stephen K.
$50, Judith Z.
$50, S. A. .
$50, V. C. .
$50, P. T. .
$50, M. C. .
$50, T. M. .
$50, J. F. .
$50, Anonymous
$50, Albertas N.
$50, B. E. .
$50, V. C. .
$43 (2nd donation), Martin K.
$43, M. J. .
$40 (3rd donation), Stuart Hedditch
$40, A. W. .
$40, A. M. .
$40, P. C. .
$38 (30th donation), Mark W.
$36, @tiagoameller
$32 (86th donation), Olli K.
$32 (2nd donation), Radomír Č.
$32 (2nd donation), Alberto P.
$32, R. H. .
$32, Gustavo Moreno
$32, B. E. .
$32, J. C. .
$30 (26th donation), Curt Vaughan aka “curtvaughan ”
$30, Patrick H. .
$30, Mark Z.
$30, A. A. .
$27 (3rd donation), I REALLY like Linux Mint ! aka “Klaas Sijtsma”
$27 (3rd donation), Michiel aka “Zonnevuur”
$27 (2nd donation), Arvi O.
$27, Dieter G.
$27, Michael Schäfer
$27, Thierry B.
$27, R. S. .
$27, F. M. M. .
$27, E. P. .
$27, T. S. .
$27, Jens G.
$26 (2nd donation), Crystals Gems and Watches
$25 (69th donation), Ronald W.
$25 (25th donation), Curt Vaughan aka “curtvaughan ”
$25 (7th donation), Mathieu D.
$25 (5th donation), Michael W.
$25 (3rd donation), Charles O. .
$25 (2nd donation), M. R. .
$25 (2nd donation), Jeff M.
$25 (2nd donation), Chuck E.
$25 (2nd donation), Aptus Leadership Consulting
$25 (2nd donation), Rene H. aka “Hogi”
$25 (2nd donation), John T.
$25, T. W. .
$25, G. C. .
$25, Bruce R.
$25, W. G. .
$25, J. R. .
$25, Ken.B. .
$25, H. Clemmesen aka “Clemme”
$25, E. V. S. .
$25, N. V. .
$25, A. Q. .
$25, Gregory G.
$25, Aleksandar I.
$25, W. H. .
$25, B. H. .
$25, H. D. M. .
$25, M. K. .
$25, D. C. .
$25, Jay Trim Ltd
$22 (7th donation), Anthony M.
$22 (6th donation), Derek R.
$22 (5th donation), Roland Smit
$22 (5th donation), Francois G.
$22 (2nd donation), Martin L.
$22 (2nd donation), Arne D.
$22 (2nd donation), Domagoj P.
$22 (2nd donation), Ivo S.
$22 (2nd donation), Karel D. B.
$22 (2nd donation), Martin A.
$22 (2nd donation), Gareth J.
$22, Vladislav J.
$22, R. M. .
$22, Johan P.
$22, H. B. .
$22, Luuk van der D.
$22, L. T. .
$22, T. A. .
$22, J. A. .
$22, P. M. .
$22, D. D. .
$22, James S.
$22, Cecilio R. F. .
$22, A. S. V. D. .
$22, Marco P.
$22, D. S. .
$22, E. D. .
$22, Jonas H.
$22, A. P. .
$22, Johan S.
$22, C. J. .
$22, M. D. .
$22, D. B. .
$22, G. S. .
$22, P. B. .
$22, Ralf D.
$22, M. T. .
$21 (6th donation), Douglas T.
$20 (27th donation), Go Live Lively
$20 (13th donation), Larry J.
$20 (7th donation), Daniel A.
$20 (3rd donation), Edgar C.
$20 (2nd donation), Erich S.
$20 (2nd donation), Ash T.
$20 (2nd donation), Samuel M.
$20 (2nd donation), B. Kell
$20 (2nd donation), Katrin S.
$20 (2nd donation), Winston M.
$20, K. K. .
$20, K. T. .
$20, Tom N. aka “shmink
$20, K. B. .
$20, J. K. .
$20, Neil B.
$20, A. D. .
$20, S. B. .
$20, C Lopez aka “KSR1@OC”
$20, J. B. .
$20, Peter G. aka “P Gee”
$20, John W.
$20, B. B. .
$20, L. B. .
$20, M. N. .
$20, B. C. .
$20, CA aka “Clauclau”
$20, Christine H.
$20, L. E. S. .
$20, H. M. C. .
$20, John D.
$20, S M
$20, Eric P.
$20, D. G. .
$20, E. S. .
$20, S. D. .
$20, R. K. .
$16 (3rd donation), Gilles S.
$16 (2nd donation), Paolo C.
$16, Tiberiu D.
$16, F. M. .
$16, SteveMoto
$16, S. K. .
$15 (5th donation), François B.
$15 (3rd donation), Mary H.
$15 (2nd donation), Ketil M.
$15 (2nd donation), Alan W.
$15, H. K. .
$15, H. P. .
$15, G. R. .
$15, C. C. .
$15, J. S. .
$15, C. S. .
$15, L. B. .
$14, K. F. .
$13.6, J. R. .
$13 (12th donation), Anonymous
$12 (73th donation), Tony C. aka “S. LaRocca”
$12 (19th donation), JobsHiringnearMe
$12 (5th donation), Tomasz E.
$12 (3rd donation), Johann J.
$12 (2nd donation), Jaroslav H.
$12, Mr S. J. W.
$11 (13th donation), Julie H. aka “Kjokkenutstyr
$11 (11th donation), Francisco L. D. A.
$11 (5th donation), Samuel H.
$11 (4th donation), H ScottB
$11 (4th donation), Laurent H.
$11 (3rd donation), Toni C.
$11 (3rd donation), Adnan C.
$11 (3rd donation), Tomas S.
$11 (3rd donation), Barry J.
$11 (3rd donation), Jose M. R.
$11 (2nd donation), Peter L.
$11 (2nd donation), Pierre F.
$11 (2nd donation), Tom S.
$11 (2nd donation), Jaap Versteegh aka “SlashV
$11 (2nd donation), Klaus S. aka “northcup
$11 (2nd donation), Rudy P.
$11, F. V. .
$11, Mario C.
$11, Christophe G.
$11, Thomas Maier
$11, M. S. .
$11, C. S. .
$11, Erik K.
$11, S. G. .
$11, Roger V.
$11, M. C. .
$11, I. S. .
$11, Z. F. .
$11, Fran Fondo aka “hathor
$11, M. N. .
$11, Jp V. B.
$11, Roman Stoffel aka “Gamlor
$11, M. D. .
$11, R. K. .
$11, D W Hughes
$11, liberato ciccarelli
$11, I. A. R. .
$11, B. M. .
$11, Georg N.
$11, Antonio John Ettorre
$11, Lajos Nyerges aka “hb9giu
$11, M. L. .
$11, G. Oppermann
$11, K. K. .
$11, M.Attila D. aka “MAD”
$11, N. R. .
$11, J. P. .
$11, F. J.
$11, D. M. .
$11, J. V. .
$11, C. F. .
$11, F. F. .
$11, Alfred P.
$11, A. H. .
$11, R. I. .
$11, E. J. .
$10 (17th donation), Thomas C.
$10 (17th donation), Dan J
$10 (8th donation), Frank K.
$10 (8th donation), Paul O.
$10 (7th donation), RentalCarsnearMe
$10 (6th donation), Rodolfo De Nadai aka “rdenadai
$10 (6th donation), SEO For Dentists
$10 (5th donation), Chris K.
$10 (5th donation), Donald H.
$10 (5th donation), Gaston B.
$10 (4th donation), Tyler B.
$10 (4th donation), Dinu P.
$10 (3rd donation), Bro Brian aka “brobriobri”
$10 (3rd donation), David T.
$10 (3rd donation), Gary P.
$10 (3rd donation), Paul K.
$10 (3rd donation), John M.
$10 (3rd donation), J.M. Tremblay aka “JM”
$10 (3rd donation), Aliki K.
$10 (2nd donation), Michael M.
$10 (2nd donation), Marcelo G.
$10 (2nd donation), Gert G.
$10 (2nd donation), Rick R.
$10 (2nd donation), Donnie L.
$10 (2nd donation), Ken R. S.
$10, A. B. .
$10, Christian L. aka “Chrislan07”
$10, 瓜生 英尚
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$10, J. O. S. .
$10, Australian Gemstones and Minerals Company
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$9 (2nd donation), Richard M.
$8 (2nd donation), Hugh R.
$7.17 (5th donation), Jannik T.
$6, Dražen D.
$5 (14th donation), Jens-uwe R.
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$4 (5th donation), Marcin S aka “KotFryc
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$3.18 (5th donation), Dean W.
$3 (2nd donation), M. T.
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$3 (2nd donation), Jerome A.
$3, D. S. .
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$3, A. W. .
$3, H. H. .
$2.5, Michel M.
$2.2, سوابق بیمه
$38.5 from 30 smaller donations

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  • Distrowatch (popularity ranking): 2901 (1st)
  • Alexa (website ranking): 4446


  1. Make your version of linux better and compatible than microsoft and mac and make it available commercially.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Craig, we’ve no intention of selling software. We’re supported by our community and that works really well for us. When a new piece of hardware hits the market it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to release drivers or at the very least specifications for the new hardware. In the scope of a frozen release cycle, which is important for stability, it takes time for new hardware to be supported by newer kernels and for these new kernels to land in the repositories. We shipped previous versions with a 4.4 kernel, we’re testing 4.8 for these BETAs and 4.10 is available in the repositories as well. Sometimes we’re faced with manufacturers who have no interest in releasing specs and/or drivers and can’t be bothered to support their hardware for the 1 or 2% of the market Linux users represent to them. When that happens we recommend people speak with their wallet, purchase from companies who care and ignore ones which do not.

  2. LightDM: yay! 🙂

    Update Manager: some nice improvements, especially the simplification of the update levels. Although level 1 and 2 could perhaps also be combined into one “safe” level: the practical use of having two “safe” categories doesn’t seem to be big. The simpler, the better…. Would you perhaps consider this reduction of the number of levels?

    Furthermore, I would prefer to have at least one update policy that excludes all level 4 and 5 updates, even hiding them from view. Like we have now…. That makes it easier to explain to beginners.

    Finally: thanks for your work! 🙂

    Edit by Clem: Hi Pjotr, well no matter what level they are, security updates are always shown. That is common to all policies for security reasons. Policies just define a set of defaults. Of course this is your computer, so you can go in the preferences and fine-tune the settings individually. When it comes for level 1 and 2, it’s worth noting the difference… level 2 is the default level, so anything that isn’t given a level, is a level 2 update. Level 1 are specifically flagged because they are known to only impact their own software. I think that difference is relevant to some people. Note also that we introduced the ability to select all level X updates, both from the menu and using keyboard shortcuts. That should make it easy to select and apply what you want, when you want and the way you want. We also have mintupdate-cli in there, so things can be scripted and automated.

  3. What default kernel will ship with Mint 18.2?

    Edit by Clem: Hi Robert, we’re testing 4.8.0-53 at the moment which is based on 4.8.17.

  4. Hi Clem

    any plans on adding gnome’s ” Native Blue Light Filter” to mint ?


    Edit by Clem: It’s too late for this cycle, but we can consider it going forward, maybe for Cinnamon 3.6 and MATE 1.20?

  5. It would be great if Linux Mint had an official repository for mesa upgrades so we can have latest mint release, thats lts, with updated mesa drivers for better amd gpu support.

    Could You atleast consider it as a request? Comment about it, please Clem..

    Edit by Clem: Hi Yro, please be more specific about this. What version of MESA do you require? For which chipset? and are you talking about a critical issue, lack of features or better performance?

  6. I’ve become a great fan of Linux Mint from the first day I met. I’m telling about it and suggesting to all my friends.

    The only thing I wish is to see that changing the background color of Nemo (or other things related to Window Manager was simple via a GUI. Yes, we can customize the theme using css , but just imagine u could customize the colors both for Cinnamon and Nemo (including the context menu) using a simple GUI; just sliding bars: Red – Green – Blue .. (There was such a thing in Win Media player XP version and Gom Media Player to change skins).. Maybe in the future releases.. And if such a thing happens, Mint becomes incomparable on Earth for both the ease of installation and ease of customization. (Excuse me, I’m just an avarage Joe 🙂 )

    By the way, I know this is not the place for this, but when I want to shut down, it says “Gnome-keyring-deamon still works and does not respond” . (In fact, this began after upgrading to kernel 4.11 , but I turned back to lower versions and removed 4.11 and it went on.. Meanwhile , everything was flawless with 4.10.17 …

    Thanks to everyone taking part in the development of Mint.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Emin.. that feature (well, custom folder backgrounds..) was present in Nautilus years ago and it was removed by GNOME. It’s still present in Caja (in MATE) but it’s not in Nemo. I suppose we can have a look and maybe add it back, it shouldn’t be too hard. It hasn’t been requested very much. Then again, we support emblems, custom icons and even folder colors.. so why not 🙂

  7. Clem, you always list donations in USD – are these figures equivalents or must donations be made in that currency ? Here in Europe we lose much less in bank transaction fees if the € is used to denominate a transfer….


  8. First of all thanks a lot for the great work, I’m a huge fan of lmde. This leads to my question. Are there already plans for an upgrade to an “lmde 3” as debian stretch will be released in June? Thanks.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Stephan. No, there are no plans regarding LMDE 3 yet. We’ll be likely to formulate these in the next cycle though. For now our development target is still LMDE 2. MATE 1.18 was ported already. Cinnamon 3.4, the Xapps and the most of the new features present in 18.2 will be ported there as well.

  9. Will Mesa 17.0.2 be available for 18.2? I have and AMD R290x card and am still on Cinnamon 17.3 when i tried to install cinnamon 18. it booted to a black screen.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Kev, the version of mesa is 12.0.6. You can get more recent versions via PPA.. (for instance this one provides 17.1.1). You can also use recovery mode to get into a root console, or simply press CTRL+ALT+F1 to drop to console after the boot sequence is finished, and install amdgpu-pro (

  10. Hi,

    best way to install the upcoming Mint Mate version on a “secure boot, UEFI” box w/ intended dual boot (Win10 and LinuxMint 18.2)?

    Edit by Clem: Hi. Mileage may vary, we’re well aware of the many different implementations of EFI out there. That said, on most computers, you should be able to install Linux Mint 18.2 in EFI mode without having to disable SecureBoot.

  11. Since Ubuntu 16.04.2 onwards the X Stack is incompatible with my computer (the screen flickers once in a while which is annoying). Is Linux Mint 18.3 using that X Stack?

    Edit by Clem: Hi Daniel, we’re not using the HWE stack per se, but we’ve updated all the packages. I don’t see a huge difference between the two stacks though, the version of Xorg is roughly the same. Could this be down to a regression in one of the updates, or a kernel regression between 4.4 and 4.8 maybe? Are you using dual monitors in DP+HDMI by any chance?

  12. Patiently waiting for MintSonya I am using MintSerenaMATE64 ‘BrucesWay’ running from tiny thumbnail size Lexar USB3keys.
    I am too old to struggle with HexChat or re-enter the forums to rebut disbelief and sabotage but they merely use standard Mint tools for their creation and transfer well across USB-bootable hosts whilst still functioning as 1-128GB data devices for Windows use. However the use of more efficiently coded Mint applications makes them a great alternative to pre-installed Windows.
    Noting the new Trump/US campaign to ban devices larger than SmartPhones they are potentially much better for transporting data.

    @Clem not wanting to rain on your MintBox parade but if you eMail me a suitable postal address I’d be happy to send you a 16GB device taster device, with no proprietary strings attached.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Bruce, that sounds pretty cool. Are we talking about a stick which is both a bootable live media (is it persistent, or installable, or both? by the way) and a storage volume (is/can that be FAT btw?). We don’t sell hardware ourselves, although some of our partners could be interested, but from a personal point of view I wouldn’t mind knowing how you get this done. We can maybe help integrating that with mintdisk as well and facilitating sharing the information within the community.

  13. Personally don’t see the point in adding gnomes “night light” feature to Cinnamon. There is already an application out there called Redshift that does this fantastically and it should work on all DE’s. Gnome only implemented this feature becasue of Redshift does not work under Wayland.

  14. Hi Clem

    Actually it’s an old HP laptop (EliteBook 8440p) with an Intel graphic card. I know the problem occurred after the kernel was updated to 4.8 on Ubuntu but it never happened with LM 18.1 even with the latest kernel. The first time I had this issue was when Ubuntu 16.10 came out and then that change was backported to 16.04.2 and has been on every Ubuntu release ever since. I would hate to have to abandon Linux Mint because of it (well at least until I got a new computer).

    Thanks for you answer! 🙂

    Edit by Clem: You should try and find out the rotten apple so to speak. One package update out there is responsible for this obviously. If it only affects some specs/computers it can be quite hard to find. Wait for the BETA of 18.2 and if it happens there, go back to 18.1, apply the sensitive updates (kernel/mesa/xorg..etc) one by one to make sure you know which one (and from/to which versions) creates the issue. Make sure to let us know during the BETA phase.

  15. I have to say, sometimes it’s quite humbling to see the donation numbers. Having worked with the Mint team for a few years, when you see people donating their hard earned money because they appreciate the work being done, it makes a person feel quite good about the time being dedicated to the project.

    Edit by Clem: Wait until you see the feedback on the improvements you worked on Joseph, that’s a pretty awesome feeling as well. Especially at the start, as people enjoy the new features and before the bug reports start pouring in 🙂

  16. I am overwhelmed with joy thinking that the new release is coming soon! Clem is doing great work and guys, let’s improve or donations!

  17. To add on #10 @kev1105 & @Clem
    One can also use this PPA for AMD fglrx driver designed for OS based on Ubuntu 16.04:

    Edit by Clem: There’s many of them.. is another one. There’s plenty of choice out there. When using PPAs, please consider stability and security risks though. Always make sure to check the reputation of the PPA and/or its maintainer, try to find people recommending it, see if it’s been active and successful for a while etc.

  18. I will certainly let you know when the BETA comes out! Thanks for your help!

    On 16.04.2 I had to remove the stack:

    sudo apt remove xserver-xorg-core-hwe-16.04 xserver-xorg-input-all-hwe-16.04 linux-generic-hwe-16.04 xserver-xorg-video-all-hwe-16.04

    Then run these:

    sudo apt install xserver-xorg-core
    sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop xserver-xorg xserver-xorg-video-all xserver-xorg-input-all libgl1-mesa-dri libgl1-mesa-glx

    But that couldn’t be done starting with 16.10.

    Will 18.2 still be from 16.04.2?

    Edit by Clem: Hi Daniel, we’re not using that stack. Note that 16.04.2 is only a release, not a package base, so technically we’re based on an updated version of 16.04.. we’re using a 4.8.0-53 kernel along with xserver-xorg xserver-xorg-video-all xserver-xorg-input-all libgl1-mesa-dri libgl1-mesa-glx. It’s a bit confusing, but to make it simple: both 16.04.2 and 18.2 are releases using the 16.04 package base… so they both represent snapshots of that release, at different times. Now, 16.04.2 use hwe packages, which 18.2 doesn’t, and 18.2 includes updates which weren’t available in 16.04 at the time of releasing 16.04.2.. and then there’s our own packages/repositories as well of course.

  19. By the way, if you want to get started before the BETA is out, you can already give us feedback on kernel 4.8.0-53.

    We already know about the regression with the i2c bus (although that doesn’t affect many people).

    We’ve also observed an issue with USB support, which results USB disconnections on USB1 ports during long transfers (typically when burning an ISO to stick for instance). This affects one computer here and we’re hoping it’s a niche case which doesn’t affect many users.

    In any case, the sooner we know about kernel regressions on this version the better.

  20. On comment #18 by JosephM: I *do* appreciate the work that the Mint team do, even though I gripe a fair bit on the bug-trackers. I donate, too. The forthcoming release looks good.

    Also: I’ve kernel 4.10 installed (and working fine); will this be a problem for 18.2? I don’t imagine it will, because I installed Cinnamon 3.4 on the machine with that kernel and the kernel didn’t seem to introduce any problems.

  21. Really exciting news. I wanted to ask how the default Libreoffice version works. Is this a customised Ubuntu version with backports or really doesn’t contain any feature of the 5.2 & 5.3 series?

    Edit by Clem: Hi Simon, it’s version 5.1 with security updates. You can check the changelog at You can also get version 5.3, either from PPAs or from directly.

  22. Ref Reply to Comment 15.
    @Clem – BrucesWay devices are Live and persistent, best explained by having a play with a simple version. Previous attempts to spread that knowledge have been greeted by ‘otherOS’ disciples with derision and sabotage but I could try once again, despite my fragile health.

    Right now a more elaborate version containing my complete 160Kbps Variable Bit Rate MP3 encoded music collection is providing background music via Amarok whilst supporting browsing etc on other virtual desktops, but as said use the appended eMail to provide a postal address and I’ll send you a small device to have a play with, but the possibilities are even more thought-provoking.

  23. Hi Clem, I’m sure you would nearly double the donations at least from German users (that includes me) if paypal wasn’t involved. I know, you won’t change that in the near future, just a thought…

  24. when will you able to make linux be able to install autocad, archcad,revit,,, etc,,, instead of window only?

    Edit by Clem: Hi Yoki, these are proprietary Windows applications. We can’t help with that, they’re not meant to run in Linux. We can’t modify them and/or compile/port them for Linux because nobody but their editor has access to their source code. You can try and run them with WINE if you want, or install them within a virtual Windows machine (with Virtualbox you can run them in seamless mode). For best results though, if you can’t use alternatives, there’s nothing better than Windows to run Windows applications.

  25. Clem,

    I’m running 18.1 Cinnamon and am currently updating the kernel to 4.8.0-53 and will give feedback if you want it. Will try 4.10 if you want and give feedback on that as well just let me know which 4.10 you would like tested. System is a Dell Inspiron 15 n5010.



  26. With Cinnamon 3.4, does right-mouse-click on file(s)/folder(s) bring up the contextual menu only *after* the right-mouse-click is released?

    This would enable Cinnamon:
    a) to exhibit the same behavior as MATE and Windows; and
    b) to display a different contextual menu when the right-mouse-button is held down on file(s)/folder(s), which are then dragged, and finally the right-mouse-button is released.

    Thank you

    Edit by Clem: Hi Ovari, it’s showing the menu on buttonpress (as opposed to buttonrelease) here.

  27. #28 Mintulix

    Linux Mint Team,

    Can you accept payments like the document foundation (TDF)?

    Perhaps you could ask TDF for help, bank partner referral and/or something else?

    Edit by Clem: We could gather more money if we accepted more payment methods, but we would spend a lot more time gathering the information we need for accountancy and taxation. Our purpose isn’t to maximize income, it’s quite the opposite. We’re receiving money precisely so that we can focus on the distribution itself. Paypal isn’t perfect but it automates a large part of that process for us and simplifies things we don’t want to spend time on.

  28. Hello Clem,
    I am in 18.2 via, I am at the core 4.11.3-041103.
    Everything is in perfect condition. (Tested on all seams)

    Why go out in 4.8, when debian comes out this month in 4.10?

    There are difficulties with new PCs and kernels that are not new enough.

    Edit by Clem: 4.8 is supported as the HWE kernel on Xenial, it’s also a series which has been in Xenial for a while now, unlike 4.10 which only got a few kernels in there so far.

  29. Hi. Newbie here. I’ve played in the past year or two with a couple unbuntu versions. It didn’t really take. Too slow perhaps, or most likely I dont know what Im doing. ….On a review I decided to try this Mint 18 Cinammon. Very nice. Elegant, in fact. Had no wireless, so I connected thru the cable, downloaded some updates and surprise, I got wireless. How do you do that when the darn Dell Intel driver wont even work properly on windows?? Anyways, this platform is working quite nice, and I know nothing about linux. Looking forward to the future. Not rich, but donations coming. This is fun!!! Thank you. Nice work. AND an office suite too? AWESOME!

  30. #31 @Clem

    Can buttonrelease show menu instead of buttonpress for the release version of Linux Mint 18.2 Cinnamon please?

    Thank you

    Edit by Clem: Hi Ovari, I don’t see any issue with the way it’s working now. You can click and have it appear, or hold-click and release on the item you want. There’s also no accidental “open” on release since there’s a pixel gap with the area clicked.

  31. Is a KDE version of 18.2 planned? I know it’s usually released after Cinnamon and Mate, and hope it’s still part of the Mint quiver. Since I managed to install plasma 5.9.5 Mint 18.1 KDE has been superb.
    Thanks to Clem and Team Mint for the outstanding work.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Matthew, yes, we’ll release editions for Xfce and KDE as usual.

  32. Re #8 …

    I really appreciate all the work that has been done for supporting, producing and verifying Cinnamon themes. But I really don’t care very much for any of the ones that are available. I’d really like an easy GUI that would let me to select colors and other window attributes as desired.

    Just a few days ago I saw the following in Dedoimedo’s blog. He was giving advice to users about tweaking gnome themes by modifying the css. He wrapped it up by saying:

    “Exposing themes through a nice and safe GUI would be a great thing for end users. They don’t need to be able to edit everything, but the basics of contrast and color should be available. Hacking themes through CSS files is not a sign of progress in 2017… ” (

    It would be nice to see this in a future release of Cinnamon.

  33. Waiting for Mint 18.2, Mint 18.1 is stable, responsive distro specially Cinnamon , not tested mate till now, when will mint use use wayland by default …

    Edit by Clem: We’ve never announced any plans to switch away from Xorg.

  34. thanks a lot guys this is good work. keep up the good work we are right behind you in support and i know you’re not gonna disappoint us. cant wait but at the same time will keep my fingers crossed.

  35. As far as I can see, Mint 18.1 has been running fine on 4.9, 4.10 and so far 4.11 kernels. For those of us wanting to keep their desktops up to date with the latest kernels, ukuu takes great care of that.

  36. Regarding blueberry, is it possible to remember the bluetooth on/off state after rebooting?

    Edit by Clem: Ah, I’m glad you’re asking about this. So, people asked about this before and so it was added to the roadmap for 18.2. I’ve got both good and bad news… the good news is that we could reproduce issues and observe the rfkill state not being preserved properly. In particular we could see the BT state being ignored when the Wifi state was set (typically, disabling both Wifi and Bluetooth resulted in a disabled Wifi chipset upon reboot but an active Bluetooth adapter..), and also the fact that the state was preserved for only one reboot… i.e. rebooting the system twice resulted in a loss of states and all adapters being active again. The bad news is that this is all handled by Systemd (systemd-rfkill to be precise) and we’re not yet sure whether this is an issue upstream, or a design decision, and whether it affects other distributions as well.

  37. if it possible have the sound like Windows for recycle for example ? and i don’t like very much 18.1 cinnamon because sometimes i have to restart cinnamon because it’s freeze … this make me sad because i love the mint project

  38. Hi Clem,

    Can you add ‘Search for files and folders’ from the Menu itself natively. I have been using Synapse and Catfish for that purpose, but doing it from the Menu itself would have been a lot easier.

    Yeah, I know it is like trying to make a clone of Win10, but it is the only feature that I still miss after migrating to LM.

    Another feature that I would like to see it see is automatic updates running in the background, which can run automatically once it is set up. I have installed Linux on my parents 10 year old desktop and they get confused when they see an update notification.

    I moved from Windows to Linux Mint about 3 months ago on a laptop that has just 2GB RAM and it just works! So far, no hanging, no viruses, no 100 hour updates, no ‘Your PC ran into a problem, just let us rip apart the last bit of your privacy’, and no spoon feeding!

    Thanks for making it possible!

    Edit by Clem: Hi Jims, you can use mintupdate-cli for automating updates, it’s new in this release.

  39. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to 18.2 !
    I hate to throw distro bug in that section but the screensaver logic need rework. It throw off some cpu core(s) to 100% and stick there upon use. I don’t care much about it but the SS is re-trigger for no reason coming out of standby. I have to kill the process manually. That’s the only thing stopping me from enjoying fully 18.1 Cinnamon.

    Btw kernel 4.8.53 here has no issue that I can see.

  40. Just a big thank you for all that great work. Using LMDE since first appeared, and love it ever since. Cinnamon is functional, beautiful and stable. Can’t wait to see v3.4. LMDE with Cinnamon is one of the best things happening in the free software ecosystem.

  41. Hello,

    I had Linux Mint for aprox. 1,5 years now. Awesome, after using Mandrive in the 2000’s, then Gentoo Sabayon (5 years), next Ubuntu and experiencing various problems this is by far the best stable Linux platform I have come accross. The best? Lightweight graphical interface Cinnamon, simple, puristic and easy to configure. The package manager is second to none, very simple, very clear, what can I say…
    Got mint installed on old HP laptops where WIFI cards would not work with Windows. SHAME ON YOU MICROSOFT AND ALL THE BIG CORPORATIONS (Intel mainly) WHO STOPPED SUPPORTING Windows 7, 8, etc and no drivers are available for Win 10 which is now binned in my home.

    May I ask a question? Would the person giving these huge donations tell us what is behind the fact that they spend that much?
    $401 (7th donation)
    Is this somehow for corporate installations and additional support?

    I hope to donate myself small amounts, but I am just curious.


  42. Hello,

    just one more small request. Is it possible to add a customization to change the colour of the main window title bars? I always used dark themes, the problem is when I have a few windows opened I can hardly distunguish which one is which and the Close/Minimize buttons can hardly be seen.

    Thank you,

  43. @ Richard
    some of us contribute just because we see a need and want to help. some are capable coders, some have a few $
    “huge” amounts? That would be a perspective, some are more fortunate than others

  44. @ Richard
    re: colors in tool bars. What desktop are you using?
    You can do that in Mate you can do that,
    (I am not sure how Mint Mate is working now, is it still broken?)

  45. Great job on the donations everyone! Let’s keep that cycle going so it can snowball. More money, more development/features, even more money, even more features! And Linux Mint = Freedom!

  46. Is Linux Mint 18.2 going to be fully based on the second point release of Ubuntu 16.04 (16.04.2), or is it going to be based on the first 16.04 and just include newer kernel?
    I’m asking this because I’m interested in trying AMD’s new AMDGPU PRO driver which is currently only available for Ubuntu 16.04.2, so I need to know exactly what point release Mint 18.2 is going to be based on.

    Edit by Clem: We’re talking about the same base here.. so I assume you mean the HWE xorg packages. If so, then no, 18.2 does not use them.

  47. @16 JosephM
    [quote]Personally don’t see the point in adding gnomes “night light” feature to Cinnamon. There is already an application out there called Redshift that does this fantastically and it should work on all DE’s.[/quote]

    I agree with JosephM about Redshift, but he is being rather disingenuous about the problems Redshift has with LinuxMint. Yes redshift probably should work but it does not – at least without installing additional packages.
    People, including myself, have left feedback to this effect in the comments section of the redshift application on the Software Manager, that after installation, it returns an error. The error says that “geoclue2” could not be found. Of course, the error should say “geoclue-2”, and doing a search for that and then installing that additional package, then redshift works.
    Now, if there was a feedback/email/website details on the “info” section of the redshift application itself we could feed back to the developer that way, but i can’t see any. I also don’t think the developer looks at the comments in the software manager so i doubt it will ever get fixed. So, it should not be recommended in its present state.
    My “personal” preference would be that redshift(with geoclue-2 preinstalled) or another application is automatically included with LM, and that when you open the Display dialogue box through Main Settings, you could enable that way. But I can understand how some people that install proprietary Nvidia drivers might prefer to change the settings within the Nvidia XServer Settings dialogue box.

  48. [46] @marlenjo a lot of work was done for the screensaver for 3.4 to eliminate these issues, hopefully they’ve all been addressed.

  49. @55 That sounds like a packaging issue, not a problem with redshift itself. Honestly I wasn’t aware it had this issue. I’ve never heard anything about it before. Actually don’t think I’ve ever heard anything bad about redshift itself.

  50. Nemo background color change. Just want to add my support for this feature. Please. Thank you.

  51. LM needs a program like systemback which was abandoned. A lot of people i know don’t want to use Linux because there is nothing like system restore they have in Windows.

  52. @ 55. gerry
    I gave up on geoclue shortly after I tried to use redshift. You don’t need it unless you move your computer a large distance, often.

    Here is the Startup entry I use for redshift: gtk-redshift -l 51:0 -t 5500:2000

    -l 51:0 is my latitude and longitude (roughly).
    -t 5500:2000 is the ‘max temp’ and ‘min temp’ colour temperature range that I want on my display.

  53. @60. dd
    I’ve said it before … I’ll say it again ….
    Boot from a GpartedLive CD and copy your partitions (root, home, data, media, whatever) onto another hard drive as a backup. If your installation goes wrong, use GpartedLive to restore the content of your partitions from the backup copy.
    I’ve been doing it for four years and it works. It’s a good idea to have your personal data on a separate partition so that your ‘system’ partitions are small, thus taking less time (and space) to backup.

  54. Great job, Mint team, well done!
    It’s almost two years since I jumped out from ship called Windows and thanks to Mint I found myself pretty comfortable in Linux word. I started this as simple ‘social experiment’ to find out if one who is a freelance photographer and filmmaker can rely on Open Source solution exclusively, and now also my children and better half using Mint for work, study and entertainment.
    During this period I had only one small issue with Kdenlive, which is important part of my work-flow: under Cinnamon there were few problems with program’s interface, so I switch to Mint KDE and problem was solved. I love Cinnamon for simple beauty and ergonomic, but Plasma isn’t that bad 🙂
    As thousands of other users I can only say thank you and – donate some money, what I did in past and will do in the future.

  55. Been using LM for some time, and I must say it’s the most boring distro I have used. Turn the machine on and LM comes up and runs. I think you need to have a random BSOD implemented to make it more like that other OS. Add a little excitement.

  56. May I suggest to use Firefox ESR instead of the normal Firefox in mint? Since mint is based on Ubuntu ESR and targets stability and long support time it would be the better choice. Especially as Firefox 52 ESR still supports plugins, while Firefox 52 (non ESR) does not.

  57. How to make an ISO file a working program?
    Please: no special-language-advice.
    I am no-hacker, (yet).

  58. @ 42. Nevel

    I agree. 4.11.3 seems to work well on my 18.1 mate box. Have not detected any 4.11.3 difficulties on my not-so-new box since I started using it. ukuu works a charm too.

  59. Hi Clem,

    I’ve been using LM for a few years now and in the odd moments when I was thrust back into the world of Windows (eg: after a new machine purchase) it generally only lasted 2-3 weeks before I had to return to what is now my favourite OS. Like just about all LM users I too look forward with anticipation to each step forward, Sonya being no exception.

    Maybe a question for another place but I’ll ask anyway… I recently engaged with a couple of forum users in the ‘Promotion’ section discussing whether would benefit from any change, i.e: to speak directly to non-familiar users on the home page rather than those who already use and are familiar with LM.

    Having pondered on that for a while I keep coming back to what might be your perspective on the development cycle. Would you still see LM as a ‘project’ or do you think it’s got to the stage where you could term it a ‘product’. The motivation for the question is whether it’s the right time to target non-technical Windows users in a more direct fashion, or is it preferable to see the development cycle through a few more stages yet and let the take-up pace continue to evolve naturally?

    I guess what I’m asking is what’s your take on where LM is now, and how you envision it in the future. Should us advocates be out there pushing it wherever there’s opportunity, or are you happier just seeing people switch-over as a result of their own curiosity and knowledge uptake.

    Maybe a philosophical question (with a bit if strategy thrown in) and any reply belongs elsewhere, but thought i’d drop it in your thought bucket now anyway 🙂

    The above aside, thanks for a great OS.

  60. I just finished installing 18.2 Beta and I love it. But, I’m very disappointed to find that the GTK3 themes no longer support changing the color scheme. I worked hours on getting my custom theme exactly the way I wanted in 18 and 18.1 because there has never been a different color than green for the Mint-Y-Dark theme. Now my custom theme looks terrible. Please tell me you are putting this option back in the final release or at least creating different colors for the Mint-Y-Dark theme because this is a deal breaker for me because I just don’t like the green colors. If not I guess I will continue on with 18.1.

  61. 62 @dd, another backup option is Filezilla.
    Use it for easy, drag-and-drop secure file transfer (SFTP) to another computer on your home LAN or some hosting service on the Internet that you choose.

  62. I use Mint on my AMD laptop, currently using kernel version 4.10, I’m aware kernel 4.8 is being considered for the default kernel option, will this have any affect on my system, since I’m already running a newer version?
    Tldr: Will the new default affect existing systems?

  63. @Karen:

    this is unfortunately a GTK+3 issue, now it’s the theme that rules on fonts and color schemes and it may be necessary to go hacking the theme’s .css files to achieve exactly what you want, though I agree that it would be nice to make some Mint-Y color variants like Mint-X ones.

  64. The real reason Linux market share is at 2% is cuz most software and game developers wont bother developing/porting to Linux. Not Linux fault.

    Most windows software and game developers who are blinded by windows market share have forgotten that they are the reason why windows market share is so high in the first place, not cuz of windows itself, so naturally if most software and game developers develop/port to Linux, Linux market share will take off and eventually surpass windows market share.

    Realize that, windows software and game developers, don’t fall for market share % which can be inaccurate, go ahead and develop/port to Linux. You can keep you software/game closed source and not free, just make it available to Linux. OS and drivers must be open source ofc.

    Most developers just need to develop/port to Linux with Ubuntu in mind as standard Linux platform, what works on Ubuntu will work on Linux Mint.

  65. 1. How can LMDE be changed from ‘Linux Mint Debian Edition’ to ‘Linux Mint Devuan Edition’?

    ‘Devuan Jessie 1.0 LTS’ released:

    Interesting to watch video entitled ‘Devuan GNU+Linux presented at FSCONS 2016’:

    a) May solve #43?

    b) A paradigm shift for #83?

    c) May solve:
    (i) slow boot sequence; and
    (ii) slow shutdown sequence?

    d) Freedom from Red Hat…
    “Linux Mint … ambition is to compete with projects which are backed by large companies such as Microsoft, Apple, RedHat, Novell and Canonical.”

    e) and other reasons…

    Thank you

  66. J’ai installé la nouvelle version de Mint (18.2 Sonya) hier (les isos sont déjà dispos en téléchargement sur la plupart des miroirs, pour l’instant je n’ai pas rencontré de problème particulier.

    Le choix de LightDM par défaut est une bonne chose, le gestionnaire de session reste jolie et c’est plus léger que MDM. Par contre il manque une option depuis le panneau de configuration dans écran de connexion pour ne pas afficher le login (rentrer manuellement le login) même si ça peux toujours se faire manuellement en modifiant le fichier de config de lightdm.

    Je n’ai pas remarqué beaucoup de changement a l’œil nu concernant Cinnamon, ça reste des changements légers.

    Sinon (mais c’était déjà comme ça avant), Yahoo comme moteur de recherche par défaut c’est une erreur, c’est un mauvais moteur de recherche, jamais je ne l’utiliserai. Il faut mettre Qwant par défaut qui respecte la vie privé (j’ai modifié manuellement pour ma part). (Si c’est une histoire de partage de revenu, faites une proposition a Qwant, de toute façon en Europe, quasi-personne n’utilise Yahoo).

    Sinon j’espère que LMDE3 sortira rapidement, Debian 9 est utilisable en utilisation perso depuis Février pour info (et publication officielle dans quelques jours).

  67. Hi Clem,

    I guess that an upgrade from Mint 18.1 to Mint 18.2 is planned. Will there be a conflict between MDM and lightDM? How will the transition between MDM and LightDM work?
    Can you explained us how the migration will be done between the two display manager ?


  68. I booted the 18.2 Cinnamon RC as a VirtualBox live session under 18.1 Mate. I wanted to play with the login window options, so I added that app to the startup applications. The first time I did a logoff/logon, the “Login Window” app started as expected. However, after that, it would not start unless I specified a delay of at least one second. Not exactly a deal breaker, but I thought it curious. (Other apps started without a delay.)

  69. Please add a transparent effect in the 18.2 version of the transparent effect, such as windows7 aero! Login interface and window to add some dynamic effects

  70. @Karen(78) @gcvl(81)
    Concerning the Mint-Y themes colour variation, try those (re-post from 18.1 release) if that’s what you are looking for.
    I am not sure if they will work with 18.2 ??

  71. Been running the beta for about 4 hours.
    Great job, Clem & Team.
    Just a couple of niggles. The first one is ongoing. If “event-sounds” is ticked in Dconf-Editor/org/cinnamon/desktop/sound. So that Aisleriot & other things have sound effects, it unticks after every logout & reboot, needing re-enabling again.
    The 2nd thing, is it possible to move the sound applet from the far right of the panel?
    Otherwise running flawlessly.

  72. Suggestion:
    Add printer-driver-cups-pdf to the default installation of Linux Mint 18.2 Cinnamon.

    What do you think?

    Thank you

  73. In the “Install / Remove Languages” dialog box, please enable Ctrl and Shift to select more than one language to enable their removal. There are a lot of English languages installed and removing all at once would be helpful. Thank you

  74. @Wayne 91 All applets can be freely repositioned wherever you want them. Right click on a blank bit of the panel, turn on edit mode using the menu that will pop up, drag the applet to where you want, then right click again and turn edit mode off.

  75. @Wayne 91 There is an open but report about the “event-sounds” issue. Haven’t figured out the cause.

  76. Mint 18.2-beta
    I burned Mint 18.2-beta ISO Live to USB using Rufus.
    Restarted Computer
    Computer did not start Mint 18.2-beta
    Missing Operating System
    Started KDE Neon (Installed on PC)
    Tried above on a PC (8GB) and Laptop (4GB)
    The above procedure is what I have used in past and has always worked.

  77. New theme Mint-Y has got only one icon color version – green.
    Will be in the future available other icon color versions like in Mint-X?

  78. Hi, What is version of sane-utils that cames with 18.2 version?
    In need latest version to be compatible with canon MG 5700 Series

    Thanks 🙂

  79. LM 18.2 amd64 MATE Beta:

    I am finding some quirkiness when working with panels. Specifically when adding launchers from the drop down menu to a panel. The panel basically freezes. Can get tooltips but cannot launch anything. Using Alt+F1 I can launch from Applications drop down or work with Places and System but cannot use any other applets on the panel. I log out and log back in and the problem disappears … until I add new launchers to the panel.

  80. We’ve fixed panel freezes upstream, just need to finish working on some related issues, and new 1.18.x will be made

  81. Thanks for the great work 🙂
    I installed it first this year and now it is running on 3 machines in our home! I’ll prudly keep spreading the word \m/

  82. @monsta
    Great news!!! Thanks for all of your work.

    Question: will we also regain the ability to drag files and folders to the panels?

  83. @ 101. Monsta – Thanks for the info regarding panel freezes.Other than that and my inability to drag to the panels (as mentioned by @102 Peter E) my 18.2 beta is working just fine so far.

  84. Please Clem and team, fix the Network Manager or whatever is responsible for loading the driver each time you boot up. I have been fighting with it since I upgraded to Mint 18.1. Both Mate and Cinnamon will only recognize my Ethernet (eno1) connection 75% of the time. It has become so very frustrating not being able to connect half the time and having to reboot to get it to work. Why this random failure to see the Ethernet card/connection I don’t know. Neither Debian 8 nor Ubuntu 16.04 have this problem. But I prefer Mint. Please help.

    Thank you,

  85. Linux Mint 18.2 Cinnamon “Update Manager” does not fit in a 11″ screen when larger fonts, larger panel, accessibility “large text” are on. Is this a bug? Thank you

  86. When do you think that the KDE edition will be available?
    What version of KDE will it come with?



    The above link allows easy & quick comparison between most Linux operating systems. Above compares: “Linux Mint 18.1 serena & Linux Mint 17.3 rosa”. Versions of the main operating parts can be seen, plus an untidy list of the list of all the files in each initial ISO system.

    Thunar file manager is included in the latest version. It is the only file manager afaik that has a GUI file-name changer. This makes it useful when I need to make my data files fit a consustent pattern. Normally Thunar is reserved only to XFCE desktop interfaces.

  88. Just got 18.2 running. Now searching for a way to turn off tap-to-click. The mouse preference has only the mouse tab, no touchpad tab. It would really help to have the touchpad preferences available even when there is no touchpad connected. My Mint setup is a TV and wireless keyboard that includes a touchpad.

  89. @Trapper @Peter E
    Do you mean drag-n-dropping a menu item to the panel to create a new panel launcher? I think it was working already…

  90. @Monsta
    I was referring to dragging a .desktop configuration file to the panel. I am unable to do it in MATE 1.18.0

  91. I am confused about the change to a bold font for the clock on the MATE MATE 1.18.0 panel. I am more confused as to why there isn’t a simple configuration option to revert back to a regular weight font. I’ve yet to figure out how to get rid of the gawky bold font.

  92. @Monsta
    no, not related to the menu. the broken function: drag file and/or folder to the panel (makes a shortcut). the response is no folder/file appears.
    the launcher thing is different. It still freezes the entire panel when I try to create a new launcher… actually now the launcher appears and works by dragging directly from the Menu, however using the right click submenu “add this launcher to panel” still causes a freeze. “add this launcher to desktop” does work.

  93. @Monsta
    there are Three “menus”: Mint Menu, Main Menu, and Menu Bar
    Mint Menu is now working better, the others Not

  94. Peter E says:
    June 2nd, 2017 at 2:46 pm

    @ Richard
    re: colors in tool bars. What desktop are you using?
    You can do that in Mate you can do that,
    (I am not sure how Mint Mate is working now, is it still broken?)

    Hi ,
    I use Cinnamon. Never tried MATE. Use to have KDE, but I need a more light graphic interface with fewer gimmics. I wouldn’t want to switch as I have LM on 2 PC’s and 5 laptops.


  95. Mint 18.1 Cinnamon crashing often – I noticed this happens when I add a widget to the desktop like the clock. You need to look at this, I once posted on your forum, but at the time I couldn’t pinpoint the source of the problem. Look at the widgets or app you put on the desktop. Without them Cinnamon looks ok.

  96. Ok, dragging a folder from Caja to mate-panel results in invisible launcher… seems to work in 1.16 though, even in GTK+3 build. Looks like another 1.18 regression :-/

    Bold clock font is a theme issue. Mint-X doesn’t have it, for example.

  97. Dear Clem and team,

    Question no 87 is still unanswered. I would also like to know what will happen to people currently on Mint 18.1 with regards to the switch between MDM and lightdm? I use an Nvidia Optimus laptop and see issues regarding the switch?

    Many thanks.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Jacques, we’re using LightDM in 18.2 by default but we won’t switch your DM during the upgrade. In other words, you’ll continue to use MDM until/unless you manually replace it with LightDM. Optimus is supported with MDM as well and should continue to work well on 18.x. The most annoying issue with it is after you set up the NVIDIA drivers for the very first time (not only do you need to reboot, but you also need to login/logout once to make it work properly). This issue isn’t present with LightDM.

  98. Ok, dragging a folder from Caja to mate-panel results in invisible launcher… seems to work in 1.16 though, even in GTK+3 build. Looks like another 1.18 regression :-/

  99. #122 @Clem:

    Why not offer an option in Mint 18.2 that would allow the user to choose between MDM and LightDM display manager without manual modification ?

    I have also an issue with the switch on a Nvidia Optimus laptop in Mint 18.1.

  100. running 18.2 cinnamon beta on Dell N5010 with 4gig, 500 gig hdd with kernel 4.8.0-54 and it’s working flawlessly and even seems to have increased the range of the 3100AC wifi device. Would you like me to try other kernels like 4.9, 4.10 or 4.11?

  101. Just wondering about my previous post that seems to have disappeared or been deketed about how to customise the background of the startup login screen. Like to be able to replace the grey grid of dots with some nice images like LM 18.1. Thanks.

  102. PS:

    #128 Chris C

    I can see that in /usr/share/backgrounds there is a folder called linuxmint-sonya containing many nice images but they do not seemed to be displayed any more as the background while waiting to login like in LM 18.1. Any suggestions on how to fix this would be much appreciated. Thanks

  103. I noticed a comment on the New Features / System Improvements that Brasero will no longer be installed by default

    … just wondered what it’s being replaced by …

    looking forward to the new release !!

  104. In Linuxmint-18.2 brasero will not blank a cdrw and sometimes not write to cd disk. Why is numlock and ufw not enabled bu default?

  105. In Linuxmint-18.2 brasero will not blank a cdrw and sometimes not write to cd disk. Why is numlock and ufw not enabled by default?

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