Linux Mint 18.1 codenamed “Serena”

The second release in the Linux Mint 18.x series will be named “Serena”.

Linux Mint 18.1 is estimated to be released around November/December 2016 and will be supported until 2021.

Linux Mint 18 users will have the ability to upgrade. This upgrade will be both easy and safe and it will be performed via the Update Manager.



  1. As a devoted advocate of Linux Mint, I nonetheless struggle to justify why it is that Mint uses Apparmor instead of SELinux.

    A friend, who long ago became galvanised on Fedora (and who currently runs Fed 25 invariably on an early release candidate kernel) outright refuses to take Mint seriously because he knows as well as I do that Apparmor is liable to path related attack vectors whereas SELinux is not.

    If only to provide me with a definitive rebuttal to my friend’s Apparmor issue, is there any possibility that later releases of Mint (for example Mint 19) may adopt SELinux in place of Apparmor.

    Sincere thanks for creating a remarkable distribution.


    Edit by Clem: Hi Paul. If your friend feels strongly about SELinux then Fedora is the best distribution for him, no question. He can use it in Mint, but whether he’s using Mint, or Ubuntu, or Debian, or even SUSE, Redhat’s SELinux won’t be as well supported as it is in Fedora/RH. The question isn’t whether SELinux is better than AppArmor. I hope you won’t find me too blunt by saying that, but that’s not a very smart question. The question is whether he needs it, whether it helps him or gets in his way. That’s a reflexion he does for himself and if it leads to a requirement to use SELinux, then he’s right to use Fedora. Now, with that said I really don’t think you need to argue about this. What I outright refuse to take seriously are people who think their choice should apply blindly to everybody. There are many reasons to prefer SELinux over AppArmor, and there are many reasons to prefer AppArmor over SELinux. You can look anywhere and find heated debates about this. If you’re interested in finding out whether you should use SELinux or not, then by all means do read them and make up your own mind. If your motivation is to change your friend’s mind though… I really don’t see the point.

  2. For mass deployment please make sure to install the with PXE work.
    Many version of linux mint does not support.
    This is the only point missing to reach perfection 😉

    Edit by Clem: What do you need for PXE? Additional packages installed or you mean an entry in the isolinux/grub menu? Please be more specific so we can consider it.

  3. Good news!. Tell us more about it. Flatpak and snap package support etc.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Kristian, no news on this yet.

  4. What’s new in 18.1, does it have Kernel 4.9? 🙂

    Edit by Clem: The kernel is selected much later in the release cycle. If it was selected right now though it would be 4.4.

  5. Will you make a option to install only minimal quantity of codecs and fonts? I have 8 GB pendrive which replace HDD and I install on it Linux Mint KDE, and 8 GB is little bit not enough :/ On Ubuntu I don’t have problem with memory space 🙂

    Edit by Clem: We ship very few fonts and language packs by default. Codecs aren’t shipped by default either. KDE is by far the largest edition though, if you’re short on space (or memory, which is basically the same thing in the context of a non-persistent live session), please consider using a different edition.

  6. Will SAMBA be supported/fully working in 18.1? Id did not in 18, Sarah.

    And if SAMBA will be supported, will it be possible to upgrade directly from 17.3 to 18.1 64-bit Cinnamon?



    Edit by Clem: Hi John. Samba was removed in Linux Mint 18. There were many issues with it, we won’t ship with it anymore and it isn’t expected to work out of the box. The upgrade path from 17.3 will continue to target 18. That said, once you’re on 18, it will be trivial to upgrade to 18.1 (it will work the same way as it did between say 17.2 and 17.3).

  7. Can you give me a tip?

    I just got a new laptop dell i7 7000 series and I tried to install mint but for some reason is not loading.

    Tried two others distros and I had the same problem.


  8. I love the right clic on menu icons like web browser, and “open a private tab” that was really a feature I was missing from windows. Keep up perfecting it step by step.

  9. Great news! Clem, is autologin going to be fixed in v18.1?


    Edit by Clem: No because we’re not able to reproduce the issue consistently and we don’t know its cause. We’ve got a couple of bug fixes in MDM but I don’t think they’ll have any impact on this.

  10. Hi Clem
    Linux Mint 18 is working great for me and I am not the type of person that installs a new version as soon it comes up. However, if 18.1 would eliminate that bug about the automatic login, maybe I would think about it. I still get the login window about 7 out of 10 times….minor bug but it’s there.

  11. @Paul Roche : SELinux is available in standard PPA’s of LM, so everybody can install if preferred !

    @clem : for the naming of LM18.1, I expected « Selena ». I was nearby… :-))

  12. Does 18.1 fix the longstanding problem of screen brightness adjustment not working on some laptops? Apart from that I loved 18.

  13. Yes! Please update KDE to 5.8 Because: “Tuesday, 4 October 2016. Today KDE releases its first Long Term Support edition of its flagship desktop software, Plasma.” (c)

  14. John (#8): SAMBA is pretty easy to install after the upgrade. And I don’t remember exactly why they decided to remove it, but it works perfectly fine on my system. No adverse effects after installing it. I guess it was causing some problems on certain systems, though. I hope they can figure out the problem and get a fix pushed through. It’s a pretty crucial thing for those of us that require networking with Windows systems.

  15. To be honest, Linux Mint was better with the multimedia codecs preinstalled. I feel as if Linux Mint is following in the footsteps of Ubuntu in the decision to have them removed by default. Hopefully, at some point, just maybe, Linux Mint will do the right thing by adding them back but at this point, I’m not getting my hopes up. Maybe Linux Mint should think about doing an Ultimate Edition with the added codecs and extra software.

  16. I am amazed at how well Mint 18 64-bit KDE runs on my ASUS 1015E. (as my only OS)
    Looking forward to this release!

  17. Re: John, Post #8 (and also Clem): What issues are there with Samba in LM18.0?

    I’m running Samba on LM18.0, as a “standalone server” on each install exporting the data storage, without any problems. Linux Linux works perfectly fine, and Linux Windows 8.1 also works.

    If the troubles are somehow related to running Samba as a fully-fledged AD server then LM18 is certainly the wrong choice to run a server setup – LM is a desktop centric distro, not server.


    Re: Post #3 @ Clem: I think the poster means “Installing/Booting Linux Mint over PXE network boot” … doesn’t really work with Mint (didn’t test with vanilla *buntu though to try and see if one can PXE boot it).

  18. Hi Clem Will 18.1 fix the bluetooth connection problem. I still can’t connect to bluetooth devices unless I use an external usb device even though my computer sees available bluetooth devices

  19. @Leandro…

    Best advice is to create an account for yourself over on the Mint Forums, here

    There is a section, “Installation and Boot”, dedicated to helping with problems during install.

    The fact that you had similar issues with other distros could mean it’s a problem with your machine, but the best thing to do is make an initial post and ask for guidance.

    when you create your post:-

    1. List the hardware configuration that you are using. Include things like memory capacity, HDD space, BIOS version, whether you are trying to configure dual-boot [say with Windows], whether you are trying to install from a DVD or a USB image, etc, etc.

    2. Describe carefully how far you get, including, in particular, the precise steps you take in the run-up to the problem.

    3. Describe carefully what you see, in terms of error messages and/or the point where things stop working.

    Pretty much everyone on the forms are super-helpful and friendly, but they do appreciate questions asked in a thoughtful and descriptive way. A post with the title, “Please Help!” and an explanation saying, “I can’t install Mint…” won’t get you much assistance, because people won’t know where to start.

    Hope this helps you – and wish you luck!

  20. Dear @Clem and LM Team. I do use LM 18 64 bit Cinnamon with 6th generation Intel Skylake I3-6100 processor and integrated into it HD530 card. Can you tell me please:
    1) Do you plan to upgrade Intel microcode up to 3.20160714.1 and 1.161 linux-firmware as Yakkety 16.10, and
    2)What is your opinion to use (on my risk) UKKU for very recent hardware instead Kernel 4.4.x provide by default?

    Edit by Clem: 1) We can consider backporting these, but please explain what difference it makes to the HW you mentioned, or other HW you may know about. 2) It looks really cool. Definitely not for everyone, we’re talking about mainline kernels here after all, but it looks like a cool tool. If you wanted to include support for mainline kernels in mintupdate, I would agree with the idea (it would be optional and disabled by default of course).

  21. “A friend…outright refuses to take Mint seriously because he knows as well as I do that” – I am sorry but what does that mean? What is a serious distro? Are we to think that Mint is just a joke?
    I would love not to see such negativity at all.
    That is all I have to say this time around.

  22. Thanks for your efforts, thanks for Mint 🙂
    For the KDE edition, I know this was mentioned before, but I really think Mint should use neon stable repos, Kubutnu backports PPA still only has 5.6.5 while 5.7 released more than 4.5 months ago, then after some minor releases, there is now Plasma 5.8 LTS, both major releases and their minor fixes fixed lots of bugs, and still nowhere to be seen in Kubuntu backpors PPA.


  23. In 17.3 KDE I have 3 different desktops with different backrounds and different contents.
    In 18 KDE I have not find any possibility for different desktops with different backrounds and different contents.

    Would this be possible with 18.1 KDE?

  24. Hola, estoy usando lmxfce18, y no se si sea por mi tarjeta gráfica es ati x1200 y cuando conecto un proyector se desaparece el escritorio y no hhay manera de recuperar mas que con control+alt+backspace y al entrar conectar el cañón de nuevo es como si las dos pantallas mostrarán escritorio secundario, a veces me saca de la interfaz y queda solo manejo por comandos y no soy bueno en eso, pudieras añadir gala como compositor de ventanas? como uno secundario así como compiz.
    Muchas gracias definitivo es más estable que xUbuntu

  25. Hey Clem et al.!

    Are we finally getting vertical panels so I can dump my dock?

    Edit by Clem: I don’t know about the dock, but yes, vertical panels are coming in 3.2.

  26. PXE booting worked fine on my FOG server last I tried it (I think I was using Mint 18 Mate).

    That said, I have not had anything stable enough to rely on since the systemd poison pill. Typing from 18 right now, on one of 3 machines that require reboots every 48 hours or so due to instability.

    Haven’t had time to move to Devuan yet on 2 of them, but the 3rd one has not been rebooted since I moved to Devuan. So definitely it’s the systemd poison pill.

    Edit by Clem: Well, troubleshoot it… make sure it’s down to systemd and let’s get it fixed.

  27. I think it would be a great idea if you could minimize certain parts of the menu window. For example: Places has things listed underneath like computer, home folder, network, etc. It should be possible to minimize all the items listed below and just have them available to be expanded when you click the places button. Same with everything below System. This way the the window would take up much less space and be much more customizable.

  28. @dPhoenixPL: Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon WILL fit on a 8GB pendrive, if you do a live install with persistence.

    Allocate about half the drive space as a FAT32 partition where you can put the the live image OS files and a 2GB root (casper-rw) persistence file (formatted as ext4, no journaling). The OS files, thanks to squashfs, will only require about 1.6GB!
    $ df -h /rofs
    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/loop1 1.6G 1.6G 0 100% /rofs

    Format the remaining drive space as an ext4 partition, also without journaling, and use that for /home (home-rw) persistence.

    Good luck!

  29. Good idea, Places is displaying a bunch of useless disk volumes here. Although, “click to expand” is a complication in his own right and I hated it when Microsoft did it (i.e. I’m looking for something in the start menu and since I’ve not used much, then you’re hiding it from me?)

    I’ve just found the link to the search tool at the bottom of “Places”. In Mate you hardly know a search feature is there, it’s possible to not know there’s one.

  30. I am eagerly waiting for Linux Mint 18.1 because I cannot use 18.0 on my ThinkPad W520, there is some strange issue with Nvidia Optimus which makes X not work (it’s the same with Ubuntu 16.04 and 16.04.1, too). It got broken somewhere between kernels 3.19 (which works fine for me with Mint 17.3) and 4.2 (which does not work when I tried to upgrade Mint 17.3). Ubuntu 16.10 works fine again, so I hope that the kernel 4.8 from Ubuntu 16.10 will be chosen for Mint 18.1, or maybe that LTS 4.9 would be even better…

  31. Clem,

    Thanks for your response. It was not a smart question because Mint is based on Ubuntu 16.04. Would it be possible to remove my question from the site. I shall think things through more carefully in future.

    Kind regards,


  32. Please, consider the possibility of basing Mint 18.1 KDE on the Neon user edition, not on Kubuntu! Currently Neon user edition is full-value distribution providing up-to-date KDE software with normal localization. Kubuntu is retarding distribution with out of date Plasma and KDE applications even with kubuntu-backports repo, where Kubuntu team prefers pickling the old binaries for several months. By the fact, Kubuntu today is the worst KDE-based distribution, and there is no sense rely on it.
    At least, please, make possibility for users to choose between Launchpad and Neon user repo during installation, or provide easy documented way to switch to Neon repo afterward. Currently Mint’s software sources manager makes artificial obstacle for adding Neon repo, showing dialog “Cannot add PPA: ”This PPA does not support xenial””, despite this statement really is not true, that was a reason for some users to swich from Mint to Maui, as one can see from forum talks:

    Edit by Clem: Which ppa string are you adding? I tried with ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging-plasma and it’s working fine here. If it’s an issue with mintsources I’d be happy to fix it.

  33. Note: after adding Neon repo one needs to pin down the “base-files” package to prevent its replacing with Neon one. Create file with any name in directory ‘/etc/apt/preferences.d’ with such content:

    Package: base-files
    Pin: release o=neon
    Pin-Priority: -10

  34. I use mint 18.0 mate.
    I do everyday ‘apt-get update’ and ‘apt-get upgrade’.
    Is it enough to upgrade to 18.1 or will I have to use other way to upgrade to 18.1?

    Edit by Clem: No that’s a different thing.. to upgrade to 18.1 you’ll use the Update Manager. Instructions will be posted on the blog, after the 18.1 release, when this becomes available.

  35. After some thumb drive pre-testing, I held off moving from M17.3 pending implementation of Snap (and now I understand Flatpak, too) which I’ve been hoping will help with the problem of Ubuntu software repos going stale halfway through “LTS” support of the OS. I’ve read it’s coming in M18.1 and I’m looking to a fresh install on three machines. I hope there will be some end-user accessible documentation on exactly how Snap and Flatpak will work in Mint.

  36. Hello, Is this new version fix the sound problem on Netbook Asus EEEPC 1001PXD coming from alsamixer each startup sound is disable, I only had a problem updating Firefox installed to impossible packages.

    Thank you very much.
    Best regards

  37. I just want to be able to change my display’s refresh rate via the GUI. 🙁

    (I mean, you’ve been able to do this on Windows for over 2 decades now…)

  38. Hi Clem & team, thank you for making Mint. My first install was a Mint 13 release. I was so excited that I immediately bought a Linux Mintbox 2 with Mint 14. Today I’m on Mint 18 and I have 4 Mint computers at home and now Windows. When I once in a while need windows 10 I but my virtualbox Win10 running on my Mint 18.

    Ps. Upgrading from 17.3 to 18 didnt work on any off my computers, so I had to reinstall. I guess 18.1 is easier since it is 16.04 based?

    Edit by Clem: Upgrading from 18 to 18.1 is going to be much more trivial.

  39. Any idea whether Mint 18.1 is going to include/support proprietary AMD drivers? I tried installing the AMD beta (I think it was beta) driver from AMD webpage on Mint 18 and I failed miserably – I broke my installation completely.

    Edit by Clem: If you’re talking about fglrx, you need to ask AMD directly. Nobody else but them can make it support the new Xorg. That’s the problem with proprietary code, you depend on its owner.

  40. Regarding #51.

    Well, that is the thing – they have it in beta stage, but it is available.

    Has anyone from Mint team tested it? Does it work as expected? Is it stable enough?
    I have AMD R9 300 Series GPU and it did not work for me on Mint 18. I am 99% sure that was my own fault, that is why I am asking you about it. Can (or will) this driver be included officially in Mint 18.x series distros and be accessible form the provided Driver Manager tool?
    Or is the beta stage unfavourable? Or perhaps there is some legal issue which prohibits the implementation of the said driver into Mint distros at this time?

  41. @Leos
    Mint 18 works fine with the 4.8 kernel on my Intel NUC. I upgraded the kernel because of issues with an ultra-widescreen monitor driven by Intel on-chip graphics.

  42. Hi Team, Will the bug where by Software Manager opens and crashes be fixed? thank you

    Edit by Clem: Do you have an error message, a core dump or a stack trace we can analyze to understand the cause of the crash?

  43. Hi Clem. Thanks for a brilliant distribution, as always. Can I ask you one question, wheather it will be possible for you devs to look in to the problem with the outdated, non functional Cinnamon extensions? Frankly, it annoys me a little not to use certain extensions, because the developer of one or another extension haven’t updated the extension, when Cinnamon is getting updated to a later version. I will be happy, if you guys can look into solving this problem in the future.

  44. I really hope Mint 18.1 will ship with a newer kernel, mesa and stuff. The existing stack is not stable enough for my Skylake-based PC. I get occasional CPU and GPU hangs, sometimes so bad that even the (hardware) reset doesn’t work. I noticed nice improvements with kernel 4.8 and a newer graphics stack in another distro (tried out of desperation :P), so I hope 18.1 will be able to cover this for me.

    New hardware sucks sometimes.

  45. Looking forward to the new release especially the new xapps. Have you considered the new Nvidia kernal driver (370.28) in the next version? I installed it and it runs flawlessly with the GM204 (GTX 970) chipset. The older driver was lagging and crashing all the time for me with the skylake chipset.


  46. I enjoy using Linux Mint but as a IT specialist I would not have an End User install it on their system because most of them would scream having to input a password for everything. At least with windows a user may have to log in but is not prompt for a password constantly. Yes Access Control is a pain but most people have learned to live with it or have learned to shut it off or tone it down.

  47. Hello! I’m basically new to Linux in general (Been using it for daily working and programming but never really maximized my reasons to use it)
    So, as a “casual” user of Mint, do I have any reason at all to upgrade to 18.1?

  48. Is there any way to use Cinnamon 2.8 on Linux Mint 18.x, if for whatever reason I just do not want Cinnamon 3.x?
    Or can I use KDE SC 4.x, if I do not like 5.x?

    Right now I am using Linux Mint 17.3, with Cinnamon 2.8.8

    Edit by Clem: Yes, but you would need to compile it yourself.

  49. Hello. Mint 18 x64 Mate don’t support Systemback / Penguinbuilder / Remastersys

    Usefull tool to create own ISO based on Linux Mint 18 .

    With first tool i can create image and cannot install created image.
    For my users I must edit every edition of Linux mint
    and and some of soft and games which is used by my users.
    of course im add all newest wine for playing some new games.

    Im waste two months on seeking tool to run one of this programs and having GUI and normal interface. But i cannot do nothing to run no one of this.Unfortunately.

    Withous work this tool Mint comes uncomfortable for me.
    I cannot use Acronis or install every updates, patches fixes for every computers
    And this is very much costs , im use 16Gb Limited 4G Megafon internet. It’s costs 25$ per month.

    Please help with this and look at this problem
    It’s problem not only for me, and for all users use this programs.
    With this problem i still USE Mint 17 x64. I cannot update

  50. @Marc Ruest (#63): Not all the users are uncomfortable with inputting their passwords, but it’s not fair to say “for everything” when it’s just about updates, changing system settings or have access to some hardware or do partitioning.

    These are not the kind of tasks that should be performed by someone not knowing what they do. And whoever knows their way around such actions will also understand security and the consequences of not having it.

    Of course it would be friendlier to just be prompted for a Yes/No to perform administrative tasks, but as an IT specialist you should know how many people click Yes/No “blindly” – without even reading. Being asked for your password for administrative tasks is not so different – the users will simply comply.

    So the problem remains: the users should be aware of the difference between a normal and an administrative task and take responsibility. Toning down security is a bad idea, especially with so much hacking going around nowadays. You can get your identity stolen, or get robbed, or get your files encrypted by ransomware, or become an attack vector and so on.

    Shoving security out of the user’s sight is not how we should deal with security. I wish it was easier, but I also wish people would start adapting to the reality – it’s a jungle out there, and it will get worse. We’re no longer in the innocent times of the internet, when we had little to no security.

  51. Can we have the click to rename feature like in Windows. The idea is simple: Whenever you click on file/folder that already highlighted it will trun on the Rename so you can go ahead and start typing the new name. It’s simple feature but really helpful, especially when dealing with big amount of files.

  52. Until Clem and his team produce an edition that runs as well as 17.3, I will stay with LM 17.3 MATE and Ubuntu MATE 14.04.2. on my test box.

  53. Hi.
    After upgrade my Ubuntu 64 bit to 16.04, I noted a few applications are not supported anymore, like Avidemux, which is very important for me, and many others. What about Avidemux support in Mint 18.1?

  54. Noob question – any chance that fixes made in Ubuntu 16.10 will be made, in parallel, in Mint 18.1? I’m unable to connect to my work wifi network using Mint 18, while a colleague running Ubuntu 16.04 had the same problem but just upgraded to 16.10 and can now connect without issue. (The network requires that we run a Python script and use PEAP with MSCHAP V-2CA certification. The script throws the following error: KeyError: ‘verisignclass3publicprimarycertificationauthority-g5’)

  55. best OS i have ever and efficient.I’m using the Sarah mate version.looking forward for the next release.tried other systems this
    on is a winner as i’m sure the next will be.

  56. Gianfranco, has started to deliver a so called appImage universal binaries of their famous application for Linux now. The file avidemux_2.6.14.appImage can be executed from any place (for example, I like to place it into my own ~/.bin folder in Mint, and in Fedora as well) and its GUI seems working good enough.
    If to demux the streams of blu-ray, I prefer txMuxeR from
    The txMuxerGUI executable is started perfectly from my ~/.bin and I’m not scared to use it and like how txMuxeR works. But it’s up to the user of course 🙂

  57. One of these packages (mint-backgrounds-sarah, mint-artwork-gnome*, mint-meta-cinnamon*, mint-themes*) interferes with the font showing up for Time Clickers on Steam. The current resolution and targeted resolution show as white bands. Without these packages the selected option appears like white text on a grey background.

    I only noticed because I uninstalled LibreOffice before re-installing LibreOffice 5.2.2.

  58. Now with “Noto” being fully bloated out (I mean ‘complete’) I hope that Serena can be freed of all the spurious “international” fonts that take an hour to mop up after every install.

    PS – back in August the Linux Format magazine featured Mint 18 on their DVD (all green and lovely), the KDE version was in their last (October?) issue.

    Myself I’m running mostly 17.3 as there was no upgrade path provided to 18. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  59. @Gianfranco: I´m using the QT-Version of Avidemux in Mint 18 without any problems. So I hope that it still works with 18.1

  60. Clem, great news!

    And how about the bluetooth issues that changes the computer’s name to “Bastien’s computer”, it will be fixed?

  61. Well I am very pleased with
    Mint 18. I have a small PC ministry where I give PC’s to individuals, schools, ministries, food pantries, etc.. Since I am disabled, I use my past career’s skillset to test, make computers right to give away. When Window XP started going away, I started looking for something I would want to use. I literally looked and installed dozens of linux and other OS’s to choose. I chose Mint, and started with version 10. My main personal function is videos, I have taken my DVD’s and copied, or ripped them to the PC, so when I travel, I dont need crates of DVD’s, just my laptop. I gave up trying to be a real techie geek years ago, and will have to say I really enjoy LinuxMint! Thank you so much!

  62. Got fed up with explorer not loading pages and was ready to toss laptop out the window till my son said try linux mint So i have installed 18 KDE and what a difference im running twice as fast and no page errors and with open office now able to read microsoft office stuff i can continue my invoices without any hassle I am now looking forward to 18/1
    my only dissapointment was that although it found my dell printer it wouldn’t print yet my epson printer was no problem so still happy.

  63. Coach. I have 2 Vaio’s. Both have the Pro Duo card reader built in. I need these for my camera’s. The Linux/Ubuntu I’ve tried have not read these as they’re read as peripherals, with the SD reader as host.(As a side note, a multi card reader works fine.) Any chance that 18.1 will support these? Thanx Coach, I’ll sit down and wait for my answer.

  64. Gianfranco and Thomas, it looks like the developers of avidemux are closing the deliverance of their product through the repos of all Linux distros and flavors now. They seem to provide only a so called appImage universal binaries for Linux – avidemux_2.6.14.appImage – from their website. I’m using it ok for demuxing audio tracks from the avi files in Mint, and in Fedora as well (having placed it into my own ~/.bin )
    PS It’s a second edition of my message I made to get through the moderation. With no any links and personal feelings visible 🙂

  65. is it possible to put VLC media player back in the distro please because that was realy nice.

    Edit by Clem: not of out of the box, but it’s there as soon as you install the media codecs.

  66. What version of Cinnamon will this release ship with? Will it have vertical panels also?

    Edit by Clem: First of all, sorry I didn’t reply to everybody or at least most people like I use to. We’re in feature freeze in preparation for 18.1 and that’s always a busy time for us. Mint 18.1 will feature Cinnamon 3.2, and yes, that includes vertical panels.

  67. #70 @Yousif
    Nemo has this feature already.
    It’s in the settings “Click on a file’s name twice to rename it”

  68. Hi Clem,
    ich bin 17 Jahre alt und meine Familie ist begeisterter Linux Mint Benutzer. Mein Vorschlag für den Codenamen der Version 19 und folgende wären die Namen meiner Schwester und mir, nämlich “Timna” und “Tabea”.:D wäre cool wenn das möglich ist!
    viele Grüße

  69. Dear Clem,
    Despite the effort of your team, the issue with the freezing touchpad on laptops with Nvidia Optimum video card wasn’t really solved. Are you going to address this bug on the next version ?
    Keep up with the excellent work !

  70. KDE fan here and I agree with some of the guys. Mint KDE 18 is not your best work, too many bugs with the desktop environment, can’t even restore previous sessions automatically

  71. Hi Clem Been Using Mint for years and love it i cant fault it in any way except one thing. That is network drives, thats the one good thing with windows browse shares right click map network drive. when mapping drives in linux it mounts to a hidden gvfs file which other applications and wine apps cant see. would it be possible to add a mount program in mint 18.1 like connect to server which would allow a user to put a unc path in ie smb://servername/share then user name and password authentication to that share, plus the ability to set a mount point of choosing and have an option to auto mount on boot like windows reconnect at logon without having to mess about in fstab and terminal creating secure password files ect. i think it would make other people that have a NAS and transitioning from windows easier. keep up the good work and hope to see this feature added in the future.

  72. Just want to echo what some others have mentioned about how important a 4.8+ kernel is for this, the graphics updates are really essential for a lot of people with newish hardware. Please, please, please.

  73. Dear Clem,

    First of all, I must congratulate and appreciate the way your team is developing one of the finest OSs I have worked in. I am using the latest Mint versions in all the client systems for technical research in VLSI Electronics in the universities where I am a Professor in. The only major issue I am facing with the current strategy of LTS-based versions is that the kernel becomes outdated and hence the drivers in our new machines are not supported by Mint until the next LTS release comes out. As of now Mint 18 (kernel 4.4) does not support the display & sound cards of the new machines I have purchased, which are working fine in ubuntu 16.10 (kernel 4.8.0). Slightly older versions of software packages can be fixed with ppas, but I cannot fix driver support using kernel ppas (often they make the system unstable). Please include kernel 4.8.0 in Mint 18.1. Thank you so much.

  74. I hope that the next version of Linux Mint will support Spotify to be minimized in the System tray under sound applet.

  75. I am limping along in 18.1, as Cinnamon crashes and it reverts back to Mate, which is passable…but why does this happen on all (2 actually) processors that I load on? One a 4 core IBM desktop with 2 meg of memory and the other a eMachine. I believe the graphics chips are different on each.

  76. How much longer for the release? I am getting crazy with Windows and wanted to install the lastest version of mint … :X

  77. @91 John, you might want to check out the gigolo package. This is a gui for mounting all kinds of network file systems including smb/cifs. I haven’t tried it recently but IIRC it worked pretty well.

  78. As a family computer, it’s frustrating that autologon doesn’t work in 18.0 Just wondering if that’s fixed in 18.1
    Great system, love it…thanks for all the hard work.

  79. maybe you can fix the battery notification with the big notification and center align of screen same like in Win 10

  80. Estou usando a versão do Linux Mint 18.1 Serena com a base no Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety está rodando tudo perfeito só tem um probleminha na interface dos aplicativos mais com umas atualizações que serão liberas pro mint vai se resolver, a steam está funcionando 100% e estou jogando dota 2, vejam a imagem nesse link

  81. “Sarah” has a bug. When installing the program, the resolution is abnormal, the next button is beyond the scope of the screen, can not be selected, the system can not be installed. In the choice of traditional Chinese and English, there is no such problem, hope to be able to solve this problem in the new version.

  82. Hi
    I was using Linux Mint 17 and had a Folder shared with Samba. I updatet to 18 now I cannot get Folder sharing working. Guys this should not be a problem these day,s anymore. It should be a few simple clicks and done. I have on all Machines the same User and Password, Windows and Linuxes. Now what do I do go back to 17 or use a diffrent Distribution. I realy liked Linux Mint. Please get it fixed.. Thanks

  83. Hej Guys, on the mint website in about >> screenshots: still showing screenshots from 17.0. Please update. Makes it easier to show uptodate info about the great things you’re doing.

  84. Please, consider to upgrade the kernel al least to 4.8 version. Laptops with intel Skylake processors don’t work with kernel versions lower than this one. If you plan to leave the 4.4 version, it makes not sense to install Linux Mint. Thanks.

  85. Hello, can you tell me if ARM_7 32 bit devices will be supported by Mint 18.1 and how long it will be supported?

    Many thanks


  86. Any chance that this latest update will recognize (32 bit) mother/server boards with twin Xeon processors? At the moment I’m only running Mint directly from the DVD disk and I’m reluctant to fully commit to a complete install due to the system only recognizing one of my processors.

  87. clem…you rock. this is by far my favorite distribution, and i have tried many. i have put my mom, my sister, wife and two coworkers on linux mint. they all love it. the only one that needed windows was my wife, because she has to use ms word for work. advanced tables and formatting doesn’t translate to libre office well, so i have a vm for her to do that in.

    keep up the great work!

  88. Another vote for the kernel 4.8 in the upcoming 18.1 release. On the newest Dell laptop here (Skylake) and I’ve already read that the kernel 4.8 supports it much better.

  89. On my Macbook air, after shutdown Mac OSX, I have problem boot Linux Mint on my Mac Book air (whether it is Cinnamon, Mate, xfce or KDE). it does not want to boot-up.
    But no problem to boot Ubuntu 15.04, and than if I shutdown Ubuntu and follow by booting up Linux Mint, than it can boot Mint without problem.

  90. I just bought a book from amazon titled “Linux Mint 18 Desktop and Administration”, but it does not come with a free live/installation DVD. Another book I bought “The Official Ubuntu book” does come with a free live/installation DVD (version 16.04). I prefer the free DVD because it save me from the work of downloading and verifying the iso image. I tried to buy DVD online from but it replied “Your country not found in shipping list.”

    1. Alignment of the desktop icons to the grid often does not work as properly as in windows. This is a minor inconvenience, but a step hindering the perfection and elegance which Linux Mint stands for. Please do something about it.
    2. Please consider “arrange files according to type” feature in nemo as it is already existing in dolphin and windows explorer.

  92. Will future releases have a minimal install option? I use mint for software development and have no need for many of the apps e.g. Libre-office. I usually uninstall them after the fact but have hurt myself a few times where something essential got uninstalled along the way…

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