Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” KDE released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” KDE Edition.

Linux Mint 18 Sarah KDE Edition

Linux Mint 18 is a long term support release which will be supported until 2021. It comes with updated software and brings refinements and many new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use.

New features:

This new version of Linux Mint contains many improvements.

For an overview of the new features please visit:

What’s new in Linux Mint 18 KDE“.

Important info:

The release notes provide important information about known issues, as well as explanations, workarounds and solutions.

To read the release notes, please visit:

Release Notes for Linux Mint 18 KDE

System requirements:

  • 2GB RAM.
  • 10GB of disk space (20GB recommended).
  • 1024×768 resolution (on lower resolutions, press ALT to drag windows with the mouse if they don’t fit in the screen).


  • The 64-bit ISO can boot with BIOS or UEFI.
  • The 32-bit ISO can only boot with BIOS.
  • The 64-bit ISO is recommend for all modern computers (Almost all computers sold in the last 10 years are equipped with 64-bit processors).

Upgrade instructions:

  • If you are running the BETA, click the refresh button in your Update Manager and apply any outstanding level 1 updates.
  • It is not possible to upgrade from Linux Mint 17.3 KDE (this edition uses Plasma 5 and this is considered a different desktop).

Download links:

Here are the download links for the 64-bit ISO:

A 32-bit ISO image is also available at

Integrity and authenticity checks:

Once you have downloaded an image, please verify its integrity and authenticity.

Anyone can produce fake ISO images, it is your responsibility to check you are downloading the official ones.


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun with this new release!


  1. Never been a big fan of KDE, but tried the beta and loved it. Will update my VM first and then decide if I will replace Cinnamon (which is also great). Keep up the great work!

  2. Congratulations Clem and team!

    This is a very good looking KDE release. Low on RAM and works like a charm. So far it’s the only KDE distro I’ve found that can actually install all of my drivers correctly.

    I have a Nvidia Optimus laptop and have struggled both with [xxx] and [xxx]. Mint even has the nvidia applet installed also 🙂

    Thank you so much for this excellent release!

    Edit by Clem: Thanks Jacques. I removed the names of the distributions you mentioned to spare them any [bad] publicity. Our nvidia applet is cross-distribution so you might see it in other distributions.

  3. Already tried the new KDE release. I like it very much! Although, I will stick to 17.3 because it recognises my mobile internet out of the box. I wasn’t able to get it to work in the new version.

  4. I’m trying to download LinuxMint 18 KDE, but the download aborts at 36 kbyte. I have tried both the 32bit and the 64bit image from 3 Swedish mirrors and one American with the same result…

    Edit by Clem: No problem with Umea University here. Try with the torrent as an alternative.

  5. Heh, i found a solution: started ubiquity in debug mode and i found in logs a message about minim disk size is 10.7 GB. I increase VDI disk size from 10 GB to 20 GB and everything works fine. Probably ubiquity don’t check and display a minim disk space required or smth.

    Edit by Clem: Brilliant, thanks for finding this out Dan. I’ll add that info to the release notes (I’m removing our earlier troubleshooting comments).

  6. What will be the strategy for the newer KDE releases, specifically 5.7 (which is already out) and 5.8? Will they ship as simple updates, system upgrades, or not at all?

    Edit by Clem: As continuous updates. I’m sorry, that means it won’t be necessarily as stable as frozen editions but it’s necessary considering how young Plasma 5 is. Even though regressions might occur, each new update is likely to bring its fair share of fixes and improvements that early in Plasma’s dev. cycle.

  7. I have been trying to replace OSX on mac with Linux..and only Linux Mint works the best ! …however there is one weird issue.. i cannot type long sentences ( in libre , firefox etc) . The cursor keeps jumping back , it happens in all distros of Linux Mint ( Cinnamon,Mate etc)

    Not sure whats causing it …if this only gets fixed will be be perfect !!!

    thanks Linux Mint team .

  8. Hi Clem and thanks for the release! I have a question : I’ve installed the beta release of Mint 18 KDE on a machine, it worked already for me. Should I reinstall it all with today’s new release of can I upgrade this KDE mint 18 beta machine to the final release somehow ?

  9. Tried to install drivers for wi-fi.
    When I run ‘sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source’, I get an error:
    modprobe: ERROR: ../libkmod/libkmod.c:586 kmod_search_moddep() could not open moddep file ‘/lib/modules/4.4.0-22-generic/modules.dep.bin’
    modprobe: FATAL: Module wl not found in directory /lib/modules/4.4.0-22-generic

    Secure boot is switched off on this computer, and on another partition there is Kubuntu 16.04, where I managed to install the same driver without errors and have working wi-fi.

  10. I am wondering if Linux Mint ‘Sarah’ KDE version can be upgraded using ‘mintupgrade’, or is it needed to install from scratch? (then all packaged etc installed need to be re-installed). I upgraded to Linux Mint ‘Sarah’ using ‘mintupgrade’ in July this year – and it worked perfect 🙂

  11. As always the Mint Team is on point. I think I will play with KDE to see if I like it. I love Cinnamon so we’ll see.

    Clem, because I thought that the official documentation (great btw) skips a lot of things when it comes to the Cinnamon DE (I know there is a developer documentation, not my point), I wrote a documentation myself. I posted it on github in .pdf, .odt and I provided all images. I don’t know if it will be of any use to anyone, but who knows.—documentation-fan-made-

  12. hi , In the release note of linux mint 18 KDE, I’m not find the “Sound and microphone issues” stated for linux mint 18 cinnamon. Is it like this issue is not affected the KDE version of linux mint 18 ??

  13. I’m using the beta version now, but when I refresh the update manager, I don’t get any updates!

    Edit by Clem: That’s probably because you already applied them?

  14. It’s finally here. I’ve installed it and it works great. Thanks Mint
    team for yet another great release. AWESOME!!!

  15. Well done! This is the fastest and smoothest installation of Mint KDE so far (I’ve been with you since 10).

    Keep it up 🙂

  16. Congats on the new release ….
    I just installed it and it looks goo, but
    I do not have the new theme? (icons ect.)?
    any suggestions

  17. I’ve tried to install the system on an exterior HDD, but wants to use two swap partition, one on the exterior HDD and the other one on the main HDD. I gave up!
    Is the only system with this problem I found till now.

  18. Your comment is awaiting moderation


    Edit by Clem: A few comments aren’t automatically approved, usually if the antispam system doesn’t recognize you or if your comment contains links. It’s a minor annoyance, but you should see the amount of spam it’s saving us from, it’s definitely worth it.

  19. Hello to Clem and your team!

    Thank you very much for this release. I enjoy using it. I wish, you could improve and develop KDE version much. I wrote some comments about kde beta version. And I’m glad that they are already fixed. Today I found one bug. I dunno how to solve them:
    “when a file which has 4 or 5 gb copies to usb flash memory, it gives error and dialog box appears and says retry or cancel. I re-tried and the same error happens even I changed another flash memory. But there is no problem on xfce and cinnamon version.

    Thank you for your interest!

  20. Sweet! I love KDE and you guys always put out the best KDE distro. I’m downloading now so that I can take it for a spin. 🙂

  21. Unfortunately on my PC (Intel Core I5, Intel HD4600 Graphics, 8GB RAM) it is still “crashy”. Not Mint’s fault…Plasma 5.6 is still not very mature. Have not had a single crash with Mint KDE 17.3.

  22. LINUXMINT Cinammon, Mate, xfce and now KDE, all them are wonderfull. Congratulationes Clem, it’s a very nice work.

  23. Merci Clément et toute l’équipe,
    Je vais enfin installer mintKDE18 en dur sans passer en virtuel.
    Pensez-vous faire un paquet pour passer directement de mint_KDE_17.3 à 18, comme avec pour Cinnamon/Mate/Xfce (pour mes amis “noobs“). Bien que cela ne soit guère compliqué de refaire une reinstallation (surtout si le «/home» est sur partition différente de la racine «/»)
    Encore merci ㋡


    Thanks Clem and the team,
    I’ll finally install mintKDE18 on HDD not in “VirtualBox”.
    Do you think you’ll make a package to upgrade from KDE173 to 18 like with Cinnamon/Mate/Xfce˘(for my noobs friends). Although this isn’t complicated to reinstall (especially if the ” / home ” is on a different partition than «/»)
    Thanks again ㋡

  24. I have an Acer Aspire One Intel Atom N550 1.5 GHz, memory 1GB storage 250GB. This seems to less than the min req’mnts. Will Sarah run on it? I am currently using 17.1
    Bob A.

  25. Very nice release, Clem! The only problem that I have noticed so far is: in “Desktop Behaviour” item of “System Settings”, clicking on “Desktop Effects” has crashed “System Settings” multiple times.

  26. BUG REPORT! A very old KDE issue: Baloo_file_extract process consumes 100% CPU and hard drive making the system incredibly slow (Intel Core i5, Lenovo G460).

  27. Been using LinuxMint 18 MATE for a while and it works great kodi plays on my second monitor (TV) and outputs sound via the onboard optical on my motherboard with out any issues.

    Cinnamon had an issue where it would loose the task bar on the primary monitor when kodi was in full-screen mode on the TV, but if you had kodi in window mode you got the task bar back on the primary display, less then ideal, MATE just works and it has allowed me to stop using windows 10.

    Saw the KDE version was released and thought would give it a go as never really looked at KDE before, so booted from USB to have a play and wow, love the visuals a lot, so nice clean and beautiful.

    Next test was kodi for me so installed it and bang, game changer, kodi wouldn’t play on the second monitor, every time i selected it to display on TV it would just stay on primary monitor and not go to the TV.

    I managed to get it to go to TV once but once once i quite kodi and reloaded it was back on the primary. Digital output via S/PDIF works as expected.

    Don’t know if this is a KDE problem or Kodi problem as works as expected on MATE and Cinnamon (Except task bar bug). Event tried xfce version and that appears to function as expected.

    Still learning loads and will try again at some point, this version may end up on my laptop as i really like it.

    Keep up good work.

  28. Parabéns, equipe Linux Mint, esta versão ficou fantástica, com muitas funcionalidades legais e com baixo consumo de recursos da máquina. KDE 5 está bastante estável, e com a base do Linux Mint 18 ficou perfeita.

  29. Hey, i have a question, how can i install it simultaneosly with cinnamon, like, what’s the command line for the terminal?

  30. Congratulation and thank you! It is a great milestone in Mint history!

    I had tried the new release in live media. Everything works fine except two things: Update Manager does not open with left mouse click on ststray icon (one has to call it’s system menu with right mouse button and open it through the menu) and “Software sources” can not be opened from Update Manager (but still can be from Synaptic).

  31. Looking forward to this. Always been a KDE fan. I’m coming from the OpenSuSE world & want to try something different. Can I update from 18 Cinnamon (currently running) or is it a fresh install?

  32. 09.09.2016 – Linux Mint KDE “live” ISO test-drive. ========

    sys: AMD Phenom II x4 840 / nVidia GeForce GT 730

    01 – Multiple Displays not recognized (MATE works)

    02 – Error with Driver Manager:
    — W:The repository ‘cdrom://Linux Mint 18 _Sarah_ – Release amd64 20160904 xenial Release’ does not have a Release file.
    — W:Data from such a repository can’t be authenticated and is therefore potentially dangerous to use.
    — W:See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details.,
    ** E:Failed to fetch cdrom://Linux Mint 18 _Sarah_ – Release amd64 20160904/dists/xenial/contrib/binary-i386/Packages Please use apt-cdrom to make this CD-ROM recognized by APT. apt-get update cannot be used to add new CD-ROMs,
    ** E:Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

    03 – nVidia 100% GPU fan issue upon boot.
    FYI: KaOS (KDE)has an nice nVidia driver option in the live boot menu. It is the ONLY live boot I’ve ever tried where the GPU fan functions normally. It supposedly carries over to the HD installation.

    04 – Software Installer:
    RE: Fit/Feel – Muon is more congruent with other Mint releases using Synaptic.

    05 – System Settings:
    Selecting system themes triggers application crash.

    ## Stepped away, returned to message “Screen Locker Broken”

    — Ended evaluation at this point.

    I use LMDE2 (MATE) as a NAS box (AMD E-350), VNC (vino-server) functionality restored from the CLI, works fine for my needs.

  33. Hey that’s perfect, I’ve been waiting the release. Everything is going well, I’m going to use it as my main OS. Congratulations and thank you guys.

  34. Hi Clem.
    I’m in the same situation that Hirad (Comment #17
    I don’t have any Level 1 update.
    I update the system on Wednsday and today, please see the image: Time is GMT -3

    eas@eas-laptop ~ $ inxi -S
    System: Host: eas-laptop Kernel: 4.4.0-36-generic x86_64 (64 bit) Desktop: KDE Plasma 5.6.5
    Distro: Linux Mint 18 Sarah

    Is this the Final release?

    Thanks for all you effort!!!

    Edit by Clem: Hi, yes. The wording is probably ambiguous… the updates which happened during the beta and in preparation for the stable release weren’t held and published all at once on release day, they were published as we went along. So if they don’t show up, it’s probably because you already have them installed 🙂

  35. Wow

    The last few updates to the beta and now the final release seem to have eliminated my OpenSim > Singularity OS-Viewer problems, I wish I could have narrowed it down to what actually fixed this, however i do think it had something to do with a .png lib file.

    Anyways, I now have my KDE, and my Singularity viewer working again.

    Thanks from, A very happy OpenSim content creator(user), I know many people within the OpenSim Community that will listen to what I have to say, that Mint 18 KDE is Rock Solid and ready to use.

    JayR Cela :_)

  36. @dd:
    I noticed over the past couple of installs (not just KDE) that all existing swap partitions are found and set up automatically by the installer (at least on my machine). This seems to be a new feature (one I like).
    Anyway, if you can’t find a way to undo that during installation, you can always edit your
    file after installation to remove the unwanted swap partition(s) (or even make some of them lower priority). There is plenty of documentation on fstab on the Web, but removing a line or two (then rebooting) should be pretty easy.
    Note that fstab is owned by root so you need to edit it with appropriate privileges (sudo), and you may want to have a swap partition on your exterior HDD. Hope that helps; all the best.

  37. Outstanding! I installed the beta a while ago on my elitebook 8560w, just ran a few updates, all is go now, perfect. KDE Sarah is running very snappy, a gorgeous balanced look beyond elegance. Gnome calc from the repositories looks better than ever before, that’s so cool! Best calculator ever. After Mate abandoned this nifty tool I felt I might as well give KDE a try, no regrets. Congratulations Clem & Team. Happily experiencing Linux Mint since 2009. Thanx!

  38. I was able to get this install, but there were/are a few issues.

    BUrning a USB stick I had the same problem with the beta – the nuevo drivers wouldnt boot up. It hanged after that step.

    SO I had to:

    – boot into safe mode and install that way, which was successful

    but after the first boot, I had the same problem – system wouldnt boot into the default video drivers. So I again put the system into safe mode and installed the nvidia drivers that way. Now it appears to be fine.

    Also there is an issue with the taskbar. I played a GOG game in full screen which ran at 800 x 600. after getting out of the game, the resolution was back to 1920 x 1080, but the taskbar still thought it was 800 x 600. clicking the start menu, despite it being correctly down in the lower left, opened the menu much higher like the screen was still running in 800 x 600.

  39. Been using Linux Mint KDE for about 4 years as my main o/s. Just installed 18 over 17.3. This is great, looks nice, everything works. Only two very minor things: the volume controls are way too big and there’s two controls showing then a huge empty space under that. The other is there’s no video thumbnail preview in dolphin. If you can adjust these two minor annoyances I’ll gladly give you the $110 microsoft wants for the junk o/s they shoved out. Great work Linux Mint Team.

  40. Thanks. I’ve been waiting too long for this.


    I always liked Mint, but since I tried plasma 5 on another distro there was no going back.

    Now I can finally have my new favourite DE on my old favourite distro.

    I hope that mint will be more stable than my current rolling release distro that introduces new KDE bugs with every update.

  41. There’s a few reasons I no longer include Linux Mint on my MediCat DVD:

    1.) Linux Mint has become obnoxiously bloated past the 700MB CD mark, it’s now double that size, and for what? Why is it now the bloated behemoth it’s become?

    2.) It’s unreliable release schedule. Mint used to release within a few weeks after Ubuntu drops, but now it seems to float around a month or two after Ubuntu. This is unacceptable, and one of the main reasons I removed it; I can’t delay my MediCat releases just because Mint has a floating release schedule. It seems that every Mint release for the past year or more has been taking longer and longer behind Ubuntu.

    3.) My MediCat DVD has the bleeding edge software on it, and Mint’s new LTS strategy just isn’t for MediCat.

    So for these reasons, I have replaced Mint with Lubuntu, and my clients seem to be satisfied with this decision. And as a developer, their positive input makes me happy.

    I’ll forever use Mint next to Windows on my home computers. But I had to make the switch for MediCat’s sake, and it wasn’t easy. I needed a bootable Windows-like OS that people could boot into and move files around when their Windows breaks.

    Edit by Clem: Well, we’ve no reason to follow Ubuntu’s release schedule. In the past, we used the same package bases and that tied in with releases of GNOME 2. Nowadays we’re only interested in their LTS package base (once every 2 years) and we no longer use GNOME, so our schedule revolves around our own development cycle and the one of the projects we work on (Cinnamon, MATE..etc). Moving to LTS means we’d take a step back and stop running bleeding edge software, but it also meant a faster development pace, and better quality. Ubuntu is frozen by nature, so it cannot do bleeding edge well anyway (not the way Arch does for instance). What it can do great is quality, but for that to work we need to stick to LTS. I’m really glad we took the decision to focus on LTS personally. Regarding the 700MB limit, it was only important because of the limitation of CD. Nowadays, it’s extremely rare to see computers which don’t boot via USB or which optic drives don’t read DVDs.. in fact even DVD drives are becoming a thing of the past. Our limits are at 4.7GB, and for a while at 1GB and then 2GB (because of small flash USB sticks. Same thing again here… we’re seeing more and more 8GB/16GB USB sticks these days, they’re affordable and they’re everywhere, so these limits are slowly disappearing).

  42. Thanks for all your work!

    I also have the beta running on my laptop and refreshing the Update Manager is not showing any Level 1 updates. It was powered down overnight before I saw your release announcement this morning. How can I tell if the updates were released before the announcement and are applied? KDEinfo perhaps?

    Edit by Clem: The udpate manager tells you if you’re mirror is outdated, so if you don’t see any level 1 updates, it’s probably that you already have them installed. They’re published during the BETA phase. By the time you see a release it went through QA and mirror sync, so the last included updates would typically arrive in the repositories 3, 4, 5 days beforehand.

  43. Thanks Clem and the team,
    I’ll finally install mintKDE18 on HDD not in “VirtualBox”.
    Do you think you’ll make a package to upgrade from KDE173 to 18 like with Cinnamon/Mate/Xfce˘(for my noobs friends). Although this isn’t complicated to reinstall (especially if the ” / home ” is on a different partition than «/»)
    Thanks again

  44. Congratulations, Clem and other developers! You have brilliantly finished that turbulent season.
    Thank you for the magic we have hope all the time. I’ve already come back from Fedora 24 (btw thanks their guys too for letting me get used to Plasma 5 on their distro beforehand).
    And I was wrong in my comments… Now I see that in the hands of Clem, even 5.6.5 is better than 5.7.x at some other places 🙂 And maybe one day, Cinnamon will become not only so popular but really a leading DE, who knows…
    Nevertheless, it’s a great milestone for Mint (Menak Vishap, comment 38). I have a feeling that Mint 18, magnificent and beautiful Princess Sarah, is a some kind of very significant credentials for Clem. And now, it’s easier for him to meet some other lords (lords of art, lords of design, first of all) as equals to make our future 🙂
    Thank you for your work again!

  45. There seems to be a problem with setting up encryption for disks (manually) during installation i.e. while creating a partition, you can select it as encrypted LVM, but it does not allow to set the mount point to root, home, etc. The installer crashes.
    Tried different methods, but the same. Noticed this in the BETA, but thought it would get fixed in the final release.
    am currently running Mint 17.3 (Cinnamon) and all 3 partitions are encrypted (root, swap, home).
    Any indications as to why it cannot be done? I really want to use KDE since this is the best bug-free & fastest KDE distro amongst all others
    Thanks and keep up the great work…. appreciate

  46. I am running the BETA and I try to upgrade to final version. I am trying to refresh the Update Manager but it don’t show the level 1 update. Is there some additional setting needed to fix it?

  47. I found a bug when I was trying Linux Mint 18 KDE out from a pen drive. I run a system with an i7-2700K CPU, 16GB of RAM, and an Nvidia GK106 GPU. I booted the system from the pen drive, and I started clicking around to try the system out. I opened the system tray section from the icon for the instant messaging application, clicked around in there, closed the window, and then the user interface locked up. I wasn’t able to click on anything else or do much of anything.

    I thought I’d at least leave a comment and let the Mint team know about my issue. I’ll wait a few weeks for those kinds of bugs to be ironed out.

  48. Update manager stops when I press “install updates” so I can’t install them. First bug since I started with Mint 13 Xfce so I’m a bit surprised. KDE version looks great and runs smooth so far.

  49. Congratulations Clem and team!
    This is a very good looking Mint KDE release…

    I have an issue
    Re: Software Sources- I can’t access them .
    This is the message recieved:

    ” Failed to run /usr/lib/linuxmint/mintSources/ as user root.
    Unable to copy the user’s Xauthorization file “.

  50. Clem, thank you for your response above, post # 54. I had regularly updated so early release fixes are installed.

    Great work done by your team! I thoroughly enjoy using Mint 18 (your beautiful Sarah) with the KDE Plasma DE.

  51. Having the same issue funkybomber posted during the BETA release, but I’m running VirtualBox 5.1.4r110228 (Qt5.5.1), here’s his post:

    Hello, I have discovered a bug.

    I try to install the BETA in a VirtualBox (v5.0.20) but the button “Continue” is inactive. This occurs at the page mentioning the 3rd party closed source software.

    I tried checking and unchecking the “install 3rd party” checkbox.
    I also clicked the “Back” button and tried again. The “Continue” button remains inactive.

    Hope this helps!

    Edit by Clem: Hi Eduardo, make sure to give your VM plenty of RAM and its virtual HDD plenty of disk space. I’d recommend 2GB RAM, 20HDD if you can spare them.

  52. Can Linux Mint team make the bug:
    copy to usb stick is very slow in all Ubuntu derivates, also in Mint, all 64bit versions are affected!!!
    I found the soluition on internet:

    in short:
    vm.dirty_background_ratio = 5
    vm.dirty_ratio = 10

    in /etc/sysctl.conf
    and running sysctl -p

    This is really annoying bug really not tolerable in 2016!

    Edit by Clem: 2016… ah well. Thanks anyway for pointing us to this, that’s quite interesting. We’ll keep an eye on it to see how it develops and consider action for the next release.

  53. @peterqwerty post 68
    the 32 bit versions works well and no usb copy slowness at all, so it is just the 64 bit is compromized

  54. I think Hakan’s 4GB thumb drive problem is a filesystem problem. Default thumb drive format is fat32 which has a 4GB file size limit. Need to format thumb drive is ext4. Problem with ext4 is cannot use with Mac or Windows.

  55. Linux Mint KDE is the most stable KDE distro, best of “Mints” and the best distro for “home users”.- But please keep the ISOs and updates safe.

    Thanks for all the efforts.

  56. In addition to my comment 64: If “Install Updates” button has no effect just open a terminal and type “sudo apt-get update” followed by “sudo apt-get upgrade”. This fixes the bug.

  57. Hi Clem,

    Something else to report. There is a bug in KDE Plasma 5.6 (and 5.7 as well), number 361154, documented here:

    Basically, whenever you launch a 3D game, and then exit the game, the window compositing is messed up. Right now, I’m seeing a black border around all my windows, all just for playing a game for a few minutes.

    There is a workaround for it. Per the linked discussion, go to System Settings -> Window Management -> Window Rules. Add a new rule. Name it anything. Go to the “Appearance & Fixes” tab. Check the “Block compositing” box, select the “Force” option from the combo box, and select the “No” radio button. Apply changes. This will prevent compositing from being disabled while gaming, as it unfortunately doesn’t reenable correctly when the game is closed.

    I was wondering if you could put this option into Plasma as a default setting? This wasn’t easy to find a solution for, and the average user might not be able to find it too well.

    Thank you very much! And thanks again for all you do!

  58. “The 64-bit ISO is recommend for all modern computers (Almost all computers sold in the last 10 years are equipped with 64-bit processors).”

    True, but not all the computers sold in the last 10 years can be upgraded to 4GB RAM or more.

    The 32-bit edition is recommended for those using more programs at the same time, one of them being a browser with several tabs. A lower RAM consumption also prevents regular swap usage, which would lead to premature storage wearing and slowdowns.

  59. Hi Clem
    I noticed that someone has found the problem with burning DVD’s and not getting all the ISO, that is not getting the last 32 GB of the ISO, for those that are not programmers, like myself and don’t know where debug is or VDI, is your team going to fix this problem? If you would fix this that would be great!
    I have had other O/S and some are good and others a pain, I have found that Linux Mint is the best one, I love the KDE desk top and use it more than I do Windows. Kept up the good work.

  60. I’m in love with Linux Mint 18 KDE, Thanks a lot for this distro, the only drawback for me is the lack of screensaver, tho being this amazing is enough. thanks again!

  61. My AC-7265D wifi will not turn on.
    I have turned off bluetooth, no change to wifi.
    I have downloaded iwlwifi-7265-ucode-
    and put it’s files in /lib/firmware.

    What else might i try?

  62. Hi
    Now Mint KDE 18 is installed on my laptop (dell xps 13 2016 ubuntu DE), I’m quite happy; however let me report some ‘bugs’ along the way.

    1. the Mint installer is not usable in Hi-DPI (text is truncated in a small area, for instance for partition manager it is impossible to follow what happens). The solution was to change screen resolution during the installation. Not a big deal of course, but this could be mentioned somewhere.

    2. again concerning Hi-DPI, the sddm greeter does not scale properly. Solution is to create the file /etc/sddm.conf with
    ServerArguments=-dpi 216

    3. Same bug as in the Beta release comment #119, see
    When reconnecting, WiFi password is asked again. I didin’t find a solution for this. Do you have a hint ?

    4. I mention this, but this is not Mint’s fault, it was the same in ubuntu 16.04: my touchpad is detected twice with 2 different names, which causes some bugs and prevent from configuring it. The only solution I have found is to edit /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-synaptics.conf to disable one of them.

    Thanks again for the excellent work. I promise I will donate once the WiFi bug is resolved 😉

  63. I had to get back to Mint 17.3. Here are the reasons for this:

    *Kde 5 is very slow to login in Mint Sarah. I tooks more than 35 seconds after I type the password to get the desktop loaded.

    *I can’t connect wifi. Kde daemon keep asking me for password altough I already entered the correct password.

    *Kde 5 is slower than kde 4

  64. Hi again, another issue I ran into:

    5. I’m not sure if I should report this here or to Kmail devs.
    I open kmail for the first time, configure my IMAP account, wait 30s for synchronization. Then in the messages list area, all my message headers are replaced by a blank grey strip (I can show a screenshot). Of course this makes it completely unusable 🙁 🙁

  65. 5. resolved. Sorry for the noise, I found a solution: go to Kmail settings, Messages List, select another theme, apply, select back the “classic” theme, apply, and voila.

  66. This bug is easily reproducible and occurs with my 2 laptops, either in live usb session, or fully installed and upgraded:

    6. systemsettings/workspace freeze: steps to reproduce:
    * open systemsettings / “workspace theme” ==> OK
    * click back to “All settings”, then select “Display and Monitor”
    * back to “All Settings”, then “Workspace Theme” ==> FREEZE

  67. I am using the 64 bit version. I am using it on an Acer laptop with a wireless mouse. I have clicked the option to disable the touchpad when the mouse is connected, but every time I reboot, even though the box is checked, I have to uncheck, apply, check, then apply for it to work again. Is there an command I can use at startup for this?

  68. Hi again Clem.
    Regarding the comment #45 ( I don’t see any changes.
    I say this because I made a fresh install in another machine with the stable ISO (launched on 9th…) and I don’t see the bugs that I reported in this entry post

    Except the “flick” because I can’t test it.

    In the machine that I installed the “BETA”, the problems reported continous…



  69. Hi Clem,

    can You explain, how is announced support date for KDE / Xfce, MATE related to equivalent Ubuntu flavor? Currently, only Ubuntu versions are covered by 5 years of support for LTS, where other flavors have 3 years. For the Linux Mint, it is 5 years, for every edition. Mint is based on Ubuntu, so what will be done in the topic of 16.04 support, after these 3 years? Only Linux Mint devs will be taking cover on i.e. KDE packages? It’s a bit complicated topic, so please, provide detailed info about that 🙂

    Thanks in advance!

    Edit by Clem: Yes. KDE is a bit special because we didn’t freeze it to a particular version. It will continue to evolve and you’ll get new features/versions from the Kubuntu Backports PPA. In general, we’re responsible for support on the stacks we ship (typically our own developed/maintained DEs such as Cinnamon and MATE but also other packages such as the ones for Xorg or Xfce). To give you two examples, we’re preparing 1.14 point updates for Mint 17.x, but also a libmateweather fix not only for Mint 18, but also Mint 17.x and Mint 13. I mention this to illustrate the fact that Mint 13 receives very few MATE updates these days, but if something is completely broken (or represents a security issue) it obviously gets taken care of. When it comes to Xfce, you’re covered by Ubuntu for 3 years (but not always… for instance we ship our own version of libgarcon, so if a patch needs to be applied there, we’re responsible for it, not Ubuntu) and then we take over. We recently took over on the lts-vivid version of Xorg on the trusty base, so if you’re running Mint 17.x, you’ll soon receive an xorg update from us (which fixes a significant compatibility issue). When it comes to KDE it really depends on how active the Kubuntu PPA is and how long it continues to provide updates. It’s quite special because Plasma itself isn’t mature so we’re not really looking much at regressions here, but rather just going forward and having people upgrade to newer versions as they become available. The basic principle remains though, you’re with us for 5 years on this so if something breaks really bad or a security issue occurs, it doesn’t really matter whether Ubuntu covers it or not, because if they don’t we’ll take care of it, either way we’re responsible for it. In practice, you’re likely to see less and less bug fixes after a while and certainly no new versions or new features, but until you reach EOL critical bugs and security issues are covered.

  70. Hey Clem,
    Thanks for this wonderful release. Been working very well so far, except for one issue-bluetooth headset does not work. It does connect and get paired-however, no sound is outputted. I’d be very glad if you could fix this problem.

  71. What are this distribution’s perks as compared with [xxx]?

    Edit by Clem: They’re both free so please take them both for a ride.

  72. Since the release of Ubu 16.4 I was really waiting for Mint-KDE (because usually LibreOffice’s features are better implemented). Plasma 5.x is fantastic, a desktop for everybody from power-user to … ahm not so skilled ones 😉

    … just one thing: where the heck I can change the font-colour of tooltips. All the tooltips (Breeze) use nearly white fonts on white background… (Tooltips are not broken, because you can suggest the letters of a tooltip, when it is located over a black background)

  73. Weird. Booting from USB flash drive, the system freezes in about a minute after its loaded. The whole user interface fully freezes, whatever input does absolutely no effect visually, just the mouse cursor moves around normally. What could cause it? Any ideas?

    My computer’s specifications:
    i7-2700K 3.50 GHz
    Kingston DDR3 1333 Mhz 8192 MB
    Palit GeForce GTX 660 1006 MHz
    Seagate ST1000DM003 953869 MB (190 MB/s)

    Edit by Clem: Switch to console and check dmesg to see if you see I/O errors (in which case the ISO wasn’t downloaded properly) or GPU related issues (in which case it’s probably a rendering issue?).

  74. Mint KDE 18 runs like a champ on this gear. 13 Activities with 6 desktops each (I was running these on 17.3 also.) The ability to enlarge the desktop icons was a big plus for me….

  75. Rather annoying: No upgrade path from Mint 17.3 at all. Just because it is a new major mint and KDE plasma version – who wants to do a full reinstall. 8-(

    Edit by Clem: I’m sorry about this, KDE 4 simply isn’t upgradeable to Plasma 5. This decision was taken upstream. To provide you with an upgrade path we’d have had to completely remove your DE and install this new one on top. I can’t start to imagine how many things could have gone wrong with this. Also, from a user point of view, and despite the fact that many people enjoy Plasma 5, it wouldn’t very honest to portray this as an update. These two desktops are still quite different from one another and KDE 4 was certainly more mature. I would definitely recommend to try Plasma 5 for KDE 4 users before deciding whether or not they want to jump onto it. We’re very far from the “same DE, just got better” adage that you get when upgrading from MATE 1.12 to 1.14 here or Cinnamon 2.8 to 3.0. This is something different and relatively new.

  76. I installed the Beta and tried to use the Update Manager to upgrade to the final release. Nothing much happened, but I assume that this is so because I kept updating the beta anyway during the past weeks. In any case, there are some issues whicht prevent me from dropping 17.3:
    – Kontact crashes whenever I try to add an event (I have sent crash reports about this issue already
    – in 17.3 I could specify different background images for my 4 virtual work spaces. This doesn’t seem to be possible in 18 – I get the same background image on all 4 workspaces.
    Has anybody else had these same problems?

  77. Hello all. About the possibility to upgrade from Mint KDE 17.3 to Mint KDE 18. I made the following test : installing a machine with Kubuntu 14.04 LTS, waiting for a while, then its update manager proposes me now an upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04, including the plasma upgrade from v4 to v5, without reinstalling everything.
    Therefore, even if a fresh install is sometimes better, for people who manage several or many machines like in a company, the mere possibility to be able to upgrade most of the PCs, while fresh reinstalling only the few which creates troubles, would be a real key advantage. It exists with kubuntu LTS, why not with Mint KDE? It has the same basis.
    What do you think about it?
    See screen capture:

    Edit by Clem: Hi Patrox, I replied to James above. I’m really not comfortable with this upgrade path. It’s not just a matter of upgrading, assuming we manage to get everything go smooth, you’re switching from and to very different things here. Your Mint 17.x KDE is very stable, very mature and it goes all the way until 2019. Upgrading it to a new DE which is still being actively developed and which updates are continuously brought via a backports PPA is not what I would consider an [incremental] upgrade.

  78. Starting Kate on a clean install gave the error ‘Configuration file “/home/user1/.config/katerc” not writable. Please contact your system administrator.” (user1 was my user name).

    After pressing OK, Kate started normally. The error was caused by the owner of the file being root. Changing the owner to the normal user got rid of the message.

  79. Hello all,

    I notice a lot of people experiencing the Wi-Fi bug where it prompts you for your password on every login. There is a simple workaround for this.

    Go into the KDE Wallet Manager (sorry, I’m not near my KDE box at the moment, I don’t remember its exact name). Delete the default wallet, and create a new one with a name you like. Set it as your default. You’ll have to enter your Wi-Fi password one last time on logging into KDE, but that will be it!

    There’s just something off with the default wallet that comes with the installation.

    FYI, the bug appears to be gone in KDE Plasma 5.7, at least on Manjaro. So there is hope for the future. Perhaps someone running KDE Neon can confirm?

  80. Nice…. Congratulations to the team. I have to report a few problems.
    1. supertuxcart game is so slow that I can’t play it at all. It was very good and very fast on Mint 17 KDE.
    2. System can’ remember some sound settings. At start I have no sound because the initial settings give the sound to the headphones. Changing this setting I have sound until reboot or restart.
    3. Many times the system can’t restart or can’t shutt off. I have to press the appropriate button on the box of the PC. (I have installed the appropriate drivers for the nvidia card I have.)
    4. I use another system language than the English one and I had serious problems with the basic Home folders (Pictures – Downloads – etc). As an example, I try to import a photo to my facebook but it was impossible . I had to change the name of these pictures folder using english characters. An other example … I tried to share the downloads folder with windows xp in the virtual box … I an an experienced user of virtual box…. It was impossible until I change the name of the folder with english characters.
    5. I don’t have video thumbnails using dolphin. (I have installed anything I used to …)

  81. The backup tool has a bug in it. When I run it it crashes and when I run it from a terminal it reports there is a bug.

  82. ok with video thumbnails !
    I saw above this : sudo ln -s /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/plugins/* /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/plugins/
    I did it and it’s ok !

  83. Clem, as far as I understand all KDE enhancements/updates will be provided through the Kubuntu backports PPA, correct? Well, this might be tricky and jeopardize all your efforts to put this awesome distro together, as there is a spread perception in the community that Kubuntu is either dead or agonizingly dying. In order to keep this wonderful Mint 18 KDE modern and updated I would respectfully suggest the Mint team to consider approaching the Neon group and build on their efforts, instead of Kubuntu’s. Other distros (names suppressed here, all from the “rpm” world) have done a superb job providing their KDE-spin combos with the best of the latest KDE releases. Specifically, they’re now on 5.7.3 or 5.7.4 and on their way to migrate to 5.8 within months. Relying on Kubuntu might put Mint well behind competition in the mid/long term (6 to 12 months from now). Think about it!

  84. Hi everybody,
    I have a Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” cinnamon installed on my computer.
    I would try KDE desktop in replacement of cinnamon. When I try, from a terminal or synaptic, to install mint-meta-kde, message is : impossible because broken paquets. My question : is it possible to install kde dektop? Or do I need to do a fresh install?
    I’m a newbie on linux,

  85. Hi there

    I am tired of Microsoft. I lost everything on my laptop, including MS Office. I tried discussing it with them and they are of the opinion I can buy a new package, its easy. They have a monopoly and I need, actually want, something different.

    Will your Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” KDE do the same? Will I be able to share documents, which can be opened by Word, Excel, PowerPoint and you have a Outlook type as well? Please let me know.

    I can help myself on computers, am not a qualified technician.



  86. The Linux Mint 18 KDE is awful. Not graphically as one could easily remedy that, but this Plasma 5 is not working well. No matter if you install your videocard’s driver, sometimes in the text fields or on any other surface where there’s some animation it leaves behind garbage, glitches. If you change the icons then you’ll be in real trouble as it will randomly changes some icons, while others will be the same breeze style, and in the next instant those are changed too.
    If you set up something in the KDE menu editor sometimes it works, sometimes it won’t, but it will surely not save the icon for your own submenus, or their position. I tried to find a solution for that, and on the KDE forum they said that this is not the bug of the menu editor itself, but the integration framework, and they said the solution was to upgrade that. Well, I tried to, but it’s the most up-to-date version.
    Or if you try to launch the update manager from the paneltray that’s a new hassle, as it not allows you just to simply click on it. It only works with right-click and then choose the manager to finally make it pop up.
    This version is filled with these little, but more annoying things, which adds up, and it is a shame! Linux Mint used to be easy and user friendly, but now this is insane, and infuriating.

  87. Hello Clem, thx for your answer about KDE edition “not so upgradable”, I appreciate your time spent, even if I’d rather to have the possibility to perform an upgrade. C’est la vie ! 😉 Take care!

  88. Hello all.
    I met a strange issue for printing with Mint 18 KDE with a Brother HL-1110 printer. I can install Brother drivers (32 bits, but they work fine with Mint 17.3 64 bits), I can declare the network printer (plugged on ubuntu 14.4 LTS server), I can reach it on a network point of view, I can see the print queue, I can send a print job, receive nice messages “printing”, “done”, everything seems all right, but… nothing is ever printed any longer! While it works perfectly with Mint 17.3.
    I found this thread with describe exactly what I see:
    So it seems it is the same issue, and as the basis for Mint18 is ubuntu 16.04, so I guess it must come for there, but from where?? Any idea, guys??

  89. well, i guess the most of us want mint de to be based on kde neon instead kubuntu (that cr$p thing)..

    lets hope clem open his eyes and see whats best for mint kde, and its not kubuntu base…

  90. just show how to change screen resolution, in linux mint sarah 18 kde.

    1– go to the system sittings.
    2– in the top/center of the screen click on “Configure”.
    3– click on classic tree-view.
    4– click on “Hardware” –> and click on “display and monitor” –> and click on “display configuration, then you can change your screen resolution.


  91. in fact you can simply type in the search field of the “system sittings” panel—> “Display Configuration”, then see on the bottom of the windows the highlighted icon “display and monitor”.


  92. Installed @2016.09.13
    Updated all new updates.

    To get my SOUND to work, I had to add group audio to my user (!?)
    I tried with root which worked out ok for me, so I tried adding audio group to my user.

    I have a HDA Intel sound card.

    ~# usermod -g audio login_name


    mtpfs bombs on me still.

  93. Has anyone problem with Chromium Browser min/max/close buttons in “non-system” title bar? I cannot see it in maximized mode. Also the translation (polish) i quite poor still. Rest is great!

  94. @zerogrc sorry but that’s not true…as much as i can tell from what ive tried till now, Mint may be the most stable KDE4 but its not the most stable KDE5 distro. As you can see in the posts below you and before that, its quite obvious…

  95. The new Plasma is great, but i have one litle problem. Despite the setting menu in Plasma apll is not translucent. Is translucent in e.q. Firefox or Inkscape.

  96. spectacle can’t remember previous user settings about the type of file to save it. Sometimes it doesn’t show the picture I cut with the mouse. No picture at all after enter. It also demands a new (save) name every time or else it copies the picture file to the previous one. To me , it is tot user friendly – it is not smart as the previous tool on KDE 4 !!!

  97. @Vic, I more or less agree with you. But I wouldn’t blame Mint. All distros with Plasma 5 have these problems. The question is: does Mint do better ? I don’t have the answer to this. It was clearly the case for KDE 4.

  98. installed mint 17 1st in HDD to replace window…then tried ubunto on HDD. Mint is light & crisper on my old laptop. No problem with driver. Window laggard on my old laptop. wifi having a hard time to connect consistently. Finally went back to Mint as my desktop OS replacing window for good… Only problem with mint is streaming video from youtube…and using LED TV as extended monitor… audio-video out of sync…video framerate lagged….look improvement on this area…other else best. Thank you Mint Team

  99. I had reported here that supertuxkart (3d game) was very slow under Mint 18 KDE and it was ok under Mint 17 !
    I also reported the problem to the STK team and I informed that the new game version 0.9 is much more demanded than 0.8.1 I used to play under Mint 17.
    It is my problem because my PC is rather weak….and I don’t have enough money to buy a new one……
    Thanks a lot !

  100. why can not have a different image for each desktop for each workspace? It was convenient to know where we were. I hate the single-desk with a single image for all spaces! It’s very unpleasant …

  101. Je voulais KDE Mint 18 pour les images différentes par bureau. Xfce ne les permet pas non plus. C’est insupportable. Je vais abandonner MINT.

    I wanted Mint KDE 18 different images per office. Xfce does not allow either. It’s unbearable. I will abandon MINT.

  102. Excellent release! One problem, though: there seems to be no way to choose a German keyboard layout. Is there a way to fix this?

  103. Another problem: Skype does not follow the desktop theme as far as scrollbars etc. are concerned. (Same problem as in previous 64-bit versions of ubuntu.)

  104. Thanks so much for your effort. I have never been a fan of KDE, but then I have tried Mint KDE 17.3 and it was just near perfect.
    I was waiting for KDE 18, have tried KDE Neon and Kubuntu before and I like Mint the best!
    Keep it up guys and I will keep up donating 🙂
    So far, on my Latitude E6320 everything works like a charm. Fn buttons work all. All drivers installed out-of-the box.
    Just PERFECT!

  105. So I launched multimedia (first time I had an opportunity). Amarok crashed so I’ve installed Clementine. Clementine crashes when I close Okular window and sometimes spontaneously. So far about stability.

  106. Es sensacional para mi la distro de Linux Mint “Sara” debido a que su interfaz es super adaptable y adicional a ellk es liviano, full custumizable para aquellos que nos gusta las modificaciones. No solo eso si no que el manejo con la privativa de NVIDIA da un sin fin min de mejoras graficas de acuerdo al uso que le queramos dar.

  107. Lanwa666 is right. We’re unable to install mint-meta-kde. Can’t wait!

    Edit by Clem: Go to Menu -> Software Sources -> PPA and add ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports. If, like me, you like neat and tidy though, I wouldn’t recommend mixing desktops/editions, especially with a large one like KDE.

  108. Congratulations for the awesome work you are doing out there. I do enjoy Cinnamon aswell as any other version of DE on Mint. My hopes goes only, maybe in the future to replace Ubuntu core with something else, like openSuse, Arch, Gentoo, whatever. Good luck, people. You are great!

  109. @Clem

    Manu thanks. I love to mess with my OS, but i’m to lazy to reinstall whole system untill i’m not forced 😉

    It helped!
    1. add ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports (sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports)
    2. sudo apt-get install mint-meta-kde kubuntu-full lightdm
    3. sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm (and select lightdm)
    4. Logout (or reboot) and while login-in select Plasma

    So it works, but i can not use Software Menu (K with gear), it tell’s me:

    Błąd wczytywania pliku QML: file:///usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.kickoff/contents/ui/Kickoff.qml:38:34: Type FullRepresentation unavailable
    file:///usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.kickoff/contents/ui/FullRepresentation.qml:98:13: Type FavoritesView unavailable
    file:///usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.kickoff/contents/ui/FavoritesView.qml:151:23: Type KickoffItem unavailable
    file:///usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.kickoff/contents/ui/KickoffItem.qml:184:13: Cannot assign to non-existent property “usesPlasmaTheme”

    What am i missing?

  110. Ok, after messing a bit, i got it!
    I’m sorry i do not know what else i’ve installed, but after update/upgrade (why it came unactual?) it works fine.

  111. Brilliant, Linux Mint 17 is good but this Linux Mint 18 revision is a bit sleeker, really smooth. After playing with it on an old netbook I’ve jsut completed a full install on my laptop. I had been using Win 10 but it really is junk. My laptop is running better than it ever has, fantastic. So it’s bye bye Mr Gates et al… I’ve shown Windows the door no more MS on my PC. Why isn’t all life just as sweet ?

  112. Will someone please help me. Im unable to use wifi. It is automatically being disconnected after a few minutes. Is there any way to solve this.

  113. @Vika: If this happens with a touchpad, the change you need to make is
    System Settings=>Input Devices=>Touchpad
    and change the setting after One finger to No Action.

    If you want to keep the one finger action, you could fiddle with the Sensitivity settings.

  114. I have returned to Linux Mint KDE after a long time, and I want to congratulate the team because I find this edition to be excellent.

    I was on Kubuntu 16.04 previously, and the graphic glitches and flashes were specially annoying. It happens a lot with Chrome / Chromium. Did you guys do changes in the version of the Linux Graphic driver that has been installed in this version? Is just the new versions of Chrome / Chromium?

    I have two questions, it would be great if you can help:

    1) Is it possible to embed Okular within Dolphin? I can do this in Konqueror, so I can see .pdf files inside Konqueror without launching Okular. But Konqueror does not work fine for me in this version.

    2) As mentioned above, Chrome / Chromium don’t show the right up buttons to minimise / close the application. Do you know how to solve this?

    Again, congratulations for this Linux Mint 18. I hope to be using it for a long time!

  115. Long time user of Mint KDE. Have been very pleased with the V17 release and have loaded V18 on just one machine in network. Although I love the interface and operation, this build has dropped the Network Drives application which allowed working off server storage with all network machines. Only had one day with V18 and will see if there is a work around.
    I am not saying V18 does not allow Network access from Dolphin, but from apps such as Libre Office or say burning an ISO from the server with K3B. This was easy with V17 and Network Drives. Maybe another way and still looking. I am patient and will figure it out—as and engineer (DSP firmware and RF Design) I have great appreciation for the team at Linux Mint–Great Job!!

  116. Follow up from my previous comment #50. I have the volume control figured out, no big deal just a setting. The $110 offer still stands, get video previews in dolphin and it’s yours. ffmpegthumbs and ffmpegthumbnailer ad the option in dolphin settings but nothing happens.

    note: I tried several times to sign up for your forums but never get an email to verify my account.

  117. installed kde 18. everything is good.
    but it doesnt feel like i m using Mint KDE. not impressed with the theme . kde Mint team should work to give this distro a kind of Mint Olive Green type of look.
    cinnamon and xfce got best theme and looks so far and always gives you feeling that you are on Mint.

  118. I installed VLC from terminal. It doesn’t show on KDE Menu (Multimedia). I thought I got it wrong or a different package, so I uninstall it from the terminal, and install VLC from Software Manager. Successfully installed and yet, it’s still not shown on KDE Menu.

    I tried running it from ALT+F2 and typing vlc, it shows “run vlc”, but it doesn’t have the VLC icon. Though, VLC runs fine from there.

    Now, how can I add the VLC shortcut on KDE Menu under Multimedia? Or is this some kind of bug? It should have automatically add an entry on KDE Menu under Multimedia after it was installed.


  119. The KDE is very stable, especially inside a VM where I use tools like eclipse. This is going to be my real long term distro. Good work…keep it up…

  120. Won’t install. Live image KDE partition manager crashes so cannot delete a partition to install on. The installer crashes right after choosing “English” and trace says it was calling something to determine disk size.

  121. Once again my faith in MINT as the best distro is completely justified. Installation and use of 18 KDE has been flawless.

  122. Hello again,

    I just validate mitn 18 kde on a second notebook with 3 desctops (business . TUEV and Privat). But there is only 1 folder “schreibtisch” and all different desktops have the same content.

    In 17.3 have 3 folder (1 folder for 1 desktop) and every one have a diffrent content.

    Is this a mistake?

    Regards kiefaber

  123. Session restore wasn’t working on the beta and it’s still broken on the stable version. One of the best features… that’s a shame

  124. Hi. One question. wow actually WOW it needed capitals to express my joy about KDE. I tried the beta and yes, yes, Yes like the Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal scene for excitement about the distro. So when the full release was available I downloaded it from the internet, checked the sha and loaded it in. I have been using it for a few days and came time to install the printers but was taken back in mind and scenario to the problems with the install. With mates last few updates the printer install was floorless, it detected my printers on the network and nic numbers of each printer. But at this moment kde is different, it shows my printers but no nic and I had to manualy install the laser and the epson failed to show the 201113w driver. So kind of a back step so my question is will this be corrected in the future? Thanks

  125. I like it very much! I’m trying to switch to it from 17.3
    One thing though, for some reason Playonlinux doesn’t start. Does anyone know the reason?
    Tx a lot!

  126. 1) KDE GUI Installer
    2) Manually edit of the parts for multiboot
    3) Encrypted LVM BUG!!!
    Installer no work and installation crash!

    17.3 and 18 KDE Linux Mint KDE Edition.

    I said it many times here and on the help-chat and on the develpoers-chat.

  127. 1.a. The alternative applications menu can’t remember recent applications b. There is no way to hide any application of the menu. c. It forgets some other user settings if you change this menu with the default one .
    2. Working with dolphin in a folder with many files I used to add tickets for better sorting of the files. I noticed that when I try to give a ticket to a file , dolphin doesn’t show the names of other tickets I have already given to other files . I remember in KDE4 that , if I wanted to use a previous given ticket I simply had to choose it for the new file-s. There was no need for retype and the error probability was minimum. This “reminder” of ticket names is very important for a user who is working with a lot of files (pictures – songs etc) . Sorry for my bad English…. Thanks a lot .

  128. I was wrong when I report that there is no way to hide any application of the menu. I found the appropriate setting to hide anything I want.

  129. Moving some files (only 40-50 jpg pictures) from one folder to an other of the internal hard disk the system slows down very-very -very much (no multitasking at all) !! I could do nothing until I saw a message that the removal was done. I don’t know if it is a clipboard issue. I had chosen for the clipboard to ignore photos. I have also stopped the indexing/searching file service !! I tried to remove files again and again and the problem persists. Working with KDE4 (Mint 17 KDE 64bit) I could remove thousands of files (usually photos) and I had never noticed such a bad situation like this.
    If it is not a temporary situation and Plasma is really so heavy I would appreciate if the Linux team could say something about this. Thanks a lot !
    My PC : CPU Intel Core 2 DUO E 8400 (2x3Ghz) , RAM 8 GB , graphics NVIDIA Geforce 9500 GT.

  130. I used konsole to take any updates. After this I closed the application and I happened to open the system supervisor in order to check the CPU load. To my surprise I noticed that the application kosnole appeared to be running absorbed the 50% of the CPU power !!! Specifically , 100% of one CPU core was occupied by konsole !!! I killed this process and after that the konsole “ghost” dissapeared and the CPU load was normal again !!
    Sorry for my English and for my persistence to report any problem.
    The only reason is that I love Linux Mint and I have chosen it as my favourite OS years before, after I check a lot of Linux distros….. Thnaks a lot .

  131. I found this release quite unstable (well, Plasma 5 is unstable)… so I’m a bit bummed now.
    I reverted to 17.3. Hopefully KDE will get better soon.
    Still a lot of problem with Ubiquity when trying to install manually, especially with full disk encryption (which should be the default nowadays, I don’t understand why everybody doesn’t encrypt everything already).
    Keep up the good work!

  132. How cool is it that the head of the entire project takes the time from his busy schedule to answer our questions?! Going to try this soon, but I’m having issues with using KDE Mint 18 in VMware. Freezes up a lot but I’m hoping that is only because it’s a VM and it will work fine on actual physical hardware. Thanks Clem and team for building a distro that we all can use and call amazing!

  133. I confirmed the very serious konsole bug I reported above, searching the official reported KDE bugs for this application. Users who use the Nvidia 340 drivers have to check if konsole is running to the backround after they close the application !
    To the moment, it seems that there is a very simple solution. The user must avoid to close the application with the mouse !!! Simply type “exit” and it is ok !
    So … all these days after I installed the new Mint KDE OS , I used to run the konsole to make my system better , to take updates , to fix my fstab ,etc etc and closing this application, I actually had less than the 50% of my CPU available…
    This is the main reason (I guess), I found plasma desktop very heavy !!!
    Because of a konsole with psychological problems…….
    Thanks a lot for your understanding …..!

  134. Hi Clem

    I just wanted to let you know that I now have the Linux Mint 18 Sarah KDE LTS, there is some things that I do miss.

    1. Screen saver, I do have pictures that I took of wild life witch I think makes good desk top and screen savers, I do miss the screen saver and wish that you would bring it back.

    2. I miss the auto log in, there is no one here but me having the choice between auto log in and password was a good thing. I think it was. I do wish you would bring that back as well.

    3. All in all I have noticed that the computer runs a little faster I think that you have a good team and they do a very good job, please kept up the good work.

    4. Of all the desk tops I think that the KDE is about the best you and your team has done. I use Mint more than I do Windows.

  135. Hola, instalé esta nueva versión hoy, y me parece hermosa, funciona muy fluida y tiene muchas novedades, sin embargo hay algo que no me gusta, es el hecho de que los íconos de las carpetas y otros archivos muestran un renovado y bonito aspecto sólo en tamaño de 32 pixeles en adelante, pero para 16 y 22 pixeles se ven carpetas sin color que dejan todo en blanco y negro, muy feas. ¿Existe la posibilidad de conservar las visualizaciones para los distintos íconos de carpetas y archivos en todos los tamaños de íconos?

  136. I’m brand-new to linux. I’ve been running it on my macbook via virtual box. I have really liked this version (for the entire week I’ve been checking it out), but I noticed a problem when I go to System Settings. Particularly DeskTop Preferences, and Present Windows. The area where it shows what various shortcuts are, and where you could (presumably?) change them, is so small that I can only see one shortcut at a time, and am unable to make any changes.

    I can click on the Global option, and see that it has opened up to input your own alternate, but I can’t see that part in the tiny window. Scrolling up and down just zips past it. I don’t see a way to resize the window either.


  137. Good enough but I have a problem with recovering from suspend mode. The screen remain black and I can do nothing, only forced shutdown (pressing power button for 5 sec). Usually I am using Zorin 11 on my Dell Inspiron 3521 and this OS is not doing the same.
    I am sure it can be fixed but I am a novice.
    Thanks for all

  138. md5sum linuxmint-18-kde-64bit.iso

    This md5sum is different from the one listed here.

    At first I thought it could be a bad download or something like that. Downloaded again. Same md5sum.

    Then downloaded via torrent. Same thing.

    Filesize is 1949515776

    what can it be ?

    Edit by Clem: Hi Gustavo, these are sha256sum signatures, not md5sum.

  139. I installed Linux Mint KDE 18. I use too Linux Mint KDE 17.3 and is faster than Linux Mint KDE 18. Memory is ~700 MB than ~931 MB. Xorg use 52% from CPU in Linux Mint KDE 18. Why so resource hungry? Plasma 5 is assumed to be less hungry. Same hardware configuration is too slow with Linux Mint KDE 18 than all KDE previous version of Linux Mint. This is my case.

  140. Hi Clem

    I think that I may have a bug for you, I have the linux Mint 18 Sarah KDE LTS. I am using Dell Optipex GX 620 it has a 3.0 processor and 4 GB of ram, I just tried to make a boot able flash drive and the computer does not see it at all, and it is the same way when I go the format one.

    Hope that this helps.

  141. Mint 18 KDE was a little bit unstable so I switched to Mint 18 MATE. It’s less comfortable but everything runs like it should. I’ll wait to better stability on KDE version…

  142. Αutomatic spellcheck is not working in Kate !
    It is working in Libreoffice and in web browsers (Firefox – Chrome).

  143. Hi Clem

    I thought I would tell you that I have another computer it is Lenovo Think center M93P, I just install Linux Mint Sarah 18 KDE, and did very well, I tried to make a boot able USB flash drive with no success, the computer sees the flash drive but the software does not, and the format is the same way. I think that you have a bug here, I also tried the same thing on my lap top and the same thing, so three different computers and the same thing, Can not make a boot able flash drive or format one.

    hope this helps and yes I have the new Linux Mint 18 KDE I sent off for it.

  144. Many thanks to the KDE team. Great job.
    I’ve been using Kubuntu for years now while keeping an eye on Mint.

    This release is great. Fully functional in no time. I moving to Mint KDE from my old Plasma Kubuntu. note: LMDE2 is always with me too. Two best distros out. (oh, I run on Mintbox and HP Envy)

    Thank you!

  145. Having cycled through Gnome, Cinnamon, Mate, XFCE and KDE flavours of Linux Mint and that other debian-based OS over the last two years I felt strongly motivated to praise and thank the Linux Mint KDE guys for this release. This is hands down the best computing expeirence I have had in a loooonggg time. I am reminded of the heyday of that other debian-based OS when that distro seemed to be heading in the right direction and seemed to care what its users thought. I am actually excited to use this distro. Sure there are problems – I had to do a little work to get suspend working and thumbnails to show up and adding system and network monitor widgets to a panel just creates a mess. I miss the system-monitor graphs from Gnome and Cinnamon. But those small gripes aside I am amazed at this distro and look forward to KDE Mint’s future with eagerness.
    Cheers Clem and crew!!

  146. Oh and one more thing: I recently discovered Timeshift ( This program takes snapshot backups of the system files but not user files and content. It means you can restore the system to a previous state if you break something. I’m amazed it’s taken this long for such a valuable linux app as this to appear. I think it would be a great additional feature for linux mint if this package could be included in the distro or at least in the repos!

  147. Estaba bueno el kde… hasta que lo convirtieron en una poronga que no restaura las sesiones previas. Lo tenían con ese error en la versión beta y no lo arreglaron, salió la estable y sigue igual. Para qué mierda se tardan semanas enteras y no arreglan algo tan básico?

  148. I love the system.Linux mint 18 kde. Clicked on install and I still have a very long wait to final close to install disk icon.Wait ,Wait.What is wrong? I should get a notice saying final install wait wait.

  149. Here is problem when install : ubi-partman failed with exit code 141. Further information may be found in /var/log/syslog. Do you want to try running this step again before continuing? If you do not, your installation may fail entirely or may be broken. The install will not let you wipe out disk and install linux mint. This linux mint 18 kde I need to get rid of windows 7.

  150. There’s a huge CPU usage problem with KDE Plasma 5 . My laptop (Acer E1-451G). I recently upgrade from Mint 17.3 Rosa. Rosa’s KDE are good, but because I want to try the newest Plasma 5, I upgraded to Sarah. Then I realized that my CPU load are constantly high under Plasma 5, it runs 30-80% even on idle. I try to install Cinnamon, and my CPU load goes back to normal. Are there any soulutions for this problem? Plasma 5 are nice environment though, if they can manage a reasonable CPU load.

  151. Hey Clem, I always have a problem with regional settings on Mint KDE.

    I want to install Mint KDE on English (US) and only add Greek (ελληνικά) as the default dictionary at regional settings -> spell check.

    I use preferred language in translation American English, Format Ελλάδα – ελληνικά (el_GR) but there is no way to add greek – ελληνικά at default language at spell check then.

    The only way for the above setup to work is to install mint kde in greek and then make the above changes but some stuffs like folders and login screen stays in greek.

    Any way to fix this?

    I think there is the same problem with English as proffered interface language and other language as dictionary for other languages as well.

  152. @Clem nevermind I’ve fixed the greek dictionary dissapear while on English interface problem. It was so easy.

    I’ve just installed myspell-el-gr

    So if anyone also have any similar problem with other language setup the fix is to install myspell for the language they want to add as dictionary from terminal: sudo apt-get install myspell-xx-xx or even from software manager.

  153. Hi.
    Anybody knows how to install this Mint-KDE gui, while I have already installed MATE? (I want to have both)
    I remember that I tried to do sth similar with xfce in the past, but all in all I had default/clean xfce.
    Thank you 🙂

  154. I have 1gb ram in my eepc. Linux Rosa used to work alright. What happens now when mint 18 Sarah requires 2 GB. I have already upgraded to it. Should I go back to earlier Rosa and is that possible?

  155. Ive only had it for less than a day, but I chose this os because its the only one that will actually let me use my displayport to connect to my TV. Have KDE an option also won me over. I broke kde multiple times and even xorg once trying to configure it in other OS’s which were more geared towards customization and being lightweight but I finally gave up after a couple days of frustration. Thanks for supporting displayport in a way that is practical to set up, guys!

    Now if only I can find the advanced display options to duplicate my screen instead of extending it, which aren’t in the standard display settings for me :/ That is one suggestion I have for you to add. In general, I think the settings prompt should be WAY more in depth than it is, but maybe I can download other GUI’s for that or just change these things thru command line anyway 🙂

    Overall, thanks, you won me over!

  156. Thanks for this nice KDE work.
    I am writing this letters on KDE-Mint, and see that it needs some touchings (to being repaired) (e.g: I can’t get rid off some “sticky notes” on my KDE Desktop which come without calling them).. so I see my lovely Mint-Cinnamon still more stabil (and consequently better).

  157. I just have a point in hopes that it will be taken as a constructive one. When loading KDE fresh and it gets to the hard-drive install, I chose to encrypt my LVM Part of the drive, then the install will not allow me to go any further. I noticed two white boxes under neath so i then worked out they are the lock code for said install. Maybe some note that these are for the code and something to pop up when the codes don’t match. would put polish to what i now regard as a true windows competitor, still a way to go but a brilliant well done base to work from.

  158. And probably KDE use more resources than Cinnamon since by rapid movements my screen is trembling on FireFox (which doesn’t happen by Cinnamon). I found Cinnamon runs smoother.
    (Perhaps my 8 years old LapTop, HP compaq C61, 4GB DDR2, is not anough powerful for running KDE)

  159. nice work i will update soon im using linux mint 17.3

    but i loved it and i will loved it more when i update it.

    thanks for all people that make it easy for us to use this system

  160. Congratulations,

    Great job done on this OS. Finally can leave the “Windows nightmare” behind me. Used to work with ubuntu, but i like the Linux Mint “Sarah edition” even more. Keep up the splendid work.

  161. Hi Clem and Team

    Thank you for an incredible distro. Mint KDE was my main distribution and with Mint 18 it continues to be so. Feels incredibly stable.

    There is one small issue. I have been able to replicate it sometimes but not always.

    1. Two monitor set up, one connected to HDMI and one connected to DP (primary)

    2. Bottom panel on each Monitor setup to always visible. Each panel is setup to show applications from only that particular desktop, activity, and monitor

    3. Turn off both monitors. Turn them back on again.

    4. The bottom panel from one of the monitors moves to the other monitor and overlaps on top of it.

    Don’t know why this is happening.

    Good work on the distro.


  162. Further to #123 Yro: “want mint de to be based on kde neon instead kubuntu (that cr$p thing)”. I’m compelled to add my agreement. I felt so constrained by the tie to the horrible Kubuntu 16.04 [which seems “permanently” frozen at buggy Plasma 5.5.5], that after considering my options [& extensively testing Kubuntu, Mint 18 KDE, KDE Neon, KFedora 24, & Maui Aurora in VMs over the past several weeks & months], i have just completed upgrading my Tower from Mint 17.3 KDE4 to Maui 1 Plasma 5.7.5. I felt very disappointed to “have” to walk away from Mint 18 KDE, but frankly i’m just loving Maui — a very nice distro, with a great Plasma5 implementation. I’d love to return to Mint KDE one day, but can’t foresee it happening til the link to the execrable Kubuntu is severed, & Mint instead links to Neon. At least Mint’s Plasma 5.6.x is better than Kubuntu’s 5.5.x, but with 5.7.5 current [& much better], + with 5.8 imminent yet no apparent probability of Mint getting it due to the tie to Kubuntu, i felt that my upgrade from Mint 17.3 to a Plasma5 distro simply had to be to Maui not Mint. Sob, sniff…

    Edit by Clem: I know this isn’t done on purpose and you’re posting this to help us improve. But please don’t promote other distributions here, and especially do not criticize other distributions here. The way you criticize Kubuntu isn’t fair (and for the record, they’re the ones providing us with Plasma 5.6).

  163. Dear #140 Xaverius September 15th, 2016 at 6:42 pm: “I wanted Mint … 18 different images per office. Xfce does not allow either”. You are wrong. Whilst recently upgrading my Tower from Mint 17.3 KDE4 *not* to Mint 18 KDE but to Maui 1, i upgraded my Lappy from Mint 17.3 KDE4 to Mint 18 Xfce. After extensive testing & setup using Compiz, i now have a fabulous Lappy installation with *separate* wallpapers on each of my 18 VDs, AND Desktop Cube, AND multiple window special effects [just like KWin]. For me it was much harder to “discover” all the right Compiz settings to achieve this result [being instead familiar with KDE4 KWin, i had never used Xfce or Compiz before], but it was worth all my effort & time — the result is fantastic [including as i said the individual wallpapers]. You should give it a serious tryout. Mint 18 Xfce+Compiz is magnificent.

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