Monthly News – July 2016


Hello everybody. I hope you’re enjoying the summer and the recent releases of Linux Mint 18.

I’d like to say a big thank you to all the people who donated to us in June and in July (July donations will appear in the next Monthly News). Welcome back also to ThinkPenguin and thanks to all our sponsors. You’re making our life much easier and your help is very important to us.

The Xfce edition is almost ready. Some of the last bug fixes got in the repository today and we’re getting ready for a stable release.

An announcement will be made also, for Linux Mint 17.3 Xfce users, as soon as the upgrade path is open.

On the KDE front, things are progressing slowly. There are so many differences between KDE 4 and Plasma 5, we’ve had to work on this edition as if it was a brand new product, inheriting very little from the past and with each component being added one at a time. Most of the critical issues were fixed with the exception of some compatibility issues between the screensaver, the session and the display manager. Important decisions also haven’t been taken yet, such as whether to ship this edition with MDM or SDDM and whether to maintain or to delegate Plasma updates. In terms of timing though, we’re likely to see these issues solved rather quickly and so we should have a BETA release this August.

In August, we’ll also start the next development cycle. We already have a couple of implementations ready to go in, and many ideas were discussed and planned for Linux Mint 18.1.

A quick word to LMDE users: The major components present in Linux Mint 18 (Cinnamon 3.0, MATE 1.14, the XApps etc..) are already in LMDE 2 “Betsy”. Except for a few features (the Mint-Y theme, which requires GTK 3.18, for instance) the other components will be backported shortly.

We received a few questions this month after the Ubuntu forums were breached for the second time. As a precaution, all Launchpad users should change their password. We encourage people not to point the finger or find comfort in cheap explanations. The bigger the project, the bigger the target. Instead, people should assess the quality of their own passwords and their uniqueness from one website to another, since it is only a matter of time and effort before one of these websites get hacked. Our sympathy goes to Canonical. We’re at their disposal if what we learnt after our own attacks can help them in any way.

Finally, we are working with our friends at CompuLab to refresh the MintBox Mini. The new model should be as tiny as before, but with more memory and more processing power. Shipping with bluetooth and dual Ethernet connectivity, we’re hoping to show you pictures, pricing and detailed specifications very soon.


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  1. Thanks for the news, and I’m awaiting the final Mint 18 Xfce version to install on my laptop (currently 17 KDE) and my parents’ hardware (currently Windows 7). You’re one of the best people in the world, guys! Working hard for the good of us all 😉

  2. No need to hurry with KDE guys, we already have Cinnamon and Mate versions, and both are absolutely spectacular. The fact that you are working on 4 versions of Mint shows just how dedicated you all are.

    A big thanks to Clem and his team!

  3. Can’t wait for mint 18 KDE. Btw, what version of plasma is gonna be used? 5.6 or 5.7?

    Edit by Clem: It depends whether we maintain Plasma ourselves or not, this isn’t decided yet.

  4. Nice update but you left out an update on all the issues that were created with the 18 launch and are they in the process of being fixed? I want to upgrade (Mint since 15) but what used to work no longer does on the same laptop.

  5. Thanks Clem. 🙂
    “Except for a few features (the Mint-Y theme, which requires GTK 3.18, for instance) the other components will be backported shortly.”
    So does that mean we’ll get Sarah’s wallpapers/backgrounds?

    Edit by Clem: Yes. I just added mint-backgrounds-sarah to Betsy’s repository today (that one didn’t require any testing).

  6. Hello there mint team. Your doing a fantastic job at pumping out the new LM 18 releases. I happen to have an older amd desktop with an amd apu and I suffer from screentearing issues. I know that the amd driver isn’t supported with the ubuntu 16.04 base, so I was wondering if there’s any way to combat screentearing for us amd users with LM 18. I know that 17/1/2/3 will be supported for a while longer so I can keep the driver needed for the tear free desktop setting however I do wanna upgrade to get some newer software available. So to wrap this up I’m just wondering what would I have to do to get rid of screentearing when I upgrade if thats possible with LM 18?

    Edit by Clem: It depends on your edition. If you’re using MATE or Xfce, I would recommend using the Desktop Settings to switch your composition manager to compton.

  7. What version of KDE 5 are you going to implement on linux mint 18 kde edition?

    I hope that You go for the KDE Neon versions… In fact, I hope You build kde spin of mint on top of kde neon instead of pure ubuntu…

    Edit by Clem: No, that’s unlikely.

  8. Another important question is: LMDE is running what kernel and xorg versions? Are these going to be upgraded? Im thinking of switching to LMDE so I can take advantage of the amd proprietary drivers as they are not compatible with ubuntu 16.04 aka lm18..

  9. Hi Clem,

    Thanks for all the work you do! No need to hurry with a Mint 18 Xfce release – recent versions of Thunar are still (exponentially) crash city, might as well wait until they settle on a patch for the move/copy/etc. /FAIL.

    Speaking of Mint 18 Xfce, I see there is both a beta (201607141317) and a newer (201607280732) version. Is the latter hoped to be the RC? Have those that are running the beta been (via Update Manager) functionally upgraded to that version? If not, then people are testing a version that has been… rejected?

    I have learned (thanks to helpful forum members) that an “upgrade path” is unnecessary unless the user only has a single partition (other than the Cache) – even a Microsoft OS or data-only partition is fine for the additional one. We can download the (ANY, actually) .ISO to the partition that won’t be installed to, then add it to the grub menu as if it were an installed OS… and then boot to it as per normal. Nice! I had some trepidation because my daily/working partition contains more saved data than I can move to my alternate. But then another helpful forum member explained that I can create a “KEEP THIS DATA” (lol) directory, move all of my important data to it, delete everything else (from within the .ISO I boot to via grub), then simply do an install to this partition without formatting first. I end up with a normal, full, FRESH install of the distro plus my “KEEP THIS DATA” directory and can immediately move its contents back to my /home/{user}/Audiobooks, /Documents, /Music, /Pictures, /Podcasts, et cetera directories! The extra partition need only be large enough to hold the downloaded .ISO, so one can often be created expressly for the purpose if an additional one does not already exist. The user is left with a new – and clean – distro, and ALL of the .configuration files are fresh and unaffected by the previous version of the distro. One need only then install the applications that were present before (if desired); I believe this can be automated, but I do not mind exploring Synaptic Package Manager – either installing the previous apps or finding new ones. The user also needs to personalize the new distro to his/her tastes, but this gives one the chance to see any new options in that regard.

    Did I mention that installing Mint from an .ISO that has been downloaded to the user’s drive is the fastest installation method in the universe? Not only do you not have time to eat a sandwich whilst it is happening… you barely have time to MAKE the sandwich 😉 .

    Re #5 Alfred Giacoio: It might be that your hardware is no longer supported (perhaps the video system is no longer included in the current manufacturer’s drivers?), or the current kernel has issues with some of your hardware. If the former, sticking with Mint 17 until 2019 would seem to be the answer; if the latter, I have learned that there are a great many major/minor kernel versions, and it is not at all unlikely that one version (or several) will work with your hardware. Some (well, a lot) of research by you about the various kernel versions might be both necessary and helpful.

    Re #7 Leon: Several people have reported screen tearing issues at the Xfce forum over the past few years. One suggestion that seems to work for everyone who has tried it is to switch to Compton. You might do a search (either forum or web) for Compton plus whichever DE you use, to get more information.

    Re #8 KDB: I assume that .DEB can be installed by any of us, regardless of our version of Mint or flavor (DE)?

    Thanks again, Clem!

    Fred D.

  10. Hello again. I meant to ask in my previous post, but I forgot – and I see no option for editing it. My apologies.

    How/where do we get the current Mint Xfce candidate, the one that is newer than the beta version (I don’t know what to call it, lol – gamma?)? The linuxmint-18-Xfce-amd64-201607280732 .ISO file?

    Thanks again,

    Edit by Clem: Hi Fred, this ISO is in QA (Quality Testing) and isn’t available to the public. If it passes QA it will become the ISO used for the Stable release. Regarding Thunar, we patched it yesterday to fix crashes on DND/copy/refresh of multiple files. Please downgrade it to 1.6.10-2mint1 (we’ll probably bump the version so you can just “upgrade” to it today).

  11. @Yro (Comment #10)
    Betsy with all updates (including levels 4-5) is running the 3.16.0-4 (Debian 3.16.7-ckt25-2+deb8u3) kernel and X.Org 1.16.4. These will receive minor upgrades for the life of Debian Jessie and therefore LMDE Betsy.

    If you need a newer kernel but don’t want to compile, the jessie-backports repo has a much newer kernel–4.6 at the latest (it receives regular updates to newer versions), and I believe they also recently added a GRSEC kernel as well.

  12. I have an old AMD Fusion All-in-one and noticed Mint ‘display’ shows up as a laptop in XFCE beta but pretty sure it did in Cinnamon too. Functionally does not matter. Resolution correct. Just an FYI

  13. Will LMDE finally have LVM (encrypted partitions) support out of the box like Linux Mint mate etc?

    When will the problems described under the Mate postings solved? (ie Bluetooth issue, tray icons)

  14. Well, some of you may be enjoying summer but for many of us it is mid winter and given our location we are also upside down too. But we still love Mint.

  15. Just regarding the KDE posts above. I’m happier waiting for a stable implementation of KDE5 because elsewhere, I have found it remarkably buggy (regardless of version or distribution) – and although I acknowledge it’s getting better everyday, Mint is not the kind of distribution that deals with fundamentally buggy desktops. Take your time, guys – it’s not going anywhere and neither are we.

    Don’t get me wrong though, I am a firm fan of KDE (using it since Lisa) – but I would just prefer to upgrade to Mint 18 KDE knowing that it will be as solid as the previous edition.

    So yeah, thanks team, and no rush – keep up the good work! ^_^b

  16. As August 2016 is just around the corner, let me be the first to say:


    A big congratulations to you, Clem, for your wonderful leadership and persistence
    over these last ten years. Through thick and thin, you have remained diligent and
    professional continuing to deliver quality and elegant operating system solutions.

    I wish you a well-deserved *Excellent Job!*

    And many thanks to the Linux Mint team members, past and present.
    Your efforts are seen every time we use the system.

    And myriad thanks to all the members of the Linux Mint community. Whether you help out in one
    area or a dozen, whether your help is on a large item or small, we are all one community
    helping each other, making the Linux Mint distribution and community work better all the time.

    Again, Happy Anniversary. May there be many more.

    And the progress continues…. Looking forward to testing the KDE edition when the beta comes out.

    All the best.

  17. Hello Linux Mint Team,

    I thank you for your efforts and great work that you did so far.
    However, I can’t wait for the Plasma 5 release, I’m sure it will be great 😀
    Hopefully with SDDM 😉

    Best regards,

  18. Hi

    I have recently formated and instaled Mint Kde 17.3 (my previous was Cinnamon). But havent worked much on this PC (configurations, backup restores, etc), and august is time to relax. Should I wait for the new Mint 18 Kde to make a fresh instalation or upgrade when it’s released?

    Thanks to all the team, love Mint

  19. The lack of support for multiseat configurations in Plasma 5 will keep me stay on Kde Mint 17.3 and kdm.

  20. I really hope you all go with some kind of model that keeps the KDE stuff updated frequently. As often as KDE releases updates, it tends to stagnate really fast if you don’t keep up with it. KDE Neon is going to be hard to “compete” with.

    Great work so far with LM18. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  21. Just installed Sarah a couple of days ago. My first Lunix operating system. I love it!

    I finally decided to try Lunix due to Microsoft not permitting updates for Windows 7 after I reinstalled. I waited about 48 hours for updates to occur, but nothing…

    Now I am most probably done with Microsoft for the foreseeable future.

  22. I can’t wait to see Linux Mint 18.1.
    Can I install Cinnamon Desktop 3.0 in Linux Mint 17.3?.
    Thanks for all.

  23. I have been VERY pleasantly surprised at how you and your team managed to not only make Linux Mint 18 work on my old laptop from 2005, but the fact that EVEN CINNAMON works just BEAUTIFULLY on it now, unlike in Mint 13 through 17.3, even! Clem, you and your team work WONDERS! 😀

  24. Hello Clem:

    Are you considering migrating (and maintaining) the “kcm-ufw” module from KDE Plasma 4 to Plasma 5? I know that it’s buggy and that the project seems to be dead. But, if you were able to maintain it minimally, we would have a way to manage the UFW’s rules from KDE, without having to install “gufw”.

    Thank you!

  25. Really looking forward to Mint 18 KDE… but as others have said, feel free to take your time. Good things come to those who wait, right?

  26. Hello,

    Great work you guys are doing.

    I have a question regarding the MintBox..will it finally feature a mic in? or is there a workaround?

    I would order dozens of them to replace the MS machines we use vor VoIp callcenter..but without a mic in this is not possible 🙁

  27. A mere user since Mint4 I have been unable to make 64bit Mint18 MATE actually work with all my favourite applications, so I am hoping that Mint18.1 will remedy matters.
    Meanwhile as the best and only PC-based alternative to Win10 I have successively reverted to Mint17.3 MATE, complete with great Nvidia drivers etc, so good luck with Mint’s survival.

  28. hello friends

    for past three days i wasnot able to update my system saraha whenever i try to update repositories it gets stuck or gives mismatch hashsum error .when i tried to change mirror using software sources it shows all the mirrors as unreachable,but i have fine internet connection i can browse ,download things . somebody pls help me to solve this

  29. Copying files over USB3 isn’t as fast as it should be. Just tested in Windows 10 and it was much faster, than in Mint 18. Will that be fixed?

  30. 1) Installed Mint 18 (Cinnamon) 64-bit on a machine which was previously 17.3. When accessing the machine via RDP (using XRDP and X11VNC packages), I could connect and logon but once at the console desktop it is unresponsive to any input, unless there is a monitor attached. Returned to 17.3 and normality is resumed.

    2) Unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough to report this error during beta testing! When entering values into the manual network connections fields because the fields are expanded when active they overlap and become confused. Values can still be entered correctly but you are doing some of it blind.

  31. Did you install the system on another network where you used a http proxy? Like at university, or at work.
    I remember doing that with ubuntu and debian, back in the day. The configuration had to be reomved in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d (Mint has proxy settings in Control Center too)

  32. @36
    Windows 10 is lying, it finish the copy-dialog a lot befor the disk-usage is done. You can see it in taskmanager.

  33. #41
    It happens in Mint, too.
    Write cache causes that I think, and if you copy data to a slow USB2 drive or phone and try to “eject” the drive in the file manager, it will tell you to wait a bit till all writes are done.

    Windows 10 might “cheat” by using a much bigger write cache.
    If your USB3 controller is not supported and Linux falls back to USB2, that’s another thing entirely. In that case all read or writes will be limited to about 30MB/s or a bit more.

  34. Please, look at the autologin bug in Cinnamon edition.
    It is here since beta release.
    Option in the settings has no affect – login screen appears.

    I also tried to change /etc/mdm/mdm.conf file – result is the same.

    Thanks in advance.

  35. Looking forward to your Version of KDE 5 Series.
    The Kubuntu 16.04 (5.6.5) implementation isn’t very good. Desktop Plasma Widgets cannot be resized easily (something wrong with the hover and the widget not showing its options). Also system tray support for apps like Owncloud, Skype, Insync and Dropbox do not show up unless you install external libraries.

    I’m hoping you can also figure a way to be able to upgrade Plasma smoothly as it moves along (apparently Plasma 5.8 is going to be an LTS). As everybody has mentioned, take your time with it to get it right. You guys really rocked it with Mint 17 KDE Series, I’ve installed it on my Home Desktop, Laptop and Office Workstation. I get regular uptimes of 120 days on average – what a fantastic release.

    I honestly wouldn’t switch, but there are a few APPS and technolgies that I want to play with (Krita 3.0, KDENLIVE, LXD, SNAPPY, ZFS – actually through PPA, I’ve got LXD and ZFS).

    Looking forward to the Mint Magic that you do! Good luck and thank you!

  36. As a dedicated KDE user, I prefer to have a stable and usable DE instead of new one. If you guys need more time, so be it. I’d rather wait the KDE5 to implement all the functionality has been used in KDE4, fix most broken features. The GTK theme seems constantly causing problem, I’ve given up on this side. Take your time! Good luck! I can not say enough thanks to this dev team!

  37. Mint is the most productive Linux OS, having used it for quite a few years now and taught with it to my students when I was a College Tutor before retirement. The students were so suprised at what it could do and Windows couldn’t. I have happily influenced a few New Zealand minds with this beautiful software and continue with my neighbours and friends to this day. Thank you for your collossal efforts with this Open Source wonder.

    John Hetherington

  38. @35 Manoj prabhakar: for past three days i was not able to update my system saraha…

    Download the Linux Mint ISO and try a new fresh install of Linux Mint 18.

    – Before install: remove any old hidden configuration files/directories from your home directory if you are going to keep it (backup it first).

    After each system/driver tweak or update or modification – make sure that the system still works fine. If not – it may be related to your latest modification.

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