Linux Mint 17.3 “Rosa” Cinnamon – BETA Release

This is the BETA release for Linux Mint 17.3 “Rosa” Cinnamon Edition.

Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa Cinnamon Edition

Linux Mint 17.3 is a long term support release which will be supported until 2019. It comes with updated software and brings refinements and many new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use.

New features:

This new version of Linux Mint contains many improvements.

For an overview of the new features please visit:

What’s new in Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon“.

Important info:

The release notes provide important information about known issues, as well as explanations, workarounds and solutions.

To read the release notes, please visit:

Release Notes for Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon

System requirements:

  • 512MB RAM (1GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 9GB of disk space (20GB recommended).
  • Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution (1024×768 recommended).
  • DVD drive or USB port.


  • The 64-bit ISO can boot with BIOS or UEFI.
  • The 32-bit ISO can only boot with BIOS.
  • The 64-bit ISO is recommend for all modern computers (Almost all computers sold in the last 10 years are equipped with 64-bit processors).

Upgrade instructions:

  • This BETA release might contain critical bugs, please only use it for testing purposes and to help the Linux Mint team fix issues prior to the stable release.
  • It will be possible to upgrade from this BETA to the stable release.
  • It will also be possible to upgrade from Linux Mint 17, 17.1 and 17.2. Upgrade instructions will be published next month after the stable release of Linux Mint 17.3.

Bug reports:

  • Please report bugs below in the comment section of this blog.
  • Please visit to follow the progress of the development team between the BETA and the stable release.

Direct download:



Torrent download:

Signatures (to verify your downloaded ISO):


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Many thanks in advance for testing the BETA!


  1. Great news, Clem!
    Is this the same as the RC releases of the earlier editions?

    Edit by Clem: Yes, we just decided to call “RC” -> “BETA” going forward because a lot more people understood what it means. The release process is the same though, this BETA is indeed of RC quality and will certainly be followed by a stable release.

  2. I have had no issues at all. Secure boot did not have to be turned off in order to install. I’ve put it through everything that I routinely used 17.2 for and it has passed with flying colors.

    Edit by Clem: A few people reported Linux Mint worked with SecureBoot enabled. We do not pay Microsoft to be licensed by them as a “secure” OS, so I have no idea why it works. Maybe some manufacturers took it upon themselves to add us? I really don’t know, I have no information on that.

  3. Clem, one question: if I install this BETA and apply all the updates until the stable version comes out, do I still need to upgrade?

    Edit by Clem: Probably. This will be detailed during the stable release. If there are any additional steps required we’ll mention them.

  4. Hi clem and Mint team
    Thank you!

    by the way, as a matter of fact,
    it happened from 17.2 rafaela though,
    Rosa doesn’t contain its translation file for gdebi.
    thus, gdebi shows only English when installing deb package.
    please, check it out
    Thank you!

    Edit by Clem: It’s contained in the language packs. You can install them in “Language Settings” or in the terminal (“apt install language-pack-gnome-xx” where xx corresponds to your language code).

  5. “Nemo-preview is now installed by default. To preview a file, simply select it and press the space bar.”

    Now i have to ask if the biggest bug with nemo-preview is fixed.

    – After you use the preview on desktop items, if you change to a different workspace the desktop icons still continue to show up or the bug bellow is still happening?

    Edit by Clem: I left the issue open in case it’s related to configuration. With the default settings though, I can’t reproduce it. It’s working as expected.

  6. To Clem and all the Team,

    Congratulations on the Beta of LM17.3! I’ve been awaiting it eagerly, and I’m sure many other LM users can say the same.

    Keep up your (i.e., “you-all’s” in Texas lingo) excellent work!

  7. Great news! Can’t wait to try it out.

    Is there a way to upgrade an existing 17.2 installation to the 17.3 BETA? I know I can re-install, but if I can trigger the update via one of the internal tools that would be easier.

    Edit by Clem: You will be able to upgrade to 17.3 after the stable release, but not during the BETA.

  8. I tried the beta and lots of the menu and applets give errors.

    For each release do you focus on stability or features or both?

    Which numbered versions are stability focused releases and which are feature focused? If this is not how you develope, is this something that should be considered?

    Ie., This dot release is focusing on stability and the next new features.

    Edit by Clem: Hi, this is a BETA release… the only reason you should be running it is to help us fix bugs. For instance here, we’d like to know precisely which applets and which menus you’re talking about, what errors you see, how do we reproduce the issue etc etc..

  9. Excellent! I love it. Thanks! 🙂

    A small improvement request: could you add a text in Driver Manager, that tells that you need to reboot after a video driver change?

  10. Hi Clem, one big and simple question, how can i activate the option “right clic …send to” anywhere i want it ? , in 17.2 cinnamon i can do it, but now in 17.3 i cant find the option

    Edit by Clem: In the context menu, at the top, click the + sign to see all options. Then there’s “Send by email”, “Move to” and “Copy to”.. I’m not sure which one you mean.

  11. Thanks for your work! Default touchpad scrolling setting is edge-only, in Cinnamon edition. This can be configured manually, but I feel it makes more sense to default to support scrolling on the entire touchpad rather than on the edges only.

    Edit by Clem: It does for modern hardware. Unfortunately it’s not possible.. almost all touchpads old and new support edge-scrolling, but only new ones support two-finger scrolling. If this was set by default (and we did try that) people with older laptops wouldn’t be able to scroll at all, until they reached the settings (i.e. on some laptops, two-finger scrolling not only doesn’t work but it stops the user from edge-scrolling as well).

  12. I’m a long time (Linux Mint) KDE user – and I love KDE, but the constant development of the Cinnamon DE (and the lack of development of KDE edition) make me believe Cinnamon is the better choice.

    Does anyone have experience using KDE apps (I need Digikam and Kdenlive) in Cinnamon? Do they work well, no libraries getting mixed up, themes fit together, etc?
    Thank you for answers!

    Edit by Clem: KDE apps work well. Cinnamon 2.8 also sets the style of QT5 apps to GTK now. As mentioned in the release notes, make sure to install kdelibs-bin, kdelibs5-data and kdelibs5-plugins.

  13. Kernel panic on boot after install, tried twice….. :0(
    Back to 17.2 for me.

    Edit by Clem: We need more info… the error, the computer specs.. whether you tried nomodeset etc..

  14. Great release. I know you have touched upon this before, but is it planned to support easy upgrade in the future for users to upgrade from 17.3 to 18?

    Edit by Clem: It’s planned. Making it easy isn’t the problem though.. everybody does that. The real challenge is to make it safe. We’ll give it our best shot and if we’re happy with the results then we’ll make it available and recommend it.

  15. Hi Clem,

    is there any reason why old nvidia drivers are shown ?? Is it STILL the case that mint uses really old nvidia drivers ? why are they always so many months out of date if so ..

    ubuntu now has the official graphics drivers PPA with right upto date and beta nvidia drivers which are essential for bug fixes and performance on new games.

    Edit by Clem: These are the exact same drivers as in Ubuntu and you can use that PPA the exact same way you do in Ubuntu. The reason there’s more than one version in the repository is because some chipsets aren’t compatible with the latest drivers (for instance on one of our test machines you need nvidia-340, and nvidia-346 isn’t shown there). The reason the Driver Manager shows more than one version is so you can choose the one you want. Most likely it will recommend the latest one and if you add the PPA, you’ll also see newer versions in there. But some people also need easy access to previous versions, whether it’s to troubleshoot a regression or stay away from one.

  16. What is wrong with the broadcom driver on kernel 4.2.0? Is it connection instability? I found that on my arch install, I had constant ping spikes in CSGO. I found AUR package that disables network scanning on network manager, and it seemed to fix that network instability issue.

    Anyway, as usual, amazing work Linux Mint team!

    Edit by Clem: Oh no, it’s not the kernel that is wrong, it’s the support for it in the Trusty base. The broadcom driver fails to recompile itself via dkms with it. It basically needs an update (most likely just a patch for 4.2 build compatibility).

  17. Could the taskbar (on the bottom) get windows previews like Windows Vista/7/8(.1)/10 have?

    Edit by Clem: Please describe the feature. Isn’t that what the new Cinnamon 2.8 windows thumbnails are doing?

  18. Quick test with LiveUSB show it is OK with Skylake i5 6200U and now runs video acceleration rather than software rendering. Kernel should now be OK with Samsung 8xx series SSDs. dmesg looks clean. HDMI, BT, Audio, Suspend, Lid Switch, Power button, Brightness all OK. Will install in morning and check a few applets.

    @Clem and the team: A Great Job again and well worth waiting for.

  19. As much as I wanted to be impressed with this release I hate to say that I am not.
    First, in all 17.2 releases I was able to install my wireless adapter driver, TP Link T4U, driver provided by TP Link. Now I can’t, it fails to install.
    Secondly, this release is supposed to have updated software. All the ones I use are still old versions, like Play on Linux, QAS mixer, Audacity and most important one Raw Therapee which must be kept up to date to support new cameras.
    And since I mentioned QAS mixer, I am still puzzled why Linux distros in general are plagued with sound problem. Sound does not work unless you make it work using QAS mixer. Built-in sound settings panel (not even alsamixer) can’t do it. This can be confirmed by countless posts on as many Linux forums.
    I love Mint and I don’t intend to change, since I did not find anything close to it for new Linux user.
    I hope final release works better than this (allows me to install my wireless driver) and as for newer software versions I can live with that since I am able to get them from other sources.

    Thanks, keep up the great work.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Jake, “it fails to install” means very little. Do you get an error message? Did you try the 4.2 kernel? Did you try to go back to 3.16? We can’t take action or fix something if we don’t fully understand the issue.

  20. I’m a long time KDE user (currently Linux Mint KDE) and I decided to try the Cinnamon Edition. I noticed that there is one little problem that hasn’t been resolved in Gnome and neither in Cinnamon – month names in dates in Polish language (and I think it applies also to other languages). In KDE the date in the date and time applet is displayed correctly. The problem is that when the month name follows the day number it should be in different grammatical form: „of month”. For today: „19 listopada 2015”, „19 listopada”, but „listopad 2015” or „Listopad 2015” when we mean the whole month (like in calendar headers). In the Cinnamon date applet, %B is used for month names. I tried to use %OB but to no avail. The same problems occur in many other programs and applications written by people who are not familiar with some natural language specifics (i.e. Is there a chance for a fix in Linux Mint?
    Anyway, thanks for the best OS avaliable. Keep up the good work!

    Edit by Clem: Yes. Could we maybe chat on IRC so we could troubleshoot this together and get it fixed? I’m usually on #linuxmint-dev at

  21. Bug

    Changing icons in Preferences – Update Manager – Icons breaks if the folder where icons are stored is renamed, moved or deleted.

    Logs xsession-errors:

    File “/usr/lib/linuxmint/mintUpdate/”, line 1210, in pref_apply
    iter = model.get_iter_first()
    AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘get_iter_first’

    ( libglade-WARNING **: unknown attribute `swapped’ for .
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/lib/linuxmint/mintUpdate/”, line 1491, in open_preferences
    prefs_tree.get_widget(“image_updates”).set_from_pixbuf(gtk.gdk.pixbuf_new_from_file_at_size(icon_updates, 24, 24))
    glib.GError: Failed to open file ‘/home/[user]/Documents/update icons/updat-available.png’: No such file or directory

    While it is expected for the icons not to show if images have been deleted, it should at least default back to default icons. Instead, the previous image tries to be loaded, which causes icons or changes not to apply at all even if new icons are selected. Icons are there after unable to be set.

  22. Congratulations for all your hard work. I really want to try 17.3 and I want to star everything from scratch setting up my laptop. When Final build comes up, will I need (or is recommended) to reinstall or is there some magic tool to safely move from beta to stable knowing is everything ok?

    Edit by Clem: The Update Manager will bring you to stable, if there’s anything else required it will be mentioned during the Stable release announcements.

  23. [BUGS]

    After a while using the cinnamon, when i open the menu, i can write to search. After see that, i tried to reset cinnamon using ALT + f2, but when opened the field to digit, i can write the command. The box to write don’t close and to solve, i restarted my computer.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Otavio, I can’t reproduce this issue.

  24. good greetings from Venezuela I want to know if any updated KDE 4 KDE Plasma 5 there are many people waiting

    Edit by Clem: Hi Daniel, we’re sticking with KDE 4 in 17.3. We’ll move to Plasma 5 in Mint 18.

  25. Hi Clem and the Linux Mint Team,

    as I said in one of my topic in the forum, I tested that version (64bit version) and it worked very well except for three things :

    – Bug in Control center -> Privacy -> disable the option “Remember recently accessed files” (button off) -> message tell me : “Cinnamon just crashed (go back to fallback mode)”.
    – Control center -> Bluetooth -> Visibility of “mint-0” on ON takes many times to enable.
    – My Logitech Performance MX (mouse) battery don’t appear in the systray.


    Edit by Clem: Hi Dupo, I can’t reproduce any of these. I can give you a few hints to troubleshoot though. For the logitech, check “upower –dump” (with two – signs). If it doesn’t show there, it’s a problem with upower and/or your mouse. If it shows in there, then it’s a Cinnamon bug. When Cinnamon crashes, try to see if you can catch the reason it does (in ~/.xsession-errors usually).

  26. Nice. And can you save brightness setting? After reboot, brightness setting reset

    Edit by Clem: Hi, we’ll have to wait for Mint 18 to address this unfortunately. Upower received many changes and we’re likely to switch to systemd as well. This isn’t something settings-daemon should handle, it’s something we need to fix system-wide in the boot sequence. We looked at it for something similar (killswitches, for bluetooth primarily) and came to the conclusion that it should be handled the same way.

  27. After i add sticky notes widget, when mouse hover the applet, the applet change to moviment mode, and don’t come back.

    Edit by Clem: I can’t reproduce this one either..

  28. The Intel Haswell graphics have trouble with this beta. I got it to install and load with nomodeset but since it is Intel, there are no proprietary drivers to fix the issue. Which is too bad, because overall I like 17.3. Specs of the affected computer…MSI B85-G41 motherboard; B85 chipset; Pentium G3258 GPU.

    Edit by Clem: That’s a pity. It’s the nature of updates though, we knew it was a risk to upgrade Xorg and the MESA stack. I think it was the right move and I can see many people are happy with the changes, but of course like every upgrade it breaks a few things for a few people. With that said, you’ve two options here.. the hard one is to remove Virtualbox support (virtualbox-guest-*) and then downgrade the stack from Vivid to Trusty (“dpkg -l | grep lts” will show you all these packages… for instance xserver-xorg-lts-vivid would need to be removed and xserver-xorg installed). It’s a very tedious task and you’d need to know what you’re doing… The second option is much easier, go back to 17.2 and upgrade to 17.3. When 17.3 is stable, you’ll see an option to upgrade to it via the Update Manager. That will upgrade the tools, the Cinnamon desktop etc etc.. but it won’t upgrade the stack. So you’ll basically keep the same hardware support as in 17.2 but with the new features.

  29. Hi Clem,
    Superb job as ever, but ….

    I can’t find the ‘option’ in Nemo to display all available options on ‘Right Click’
    I thought there was a ‘tick box’ at the bottom of ‘Behaviour’?

    Indeed I can’t find it on Mint 17.2/Cinnamon 2.8 either but the right click options are all there!

    Edit by Clem: It was replaced with that little + sign at the top of the context menu itself. In the next version we’ll make it look a bit better, with separated focus/hover effects.

  30. [ BUG ]
    Maybe after i add and exclude “Wubby window” extension, when i select a item in my desktop, dont show the border of selected item. But if i double click it, open normally.

    Edit by Clem: The author of the Wobbly Windows extension didn’t mark it as compatible with Cinnamon 2.8. There’s a warning when installing it. Unlike Applets and Desklets which use an API, extensions tap directly into the Cinnamon code.. which changes with every version. Please contact the extension developer directly for him to fix this issue.

  31. Nice looking OS but it has major bug for me:
    Power management system does not detect power source changes.

    If you unplug external power source – tray icon changes, screen brightness reduced, but screen will not turn off and system will not suspend.

    If you plug external source, while system thinking that it is on battery – it turns screen off and go to suspend despite the fact than such behavior is prohibited in power manager settings for external power source.

    So, system remember its power state on boot and after in-out to power management gui and workaround is to open-close power manager settings after plug/unplug external power.

    It goes from mint 17.2 and I wrote about this problem here:

    but nobody interested

    P.S. big thanks that cinnamon remember bluetooth state now. I’m waiting it for years… so cool…

  32. About:

    [ BUG ]
    Maybe after i add and exclude “Wubby window” extension, when i select a item in my desktop, dont show the border of selected item. But if i double click it, open normally.

    Doent’t work with double click. Only selecting item with cursours and pressing enter.

  33. About:

    [ BUG ]
    Maybe after i add and exclude “Wubby window” extension, when i select a item in my desktop, dont show the border of selected item. But if i double click it, open normally.

    Parte II.

    Reseting cinnamon doens’t solve the problem.

  34. [BUG]
    Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon worked fine on my Netbook Samsung N130 (32 bit).
    With 17.3 it’s not booting, start booting and then restart again in a Loop.

  35. Dropbox icon missing in bar:

    Before, the icon appears. But disappeared..


    Create a dropbox icon in mint x pack. The default is ugly.. =D

    Edit by Clem: We spent a lot of time on the systray in Cinnamon 2.8.. unfortunately the issue here comes from Dropbox itself, I don’t think we can fix that one. Not to mention it’s proprietary.

  36. The option right clic, send to my documents, usb, a disk partition, i cant find the contextual option to activate, like previous distros

    edidt. preferences, contextual menu,

    sry for mu bad english

    Edit by Clem: In the context menu, at the very top, on the right, you’ll see a + or a – icon. It’s used to show/hide advanced options.

  37. Re: TP LINK T4U driver fail to install

    Hi Clem,
    Thanks for kind response.
    I was able to install this driver in all 17.2 versions including LMDE2, and I can install it every time.
    All it took was two commands
    make install

    Now it seems error starts here in make command:

    include/net/cfg80211.h:4612:6: note: declared here
    bool cfg80211_rx_mgmt(struct wireless_dev *wdev, int freq, int sig_dbm,
    /home/mint57/Downloads/ARCHERT4U/os_dep/linux/ioctl_cfg80211.c: At top level:
    /home/mint57/Downloads/ARCHERT4U/os_dep/linux/ioctl_cfg80211.c:6292:2: warning: initialization from incompatible pointer type [enabled by default]
    .change_station = cfg80211_rtw_change_station,
    /home/mint57/Downloads/ARCHERT4U/os_dep/linux/ioctl_cfg80211.c:6292:2: warning: (near initialization for ‘rtw_cfg80211_ops.del_station’) [enabled by default]
    make[2]: *** [/home/mint57/Downloads/ARCHERT4U/os_dep/linux/ioctl_cfg80211.o] Error 1
    make[1]: *** [_module_/home/mint57/Downloads/ARCHERT4U] Error 2
    make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/linux-headers-3.19.0-32-generic’
    make: *** [modules] Error 2

    mint57-desktop ARCHERT4U # make install
    “NO SKRC,we will use default KSRC”
    install -p -m 644 8812au.ko /lib/modules/3.19.0-32-generic/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/
    install: cannot stat ‘8812au.ko’: No such file or directory
    make: *** [install] Error 1


    Edit by Clem: Hi Jake, it looks like your driver doesn’t like the kernel 3.19. You can upgrade to kernel 4.2 or downgrade to kernel 3.16 (or even 3.13). The easiest way is with Update Manager -> View -> Linux Kernels, then install the kernel you want from there. Reboot and at the boot menu (hold SHIFT if the menu doesn’t appear), go to Advanced Options and select the kernel from there. Once you’ve booted on the kernel you want you can remove the other ones in the Update Manager. You might also need to remove linux-kernel-generic when removing 3.19.. that’s ok, it’s just a metapackage. And finally, one more thing, if you’re using Broadcom or FGLRX, do not upgrade to kernel 4.2.

  38. So far, after about 24 hours running as a Live CD off a USB, it’s just like 17.2 but better. I have the 64 bit Mate version. Compared to 17.2 (which I have used as my main OS for a while) it seems slightly faster and more responsive, it uses less RAM, and there are many small fixes and updates. If you took your car to a good tuner, gave him lots of money, it should come back with everything a little better than it was. That’s what this feels like.

  39. Oh, PS. I dropped DosBox in there, because I like to play Moria. It can & does scramble the desktop settings on exit, after full screen mode. It does that in in 17.2 & 1 as well, but everything else has been fixed up. And I have multiple vid players so I can have 2 or 3 clips playing at once. Back in the day, there was a tweak you could apply with metacity to Totem that allowed multiple instances of it, which was useful. And we have Code::Blocks in there. That needed g++ to compile a terminal ap, and xterm to run it. MintTerminal is not what Code::Blocks is hardwired to call… But, none of this is a change from 17.2 and it all works. So do FireFox and Chromium. I haven’t played with the latest Libre Office yet…

  40. Ok, Libre works and I can install alternate language dictionaries, so now I can write (Eng) Australian and not get nagged about it…

  41. Great job, thanks LM team! I’m loving my Mint more and more with every new release. Keep up the great work!

    And to all my dearest fellow users – why do you alway report bugs and overall discontent with some minor stuff in the comments section below this kind of announcements? There are the forums, especially segfault – to do it. Would you like it? To do such a piece of hard work, non-commercially, and then after announcing it with proud, instead of seeing “thankyou’s” to see what is not working? Would it motivate you in any way to go back and keep doing it?

    Uhm, sorry for the attitude, I just needed to say that.

    Edit by Clem: Not at all, we want to see bug reported here. We can look at github, launchpad, the forums all year, but right we’re primarily focused on this blog so if you see something wrong in the BETA, this is the place to tell us.

  42. dlf suggested a cool idea. It would be nice to have the option to see only one icon per app in the taskbar. However, this feature is already available with Window List with App Grouping applet.

  43. Thank you for quick comment Clem.
    Continue from the #4 Replay, about Gdebi translation file issue.
    Actually, It happens after installation of proper language package
    as for me , Korean language package, language-pack-gnome-ko
    It doesn’t have file in korean language package
    I used it in Rafaela as this
    I updaload this file for korean from the launchpad and upload it to GD to download it

    $ sudo mv /usr/share/locale-langpack/ko/LC_MESSAGES/

    actually, we used it as this for manually.
    I guess that it might not be a only Korean language package issue.
    Can you please check the language-pack?
    Thank You.

    Edit by Clem: It should be in here, and it isn’t… you can contribute to the following bug report, this is upstream from us.

  44. @clem I have a strange problem with 17.3 which I missed whilst testing with a LiveUSB. After first suspend one of the processors starts running almost flat out and system monitor shows to to be a kworker process. Running perf has shown a lot of usb linked activity which does not occur before the suspend. Plugging in a usb memory stick to usb 2.0 or 3.0 port stops it and it stays stopped even when the stick is ejected but restarts when the usb stick is physically removed. Other usb devices do not stop activity including usb hard drive. Ultrabook with Skylake i5 6200U processor and SSD.
    Otherwise I can find no problems at all including all the applets I use. Great job.

  45. Hi. Trying & Enjoying this release,it’s very fast apart from loading Cinnamon at startup which takes about 45 secs on my laptop. An other thing i found is when i’m installing Kaffeine (and probably other KDE based software too) it doesn’t automatically install the kde-l10n languagepack which is needed for full translation and if users don’t know about this they end up with a mixed up language support. Other than that i have not found anything wrong with this beta. Thanks to you & team for a great OS.

  46. Re: TP LINK T4U driver

    Thank you Clem. It appears it only works with 3.16 kernel.
    I think I’ll ditch this adapter, it gives me no benefit being ac1200.

    Thanks for your help.

  47. [ BUG ]
    Maybe after i add and exclude “Wubby window” extension, when i select a item in my desktop, dont show the border of selected item. But if i double click it, open normally.

    About the wubby windows, its not guilty.

    This simple happen, when i’m using the desktop.

    I recorded a video:

    i don’t know how to reprodece, bacause just happens.

    OBS: I use a lot of workspaces switcher.

    Edit by Clem: that looks very weird.. if you use the arrow keys, does the selection move? (I’m trying to figure whether it’s getting de-selected or whether this is a graphical issue). Two other things to try… restoring all to default (config, 3rd party spices and logout/login), and removing nemo-preview.

  48. Hi Clem, sry to bother you again, but…. its very hard to find that a + or a – icon. It’s used to show/hide advanced options.

    that option right clic send to USB, Documnets, disk partition, must be by default,, well ill see what i can do, thank you anyways

    Edit by Clem: Right-click a file, look at the context menu.. complete top-right, there’s a + icon to expand or a – icon to collapse…

  49. I appreciate the huge amount of work that a new release requires but I still wish that we get a new theme with 17.3. Right now, it is the same old, same old. For the rest so far, so good.
    Thanks !

  50. Response to:

    OBS: I use a lot of workspaces switcher.

    Edit by Clem: that looks very weird.. if you use the arrow keys, does the selection move? (I’m trying to figure whether it’s getting de-selected or whether this is a graphical issue). Two other things to try… restoring all to default (config, 3rd party spices and logout/login), and removing nemo-preview.

    With arrow keys and enter works like a charn.

    This bugs appears after a long time of use, and its resolves ifself off.

    My configuration:

    OBS: I have AMD Radeon, buy i’m using open source video driver.

  51. Clem- Do you know if I could get LibreOffice 5, Kernel 3.19, Rosa update manager etc. without upgrading? They don’t seem to be in romeo or backport.

    Edit by Clem: You’ll need to upgrade for LO5 and the other new features. Upgrading won’t change the kernel though, you can upgrade to kernel 3.19 from either 17.2 or 17.3.

  52. thanks Clem to you and your team for the great work you all put in.
    I’m particularly delighted about LibreOffice 5.0 being preinstalled – 5.0 was a serious upgrade from its predecessor 4.2. A massive thanks to the team!

    But while I’m talking about preinstalled software versions, what will be the default version of Openjdk, will it be 7.85 (the current version in the Software Manager). I tried downloading a later version from
    They say for JDK 8 in Debian, Ubuntu, etc is available – but then give no repository.

    I can install the Oracle java 8 I know, so it’s no biggy, but was just wondering if the default was going to be jdk 8. Unfortunately, those of us messing with ROMs on Samsung phones and Odin ( seem to need jdk 8.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Gerry, this PPA might work ppa:openjdk-r/ppa.

  53. Is there a way to switch between open players in the new sound applet?

    In the old version, if several player were open (eg vlc + banshee) at the same time, you had the option to click the name of the current player in the plugin. Then a list would appear where you could select the other player and control it from the applet.

    This way doesn’t work any more. Is there a new one?

    Edit by Clem: No, not that I know. Can you create an issue for this on so we can work on it for version 3.0?

  54. Hey this is a great beta release. Four computer,s loaded and no problems at all. Will be putting them through their paces. Thanks very much for this gem. The only question is where i the legacy wallpapers?

    Edit by Clem: “apt search mint-backgrounds” will get you a list of them. The one you’re looking for is the mint-backgrounds-retro package I think.

  55. Newby here, Great work Team. I’ve just built a new Skylake system on an Asus Z170M-PRO Motherboard and i5 6600K. Windows 10 worked well when loaded.
    Had heaps of trouble with 17.2 Cinnamon not finding my sound and wired network.
    This 17.3 Rosa Cinnamon installed with sound and wired ethernet working out of the box. Love it!.

  56. About:

    OBS: I use a lot of workspaces switcher.

    Edit by Clem: that looks very weird.. if you use the arrow keys, does the selection move? (I’m trying to figure whether it’s getting de-selected or whether this is a graphical issue). Two other things to try… restoring all to default (config, 3rd party spices and logout/login), and removing nemo-preview.

    With arrow keys and enter works like a charn.

    This bugs appears after a long time of use, and its resolves ifself off.

    I Solved the problem.

    Look this video:

    To solve, just press f5 a lot of times and the bug is gone .

    In video, i realized a lot of tests..

    Edit by Clem: Can you make sure QuickRename is disabled in Nemo?

  57. Lockscreen issue again…
    It is unable to type in password at lockscreen.
    I leave the computer on for a while… about an hour or so.
    When I came back to computer lockscreen was running.
    but, it was unable to type in password at lockscreen.
    I remeber that it was happened to some of previous version.
    and, it happened to Rosa again.
    please, check it out
    Thank you.

    Edit by Clem: Can you find a way to reproduce it? And do you see errors in /var/log/syslog? ~/.xsession-errors? dmesg?

  58. As a relative newbie to Linux, I ‘cut my teeth’ on Linux Mint 15. I’ve now tried every reliable Debian/Ubuntu Linux Distro on the planet, but I keep coming back to Mint.
    This latest version is GREAT. Many thanks to Clem and the development team, you do a fabulous job.
    To those who criticise, I say, don’t forget that this is currently a Beta release. If you can’t be constructive with your comments, shut up!

  59. Excellent work!

    I use notebook. If you is open the “Menu” (or any applet), and close down notebook display, after open notebook display you see: automatic lock screen not happened!!!

    It’s massive problem!

    Edit by Clem: If a menu is open the desktop considers you’re in the process of doing something… I’m not sure that should be considered a bug.

  60. Previous versions of Cinnamon required using the recommended Nvidia driver; without it, the system would freeze with a herringbone pattern on the display after a few minutes or seconds of operation. This 17.3 beta operates for hours using the default, free driver before such a freeze. (The freeze still occurs. I’ve seen it three times with this beta. It just takes longer to happen.)

    However, installing the recommended proprietary driver (Nvidia 304.131) does not cure the problem with this beta. It just makes it inoperable in another way. On restarting the computer after installing the Nvidia driver, just before login, there is a message something like “ACPI pcc probe failed.” After logging in, the screen remains black, with a white pointer in the middle; never gets to the desktop. Happens on every attempted startup / login after installing the driver. Tried it on multiple reinstalls of the system. Same results.

    … this with 17.3 64b Cinnamon Beta on AMD Athlon II x4 640 processor with Nvidia C61 Graphics (GeForce 7025 / Nforce 630A), 3.6 GiB memory (per Mint system info).

    Edit by Clem: Try to reinstall the driver with “apt reinstall nvidia-304” and pay special attention to the output, in particular to see if you see DKMS related errors. It’s possible 304 is failing to compile with kernel 3.19. If that’s the case you’ll need to downgrade to kernel 3.16 using Update Manager -> View -> Linux Kernels.

  61. BIG BUG: some applications like radiotray and Great little player, which are run from the status icon, are not functional on this version of Cinnamon. Screenshot here

    View post on

    Edit by Clem: That should be a bug on radiotray. Cinnamon 2.8 supports both indicators and statusIcons. If an app doesn’t provide an indicator, we shows its statusIcon. In the case of radiotray here, you’re seeing its indicator. Either they should improve it, or ditch it and only use Gtk status icons. As a workaround you can also disable indicator support in Cinnamon (System Settings -> General).

  62. The software manager cannot recover from a crash or freezing.
    Also, the ability to set priorities on the software sources would be good, perhaps put it in a top down order (top being used before the lower one in the PPA list).

    Edit by Clem: I removed the dramatic parts so we can focus on the constructive comments. I’m more interested in understanding what makes it crash or freeze and working on this not happening again. Can you describe a way to make it happen? Regarding priorities, no, you should not edit them. We’re considering making the distinction between upstream and import and placing imports at priority 500 to facilitate the addition of PPAs. It would help here as well if you mentioned which PPAs you’re using and in particular which of them you need to elevate the priority.

  63. Hi Clem,

    a little incompatibility with indicators and keepassx (v. 0.4.3):
    If the keepassx-database is locked and minimized to tray, you can unlock it, but you don’t see any entries (to add one e.g.).
    The window is not shown at all. With status icons it works as expected.

    Edit by Clem: Should that be a bug against keepassx though?

  64. the extensions for windows transparency are not working. will be better if a feature like this will be included by default.
    cinnamon 3.0?!

  65. Continue from #65 lockscreen issue

    I installed it again to see if it is so.
    and it happened again to newly installed Cinnamon too.

    simply, just happened to me everytime when running screen lock.

    I installed these applications after installation.
    dcfldd pv clementine covergloobus slingscold synapse bleachbit tilda

    and add there, shortcuts are easily released after several turn off and on the system like in just everyday life usage.
    after several turn off and on, shortcuts no longer worked for it, but when one window is open, it worked.

    Here is my log files for




    Edit by Clem: Sorry, I don’t see anything that explains it here. Could it be related to the software you installed? Maybe something is grabbing the keyboard?

  66. Continue form #65 lockscreen issue

    suddenly, it reminds me of input-method “uim” which I installed to input Hangul(korean)
    and, yes it was, It was derived from input method , in case of me , it was uim
    after remove the uim, it worked fine.
    There is no issue of screenlock for me in default Cinnamon, but it may happen to whom use input method as default to input their words.
    I hope it to be fixed for those whom like me need to use input method as default.

    and, the shortcuts are still released with ease.
    please, check it out Clem
    Thank you.

    Edit by Clem: Ok, we’ll have a look.
    Edit #2 by Clem: Please meet us on IRC so we can troubleshoot this together. There’s hundreds of layouts in UIM, we’ve no idea which ones you’re using or even how to input things and reproduce the issue 🙂

  67. @cClem: I tried the upower –dump command but nothing appears for my Logitech Performance MX mouse. I haven’t got this problem with the Mint 17.2 version and the mouse works very well in Mint 17.3 (except the battery status).

    I tried again to disable the option “Remember recently accessed files” (button off) in privacy (Control Center). It seems to work without problem. I don’t know why I had got the crash before.

    For now I tested only on LiveUSB. I will try to install that beta on HDD to see if i have got the same problems.


  68. I use the French version and I am having a hard time to fault this version. True it’s only in VB. Here’s a little one. For the first use of the updater (beautifully translated) asking to change mirror, it’s in English not french (beta ?). I think we have to click the “valider” button to get rid of this message. Then the Software Source appears. If I was a newbie, I would have no idea what to do with that and there is no way out of this beside pressing the tiny close windows X. I would suggest to pop up a description of what is expected here.

    Overall Mint seems to be snappier and faster on this release. Good job. So please give it me, give to me, NOW ! (update from 17.2)

    Edit by Clem: Yes, it was changed at the last minute (a bug found during QA), so the translations didn’t have time to catch up. That will be properly translated in the stable release.

  69. [ BUG ]

    I locked my computer to prepare my whey protein. When i come back, i clicked and get this:

    Its not critical, but i can see whats’s opened even with computer locked..

    changing the subject.

    I LOVE THIS O.S, its perfect. AMD Compatibilty is great, the OS is fast, beautiful and totally user friendly. A great thanks to Mint Team from brazil (I installed the mint for over then 15 peoples and all of then loved).

    Edit by Clem: Thanks Otavio.. I wouldn’t say AMD compatibility is great.. this and the click issue, I think it’s related to AMD. Can you troubleshoot the drivers you’re using (I assume it’s fglrx from the Driver Manager) and check the options in the ATI/AMD configuration tool?

  70. @ Brahim & Clem on comment #69

    It seems Radiotray has not been maintained for many years since it has not changed a bit for a long long time. Even so it is a gem of a program that someone who is a developer here should fork and integrate to Linux Mint’s sound applet and make it the default “double click a music file” player because of it’s nice notification tray integration. I use radiotray every single day for a bunch of webradio channels that i have saved into it and listen to,and it plays them all,even from icecast and shoutcast. The users could provide localized and genre based radio channels to install and remove just like themes,extensions,applets etc,and when you click a soundfile it could just play that too without opening totem or any other player. And Brahim if you turn off the indicator support in general settings it works just like before.

  71. While watching a video on Nowvideo, I was surprised by the screen going black periodically, even though screensaver/screen locking was disabled. It took some time for me to figure out that screen blanking must also be disabled in Power settings. This was on 17.3 RC Cinnamon, but I think it may also apply to other DEs.

    While not strictly an RC-iso bug, this can be confusing for new users. For example, having a sort of applet or notification to make it obvious why the screen is periodically going blank would do the job. Thanks

    Edit by Clem: There’s one.. it’s the inhibit applet. You can use it to inhibit the screensaver and also to check if your media players do so. I’m not familiar with NowVideo… if it’s using Flash and it can use HTML5 instead, switch it to HTML5. Firefox inhibits the Cinnamon screensaver when playing HTML5, but it doesn’t when playing Flash (it’s not able due to the proprietary nature of Flash).

  72. Good , have included any way to change the monitor Hz , as has Mate ?, want to take my monitor.

    Edit by Clem: I wanted that in Cinnamon 2.8 but it didn’t make it in unfortunately. Maybe next time 🙂

  73. In the last version of Cinnamon there was a windows effect that when you closed a window it would go up slightly and then drop straight down. I can’t find this in the beta release now. The closest effect is the window dropping straight down without first going up slightly. Can this effect be enabled in beta and I’m just overlooking it?

    Edit by Clem: The default animations were modified slightly but they’re still as customizable as before. You can set them in System Settings -> Effects. There are a couple of predefined sets and you can customize effects independently as well.

  74. hi.

    I`m glad that new mint works good 🙂

    one small bug exist: enter Settings center -> Mouse & touchpad -> Touchpad.

    options Emulate two finger tap and Emulate three finger tap ignore settings, always work as “right click” an “middle click”, they cannot be deactivated.

    mintupdate 4.9.7. version Cinnamon 64bit on Samsung 550P5C. lang-pack pl

    Edit by Clem: Yes, that’s hardcoded for tapping unfortunately. It’s on the roadmap for Cinnamon 3.0.

  75. After update to Cinnamon 2.8.5 Cinnamon loads in 15 seconds and not 45 as it was before. Please update translations too so it can be checked “live”.

    Edit by Clem: There’s nothing in 2.8.5 that explains that performance boost. I think it’s just down to HDD cache to be honest. The best way to speed things up is to trade your HDD for an SSD drive. We tried to preload data in Cinnamon 2.6 but that didn’t work unfortunately.. Cinnamon and the many libs it’s using reads a lot of data and that’s just really slow after a reboot from a regular HDD. We’re constantly trying to find a solution to this.

  76. Hello,
    really strange, after a fresh install of Rosa Cinnamon beta, Firefox will not start (by clicking on any icon). It would only start via terminal as root… and will not start normally after that anyway (it says you must miss your profile).
    I didn’t notice this on Rosa MATE beta.


    Edit by Clem: Probably a corrupted ISO or burnt disc?

  77. @mark s on comment 83 – it is there. settings, effects, effects style. Choose fly up,down. It’s set to a short animation speed. If you want it a bit more obvious then select the top customise tab, turn on customisation, and increase the time against the closing windows line.

  78. @59
    Thanks Clem,
    I installed that repository ppa:openjdk-r/ppa,and yes it did allow me to install Openjdk 8 🙂 However when i then checked the java version in Terminal, it kept saying 7u85. I checked the /usr/lib/jvm and there were folders there for Openjdk6, 7 and 8. So I tried uninstalling Openjdk 6 & 7, and reinstalling Openjdk8, but no luck.
    No worries, I could install Oracle jdk with
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java -y
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer
    The jOdin program is opening fine with Linux Mint… I’m delighted 🙂

  79. This is a continuation of post #68, q.v. for symptoms observed.

    Thanks for the advice, Clem.

    Actually, I think nouveau driver may be fine on my machine. I remembered that I had undervolted slightly quite a while back to save energy. (Even with normal voltages, nouveau didn’t work for me before. And with reduced voltages, Nvidia worked fine.) Today I changed bios settings back to normal — no problems with nouveau on Cin 17.3 64b beta after about 8 hours of operation.

    Nvidia 304 driver driver still fails for me. After installing 304 normally, I reinstalled it per your instructions. The only unusual messages that came up were (1) a warning “No support for locale: en_us.utf8” and (2) “-original module -no original module exists within this kernel.” It finished with “DKMS install completed.”

    On restart after driver installation, I again got the message “ACPI pcc probe failed. After logging on, I got to a normal looking desktop which would not accept mouse input. A few seconds later, black screen. Tried restarting with software rendering. Desktop still looked ok, but still would not accept input. Then a message that Cinnamon had crashed. Got to fallback mode, then another black screen. I reinstalled cinnamon, am now running fine with default nouveau.

    So, it seems I’m OK with the default driver, but it’s strange that the Nvidia driver caused so much trouble. It always worked before.

    Thanks for the advice. And thanks for the new version. Cinnamon just keeps getting snappier and more polished.

    Edit by Clem: just a quick note. The “ACPI pcc probe failed” warning is normal. I’m not sure if it’s caused by the new Xorg/MESA stack or the new kernel, but everybody’s getting it.

  80. Oops. Right after sending you that last message, closing firefox, and trying to reopen it, the system froze with a herringbone pattern on the screen. Restarted without incident. This was all with nouveau, normal voltages.

  81. Similar to dupo’s post (#27) no Power applet is showing up even though I have a battery USB mouse. This is on a dual-boot machine with LM17.2 and a fresh install of LM17.3 (Beta) on it, both 64 bit.

    upower –dump does not show a mouse device. Have tried Logitech M325 and M525 mice.

    These same mice are detected correctly by upower & the power applet on the same machine when I boot instead to LM17.2 Rafaella

    I realise this is still a beta version, but I think there is a Cinnamon issue here.

    Edit by Clem: I can reproduce it as well and one three different boxes, I actually have one of these mice here. It’s not a Cinnamon bug though. Cinnamon displays what upower detects basically… and upower is the same in 17.2 and 17.3. It looks like a regression in kernel 3.19. This looks relevant, I’ll add it to the roadmap to see if we can tackle it.

  82. Test on effect extension, it said not compatible with 17.3 environment. Flipper,cube, wobbly window all of them not compatible.

  83. Dear team, I had the same problem with cinnamon 64 as I did with mate 64 bit version. First I installed it onto my hard drive, then I installed the nvidia 252 recommended driver for my G640 card, then I rebooted and could not get past a blank screen with blinking cursor and something about a failed probe. So next I rebooted into recovery mode, chose the repair packages, and downloaded a 358k file, Then rebooted and set the nvidia multiple monitors for my 2 screens, and after that all was well. Must have to do with nvidia & multiple monitors? Anyways a newbie would give up. But I love it now, both Cinnamon & Mate are jammin. Thanks.

    Bill S

  84. @simonb comment 87. Thank you. That was exactly what I was looking for. I changed the “closing windows” fly down speed to 400 ms instead of 100 ms in the Customize tab. Those are such cool effects.

  85. I hope 17.3 ISO releases use the 3.16.x kernel out of the box. 3.13.x is still a very problematic install on a handful of machines where 3.14+ had addressed the bulk of these issues. And of course, anyone who is on 3.13 and wants to stay that way wouldn’t be bothered when upgrading existing 17.0/1/2 installs.

    Edit by Clem: It’s using 3.19.

  86. Please provide up-to-date package lists in the live image, because many packages are uninstallable in the live session, unless a manual package list update is done. In fact, some libraries in the live image are from trusty-updates, but the package lists are from trusty: the package manager sometimes refuses to work, due to older versions of dependencies being scheduled for installation and conflicting with the preinstalled versions in the live image.

    Edit by Clem: But that will always be the case.. I mean even if the live list was up to date now, in 2 or 3 months from now, you’d still get 404s and all.

  87. Clem,

    You are awesome. Such good work. Problems or no and much more often than not things just work. Appreciate your ability and manner to when problems do show up.

    Thank You,

  88. Hi Clem, some background wallpapers are missing, those of Maya, Nadia, Olivia and Petra. It would be great not to drop this great photos as I like them very much 🙂

    Edit by Clem: No, they’re just not installed by default. You can add them by installing the mint-backgrounds-maya, mint-backgrounds-nadia, mint-backgrounds-olivia, mint-backgrounds-petra and mint-backgrounds-retro packages.

  89. Overally loving the changes on 17.3. I have one issue most of the time i shutdown my laptop and restart it after log in I am presented with a blank screen with just the cursor. trying to restart X using Ctrl – atl esc does not help. after a few more restart I can log into cinnamon .

    Am using dell inspiron 17 – 5737 with intel graphics

  90. Why doesn’t cinnamon still have any built-in app for allowing different desktop backgrounds for different workspaces or don’t I know how to do it?
    Great OS, y the way:)
    Thanks a lot to the creators.

    Edit by Clem: It’s not a priority, it’s part of the features we want to add in Cinnamon eventually though.

  91. Have an issue with black screen on launch been fixed?
    In recommended core for 17.2 that bug exists.
    That’s why I still use core 3.13.37.
    If you need some logs to fix, just say what logs.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Vitaly, please look for an upstream bug report for this. If there’s a solution we can look into applying it.

  92. Dear Clem, thank you and the team for a great job.
    However, I have some issues. It seems like Rosa hates my hardware!
    a) my touchapd and keyboard work normally for a few minutes but then they freeze and I have no option to reboot my computer. I have to physically remove the battery and then turn it on again. The issue keeps repeating (I’m writing this on another computer).
    b) I also wrote to you on chat that my printer doesn’t work and I cant adjust brightness on monitor.

    I will definitely not upgrade my main computer until these issues are solved.

    Edit by Clem: We can fix issues to some extent, but you need to troubleshoot them. What is the cause of the issue, is it related to a particular kernel? Which kernel fixes it? Is there an upstream bug report for this? etc..

  93. When i use lets say Banshee when listening to music and close the player window and start using the soundapplet,would it be possible to make it call up the playerwindow again by doubleclicking the soundapplet icon?. It would be much easier to use it that way.

    Edit by Clem: I suppose it could be considered. In the meantime, note that there’s a little a UP icon at the top of the applet to show the player.

  94. System: Acer One D255E-13639, Mem: 2GB, Drive: 250GB (151GB free)
    Problem: Thunderbird and Firefox would not start.
    How fixed: Changed privileges on .gnome2 folder from root-only access.

    No other issues so far 🙂


    Edit by Clem: Any idea what changed perms to root in .gnome2? What files/directories were owned by root exactly? Did you run anything as root?

  95. @Clem’s comment #29 “Edit by Clem: Hi, we’ll have to wait for Mint 18 to address this unfortunately. Upower received many changes and we’re likely to switch to systemd as well. This isn’t something settings-daemon should handle, it’s something we need to fix system-wide in the boot sequence. We looked at it for something similar (killswitches, for bluetooth primarily) and came to the conclusion that it should be handled the same way.”:

    >(I’m referring to the “we’re likely to switch to systemd as well”):

    So long Linux-Mint 🙁 . It’s been nice knowing you 🙁 .

    Linux-Mint version 17.3 will be my last version 🙁 .

    (*IF* I decide to change from Linux-Mint version 17.2 ([which I do] by booting to Linux-Mint 17.3 from a LiveDVD [environment], deleting the partitions–and–‘extended’-partition where I have Linux-Mint installed, and installing again from scratch) to 17.3).

  96. I also would like to know what’s the name of the “quick window list” thingy (I think you guys (ie. the Linux-Mint developers) call it an “applet”) [that was] to the right of the clock in the “Taskbar”/”Panel”. So I can look for it in the “Applet”-store/”Applet”-selection menu of the “Settings” window. I really didn’t want that feature removed. (And honestly?, when I’m searching through things in the Software-Center/Software-Manager, it’s really confusing to know which one to click on if we see duplicate programs all over the place. (example: 3 different versions of [the program called] Transmission. [and you don’t know which is the one installed on your computer (ie. the one that comes installed with Linux-Mint by default.]).

    Showing the squares/rectangles for the “workspaces” by default is screen-hogging (or should I say “Panel-hogging”?), especially if you already have a feature like Linux-Mint 16 Cinnamon’s “move the cursor to the upper-left-hand corner to see all currently-open workspaces” feature [[and have it] activated by default].

    (I just finished reading ).

    The “Quick-Rename” is for lazy people. It’s like if people are now too-lazy to RIGHT-*CLICK*!!!!!!! *facepalm* [ayayai].

    (Likewise is the — (no offense) — “showing the rectangles of the workspaces on the Panel [by default]” in Cinnamon. You want that? GO TO MATE. *CINNAMON* is DIFFERENT. That’s why we have different desktop-environments, and you pick[/choose] the one that best has the features [and/or characteristics] YOU *WANT*. That’s the beauty of Linux. Don’t be forcing developers to carry over something from one desktop-environment in KDE (or Mate. Or Cinnamon) just because you’re too lazy to have it in YOUR [current] desktop-environment).

    I’d LOVE for Unity to be able to tell me if the programs on the left-column [“dock” thing] are just “shortcuts” (ie. “programs that were ‘pinned’ onto the Panel”) or if they are actually just open-programs (ie. programs that are currently open) but Unity won’t do that.
    Therefore, I moved to another desktop-environment that DOES do that. (ie. Mate and Cinnamon).
    And I compared both Mate and Cinnamon, and even though I loved how Mate’s “Settings” window had everything even more neat–and–orderly–and-categorized–and–organized than Cinnamon, I liked all the additional features [and characteristics] that Cinnamon had.
    (including, like for example, the “move your mouse-cursor over to the upper-left-hand corner of the screen to see all of your currently-open workspaces”.
    Or the “Edge-Snapping” and “Edge-Tiling” features. (you can see them here ).

    I also loved the “User Applet” feature, and the “You can also change your password, name and login picture easily from the new “Account Details” configuration screen.” option.
    I also liked this:
    “System tray support for file operations:

    The File operations window appears when you move or copy files. It shows you the progress of current move or copy operations. Prior to Cinnamon 2.0, if you closed this window you couldn’t bring it back.

    In Cinnamon 2.0, if you close this window, it will show as an icon in your system tray. The icon uses a circular symbolic progress icon to give you an indication of the progress of the operations.”

    Overall, I liked all these as well (I’m trying to summarize it up so people don’t get bored reading what I say):

  97. Sound Applet does not let me adjust volume for applications individually anymore. option is just missing.

    Edit by Clem: Hi, it’s in the right-click menu -> applications.

  98. Completely unrelated to the Beta,
    I want to suggest a more user friendlier comment system for the Linux Mint blog, which is the Disqus. This should be easy as it has threaded comments system, plus there is notifications for each replies.

    This could be useful for both the users and the Mint team to review bug reports and also to engage in a tidier conversation in the blog post.

    This is merely a suggestion anyway, so the choice is up to the Mint team 😛

    Thank you

    Edit by Clem: Thanks, threading is just a theme concern. We’re hoping to refresh all that in preparation for Mint 18. Disqus also requires authentication and doesn’t work well on dodgy connections (low bandwidth or midband).

  99. Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon 64bit LIVE CD (Pendrive)
    Dell Studio 1558, Display 1920×1080, CPU i5 M520, ATI Radeon HD5450 or 70 (driver default)
    External monitor 19” (D-sub VGA) 1280×1024

    1.Nemo do not show in Devices connected Printer, USB web camera (lsusb recognise devices)

    2. Issue Applets->Graphical hardware monitor

    3. Laptop display 1920×1080 and external monitor 19” (D-sub VGA) 1280×1024.
    In laptop play Youtube video 720p HD, fullscreen option is ON. Video do not fill full screen.

    4. When headphones are connected is this possible option ON Speakers without disconnecting headphones? I tried and this option do not work.

    5. Better integration Rhythmbox with Cinnamon (sound applet)

    6. Idea on the future possibility rotation screen 90/180/270/360 degree (handy pivot monitor)

    I am sorry my English is not good
    Kind regards

  100. Clem,
    I just installed this on two further machines,a Dell PC and a Acer Aspire One. Both installed perfectly, the Acer usually gives problems with Nvidia, not this time. Well done to all concerned.

    Very smooth, on restart when the LM logo appears, I can’t help but think you could start off with a grey LM logo. Then starting at the top of the letter “L” gradually turn the logo green so that when the far right of the letter “M” is green the computer is booted up (akin to the horizontal blue bar when you install something on Windows).

    At login, when i click the keyboard,
    1) the “enter”, “Accept” and “Cancel” keys are already shaded differently to other keys which is distracting.
    2) if you type in your password incorrectly, my username and computer name appear ABOVE the login dialogue box, and I’m now being asked to type in my username – just because i got my password incorrect. But then you’re asking yourself, why am i typing in my username if it it printed on the background image above the login box.
    3) when it comes to symbols such as exclamation mark, I need to know to press SHIFT so the numbers changes to symbols. I know in Android, the key is labelled “{&=” to bring up symbols,then it changes to “123” to change back to numbers. Maybe something like this could be considered at a future date.
    4) does the login dialogue box need to be so low such that the keyboard cuts off the bottom?
    5) There is a bit of slight delay when I press each of the keys on the keyboard
    6) I still think on the login screen the profile photo should be on right, and the login/password input box be on the left directly above the instruction text. But you could ask 5 people and get 5 different layouts, so it’s always subjective…lol.

  101. Hi, Linux Mint Team,

    Thanks for providing this very nice Linux distribution.

    I am using this Cinnamon Edition, it is very nice and close to my user experience to KDE, but with much less memory and cpu consumption, which I like much.

    However, the Network connection manager is not user friendly. There is one wifi connection problem with this distribution which is proposed on

    This problem still happens on linux mint 17.3 beta, I really hope it could be solved on the stable version.

    Edit by Clem: We can’t put our finger on it.. we’re aware of that issue. In the meantime, you can set up your connection with “Network Connections”.

  102. Clem,
    Has Spotify disappeared from the Software Manager & Synaptic?
    I assume it is still available because we show a screengrab from Spotify here

    For what its worth, I tried these methods ( nor and they didn’t work. So, Spotify themselves must have removed it.

    Edit by Clem: It’s not in the repositories.. we can consider adding it though.

  103. I agree with comment-#110. I can’t post comments on Zdnet, Pcworld, Pcmagazine, Laptopmagazine, YouTube, or any other website that has Disqus and/or forces you to log in JUST to be able to post a reply, because of that aforementioned crap.

    It’s just traveling and begging the users to NOT pitch in. “Ooooo, you gotta have an account first”.

    Doesn’t anybody know that one of the ways Facebook tracks you and your-activity-online is by seeing (and tracking) what websites you use your Facebook-username-and-password to log into (yes, INCLUDING any website that has Disqus on it) ?

  104. What about memory leaks? After about 4 hours of work memory usage of process cinnamon is 500MB.

    Edit by Clem: That doesn’t mean there’s a memory leak. A memory leak can happen with just 20MB RAM, or even 1MB. How much RAM Cinnamon takes isn’t really relevant. What matters if is a particular action ALWAYS results in more memory being used, and that memory is never given back.

  105. Hi there i installed Mint 17.3 Cinnamon Beta which runs wells except a strange flicker when watching BBC iplayer in full screen im not sure whats causing this as it does it in both Firefox and Chrome

    but i came across another issue the packages for Mesa and xserver all have extra parts on there package names they have -lts-vivid on the end of them so when i added a ppa to update to Mesa 11.0.5 (or newer) you cant as there is lots of packages not installed is there a fix for this issue do need to remove 10.5.9 then install 10.1.3 and then update using the ppa and all so do the same with the xserver packages

    Edit by Clem: 17.3 is using what’s called the Vivid LTS stack.. which is a particular version of Xorg and MESA. I wouldn’t recommend messing with these via PPA. Or if you really want to do so, yes, to go back to Trusty’s Xorg/MESA first, and then to consider using the PPA.

  106. @Clem and Tony Whelan(post#91):

    I installed Linux Mint 17.3 rosa beta (64 bit version) on an HDD disk. The status mouse battery problem (Performance MX mouse in my case) is still present.

    @Clem : The installation of the 4.2.0-18 kernel available in MintUpdate can correct the problem ?

    Edit by Clem: No, it’s an issue with upower, there’s a solution upstream which we’re looking into.

  107. There is one little thing you might want to change to.
    This is in 17.2 but is still there in 17.3

    When you install 17.2 or 17.3 as second OS on a system than at the point where you will be asked how to use your disk it will say:

    Do you want to install Linux mint 16………
    (This goes for both Cinnamon and Mate)

    Other than that 17.3 it seems to work really well for me, though maybe one thing i noticed in 17.3 mate:

    When you install Cairo dock, the background will sometime go black for a “large” area around the cairo dock position.

    Anyways, thx Mint team for some great work!

  108. Hello,
    I installed Linux Mint 17.3 to use Blender. I installed Nvidia-Toolkit but I haven’t found Nvidia-Modprobe in the packet Manager. Could you add it in the next update ? I installed it from ubuntu website -> OK but when i render with GPU option still have a bad Cuda version error…”Unsupported CUDA version 5.5 detected, you need CUDA 6.5.
    Error: Failed loading render kernel, see console for errors”
    Could you please also update The Cuda version for all users who have the same problem ? See forum on web…what a pity that this topic is still an issue.

    Edit by Clem: What version of the nvidia driver did you install, and did you do so via the Driver Manager? Also, does this work with the repository version of Blender (2.69-4ubuntu2) ?

  109. Hi there here is a update to my earlier issue with the Mesa and xserver package names i installed Mint 17.2 Cinnamon instead of 17.3 Cinnamon Beta and the flickering in my browsers when watching BBC iplayer is gone so that is fixed

    but more importantly 17.2 is using standard package names with no -lts-vivid on the end of them so i installed Mesa 11.1 and i all so installed xserver-xorg 1.17.2 and it seems to run well even if 17.3 seen to be a bit fast doing certain tasks

  110. Clem, re your comment at post #114, MintUpdate isn’t offering me a kernel update to 4.2.0-18 but I’ll see if that changes in the next week.

  111. @117 Tony,

    I think Clem means, if you open mint update and in the menu press “view > linux kernels….you will get a overview of kernels available…..scroll down to the bottom and you will find 4.2.0-18 to which you can update…

  112. hi… i have integrated intel g41 gpu on my motherboard of desktop cpmputer, i want to install mint 17.3 when stable version is released, my question is: would my gpu be detected installed automatically? or would i face any problem about gpu and screen resolution ? thank you…

  113. Hi Clem
    I have a problem with graphics driver, I use desktop and AMD HD7770, tried AMD Catalyst™ 15.9 Proprietary Ubuntu 14.04 driver and after restart I cannot boot normaly anymore. On 17.2 is the same, so I did a reinstall and stuck on the built in driver for now. Which driver should I use for my vga? Thanks

    Edit by Clem: Sorry Alf, I’d say fglrx, but if that doesn’t work.. you might have to stick with the open-source drivers.

  114. @Clem & Dupo (post #114) – Re upower not detecting wireless mouse. I just installed kernel 4.2.5 on a test build, and it makes no difference, still no mouse detected.

  115. Hi Clem, Thankyou. I have been using lm for years. Using 17.3 on an older, (only 5 years old) compaq presario cq62-215dx with 2 gig. Runs fine. Wireless (atheros) and sound worked right off the bat. I have it dual booting with #!, but may set it up just for lm17.3. Can’t wait to upgrade desktop when upgrade comes out.

  116. hi
    I have updated to 17.3 on 3 systems and all looks great.
    The only problem so far is that I am using repositories in Australia (I live in Thailand) but they are not detected in 17.3. Any chance of fixing that? Thanks

    Edit by Clem: That’s because they’re on a different continent.. mintsources now shows mirrors from your country, then sub-region, then region (i.e. continent) and finally the default ones. That said, you can modify /etc/apt/sources.list.d/official-package-repositories.list manually and get a list of all the mirrors at (section “Mirrored repositories”).

  117. @clem A short update on the earlier report (51) of a bizarre problem running 17.3. I am still not sure if it is new in 17.3 as earlier versions do not run even on my new Skylake based i5 6200U Ultrabook (Chillblast Helios) other than in software rendering mode

    After the first suspend one of the processors starts running almost flat out and system monitor shows to to be a kworker process. Running perf has shown a lot of usb linked activity which does not occur before the suspend and led me to investigate the USB interface. Plugging in a USB memory stick to USB 2.0 or 3.0 port stops the excess activity and it stays stopped even when the stick is ejected but restarts when the USB stick is physically removed. The built in SD card reader behaves the same way. Other USB devices do not stop activity including a USB hard drive.

    I have now discovered that enabling the built in (USB) camera by cheese stops all the kworker activity until it is turned off. More importantly I have also discovered this excess kworker activity only starts when on battery during the suspend cycle. A suspend/restore cycle with the mains adapter on puts the machine back to normal.

    I hope you or someone can give some suggests on how to debug this far enough that it can be fixed in 17.3 or reported in the correct place. I have run out of ideas (and knowledge) and I have resorted to ordering one of the nano memory sticks to leave plugged in all the time (to hide the problem from my wife for whom the machine was bought)!

    This is also a lesson in testing methodology – I caught this by chance when looking at power consumption and noticed it seemed to have increased after a suspend. I would normally test with mains on and often with a USB stick in place as I normally initially test on LiveUSBs and both inhibited the problem. Betas and LiveUSB testing are an excellent idea but it was only when I had installed that this showed up. Please do the same with 18.0 and make a beta available or make sure those who are willing to test have access at a suitably early stage that there input is useful. Overall a brilliant job though.

    Edit by Clem: Can you try and see if this happens with Kernel 4.2.0?

  118. @Clem&Tony Whelan: I installed the 4.0.2-18 kernel available in MintUpdate (kernel section) and the Logitech mouse battery status don’t still display. I think there is a big problem with upower and the kernel versions upper to kernel 3.16.x. (3.19.x, 4.0.x, …).

    For now the only alternative solution for Logitech devices is to use solaar :
    PPA repository is available see it :

  119. Hi

    I tried it briefly on my machine, everything seemed to work fine except for one major thing that made me revert back to 17.2: my Cintiq 13HD wasn’t detected as a tablet. As a display it works, the stylus technically works on it, but in the system options no tablet is detected (so no stylus calibration or buttons mapping options available…)

    Btw In 17.2 it works like a charm

    Anyways, great job, it looks like a very promising release 🙂
    Thanks a lot for the hard work

  120. Hi Clem,

    What do you think about this idea?

    Edit by Clem: I think we could make it easier.. for instance by providing a CLI command for mintupdate which upgrades selected levels. Then whether people put that in CRON, or have graphical access to it.. I’m not sure. I’m not really keen on the idea of automatic updates for novice users. When something breaks, they have no idea what updates caused it..

  121. The Power Manager applet does not appear on my no-battery machine (AC only) in the 17.3 Cinnamon live dvd, even though it has the “in use” green circle in the “Installed applets” list. It still does not appear after I do the following: open applet’s settings -> change from “Hide label” to something else -> restart Cinnamon. This happens both on a physical machine and in VirtualBox (in both cases, /sys/class/power_supply correctly lists only AC).

  122. I’m not sure if this is a bug or just not supported yet, but I’ve been able to create a live CD image perfectly fine, but I’m unable to get persistence working. I have a Debian Jessie workstation that I used to create a 2.5GB FAT 32 partition and another partition (EXT4) that is the remainder of a 16GB USB drive, labeled casper-rw.

    I installed syslinux 6.03 from Jessie to the thumbdrive and copied 4 additional syslinux files directly to the thumb drive, after renaming the isolinux folder syslinux. This has been necessary to get the thumb drive to boot. At this point, I’ve updated the syslinux.cfg file to append persistent after the boot=casper directive in a newly created label stanza.

    When trying the persistent option, the Mint logo is presented and some loading takes place, then I’m dropped into the initramfs shell. Dmesg doesn’t seem to provide any clues, and if I try to exit the shell, I get a memory dump/ kernel-panic message.

    Is persistence just missing in the Beta release or is there something else going on?

  123. One additional bit of info is that I’m able to use the procedures mentioned in #137 to get persistence working on a Cinnamon 17.2 installed on the same USB drive and netbook.

  124. I just installed mint 17.3 on my new asus laptop with nvidia geforce gtx 965m. After reboot and update, I have no sound and inside sound settings nothing is inside the play sound through. Any ideas on how to get sound to work on this distro. Ubuntu 15.10 I have sound

  125. Everything looks great and it feels wonderful to have a clean install.

    System settings is freezing when I click on account details. I have the 64 bit iso. Everything else is working so far!

    Edit by Clem: Run it from the command line “cinnamon-settings” to see if you can spot an error message. Otherwise it could be due to the webcam taking forever to react.. (Account Details initializes it, we’ve a PR on that but it won’t get in until Cinnamon 3.0).

  126. I just tried a comment Clem left for another mint user saying try another kernel which i did and im nervous some things are gonna stop working. Mint is the best due to everything works and always been stable. Fingers crossed all software works. Thanks I will be reading everyones experiences.

  127. I am also having an issue with the Power Manager. However this is my first Linux Mint install, so I do not know whether the bug is specific to this version.

    Version: Linux Mint 17.3 ‘Rosa’ Cinnamon 64-bit
    Laptop: Fujitsu Lifebook T-901

    For both my first session and whenever I boot my laptop after a shutdown, the Power Manager applet will not display my battery charge percentage and time left, even though that is set in its options. It will either display a brightness icon or nothing at all (I’ve had a “highlight” command indicate that it’s past the right edge of the panel.) I am still able to get this information with the acpi command in the terminal.

    However, if I ctrl+alt+backspace to restart Xorg, this information will appear normally in my panel when I log back in. I have to repeat this (log in, restart Xorg, log in again) every time I restart the laptop or turn it back on after a shutdown.

    I am wondering what could be different between startup and a restart of Xorg.

    Edit by Clem: Can you reboot, confirm it’s not working, then simply restart Cinnamon itself (not Xorg) with Alt+F2+r or CTRL+ALT+ESCAPE.

  128. Great job on this BETA release. I was able to install on a Macbook Pro 9,1 without much issue. Still going through the testing the rest.

    Edit by Clem: We test on this machine too. I noticed an issue with Broadcom crashing the kernel, a fix is coming, along with 4.2 compatibility.

  129. Windows from many applications like spotify,minitube,clementine,chrome etc do not remember what size they had if closed and opened again. I want them to be maximized when they are opened. If i run spotify in a fullscreened window and close it,then when using soundapplet to open it again it opens in a small window.

  130. since I started using linuxmint from mint17 till de mint 17.2, i have been facing problems with the suspend button. when I suspend my mint system, it resumes but de screen remains like is off. until I force shut down and on again, it remains the same.
    Am using HPG61-336NR . please I hope my problem will be addressed in the stable release.

  131. Clem,

    Any chance of getting unattended security upgrades a simple option in the update manager?


    Edit by Clem: Added to the roadmap for the next development cycle. We’ll consider it.

  132. When is the new Linux Mint Rosa 17.3 going to show up the upgrade part on the old Linux Mint so you don’t have to uninstall it all you have to do is download the new update and it installs in your old one

    Edit by Clem: After the stable release.

  133. @Clem: Thanks to find a solution for upower problem. 😉

    In the link you gave in post#91, they found the solution. The problem is solved with the 0.99.3-1 upower version who support the Logitech unifying for the 3.19.x kernel and as well as the next kernels I guess.

    The Linux Mint 17.3 version seems faster than the Linux Mint 17.2 version. Great job 🙂

    Edit by Clem: That’s fixed now (an update to ubuntu-system-adjustments).

  134. @ Clem on comment #86:
    that was installed via USB stick – I tried it again and it worked well.
    I see in comment #106 another ‘Firefox not starting’ issue. Maybe I had also a changed privileges issue, but for sure I changed nothing.

    Anyway, can’t wait to install the final release, Cinnamon became a really good desktop environment, congratulations (ça envoie du pâté grave !)


  135. since I started using linuxmint from mint17 till de mint 17.2, i have been facing problems with the suspend button. when I suspend my mint system, it resumes but de screen remains like is off. until I force shut down and on again, it remains the same.
    Am using HPG61-336NR . please I hope my problem will be addressed in the stable release. please work on this for me.
    Thanks in advance

    Edit by Clem: Hi, we can’t reproduce this here unfortunately. Please find a solution or an upstream bug report so we can consider adding a fix for it.

  136. .bash-history has root perm. i had to change it back to my ownership using chown and give the right perm as chmod 744 and every thing become good now as i didn’t have my bash history before doin that

    Edit by Clem: I can reproduce that by invoking “sudo gnome-terminal” before .bash_history is created. It’s not really a bug though… at least it’s nothing new. I suppose MDM could clean up root perms before login, or we could ship an empty .bash_history in /etc/skel to avoid that problem… bash should fix that though, not us.

  137. After starting 17.3 Cinnamon, I could no longer turn on my wireless. Slide tab would not even move.

    Edit by Clem: That looks like a kernel issue? Can you try other kernels?

  138. when installing my USB stick a message says unable to read.All was good when using 17.2 mint

    Edit by Clem: Check for I/O errors in dmesg, this looks like a corrupted ISO or stick.

  139. Dear Linux Mint Team,
    I am a new happy linux user of LM 17.2 64 bit. Into it and also in beta 17.3 there is maybe a sound issue? When I want to watch movie I export the picture completely via HDMI, and when I am on TV, switch sound signal from internal to HDMI output (otherwise there is no sound). Also do this when go from TV to pc, I mean manually need to switch back to internal sound output. This is a difficult than Windows 7 (there automatically pc was used integrated sound and TV HDMI). I use integrated in LM video driver for my ATI Radeon HD 5450 and it’s perfomance is excellent. May I ask you to tell me please, do you plane to fix this in beta 17.3 or in future LM 18.x?
    Thank you

    Edit by Clem: This is a feature request. It can be done by cinnamon-settings-daemon and we can consider it for Cinnamon 3.0. It could be done upstream too, but we probably want this to be configurable..

  140. About the bug listed in topic 37.

    The probabily package is Nemo.

    To solve, i use “nemo -c”.

    The bug doesn’t affect only the desktop. if i open the nemo, to select the folder, is the same.

  141. I have the same problem as topic 153… even in Mint 17.2 Cinnamon, resuming from suspend/sleep doesn’t work…… what DOES happen is: the system fans spin up, the hard drives spin up, and the monitor (even though it’s turned on) stays black.

  142. Hi!
    I am running Mint 17.3 in Virtualbox on Win7 machine.
    Not sure if it is a bug or intentional, but when I use the keyboard shortcut to change volume, the little animation showing that the volume is being changed comes up, however, there is no sound feedback. On Mint 17.2 there was also a cool sound feedback, to give an impression on the current volume level. I loved it. 🙂

    Keep up the awsome work!

  143. @clem re #133 The excess power usage due to kworker ‘spinning’ still exists with Kernel from Update Manager.

    I have been doing some more investigation of what initiates and stops the excess power usage which I will share in case others with Skylake architecture want to check.

    It only starts when external power is disconnected and the machine is suspended/resumed – I have not so far been able to provoke it any other way.
    If power is restored excess usage stops but restarts if power unplugged.
    If power is on and a suspend/resume cycle is carried out external power can be unplugged and plugged in many times without the excess usage.
    Any USB 2 device stops the excess usage when plugged into the USB2 port including USB3 devices. ie will not show with LiveUSB.
    USB 3 devices plugged into a USB3 port do not stop the power usage.
    Turning on the internal webcam stops the usage as long as it is on – my webcam is on the usb2 hub
    Turning Bluetooth off and on with the function key stops the high usage but only as long as it still remains on. Software disabling and enabling does not stop it. When bluetooth switched by function key it disappears/appears in lsusb under the USB 2 hub

    In other words everything seems to point to the USB 2 system. It looks to me as if the code which monitors for changes loops when there is no device attached after a suspend.

    It is not obvious that this is a Mint 17.3 problem but I now have an ongoing ‘discussion’ at with AlbertP who I believe is a member of the Mint testing team. That is probably a better place for any inputs from others rather than fill up this thread. Thanks for your tolerance.

    Edit by Clem: AlbertP certainly has some experience in tinkering with exotic hardware 🙂 Good luck. We might differ to other distributions on disk polling, it might be worth checking if it happens in Ubuntu as well just to confirm that.

  144. @Clem: The bug for the privacy part in Control center appears again. When the button “Remember recently accessed files” is set to OFF for the first time, Cinnamon crashed (Message tell : “Cinnamon just crashed (go back to fallback mode)”).

    Can you check it ? Thanks.

    Edit by Clem: I can’t reproduce it. Try to get us a core dump, a stack trace or something we can look into 🙂

  145. Will there be an option to place the panel vertically any time soon?

    Edit by Clem: It almost happened in 2.8. Dalcde might take another shot at it for 3.0.

  146. Hi, If I close my laptop lid while I have an external monitor attached (via VGA in my case) the laptop does not suspend. I believe this is due to the system not being able to tell if the laptop is docked or not (if it was docked then the lid may be closed when an external monitor is attached but in this case we would NOT want the laptop to suspend). I think there is a workaround/fix which I found from a quick search (an update to logind.conf)

    I wondered if this fix could somehow be incorporated in a later fix/release in the mint power management settings, eg perhaps an extra option such as:

    ‘ALWAYS suspend when lid closed’

    to sit alongside the current options. But perhaps worded better than I have worded it.

    Apart from that I have no issues at all on my lenovo X230. Its all working excellently.


    Edit by Clem: It would need to be configurable and that can be considered as a new feature in Cinnamon 3.0. I’ll add it to the roadmap.

  147. Works fine on my Gateway SX2800 box – core 2 quad, 4GB, 100+ GB drive partitions. No errors or even hiccups 😉

    I really wish that Cinnamon would let me have a panel on the left side for favorite apps rather than digging through the ‘Favorites’ menu.

    David Rowell

  148. Possible bug – VGA not working?

    Just installed Linux Mint 17.3 “Rosa” Cinnamon – BETA Release on an old Aspire 5610.

    When plugging in the VGA cable in “Cinema crashed” was reported and a request to restart cinnamon.

    After unplugging the VGA, and doing a re-start of cinemon and eventually a re-start of the whole laptop, things restarted as normal until VGA was plugged in and again a crash.

    Hope thats useful.

    Thanks for the OS

    Edit by Clem: Hi Tom, I know it’s not easy and you’ll need to google things if you don’t know how to do it. But we need either a core dump and a stack trace for this. Once we have one, chances are we can fix it with an update.

  149. @clem re #166 It does not happen in Ubuntu 15.10 Wily k however if I add Cinnamon 2.8 desktop from a PPA the problem returns so probably Cinnamon related. Hints appreciated as you obviously had something in mind.

    Edit by Clem: Weird.. ok first, I wanted to tell you… check your level 5 updates, linux-firmware has skylake improvements. Then, if it’s specific to Cinnamon itself… I’m a bit surprised here. You could try killing cinnamon-settings-daemon to see if it’s guilty. If it is, you can then start disabling some of its plugins until you find which one is causing this?

  150. Early testing of 17.3/4.2.0-18 on a MintBox Mini (8GB RAM, dual monitor) looks very good. Even a previous issue with jerky Flash playback has been resolved. Kudos for a job well done!

    Re: #72 from Mintulix about a keepassx problem, I similarly have no right-click context menus, and normal menu clicks will highlight but not drop the menus down. Nothing else I’ve checked so far is exhibiting that behavior, so it does seem it’s keepassx having issues rather than Mint/Cinnamon.

    Re #169 and the response to Sven, yay for vertical panels! Cairo dock gets the job done but it’ll be wonderful to have them natively.

    Again: Great work, Clem et. al.!

  151. Hi Mint team!,

    Been running both cinnamon and mate 17.3 for about a week now. Nothing big really came up. I am not sure if the problem i have with cinnamon is something the team will focus on in the near future as it regards to gaming on Linux Mint.

    Mate works perfectly, cinnamon has slowdowns for no apparent reasons. By which i mean, sometimes right after starting the game, sometimes only after an playing for an hour or so the game will slow down considerably (slide show). Restarting the desktop will often normalize it and i am able to play again for an extended time until it comes back. This happened with cinnamon 2.6 but is also in 2.8.

    As a test i ran other platforms,Ubuntu, Manjaro and with all of them using kernel 3.16, 3.19 and 4.2.0-18 like i did in Mint and switch between mate and cinnamon. I got exactly the same results on each of them. It seems to be cinnamon related as it only happens with cinnamon as desktop environment.

    Considered that maybe hardware could be a problem but just is not the case. It would be something that happens all the time and not intermittent as it does with often over an hour in between.

    I do hope that one day i could switch to the cinnamon desktop although mate is growing on me now, specially after the 1.12 update on mint.

    Anyways, thanks for all the effort and great work! Looking forward to the final release!

  152. Dear Clem and other contributors. I just want to thanks for continuous work for Linux Mint releases. Thank you and have a nice day.

  153. About 171.

    Restarting nemo doesn’t solve the problem.

    All work fine, just this to solve =\…

    I’m using open source driver.

    I upgraded to kernel 4.2 and this error persist. The error Also occurs Within folders too, not only in desktop.

    Please Epic mint team, solve this for me ! Love all

    Hail from brazil !

  154. Tried the new beta running live to se what it was all about. I have to say that you are doing a great job as usual so thanks for that.

    However I found som minor bugs and UX-let downs.

    This is all tested on a Lenovo X240 Thinkpad but I don’t realy feel that this is hardware specifick so I wont waste time on describing my hardware

    Here goes.

    1) The mic mute button on the keyboard works now ie. upon pressin the mute-key, the indicator on the keyboard lights up and the mic is muted however the OSD shows a muted speaker. It should really show a disabled microphone instead.

    2) Nemo preview does not support gvfs so mounting a zip-file with some HTML-files and then opening one of those in Nemo preview gives an error “the file cannot be opened” This is a shame because the whole Nemo desktop is build around Gnome and it’s comnponents and therefore should support gvfs/fuse-mounts natively.

    Other than that, nice work. I’ll look forward to upgrade.
    Thank you


    Starting with mintsystem 8.1.5, the APT priority for Linux Mint repositories is lowered to 500 (with the exception of the upstream component which stays at 700).

    This facilitates the addition of PPAs and also makes it easier for Mint to backport packages.

    If you modified APT priorities before (for instance, if you elevated a PPA priority to 700), please revert your changes (i.e. that PPA no longer needs a high priority).

  156. SUBJECT: Single click to open items

    I am using the single click feature as I have issues with my synovial tendon sheaths (

    One thing I am really missing from Mint Cinnamon is “Select on hover”. Think there was a bug report once.

    Can anyone tell if this has been added to 17.3/2.8?

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Tim, good thing you added a wikipedia link here. English isn’t my native language and my first reaction after reading “Synovial Tendon Sheaths” was “never heard of that hardware device before”. We did have “Tandon” computers back in the 90s, maybe that played a trick in my mind 🙂 Anyway, jokes aside, no, it’s not possible to select by hovering a file in Cinnamon 2.8. I wasn’t aware of any feature request for it, but it’s a good idea and we can consider adding it to version 3.0. I’ll add it to the roadmap. In the meantime, in case it helps, nemo-preview was added in 17.3 so you can select files with the keyboard and preview them with the space bar. Also if your other hand isn’t affected, please be aware that you can set your mouse to left-handed and invert the two click-buttons that way. Another solution is to use a touchpad (there are external touchpads for desktop computers too) and to use tap-to-click. Sorry, I know these are merely workarounds and not real solutions, I’m not sure if you already knew about these tips or if they help at all, I’m mentioning them in case they do.

  157. Cinnamon load times for a Fujitsu AH531 laptop:
    Cinnamon 2.8.4 it was 45 seconds
    Cinnamon 2.8.5 it was 15 seconds
    Cinnamon 2.8.6 it’s back to 45 seconds.

    Reboots are tested several times in a row with the same results.

    Also since 2.8.5 Update manager window is completely covered by the panels that says Description and Changelog when scanning for updates and if updates are discovered they are also completely covered by that same panel.

  158. RE: Single click to open items

    Hi Clem,

    thanks for the response. I was referring to this post:

    Btw, the select on hover behavior is also the way it works in Windows.

    Touchpads or inverting mouse buttons does not really help. The only thing is to keep unnecessary motions at a minimum. I tested vertical mice, touchpads and trackballs. Currently my mouse is on the left side and on the right I have a trackball. Also I switch the mouse from left to right all the time. Variety is the key 😉

    Looking forward to test this nemo-preview thing you mention, though I am not really sure how this can help. Btw, using the keyboard to select files in Nemo is also strange.

    Hitting CTRL+Space to individually select single files (compared to SHIFT + Space) does work but once you selected one file there is no position indicator anymore. So you have to count how often you hit up/down to select the next file.

    Also setting focus when navigating into folders and back out is strange. For a pure keyboard usage I would expect that focus remains on the folder I just came back from or at least in the list view (which I almost always use), but the focus is always completely lost and I have to re-focus into the list view, mostly with the mouse as I don’t know how to to dis nicely with TAB or whatever.

    But I guess this is not the right place to discuss this. Maybe I should open a feature request? Where should I do this?

    Thanks for the great distribution.


  159. UPDATE: Single click to open items

    Concerning lost focus. The more precise scenario is when I delete a folder the focus is lost form the list view. So to delete the next folder I have to put focus into the list view again.

    Sorry for missing that point.


  160. Experiment with 17.3B. Looks good. A couple of small things:

    – the double click rename function does not work for me (after activating it in nemo 2.8.4)

    – error with desklet “drive manager” cannot be set to an applet on the panel as before :
    “Could not locate cinnamon_js_add_extension_importer:
    ‘cinnamon_js_add_extension_importer:/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/cinnamon/ symbol:cinnamon_js_add_extension_importer”

    – ksnapshot crash on saving (not sure if it’s new). I change it for shutter any way.

    I love the new sound applet (after I found out that the right clic does something)

    This is going to be a nice update. Great job.


  161. Re #152 – upower not supporting Logitech Unifying devices.
    Clem says “That’s fixed now (an update to ubuntu-system-adjustments)” and I can see that file’s version is now 2015.11.26, but my Logitech wireless M325 mouse still is not detected by upower which is still at v0.9.23

  162. #191 More testing :

    – double clic file renaming works fine in the new 17.3 ISO beta (nemo 2.8.6). Only on the update from 17.2 seems to be have the issue (older nemo version)

    – ksnapshot does not work (save function) in 17.2, so it’s not the fault of 17.3.

    – the desklet has the problem however. Minor but great to have it fixed.

    So looking good.

  163. hi clem i like ask you about the kernel 4.2.0-18 if be stable for install obviously thanks, sorry i have install linux mint 17.2 kde 64 bits

  164. @69 and RadioTray:

    On first use, Radiotray puts a configuration file here: ~/.local/share/radiotray/config.xml.

    Here, it contains these lines:

    Editing “appindicator” in the third line to “systray”, then saving the file and launching Radiotray results in the expected icon showing up in the panel.

  165. Well… here, I hope, are the lines that aren’t visible in Post 195, minus the XML tags:

    option name=”enable_application_indicator_support” value=”true”
    valid options are ‘appindicator’, ‘systray’ and ‘chooser’
    option name=”gui_engine” value=”appindicator”

  166. Dropbox icon: Displaying in panel as usual; installed via nemo-dropbox.

    Logitech Mice: My M510 wireless behaved normally during the install and continues to behave normally.

    (Clean untweaked install; 2.8.6)

  167. As a suggestion, it may be worthwhile to do a cleanup of the cinnamon extensions before release. Most of them are obsoletes or incompatibles now. It’s not a wise idea to have known defective piece of software readily available which may even damage the DM.

  168. Any advice for getting Killer Wireless 1525 to work? The links at the Killer site are dead. Just got a new laptop and really want to get some form of Mint running.

  169. @clem re #175 Agree whole thing very weird. Updates to current linux-firmware and change in kernel/firmware to 15.10 have no effect. I have got spinning to continue if I change desktop from Cinnamon to Ubuntu without reboot and possibly once or twice in Ubuntu Unity but it is very unpredictable unlike Cinnamon. It looks more and more to me like a race condition in xhci_hcd or usbcore and I have found a very new thread which shows similar symptoms on a Skylake machine and I have reproduced some of their diagnostic output. Unfortunately I have no idea what I am actually doing or what it means! It is at least better than it definitely being a Cinnamon only problem from your point of view and I am learning a lot!

  170. Re: 198 — the Dropbox icon didn’t survive a restart, so I’ll guess the icon that appears during the initial install is handled differently by Dropbox than the icon we expect to see in normal use.

  171. hi i hope that this time my Track the hope of my printer time to go on this distribution , Canon i-SENSYS mf211 and scanner never work can you do something about this ? please to answer to me on the e-mail ….

  172. Re: 40, 198, 202
    Missing Dropbox icon in systray seems to be related to timing of Dropbox starting up. As reported in comment 202, Dropbox icon is present after installing “nemo-dropbox” but disappears on restart. Even though icon is missing from systray, Dropbox is running, and restarting Dropbox by typing “dropbox stop” then “dropbox start” in the terminal allows icon to appear in systray. Workaround is to disable “Start Dropbox on system startup” option in Dropbox preferences, then add an executable bash script as a custom command to Mint Startup applications that incorporates a sleep delay before starting Dropbox e.g.

    # script to start Dropbox 60 seconds after system startup
    sleep 60
    dropbox start

  173. Hi Clem, re #174 VGA not working?
    After spending many hours trying to use ulimit.. trying to get kernel/core_patterns to go into a folder that I chmod to 777 etc…no joy… as a newbie its annoying… (I’d welcome a good starting point/book to really learn Linux properly !)
    Anyhow I installed ‘apport’ and generated a crash report that way.
    I’m not sure what the correct way is of getting this to you (git?) thats why its dropbox’ed.
    Hope that proves more useful.
    Thanks again for the OS,
    PS. Let me know if there is anything else you need and Ill try my best.

  174. re #174 – addition
    I’d ment to say I installed 17.3beta MATE edition and this worked no with no problems, so its a Cinnamon thing I recon.

  175. Hi Clem
    Long time LM user. Haven’t tried 17.3 beta yet. Waiting for the final to be released. I just recently switched from LMDE2 mate to LM 17.2 mate. I’m running on a Dell Inspiron N4010 with Intel graphics. The brightness (FN + key) has never worked on this laptop out of the box with LM or LMDE. In order to get it to work correctly I have to create a file /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf and add
    Section “Device”
    Identifier “card0”
    Driver “intel”
    Option “Backlight” “intel_backlight”
    BusID “PCI:0:2:0”


    Is this problem going to get fixed in this new release? Also I was wondering if Bluetooth was going to be fixed so A2DP works with pulseaudio out of the box like it did with LMDE2?


  176. Re @ Clem –> #89 Edit by Clem: just a quick note. The “ACPI pcc probe failed” warning is normal. I’m not sure if it’s caused by the new Xorg/MESA stack or the new kernel, but everybody’s getting it.

    Hi Clem.

    Late to the reply, but better late then never, right? The annoying ACPI PCC probe failed “error” comes from the kernel. Didn’t see it with 3.16.x, showed up with the 3.19.x backport kernel, vanished with the latest 4.2.0 backport kernel from Wily. However, the ACPI PCC probe error is harmless and can be ignored, it’s just annoying when it pops up right before MDM is launching the graphical session.

    On another note since the 4.2.0 backport kernel got mentioned: If you upgrade to 4.[0-3].[0-9] on a AMD FX CPU (8xxx/9xxx series) you may want to either edit GRUB_CMDLINE or alter the iommu= switch to “iommu=soft” in case your syslog gets spammed with AMD-Vi related errors. Not setting the parameter (depending on the motherboard make/model) can lead to non-working USB 2.0 or 3.0, non-working Realtek NIC / Audio or a non-working Nvidia/ATI proprietary driver. I have no clue what exactly changed from 3.1x to 4.x but no matter the distribution (yours, Fedora, openSUSE, …) you have to pass “iommu=soft” when running a AMD FX to make things work (iommu=pt still works flawlessly on Phenom II based systems) – though that somewhat breaks paravirtualization on the FX’s. 🙁

    Anyway, looking forward to Mint 17.3 final.ö

  177. Would it be possible to get some setting in theme settings that would make a cursor theme native or installed to become “the main cursor” theme for the whole system?. As it is at the moment some applications wont accept a cursor theme other than dmz-white (Chrome as an example). It looks bad when using another theme and it changes as soon as it touches a window from an “incompatible” application.

  178. Dear Linux Mint team,

    Just one question from a pure Linux user without a deep technical knowledge. There is one little feature I miss compared to Windows and that is the functionality that the touchpad gets automatically disabled when connecting a mouse. Upto 17.1 it perfectly worked with this little enhancement:

    Unfortunately it got broken with 17.2 (on fresh install; still worked after upgrading) and doesn’t work on the latest Ubuntu version as well, so I assume it will also not work with 17.3.
    From my point of view, to offer users a functionality like this should be standard in a modern OS.
    Is there maybe a chance that such kind of functionality can be integrated and offered by default (Option: disable touchpad if mouse is plugged in)?

    Thank you very much for your attention and your great work.

  179. Im Having issues with latest Cinnamon, it`s crashing all the time, this happened with Mint Deb2 with the update.I have to install the Nvidia 304.131 legacy driver otherwise I get system freeze with horizontal lines, like on the old tvs when the horizontal hold was way off. I expect the Mate 17.3 will work ok as I switched to Mate on Mint Deb2 and it seems stable. I get black screen with no bottom panel, brief cinnamon crash warning and option to restart or use fallback mode but that disappears before you an select anything. Will keep experimenting and try Mate.

  180. Hi Clem and again, Thanks To All The Linux Mint Team. I have just recently installed Cinnamon 2.8.4 via Romeo. on my Dell Latitude E6400 Laptop with only 2Gb of RAM. So far so good, Everything seems stable for me. still using same apps as i had before. truly this is an amazing operating system. keep up the good work. i hope that i would be able to upgrade to the final release via update manager. thanks Clem and to the Whole Linux Mint Team. -User From Philippines

  181. Bug in Keyboard-layout

    First of all: thumbs up for 17.3 Cinnamon. I switched from 17.2 without a problem (upgrade from 17.2 Cinnamon and fresh install of LMDE2 on another laptop).

    However, there is a weird bug I can reproduce in both machines (ubuntu and debian edition), and I haven’t found a description of this behaviour in the ubuntu bug forum:

    – Using multiple keyboard layouts: English (UK), English (US), German
    – German (right of left shift key) works only properly if layout is default.
    – If you move it down the list, the key turns into standard \, | from the English layouts.
    – the opposite works as expected (English layouts when not being default)

    Sounds like a minor thing but it turns out to be a major annoyance if you are using a laptop with external keyboard.


  182. Hello again,
    seems I forgot to write the greater than and lesser than signs ( ), which are the buggy ones.

  183. Note to moderator:
    the signs actually don’t make it through the web interface. ascii decimal 60 and decimal 62. please correct above postings accordingly
    Thanks a lot

  184. Hi clem.

    Please, give me a answer about the click bug listed in topic 64. The bug is confirmed? This is the only bug that annoying me =\

  185. Not really related to this specific beta but a ‘bug’ nonetheless.
    In System Monitor, in tab Processes, if you switch on View::Dependencies (Ctrl-D) and leave everything else default it’s hard to scroll down since every refresh starts the process-list from the top again.

    And I really like to see the dependencies as it enables me to collapse the entire chrome-tree instead of having a massive list there (I have lots of tabs open).

    Apart from that : Keep it up !


  186. @Tony Whelan(#192): Yes the problem is not solved. 🙁
    I’ve got the same problem as you despite I’ve got ubuntu-system-adjustments new version (2015.11.26). The only solution is to have upower 0.99.3 version who solve this problem. We must have a backport of that version.

  187. Hello, I installed this version. Every is ok, except one thing. If I hibernate my pc then I want to run, the linux Mint logo will appear and after that nothing… The screen remain black and won’t run. So I enforce to poweroff to be able to use my pc. Also, it’s drain very fast my battery (I have 6 hours on windows and just 4 hours on linux).

  188. Clem,
    I was using this tutorial to make a few changes to my keyboard (I was hoping I could turn my Caps Lock key into a key for the euro symbol € – I use the euro symbol a lot whereas the caps lock is never used, more of a hindrance actually).

    Anyway, in Keyboard Layout Options, under “Adding currency signs to certain keys”, I find that selecting “Euro on 5” causes the menu to become sluggish for a few minutes, none of the others cause the menu to become sluggish.

  189. Your goal really should be to REDUCE the number of mouse-clicks for me to do BASIC things.. not to INCREASE them.

  190. It’s good. All-things considered. Still want options that only GTK+ can give, and it looks like that’s going to happen. But that’s what happens when they aren’t 100% dedicated to Linux…

    But can you guys plz, plz, bring back the legacy “Move to Right/Left Workspace” option when right clicking on the top of the window? / Cinnamon icon in the panel…

    Plz don’t make me go to Xfce to get something so simple… us old-timers are very set in our ways…. it was faster and easier than what is there now… if you’re going to get rid of ancient/legacy “Linux” ways of doing things, you’re going to get complaints…

    Or at least give me that “old” functionality as an option somewhere.

    Also, would be cool / nice addition to make a window drag-on-drop onto the “tiling HUD threshold” (left/right) and the window would slide-off to whichever workspace, without me having to use the keyboard to switch. (What if I don’t want to go to that work-space, I just want to send my window there?)

    Less clicks, less using the keyboard. Faster, easier, simple.


  191. Oopss… I meant: ‘it looks like that’s *NOT* going to happen…’
    in my previous comment.

    i.e. Gnome / GTK+ making the changes to help Linux (only)

  192. I really like Linux Mint – still have Windows because of TurboTax, though.

    I have an AsRock 97M Pro4 motherboard, Intel i5-4670K CPU, 8 Gig Crucial Ram, 3 platter Hard Drives, my op sys’s are on 3 SSD’s = 128G for Windows 10, 120G for Linux 17.2, 128G for Linux 17.3
    17.3 looks great but I have had the following problems-

    I) 17.3 uses a UEFI; I still have 17.2 on MBR & Windows 10 on a third (also MBR). 17.3 install got along fine with 17.2 but trashed Windows. Suggestion – Would it be possible to have the installation ask whether you want it to include Windows in the Grub? I just use my motherboard BIOS to select the drive / system I want to boot (it’s worked fine this way for many months).

    II) LibreOffice Writer repeatedly causes 17.3 to lock when I open a .pdf directly into it. Must do a hardware reboot to recover.

    III) Couple of minor issues – I use a script file to set my screen resolution (as a Startup Application). Once, after a restart,the script failed to run??? On another occasion, the Linux Mint Menu icon disappeared (I might have fumble fingered???).

    Keep up the great work – none of these problems are serious, but I assume you want to know about them, all the same.

    I’m a Linux newbie, but I’ve already switched to it for everything (except tax prep). Maybe someone will offer tax prep software on Linux someday…

  193. Hi

    We use Linux mint in our Town Hall Skalica in all PC but in last version 17.2 dont work hp-setup in terminal. If i reinstall HPLIP then hp-setup work but not found any usb printers. We use Hp 1010 and Hp 1020 and 17.3 have the same problem.


  194. Hello
    Thanks for the great work on this release.
    I encounter a bug on changing terminal theme. after creating profile and making some changes on green on black text etc. restarting make all those changes to terminal disappeare.

  195. Continued shortcuts issue from reply #75
    I finally figured out what brings this issue.
    It was the issue derived from these two applications which I installed after the cinnamon.
    covergloobus and slingscold
    I usually install and use these applications for the music player skin, and gnome dash like menu application.
    but, it was the source of this issue.
    so, rosa cinnamon , there is no issue in shorcuts for me at all at last!
    even, with these input method ibus, uim, fcitx

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