Monthly News – May 2015

Many thanks to all the people who donated to Linux Mint. Donations are lower than last year but they’re still pretty high. We also have more developers than before (which is great) so we adjusted our budget accordingly to ensure they wouldn’t see a drop. This budget is there thanks to your efforts to support our distribution, so a big big thank you to all the people involved in funding us, donors, sponsors and also to our partners.

A preview of the MintBox Mini was posted on Segfault at The mini-computer is very cute and surprisingly small in size 🙂

MintBox Mini

Beta-access to Cinnamon 2.6 was given last week to Rebecca and Betsy users via the Romeo repositories. Many of you took the initiative to help us test the new desktop environment and thanks to your feedback many bugs were fixed early. If you want to join them, please visit

In the next couple of days Cinnamon 2.6 will be released officially and it will then reach the Betsy and Rafaela repositories. Its list of new features will also be announced. I know some people were excited by the new look and feel of the settings when testing it, but there’s much more than initially catches the eye, so we’ll detail all of that 🙂

An example of the new Cinnamon settings

MATE 1.10 is almost completely labeled upstream but still not officially released. Packaging started and we’re planning to add a couple of things in time for it to join Betsy and Rafaela as well.

Work continues on MDM. The display manager is now able to unlock sessions via both consolekit and logind (and does it more smoothly than before), to display avatars on systems using encrypted home directories and to work with infinality fonts.

Work is also planned on the Mint tools. We gathered a lot of bug reports and great ideas from you on many of them, so we’ll try to make as many improvements as we can there as well.


Linux Mint is proudly sponsored by:

Platinum Sponsors:
Private Internet Access
Gold Sponsors:
Linux VPS Hosting
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Bronze Sponsors:
Vault Networks *
AYKsolutions Server & Cloud Hosting
7L Networks Toronto Colocation *
BGASoft Inc
David Salvo
Michael Sartain
Milton Security Group
Sysnova Information Systems
Community Sponsors:

To become a sponsor or to see the full list of Linux Mint sponsors, please visit:

Donations in April:

A total of $6,542 were raised thanks to the generous contributions of 295 donors:

$500, Am33r
$105 (8th donation), Goran A.
$105 (4th donation), Frederic L. aka “”nofrog””
$105, Juergen W.
$105, DeMus aka “DeMus”
$100 (2nd donation), Nono W.
$100, Mike G.
$100, Louis Ayotte
$100, Eugene H.
$100, Sunshine Elevator Products, Inc
$100, Bo D.
$75, Patricia L.
$60 (4th donation), Gabriel D.
$52 (2nd donation), David Barrow aka “barrowd”
$52, Garikoitz L. C.
$52, Ulrich H.
$52, Bernd P.
$52, Sybren H.
$52, Adri R.
$51.3, Lorenzo N.
$51.3, Thorbjorn W.
$51.3, John G. aka “newlinuxuser”
$50 (60th donation), Matthew M.
$50 (7th donation), Marcus M.
$50 (6th donation), James S.
$50 (5th donation), Anthony C. aka “ciak”
$50 (3rd donation), Roy B.
$50 (2nd donation), Meta N.
$50, Gerard D.
$50, Michael D.
$50, Carl T.
$50, William S.
$50, Wong Y.K.
$50, Eric K.
$50, Gary H.
$50, Joel W.
$50, Matthew D.
$50, David W.
$50, Daniel S.
$50, Boyd W.
$50, Kristopher D.
$42, Felix W.
$37.5, A B Custom
$36 (4th donation), Reinhard W.
$35 (2nd donation), Yang C. C.
$35, Mohammad R.
$35, Alan B.
$31 (7th donation), LDW
$31 (2nd donation), Michele B.
$31, Ludwig E.
$31, Carsten M.
$31, Giovanni N.
$31, Paul H.
$30.78 (62th donation), Olli K.
$30.78, Antonio R.
$30.7 (4th donation), Ole P.
$30.7, Zerlono
$30, Stephen B.
$30, Timothy, A. C.
$30, Daniil K.
$30, Paul R.
$30, Iain U.
$30, Peter D.
$30, Dirk M.
$29, Ian D.
$26 (2nd donation), Michał M. aka “Zaraki
$26 (2nd donation), Peter J.
$26, Timm A. M.
$26, Slavisa K.
$26, Massimiliano I.
$25.6, Alberto M. P.
$25 (43th donation), Ronald W.
$25 (5th donation), Scott L.
$25, Bill S.
$25, Paul S.
$25, ANV
$25, Jason N. aka “IggyNelix”
$25, amicus usa
$25, Bruce N.
$21 (12th donation), Robert D B.
$21 (3rd donation), Ostap M.
$21 (3rd donation), Manfred
$21 (3rd donation), David M.
$21 (2nd donation), Johannes F.
$21, Per W.
$21, Anthony S.
$21, Daniel M.
$21, Norbert V. D. aka “Norvan
$21, Christian F.
$21, Robert W.
$21, Antti B.
$21, Patrick V.
$21, Mattia P.
$21, Felix B.
$21, Tommaso P.
$21, Konstantin C.
$20.5 (3rd donation), Daniel W.
$20.5 (3rd donation), Laurent M. aka “lolomeis”
$20.5, Marcel K. aka “Emsik88”
$20.5, Javier D.
$20.5, Rainer B.
$20 (18th donation), Utah B.
$20 (17th donation), Utah B.
$20 (9th donation), Henry W.
$20 (7th donation), David Kelly aka “Daveinuk”
$20 (3rd donation), Jaroslav L.
$20 (3rd donation), Viktor V.
$20 (2nd donation), William H.
$20 (2nd donation), Anthony S.
$20 (2nd donation), Curt Vaughan aka “curtvaughan ”
$20 (2nd donation), Stephen H.
$20 (2nd donation), Jan P.
$20, Efran G.
$20, Daniel C.
$20, Kim S. M.
$20, Ross C.
$20, Kiran K. aka “iKare
$20, 末次 英.
$20, Roger K.
$20, Carlos U.
$20, Dana M.
$20, Lewis E. D.
$20, Stephen C.
$20, Simon
$20, Wombatacus
$20, Bradley B.
$20, Phil aka “peileppe
$20, Dr. H. D. S.
$20, Garry W.
$20, Sean S.
$20, Gary I.
$20, Chris S.
$20, Russell P.
$16, Mathias W.
$16, Hermann G.
$16, Tim M.
$16, Felipe H. M.
$16, Martin S. aka “stancikcom
$15.62, Doug B.
$15.39, Marijn V.
$15, Sascha L.
$15, Briely M.
$15, Shawn C.
$15, Сергеев А.
$15, Andrew A.
$15, Paul S.
$15, Yuri M.
$15, Rodney L.
$15, David R.
$12, Simon B.
$11.5, Troyce B.
$11.39 (7th donation), Rufus
$10.5 (18th donation), Mark W.
$10.3, Linkevich K.
$10.26 (5th donation), Christian B.
$10.26 (3rd donation), Lionel aka “Kinobi
$10.26 (2nd donation), Dirk K.
$10.26 (2nd donation), Roberto S.
$10.26 (2nd donation), Reginaldo M. D. S. aka “re4397
$10.26 (2nd donation), Renate J.
$10.26, Hans-peter G.
$10.26, Alexandre G.
$10 (49th donation), Tony C. aka “S. LaRocca”
$10 (43th donation), Tsuguo S.
$10 (6th donation), Kouji Kobayashi
$10 (5th donation), Kouji Kobayashi
$10 (4th donation), Nicholas T.
$10 (4th donation), Jobs Near You aka “Find Jobs
$10 (3rd donation), Günther K.
$10 (3rd donation), Stefan M.
$10 (3rd donation), Toronto Virtual Office
$10 (3rd donation), Robert L.
$10 (2nd donation), Georg K.
$10 (2nd donation), Chalermpon K.
$10 (2nd donation), Marcelo G.
$10 (2nd donation), Tuna aka “Tunafish”
$10 (2nd donation), Anonymous user
$10 (2nd donation), Pasquale A.
$10 (2nd donation), Galileo M.
$10, Raul S.
$10, Sam D.
$10, Philip W.
$10, Дмитрий С.
$10, Garry C.
$10, Colin A.
$10, Peter H.
$10, Michel44 aka “Michel44”
$10, John D.
$10, Joao D.
$10, Raynald
$10, Ricardo T.
$10, Carlos N.
$10, Anastasios N.
$10, John W.
$10, Michael O’C.
$10, Giulio T. P.
$10, Evgeny T.
$10, idomath
$10, Jessie B.
$10, Joseph G.
$10, Graham P.
$10, Jean-Francois T.
$10, Stu B.
$10, Cheng K.
$10, Paul E.
$10, Jacob A.
$10, Global Conference Call, Inc.
$10, Darksky
$10, Johan G.
$10, Yehezkiel L. R.
$10, Petar Ž.
$10, Ben C.
$10, Dinresh K.
$10, Aleksandrs O.
$10, John A. C.
$10, Ard B.
$10, Magnon D.
$10, Jorge Canaan
$10, Robert S.
$10, Philippe TEMESI aka “NpLUG
$10, Eric M.
$6 (4th donation), Snorri G.
$5.13 (2nd donation), Rik aka “rik”
$5.13, satan64
$5.13, Michael L.
$5 (17th donation), Mein Lenovo aka “LinuxMint
$5 (7th donation), frisky
$5 (7th donation), frisky
$5 (5th donation), Knut E. E. aka “Animoy”
$5 (4th donation), Crusader
$5 (3rd donation), Crusader
$5 (2nd donation), Earl H.
$5 (2nd donation), Marko R.
$5 (2nd donation), David G.
$5 (2nd donation), Ryan L.
$5 (2nd donation), Steven M. C.
$5 (2nd donation), Sascha H.
$5 (2nd donation), Frank R.
$5, Domagoj M.
$5, Oscar P.
$5, Chris Quedado
$5, Christian O.
$5, Bruno B.
$5, William V. P.
$5, Alex C.
$5, Kevin D.
$5, Crusader
$5, Tobias R.
$5, Matthias W.
$5, Ihab R.
$5, Andrew K.
$5, Michael B.
$5, Crusader
$5, Itshak M.
$5, Andre T.
$5, Joel N.
$5, Randle L.
$5, Gregg M.
$5, Иванов Д.
$5, Sean B.
$4 (7th donation), Nicolás Costa de la Colina aka “NCosta”
$4, Jannik T.
$4, Francisco G. R.
$3.98, Chen Liang-Yu aka “Andymememe”
$3.31 (2nd donation), Taeyuun M.
$3.15 (2nd donation), Peter F.
$3.07, Jofre P. C.
$3 (4th donation), RoDi – sprava siete
$3 (3rd donation), Ankur R, Kerala, India
$3 (2nd donation), Ankur R, Kerala, India
$3, Rey aka “Software Download
$3, Alexandros C.
$3, Ilpo J.
$3, Nima C.
$26.84 from 20 smaller donations

If you want to help Linux Mint with a donation, please visit


  • Distrowatch (popularity ranking): 2914 (1st)
  • Alexa (website ranking): 6923rd


  1. Sorry, this is not the right place. But I cold not get any help in this regard in spite of a lot of googling. I am not able receive files from mobile to PC running Betsy Mate 32-bit edition. How to allow receiving files from bluetooth paired devices in Mate desktop of Betsy. The blueberry app is working fine for pairing and sending files from PC to mobile but not the other way of receiving files.

    Edit by Clem: hi, it should work both ways afaik. You can also try blueman if you’re unsuccessful with blueberry.

  2. I’m sorry to posting this question here, but, can you tell me will Rafaela see the day of light until the end of this month? Thank you in advance for your answer. 🙂

    Edit by Clem: Hi Ivan, it’s planned for the end of June at the moment.

  3. Have you looked at using Patreon: It might help with people who would like to automatically send you smaller amount monthly.

    Edit by Clem: Thanks Patrick, we tried different platforms. By law we need to account for each transaction we receive though and it can become quite difficult so Paypal is working better for us.

  4. Is Private Internet Access still a sponsor too? I was excited to see that development.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Dan, yes 🙂

  5. “We also have more developers than before (which is great) so we adjusted our budget accordingly to ensure they wouldn’t see a drop.”

    I had to read that a couple of times to realize that you meant that the developers would see a drop in pay, not that they wouldn’t see a drop of the budget. 🙂

    Edit by Clem: Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound confusing. The developers do not know and cannot predict how much they earn. We like to have the same relationship with them as we have with you donors.. i.e. they make Mint better, they work with passion on what they want to improve, without money in mind or funding impacting their design choices. The more comfortable they are financially the more likely they have free time to spend on Mint or money to spend on gadgets/hardware that will help them understand bugs or motivate them to improve related support. So it’s a win-win relationship for Mint to fund developers generously without them thinking too much about it. Under the curtain, their budget is randomized slightly but loosely related to donations. These went down recently so we just increased that ratio developers don’t know about. In plain English, we got less donations, we have more developers (to pay from the same budget), we’re very happy with them, so we increased their overall budget. Donations help a lot but we’re not limited to them, we also get funding from sponsors, advertising and partnerships. We’re also very conservative with the way we do things so whatever happens, say we have a couple of bad months, or we experience issues with payments platforms, we can keep going and be fine for a while until we have to adapt. To illustrate this, the lower donations do not impact us at all, we can even increase the dev. budget to ack the arrival of newer developers. It’s something we keep an eye on as it could become problematic if it continued to go down long term.

  6. Really looking forward to the Cinnamon 2.6 stable release! I think a lot of people are really going to like all of the improvements and refinements!

  7. Cinnamon screensaver is a very nice addition. It would be nice if Cinnamon shell was gtk3. Then it would look like applications. Maybe for Cinnamon 3…

  8. In the past 2 years I’ve tried several Linux distributions, looking for a replacement for that other OS. After nine months of using Mint almost exclusively, I have found what I was looking for. Mint is very stable and with a little knowledge is user friendly. Today, I make the first of what I hope to be many donations to this project.

    Thanks for this excellent OS!

  9. Earlier i have tried many linux distribution (Red Hat, Suse, Debian, Ubuntu) mostly in a production enviroment. I have used usually Debian. 3 years ago the first time I have heard about Linux Mint. First i have tried out running in a virtual machine. Since last year already on my main computer i am using Linux Mint. I think this proves how stable the system works

  10. @me: please find some volunteer to either optimize it or rewrite from Python to some other language 😀

  11. @PPK CC:@Clem: You’re right on that part, testing the Blueberry app I found your issue, it works from PC to mobile but not on the other way, you can put a bug report on Github to let the developers know.

    Remember that Blueberry is a new app and it might have bugs and features not available yet unlike Blueman, try the solution that Clem gave you for now and don’t forget the bug report

  12. “Not see a drop” in English generally means somebody won’t get ANY. LOL. I know English is a second language for you, so that’s one of those idioms that was lost in translation I’m sure. 😀

  13. Hi Clem, as always the development work is exemplrary.

    I read through your post on Donations and couldn’t help but notice they were down this month. It takes my family of (5) about $5,000.00 a month just to live without extravagance of any kind. If it takes that for us, how in the world are you able to pay developers much of anything? Wow, they must be working for peanuts. I’ve donated 5 times but I can see we need to do more. Thanks for all you do.

  14. Looking forward to having new screen locker features and all the other wonderful improvements the team have been working so hard on. Will look at contributing, but we’ve have had some bad runs with very expensive plumbing and electrical repairs, plus other unexpected large sums going out. But the minute things are more ‘normal’, something will be headed to Mint!

  15. Are most packages going to have the same version as in Rebecca, given that it’s LTS?

    In particular I’m wondering if we’ll see Java 1.8 on Rafaela or if that’s not likely to come until the November release, or even later.

  16. @Lando (9)- Just so you know, Cinnamon is a desktop environment, not a shell and it does use GTK3 (currently GTK 3.10 in Linux Mint 17.*/Cinnamon edition, not sure about LMDE2/Cinnamon “Betsy”).

  17. I see now Microsoft’s interesting action:
    They’re promoting people to move on Windows 10 from their actual OS and this will be a much easier task compared to past time..
    We should make the opposite in Linux Mint showing people that is better to choose by ourself and not by a disclaimer — almost compulsory I would say

  18. @Kirk M (20)- Ok, but what about the taskbar/panel and startmenu/applets? They don’t use the gtk theme.
    I use Mate, not Cinnamon, but I think Cinnamon is the most promising gtk3 desktop and my suggestion was to make panel gtk3. It would make Cinnamon more visually integrated. It was just a suggestion off the top of my head. The devs probably have more important things to focus on.

  19. Lando@21

    While I’m not familiar with who does what, I agree with you that at least things need to become more integrated as far as the look is concerned. In other words, I would like to go into themes, and be able to choose between a handful of themes (or a bunch for that matter), each one determining the entire desktop look. Personally, I like the Dark Glass panel/menu themes, would love to see that implemented across window borders, and every little pop up that comes along. If someone wants to get real picky, then they could tweak it hear and there, but maybe not as extensive as KDE.

    But I also completely agree, that Clem and team see the same things and are working hard to tackle the critical things now. So on that basis, I am still very happy with the project, and what it’s done for me. To Mint I say keep up the great work!

  20. @PB @Lando

    yeah! i would love to use my linuxmint theme acros windows borders not just at the menu

    would be nice being able to put my money where my mouth, i would love having a list of topicis and decide where to donate, example… donate to implement a better integration of themes… 😀 $5 udlls 😀

    clem, again thanks for your hard work, i donated in the past, i will do it again this mont.
    best regards


  21. Collections are low because you are now taking single handed decisions for a community driven OS. Your decision to stay on the LTE sux and is biased towards average users and does not cater to enthusiasts. I wanted a mint touch and a mint phone. You have denied me that.

  22. Ashwij@25

    I’m curious. How did you come to that conclusion? It sounds like you have captured quite a lot of data — some that could only be provided by Clem himself — in order to give such a pinpoint explanation of why donations are low. Or are you simply speaking of your own considerable donations, which have now stopped since Mint won’t develop specifically for your needs/wants, or for the “enthusiast?”

    Little hint, save your “donations” and go buy an iphone. Or fund the whole project for Mint, or better still develop it all yourself, and base it on Mint. Point is, you do have options. It’s not the end of the world, and it’s certainly not the fault of Mint. Your statement that Mint has “denied me that” has quite a personal element to it. I can assure you that it is not personal in the least, or is it any sort of attack on “enthusiasts” in general. Perhaps you didn’t mean it quite so bluntly, but on the surface, it is sorely misguided, if not a bit inappropriate. Either way, your emotions are all tuned up for no good reason.

    As the old cliché goes, if you don’t like it, well . . . . . . .

  23. Ashwij@25 I must admit I assumed that Cinnamon would not work well with touch, until I put LMDE2 on a touch laptop. Because it is GTK3 based the (GTK3.14) touch features come through. You can use touch for an awful lot of things – launching from the menu, applets, closing windows, drag and drop, tiling, moving windows in expo, switching workspaces using a workspace switcher, turning switches on and off, putting values into calculator, using the on-screen keyboard in touch mode etc. Touch features work in programs like firefox for internet browsing. They work very well in viewing PDFs with easy scrolling using screen touch and pinch to zoom working.

    So why not install LMDE2, maybe put on the new cinnamon 2.6 using romeo and have a blast. As to whether all this works on a phone, well perhaps you can try it out !

  24. Ive really grown very fond of LinuxMint. Any feature i wished for in Cinnamon (the desktop i use) seems to appear in the next few updates,and is more solid with every iteration, Well done team, for an ever improving and pleasing environment to work and play in. Mint with MATE is becoming the most solid of all distros (in my humble opinion)Well done again.

  25. Excuse me when Rafaela will be released? thanks youu 🙂

    Edit by Clem: Hi Gabriele, we’re hoping for the end of the June.

  26. And the winner is… XFCE !

    I can remember Clem explaining that whether Mint should keep or integrate this or that DE was directly related on its popularity.

    Seems that XFCE deserves to be an official LMDE flavour.

    Edit by Clem: This isn’t the case within the Mint audience and if you look at the popularity of LMDE within that audience we can’t support more than 2 DEs there. Supporting more than one is already quite a stretch.

  27. Hi. I have said this before but I think you need to now re-examine the use of PayPal to obtain donations as within 24hours of doing so I receive SCAMs, which isn’t surprising given their vast number of small-print authorised database sites but is likely to get much worse with PayPal’s more recent overt use proposals.
    Meanwhile, as ever, whilst enjoying 17.1 MATE, looking forward to 17.2 release.

  28. If you really want XCFE, you can install it in LMDE, it’s in the repos.
    Otherwise, you can install the regular, Ubuntu-based Mint, which is available with the XFCE DE as the default.

  29. Clem:
    I do understand that supporting many desktops is a chore, and I also know that Cinnamon is a Mint creation.

    But … please don’t drop support for Mate!

  30. This desktop Compaq has an Intel display controller.
    Using LM 17.1 Xfce the display is fast.
    Using LMDE2 Mate the display is very slow
    How / where can I update the display driver?

    description: VGA compatible controller
    product: 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device
    vendor: Intel Corporation
    physical id: 2
    bus info: pci@0000:00:02.0
    version: 01
    width: 32 bits
    clock: 33MHz
    capabilities: pm vga_controller bus_master cap_list rom
    configuration: driver=i915 latency=0
    resources: irq:16 memory:f0000000-f7ffffff memory:fc400000-fc47ffff

  31. Clem,
    I noticed that in the above article, when I have “adblock on” in Firefox(or Chrome), none of the sponsors’ names/png files appear in the table.

    All I get is:

    “Linux Mint is proudly sponsored by:
    Platinum Sponsors:
    Gold Sponsors:
    Silver Sponsors:
    Bronze Sponsors:

    I have to disable adblock for this site to see the logo for each sponsors.

    Maybe others have adblock on, so perhaps there might need to be a workaround so either their name in text OR their png logo appears.

    Also, in relation to privateinternetaccess, whose services I now use, when LinuxMint announced annonced their sponsorship,,
    should the community have updated their tutorial accordingly or even referenced it in the article.

    I got the VPN working using the guide for Ubuntu ( albeit with some slight changes in the steps for “Ubuntu Linux 12.04: OpenVPN via Network Manager Setup”

  32. @Francois

    Amazing poll isn’t it ? Found funny to point it out.

    “If you really want XCFE…”

    Yes I do 🙂

    “… you can install it in LMDE, it’s in the repos.”

    That’s what I did to give a try. I’m just wondering how a Mint supported LMDE/XFCE would behave compared to a Debian XFCE on top of LMDE Mate. I guess some Mate components would not be added and on another hand, some xfce’s would have been improved (4.12 instead of 4.10 maybe). I might take time to go further in this option and try on my own to tune XFCE up on LMDE (since I have no dev skills, it would only be some apt-get install/remove moves, so I’m not sure I could go really far).

    “Otherwise, you can install the regular, Ubuntu-based Mint, which is available with the XFCE DE as the default.”

    That’s the one I’m curretly running right now (and I’m really pleased with it). My bet with LMDE/XFCE is to inherit the same Mint quality DE as the Ubuntu based with performances improved. But I’m not ready to sacrifice XFCE for LMDE.

    @Clem. I understand. And I’m glad you put quality and reliability above multilicity, I totally agree with this line. Note that LMDE audience is not so high maybe just because XFCE is not available yet 🙂 I took a look to the community charts; are they reliable ? Is there really so many users running outdated Mint versions (I know Isadora was good, but still…) out there ?

    Thanks for your work and congrats to Mint team.

  33. Would an officially supported LMDE2 XFCE version somehow include mintmenu? I know this used to be possible via a panel applet called xfapplet that made it possible to use Gnome2 applets with XFCE, but this is no longer possible.

  34. I’m retired, so I have to use Windows for many of my financial work needs, because financial companies simply don’t have Linux apps.

    I use Mint for general use. I’ve been an occasional Linux user since the very early 90s, and the last few versions of Mint have been the only ones that I could recommend to my mother. I was a developer for a number of years, but when I came home, I didn’t want to use obscure command prompts or tweak programs to make them work. If you mow lawns for a living, the last thing you want to do when you come is mow an exceedingly difficult lawn.

    Linux Mint is the ideal OS for me. I wish that Thunderbird would catch up to the 21st century (not Mint’s fault) but the Mint experience more than makes up for the shortcomings of a few apps.

    Thanks, Clem, and the entire team!

  35. I’d like to donate a small donation, but I don’t know how. Will you please tell me how to donatie?

    Best Regards Joe

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