Linux Mint 17.1 “Rebecca” Cinnamon RC released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 17.1 “Rebecca” Cinnamon RC.

Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca Cinnamon Edition

Linux Mint 17.1 is a long term support release which will be supported until 2019. It comes with updated software and brings refinements and many new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use.

New features at a glance:

For a complete overview and to see screenshots of the new features, visit: “What’s new in Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon“.

Important info:

  • Keybindings migration
  • DVD Playback with VLC
  • HiDPI
  • EFI Support
  • Solving freezes with some NVIDIA GeForce GPUs
  • Booting with non-PAE CPUs
  • Other issues

Make sure to read the “Release Notes” to be aware of important info or known issues related to this release.

System requirements:

  • x86 processor (Linux Mint 64-bit requires a 64-bit processor. Linux Mint 32-bit works on both 32-bit and 64-bit processors).
  • 512 MB RAM (1GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 5 GB of disk space (20GB recommended).
  • Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution (1024×768 recommended).
  • CD/DVD drive or USB port

Bug reports:

  • Please report bugs below in the comment section of this blog.
  • Please visit to follow the progress of the development team between the RC and the stable release.


Md5 sum:

  • 32-bit: b4846deda29eb598142ea4934c0dc930
  • 64-bit: f1ba184d6e9bd542adbd769203bb900c


HTTP Mirrors for the 32-bit DVD ISO:

HTTP Mirrors for the 64-bit DVD ISO:


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun testing the release candidate!


  1. Quick question. I just came to Mint with the 17 “Qianna” release. Should I upgrade to this?

    Edit by Clem: Hi Mikey. It’s up to you. My advice to people who are happy is not to change anything 🙂 If however you decide to upgrade, please wait until the end of the month. We’ll provide an upgrade for existing users after the stable release (so you don’t need to re-install anything).

  2. Is it possible/safe to update an existing installation by substituting qiana with rebecca in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/official-package-repositories.list ?

    Edit by Clem: Yes. I’d much prefer if you waited for the stable release and the upgrade tool.. but yes, technically it is possible and it should work fine. If you do this, please make sure to install mint-meta-cinnamon or mint-meta-mate (depending on your edition) before upgrading.

  3. This looks to be one of the most impressive updates since the release of Cinnamon. The updates to Update Manager and the background slideshow are worth the price of admission alone.

  4. What are the plans for getting updates to regular applications? Ubuntu LTS updates are obvious but what about applications in the repo that are not included in LTS updates from Canonical. What is the plan for those packages?

    Edit by Clem: Hi Michael, it’s a case by case story. If there’s demand for a particular backport we look into it.

  5. Please add a new feature to the Nemo: a filter bar, which will cause hiding files not containing the pattern typed in.

  6. I really want to run cinnamon, but have terrible results with gaming, especially wine. Will try this one when released.

    Edit by Clem: There’s a new option in Settings->General->Disable compositing for full-screen windows. Enable that, set your game to full screen and you should then bypass compositing.

  7. A minor bug – the ‘chat room’ icon on the welcome screen routes to #linuxmint-help rather than #linuxmint-chat. Would be good to have an icon for each.

  8. Thank you clem and Mint team
    Now, we have a nice! language input method in the mintlocale
    And yes, there are minor issues with this
    I hope it can be fixed soon

    1) uim
    uim and uim-byeoru combination give us a good process
    but , uim installs only uim itself ,
    we need key instance to define keys to input language.
    installing other packages supported by uim category ,
    it install 19 more packages
    we just need one more package “uim-byeoru” with “uim”

    2) I have researched for korean linux users
    and the result is here , I hope it can be helpful to you
    * which is your favorite input mothed despite of qt5 & chrome bug

    3) nabi is still beloved input method for korean , and the research shows it clearly , could you add nabi as input method to mintlocale please?

    I am really thank you for you this lovely input method for Korean and non-english based nations people
    Thank you clem and Mint team
    Thank you

  9. Hello Clem and team.

    Running Cinnamon 64 bit, and the experience is very smooth. Many thanks for this new release.
    However, I have a problem.
    The wireless signal strength of the networks shown changes constantly and the percentage is almost all the time wrong (weak signal networks are shown with 80+% strength and strong signal ones with low percentage). I do not think that I have a loss in upload or download speed (it happens sometimes, but it could be because of other reasons). The output of lspci is here:

    I have a question as well. Mint 17.1 has not received the newer X server and kernel from Ubuntu 14.10, and as such it might not run well on newer hardware. I accept that you do not want to use the bleeding edge stuff for stability reasons. However, Canonical will soon backport the newer kernel and X server to Ubuntu 14.04 (they’re going to release a new .iso I think). Are we going to see the new packages in Mint 17.2? If that isn’t the plan for the next releases, don’t you think that there will be many users (trying to install Mint 17.2/17.3) with big compatibility/support issues a year from now?

    Edit by Clem: Assuming they work well and we don’t any regressions, yes, we’ll use the newer stack in 17.2.

  10. Nice work,

    I installed Cinnamon 64bit a few minutes ago. There are 2 thinks that are not ideal.
    1. When I refresh the Applets cache, the progress windows does not appear correctly, it was just a tiny gray window in the top left corner.

    2. I disabled the recently used Files. After that the menu gets way to wide (it reach nearly to the 17.1 on the wallpaper. There is a text in the menu that says “recently used files are disabled…”
    (I don’t know the correct words, i use the german language)

    Maybe it’s better to remove the hole section from the menu if the files are disabled…

  11. Great work, Clem and team.
    Finally, we don’t have to re-install everything.
    This is the way a great distro should work.

  12. Is it safe to install this RC and just upgrade into the stable release?

    Edit by Clem: Yes, but it’s even better to wait until the stable release and upgrade 17 into 17.1 then.

  13. hi Clem,

    Juat upgrading via Terminal, because I returned back to LinuxMint after haveing trouble with network-manager in the utopic-repositories of Ubuntu 14.10. There, network-manager is NOT working properly.

    The point is, that there, you can’t access network-manager as normal user. There you always need to enter your password. That made my so furious, that I returned back to LinuxMint 17 quiana MATE and love it. Then I read through the posting here, that LinuxMint 17.1 RC is out, so I went on with reading the Glance as well as the release-notes, because I would like to test the new Compiz-settings in LinuxMint 17.1.

    Only one question is remaining: which Window-Border does Compiz have in MATE-Desktop??

    Greetings from your member

    Edit by Clem: gtk-window-decorator

  14. @ 15 Daniel,

    This is, when you did not clean out your cache.

    Go to your Home-folder and there enable “show hidden files” and there go through all recent history and clean it all out.

    Then go on to the hidden .mozilla-folder and clean out the places.sql, history.sql, and these others. Then close this folder.

    Then continue with the folder .thumbnails. Ther also clean out everything inside an also close this folder.

    Then continue with the .cache-folder. Open this folder. There you see several folders named thumbnails, mozilla, mate, webkit. Go through each folder (especially the mozilla-folder.

    Begin with the mozilla-folder. Open it. Then you find a folder firefox. Open this folder also. There inside, you find a further called mwad0hks.default. Open this folder also.

    There you find the followin sub-folders:


    Clean each folder of these out. Then you see a document inside called _CACHE_CLEAN_ . This document can also be deleted.
    Then close all these folders until you are back in your folder .Cache.

    Then continue with the folder webkit. Open it and clean out everything, what you find inside and close this folder again.

    Then the last folder is the folder called thumbnails. Also open it and clean out everything what you find inside. Then close this folder and return back into your home-folder.

    Close your home-folder and then empty out our trash!! Then do a system-restart and everything should be fine.

  15. All working very well. Had some visual usability problems at 3840×2160 resolution that was the default but that was my poor eyesight. Dropped down to 2560×1440 and all looks good now. USB Ethernet not working on docking station but laptop port is OK.

    Great job team.

  16. i just finished the Traditional Chinese(Hong Kong) translation in LaunchPad, i hope the stable version of 17.1 could ship with it.
    Also i found that 17.1RC is still using Droid Sans Fallback as its default CJK font,
    when will the Google Noto CJK(aka. Source Han Sans)1.001 come to Mint?Just couldn’t wait for it!(of course i hope that its 17.1)
    Thank you so much Clem and Mint team, Mint 17.1 and Cinnamon 2.4 improves a lot!

    Edit by Clem: The default font is Noto in 17.1.. the only thing that wasn’t updated to Noto yet is the cinnamon theme in cinnamon-themes. Which setting are you talking about? There should be nothing set to Droid Sans anymore..

  17. Rebecca C32rc is now installed and generally running very well on my HP-3000-Pro desktop. One minor glitch – I can’t select an alternative mirror for the Ubuntu-Trusty repository. Is this a feature or a bug?

    Otherwise, well done everybody.

  18. I thanks for the implementation of the additional function of the input environment from a Japanese user.
    I appealed to Japanese users for test of RC in Linux Mint Japan (Japanese local community).
    Please expect the feedback from Japanese users.

  19. I’m using 17 but want to try 17.1. Installed on USB via “dd” command. Booted fine. Now, what’s the username and pw? I’m sure it’s somewhere, but I can’t find it.

    Edit by Clem: It autologins, if it doesn’t there’s probably something wrong. Otherwise the username is “mint” and the password is blank (i.e. just press Enter if asked).

  20. What is the repository url so that I can add it in update manager and try to upgrade to the rc client from Mint 17 cinnamon?

  21. Hi Clem and Mint dev team

    First can I just say that the new Mint 17.1 release is looking really good. You guys & girls deserve a lot of praise for your hard work. I tested the RC in a VM and noted the bugs/issues I found below. It looks like a big list but that’s only because I was going through Cinnamon Settings in detail and trying to pick out every problem I could spot.

    Note: Some things I bring up below are not going to be addressed as part of this cycle, I know this, but I have brought them up so they can perhaps be tackled at a later stage. Also, some things are subjective (design aspects) which you may not agree with. Anyway here are the things I found:


    – Different window designs for authentication requests. Some requests for password have a different design to others. They should really just be one design that is used whenever a user is asked for a password for consistency.

    – Update Manager icon in bottom panel does not scale with the size of the panel. Increasing the size of the panel does not increase the Update Manager icon (even when all the other icons increase in size…yes I ticked that box 🙂 ).

    – The login screen always defaults to “Login” rather than the user. In my case I have one user on the system and it should default to that user so I don’t have to continually click on my user to input the password.

    Cinnamon Settings – General

    – Does not remember the size when last closed resulting in a need to always resize the window when reopening.

    Cinnamon Settings – Backgrounds

    – Gradient and Picture Aspect text not aligned on the left side.
    – Consider aligning the dropdown boxes for Gradient and Picture Aspect to each other.

    Cinnamon Settings – Languages

    – No Settings button to return to main Cinnamon Settings.
    – Opens in separate window.

    Cinnamon Settings – Panel

    – Under Auto-hide panel consider aligning the two input boxes to each other (+/- milliseconds input buttons) but keep Show Delay and Hide Delay aligned with each other on the left side.

    Cinnamon Settings – Preferred Applications

    – Consider little bit more spacing under the Terminal dropdown to balance the window elements a bit.

    Cinnamon Settings – Display

    – The Set as Primary button is slightly out of alignment with the Resolution dropdown menu below it on the right side. Consider moving the Set as Primary button to the left slightly to keep the right alignment.

    Cinnamon Settings – Keyboard

    – Under Keyboard layout tab the indent of “New windows use the default layout” and “New windows use the previous window’s layout” is inconsistent with the indent used in other parts of Cinnamon Settings.

    – The “tick-box” used for “Use the same layout for all windows” and “Allow different layouts for individual windows” is a round design whilst other “tick-boxes” at the same hierarchy use a square design. (I note that square “tick-boxes” tend to be used at the first level and round design for the second level in other parts)

    Cinnamon Settings – Networking

    – Often opens with a part of the bottom of the window cutoff requiring resizing vertically.

    – Window does not scale elements in a vertical direction, by this I mean if you drag the bottom of the window down to resize, all the buttons and text stays in the same spot and you are left with lots of empty space at the bottom of the window.

    Cinnamon Settings – Driver Manager

    – Opens in its own window and has no “settings” button to take you back to the main settings. I believe this is a Mint application so it should integrate like the other settings?

    Cinnamon Settings – Login Window Preferences

    – Under the Welcome Message the text input area for Custom should align on the left hand side with the ‘Welcome’ text above it. Either ‘Welcome’ should be moved to the right or the text input area increased to the left to get the correct alignment.

    – Opens in its own window. I believe this is a Mint application so it should integrate like the other settings?

    Cinnamon Settings – Software Sources, Users & Groups

    – Open in there own windows. Again, long term would be great for all the settings to integrate with the main Cinnamon Settings.

    I will keep poking at the RC over the next week or so, and report anything else I find, but so far, Mint 17.1 looks awesome. Thank you again for your hard work. 🙂


    Edit by Clem: Thanks Gabriel, I noted a few in the roadmap. For many of them there’s a technical reason it’s the way it is, I’d love to chat more about it but it’s difficult here on the blog and in the context of the RC.

  22. Just tried 17.1 RC Mate: really nice! Themes are a great addition, and so the change color for folder! And everything else is working really fine: simply great!

    There are only a pair of improvements i would like to see: a simple ctrl-alt-t shortcut by default for the terminal, and would be cool also to have an alt-mouse wheel desktop zoom like mint 17 xfce that i am currently using.

    Thank you again!

  23. Great. Really.

    Just one thing: for non-english speaking people, it is not possible to change language, nor keyboard settings, when starting livemedia.

    As a consequence, it is painful to type in Wifi passphrase (for example) before installation.

    Lubuntu/Zorin, distro I had a look this week-end, are handling language selection really fine (unlike Kubuntu which is painful as well).

    That would be great if it was possible to select language when starting the livemedia. Livemedia is already 1.5GB, as we are all using 2GB usb keys, there is enough room for languages, right ?


  24. Found something else…
    If I disable the desktop icons with the first checkbox in cinnamon-settings the right mousebutton does not work on the desktop anymore…

  25. A collection of mainly small stuff:

    On screen keyboard applet – the tray button does not send the keyboard to the tray, otherwise the applet works fine.

    Accessibility settings, typing, turning on-screen keyboard on or off does not appear to do anything.

    Screen reader did not appear to do anything, even after installing orca.

    Installing kpat gives mainly ‘no text’ options in menu line. Menus themselves are fine.

    Curious icon zoom behaviour in the nemo preferences. Changing them changes the desktop icon size, sometimes it appears to change the icon size in Nemo, but the change in nemo appears to be one way in this case i.e. large -> smaller -> back to large stays in small. Does not seem to make a difference if the ignore per folder settings preference is set. Maybe turning off the per-folder settings is not working so the first view of a folder is controlling everything ?

    I cannot get the bookmarks to appear in the tree view. The bookmark display bookmark preference in move/copy to menu does not appear to do anything as far as I can see. However this was noted on a machine where I installed from the iso without a format, so could be persistent configuration settings of some sort. If so then might need to cater for this in the final update scripts. When I did an install of LM17 to a VM followed by changing the repository in sources.list.d and using the update manager the bookmark behaviour was as expected.

  26. Hello community of Linux Mint:

    Many people want to customize Linux Mint Cinnamon (32bits) and it does not leave the system, and they have to always be conformed with the gray color of the edges of the windows in the system.

    Also it would be good that it is possible to update the system without of mistakes with the command apt-get upgrade.

  27. I tried to install 17.1
    I created USB and DVD media for the installation.
    Maybe we are missing the video driver because the initial 3D screen never display as in the normal installation process.

    Any suggestion ?


  28. Tested from USB stick – looks good!

    I’ve found a couple of annoyances with multi monitor support (these were in Mint 17 too). My monitors are different sizes (19″ & 24″) – I don’t think these issues would be apparent with monitors that are the same resolution.

    1. MDM: both screens are set to the resolution of the smaller (19″) screen, despite the larger (24″) screen being set as the primary. This causes the larger screen to switch resolution twice during boot & login. Not a show stopper, but very annoying.

    2. Cinnamon: If I align the two screens at the bottom (19″ to the left, 24″ to the right) and “Organize Desktop by Name” the topmost icon(s) are positioned slightly off the top of the screen. My 19″ screen resolution is 1280×1024 and the 24″ is 1920×1080, so my guess is the icons are positioned 56 pixels too high. Personally I’d prefer it if the desktop icons/files appeared on the primary monitor only.

    Also, one feature request.. Mint-X looks really good, but could we please have a dark version?!

  29. gcin couldn’t apply the change of its input method settings,
    and also the CTRL+SPACE(combine keys that used change bwtween English and Chinese input method) didn’t work well
    seems these could be fixed by simply update the gcin to ver 2.8.2

  30. I just did a fresh install of 17rc with all my usual applications and I have to say this is the most impressive version so far. It’s because Mint’s stability and elegant desktop that made me switch from Ubuntu to Mint years ago. Great Clem, great work Mint team!

  31. @prenit (34):

    It’s absolutely no problem to update your Mint using

    “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade”

    If you also want the latest kernel updates from Ubuntu you have to do

    “sudo apt-get install linux-generic”

    (only once)

  32. I found a DVD-RW that was still in decent shape yesterday and I really wanted to try out Mint 17.1 Cinnamon x64. I absolutely love the ability to change themes!

    All the refinements are awesome! Cinnamon really has the edge on other desktop environment with the new version. The retro wallpapers were a nice touch too!

    Would it be possible to include the dark gdm that used to be in Felicia? The reason I ask is because it transitions well from the plymouth screen to the desktop. The greeters with pictures do not transition well when you use a different wallpaper. The greeter used in Felicia was real professional looking too.

  33. The more I run this the more I like it! Finally a modern desktop environment that is easy to customize! Full screen flash videos now are working perfectly in Cinnamon for me.

    It took only a few minutes for me to make the desktop look exactly how I wanted it to look! Cinnamon now has everything I could ever want in a desktop environment and it is here to stay on my computer.

    All the things that bugged me about other desktop environments do not exist in Cinnamon! This is really the best work I have seen in ages!

  34. Nice job! Cinnamon 2.4 is much better than 2.2, which already was superior to every other DE out there (my opinion, don’t want to offend anybody)

    However, I can’t install fglrx from the driver manager when I put the Rebecca ISO onto an USB stick using UNetBootin. I set up 4GB of persistency, the fglrx and fglrx-amdcccle packages are installed, and they stay after reboot, but the driver is never loaded.

    This is weird, because it’s working on a live Qiana with 4GB persistency.

  35. Is there a way to get windows to open in the center of the screen? I can’t find it. Thanks.

    Edit by Clem: No, but it’s something we’re considering in the Muffin project.

  36. So in just over 2 weeks and I’m ordering myself some of those lovely professional looking discs from OSdisc. Thank you to Clem and the whole team for all the hard work on this release!
    I’ve been using Mint since Felicia and it just keeps getting better and better.

  37. Hi Clem and team,

    My some feedback for Cinnamon 17.1:

    1. Avatar account:
    – On Account detail settings of Cinnamon 17, if never used to change avatar, then has avatar default for place of avatar, as below image link:
    – But, on Cinnamon 17.1 such as:

    I hope team development same Cinnamon 17: always has avatar default if never changed.

    2. Icon button: I think team should turn on Icon button as default, because that help user has UI pretty and help button size larger versus windows.

    3. Size of folder icon: In folder icon of Cinnamon 17.1 quite smaller than on Cinnamon 17, as image bellow:

    4. Add notification for Lock and Unlock Touchpad: Current, when I use Fn key to change volumn or brightness or off/on Sound. Those have notification on center screen. But Lock/Unlock Touchpad doesn’t have.

    5. Add applet as default. This applet help user know status of Numlock and Caps Lock. OR can add notification same feedback number 4 above (Same:

    6. In nemo, I think you show Refesh, New folder button as default, because user maybe use it many time.
    And should have properties “Date created”.

    7. Add some template such as Writer, Calc, Presentation on context R_click:

    8. Last my feedback, I come from Vietnam, so I write Vietnamese daily. Current, I use x-unikey to write Vietnames, Mint team can build package ( and add to “Language” setting Input method.
    UI for x-unikey:


    Hung Nguyen, from Vietnam.

  38. Can someone point me how to upgrade from mint 17 to this 17.1 rc please? I think it is only a matter of adding a repository but I cant find any instructions on how to do this basic upgrade

    Edit by Clem: “inxi -r” will tell you which files your sources are in. Edit these files and replace occurences of “qiana” with “rebecca”. Now, with that said, if you don’t know about APT sources it’s probably a bad idea to uprade to an RC. I’d recommend you wait for the stable release instead. At some stage we’ll provide that upgrade for you, all you’ll have to do is read a dialog and click a button.

  39. Tried to do a fresh install on a brand new Acer Aspire Windows 8.1 laptop in 64 bits (AMD A8 processor). Before that I was able to install Xubuntu 14.10, so that device works. However, Rebecca is giving me headaches:
    – my bluetooth noname mouse is not recognized (worked with Xubuntu though)
    – more importantly, grub won’t install at all (in the EFI partition) which makes the whole install fail. The system throws an error message at me and finishes there.
    Has anybody encountered similar issues?
    Thanks 🙂

    Edit by Clem: What error message?

  40. About the mouse pointer: (I think this applies to the earlier versions as well)
    If changing the mouse pointer from default white to black (e.g Adwaita), it shows up as white during startup. After login, it changes to black. I have not upgraded to 17.1 yet, but have been beta testing the cinnamon 2.4….so is this solved in the 17.1 ?
    Thank you.

  41. Please upgrade file-roller from version 3.6.3 to 3.10.2 (available now via Trusty) in Mint 17 and 17.1. In the current version, extract fails to preserve date and time of any directory that is non-empty. File-roller version 3.9 contains the fix for that problem. Thanks.

    Edit by Clem: hi, can you link to the bug report or code commit?

  42. Now
    just add a button at launch window to open a DOS 6 emulation window
    and you will rock the nation

    also have a saleable version than has a button to emulate windows xt and make this saleable for 400 dollars

    I would buy threecopies right now today

  43. Is there a way for a Qiana user to upgrade to the Rebecca RC and then follow through with another upgrade to the stable when it comes out?


    Edit by Clem: Yes, technically you can upgrade with APT already. Please however wait for the stable release and for us to implement the upgrade graphically and most importantly to get bugs and testing out of your way first.

  44. Usint mint-x aqua theme when you maximize windows they go behind panel. Default theme doesn’t do this. I haven’t tried others.

    Edit by Clem: Hi, I think that’s a Cinnamon issue. Reload Cinnamon or logout/login and the theme should work correctly.

  45. “Edit by Clem: Assuming they work well and we don’t any regressions, yes, we’ll use the newer stack in 17.2.”

    Hi Clem

    This is really good to hear. If it is stable it would be great if the update manager provides a way for existing Linux Mint users to opt to install the newer stack (without resorting to the command line which is not so user friendly for newer Linux users). Will be particularly important to people who but new machines with Intel graphics hardware which needs the newer stack to work properly and has no proprietary driver option.

    Anyway, glad that this matter is being considered.

    Keep up the awesome work.


  46. I still use Windows as my primary OS but… I love the changes your making. Mint Linux is definitely getting very pretty to use. And is getting closer to having a permanent place on my pc.
    I would love to see a Mint style dock/launcher to rival what windows currently has. I find it brings a lot of comfort and functionality. The applet “windows list with app grouping” does something similar but has been very buggy and lack some features.
    Also another feature I would like to see is movable tray icons and a time stacked on date?
    Thanks for the work you guys do!

  47. Thank you to the whole team on this lovely RC.

    A small bug report:
    nemo shows high cpu usage. It’s consistently on the order of 60 percent with 3000M virtual memory 1600M resident.

    What more info, if any, should I look for?

    Edit by Clem: Hi Siva, try to see when that happens, after doing what, in which circumstances.

  48. First, I’ll echo Mr. Tunnell above, that one of my main concerns with the LTS strategy has been the short life of repository support for third-party software. Once the repositories dry up I become completely indifferent to LTS for the operating system.

    My second new concern is about the state of Cinnamon. I’ve been running M17 Cinnamon from persistent Live USB thinking M17.1 would be more stable and “finished” for hard drive installation. A new Cinnamon fresh out of development raises questions about that. I hope Cinnamon will be ready for prime-time as I don’t knowingly install early version anything on my hard drive.

  49. Bonjour,

    Great improvement, it’s nice!
    I find it excellent idea to keep a LTS basis. Thank you also add new icons and decorations colors.
    I would like to submit a suggestion. I prefer Cinnamon but I use the xfce version because of the possibility to set the sleep from a few minutes to 5 hours, which is not the case with Cinnamon. I live in the country side and I have a very low speed Internet (64kb / s) and I need the possibility to set the sleep more than an one hour, like two hours, three hours, four hours to download large files.
    With Cinnamon I have to leave the computer on all night, and I would like to avoid.
    Thank you all the team, Frédéric

  50. Clem – About the file-roller bug that @Ernie_07 speaks of. It looks like an older bug that was finally fixed in version 3.9.2 (released Sept 18, 2013) Anyway, here’s the link to the file-roller release/changes list at Source Forge and what I believe is the original bug report:

    Release/changes list:

    Original bug report:

    Strangely enough it appears that version 3.10.2 is supposed to be the current version for Trusty:

    Yet Synaptic shows version 3.6.3 installed with no updates available. Of course, I may be misunderstanding a bit at this point?

  51. Hi,

    First of all, thank you to all Mint developers for working hard and providing us with such a sexy distribution.

    I’d like to install Mint 17 on a (presumably) EFI computer, along with Windows 8 (for my mother). Do I have to download the newer 17.1 RC or can I just install LM 17 and network-upgrade from that ? Thanks

    Edit by Clem: Hi Jerome, we’re still fixing bugs so it’s not completely stable yet. If you’re ok with that, you can go straight for the 17.1 RC.

  52. I am dreaming at 2 versions only for Mint
    – Mint Debian Stable (on track, thanks !)
    – Mint Debian Rolling (based on testing “mint” frozen on regular basis)
    2 DE (Cinnamon/Mint)
    Official distros maintained by Mint, KDE/XFCE/Other DEs as Community Edition if volunteers available.

    There is no need for Ubuntu anymore. Thanks

  53. Just have to say thanks for the new Themes section. Whoever thought this up was definitely inspired. All I have to do is put a cursor theme in .icons folder and then in your new Themes I can install animated cursors with just one click; simply awesome! I also placed about 50 window borders in the .themes folder and can switch them with one click as well. How incredibly easy you have made it for us! WTG Mint team!!
    Thanks Clem!!

  54. If I install this RC, will I be able to update to the stable version when it comes out? Or will I have to re-install?

    Edit by Clem: You can upgrade from RC to Stable, you’re already at 17.1 level you’ll just get more updates in the Update Manager.

  55. Tried to upgrade from qiana, by replacing qiana with rebecca in offical sources. Now X doesn’t want to start. :

    “Loading Extension GLX
    modprobe: ERROR: couldn not insert ‘nvidia 331’ : Invalid argument
    … (some backtrace)

    Adding nomodeset or nouveo.noaccell=1 didn’t help. Stuck at boot.

    Any help pls?

    Edit by Clem: Try and remove your NVIDIA drivers, to get back to a working X first. Then try and install them again. I’ve seen similar reports upstream from Ubuntu users, but it had to do with NVIDIA prime, so I’m not sure it’s related.

  56. Hello,
    Can’t wait to try the stable release, thanks to the team!

    I’m also taking the opportunity to repost two comments I wrote when Mint 17 was released and that are still valid:

    The first one is actually about… these posts, and ways to submit bug report, comments, ideas, etc.:
    I think Mint would really benefit for a clearer and more centralised way of gathering input from the community. Maybe some of the time saved with the adoption of the LTS development rhythm could be put in investigating this?
    I guess it’s up to the developers to see what works and what don’t, but from a user point of view, it’s quite confused.

    The other post was about applets, not yet addressed as well:

    Thank you again!

  57. I have noticed some strange behavior on my setup:
    Levono X1 Carbon gen 2 with hires touch display (Intel HD 4400)
    Onelink pro dock
    Samsung 590 UHD 4k external display (HDMI @ 30Hz)

    If I leave the laptop’s display enabled but Samsung designated as primary display, all works well between reboots or logout/logins.

    If I turn off the laptop display in preferences, then on a reboot or logout/login the external display comes up 1920×1080. If I then go into preferences and turn of the laptop display, the Samsung immediately switches to 3840×2160 mode.

    When I do the above change to turn on the laptop display, the window title font does not change unless I again logout and in. I also notice that the update applet icon is sometimes the same size as the other panel icons but sometimes comes up very small. None of the other icons appear to change size. If I vary the top panel size and then return it to its max setting, the update icon returns to full size for about a second and then goes small again.

    Mint sees the ethernet port (USB) on the Onelink dock and it gets its IP information if I have it connected but the port never works. This could be due to a BIOS update as I have seen references to this happening in the past. No problems with the laptops NIC or WiFi. All the other dock ports are working fine (USB and audio).

  58. I’m upgrading from Quiana to Rebecca, but I’m just curious: is it possible to leapfrog from an older Mint to Rebecca? If so, how far back will leapfrogging work? Thanks!

    Edit by Clem: Technically you can use APT to upgrade from any release to any release. In practice you will certainly encounter issues, that’s why we don’t recommend it. If you’re experienced with APT and you know how to solve tricky situations, go for it 🙂

  59. Just love Mint 17.1 Cinnamon… fantastic right out of the box, and it’s one smooth operating system. I had it downloaded and installed in less than 45 minutes. It’s the easiest Linux system to use, especially for people used to windows. Good job on “Rebecca”

  60. Rebecca is running great on the difficult Gateway NE56R10u Laptop, really awesome. Not a hiccup at all! This is the only version yet that required no reconfiguring for the Broadcom wireless card:) Thanks so much…..

  61. The error message I receive is something like “grub-efi-amd64-signed failed to install into /target/”
    Hope this helps

    Edit by Clem: It gives us a hint but it doesn’t explain what went wrong when grub tried to install itself.

  62. Dear Clem,

    thanks a lot for this great release! Using Mint since v13 now (didn’t knew it before) :-).

    Nemo request
    – Ignore list with patterns to exclude file and folders. I. e. my NAS produces technical folders like “#recycle” that are useless for me but cannot be hidden.

    Minor problems I found:
    – On screen keyboard not working any more (Accessibility settings).
    – Bottom panel (with Cinnamon menu) set to auto-hide, change theme to any Mint-X -> panel is “jumping” when you mouseover.
    – MDM slideshow has smooth transitions, the one in Cinnemon has hard cuts (smooth is much nicer, more transition effects in the future?).
    – MDM (old issue): user A stays logged in, change to user B, B logs out, A makes restart -> last user is mentioned as B, should be A.
    – Startup animation makes heavy flickering when restarting Cinnamon (not on startup itself), so I have to disable it.
    – Radiotray icons are very dark on dark panel themes. I used to show the original colored ones while deleting /usr/share/icons/Mint-X/status/*/radiotray_*.png, but that doesn’t work anymore.
    – A few GUI freezes since Cinnamon 2.4.1 Romeo update that I cannot address exactly – already checked
    – Hibernate doesn’t work with double GPU Intel/AMD.
    – Kernel/hardware/driver related? (Kernel 3.13.0-37) Uploading big files Notebook to NAS over WLAN -> Win 8.1 5 MB/s, Mint 17 2.5 MB/s!
    – I personally have two old strange problems (since Mint 16?) only with my notebook, not with my desktop. Where can I address them so someone can help me?
    (startup time after first login with Core i7 > 40 s, further logins 7 s; logout lasts > 30 s when KeePassX is loaded – even when I killall the process before, w/o KeePassX 7 s)

    Cheers, Mintulix

  63. Stunning is the only word, thanks. I only have two issues left over from last time, and one personal preference.

    1. I have an L-shape multi-monitor set up like this,

    x m
    mon mon n

    Shortcuts created directly on any of the monitors are placed where the pointer was, but shortcuts sent to the desktop from the Mint menu or a folder get created up in limbo where the X is. Then they have to be fished out using a lasso and a visible icon.

    2. Mint reads the hardware clock eight hours off. Set right in the BIOS & Win7 it reads eight hours earlier in Mint. If set right in Mint then the clock is eight hours later in the BIOS & Win7. This happens on all three of my machines.

    3. Picky point – it seems like the inset color of the menu button should change with the icon or taskbar color.

  64. pfft! when I posted my comment the editor took out my tabs. The third or right-hand monitor is a 16:10 turned vertical.

  65. I have been running Cinnamon 2.4 (Romeo updates) and must say that am impressed with how snappy Cinnamon has evolved over the time. Love the ‘Open with’ feature in Menu > Recent files. Useful to launch Pinta for editing a screenshot after taking. I know some of the stuff might already be there on your Roadmap but Cinnamon Menu needs more love in making it bit more versatile and rich with functions as it is primary interface for the user to interact with system, IMO.
    1) Menu needs to be much more responsive 2) Search using keywords (like Cinnamon settings – noticed that searching for any of these keywords video, driver, wifi, card, hardware, proprietary, nvidia, radeon, nouveau, fglrx brings up Driver Manager.) 3) Integration of Online services 4) Add to Start-up / keyboard shortcut as context option. 5) More configurations options like aligning to left.

    Of course, if dev. team feels if some of the stuff is bloat, you could release an offiical Advanced Menu 😉 More is better 😀

  66. I installed Linux Mint 64-bit and like it better than any other distro. that I’ve tried. But for reasons unknown I began getting a message that the software index is broken when the system starts up. Furthermore it says that this is a serious error and that I should report it. The message advises that I run Synaptic, but when I do I get an error about a failed attempt to install a printer driver–says it needs to be re-installed, and a second Error says, “Internal Error Opening Cache(1)”. It says that I should report this as well.

    I assume that this is the right place to make the reports, but could someone point me in the direction of a possible fix for the software index? At present I’m clueless, but would really like to get things working again.

    Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.

  67. Hi Clem! I’ve been testing the 17.1 RC for the past two days, and I find it very smooth and I love the brilliant work you and your team have done.
    I just checked a very minor bug, although it’s very important to me as I work as IT in a large company.
    Seems like that Gnome Disks (palimpsest) doesn’t recognize HDD S.M.A.R.T. attributes anymore when connected via USB. I just tested it in comparison with Mint 17 Live USB, and when I plug a USB HDD (such as Lacie Rugged, or others), Disks can read S.M.A.R.T. attributes, but NOT in the new 17.1 RC. I wonder why this happens! Anyone who could give me a feedback would be very appreciated. Thanks!!!

  68. I have spotted a few issues in the login Options (MDM)

    if you click on the preview gear at the top right the preview opens but it does not tell you how to close it i hit escape and it closes

    all so on the window tab for the preview window on the start menu it has a broken icon in the left corner (square box with a circle in it)and has the label mdmgreeter for GDM Themes or mdmwebkit for HTML Themes this looks messy it needs the icon fixing and the text cleaning up something like Login Preview would be better

    All so when i click on the preview gear at the top right for the Linux Mint GDM theme i get error message “There was an error loading the theme Linux Mint” Can’t open file /usr/share/mdm/themes/Linux Mint.xml

    all so a way to separate the HTML and GDM Themes would be nice maybe a dropdown selector

  69. something else i spotted if you use upgrade xserver to anything higher than version 1.16.0 it will make Linux Mint go into fallback graphics mode

  70. Beautiful Rebecca!!!

    Just one possible security issue.

    In Nemo when I use the option “Open as Root” appears the ROOT icons of Computer and ROOT Home on the desktop and can browse the hole computer as root from there without any password even after I closed the original Nemo.

    Maybe the desktop instance must be independent from others to avoid that risk.

  71. a quick update on comment 73 that i left..

    after doing some more testing the issue seems to be a virtual machine issue i installed a xserver version newer than 1.16.0 on a usb persistent install and everything was fine there was no warning message and it did not go into fallback mode so it may be a Virtualbox/vmware player issue

  72. Looks very nice. Still has an issue that 17 had.
    On 64 bit version it freezes after suspend with the Nouveau driver.

  73. Does this upcoming change that will let you update to 17.1 without re-installing apps and so on that’s already present in a 17 instance mean that from here on out we’ll be able to update Mint without re-installing apps?

    Edit by Clem: That’s always been the case but you were on your own on this. What’s new is that between 17.x releases (and because they share the same base) we now consider it safe for you to do so, we’ll test it, we’ll recommend it and we’ll make it easy (and most likely graphical).

  74. Just did a fresh installation of 64bit Rebecca Mate and the workplace switcher on the bottom panel is stuck to 4 windows, I cannot change it.
    From the setup I can change only the row number.

  75. Cleam and development team. I have been running this Cinnamon 17.1 for two days now and have noticed that the RAM usage is very HIGH. You can see in this picture conky reports that it is using OVER 1 gig of memory. :

    I am not running anything I don’t always run and Cinnamon 17 giana stays at abot 700k. My machine is a quad core with 16 gigs of RAM and a 2 gig nvidia graphics.

    Surely it shouldn’t use this much memory to run compiz, conky, cairo dock, a small pente game and terminal? It never has before?


    Edit by Clem: If there’s a memory leak (it’s possible), you first need to identify which process is using all the RAM, and then identify the operation or the manipulation which makes it go higher and never go back to the same amount.

  76. Hello Cleam and Dev team!
    How are you? and the expectations about this update ?

    I’m using Linux Mint 17 in a machine with a AMD Athlon X2 6000+ processor and an ATI Radeon HD4650 graphic card.

    From the deep of my heart, PLEASE help me…..

    Why I can’t use Mint 17 with this video card? I’ve tryied TONS of tutorials over the internet, about install ATI/AMD drivers, and the installation aways crash the Cinnamon, and I need to open terminal and uninstall the drivers….and today all the system crashed permanently.

    SO I will format and try out this new version of Mint.
    I really loved this Linux Mint, but I need help to make it work. *-*

    Do I need to buy a especial Graphic card or something?


    Can I use Mint and install this ATI Drivers with a CORRECT WAY or some trick to make it works propely?

    Thank you so much!!!

    Best regards!!!

  77. I have REALLY wanted to like Cinnamon, it looks great, but performance always lags badly, even on my quad-core. THis version seems no different, chewing up ram and cpu cycles. Have found myself falling back to KDE, as at least it can be attractive and productive without bring my machine to it’s knees. I’ll be keeping an eye on Cinnamon, but until it stops bogging down my machine, it’s simply not feasible. Annoying, it looks lovely, and shows promise, but fails to deliver.

  78. Hi everybody,

    I have installed Linux Mint 17.1 (RC, 64-Bit Cinnamon) on my notebook and everything works like a charm, thanks’s a lot to Clem and the Mint-Team.

    But, I have an issue on all Arch-based distributions (Fresh Installation of Arch, Manjaro, Antergos (64-Bit) in a virtual machine with Cinnamon After login, the background is blurred and extremely bright. When I open the menu (or a window), it remains visible in the background (with transparency) after closing.

    This issue disappears after changing the background. (Not really a big problem, but very annoying!)

    Gnome’s zoom-effect doesn’t work smoothely, too. These Problems could be connected, perhaps.

    Can anybody confirm this problem, or is there already a solution for this?

    Thanks a lot and all the best,


    Edit by Clem: Hi Sam, I can see the exact same issue in Betsy so it’s very likely a regression in GTK 3.14.

  79. Good news. Looking forward to stable update for Mint 17.

    Only one question. Currently in Mint 17 I set locale to Russian and I change interface language at the login screen every time. With this “trick” I have Russian date, time, numbers, days, months and other things combined with English interface. At first looking on the new Language Settings screenshot I thought “Great! Separate settings for region and interface” but then I noticed “date and time” in the Language section. Is it suppose to be in the Region settings instead?

    Will it be possible to set interface Language to English and Region to Russian?


    Edit by Clem: It was in the Regional settings before and that was a mistake, it really belongs to the Language settings. LC_TIME defines the default date format and LANG defines the translation for the day/month words. If they’re not the same, you end up with a really weird looking date 🙂

  80. Hi Clem!
    Great job on the new release. I hope to contribute to the source code in the near future.

    I’ve been having a couple of problems since I installed the RC last evening:
    1. the tabs on every window seem to be malfunctioning – clicking on one tab seems to open up the window of another tab and so on.
    2. There seems to be a notible delay in the typing speed. It’s almost half a second before characters (or even spaces) are displayed on the screen (even as I’m typing this).

    Is there a fix for these issues?

    Edit by Clem: I’m sorry, I can’t reproduce either of these issues.

  81. @comment-#10-simon-brown: the “chat”-link is (obviously) for people to access the Linux Mint Help chatroom whenever they need HELP.

    it’s not there to access the “regular chat” chatroom of Linux Mint (even though the label says “chat”).

    it says “chat” because that’s what the #linuxmint-help & #linuxmint-chat chatrooms are: CHATROOMS. (in, to be more specific, IRC (ie. Internet Relay Chat) CHATROOMS). [THAT’S why they are called “chatrooms” and THAT’S why the link you see [in the “welcome-screen window”] says “chat”).

  82. @comment-#10-simon-brown (and anyone else reading this): the Linux Mint chatroom for getting HELP on Linux Mint (HELP-related questions. NOT, “General CHAT”-related stuff) is #linuxmint-help .

    the Linux Mint chatroom for REGULAR CHAT (ie. Typical Chat. like “simon brown” thought the “Help”-link was for) is #linuxmint-chat .

    (the link in the welcome-screen window & the names of the chatrooms are all self-explanatory).

  83. Awesome stuff.
    I’m sure this has been asked before but how long before we will start seeing an option to change the mouse scroll speed for the middle wheel in Mouse and Touchpad preferences?
    I’m surprised after all these years we still haven’t see this setting.

  84. @comment-#45-Bill: sweet desktop, background, window(s), theme(s), wallpaper, transparency/translucency, etc., EVERYTHING 🙂

  85. @comment-#71-Anand: HELL No! We shouldn’t have ANY “online ‘integration’ ” in Linux Mint. Not only is that software bloat, but it causes MAJOR issues [and PROBLEMS] with PRIVACY. I really don’t need anyone else except me knowing what *I* do in MY computer, thank you very much.

    Plus another reason that got me off Windows (besides the bloaty software, inefficient software, NSA backdoors, cr*ppy user-interface, etc.) was the “now you NEED to have a MICROSOFT account in order to be able to use this operating system (ie. you need to have a MICROSOFT account in order to be able to LOG IN to Windows)”. (That junk started with Windows 8). Excuse me but I don’t want to be obligated [or forced] to get a Skype account, Hotmail account, XBox username and/or XBox account, account, account, (or any other account of any not-mentioned-yet Microsoft division, company, service, software, etc.) JUST to be able to USE *MY* COMPUTER. *that I bought with my HARD-EARNED money!!!*. Thank you very much.

    (Plus there’s also the added fact that that is unfair that they are forcing that on us, when they are already forcing us to use Windows [anyway]. If you go to Panama or any other country besides the U.S., you’ll see that every computer on every store shelf (not just laptops but desktops too) have Windows INSTALLED IN THEM ALREADY. (aka. what the stores have come to call “pre-installed”). Bloatware included and non-optional/not-optional.
    That unfortunately is also the problem in the United States (and I have heard too, the UK, France, Australia, New Zealand, etc.).

    If you want a OS that has online integration, use Peppermint OS. (which has PLENTY of online integration). Personally?, I don’t want Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Mail, Mail, Google, Skype, etc., etc., ANYBODY, knowing what *I* do on my computer and what *I* watch on it and what *I* do with it and what stuff *I* look at and what stuff I *USE* **MY** computer for.

    That is MY business and that is MY concern and MY concern ONLY.

    (I miss the [good ol’] days when we didn’t have even NEARLY [HALF] as many privacy problems as we do now).

    (And I’m not the only one who misses those days).

    >P.S. Another advice or suggestion I can give for “using ‘online-integration’ on Linux Mint”, is see if there’s any applet/desklets/etc. that enable you “online integration”.

  86. Can somebody from the i18n/l10n team provide my with German screenshots which are in the English documentation?
    If yes, I’ll translate the current documentation into German, it’s time.
    (I’ll start the translation today anyway – target date Dec., 6th approx. -, but won’t be able to create German screenshots without a 17.1 install and shurely will not edit the text of JPGs.)

  87. @45,107,109: +1
    “Integration” is not needed, if you want it, install it.
    If I need someone to tell me what’s good for me, I go back to Ubuntu&Unity – and home to my Mom.

  88. Here are the numbers I am getting with my Quad-core with 16 gigs RAM,

    Cinnamon 17 – Bootup showing 689 MiB of RAM use.
    After playing solitaire, getting email with thunderbird and surfing with firefox, RAM use at 727 MiB.

    Cinnamon 17.1 – Bootup showing 781 MiB of Ram use.
    After playing solitaire, getting email with thunderbird and surfing with firefox, RAM use at 1.06 GiB.

    Something not quite right here with 17.1.

  89. Hi!

    Thank you very much for your great work! It find it great how much effort the team puts into listening to the users and implementing so many individual request / reacting to questions.

    I found the new option great that the distro ships already with all the old backgrounds – I am still hung up on one of the old ones and always was getting that back on my machine :). They are all amazing.

    Sadly I still have an issue with the wifi in this release. Seems broken for my card (Realtek 3090 on Acer Revo R3700) since upgrade from LM 16 to LM 17. Going back to LM 16 worked shortly but after updates it broke again but I think this issue is not touching many users. I tried many different solutions on the forums but found nothing that worked yet.

    Otherwise I find that mint just keep on getting better and better :).

    @ Frédéric Vié no. 62
    If you check on the Cinnamon site the comment section to the Shutdown Timer Applet it might have the solution for you:

    ” markme

    1 year ago

    @ixxvivxxi, pretty useful but a little inconvenient. Thanks anyway! @milan0markovic, you can make the time longer by changing the following line in applet.js: this.timerDuration = Math.round(position/0.8333 * 100); if you change 0.8333 to 0.1389 for example, then your range will be up to 12 hours.”

    Kind regards,

  90. Hi, I use Linux Mint 17 cinnamom 64-bit version 2.2.16
    to update:
    ¿I can only upgrade or is it better to do a clean install?

    Edit by Clem: Wait for the stable release, and we’ll provide an upgrade.

  91. Found another little problem. I installed in german language and also select german keyboard. During the installation I used a wireless keyboard (Logitech K400r). After the reboot the systemlanguage and keyboard setting is german, but in the login-screen the keyboard layout is still in english. This also happend with Mint 17 (and i think also 16) so it’s not a new bug, but it’s still there.
    This only happens when I use the external keyboard during the installation, no problems when i use only the internal keyboard.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Daniel, can you create a github issue on for this? There’s probably a bug there we need to troubleshoot and understand 🙂

  92. Love 17.1 Cinnamon.
    I think I found a minor Bluetooth bug though.
    When rebooting, Bluetooth always turns on, even when I turned it off before rebooting.
    This was not the behavior in 17.

  93. Looking at the built-in user guide. How do I replace the images with the corresponding images for the current translation? How can I (being a member of the translation team) add/delete pages and change the order of paragraphs? Some topics are specific to users in our country.

    Edit by Clem: This was postponed to 17.2. We’ll only provide the internal guide in English for this release. Going forward we’re looking at other formats and different ways of packaging it. We ran into issues within the mintdoc project, and we were unable to achieve our initial goal which was to provide the guide in multiple languages. I’ll post about this more in details on segfault as soon as we enter the next development cycle. In the meantime I left the po templates on LP, I think we’ll find a way to reuse the translated content.

  94. Dear Team: I have 17 cinnamon installed 32 bit. Will automatic updates automatically install 17.1? Thank you for everything

    Edit by Clem: Not automatically. It will be an opt-in. Post-Stable release we’ll provide an update which will give you the choice as to whether you want to upgrade or not.

  95. When I installed Windows 8.1 I made sure my internet was disconnected and installed as a local account. I hate Windows integration crap too. There is no such thing as privacy these days unless you use a non networked computer with no internet. I use Linux Mint as a file server and access it with windows tablets ipads e.t.c. Also always being on, it is always the first computer I jump on. I only use windows for games that are not yet available on Linux in Steam.

    Thank You Clem and Mint team for bringing all these technologies into a great streamlined operating system that always works and works well compared to the rest. 🙂

  96. As someone who is pretty new to Linux; it seems like your first love. When my old compaq went and I had to save a little money – I fell in love with Linux after being a Windows user for life (and bashing Apple, more of a Dork than Nerd 🙂 ) anyhow – I was using MATE 32 – and just as an observation – I wish the entire Linux community could just get behind one project, I hear talk of all sorts of odd off-shoots and 4 different platforms for a VERY SMALL MARKET SHARE.

    I enjoyed mint as it was friendly to the eye and easy for most “Millennials” to switch over and understand and enjoy (built in torrent, for one) –

    Yet, first off – I mounted via USB 17.1 Cinnamon 64 Becky, in hopes the LTE releases keep coming and BAM – I completely whipped off all data on Laptop (Brand new Toshiba Sat. C55-A i3 with 6gigs Ram) I noticed the wifi was very very slow, sketchy even. So slow speedtest would time out. It took almost 3 hours just for Update Manager to get caught up.

    I googled and noticed it was a common problem that WIFI was very slow for many switching over Win 8 machines to Linux Mint –

    I searched around and heard “running on the 3.13.11 kernel would solve this.

    I followed the simple commands (wish I saved the link…) yet if this is happening to anyone else (sine I remember looking on the comments on my phone just hours ago) – Just google how to update to kernel 3.13.11 [I have no idea what that means]

    Yet that has completely changed everything, my 30MBPS speed internet is now picking up damn 45 for some reason per BHN speed test and Ookla.

    So I just thought this would be of help to anyone, and a bug/glitch – that should be addressed. To be specific it says I am running 3.13.11-03131105-generic and –

    I am very happy. Shields Up test showed 100% stealth. Chrome cast up and running.

    The point of all this is…

    I hope Mint 17 is the “go to” to get “normal browsers” to switch over.

    I’m loving it – do you know how lightning fast it is? Even on my old beat up COMPAQ with its 2 gigs of ram running 16 mate my friends were impressed with how “fast” everything was.

    I love it – yet I hope this “bug” is fixed and that one day people will just freely pass out CD’s of installing Linux Mint for free to people and getting that larger market share.

    and Netflix works now? Life is great. 🙂 Thanks Mint. I’ll make sure to donate and hope it goes to the right people.

  97. installation went smooth on my old acer aspire ne D150 – however language packs are broken (dutch) tried to fix it thtough synaptic but system keeps saying i have to fix broken ^packages — how can i fix this (sudo apget install -f did not help)

    but a really nice version – i(ll guess the final relaase will be very good – keep up the good work – it runs even on this old netbook with only 1 GB ram

  98. I settle problems when installed Language from 17.1 Japanese:

    The menu becomes Chinese when I install optional components of Fcitx:
    It does not seem to be translated Japanese installation package “fcitx-ui-qimpanel” including.

    A lot of input system is installed:
    This installs an unnecessary package too much.
    Most of the Japanese users use only “Anthy” and “Mozc” now.
    This packages installed depending on choice of the language should change.

  99. Hi team and Clem,

    I just test on Acer Aspire 5745G.

    After I install Cinnamon 17.1, I can not boot to GUI, I must config BIOS turn off NVIDIA Card, then reboot and boot to GUI complete.

    Then, I open Driver Manager to install Driver Internet and NVIDIA, as image bellow:
    but, when I click Apply Changes, and result is “convert to begin”:

    Hung Nguyen, from Vietnam

  100. Hi team and Clem again,

    In Cinnamon 17, when I install “build-essential” package by command: sudo apt-get install build-essential success and have no problem about package dependence.

    But in Cinnamon 17.1, I get issue:

    As message from Terminal, I know must install “libc6-dev g++ dpkg-dev” packages, but when I install them, I get:

    Continue, I install: “libdpkg-perl libc6”, get message:


    I get same problem when I install “openssh-server”.

    And I think there are some package have same problem, please check again.

    I think package denpendences no match to version require. But If I remove “this” package dependences to re-install match version, then must remove many other packages as “sudo apt-get remove libdpkg-perl libc6” and result:

    Until now, I can not install “build-essential” to compile OpenCV libray.

    So maybe I must revert to Cinnamon 17, and waiting until last month to install stable version.

    Hung Nguyen, from Vietnam.

    Edit by Clem: That’s really weird.. switch back to the official mirrors (in case you’re using other mirrors) and refresh your APT cache. I can’t reproduce any of these here.

  101. Installed Mint 17.1 64-bit RC in a VMware Player VM running on a Win7 dual-boot Intel laptop (Intel on board video). After the initial installation it asked to reboot. System hung with “could not acquire the ‘org.freedesktop.modemmanager1’ service name”. Had to shut down the VM. Started it again and then rebooted from the Mint Menu without error.

    Edit by Clem: That’s a known issue with modemmanager, if you don’t use 3G connections feel free to remove it.

  102. Sorry — email address was mistyped before…

    Installed Mint 17.1 64-bit RC in a VMware Player VM running on a Win7 dual-boot Intel laptop (Intel on board video). After the initial installation it asked to reboot. System hung with “could not acquire the ‘org.freedesktop.modemmanager1′ service name”. Had to shut down the VM. Started it again and then rebooted from the Mint Menu without error.

  103. Hi team and Clem again,

    I just get issue with Cinnamon 17.1, when I sleep my machine, then I power on again. Result is I can not login again because popup enter password do not show and also do not show power icon on top left conner to shutdown or anything. I must turn off my machine by press and hold Power button.

    Sr if I send many post in short time. After this post I’m re-install cinnamon 17 and waiting to last month to get stable version. I hope my feedback can solved and my suggest can implement or change.

    Thanks so much and I hope Clem edit my post to indicate my post is read. 😀

    Hung Nguyen, from Vietnam.

  104. Hi, I have upgrade Linux Mint to 17.1 RC from 17.0 Stable. But today, with sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, I have an update of the package “mesa”. But trying to install it, the terminal says that I have to remove some packages, including Cinnamon. What do I have to do?

    Edit by Clem: That’s probably because you’re applying some updates from the mesa source package and not others. Here’s a list of the updates it contains (try to apply all of them, together): libgl1-mesa-dev libegl1-mesa libopenvg1-mesa libgbm-dev libegl1-mesa-drivers libegl1-mesa-dev libgl1-mesa-dri:i386 libgl1-mesa-dri libglapi-mesa:i386 libglapi-mesa libgles2-mesa libgl1-mesa-glx libgl1-mesa-glx:i386 libxatracker2 libwayland-egl1-mesa libgbm1 mesa-common-dev libgles2-mesa-dev.

  105. Todays updates, noted with 4, have totally destroyed Cinnamon 2.2!
    Mint 17 “Qiana”

    Edit by Clem: Which update in particular? And what do you mean by destroyed?

  106. Hi Clem, the mesa update is viewed in mint-update. When I try to install all those you listed me, I have:
    The following packages have unmet dependencies:
    libegl1-mesa-drivers – depends: libegl1-mesa (= 10.4.0~git20141112.7a82961b-0ubuntu0ricotz~trusty) but the version 10.5.0~git20141120.5e37a2a4-0ubuntu0ricotz3~trusty is going to be installed.
    The same with libglapi-mesa and libwayland-egl1-mesa

  107. @Hung Nguyen(131): You probably don’t have graphic driver installed(for me is nvidia). Almost the same thing(symptoms) happened to me before when I had older nvidia graphic card.

  108. OK, I have just disabled the old trusty PPAs, and now, doing an “apt-get upgrade”, no updates are available, and the mesa one has disappeared.

  109. @Clem – Since today’s update to Linux Mint 17.1 RC/Cinnamon, Cinnamon (I’m assuming, it’s difficult to tell) has been crashing on a random basis, especially when using either Firefox or Google Chrome. When the crash occurs, the screen goes blank. The kernel seems to be running since I can see hard drive activity. Just now, Cinnamon partially froze when I brought up the MintUpdate window. The actual Update Manager window became unresponsive (couldn’t even close it, had to Quit MintUpdate via the drive icon) but I could still use other windows I had up (Firefox, Gedit) There seems to be no rhyme or reason for the crash that I can find.

    One oddity I did find. These crashes are occurring on my older R61 ThinkPad which has been rock stable with both 17 and 17.1 RC, until now. The GPU is an Intel 965/GL960 and the mesa driver installed in 17.1 RC is actually older than the one that was installed in 17.

    For Linux Mint 17/Cinnamon:

    Graphics: Card: Intel Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (primary)
    Display Server: X.Org 1.15.2 driver: intel
    Resolution: 1280×800@60.00hz
    GLX Renderer: Mesa DRI Intel 965GM GLX Version: 2.1 Mesa 10.2.5

    For Linux Mint 17.1 RC:

    Graphics: Card: Intel Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (primary)
    X.Org: 1.15.1 drivers: intel (unloaded: fbdev,vesa) Resolution: 1280×800@60.0hz
    GLX Renderer: Mesa DRI Intel 965GM x86/MMX/SSE2 GLX Version: 2.1 Mesa 10.1.3

    But as I said, I had no problem until today’s (11/20/14) update.

  110. @ 95 Clem:

    Edit by Clem: If there’s a memory leak (it’s possible), you first need to identify which process is using all the RAM, and then identify the operation or the manipulation which makes it go higher and never go back to the same amount.”

    Okay first I closed everything except Generic Cinnamon 17.1 64 bit.
    It seems to be any browser that I use. I tried opening Firefox 33 about 5 times and surfing for a minute and each time the RAM use went up from 20 to 50 megs never to go back down. On a hunch I tried the latest Google Chrome and much to my surprise the results were identical, each use raises the RAM so that I am currently running at 1.30 gigs. Next I will try using wifi instead of wired connection.

  111. RAM use is the same on wifi as on wired, if I run a browser it jumps up and never goes back where it was. Eventually at 1.01 gigs I have to log out and back in to get it back down.
    Any other idea of what I can check?

  112. OKay, to continue…Midori sends the RAM up a little, but running Synaptic and downloading a software sends the RAM way up like Firefox and Chrome do. So it is something with getting online.

  113. Running Mint Mate 17.1 the RAM goes up but back down each time. I do not think it is hardware. I think it’s in Cinnamon.

  114. Todays updates, noted with 4, have totally destroyed Cinnamon 2.2!
    Mint 17 “Qiana”

    Edit by Clem: Which update in particular? And what do you mean by destroyed?

    grub is here and it goes up till mint 17 and the 4 points and stays there.

    now i have mint 17.1 rc but is the same.
    updates and the changes:

    1. mesa
    This package contains the GBM buffer management library. It provides a mechanism for allocating buffers for graphics rendering tied to Mesa. GBM is intended to be used as a native platform for EGL on drm or openwfd.
    This update contains 12 packages: libegl1-mesa libopenvg1-mesa libgl1-mesa-dri:i386 libgl1-mesa-dri libglapi-mesa:i386 libglapi-mesa libgles2-mesa libgl1-mesa-glx libgl1-mesa-glx:i386 libxatracker2 libwayland-egl1-mesa libgbm1

    2. systemd
    The libsystemd-journal library provides an interface for the systemd journal service.
    This update contains 11 packages: libsystemd-login0 systemd-services libsystemd-daemon0 libgudev-1.0-0 libgudev-1.0-0:i386 libpam-systemd udev gir1.2-gudev-1.0 libudev1 libudev1:i386 libsystemd-journal0

    3. xserver-xorg-video-ati
    This package provides the ‘radeon’ driver for the AMD/ATI cards. The following chips should be supported: R100, RV100, RS100, RV200, RS200, RS250, R200, RV250, RV280, RS300, RS350, RS400/RS480, R300, R350, R360, RV350, RV360, RV370, RV380, RV410, R420, R423/R430, R480/R481, RV505/RV515/RV516/RV550, R520, RV530/RV560, RV570/R580, RS600/RS690/RS740, R600, RV610/RV630, RV620/RV635, RV670, RS780/RS880, RV710/RV730, RV740/RV770/RV790, CEDAR, REDWOOD, JUNIPER, CYPRESS, HEMLOCK, PALM, SUMO/SUMO2, BARTS, TURKS, CAICOS, CAYMAN, ARUBA. More information about X.Org can be found at: This package is built from the xf86-video-ati driver module.
    This update contains 2 packages: xserver-xorg-video-ati xserver-xorg-video-radeon

    4. xserver-xorg-video-intel
    This package provides the driver for the Intel i8xx and i9xx family of chipsets, including i810, i815, i830, i845, i855, i865, i915, i945 and i965 series chips. This package also provides XvMC (XVideo Motion Compensation) drivers for i810/i815 and i9xx and newer chipsets. This package is built from the xf86-video-intel driver module.

    5. xserver-xorg-video-neomatic
    This package provides the driver for Neomagic MagicGraph chipsets, which are commonly found in laptops. More information about X.Org can be found at: This package is built from the xf86-video-neomagic driver module.

    6. xserver-xorg-video-nouveau
    This driver for the X.Org X server (see xserver-xorg for a further description) provides support for NVIDIA Riva, TNT, GeForce, and Quadro cards. This package provides 2D support including EXA acceleration, Xv and RandR. 3D functionality is provided by the libgl1-mesa-dri package. This package is built from the xf86-video-nouveau driver.

    7. xserver-xorg-video-sisusb
    This package provides the driver for SiS USB-attached video devices. More information about X.Org can be found at: This package is built from the xf86-video-sisusb driver module.

    8. xserver-xorg-video-trident
    This package provides the driver for Trident Blade/Image/ProVidia/TGUI/9xxx video cards. More information about X.Org can be found at: This package is built from the xf86-video-trident driver module.

    9. xserver-xorg-video-vmware
    This package provides the driver for VMware client sessions, i.e. if Linux is running inside a VMware session. More information about X.Org can be found at: This package is built from the xf86-video-vmware driver module.

    10. linux-firmware
    This package provides firmware used by Linux kernel drivers.

    This Upgrade will triger additional changes

    The following 23 packages will be removed

    girl 1.2-clutter -1.0
    girl 1.2-cogl-1.0
    girl 1.2-coglpango-1.0
    girl 1.2-gtkclutter-1.0
    girl 1.2-muffin-1.0
    girl 1.2-totem-1.0


  115. clem

    i hope that you can do something and tell us which update is the problem.
    i don’t know that.

    Edit by Clem: I’d say you applied some mesa updates and not others (btw, it told you it was going to remove Cinnamon..). In any case, it’s easy to fix: apt install mint-meta-cinnamon mint-meta-codecs

  116. Hi Clem,

    Since there are issues in mintdoc, is it possible to update the documentation on the website using the PO templates?
    The simplified Chinese user guide is still in version 16 now.
    In addition, many people in either Taiwan or Hong Kong have trouble reading simplified Chinese.
    However, we are not able to do the conversion to traditional Chinese on PDF files using either browser addons or word processors.
    It will be very helpful for new users to try Linux Mint by providing updated documentation with more native languages before the mintdoc problem is fixed.

    Finally, I have upgraded to LM17.1RC and I am surprised to find out how much faster it is while adding so many new features.
    No issue is found til now.
    Thanks a lot to the develop team and hopefully LM can keep growing in both usability and popularity.

    Best Regards!

  117. I’ve found a more serious bug.
    When installing 17.1 32bit onto a clean HDD,
    I selected to encrypt my home folder.
    This automatically created an encrypted swap partition,
    but on restart, the swap partition was inactive.
    This was true both on a VMWare virtual machine as well as on a Mac mini 2,1.

    The fix was to edit /etc/crypttab and delete the UUID info of the swap partition and instead use the traditional /dev/sdaX location.
    After doing that, encrypted swap worked.

  118. @Clem – On Bill’s comments about a possible memory leak in Mint 17.1 RC/Cinnamon 64-bit. I noticed pretty much the same thing last night after I installed and updated the above RC on my desktop PC. Using either Firefox or Google Chrome increases the memory used by the Cinnamon process each time the browser(s) are started and used. And the Cinnamon process does not give up the memory once the browsers are shut down. Each successive use of the browsers increases the amount of the Cinnamon process memory that much higher.

    Note: I only see this with the 64-bit version. The 32-bit version doesn’t appear to exhibit this problem.

  119. @Bill (45)

    What’s your conky configuration? What’s in your .conkyrc file?

    Your desktop looks really cool!! I’d like to duplicate it, then personalize it.

  120. There is a major bug in the RC of 17.1. When installing from USB an error pops up saying that squashfs cannot be read. I have tried redownloading the ISO several times and have used different USB drives. I have used the USB Image Writer in Mint and the Pendrive Linux program in WIndows. I am unable to insall Mint 17.1 RC from a USB drive. I am currently running 17.1, which is a nice update to 17.0, but I had to install it from a DVD which worked flawlessly.

    So, I am wondering, has anyone else encountered this issue as far as being unable to install Mint 17.1 from USB? I did not have any issues installing 17.0 from USB. The error, as said before, happens when it begins to load and it says it cannot find or mount squashfs. I am unable to do anything at that point except hold down the power button on my PC.

    Thanks all for reading and I hope you can help with this issue. Mint 17.1 is beautiful and I’m sure this bug will be worked out for the final release. Thats why this is a “Release Canidate”.

    Edit: Also, my accuweather widget does not remember the place on the desktop it was after reboot. It always goes back to the top left corner. Finally, when I boot into the desktop it seems to be jumpy and gitchy for a moment, hard to explain. It happens after I login, graphics seem to flicker for a moment.

    MY system specs are Intel i7 4770k 3.GHz, 8GB RAM, ATI 7570 1GB video RAM

    Edit by Clem: “squashfs cannot be read” that indicates a corrupted download or DVD/Stick. Make sure to check the MD5, and burn at low speed, or use mintstick for USB sticks.

  121. Clem – On a follow up to my previous comment (137), this crashing does not happen on my desktop PC which has an Nvidia GT 430 video card which uses the “recommended” Nvidia driver (331.38). The laptop is running the 32 bit version of Mint 17.1 RC/Cinnamon where the desktop is running the 64 bit version.

    On the laptop, a sure way to crash Cinnamon(?) is to start either Chrome or Firefox and go to the following page (Google Chrome home page). On my ThinkPad R61 with an Intel GPU, the above page comes up blank. 3 to 5 seconds later the display goes black (at this point I assume Cinnamon crashed). I have to force a power down at this point.

  122. On 17.1RC for 5 days now. Small problems only:
    1) Kstars does not start anymore. No idea why… Still works in Qiana.
    2) Weather widget does not switch to french when installed. OK, in Qiana.
    3) Does not see my bluetooth mouse’s battery level. OK, in Qiana.

    Apart from those, works alright.


  123. Linux Mint 17.0 64-bit

    I tried this site using Firefox:
    and like yours the system froze.

    After restart I re-opened Firefox
    only to have the black screen return
    and another system freeze.

    Restart again… this time using terminal:
    firefox -safe-mode
    cleared all history, and it is working again.

  124. Forgot some details:
    Toshiba Satellite m205
    1.66 GHz
    2 GB RAM
    Firefox 33.0
    Intel Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller

    The page works fine using an ACER C720 Chromebook!


  125. Hello everybody!

    Unfortunately Okular does not work well after install via Software Center or Synaptik. When I try to open a pdf document two messages appears:

    “Coul not open xx/xx/pdf.” and “Could not find a plugin which is able to handle the document being passed.”

    Also the content of navigation panel seems not complete (miss Icons) and no translation in my language.
    I need Okular for tabbing and the annotating toolbar.


    Edit by Clem: apt install kdelibs-bin kdelibs5-data kdelibs5-plugins

  126. clem

    it told you it was going to remove Cinnamon

    yes but i thought that will be replaced not removed! nobody expect a thing like this! i’m not a developer to know precisely what mesa is. the upstream should know the consequences and the question is why? they don’t know what are they doing or don’t care about?
    please speak with them not to do something like this because cinnamon is here like desktop environment if they like or not and the people are using it.
    thank you for everything!

    Edit by Clem: It’s not like they’re doing it on purpose… there are 60,000 packages in there and millions of users with very different habits, configurations and sets of installed packages. We already filter updates and give them levels (this one is a level 4 updates), on top of that we warn the user when packages are being removed, on top of that (in 17.1) we no longer let you perform incomplete upgrades (basically in 17.1 you’d upgrade the entire mesa, not just some of it)… the next step would be to prevent you completely from upgrading things if it removed components we deemed important (Cinnamon for instance)… the problem with that, is that you’re the one to know if Cinnamon is important to you. We can prevent that from happening.. I mean I don’t like the idea too much, this is starting to sound like Apple to me, but we can look into it and consider a safeguard in mintupdate which would prevent removals (we’d make that configurable as well I guess). In the meantime though you can’t tell me you’re not supposed to know what mesa is, and at the same time go out of your way, enable level 4 updates and update it. You certainly have a point and we will consider it, but you’ve also blindly applied updates we recommended against here.

  127. mint 17.1 cinnamon 2.4.3

    -no menu on the desktop. to change the wallpaper i have to go in system settings.
    -faience has some problems with 17.1
    -a have 4 workplaces but sometimes i have freezes when i move programs from one to another. (updates, libreoffice and nero were open)
    -software manager freezes. after 7-8 programs installations quit the job with “the package x could not be installed”.
    after restart it works again but with the same problem.

  128. Hi Clem and Team,

    Linux Mint 17.1 is gorgeous, the best Mint so far! Appreciate your hard work!

    I found one minor bug… I use a 64-bit Mint, Cinnamon edition with Bulgarian localization, when i select an image, with right mouse click, and choose “Use as wallpaper…”, happened something strange… A default Mint wallpaper loaded, instead the chosen one!

    This is never happened with older Mint versions. I take a look on “set-as-background.nemo_action” and everything looks good, maybe is a bug on gschema. I tryed to use a gchema set via terminal, to change the wallpaper, and again the default wallpaper appear, instead this on my set…

    Can someone to reproduce and confirm that?

    Thank You!

  129. Guess I’d better use an S. after my name because there are 2 Bill’s here, both typing o Kirk. I’m the Bill with the possible memory leak.
    Just wanted to say, Clem, I heard your warnings at least 3 times to wait for the STABLE Cinnamon. So I made a backup of Cinnamon 17 and partitioned my HD to test 17.1. No problems that way, thanks for the warnings.

  130. i have a suggestion about Blog:
    it is better to make new posts in blog’s first page shorter and add the option (for example “read more”) to read complete post.

  131. when i tried moving over a 1000 music files
    from a folder inside the music folder the entire explorer system
    gets unstable,
    ive always loved this release because is the most stable, nice and user friendly, but until you dont enable a little feedback space
    you will never know how to make this os better
    if you only give us a way to send feedback friendly
    you guys wont have to think on new ideas we will give them to you.

  132. The network icon shows as unconnected, even when it is obviously connected. Minor nuisance, but just thought I’d mention it.

  133. @Bill (156) – You’re Toshiba has the same GPU chipset that my ThinkPad R61 has. Nice to know you could duplicate the problem. By the way, what GPU does your Acer C720 have?

    Now we need someone with a different Intel GPU chipset to test this out and see if it happens with them. It could be that a newer Intel GPU, with 17.1 RC/Cinnamon using the same default kernel might not experience the same problem?

    Anyway, the problem is real enough. I may switch to a previous kernel and see what happens (point release that is, not the previous major update like 3.12 from 3.14).

    Thanks for the conformation.

  134. @Bill – By the way, I had already started Firefox with a completely clean profile and it did not solve the problem. And I always clear everything except form (username only) history every time I close Firefox.

    And the same thing happens using Google Chrome as well. That plus someone else on another form thread was mentioning that 17.1 RC/Cinnamon was crashing using Chrome when they attempted to load the Chrome App Store page to add and extension. I checked this myself and it does crash the system in apparently the same way both browsers do when attempting to load ‘’.

    And I can’t believe I misspelled “confirmation”.

  135. @166 Kirk

    There are 2 Bill’s now posting. I am Bill S. and had the firefox memory leak. Then there is the other Bill with the google site crash. 😉

  136. re: two Bills
    I will be Bill M (155)
    I responded with Linux Mint 17.0 + Toshiba + Firefox crash on the site:

    @Kirk M (164)
    Acer C720 Chromebook
    Intel Celeron 2955U 1.4 GHz (Haswell micro-architecture)
    This is all I could find about the GPU so far:
    Intel HD Graphics (integrated) (1366 x 768)

  137. Hi Clem,
    today you wrote on the roadmap under section “can’t reproduce”:
    In Nemo when I use the option “Open as Root” appears the ROOT icons of Computer and ROOT Home on the desktop and can browse the hole computer as root from there without any password even after I closed the original Nemo.

    I’ve got this issue, too. Desktop setting is “no icons”, language is German. Open Nemo, right click, choose “open as root” -> on the desktop are some nemo icons now who open all with root rights without asking for the password!

    Edit by Clem: It’s fixed now. Mtwebster was able to reproduce and fix the issue.

  138. Do you use Linux Kernel 3.17.4 Stable in his final versions?
    I hope to clear error the final version to be truly number 1 in the world.
    Do you and when to release versions of XFCE and LMDE?

    Edit by Clem: Xfce/KDE usually in December, LMDE 2 Betsy in Spring 2015.

  139. About the so-called crash I’ve been reporting. It does indeed exist as I described but it has nothing to do with Cinnamon or 17.1 RC. My guess is that the latest drivers for the old Intel Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (HD3000) are not completely compatible any longer.

    I’ve tried both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Linux Mint 17.1 RC, both Cinnamon (installed) and MATE editions (live session), Linux Mint 17/Cinnamon (live session) and Manjaro 0.8.10/XFCE (live session) and the display goes blank as I described previously with all distros.

    I have Linux Mint 16/Cinnamon 2.0 (32-bit) installed on a second identical R61 and it can render `` without a problem using Firefox or Chrome. However, it also exhibits the exact same problem as the first R61 using live sessions of the above mentioned distros.

    More than likely, the old ThinkPad R61s with Intel onboard graphics are beginning to reach EOL as far as latest drivers are concerned. It’s just rendering of a few things that apparently kills the GPU at the moment. I’ll continue to stay with Linux Mint 17/Cinnamon 32-bit on the R61 for now and upgrade to 17.1 when it becomes stable. We’ll see what happens from there.

  140. Just a quick High 5 on this RC, wonderful really just a wonderful desktop. Been running on an HP ProBook 650 and not one issue. Thanks Clem and team for all your good work.

  141. Thanks for what looks to be another great release; all the hard work is much appreciated.

    Wireless issue: 17.1 Cinnamon (Lenovo X1Carbon)

    This has been raised elsewhere:

    I can view the various wireless networks that are available and when I select one from the applet the Networking windows is opened. All networks are shown with a ‘play’ button (arrow). When I select a protected network (mine), symbol turns infinitely without connecting.

    If I select an unprotected network, a ‘preferences’ button appears and I can add security info (e.g., LEAP, WPA, WPA2).

    Interestingly I tried the Mate 17.1 RC release just a few days ago and I was able to connect to the same protected network.

  142. I have the issue with Okular also. This is very close o a show stopper.
    I am thinking about reverting to Qiana.


    Edit by Clem: apt install kdelibs-bin kdelibs5-data kdelibs5-plugins

  143. 17.1 RC runs fine on sable (system76). Impressive software! Every time I install software from the software-center, the installation starts well, but at the end of the installation I get a warning that the installation wasn’t successful due to internet-problems. However all packages are installed as expected.

  144. @Marianne 158
    @François Proulx 178

    I also ran into these error messages. I installed the kate editor and the problem was fixed!

  145. Hello,

    First of all, thanks a lot for this work – I’ve tried 17.1 for one week so far and it is really great.

    One issue though : since I am still desperatly trying to get a decent cd ripper, I realized that my external dvd-rom player didn’t work at all on 17.1 (Samsung SE-208). No ripper work, even Banshee, just for reading would not work – it strangely mounts many cd-rom (a bit more than track number…) – and slows down Mint and would eventually crash. It says it cannot find the player / cannot read.

    No issue on v17.

    I had both versions on kernel 3.13.39 (only difference is v17 on SSD and v17.1 on a hd 7200tr/min – not sure if it is important though…)

    But again, thanks a lot, Linux Mint is the OS that will let me close the window,



  146. Hi all,

    Nemo related bug.

    Whenever I copy a large file from my system (with SSD) to my NAS (1 GigaBit network) with HDD the progress bar halts and blocks Nemo *and* the desktop.

    So something is blocking despite being an ultrafast read and relatively fast write.
    Basically the same scenario when I copy to the internal HDD.

    I think this was also in C2.2 but maybe someone can have a look ?


  147. Hi, to upgrade from Linux Mint 17 to linux mint 17.1 RC, should I replace “trusty” with “utopic” ? Thanks

    ps: what are the files to edit (sources, etc…)?

    Edit by Clem: They’re given by “inxi -r”. Don’t replace trusty though, both 17 and 17.1 use trusty, not utopic.

  148. Hi everybody

    The problem with Okular is really disturbing. Re-installing Okular did not work and Kstars is still not working. These are KDE based programs.

    Decided to revert back to Qiana and try to move to Rebecca only when a stable upgrade pack is released.


    Edit by Clem: apt install kdelibs-bin kdelibs5-data kdelibs5-plugins (just a short explanation here, it looks like a regression in KDE 4.14… this probably affects many KDE apps but it shouldn’t affect the KDE edition. Basically, your KDE app won’t work correctly until you run kbuildsyscoca4… that command is part of kdelibs-bin, I also made you install kdelibs5-data kdelibs5-plugins for good measures and to trigger that command in postinst so you don’t have to run it yourself).

  149. I use okular in Qiana Mate to fill in IRS tax forms. If okular doesn’t work in Rebecca, I can’t upgrade.

    Edit by Clem: apt install kdelibs-bin kdelibs5-data kdelibs5-plugins

  150. @comment-#120-Jack-Diluted:

    (this comment-reply is directed towards his comments “As someone who is pretty new to Linux; it seems like your first love. When my old Compaq went and I had to save a little money – I fell in love with Linux after being a Windows user for life (and bashing Apple, more of a Dork than Nerd 🙂 ) anyhow – I was using MATE 32 – and just as an observation – I wish the entire Linux community could just get behind one project, I hear talk of all sorts of odd off-shoots and 4 different platforms for a VERY SMALL MARKET SHARE.”).

    apparently you don’t seem to get[/understand] one of the beauties of Linux: since the source-code is open (ie. anyone can see it, view it, access it, change it, modify it, etc. etc., and share their changes [freely and openly] (ie. like “free beer” AND “free speech”) with others), there’s many different “versions”/”distros”/”distributions”/”tastes”/”flavors”/whatever-you-want-to-call-it. And if, after going through all the hodgepodge of distros and you STILL don’t find one you like [and/or that suits your tastes], you can make your own (and if you don’t know Computer-languages and/or Computer-Programming, you can find others to help you make your own distro. (like YouTube-user “Spatry Cup-of-Linux” did and YouTube-user “Matthew-Moore” did)).

    >(i am referring to @Jack-Diluted’s comments “I wish the entire Linux community could just get behind one project, I hear talk of all sorts of odd off-shoots and 4 different platforms for a VERY SMALL MARKET SHARE.”

  151. About the crash on visiting the Chrome store: this happens to be, on Chromium (as against Chrome) not on Linux under Rebecca *but also on Windows 8.1*. I think it is a Chrome/Chromium – or Chrome Web Store – problem.

  152. I though Mint 17 was so good I wasn’t going to upgrade (Linux has grown up a lot it the last few year). Then after a little disk drive issue I needed to reinstall. I thought that I may as well try out the new version.

    All I can say is *beautiful*

  153. Okay, I am a newbie at this technical stuff. I was referred to your site by someone else. I have an old laptop that was running XP. Haven’t used it for a couple years. Decided to take it out of moth balls. Brought it up–Everything fine. Decided to start doing automatic updates to get the latest—black background screen saying that my copy of XP was not genuine. It had been genuine for almost 8 years so I do not know what happened. It even has a sticker on the bottom with the product key on it, but I don’t know how to use that to get anything back.

    I submitted an email to another site. I got one response that suggested I go to this site and download the Linux Mint software and install it. But how do I do all of this? I will download it on my desktop and then my plan was to put it on a USB and plug it into my laptop. Can I do this? Ideally I would like to keep the data and programs I presently have installed on the PC but wipeout XP. But if necessary, I can start from scratch and wipe everything out.

    I really need help on this. My laptop is a Dell Lattitude C840 model number PP01X if that helps any.

    Edit by Clem: Hi David, welcome to Linux. This should help to get started :

  154. What do I have to do to upgrade from 17 to 17.1?

    Edit by Clem: We’ll update your update manager and your sources configuration tool for you post-release. We’ll then make announcements when it’s ready and you should then just have to click a button to perform the upgrade.

  155. BillybT: I think it is not Linux Mint problem….if you watch youtube videos, flash eats about 60 proc. CPU. So, PC overheating, freazing and restarting…I prefer use SMplayer youtube browser. Very lightweight program.

  156. Using Linux Mint 17.1 RC, when I install the My-Weather Apt, I don’t see it in the panel. It’s running and I see it as a task, but there isn’t anything on the panel for me to view or select. It’s possible I may have removed an applet necessary for the weather apt to work properly. If so, I don’t know what I’ve done.

    On another note, Linux Mint 17.1 is a wonderful Christmas gift this year. It makes me want to go and get a cup of hot chocolate. 🙂

  157. Using Firefox on both machines.

    Re-tried this site:
    that crashed the Toshiba Satellite M205 notebook.

    With this HP Compaq nc6220 notebook – NO crash.

    HP Compaq nc6220 notebook
    Linux Mint 17.0 32-bit
    CPU 32-bit single core – Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 2.00GHz
    RAM 1gb (512×512)
    Mobile 915GM/GMS/910GML Express Graphics Controller (1400×1050)

    Toshiba Satellite M205 notebook
    Linux Mint 17.0 64-bit
    CPU 64-bit – Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5450 @ 1.66GHz
    RAM 2gb (1024×1024)
    Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (1280×800)

  158. The problem: on startup (on Mint 17 x64 on a Dell Latitude D830) my *ethernet and wireless show as connected but neither can actually connect*. I can ping numeric address but not string addresses (e.g. not ‘’). Disconnecting and reconnecting (either via network manager or terminal) solves the problem – but only until the next reboot.

    The problem may owe to the release candidate or perhaps to the recent nightly builds (for I am using the latter). Alternatively, the problem may lie altogether elsewhere. I wonder whether anyone else trying out Rebecca has had the problem?


    Edit by Clem: That sounds like a missing or misconfigured DNS, you should talk with your network administrator (otherwise you can add “nameserver” to /etc/resolv.conf, or edit /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head to make this permanent).

  159. I can use this OS when i start it from USB drvie.
    However , I can not use this OS after install it to HDD.
    I found this error when start the LinuxMint => “Failed to start the X server ( your graphical interface ).

    How to solve this error ?

    My Notebook spec ==> ACER Aspire 4745G , core i3 , ATI Radeon HD5650

    Thank you

  160. @ #194, David,

    Use the forum #203 suggested; but short answer is:

    If you wipe XP, all the programs will be lost. To keep using those programs look into WINE ( You basically will use WINE to install those XP programs, but it is not a guarantee that all your programs will work. Another option is to find OpenSource Linux equivalents of those XP programs (for MS Office use LibreOffice, for Photoshop use GIMP, for MS Outlook use Thunderbird).

    As for data, boot into Linux Mint Live CD (or Live USB), mount the drive (or partition) where your data is (usually launching the file browser and clicking on the drive/partition should work). Then copy your data to a USB drive. If the data is a well know format (.pdf, .jpg, .doc, etc) you should be OK opening them in Linux. But if you have some crazy formats then it might be tougher.

    Also, if you have MS Outlook e-mail you will need to do more research to see if you can import all that into Thunderbird. Or you can try MS Office/Outlook using WINE.

  161. @Bill M (#199) – Well, With your last comment it seems that as far as Intel based graphics are concerned, it looks like this problem my be isolated to the GM965/GL960 chipset. Rather strange since this chipset in my old R61s have never had a problem before. Also, Linux Mint 16/Cinnamon on my second R61 with identical hardware does not exhibit this problem. So what is it about Linux Mint 17/17.1 (Cinnamon or MATE) that causes this problem?

    I’ve manually installed the 3.11 Ubuntu mainline kernel which, I believe, is the kernel used in Linux Mint 16 and the problem still exists. The only thing I was unable to do was to try an older version of Mesa as I’m not sure how I would go about doing so.

  162. Okay, on the crashing problem that’s been discussed here. It doesn’t appear to have anything to do with Linux Mint 17/17.1 but everything to do with the Ubuntu 14.04 base. I downloaded Ubuntu 14.04, brought it up in a live session and the same crashing problem exists when attempting to render certain sites in either Chrome or Firefox. I’m using as a test site since it consistently causes the problem.

    However, downloading Ubuntu 14.10 and bringing it up in a live session, the problem does not exist–‘’ renders without a problem, no crashes.

    What seems to be happening with the 14.04 base is unclear but it could be a GM965/GL960 GPU lock up or Cinnamon crashing due to some error the browser is causing or that the browser is crashing a certain way causing the display to disappear. I can’t pin it down but I did try a few things with Linux Mint 17.1 RC/Cinnamon on my R61 laptop.

    Do not try this yourself unless you want to end up reloading Mint from scratch..

    On Linux Mint 17.1 RC I downloaded and manually installed the 3.16.6 kernel (same kernel as in Ubuntu 14.10). Rebooted.

    At this point, when attempting to render ‘’, Cinnamon crashes and restarts in software rendering mode. Cinnamon cannot be restarted. Logging out and back in Cinnamon immediately crashes and restarts in software rendering mode.

    To further test, I then added the “ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers” PPA which updates mesa, xorg-xserver-video-intel, linux-firmware among other related packages (levels 4 and 5 enabled in MintUpdate). I did this to bring any other video components up to date along-side the 3.16 kernel. It actually updates the above packages to newer version than found in 14.10 but I wasn’t worried about it that much as this was just an experiment.

    Once everything was updated , I rebooted.

    At this point in testing, there’s an occasional display glitch but most of the updated packages are development versions so it’s to be expected. However, when attempting to render ‘’ in Firefox for example, it’s Firefox that crashes and not Cinnamon. I still can’t find anything in the error logs yet.

    In short, all this proves is that Linux Mint 16/Ubuntu 13.10 and Ubuntu 14.10 do not exhibit this problem. Ubuntu 14.04 and Linux Mint 17/17.1 does exhibit this problem.

    Food for thought?

  163. Hi everyone

    @Clem: Zut!!! I have already re-installed Qiana. Oh, well, thanks for the fix. I will try it if it’s still present after the release update.

    Just noticed: on my 1st installation of 17, the weather applet was autimatically translated in french on installation. But not on my 17.1RC installation AND on my new 17 installation. Not a problem but strange.

    Also, on 17.1RC, my bluetooth mouse’s (Rapoo dual mode) battery level was not seen. It’s OK in 17. In both cases the mouse worked as advertized but with a 0% battery level warning on the RC.

    As I said somewhere before: after I rejected Unity I tried Linux Mint 14 and never looked back. Fantastic work team.


  164. The language-packages are broken, f.i. GIMP is working in english, although the gimp-setting is set to system-language, which is dutch in my case. It looks that only GIMP is affected. If you click on the button install/remove languages an error-message in red on top of the menu states that some language-packets are missing.

    The language-menu from the general settings pops up rather slowly. One has the intention to click several times due to the unresponsiveness of the menu => several language-menu’s pop up at the same time.

  165. Installation hangs/freezes repeatedly (10 times) in different places: install icon clicked, before and after…
    Linux Mint 17.1 (RC, 64-Bit Cinnamon)
    Hpdx2450 microtower, on-board video, no cards.

  166. Clem & team,

    Great work on Mint 17.1! I’m running the Cinnamon version and upgraded to the 3.16 kernel version. No problems thus far!

    Quick question: Can I update to stable without having to re-install?

    Again, fantastic work on another great release.

  167. Hello,
    My computer is an old AMD64 dual processor with old nvidia integrated. I had freezes installing 17.1, fixed by using noveau.noaccel.
    Then freezes on the installed system. I fixed this by booting into recovery mode, then choosing resume normal boot. This loaded nouveau apparently with the noaccel=1 option, as I got a warning about software rendering. Then I was able to run Synaptic and install (in my case nvidia 173). After that I had to run nvidia-xconfig, and all seems to work fine. Hope that makes sense & helps someone. Regards, John

  168. Linux Mint keep crashing while installing. It says “The installer encountered an error copying files to the hard disk:

    [Errno 5] Input/output error

    This is often due to a faulty CD/DVD disk or drive, or a faulty hard disk. It may help to clean the CD/DVD, to burn the CD/DVD at a lower speed, to clean the CD/DVD drive lens (cleaning kits are often available from electronics suppliers), to check whether the hard disk is old and in need of replacement, or to move the system to a cooler environment.”

    This never happen on me…please fix it….now…I’m accidentally delete my Lubuntu 14.10 and only can access an OS (Linux Mint) only via USB. HELP!!!! :'(

  169. Hi,
    I couldn’t get suspend to work properly in Mint 17 Cinnamon. On the other hand it works perfectly in the Debian version, which I ended up using. Will it be possible to fix this in 17.1?


  170. Pressing any of the functions keys on my thinkpad w530 immediately freezes the desktop and I have to do a hard shutdown by holding the power button down.

  171. thank you very much clem! now okular and gwenview are working.
    the problem is that i still don’t have the desktop menu. for the beginning it was ok but after the installation of the programs i need disappeared. install again 17.1?

    Grafic card NVIDEA Geforce 210 ( GT 218 )
    CPU AMD Phenom II X 4 B55

    Installed Cinnamon Version 32bit , installation w/o any probs .
    Runs smooth , great work , thanks Clem and crew

  173. Nemo/Cinnamon seems to lose it’s keybindings when Remmina (RDP) is in use.
    I have to shift focus to another workspace (without a Remmina screen) and back to regain it.
    I.e. : F5 doesn’t refresh the file-list, do the switching and it works again…

    Gedit (Don’t know it’s even in your ballpark) seems to forget to ‘show’/interpret the last CR/LF in a textfile.
    One would expect that the last-line would look empty if the previous one ended with it.
    Geany works correctly.

    If you want to open a file in Nemo with another application (Open with) you can’t double-click to use it.
    One has to highlight the choice and press ‘OK’.
    There are also a lot of identical choices under the heading ‘Other Applications’.
    They might be doing something else but they all show under the same name.
    I.e. : I have Banshee listed three times (together).
    Makes for a very long list this way.
    (And I don’t even use Banshee 🙂 )

  174. Hi Clem and Team,

    On Windows 7, 8,… When press Win key (Supper key) + number key (as 1, 2, 3,…), then open Application have been add to taskbar (order by Application).

    Cinnamon has Panel same Taskbar on Windows and can also add apps to Panel, so I think if implement “this feature” will convenient to user so much.

    Hung Nguyen, from Vietnam.

  175. Hello,

    I noticed an error regarding the request of the system password to perform administrative tasks. If I type a wrong password, the window will close without showing a message, that the password is incorrect. I use the Cinnamon desktop with the language “Deutsch”. When I change the language in the login screen to “British English” or “American English”, this error does not occur.

    Best regards, Ingo

  176. Hi Team.
    In Mint 17 my wifi card usb with Realtek 8187 don’t work. Find my modem and sometimes connect with it, but when i try firefox, never open a page.

    Now i try 17.1 and hope it work.

    Sorry for my bad English.

  177. Hello, All

    Very pleased. Just one little thing – in Gimp, all of the menu bar entries except “File” are invisible. Clicking on the correct part of the menubar opens the menu, and the open menu is visible and works properly. I have not found this behaviour in any other application.

  178. If im using my laptop (or probably any computer with Bluetooth)to stream music trough bluetooth and connected to wifi (Spotify) at the same time (wifi as internet connection) it will work a while and then wifi will cut out and stop working. I think this is upstream issue though since i know more users on other distributions (Ubuntu) having the same issue. I belive its present in Ubuntu also. I think its a problem mostly with wifi because that seems to quit working first. It would be great if it would be solved and fixed in Mint first because its the greatest OS ever created. Simple to use,fast and a joy for the eyes to look at because it looks great.

  179. Hi, i try 17.1 and my wifi usb not work.

    Bus 001 Device 004: ID 0bda:8187 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8187 Wireless Adapter.

  180. LM 17.1 RC Cinnamon 64-bit LiveCD

    – Nemo in full screen mode + Hot Corners (enabled Right Top corner and Hover Enabled, Icon Visible). Icon Hot Corner cover Nemo Close Window button.
    – Nemo don’t show information about functionality buttons: Minimize Window, Restore Window, Close Window (very handy for beginner or elderly PC user)
    – Nemo don’t show connected printer
    – In All Settings-Networking. I don’t see Mobile Broadband option
    – In Cinnamon Panel don’t be option add panel right or left side


  181. Clem,

    I’m a long time user of Mint Cinnamon and have always installed the RC’s and enjoyed doing that but, I am taking your advice this time and waiting on the final release to install 17.1.

    I have everything perfect, to my tastes, as far as customizations go with Cinnamon 17. But, I don’t want to stay with 17 because I enjoy the new features and advancements in every release.

    My question to you, which I haven’t read anything about,is what do you personally consider the most appropriate and safe and hassle-free way to update to the final version of 17.1?

    If it were you, would you download the ISO and do it like we’ve always done it or would you do it with the update manager? Are there any disadvantages with the update manager route? Is it less reliable or are you likely to run into trouble before you would just by burning a DVD and installing?

  182. today i received an update noted as 3 for nautilul. for cinnamon is not needed as far as i know.
    should be ignored or not? what are the updates we don’t need to have in the system?

  183. Install 17.1 both cinnamon and mate and both are working great and flawlessly on their respective machines. Great Job!

  184. @208 Kirk M
    Have exact same crash with in FF and Chrome as you using same chipset.
    agpgart-intel 0000:00:00.0: Intel 965GM Chipset

    Happens with Mint 17 and 17.1. Started a few weeks back and is incredibly annoying…. Thought the update to 17.1 would resolve but no.

  185. I am also experiencing crashes using Firefox to try and download Chrome. Insert “Chrome” into the Firefox search bar and Firefox freezes and then the screen goes blank. Hard drive light is still flashing so the laptop is still alive but the screen is dead. I have reproduced this on two laptops so far and the only way to fix it is to remove Firefox using Terminal, reinstall it from the Software Center and install Chrome using Deb files downloaded from another PC.

    It is the word “chrome” in Firefox which triggers this. Very weird!

  186. Felipe with the Radeon HD 4000-serie card should try legacy drivers – new catalyst releases don’t have those old cards anymore

  187. Hi Clem and team, I need some help. I cannot boot 17.1 on Asus X551MAV model which comes with Windows 8.1×64 with Bing using UEFI BIOS. The boot starts, first screen appears when I can select normal and compatibilty mode, and after that, just black screen sits and nothing happens. I can’t disable UEFI BIOS option and go to Legacy since the latest BIOS also does not support that. On my desktop it boots just fine, so I don’t know what is the problem here. Which option I could try during boot?
    Thanks in advance

  188. I cannot download the recommended video driver nvidia-304!

    This breaks 17.1 RC for nvidia c68 [GeForce 7050] users. The default driver xserver-xorg-video-nouveau is unstable.

    When I boot from a 17 Quiana DVD the first thing I have to do is launch driver manager and download the recommended driver before my computer crashes. (I’d love the default to be the recommended driver, but thats another story, and 17Quiana is still usable). On 17.1RC the nvidia-304 driver will not download. I select it and hit Apply Changes, but after a few seconds the radio button switches back to nouveau. I tried nvidia-173. It downloaded ok, but my computer still crashed in the time it took me to write the first version of this message. I’m back on 17 now.

  189. Hi Clem at present i am using 17 “Qianna” Cinnamon.Should i upgrade this with new 17.1 “Rebecca” Cinnamon.

  190. Hi Guys,

    Sending this from the Rebecca Cinnamon RC – excellent work as usual.

    A minor Nemo issue:

    On a search results display, it only allows one change at a time to the columns displayed.
    e.g right-click on a column heading and unclick one of the default columns, e.g. Location it will be removed, as expected, but if you then right-click on a column heading again to select another column type to display/remove, the Location column has been re-ticked and will re-appear. The same happens with each of the default columns – it appears that you can only remove them temporarily and not add another column while they are removed.

    I found this while testing to see if my long standing request to allow ‘Date modified’ to be set as a default column on searches had been satisfied… I still request that there is a configuration option to select which columns should show up on a search result.

  191. Hi Clem and Team,

    On Cinnamon 17, 17.1, when I config to turn on show Pidgin icon on Panel, as image below:

    And after I reboot OS, then open Pidgin and result on Panel show bank place instead of Pidgin icon, as Image below:
    (bank place between Pin icon and Update icon)


    When I open “Personal File Sharing”, appear message italic as image below: (but not appear on Cinnamon 17)

  192. Is there any way to have context menu’s when you right click to play all? For example when using VLC in Windows you can right click and select play all in VLC. Just a thought. Not sure whether it is possible. My Daughter complained about it when i replaced Windows with Mint on the TV computer.

  193. @224 steve

    right click on the data you want to play. from the new window take “open with” and now choose the program and press “set as default”.

  194. after the installation of xorg edgers with this command the desktop menu gets lost
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa
    only after that the driver manager is working and i can chose nvidia driver in my case 340

  195. @245 Stevie — I achieve this with a one-line script (don’t know how well this will display here, but here goes):

    find “$1/” -type f -iregex ‘.*\.\(mp3\|ogg\|mpc\)’ -print0 | sort -z | xargs -r0 vlc –qt-start-minimized –one-instance –playlist-enqueue

    and a corresponding nemo action:

    [Nemo Action]

    Name=Enqueue with VLC
    Comment=Send %N to the VLC playlist.
    Exec=/path/to/ “%F”

    You may need to tweak it slightly (e.g. if you have files other than mp3/ogg/mpc), but this very quick and dirty solution works great for me.

  196. P.S. script seems to have survived reasonably well, except of course that the options to vlc should begin with two hyphens instead of the en-dash.

  197. Just for the record, the Requirements are incorrect.

    I downloaded this to put on my wife’s Acer Aspire One Netbook. It has an 8GB SSD. The requirements state:

    “5 GB of disk space (20GB recommended)”

    When I install, it stops and says I must have 8.2GB to install.

    You may want to edit that.

  198. Hi Clem and team,

    As always, you did a good job.

    Maybe you are interested in feedback regarding network-settings.
    ——-8 (hardware) networking -> mobile broadband
    I can set mobile broadband to on, IMEI is shown.
    But the drop-down network -> Add new connection does not show up anything. There is no way to add an APN here.

    $ lsusb
    Bus 003 Device 014: ID 12d1:1003 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. E220 HSDPA Modem / E230/E270/E870 HSDPA/HSUPA Modem


  199. Hi guys
    I’m running Mint 17 Cinnamon 64 bit and bluetooth isn’t supported at all, even with Blueman.
    Is this addressed in this new release?
    Thank you!

  200. I noticed that the ability to turn off “Recent Files” is not an option any more in the start menu. Is this just an oversight?

    Love Linux Mint Cinnamon

  201. FollowUp to comment #100:

    Hey Clem,

    since Cinnamon 2.4.5 this issue (blurred background on login) is fixed. Thumbs up!

    All the best,


  202. hi clem. i upgraded my linux mint 17 cinnamon 64 bit over the terminal with sudo sed -i s/qiana/rebecca/g /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade. i had all updates installed and kernel upgrade to 17.1 went with no errors. but right on the first start i found out, some of the startup programs dont load. on my system, comodo antivirus and update manager, both in startup applications, do load. the other entries, that are guake and ctrl-alt-backspace, dont load and therefore dont work. hope this gets fixed soon.

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