Linux Mint 17 “Qiana” Xfce released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 17 “Qiana” Xfce.

Linux Mint 17 Qiana Xfce Edition

Linux Mint 17 is a long term support release which will be supported until 2019. It comes with updated software and brings refinements and many new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use.

New features at a glance:

For a complete overview and to see screenshots of the new features, visit: “What’s new in Linux Mint 17 Xfce“.

Important info:

  • Bluetooth
  • Applet height
  • EFI Support
  • Solving freezes with some NVIDIA GeForce GPUs
  • Booting with non-PAE CPUs
  • Other issues

Make sure to read the “Release Notes” to be aware of important info or known issues related to this release.

System requirements:

  • x86 processor (Linux Mint 64-bit requires a 64-bit processor. Linux Mint 32-bit works on both 32-bit and 64-bit processors).
  • 512 MB RAM (1GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 10 GB of disk space
  • DVD drive or USB port

Upgrade instructions:

  • To upgrade from a previous version of Linux Mint follow these instructions.
  • To upgrade from the RC release, simply launch the Update Manager and install any Level 1 update available.


Md5 sum:

  • 32-bit: 7eb3b7e9261aa7fda811dae53f5ecb80
  • 64-bit: 2c0493720b703d5e0bd00d36979db0b5


HTTP Mirrors for the 32-bit DVD ISO:

HTTP Mirrors for the 64-bit DVD ISO:


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun with this new release!


  1. Hi Linux Mint Team,

    the torrent for the 64bit version has an availability of 0%. Please fix that issue.

    Thanks in advance,

    Edit by Clem: Hi veloc1ty, sorry about the delay. It’s beeing seeded at the moment but our seedbox hasn’t taken over just yet. You can expect the seeding to be significantly boosted in a few minutes once that happens.

  2. Cool! This is definitely the very best Xfce distro right now.

    Clean, elegant, complete. High quality, with all kinds of useful tools and tweaks: it’s amazing what you guys have managed to achieve with Xfce.

    Thanks a lot!

    Edit by Clem: Thanks. It’s our pleasure, Xfce’s a treat to work with.

  3. Great, I’ve been waiting for this to release it’s installing on my laptop now 😀
    I’m also going to be putting it on a couple of my sisters machines since they’ve been using Vista for the last few years and their machines have finally ground to a complete halt.

    Cheers guys

  4. Took only 6 minutes for bittorent to reach a 1:1 ratio. I’m going to leave bittorent up and see if I can get a 1:100 ratio on XFCE 17 64bit!

  5. Hello Clem and team, thanks for this great release.

    What are all these isos that have shown up in the community website? ( ) Cinnamon and MATE respins?

    Edit by Clem: There’s a few. We’ll make announcements shortly. KDE and Xfce aren’t affected. If you already installed the MATE and Cinnamon editions, you don’t need to reinstall either, but we had a few fixes we wanted to put there to provide people with a better out of the box experience and to avoid issues during the installation, so we made respins.

  6. this xfce 17 release is great and good looking too thanks clem and all of your member who put this release in our hands thanks

  7. Hi!

    @Monsta: Do you know when these respins will become available for downloading! I need to make a fresh install in a friend’s computer tomorrow night, and it would be better if I could use the newest ISOs

  8. I have an older inspiron laptop and some distros do not see my wifi card. Before I wipe out Mint 13 and try a new install of this Mint 17 xfce, does anyone know if we are having good success at seeing network cards? Or will I need as in the past a wired connection first?

    Edit by Clem: Well, if it’s a Broadcom there’s good news as the Driver Manager will now let you install the driver in offline mode.

  9. How come the XFCE and KDE forums were deleted? I sure hope they’re not being discontinued. XFCE is the only lightweight option that has run comfortably on my netbook. I’d hate to have to move to Lubuntu with how buggy it is.

    Edit by Clem: I heard Monsta and Xenopeek talk about this. It’s best you check with the moderation team directly, on the forums, but afaik they just organized things differently to make it easier for people to find information. As for the editions themselves, they’re not discontinued, far from it. In fact they just got released 🙂

  10. @mitros123: Ευχαριστώ Δημήτρη!
    Θα πάμε και παραπέρα (<8) ακόμα 🙂

  11. Hello, I’ve been a very long time time user of Linux Mint +4 years.

    I was wondering if the performance issues will be better on my laptop.
    It’s an old laptop which I use on a daily basis.

    I’m currently running MATE (Which I have been for 2 years now)
    But I sometimes experience freezes and lag.

    Will the Xfce version be better for my laptop?

    Keep up the good work! Best distribution ever.

  12. Bonjour

    Merci Clem pour cette excellente distribution avec XFCE, ma préférée pour toute machine sans 3D. Toutefois, n’y a-t-il pas un peu double emploi entre XFCE et MATE ?

    Edit by Clem: Non, je ne pense pas. Pour moi il s’agit d’une question de gout, et d’un sentiment de confort. Quel DE vous permet de vous sentir chez vous? Certains preferent les bananes, d’autres les mangues.. on pourrait surement trouver assez de points communs entre les fruits rouges pour contester le besoin d’en avoir autant. Xfce et MATE sont similaires sur bien des points, cela ne nous empeche pas de les apprecier independemment. De notre cote, en tant que distribution, il s’agit aussi d’une question de popularite. Il y’a une demande pour ces 2 bureaux et donc nous sommes heureux d’y repondre. Si la demande baissait, et dans ce cas seulement, nous devrions alors nous poser cette question. Ce fut le cas dans le passe, notamment entre LXDE et Xfce et nous ne pouvions continuer a supporter les deux. A l’heure actuelle, les fans de MATE adorent MATE, les fans de Xfce adorent Xfce, et ils sont assez nombreux pour justifier la maintenance de deux editions separees.

  13. It’s definitely the best distro for the end user! It’s stable, safe and has a nice long term support.


  14. @Bill: Hi Bill. You can try Mint 17 with a live cd first so you can see if your WiFi works. If it does, then you can wipe out Mint 13 Maya.
    It works OK with my laptop’s WiFi.


  15. Discovered xfce after a lot of DE hopping. Added a little Mint, et voila: the perfect mix… Clem and team: thank you so much for your dedicated work!

  16. I’ve noticed that two bugs I reported (reboot after installation being broken, and the absent scrollbar arrows in Mint-X) are still present in the final version.

    Are these ‘won’t-fix’ or ‘can’t-fix’ bugs?

    Edit by Clem: Hi Nick. For the scrollbars, we’re looking into it with Joseph at the moment. It’s not really a bug, it’s a design decision. We got your feedback and we’re considering it. For the issue regarding reboot, I think it’s to do with modemmanager. It only happens for some people on some connections. We think it’s a race condition, it affects upstream… there are a few fixes available, we’re looking into it to see the best way to deal with it. It’s neither critical nor urgent though. The workaround for this is simply to remove modemmanager.

  17. I couldn’t wait, so I’ve already installed the LM17 MATE and then added all Xfce-stuff I could find via Synaptic.

    Is there any advantage in reinstalling this fresh ISO over my “old” MATE+Xfce-packages?

  18. @24 Clem:

    Thanks for your reply.

    It’s funny you say ‘some connections’ cause it, because it’s happened to me when I installed Linux Mint on a WIFI-connected AND on an offline computer.

    The workaround would only work for me if I could remove modemmanager from the ISO image.

    I do hope it gets fixed soon, since I don’t like forcing my poor old hard drive to perform an emergency power-off retraction every time I install an operating system.

  19. Chris I don’t think there is any advantage in reinstalling the fresh ISO if you install the mint-meta-xfce packages then I think it be about the same thing.

  20. Thank you so much for this!

    I have been very anxiously awaiting this release.
    I tried out Qiana Cinnamon and MATE but couldn’t stick with them. Gotta have my Xfce.

    Keep up the great work, and I’ll keep up the donations. 😉

  21. i think there is a bug in linuxmint 17 xfce rc. After i suspend, the mouse cursor is hidden for a while about 1 minute or more… how do i fix this bug?

  22. I noticed that the minimum RAM requirement is now 512 MB when it used to be 384 MB in previous versions. What is behind this, I don’t see any major changes compared to previous versions?

    Edit by Clem: I’ll be honest, it doesn’t relate proper benchmarks. The more apps you open up in the live session the more RAM you’ll need, and in the absence of swap you could be looking at a frozen installer half-way through. Because the media isn’t persistent, RAM is crucial here, not only for active memory (like in the case of an installed OS) but also for any file copy occurring on the live media. To give you an example, if you were to download a 10MB onto /home/mint/Downloads, that would translate into an additional 10MB RAM usage. The system writes logs, apps write configuration etc etc… Even if we were to measure the amount of RAM needed just by the installer itself, we couldn’t assume people wouldn’t run Firefox or anything heavy. For this reason I’d rather say 512MB and avoid unpleasant surprises. It might work for some people with less RAM of course, although if we’re looking at less than 512MB I’m not sure an Ubuntu base is the most suited. Slackware, Puppy.. there are better choices at play on very low specs. Xfce is indeed lighter but Linux Mint itself is designed for comfort and out of the box experience, not to generate the smallest footprint possible. You can see that in the software selection (LibreOffice, Thunderbird, Firefox among others).

  23. @ Clem : Thanks Clem, yes it is a Broadcom and installing the “firmware” driver fixed the problem. All automated with Driver Manager.

  24. Hats off, Clem and team!

    I can stay calm and happy for the next 5 years. 🙂
    Hope, Xfce team will finish 4.11 in the next half year … even if they don’t it is still the best DE out there. 5 year old Samsung and a young Ideapad (laptops) both work out of the box … without any additional configuration. With Cinnamon I had to tweak a bit … here – a song.
    All the hard work is appreciated!

  25. Hi, guys!
    Does LM’17 XFCE based on Ubuntu?
    As long as I remember, previous one was based on Xubuntu.
    Thank you for LM!

    Edit by Clem: Hi Peter, a few years ago Mint Xfce was handmade as a respin of the Mint GNOME ISO. It is now built directly from the Mint+Ubuntu repositories. I’m not sure how Xubuntu is produced although I think it’s built directly from the Ubuntu repositories and has nothing to do with the Ubuntu ISOs.

  26. Hello and congratulations for a nice release. I wish I stopped here but, I am sorry, there are two things that seem to be wrong:

    1. Shift+Del (either select or click Shift+LClick on Delete) on a file from Desktop will delete it permanently, but without a confirmation. If Thunar is opened on ~/Desktop (or any other folder), both approaches work normally. This is a minor thing, though.

    2. In wxMaxima, Ctrl+Z, C, A, V, etc, any shortcuts like these won’t work. If there is a single line, pressing ArrowDn will get the cursor to the end; so will End key. Now, pressing them will get the cursor to the end but the whole screen shifts the view. This may be minor to many, but to me it’s not quite so, I’m afraid.

    My guess is that this one is somehow related to the keyboard layout.

    Other very minor thing is with the gtk3 scrollbars, when not clicking on the cursor it simply shifts the view instantly where you clicked, now it behaves like gtk2, similar to PgUp/PgDn, I’m only mentioning it since I am already here, typing.

    All these happened with Cinnamon (seeing there was no Xfce then, I tried it) where I installed Xfce from repos. But then I waited for this release, thinking that these might be fixed and, unfortunately, they are the same. My laptop is a HP dv7-1053ez.

    If these are not singular cases, is there someone who can confirm them?

  27. Hi all,

    Great work, this distro! I installed the LM 17 Xfce RC version: do I have to update of upgrade to this final version, or has this already been done by the update manager?

    Thanks for the reply!


  28. Finally!!
    My favorite distro arrived!!!

    Thanks Clem (and his Awesome Team) for another 5 year of freedom!!!

  29. @Nick: 24 & 26

    I have found the best way to avoid a hard power-off after install is to choose the option of ‘Continue Testing’ instead of ‘Restart Now.’ Once you select that, you can then choose to restart from the menu, and thus avoid the lockup during the shutdown that necessitates the hard power-off.

  30. I’m giving Ubuntu a chance on and on, time and again. But… There is always something fundamentally wrong in means of “feel” and spirit, impression… Goes without saying; libdvdcss2 is not in as default. Put in a protected DVD that you bought and own, nothing useful happens. It’s 2014. Java, flash.. Not there either. How hard can it be to make all those & more to be a CHOICE during the installation of Ubuntu?

    It’s not an option to say “one can install these”. Joe Average gives Linux a one single shot, and if any basic stuff he needs is not there, it’s “F” this. Never mind if some codecs etc. are illegal in some countries; one should have a straight up possibility to CHOOSE during the installation to break ’em silly laws that should be changed already.

    Sorry about the rant!:-) –> I’m now SO HAPPY with Linux Mint 17 XFCE 64bit! Everything is there out-of-the-box and more. It’s beautiful, made with heart! The addition of LM -logo as “start button” on XFCE also, is like a cherry on the top of a near perfect cake…

    Thank you, kiitos, merci… Clement and team!

  31. @40 Thom W:

    Thanks for your suggestion. I tried this in Mint 16 (which had the same problem) and it didn’t work.

    Did you have the same problem and this solved it for you in Mint 17?

  32. Installed and the first thing I did was to add ppa: ppa:gottcode/gcppa then “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin” to update to version 1.4.0. Then I’ve changed settings to move the categories to the left side. Congratulations to the team everything works fine.

  33. @41 vrement:

    Windows 8 doesn’t support encrypted DVDs, flash or Java without installing extra software. And it doesn’t even have a decent default web browser either!

  34. Big thank you to the team for releasing Mint XFCE. Looks great.

    Only thing I was hoping was the removal of Xscreensaver and replaced with Light Locker.

    Any way to get Light Locker on?

  35. First time that I use the xfce and I like very mucht

    I noticed a few problems
    brightness can be managedn only from the applet (brightness plugin)
    but when I reboot the level is always at the minimum.

    sometimes I get a green image, every thing block and I have to restart my pc manually

    lm menu take a while to charge.

    Anyway thanks for your work

  36. This is the very first time I am using a Linux Distribution, instead of Windows Vista. My 6 years old Laptop is running very smooth and easy.With Linux Mint I have found a perfect system. Thanks to all at the LM Team.

  37. First thanks for a great distro (linuxmintxfce).
    I am from Denmark and I help persons with their PC-troubles via a PC-helping group.
    Some of the helped persons prefer LinuxMint for windows xp.
    LinuxMint is a brease to install and everything works as an usual windows user expects. Just no extra work to be done.

    Kindly Ove

  38. Hello,

    Great stuff and working well — thanks to everyone involved.

    However … 222 updates (263 MB) on a fresh install! (Which rises to 228 and 342 MB if you include the Level 5 security updates.) And this is on a .iso image just a few hours old!

  39. Nice release but after the 200+ updates Firefox shows a black line in the address bar?

    Thunderbird welcome screen is really ugly?

    The rest is working fine.

  40. @NickinFr: Most of these updates come from the Ubuntu community (Ubuntu repositories) and not the “Mint” team.

  41. Have you solved the RESOLUTION PROBLEM?

    After installing Linux Mint 17 the screen goes all black. We had to erase the whole system and use the old Linux as it was impossible to use Linux Mint 17.

    Linux Mint 17 only works on old laptops with poor resolution screens.

  42. Hello,

    I’d say Mint gets better with each release and I very much enjoy how smooth most things work. I have noticed on both the XFCE and Cinnamon versions I have installed that the update manager hangs up. I have to wait a minute or two to be able to put my password in to run the updates. I don’t have any issues with the updates actually installing after the fact, just getting to the installation point. Anyone else seeing this hang at this point? Thanks Mint team!

  43. Really nice, a bit of a pity that a new version of whisker menu with good improvements has been released a day before Mint 17 Xfce!

  44. Need Help default wallpaper gone until I used different wallpaper. Where can I find the default wallpaper?

  45. I think there is a bug.
    I can’t end live session properly. When I choose restart computer, system is closing, then my CD tray opens and I get message like “take out cd and press enter”. I press enter, but nothing happens. The only way to get out of it is to turn off computer.
    It’s a laptop, so I have to close tray manually and maybe that’s a reason. System tries to close it automatically and when it’s impossible – hangs.
    Mint 13 Maya had the same bug.

  46. Hangs on every installation attempt:

    VMware Player 6
    64-bit LM 17 Xfce

    It sometimes gets as far as the time zone prompt but often won’t make it even that far. Have erased the whole VM and redid from scratch 6 times. Will try the 32-bit version next.

  47. I would use Mint XFCE because it’s lightweight, but the only Mint flavor I can get my bluetooth speaker to work on is Mint Cinnamon. I tested it out, though, and it works great aside from bluetooth for my speaker. Great job!

  48. Nick@43

    And further, try installing a decent anti-virus software like AVG (Norton or McAfee are jokes at best on home PC’s) on Win 8, which is so desperately needed, and then try using Microsoft Office 2013. It won’t even install!! What a disaster!! I have a friend who spent 6 hours on a remote session with MS tech support trying to get Office working after he installed AVG. The MS techies ended up removing all of his anti-virus software, and dropping Malwarebytes on his machine. They didn’t even bother to turn on Windows Defender!!!!! This is a true story. But at the end of the day, we find it necessary to compare Linux with MS????


    I suppose I should apologize for my rant too, but the original rant could have been left out. It was absolutely baseless. Windows is almost never a benchmark here. Apples and oranges folks . . . . apples and oranges.

  49. I’m having troubles launching in non PAE mode.

    When the promt appears where you choose start linux mint, linux int in compatibility mode integrity check, momory test and boot from local drice: I press “Tab” and enter “forcepae”.

    Then my usb-stick ( with led indicators) shows some action for few seconds and then falls into idle mode.

    System used:

    Thinkpad T42 1,7 ghz pentium M(guess it’s P4 based) with Radeon 7500 mobile

  50. Great work, LM dev team!

    In my experience, memory isn’t an issue except with today’s modern feature rich applications like Firefox or Chrome. If you must have a lighter browser, try midori or qupzilla. The others really epitomize the term ‘tradeoff’.

    Hopefully the continuing issue with the package ‘mint-stylish-addon’ can be resolved at the earliest opportunity. Good to clean up your cruft :-).

  51. @Vinn (51)
    Almost all Pentium processor has PAE function, specially the “M” series.
    I have a M 760, works like a charm!


  52. @Vinn(51) I ve had sth similiar. Added nomodeset in bootline, that way you can see what happened (you seem to have black screen problem on boot).

  53. @mikef90000(53) Tx for qupzilla. Hopefully it can replace Firefox.

    I dislike FF more & more (especially with Australis), getting fatter and fatter, slower and slower even though the machines become more and more powerful. I wonder what all code crap is being added on to spy and record one s behaviour. It s just the add-ons that keeps me there.

  54. @Vinn (51)

    Try removing “quiet splash –” first then add “forcepae”

    It worked on the two IBM T41 Thinkpads I tried it on. You might also find that the reboot after installation doesn’t work. Thom W(41) suggests “the best way to avoid a hard power-off after install is to choose the option of ‘Continue Testing’ instead of ‘Restart Now.’ Once you select that, you can then choose to restart from the menu, and thus avoid the lockup during the shutdown that necessitates the hard power-off.”

  55. Felicidades por el buen trabajo, solo que los sonidos de eventos no funcionan, ya lo active en la opción de apariencia y nada.

  56. Congratulations on your new release!
    I’ve been using Mint 13 XFCE for the last 2 years on an old atom netbook and it’s brought a whole new life into it.
    I have some concerns about the new release though:
    1. In any Mint 17 edition brightness controls don’t seem to work. This is most likely a Ubuntu problem, but I wanted to adress it anyway since it’s Mint that I’m using.
    2. Performance has decreased a bit in general comparing to Mint 13 XFCE. This is specially notable when booting (it just takes longer to boot and login)

    Keep up the good work! XFCE is really quick and solid, I hope you keep releasing distros with it!

  57. I’ve been using the RC and have all the latest updates, so this is good to hear. Absolutely ZERO problems. Thanks to the Mint team for this.

  58. I am using Mint XFCE on my netbook. To be honest I’m quite disappointed. Mint 13 seemed to be faster, less resources-hungry and definitively booting sequence was quicker. Nevertheless good work but I think I have to look for another linux version.

  59. Merci pour Mint 17 XFCE, Clément!
    Définitivement la meilleure version XFCE disponible actuellement!
    Le seul problème rencontré est avec Ristretto, qui ne démarre tout simplement pas. (le sablier tourne mais rien ne se passe)
    Je l’ai désinstallé au profit de Mirage.

    Encore merci!

  60. Installed Mint 17 Xfce, replacing Mint 16 Xfce which was running very well before. Did the “fresh” upgrade, backing up my installed programs with MintBackup and restoring afterwards, didn’t touch my /home partition as it’s been on a different partition anyway.

    Now, there’s still a few issues I see:

    After Standby the PC won’t wake up properly, there’s a few quick lines of text briefly visible (0,5sec or so) before the screen turns black again and stays like this. Only hard reset will help 🙁
    This worked flawlessly before, what broke this and how to fix?
    Seen this issue also on another PC where this was a fresh installation rather than an upgrade…so this may be a general issue?

    The Whisker menu holds some strange duplications, like “Web Browser” besides Firefox and two kinds of Language settings…what’s wrong there?

    Other than that, happy to be on this fine LTS version finally! 🙂
    Best distro!


  61. Gracias – Merci – Thank you (and in every possible language). This is awesome, works great and looks great. I ended up installing it the way Clem says not to do it, but only because the live DVD will not work (I tried Cinnamon and XFCE versions that work on other computers). Installing it the way Clem suggests is much quicker than this.

    It is so great to give new life to an old P4 computer and to have no MS software at all! Liberty! Maybe that’s what the meant by “Liberte, egalite, fraternite?”

  62. LM13 worked out of the box on my Samsung N150+ netbook. I’ve just reinstalled with LM17 and unfortunately wifi didn’t work immediately. The netbook has a Broadcom BCM 4313 14e4:4727 (rev 01). Tried a number of ways found on the net for Debian and Ubuntu. Finally, installing firmware-b43-installer and b43-fwcutter did the trick. I believe this is a Ubuntu 14.04 bug, because I tried LXLE and got the same outcome.

    Finally it works, and I’m happy now. Thank you for Linux Mint!

  63. Many thanks for a great release. Installed all updates from the RC release with Synaptic. No problems. Worth running sudo apt-get autoclean / autoremove afterwards. As others have remarked, it is slower than Mint13 but only really noticeable on booting.

  64. a few bugs
    If I close my laptot it wil not suspend but block.
    If I suspend from menu same problem.
    brightness can not manage. At every reboot brightness at minimum

    hopely you can find a solution
    for the rest, nice very nice work

  65. Very Beautiful, very smooth!!!

    I downloaded and installed the Xfce version and i cannot connect to Windows Network. I have never had an issue with this across Mint, Fedora, Ubuntu, or CENTos. I am downloading the Cinnamon (which is the only version of Mint i have ever used) and the KDE version. Will follow up with my success of accessing my windows network with either of these other versions.

    Great job though team! Very excited!

  66. A wonderfully complete and stable distro – MANY THANKS!

    While my main OS is Mint 17 MATE I’ve tried KDE and replaced it with XFCE in my experimental partitions. I’ve used Mint XFCE exclusively for 3 days now without any glitches or hangups.

  67. Great job, Clem and team,
    1. Mint 17 Xfce in Acer Extensa 5620 – 32 – ram 4g. Two issues: Disappeared menu icon and no acess to menu.
    2. Mint 17 Cinnamon in same laptop: No issues. Work perfect.
    3. Mint 17 Cinnamon in Acer Laptop TimeLine i7 64 ram 8g. Work perfect.
    4. A question. My home “very old pc” HP pavillion’2002 226 ram, runs with debian 7.5 wheezy (lxde, opera, dillo, ktorrent, libreoffice). Could it run with Mint 17 with LXDE (reinstalled from xfce)?
    Please give me an answer. Thanks.

  68. Hi ,these days I tried the new version Mint 17 cinnamon. I installed the nvidia graphic driver successfully. the machine seems very quiet now. But there is a big problem that it
    is very easy to become “desk dead”. so every time I should re log in and force to stop the running programs. the version of mint 15 works very fine. my machine is accer 4750G, with GT520M graphic card. so what should I do to prevent this problem? thanks.

  69. Must confess that Mint XFCE 17 looks really good at first glance: fast and polished.

    I first tested through VirtualBox; but the VB video driver has some issues with OpenGL (and VB additions 4.13 beta does not correct this). So for a full experience I installed Mint on a USB key. Everything works so well ! Even Compiz effects run perfectly (no more Emerald; but I’ve found that gtk-window-decorator can load some metacity themes, so it fine). Also I picked kupfer from the repos as a Synapse replacement; good to me.

    Thanks a lot for such a quality work.

  70. Installed on an Intel Atom MiniITX computer that has minimal resources. LM17 XFCE runs wonderfully on it. Very fast and responsive. A big Thank You to the Linux Mint team. You guys are awesome!

  71. Hello there! After my satisfaction with Maya, I downloaded Qiana Mate flavored to make it my distro for home and office, and to recommend to my friends, who can not buy the latest hardware. I found the unpleasant surprise that the 3.1x kernel does not work on all types of hardware. For example, on a PC with motherboard Asus M4N68T-M LE, AMD Athlon, 4 Gb RAM and on-board Intel video (bad combination from the factory in the video), Linux Mint is always blocked, with errors of all kinds, including kernel panics. I was obliged to buy a video card XFX ATI HD 5450 for the PC, and so I could run the MATE desktop but annoying problems with compatibility graphics. Now I thank You for developing Qiana with XFCE, which is the only flavor that never gave me problems. Now will download Qiana XFCE. Hope it works. I promise to tell them if a problem came up.
    Thank you very much for adding XFCE to Qiana (much wish to LMDE XFCE).
    Greetings from Patagonia Argentina.

  72. Just upgraded from Isadora to Qiana the other day. I’ve been hesitant for a few reasons. I finally convinced myself I don’t need gnome 2 to have a good experience with my desktop and man am I glad I bumped. Great Job Clem & team! Very fast 64 bit distro!

  73. Good day! I installed Linuxmint XFCE and its amazing, but I have problem VMWARE 10 doesn’t work. Let me explain, I installed VMWARE 10 without a problem. Once I click open the program there is asking for installation of VMWARE kernel and then i click install, but it doesnt work. I cant use the vmware in this version. In LInuxmint 15 everything is GOOD! Quaina why?

  74. Hello that such!.
    The manager Linux Mint actalisaciones comes unchecked by default in Red with Number 5 these:


    It proved necessary to make and apply for installation and update Linux Mint and have a virtual machine (virtualbox) properly configured?.

  75. @91 Ben, Hey Ben, how did you get Isadora to work with your graphics card? I have a brand new nvidia card and Isadora will not work, it only allows huge screen size 800 x 600 and so on.

  76. Hey team, I just made the switch from Windows 8.1 to Linux. My learning curve remains fairly steep, but I’m amazed how accessible you made this distribution for new guys like me. Thanks!!

  77. other bug

    when I “close” my laptop ( put the screen down) when I open again my screen nothing happend. get only a black screen and have to reboot pc.
    quite annoing

  78. I’ve never been happy with Windows but now I am so happy with linux Mint
    Cinamon that I regularly update.

  79. Hi guys,
    I have a problem with Banshee, it displays incorrect title and
    reacts slowly.

    Can any of you help me.
    I am so happy if someone can help me.

  80. How about Linux Mint community?.

    Run with the linux-headers-* command for contruction of third and gives this result. The PC has Cinnamus Linux Mint 32-bit support, thanks.

    Error! Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 3.4.0-3-goldfish (i686)

  81. Hello.. im has been trying LM 17 Cinnamon and XFCE.. the booth are good and smooth..
    but i’m get “little” problem and this problem makes me not comfortable with LM 17 XFCE.. when i want to shutdown/log-off/restart or etc, the dialog box are very-very slowly appear/show-up.. this delay takes around “30 seconds”, and in delay time caused my laptop hang/freeze..
    now i’m back to LM 17 Cinnamon because this “Shutdown Delay” issue..

  82. I believe that this is a great distro, but the fact is that I cannot get the 64-bit dvd to boot. Tried it on two different machines today.
    The one I am writing this from has Linux Mint 16 xfce installed. That distro booted and installed OK.

    I burned the dvds on my Mint 14 xfce machine both with xfburn and k3b. It seems that the iso image is on the dvd, yet no go…I have a long linux history starting from early redhat via opensuse to Linux Mint, this issue with non-booting installation media has never happened before….
    any help ?


  83. HI guys

    Tested successfully on a eeePC 1001HA. Installed and works like a charm and fast as hell.
    Tested on a Acer Travelmate 250 (initially Mint 16 XFCE). never been able to boot. Seems to have tons of problems detecting hardware (CPU, disk, etc..). So stayed for now on the 16

    tested on a Dell latitude C840 (yes I own some very nice systems), and get it up and running (not installed)

    if one of you can help on the ACER, this will be great. what can make a so big difference between 16 and 17, that this machine cannot boot.


  84. @BUBY: stop flooding! There is google, yahoo and bing … and thousand more forums … do an effort and be a learner!

  85. The install of LM17 XFCE went fine but the LVM passphrase wasn’t accepted after the restart.
    My guess is the guided installation use [US] keyboard and then it stores your own locale in /boot?
    Well, the password was entered correctly and I couldn’t get it.
    Any ideas?

  86. Great release! A few weeks in and loving it! Created #xfce on spotchat for users/appreciators of the LM Xfce Edition. Stop on by for a chat!

  87. Hi, I would like to know if, we can install Libre Office in this Linux mint?
    Also it would be really a great help if the MINT team can publish what all apps will be supported in this version.

    Thank You for your Support


  88. Installed mint 17 cinnamon on my desktop ,no problems, my laptop different story from live cd I get a fallback notifaction that cinnamon has crashed,please info of any way to correct problem

  89. BUBY .101 please check your drivers. Also install gmusicbrowser and clementine, my personal favourite music players just from the start.
    Finally, if your music collection is a very large one, then your music player is perfectly normal to react slowly.

  90. Problem with LM 17 Xfce 64bit release. When I close the netbook using either Suspend OR do nothing the cursor disappears when I reopen the netbook. This is such a problem I have gone back to LM17 Cinnamon which does not have this problem. Would really appreciate a circumvention or a fix to this problem. Thanks for any help.

  91. Downloaded the RC of Mint 17 Cinnamon, and really like how that project is coming along; a lot of the desktop quirks that annoyed me a while back have been addressed, in that desktop (I prefer, for example, how xfce just lets me ‘cruise’ through my multiple desktops by moving the mouse to the edge). I’ve been eagerly-awaiting the xfce release, as that is my usual general-use desktop. More later, but can’t wait to get this on my laptop!

  92. Found a circumvention to the disappearing cursor after shutting the top on my laptop using LM17 Xfce. Just go to Extended tab on Setting for Power Manager. Check the Lock Screen when going to Suspend/hibernate.
    Worked for me….ron

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