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Mint 5 editions:

  • XFCE CE (stable) will be released early next week.
  • Fluxbox CE (RC) will be released before next week-end.
  • KDE CE RC1 was close to being stable, both Boo and Exploder are happy to call it stable. There’s a tiny little glitch with xdg-user-dirs which I want to fix so technically the final ISO will be different but if you’re running KDE CE RC1 you don’t need to wait for the final release, you’re already running a stable system.
  • Work on the x64 edition is on hold for a few days.
  • There won’t be any time dedicated to the Debian Edition before Mint 6 is out.
  • There won’t be any time dedicated to an eventual Enterprise Edition before Mint 6 is out.
  • Main and Light (which will become “Universal” and come with language packs) will have a new revision to include the new Firefox, Flash 10 (when it’s stable), and the latest version of the mint tools (mintUpdate 3, mintInstall 5..etc). This “revision 2” might come after Mint 6 itself, it’s hard to say at this stage.

Mint 6 tools:

  • MintUpdate 3 is ready.
  • MintInstall 5 is ready.
  • OEM support is planned for mintAssistant but work hasn’t started on that yet.
  • An upgrade tool is planned and work on this should start very soon now.
  • There are no significant improvements planned for the other tools.
  • Improvements made for the tools in Mint 6 will make their way into the backport section of the Mint 5 repository.

Other than that:

… well we’ve got plenty of ideas, we’ll see how much we’ll do depending on how much time we’ve got 🙂


  1. One thing I think is missing from the roadmap… getting mintmenu a hotkey. I dunno if it requires an upstream fix, but if it does, then I guess the downstream fix is to badger upstream lol.

  2. i know this might sound stupid… but im no expert. do you guys think it would be a wise idea to release clamav/tk with mint 6? cuz most of the newbies will be asking about antiviruses and stuff like that.. so it would be, i think, a good idea to have it there for them. and not waste their and our time talking and searching for it.

    just a suggestion:)

  3. Mint 6 has to fit on a cd so adding a program means taking away something else. I kinda doubt most users have or need any anti-virus protection at all. I know I don’t.

  4. I kinda doubt most users have or need any anti-virus protection at all. I know I don’t.

    Naive like an average Win user for me.
    The more popular an OS get…
    And some people shall have more than one compu, and even one with windows, behind the linux box.

    The KDE system is stable. I have known this since weeks. God work community 😉


  5. Clem, what about to display a welcome screen after mintAssistant in Felicia? This could say welcome to linux mint 6, thanks for choosing linux mint, and also give a review of the mintools and some important aspects. This could be very nice and formal.

    I also wonder if mintInstall would have a special window to add repositories, like synpatic but a little more easy, just a textbox to add the complete line for the repository with a comment by the user.

    These are some ideas I got some time ago. Hope u can read them.

  6. i’m very curious for Mint6, if i see allready the new MintTools, and on the other side the Intrepid news, it will be a very good Version.
    Question, will Felicia only have the feature from the List, or can we await a secret gift/tool/theme… from the Devs?

  7. Adding LXDE (packages) to the XFCE version maybe a good approach instead of releasing a version purely based on lxde at this stage. Since the latter is still work-in-progress (although it works quite nicely for me and I’ve been using it for a few weeks as my default desktop, it’s still a bit rough on the edges as a standalone desktop suite, I think), it may make a good experimental lighter weight desktop alternative+companion to XFCE. Hope you will consider this. BTW, wdm pairs well with lxde in my experience. So, xfce+gdm+lxde+wdm combo on one Live CD would be excellent packaging, in my opinion.

  8. @Clem – KDE CE RC1 was close to being stable, both Boo and Exploder are happy to call it stable

    Me too.
    I had already called it (version KDE CE 5 RC1) stable for myself.
    My Loving Mint KDE. A new final ISO release with this minor bug fixed
    i think it’s going to be nice. Users like to download final versions
    than betas or RCs. As i have the RC1 installed and running quite good,
    i won’t change.

  9. @Clem:

    Anti-virus protection is not needed at the moment. But what about a GUI for the new “uncomplicated firewall”? It’d make life much easier for former windows users and other Linux newbies. Actually, there’s a guy who is working on it and it works really well. The name of the application is gufw. Here’s the link:

    I’d love to see it implemented in Mint 6 by default.

    Keep up the good work!

  10. I can see people asking for the firewall guide if you implement a firewall package. I’ve been playing with firestarter and I think I need a guide to help me fully understand.

  11. Well, I understand, but gufw is really simple. Just enable the firewall with one click. If you want to set rules, just write the ports you want to open or close. In fact, it couldn’t be easier.

  12. Hi Clem,
    Thanks for all your work – it is really incredible. I intend to stick with Elyssa until the next long term release but there are two areas I would love to see addressed. The Linux dictionary is impossible to work off-line so when I take Elyssa on the laptop to work I don’t have a dictionary available. Would it be a big job to have a Mint dictionary with the Collaborative international dictionary, Webster’s unabridged, Moby Thesaurus and Word Net preinstalled as an option?
    The second issue I would love to see addressed is the font rendering in Linux. For people who work with documents for 5 – 10 hours a day, fonts are incredibly important. Unfortunately, Microsoft produces beautiful fonts – it is about the only thing they do well. Is it possible to put a GUI together to get the optimal rendering from Mint? There are so many suggestions in the forums on what should be done but i don’t have a clue what it is that they are suggesting. I make these suggestions because I think there is a large body of people who use their computers primarily to read/edit/compose documents.

  13. @ hamburn
    I would appreciate it if you don’t use this blog to refer to me as a typical naive windows user for saying I don’t need or use any additional anti-virus protection. I’m not the only person to post a comment like that here.

    Clem Says:
    August 15th, 2008 at 5:03 pm
    “I personally don’t bother with antiviruses but I’m always ready to wipe out a drive and replace the OS. If you’re not fully protected make sure to have up to date backups.”

  14. Dear Clem

    Can we have the ALSA driver 1.0.17 so i can have sound on my laptop. thanks. At the moment i havent figured out how to upgrade the ALSA library although i can make install the driver, but it ends with errors cause of the upgrade required for the library first.


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