Linux Mint 16 “Petra” MATE RC released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 16 “Petra” MATE RC.

Linux Mint 16 Petra MATE Edition

Linux Mint 16 is the result of 6 months of incremental development on top of stable and reliable technologies. This new release comes with updated software and brings refinements and new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use.

New features at a glance:

For a complete overview and to see screenshots of the new features, visit: “What’s new in Linux Mint 16 MATE“.

Important info:

  • PAE required for 32-bit ISOs
  • EFI Support

Make sure to read the “Release Notes” to be aware of important info or known issues related to this release.

System requirements:

  • x86 processor (Linux Mint 64-bit requires a 64-bit processor. Linux Mint 32-bit works on both 32-bit and 64-bit processors).
  • 512 MB RAM (1GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 5 GB of disk space
  • Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution
  • CD/DVD drive or USB port

Bug reports:

  • Please report bugs below in the comment section of this blog.
  • Please visit to follow the progress of the development team between the RC and the stable release.


Md5 sum:

  • 32-bit: 6726face1617389d32b39a344a5bb74f
  • 64-bit: 4b7ff258a585d1592b1a46f2f31d4405


HTTP Mirrors for the 32-bit DVD ISO:

HTTP Mirrors for the 64-bit DVD ISO:


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun testing the release candidate!


  1. Great work on this, and AWESOME timing. I was about to launch my reinstall job for Mint 15, and was sitting here telling my mate that it’s too bad Mint 16 isn’t out yet!! WOW! >betterthanexpected.png

    Thanks for all you do. Mint / MATE are an easy sell to my peers looking for the best distro so they can bail on MS products.

  2. The problem with Synaptic freezing [1] and spamming stderr with messages [2] is still present in Ubuntu 13.10/Mint 16. Actually, I think the problem lies within libgksu, so I’ve filed a separate bug report about it [3].
    So far, no one bothered to fix it. The maintainers seem to ignore the reports. They probably don’t care what people think of them.

    There’s a workaround [4] but some people reported it didn’t work for them.

    Since you can’t do much about this upstream bug, I think you can at least mention it in the release notes. Mention the workaround too.


    Edit by Clem: Freezing is likely to be caused by the systemd XDG_RUNTIME_DIR bug, we’ve got a fix coming up for that.

  3. Excellent, will look forward to installing that tomorrow 🙂 Mate is the first desktop I have felt really comfortable with for ages.

    Excellent work and keep it up 🙂

  4. Hi, Working on Mint 15. Still trying to get Wifi with Broadcom 4313GN. It is not recognized by Mint 15. Any improvements for me in Mint 16? Even using sudo, I get not permission for to install ndiswrapper drivers. Nuts! Ed

  5. What Linux Kernel will Linux Mint 16 MATE will use?
    3.11 or 3.12?

    I had some problems with Nvidia drivers and 3.11 sometime ago, so was just asking.

  6. I can’t manage to install drivers, same happened with Linux Mint 15.

    Someone told me that I need to blacklist old driver, but I don’t how 🙁

    I’ve been using Linux Mint 14 so far, not many problems as these new versions have.

  7. LM16 mate 64-bit in vbox

    nm-applet crashed, stopped working

    Login Window for pw on encrypted disks starts too far left with ***,,,should be centered

  8. Bug report: caja problem. I did an install, logged in, and it was great. I logged out and back in again, and caja seemed to want to open an infinite number of windows. Repeated, with same result. Sporadically, ALL windows would simply vanish (including a terminal window I’d managed to open).

    Edit by Clem: There’s multiple causes for this. The first one was fixed with a delay (we delay caja by 3 seconds at login time). The second one isn’t fixed yet… it’s caused by systemd’s XDG_RUNTIME_DIR bug (which we’re planning to fix), and you can confirm it if you look in your .xsession-errors file you should see permission problems with /run/user directories.

  9. Thank you, Linux Mint Team, for the new Mint 16 RC.
    It is a smooth installation, system running fine on my machine.

    Three things I would like to mention:

    – I miss husse and Mark Twain quotes in the Terminal. How can I get them back (no option available in Desktop Settings)?

    – I also miss the beautiful HTML-Login themes from Mint 15 (steampunk and night owl). Can I get that from somewhere else?

    – In Software Manager there is a Chromium-Browser:i386, but no Chromium-Browser:amd64 available. I am using Mint 16 MATE amd64. Shall I install the 32-bit version?

    Edit by Clem: Hi Russel. MDM 1.4 is a big update and we couldn’t add the previous themes without testing them. We need to talk with the artists and show them what we did and work with them on this. Also coming up in Mint 17 is the fact that “spices” no longer will be specific to Cinnamon… we’re hoping to add backgrounds and mdm themes to it. Regarding the fortune messages, they’re disabled in the RC because of the XDG_RUNTIME_DIR bug from systemd. We’ll be fixing that and bringing fortunes back in mintsystem and mintdesktop for the stable release.

  10. I can’t connect to my iPhone, the way I did in Mint 15. Even when I enter the iPhones code, and confirm that I trust the computer, it won’t connect. Am I missing something?

    Edit by Clem: You mean over Bluetooth? Can you describe the problem and how to reproduce it?

  11. After resizing Synaptic Package Manager window, the mouse cursor froze in resize style. I could not click on any window any more. No response. The GUI was unusable, and I had to reboot using the reset button on the PC.

  12. Wow!!!! this is what I’m looking for in any OS! I love the postmodern system sounds in Petra! It is obviously the best Mint release and the best Linux ever out! thanks Mint team!
    One thing which doesn’t look right is the Mint-x MDM on live USB !: When I log out I see only a wallpaper with no MDM TOOLS!

    Edit by Clem: That’s normal.. you’re in timed login mode with no legit user accounts (“mint” is a live user, he doesn’t qualify to appear in there) 🙂

  13. In the Mint 16 New Features list is mentioned:

    “Improved out of the box support for iOS devices.”

    What exactly is different, and how can I make use of it?

    Edit by Clem: Hi Russel, additional packages are installed by default, namely ifuse, ideviceinstaller and libimobiledevice-utils. These should make it easier for applications to interact with your phone (caja, banshee..etc).

  14. Running nice on dell inspiron 1525 off usb stick. ? did you forget to install gufw or was that left off ?

    Edit by Clem: It was left off. ndisgtk also.

  15. Congratulations on another fantastic release again for the Linux Mint Team. The version of Linux Mint 16 Mate RC works perfectly fine. Tested, and without complaint here. A marvel !!!! Once again Congratulations Linux Mint Team !!!!

  16. The notification will sometimes appear in the bottom right corner of the screen in a position it will be invisible

  17. Downloaded Mate version and installed Cinnamon – that ios the way I normally do it.

    Could of minor bugs to report. 1) I *cannot* get the clock to display 24 hrs. It is one of the first things I do and I just cannot do it in the RC. 2) The ‘switch to advanced node’ in the Date & Time applet does nothing…rien!



  18. Found out some more. The Wine issue I reported disappears when I switch from multimonitor mode to single monitor. Haven’t tested that in Cinnamon. To replicate, create a multi-monitor setup where one monitor is ABOVE the other, and then run some wine apps. Haven’t tried to setup side by side.

  19. problem with nvidia drivers
    i used “drivers” in control panel to install driver for my nvidia 210

    looking at system info it looks like it made it
    i can go into admin/nvidia x server settings and it shows
    BUT if i click it nothing happens ( doesn’t launch the nvidia control panel)
    i use system monitor and shows processor activity for just a sec then flat lines
    sorry a lightweight here and that’s about all i can provide


  20. Xorg does not start on my ati r128 video card.

    This seems to be an upstream issue in xorg 1.14, but you did mention the b43 hang issue in Maya.

  21. Hi everybody:

    – There’s one critical bug in systemd in this RC which causes apps and the desktop to randomly crash or freeze. It’s easy to spot though, if you look in your ~/.xsession-errors you’ll see permission problems on /run/user directories. If that’s the case, don’t report the issue to us, we already know about it (and there’s a fix coming up in an update to systemd).

  22. No support for AMD Kabrini chipset or embeded video output on 64 bit edition, both mint and cinn. For ref. ubuntu does have the support in all since 12.04

  23. Clem, thank you for replying regarding the iPhone connection issue.

    iPhone 5s is connected via USB cable. Connection is fine in Mint 15. In Mint 16 I cannot access anything on the iPhone. The connection is refused.
    Mint 16 says I shall unlock the iPhone screen (sorry for bad English, I am using Mint and iPhone in German language). When I unlock, nothing changes, still no connection.

    As I said, in Mint 15 the connection is very good. I can access files on the phone easily.

  24. @ Russle and anyone else
    My themes are available at
    unzip them, re-compress the folder as a tar.gz and install it by dragging it into the html theme section.
    I updated BlackNBlue, Blimp City (steampunk blimp city), CurcuitBoard, Galaxy, MetalMint, SpaceRace. for mint 16 but have not tested them on mint 16 yet but have tested them under mdm 1.3.2 so they should work unless more has been changed in the mdm lately, I haven’t looked at 1.4 yet or tested it.
    Hope this helps you anyone else out.

  25. @48 Russle
    I don’t know if IPhone is the same method as android or other usb connected devices, but sometimes I have to go to media/ or if it shows up on the side of the menu in the file manager (opening up a folder) then I right click on it and open it as root and get elevated privileges then I can do what I want to it. I am doing that as I type to the wifes mp3 player so I can transfer files over to it.
    Don’t know if that’s what your looking for but it may help.

  26. Wine doesn’t work. Tried to install Picasa through Playonlinux, but the installation has failed. When I try to launch some wine application, I see the program window without any text and warning window without a text and then all this crashes.
    But there are no problem with ubuntu 13.10 at work at all.

  27. Don’t take this the wrong way, but is there a reason why you’re sticking with the current Software Manager? It feels like it’s falling behind the other managers out there. Would not have a fork of ‘Deepin Software Center’ been a better choice?

  28. Very Nice, Install had a hang up at the very end on my x86 system – but did install correctly, the wireless setup went well too – but the dialogue on cinnamon for ndisgtk did not show up until I entered my password then OK. I do need Google Chrome and will wait as I here there are problems with the current stable release? I’ll never look at Unity again – Hooray for the Mint Team!

  29. I was not read all comments, but there is my bug reports:

    1. MATE sound preview not work correctly, bug is like on LMDE before some package updates – file manager just disappear and sound continues play.
    2. Not yet fixed MATE mintMenu bug where it isn’t transparent when user set panel with solid color – all panel adjusts transparent but mintMenu remains with default gray color.
    3. Drive name shows Hard Disk model name and then user set volume name. With MATE 1.4 drives was show only volume name.

  30. I understand the risks of installing a release candidate. If I do so, will it be updated by Update Manager to the official release standard when it comes out, or will I have to download that and install it?

  31. I was using MATE because I found the Cinnamon menu too slow, I had some applets left on my computer from when I was looking for an alternative menu. When I installed Mint-17 Cinnamon, Cinnamon crashed on login. If this happens to you, just remove all your Cinnamon applets and it will run. You can easily re-install them – just avoid the dodgy ones.

  32. I have been sticking to Mint13 but thought that I would give this release a try, only to find that although libdvdcss is included neither ‘Videos’ (aka Totem) or ‘VLC Player’ will play video DVDs !
    (So of course neither Acidrip nor Handbrake-gtk actually work.)

  33. Upstream Packaging Error: misplaced in gtk2-engines-aurora

    Test Environment:
    Linux Mint 16-RC (MATE x64)

    Expectation: should be installed at /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/engines/

    Observed Result: was installed at /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/engines/

    Reproduction Steps:
    # apt-get install gtk2-engines-aurora
    $ find /usr/lib/ -name ‘’

    The amazing “WildMint” theme can’t find its theming engine. Sad!

  34. Just went ahead and installed it and it working great very fast all. but the flash plugin seems a little buggy trying to skip threw youtube video and it crashes some time. My DVD play just fine with VLC player just put it in and it ask what to do and it work

  35. Bruce R when trying dvd in vlc player or you selecting the right location for the dvd if I open vlc and try playing from the disc I have to browse to the dvd location just asking

  36. Hi

    Thanx a lot to the team! Mint 16 Mate RC looks great and so far is running nicely for me in a Live session, I will probably install it when the real thing comes out. I started out with Mint 12 and it has become so much better over time! Keep up the good work!

    Only real issue I have experienced is the very long time it takes the system now to choose the best mirror/download server in Software sources. I had the same issue with Mint 14 and 15. In Mint Mate 13 choosing the best server/mirror was included in Synaptic and took only around 20 sec. after clicking on “choose the best server”. Now with the dedicated Software sources it takes ages on my Netbook (Asus EeePc something) and as soon as I click on the button for choosing a server (Main and Base), I need to wait over 15 minutes (!) for all the servers to be evaluated and as there is no progress bar, you are never quite sure if the process is actually finished or if it is still testing some servers. As the list of servers is veeery long and you cannot pre-select any likely candidates, the testing of unlikely faraway servers on the other side of the planet goes on and on. Once I have chosen a good server all the package downloading seems to work smoothly and fast.
    I’m no expert at all so maybe I am doing something wrong here (?), but I do think this is an important issue when trying a new distro – you are either stuck with long waiting periods for downloading a couple of small packages for testing because the default server download speed is around 56kb/sec or you are stuck forever choosing a better one. (Please comment if I am doing something wrong there – as I said, I am no pro only an enthusiast and as nobody else seems to comment on this issue, it seems likely it is my fault…)

  37. Hi. I just installed Linux Mint 13 from an old disk. I am new to Linux and am thinking if I can upgrade from 13 to 16 directly or I need to download the new version? Thanks!

  38. After all upgrades from Mint 15 to 16, Mate doesn’t work. There is a message in the window, something like: Missing row “Exec” in file mate-session. Instead of this will be used a backup session gnome… So I write this from Cinnamon.

  39. @Moi: that’s right, mintSources has two annoying quirks: it doesn’t show any progress bar and it seems to test mirrors one by one instead of doing it in parallel.

  40. I don’t see how you guys can top 15, but I hope you have. Burning it now… My mom got a new lenovo desktop with Win 8. What a friggin’ horror that is. A friggin’ David Lynch movie…

  41. Mate power manager doesn’t force computer to suspend / hibernate when running on battery and the settings are set to sleep after a set period of time. This feature does work when running on a/c.

  42. When I try to boot into Cinnamon RC 64bit on Laptop with Nvidia Optimux Geforce GTX 765M and Intel Haswell i7 it crashes with based on the noveau module … any ideas

  43. Problem solved — boot in recovery mode, start network and it boots to software rendered.
    Then install bumblebee and nvidia drivers and it seems to be a-ok.

  44. ‘gtkam’ crashes on launch. Usual procedure is plugin USB cable w/camera connected, turn on camera, wait for popup window to appear, click ‘unmount’. Then launch ‘gtkam’. Here’s the line that appears in syslog when ‘gtkam’ entry is clicked on in ‘Menu|All applications|Graphics|Gtkam Digital Camera Browser’:

    Nov 17 12:23:05 xxxxx kernel: [28810.685583] gtkam[21651]: segfault at 47 ip 00007fafc65dd100 sp 00007fffe463eed0 error 4 in[7fafc65ab000+4f000]

    lm16 MATE 64-bit, BTW.

  45. Integrity check give no result. After the check process, no ‘ok’ or ‘error’ message, only ‘press any key to reboot’ message visible.
    Mint version : mate 64 and cinnamon 64
    Medium: live usb (dd command)

  46. i have a gateway e-series 4000 and everytime i boot from usb it freezes. i currently am running xp pro sp3 and i want to change to a totally different os structure. this computer has a 1.8 ghz pentium 4 processer with a gig and a half amount of ram. i need help with this issue and i appreciate all those who takes the time to help me.

  47. Hi Clem, can you look at this article ? How serious is a Mint security problem from your point of view? Thakns for reply

    Edit by Clem: We’re very happy with the filtering system (which you can configure if you’re not satisfied with the default settings). We explained why the Ubuntu update policy was not good enough for us and we consequently developed the update manager to solve that particular problem. That all happened in Linux Mint 3.1… in 2007. Do we need to explain it again in 2013, in the middle of an RC because somebody at Canonical doesn’t understand it? No, filtering doesn’t work the way that dev thinks. No, Firefox doesn’t come to you later in Mint than it does in Ubuntu (it’s a level 2 update). Yes, by default you get updates in Ubuntu for kernels and Xorg and not in Mint. Yes, there’s a very good reason for that.

  48. re George Meyer’s comment – I have a toshiba equium laptop that is an early dual core, but the most recent version of Mint I can get to run on that is 12. The symptom of freezing during attempted load (live DVD in my case) is the one I get in this case. You might well be better off trying to load an older Mint version than this up to the minute RC of version 16.

  49. Hey Clem, first off – thanks for the hard work, I love Mint and I love the changes in LM 16.

    Quick question: I cannot get Remmina to give me the RDP option when I install it from Software Manager…? I get sFTP and SSH options, but no RDP. I’ve used Remmina in all version of LM before, and even many Ubuntu machines I have.

    *NOTE* I will be installing the Cinnamon version next to see if it’s just a MATE thing

  50. Hi, to start, here is the error message:

    calling: test-builtin
    error reading /lib/udev/hwdb.bin: No such file or directory
    load module index
    unload module index
    Stdin: I/O error
    Stdin: I/O error

    I downloaded several iso image, but I still have the same problem…

  51. **EDIT** For some reason the RDP plug-in is not installed for this MATE version. I’ve never had to do this before, but once you install the remmina-plugin-rdp from the Software Manager, you’re golden.
    Good Luck!

  52. Followup to EmpireITtech’s posts re: ‘remmina’.

    I’ve used remmina as a VNC client in previous versions of lm. While remmina was installed by default in this lm16 MATE 64-bit RC. I had to install the VNC plugin before I could use remmina for VNC connects.
    I think in previous versions of lm, remmina was an optional install and when the optional install was done the remmina plugins where automagically installed as well?

    Edit by Clem: Yes, Mint no longer automatically installs packages marked as “recommended”, only dependencies. In some cases it means you might have to install add-ons yourself, in most cases though it means installing apps is faster, takes less space and doesn’t trigger the installation of components you didn’t ask for.

  53. Hi Clem! First of all, thank you and the Mint team so much for all of your hard work, Mint 13 LTS is my go-to recommendation for anyone wanting to try linux.

    However, I have noticed a strange bug in Mint 16 MATE where Skype doesn’t reliably play sound through pulseaudio. I installed the package pavucontrol to try and manage it, but Skype refuses to show up in the applications menu of it, while sound works just fine in 15. I’m using an Asus X501A with Intel i3 processor, 4GB of RAM, and Mint 16 64-bit. I would be glad to give any extra information I can to resolve this issue.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Rebecca, make sure libasound2-plugins is installed. Also, update to the latest systemd, we fixed an issue in it which in some cases was causing pulseaudio to crash.

  54. Hi there,
    Nice work, really !
    I discover the Linux Mint distro thanks to a “Ubuntu Party” in ‘La Cité des Sciences’ in Paris, France.
    I just download this RC16 and install it for test (beside a Ubuntu 12.04) : almost perfect !
    Right now, I have a problem with the 2 new users I created AFTER the installation.
    Note that the user created DURING the installation works properly. So, at the moment, I just can use this user.
    The pb:
    Just after the login/password screen, Mate seems to get in a loop that open a ton of windows before “blocking” the PC. I was obliged to shutdown the PC (whether with the power button, whether with the non-X session in CTL-ALT-F1) and restart with the only one user available.
    Am I the only one with that bug ?
    What information can I transmit to the Mint team ?

    Thanks again for the incredible job you’ve done,

    Edit by Clem: Hi Gaspar, la Cite des Sciences is brilliant!! Regarding caja exploding into multiple windows.. that’s a known bug, that’s what caja does when it bugs. There’s multiple causes, one of which we fixed prior to the RC (we delay the start of caja by 3 seconds), and another which we fixed in the updated systemd. If you see /run/user permission issues in your .xsession-errors, make sure to upgrade to the latest systemd packages, they fix that issue.

  55. Hello
    Is tap or double tap working now for laptops? Last time when i tried LMDE mate it did not work, only normal movement.

  56. problems playing videos in full screen slow and poorly displayed.
    computer with limited resources.

    problemas al reproducir vídeos en pantalla completa lentos y mal visualizado.
    computadora con pocos recursos.

  57. So i found a bug. I download a font it contained 4 files (bold, Normal, Italic, bold-italic) and i extracted them to my desk top. Then choose them all and said open in font viewer. and when i did it opened them all in the same Window and mede 4 instal buttons 4 back buttons and 4 info buttons on one window. (see the pic)

  58. As I told during the QA-test, Compiz-Fusion icon still doesn’t work. Try to start causes only segmentation fault. Same error as in LM15. Clem told it was upstream fault in LM15… Nobody seems however to care about it. It’s not in any´s “to-do-list”.
    Can I expect anything to happen??
    Compiz has some extremely good zoom-tools that some people really want.

    Edit by Clem: You’re right, we do need more commitment upstream here.

  59. curious thing: caja opened 9 times when the live session started, also the category icons in the menu didm¿t apear

  60. MATE version works well on my Mesh 64 bit AMD Athlon 3000+ with Geforce FX 5900 and 2.5 Gbyte memory.

    Cinnamon version freezes / crashes after about 5 min.
    On an older Packard Bell Intel Pentium 4 system with Abit and 1Gbyte memory, Cinnamon fails to run. I get “fall-back” mode instead. This mode has no log out or quit buttons to click. I have to switch off or use the command line.

  61. Thanks a lot to clem and all crew for this nice distro.
    There are still some issues for me.
    1- Mintmenu has a scrolling problem when the ALL-Tab was clicked and dragged quickly. This is a small problem.

    2- Petra has a auto(double) mouse click problem. For examples: when internet browser’s add-tab button was clicked for once, it opens two tabs frequently or when the date-hour applet was clicked on the tray for once, needs to click more than one. I think double events(mouse up/down) cause this problem. I don’t think about driver issues , the reason can be one of the xorg-packages. This is an annoying.

    3- don’t like banshee , sorry =)

  62. Hi All!

    I downloaded RC yesterday and tried it in a virtualbox and noticed 2 issues with installer:
    – in a very first sreen of installer I selected english language and using down arrow was slowly scrolling down and reading how welcome message looks in different languages and on a certain language installer has crashed;
    – I restarted installer, selected russian language and started installation at near end of installation process installer silently closed.
    Then I restarted installer, selected english language and successfully installed RC.

  63. Hello,

    Any bugs found in this version :
    – sound is always max when starting MATE (still Linux Mint 15, not in 14)
    – k3b, Clementine, Kpat packages… doesn’t install (broken dependencies)
    – In the Mint menu, “Applications” is still badly translated in french. It should be replaced by “Logiciels” instead of “Applications” that means nothing. In the other applet menu (not default Mint menu), the translation is fine, see
    – any softwares should be add at installation : JITSI, K3B (better than Brasero)+transcode+normalize-audio, ntp, ClamTK, p7zip-rar, pdfShuffler, mc, clementine.

    I love Linux MINT with. A rolling release version with Linux MINT MATE and only Free Softwares would be fantastic, I would like to contribute to such a Linux Distribution.

  64. Maybe it is a known problem, I’m not sure.

    If you add a few keyboard layouts and set the CapsLock key to switch them, after reboot CapsLock stops switching the layouts.

  65. If you set a black wallpaper, the text below desktop icons becomes unvisible after reboot or logout and login. It appears even in LiveCD mode (set black wallpaper, logout, wait for login, see).

  66. Caja crashes by the following steps:
    1. Open caja window
    2. Click right mouse to some file or dir, select Properties.
    3. Go to Emblems tab, enable some emblem, press Close.
    4. Click right mouse to the file/dir, select Properties.
    5. Go to Emblems tab, disable the enabled emblem, press Close.
    6. Caja is crashed.

  67. I’ve been running Linux Mint MATE 64 RC for a few days now. Works great! No problems with the hardware on my Dell Vostro 1014 laptop with a Core 2 Duo, 8gb of RAM and a 64gb Samsung SSD. It seems slightly faster than Mint 15 on the same laptop. The wifi worked first try with no hassles, unlike other non-Mint distros. I like how it has Oracle Virtualbox 4.3 in the repository instead of 4.2. It sure took a long time to download Virtualbox 4.3 though.

  68. Graphics drivers didn’t work out the box as usual for ATI 6670, however everything else did – sound, ethernet – as usual. CUrrently trying out installing drivers

  69. I use the Nvidia drivers from Nvidia’s website because they’re more up-to-date than the drivers in the repositories. This means I had to re-install the driver when I updated to Kernel 3.11.

    There seems to be no easy way to install a video driver in Mint 16. To install a video driver, one generally will run “sudo service mdm stop” to shut down the X server, then use a TTY to install the driver, then reboot.

    In Petra’s new MDM version, stopping the MDM service prevents access to the TTYs. Using Ctrl+Alt+F2 only works when MDM is running. Thus, there’s no way to run anything in a TTY unless the X server is running.

    I ended up solving this by installing the driver over SSH, but I shouldn’t have to do this. I should be able to access a TTY without having MDM running.

  70. system-config-lvm worked in Olivia, but crashes in Petra on startup up with the message:

    invoke-rc.d: unknown initscript, /etc/init.d/lvm2 not found.

    Sure enough, it isn’t there. I’m guessing this LVM change wasn’t reflected upstream and there’s not much you can do about it, but if there is then I’m submitting this report.

  71. Really nice, looking to install it as soon as it will be officially released! This is going to be an outstanding release!

    Only problem so far i dont see dng and raw images thumbnails in caja, everything else seems perfect!!!

  72. problems when trying to watch movies online in full screen, display video with poor stuck, slow, between cut. computer with a few years

  73. Installed the RC a few hours ago. While running the updates, setting up and doing my usual tweaking, I’ve had no issues.

    No Synaptic lockups, as others have reported.

    I did notice that until the first reboot, the “Quit” option on the menu displayed only a warning that shutdown would happen in 60 minutes. (I did not let it time out to see if it actually shut down.) After a reboot, the expected “Suspend, Restart, Shutdown…” options were displayed.

    Wish list: Would be nice if the mouse preference panel in Mate included a “natural scrolling” option as in Ubuntu and, I assume, Cinnamon.

  74. Hi all.

    I have decided to reinstal my OS but this time to install a Linux OS, and I have chosen this one. I am installing it on a Dell laptop computer.

    Dell LATITUDE D610 to be specific. So can you guys leave me some comments about Linux Mint OS, and about my laptop? Will it work fine? Compatible?


  75. I have a bug with the latest update. I don’t start in cinnamon interface, now i’m working in GNOME.
    In cinnamon the screen it’s totally in black.

  76. I am very impressed with the speed of both of these desktop environments. However, I am having trouble with wine. In LM 15, I had no problems with running certain games through wine. To run those same games, I have to use a virtual desktop and iconify all other applications. Also it usually only lets me use this window on one of my monitors. I’m not sure if this a specific problem with me or if anyone else has been having problems with this, but I may continue to use LM 15 if this cannot be resolved. Thanks for your time, and great job on another amazing distro!

  77. I forgot to mention that I cannot install cinnamon from mate. Is this just because they are both in RC release? I tried installing from the software manager, synaptic, and terminal. When I change sessions to cinnamon, it goes to a black screen and comes up with an error saying that it did not boot correctly and I should restart. If you want the exact message I can copy it down the next time I try. Thanks!

  78. (1) Until when is this release supported?


    nm-applet crashed and is gone (not to be seen on panel)
    network settings forgets DNS entries
    network manager connects, but despite DNS entries cant leave “my private idaho” unless DNS record is added to network settings
    mint menu is sometimes displayed “delayed” or only activated after clicking “Windows” key

  79. Have Mint-Mate 16-64 RC, running on Virtualbox, so far very good !
    Running virtual machine with 1.5GB for ram, 64MB for video and set to use all 4 cores. On, HP AMD Quad core, 16GB ram.

    Good work Mint people !

  80. Running Mint 16-64 RC MATE from USB. (I don’t install anything anymore–don’t use hard drive). This is best and fastest Mint ever! Thanks for fixing all the bugs I reported in Mint 15.

    Thanks Clem and the Mint team!

  81. Two packaging glitches with the 64 bit Mate ISO:

    1. Major issue: gparted is missing on the live DVD. In the past, even though gparted was not installed in an initial install to a hard disk, it was present on the live DVD. gparted is an essential tool for checking or preparing a drive for a new installation, and for using the live dvd for troubleshooting and maintenance tasks, such as copying, moving, and resizing partitions. I would really, really like to see it back on the live DVD.

    2. Minor issue: Running Mint 15, MATE 64 bit, I created a bootable USB flash drive from the 64 bit MATE RC ISO, using the “USG Image Writer” program. LM 15 MATE recognizes and automounts the flash drive just fine, but gparted does not like it. gparted pops up the following complaint:

    “/dev/sdc contains GPT signatures, indicating that it has a GPT table. However, it does not have a valid fake msdos partition table, as it should. Perhaps it was corrupted — possibly by a program that doesn’t understand GPT partition tables. Or perhaps you deleted the GPT table, and are now using an msdos partition table. Is this a GPT partition table?”

    Responding either Yes or No causes gparted to report the flash drive as completely unallocated. I’m not sure whether this is an issue with whatever created the hybrid ISO image, or a gparted issue. As I continue with my test installation, I will check the behaviour of the gparted which LM 16 uses.

  82. I have mint 16 cinnamon running in a Virtual Session. So far it seems very responsive. I am writing this comment from the VM session. I know a lot of people are stating it takes 3 seconds to open the menu’s but I have not seen that issue as of yet. I do have to wonder if that is really a issue as 3sec is not really that long. I am currently using KDE and will test the KDE 16 version and then decide whether I will switch to cinnamon desktop. So far I am really leaning toward it. I think this will be a better version. Just need a rolling release now, and I would be even happier.

    My system is a AMD quad core, with 16gigs of ram, and a 1 terabyte drive. I have a 1gig AMD 5700 series video card and like I stated the system is very snappy.

  83. Hi Linux Mint Team,

    I tested Linux Mint 16 MATE 64bit from USB.

    -Laptop Vaio SVF152 -CPU Pentium 987, Intel HD Graphics, Display 1920 x 1080
    Petra didn’t work (black screen) 🙁

    -Laptop Asus R700VJ (K75VJ) -CPU i3-3110M, GeForce GT 635M
    Petra running correct. In MATE no work function control keyboard shortcut (Hot Keys), Petra no using GT635M, only CPU intergrated graphic cards HD Graphics 4000.

    - Dell Studio 1558 -CPU i5 M520, ATI Radeon HD 4500. Display resolution 1920×1080
    Petra running well but a few problems.
    – Don’t see installed Firewall in Petra Menu (no gufw only ufw)
    – MDM 1.4 in Mint-X (HTML) -Default theme. If select from Petra Menu Switch User or New login no place to enter User and Password, also no work Restart and Shutdown (black screen).
    – Frequently if using (mouse roller or touchpad) and Power Manager Brightness Applet 1.6.2 , Petra freez, cant do nothing 🙁
    – Frequently after Petra udpade, panel icon show message „Could not refresh list of packages“
    -Sometimes in Menu if switching between applications (using mouse or touchpad) coursor vibrate between adjacent software category
    – In MATE to be missing Sound Effects like in Cinnamon 2.0 😉
    – Old version software programs in repositories for example:
    VLC, Clementine, Vuze, Liferea, Midori etc.

    – Maybe in next versions Linux Mint add USB port security/protection software?


  84. Err petra/main Translation-en_IN
    Could not connect to (, connection timed out
    Err petra/main Translation-en
    Unable to connect to
    Fetched 388 kB in 3min 7s (2,069 B/s)
    W: Failed to fetch Could not connect to (, connection timed out

    W: Failed to fetch Unable to connect to

    E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

  85. Pawcio, to get work with HD4000 and also with GT635M you need to install Bumblebee. It’s Linux alternative for nVidia Optimus technology on Windows.

  86. I have the following problems:

    1. I cannot set the pointer size. The slider in Appearance/Customize/Pointer is greyed out

    2. Regardless how I set the screen shut down in Power Management, it always shuts down after a very short time. I tried ‘Never” and ‘1 hour” but it did not work.

    3. I had great difficulties updating. At least 3 times I got error messages that there was a problem. Then after another try it worked.

    4. I noticed here and with previous releases that my VMware tools get kicked out after an update. It’s not a big deal but it is boring having to reinstall the tools all the time.

    5. This is a wonderful system. Although I am a hard core Windows guy, I see myself using Mint Mate more and more. Even made some tutorials that you can download from my Skydrive:

    This is a PDF that gives control for 9 tutorial videos.

    I run Mint under VMware Player from an external USB3 attached SSD. That way I can run it from any of my systems.

  87. Maya Mate has a serious problem with panels, but I avoided the issue by not using a panel on the right hand side (since after logout/login the right panel got moved to be overlapped with the left one). I was happy to see that Petra Mate RC has fixed this problem, but now there are other panel problems, such that adding a drawer to the left panel gives a blank icon (it’s there but you can’t see it) and the pop-out extends all the way across the screen, but only on the left and top panels, not the right panel. Adding a drawer is not the only panel fault – there are others that don’t work or vanish.
    Also – what happened to the .gvfs folder in Petra? I use that as a location for some apps that need to access network drives.

  88. re. Petra Mate panels:
    Like a noob, I forgot to logoff and restart. After I did that, the panels seem to work properly. When is the next LTS going to be released?
    I’ll stick with Maya for now because it’s LTS.
    (P.S xfce in Maya doesn’t have the panels problem like Mate in Maya does)

    Edit by Clem: Hi Frank, the next LTS is Mint 17.

  89. @Joco : I have installed Mint Mate x64 on a Dell D630, and it works perfectly. However, I had to have an ethernet cable plugged in to setup the wifi drivers (Administration: Driver Manager). After that wifi worked perfectly though.

    Also, Wine is definitely broken in this release. There are now 6 comments about it here in this thread. So if you want to use Windows apps at all, you may need to wait for a final release, which hopefully fixes this very important functionality. *crosses fingers*

  90. thanks to all
    the update today fixed the missing nvidia control panel!
    so could adjust the nvidia card now

    happy camper here
    don’t do any heavy work on this system but seems solid now

    3.2 gig AMD 64bit
    8 gig ddr3
    64 gig SSD
    biostar A780L3C mobo
    nvidia 210

  91. LM 16 RC bug (this is a long standing MATE bug, going back to around LM 13):

    The MATE user admin program (mate-users-admin), when setting a user’s type to “Administrative”, does not add the user to the “sudo” group. The workaround is to explicitly add the user to the sudo group.

  92. ‘mate-screensaver’ still as flaky as it was in lm15 MATE 64-bit. Set to ‘Lock screen when screensaver is active’ sometimes upon resume after suspend I get a prompt for my password, other times NOT.

  93. hey, this breaks AdobeAIR 2.6.0 is there anyone that knows of a way to install adobeair or ia32-libs which is needed for AIR??

  94. Love Linux Mint. Just loaded Petra 64-bit on Asus K54C. Having troubles updating software.

    apt-get update returns:

    Err petra InRelease

    Err petra InRelease

    Err petra Release.gpg
    Unable to connect to
    Err petra Release.gpg
    Unable to connect to
    Fetched 467 kB in 2min 0s (3,888 B/s)
    Reading package lists… Done
    W: Failed to fetch

    W: Failed to fetch

    W: Failed to fetch Unable to connect to

    W: Failed to fetch Unable to connect to

    W: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

  95. I just noticed that programs (e.g. Firefox or Software Manager0 load a LOT slower than e.g. in Nadia. It is pretty annoying. And my Petra is on a SSD running with plenty of RAM on an i7. The boot, however, is faster.

  96. Hello, I tried installing Mint 16 RC 64-bit in both MATE and Cinnamon versions using the latest version of unetbootin for Windows and can get to the text menu that lets you pick normal and compatability modes along with the memory test and stuff, but if I select any option, nothing loads and the screen goes black. This is with 2 different USB flash drives.

    When I try using the .iso’s with Virtualbox, they work fine. I’m working off of an HP H8-1234 Desktop with an AMD FX-6120 Processor on a M3970AM-HP (Angelica2) motherboard, 10 GB of DDR3 1333MHZ Ram, an AMD HD6770 graphics card along with a 1TB SATA Seagate 7200rpm hard drive.

    Given that no one else seems to have reported this issue, it may just be me. I’ll try burning to a DVD next. I find my problem odd because I used unetbootin with one of the flash drives I used this time to install Mint 15 and Linux Mint DE in the past.

  97. Hello, on MATE 64-bit, sometimes Skype windows turn grey and there’s nothing to do but quit Skype. Never have this problem before.

  98. after upgrading from nadia to petra,

    when session is locked after time out,

    I need to give password twice to reopen session

    Edit by Clem: Maybe you’ve got multiple screensavers/keyrings running?

  99. I’ve tried to restore a backup from rdiff_backup

    (rdiff-backup hasn’t been changed for a long time)

    the restore seames to work, but at the end the restored file is deleted… tryed with max verbose restoration

  100. Installed mint 16 MATE RC. Everything worked fine except install of network printer. Could not install network printer. With mint 15 MATE, no problem at all; installed fine.

  101. I have found: When waked up after suspend, my bluetooth mouse doesn’t work any more. I seems like bluetooth is totally dead, it is not possible to reconnect the mouse. I have to restart the computer. The built-in touch-pad still works.

  102. I have exactly the same problem as John above at 75. I have a Laptop with Nvidia Optimux Geforce GTX 765M and Intel Haswell i7 and when I try to boot into both Cinnamon RC x64 or i32 on it crashes with an error which seems related to a divide error and the noveau module.

    I can also get past this with a start in compatibility mode and load the latest 319.22 drivers and bumblebee to get out of software rendered mode but even with a persistent LiveUSB I still need compatibility mode to get back in. How does one stop the nouveau driver being accessed? Will an installed version be better?

  103. Linux Mint just gets better and better–I am on my knees bowing to the LM developers that make this such a great Linux Distro. I have tested both the Cinnamon and Mate Distros–both work great, but I still like the Mate better–no real performance difference.

    Keep up the great work

  104. With this edition Linux Mint 16 Mate 64-bit i can say goodbye to Windows!Printers,scanners,and a good office suite have been areas where linux had caused problems in the past. I am glad to report all my devices work well with this release.By the way Kingsoft office will work in this release. My highest praise goes out to eveyone who worked on this project.

  105. There was a wee problem with the package manager not working . . .

    Reading package lists… Error!
    E: Encountered a section with no Package: header
    E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/extra.linuxmint.com_dists_petra_main_i18n_Translation-en%5fNZ
    E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.

    The solution seemed to just be to change %5f in the file name to _.

  106. – Activating the option: Enable mouse clicks with touch-pad.
    – Adding Faenza Icons to your repository.
    – Banshee/Rhythmbox should integrate with audio control like old LinuxMint versions:
    – Supporting Lyricist and Publisher fields in Banshee.
    – USB Image Formater: should be a part of Caja.
    – USB Image Writer: should be a part of Brasero.
    – Zim instead of Tomboy.
    – Adding a shopping cart to «Software Manager».

  107. Tried installing on an Intel Atom. Install runs to completion and get up the Mint 16 background but there is no task bar, therefore no menu button and no desktop icons, therefore no install icon.

  108. Can not install epson-inkjet-printer-201105w. I agree to the driver license then the install gauge hangs every time. There are no overt error messages. I tried installing through web CUPS interface but couldn’t find the 20115w driver.

  109. @xenopeek
    See my reply in your thread it doesn’t work under Mate 64bit.

    Anybody managed to install wine 1.6 or 7 under Mate 64bit rc?

  110. This RC coincides with me having stability issues, so I’m testing it on a thrown-together system for now.

    My usual system is a dual-core Celeron with 4GB and nVidia onboard graphics. In comparison, my thrown-together system is a single-core Pentium with 1GB and Intel gfx, so I can’t comment on 16RC’s speed with any accuracy.

    It appears to me that the .iso image at one of the UK mirrors (Bytemark Hosting ) may be corrupt; 3 downloads all gave the correct MD5 sum, but would not install. A download from a German mirror passed MD5 and installed fine.

    Besides that, the only issue I’ve seen is that the detection of the monitor’s resolution (1920×1080) doesn’t work after installation, it’s defaulted to 1024×768 after each reboot so far. After a bit of fiddling, I can manually set it, but it’s back to 1024×768 next boot.

  111. On the MATE 64-bit RC: Installing caja-dropbox via Synaptic wants to install Cinnamon and a few dozen apparent dependencies.

    Via apt-get, with –no-install-recommends, the install attempt produces a “broken packages” message complaining that Dropbox is not installed. Dropbox is, however, installed, via the command line, per This puts the Dropbox executable, etc., in ~/.dropboxd and also creates ~/.dropbox. Perhaps “caja-desktop” does not expect to find Dropbox installed in the user’s honme directory.

  112. Clem, Thanks for the update with the freezing issue (commnent #43) yes this is still happening quite alot. This issue should be at No. 1 on this list. Cleans up with a reboot. Oh well….

  113. Great job Team. Thank you again for making an OS which is pleasant for the eyes and a delight to work with.
    I do have one question though:
    Is it possible to make an installation program which can handle RAID? Ubuntu used to have it with the alternate iso but they cancelled it after 12.04 I believe. I think it is SolydXK (rolling release using Debian as source) which does have a possibility but somehow I can’t get this OS stable so I returned to Mint.
    Using RAID, and for me especially RAID 0 (the only RAID which is not a true RAID) I can improve the speed of my computer drastically.
    There are descriptions on the internet on how to do it but I am lost when I read those. Things never work when I do it.
    Please think about it, it would improve Mint even further. Thanks.

  114. Is petra easier to install in laptops with EFI, it is really hard to put this initials in correct position but yuo will excuse me since English is a borrowed language. I have been try to install on laptop for those interested but when i come across such terms; boot from EFI, i stop there. Pliz advice.

  115. Well, the monitor resolution seems to have fixed itself, but now I’m seeing the Adobe Flash plugin keep crashing, and an inability to install the Gutenprint driver for my Canon MP610 (hangs part way through). I was also seeing these in the brief time I used Mint 15.

    I rather wish I’d stayed on 14, where everything was working, now…

  116. Linuxmint 16 Petra is working out-of-the-box on my asus N750JV (R750JV)
    wifi + wired ok
    sound + video ok
    webcam ok
    touchpad ETPS/2 Elantech ok

  117. @DeMus: you’ve used two mutually exclusive concepts – “rolling release” and “stable” – in one phrase 😀

  118. @169 Monsta

    When you read my sentence correctly I wrote I CAN’T seem to get it stable.
    Why can’t a rolling release be stable? Am I missing something?

  119. Linux Mint Mate is a top notch OS, as is Cinammon but I prefer Mate and I just hope that the popularity of Cinammon does not make Mate redundant in the future.

  120. @171 JOHN:

    I agree. I’ve been trying installs of both the Mint and Cinnamon RC’s. Cinnamon has a slight edge on aesthetics, but MATE wins with better workspace/windows handling. I like to open one app per workspace and move between each with a single mouse click. MATE can be configured to do that. Cinnamon can not. I’d love to see Cinnamon get a button-based window lister like MATE’s that also works like MATE’s.

    Anyway, congrats and thanks to the Mint team. I’m gonna sit on this MATE install and update my way to the release version.

  121. More updates. Finally got the printer to install, though I don’t recall it being so fiddly in Mint 14.

    The Flash plugin often crashes on YouTube and other video sites, fairly often it will cause Firefox to crash. A couple of times it has completely hung the whole OS, no magic keystrokes (SysRq REISUB) worked, I had to hit the reset switch on the PC.

    VirtualBox also hung, about two minutes into playing an elderly game (Age of Empires) which was fine in Mint 14. Luckily it hadn’t hung the whole OS, I could Alt-F1 to get to a console screen, and kill VirtualBox with ‘top’.

    I wonder if this is due to the change in the way recommended packages are no longer installed, or a problem with the proprietary driver for the onboard nVidia graphics.

    I also read about Adobe dropping support for Linux in their Flash player; this is from their own site: “NOTE: Adobe Flash Player 11.2 will be the last version to target Linux as a supported platform. Adobe will continue to provide security backports to Flash Player 11.2 for Linux.”

    This does not sound good to me.

  122. Installed everything working very well. Boot up in the morning and greeted by miniscule unreadable error and danger messages. Goes into a perpetual login cycle. Uninstalled re-install again everything ok but on re-boot, same thing. This is a great OS if you don’t switch your machine off otherwise I suggest you wait for a while.

  123. Hi Mint Team

    I’ve downloaded the 64 bit Cinnamonn edition for testing (not going to install until final release)

    First off, I have to say that you’re doing a great work. Especially with Cinnamon i mind.

    I found a bug thoug. It was actually pressent in Mint 15 to but here goes anyway.

    The Network manager apparently still have it’s (not so) famous NCM/MBIM where it defaults to using MBIM instead off NCM with the modem only understanding NCM and therefore will not connect corrrectly. This will most probably be a problem on internal 3G-modems like the one (rebranded Ericsson-3g-modem) sitting internally in my Lenovo E135 Laptop. The problem is that Network manager tries to speak MBIM with the modem which only understands NCM. The modem will connect to the wireless carrier itself but will fail at actually connecting to the internet.

    While this is clearly a NetworkManager issue, there is a easy workaround for now You just have to put an N in /sys/module/cdc_ncm/parameters/prefer_mbim

    You guys can read more at the discussion at this link where the workaround is applied successfully. This simple fix was working for me on Mint 15 but I’ve not tested it in 16 though since i’ve not installed this distro yet but I am in strong believe that this will work to in 16. Without this fix my (an probably many other internal 3g-modem users) connection to 3g will fail in 16 (I’ve tried and failed at this) Since there is very few people out there connecting using internal 3g-modems, this bug is hardly known to anyone. I believe that USB-modems are another topic of this issue, and not necessary facing this bug at all, I’m to lazy to test it out with a USB-modem and see which driver is acually loaded, soery about that but if they’re faced wit this bug, chances are that you already should know by now. If you need me to test anything, just let me know here or by mail.

    I write this bug here since this is applying to “your product” and that there is a easy workaround for now. This might not be a nice fix but it’ll be easy for you to chip it with 16 and will make “your product” work out of the box for those users with internal 3g-modems from Ericsson.

    I’ll look forward for your reply

  124. Installed Linux mate 16 32 bit and the only bug I have is after it goes into suspend mode it won’t reconnect to the internet when you bring it out of suspend mode I have to shout down the computer and restart it to get it to reconnect. hopefully there will be a update for this bug

  125. I need Inkscape and GIMP installed by default in Linux Mint, but there is only GIMP. Please, make Inkscape installed by default in the next Linux Mint 1& (aka Ubuntu 14.04). Thank you.

  126. Can’t we install mint-16 inside windows, as it was the case for mint-15(mint4win.exe available).I want to install it inside windows, but any .exe file doesn’t exist for mint-16 after extracting!!

  127. Linux Mint 16 “Petra” MATE RC 64-bit
    Two issues. Possibly related to known issues mentioned previously?

    With the first print job, the printer applet icon (../system-config-printer/ ?) remains in the ‘Notification Area’ instead of disappearing after the print job has finished. Clicking (or right-clicking) on the printer applet icon has no affect. While this issue has not thus far prevented additional print jobs from completing it also does not provide any info on print job progress or status.

    The other issue is with the optionally installed ‘gmail-notify’. At some point after the program is launched and authentication with gmail is successful, ‘gmail-notify’ freezes. Normally when right-clicking on the ‘gmail-notify’ icon on the MATE panel one would see options: ‘Check now|Go to inbox…|Configure…|Exit’. Once ‘gmail-notify’ freezes, the program and icon become totally unresponsive and must be terminated and restarted.

  128. I reported a bug with Mint16 Cinnamon. Recap. with the default DVD image, the include files for gcc were present, but there was no correct compiler setup. Trying to compile a C program failed because the system include files were not found.
    Following installation of g++ (the C-compiler) and a few other C++ files, the gcc was properly setup. Ergo, installing gcc requires as well g++. (or a bug fix).

    The other bug was with consoles (tty). I installed with English, chose the Canada French keyboard, but it was not setup correctly until I first logged into gui cinnamon, and then switched to use the terminal console mode.

    Other than that. Mint looks great.

  129. I am a huge fan of linux mint and more so the KDE version, so when should we, I, expect the KDE version of Petra to come out so that I can finally use it?

  130. Mate-terminal –geometry isn’t function properly. Although my screen-resolution is 1680×1050, –geometry setting will fit the requested terminal size in a max.800×600 area.

  131. Congratulations for linux mint 16, I have noticed that changes the color orange with green in firefox and images. Not if it’s for linux mint or proprietary Nvidia driver

    This text has been written with a translator.

  132. Linux Mint 16 “Petra” MATE release must be imminent because usually it is always around 15 days between the RC and the stable version 😉

  133. Hi,
    First of all, so far GREAT, ive been forced to use Ubuntu Gnome Remix up till now as Mint 15 didn’t support the wireless adapter in my Ultrabook. But so far Mint 16 works great. One minor bug which also exists in Ubuntu GR is that when you are moving the mouse pointer over the panel instead of the expected effects as you move from tab to tab you get graphics corruption.
    Please let me know if you would like me to send you further information (Screenshots etc)

    Cheers and Great Job!


  134. Running fine as a virtualbox machine in may workstation HP Z600 in Windows XP64, 3 monitors (dual nv FX580).

    Tested also as a dual boot XP – Mint 16.0 in my second (used 90€ deal) Toshiba Portege R200 centrino 1.2Mhz 1.2 MB 60GB. I feel it a bit faster than Mint 14.0 in the very same system.

    Both without a glitch. Fast, reliable, clean.

    Now just waiting to migrate my heavy-duty dual screen 1080p systems. A new nightmare (as before) with old nvidia quadro cards?


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