Linux Mint 16 “Petra” Cinnamon released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 16 “Petra” Cinnamon.

Linux Mint 16 Petra Cinnamon Edition

Linux Mint 16 is the result of 6 months of incremental development on top of stable and reliable technologies. This new release comes with updated software and brings refinements and new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use.

New features at a glance:

For a complete overview and to see screenshots of the new features, visit: “What’s new in Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon“.

Important info:

  • Recommended packages and 32-bit libraries
  • DVD playback
  • EFI Support
  • PAE required for 32-bit ISOs
  • mint4win

Make sure to read the “Release Notes” to be aware of important info or known issues related to this release.

System requirements:

  • x86 processor (Linux Mint 64-bit requires a 64-bit processor. Linux Mint 32-bit works on both 32-bit and 64-bit processors).
  • 512 MB RAM (1GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 5 GB of disk space
  • Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution
  • CD/DVD drive or USB port

Upgrade instructions:


Md5 sum:

  • 32-bit: 5ba48b32861c62aebd44c5f310966ea3
  • 64-bit: 21190d6baacbe106f145ca1ae44a0d88


HTTP Mirrors for the 32-bit DVD ISO:

HTTP Mirrors for the 64-bit DVD ISO:

Alternative downloads:

No-codecs images:

Distributors and magazines in Japan, USA and countries where distributing media codecs is problematic can use the “No Codecs” ISO images. These images are available for both the MATE and Cinnamon editions, in 32-bit and 64-bit at the following address:

OEM images:

Manufacturers can pre-install Linux Mint on their computers using the OEM installation images. These images will be made available next week, for both the MATE and Cinnamon edition in 64-bit at the following address:


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun with this new release!


  1. With Mint 16, I made the switch from Mate to Cinnamon. I really like Nemo. The file browser looks very good. The context menus are especially useful. I like the options to check MD5sum and to create a bootable USB stick.
    Good work from the Linux Mint developers!

  2. Downloading…
    While I wait, I would like to repeat my feature request for Nemo:
    Please add a filter bar for files like it exist in Dolphin. I miss the possibility to display only the files which are matching against a regular expression.

  3. Many thanks for mint 16. Unfortunatly the bug with has not been fixed. I still habe the behavior that Update manager, Software Manager and some other applications that ask for password, when they open they make the system freeze for 30” and then they ask the password.

  4. One remark about the upgrade instructions:

    I think that it’s too old and not reflect the reality:
    – Mint 5 & 9 don’t exist anymore
    – The security upgrades now is for 9 months (and not 18 months)

    I think that the upgrade approach should be:
    – If you want stability use Linux Mint 13 (Maya) and upgrade every 2 month
    – If you want to be “in the edge” you should upgrade every 6 months in order to get new features and security patches.

    What do you think?

    Edit by Clem: Thanks Ilan, you’re right. We’ll update it.

  5. Thank you, Mint DEV team for the release. I’ve been staying with Mint for a two years already. Mint makes the difference, you guys really do!

    Congrats to all of us on this = )

  6. Thanks for Mint16, been running this since the RC was released and must say best release so far, everything I need now works under LM15 and at last I can now remove windows from my PC


  7. Really nice, neat, clean, and extremely easy to use…the new wallpapers are great. Good job and congratulation for the hard work of the team.

  8. Tried it in Virtualbox. Cinnamon looks fantastic. It might replace my MATE + Compiz combo. But I’m a LMDE guy so it’s gonna be a wait till all the good stuff reaches it.

  9. Cinnamon’s settings System Info informs me that I have a hard drive of 303.4 GB while nemo says correctly that I have 143.5 GB free. A total of 160GB.

    A huge thanks for finally fixing an old bug for switching default applications from cinnamon’s settings! 🙂

    Finally, congrats on your latests achievements. <3

  10. I’m waiting to test this final release. Now I can install it on my hard drive. Thanks for the hard work of the team!

  11. So this EFI support, Does that mean I can finally dualboot alongside windows again? Sad story is that I need windows software for work and ever since getting an EFI motherboard, windows decided it wouldn’t work unless it was on a GPT disk and I still haven’t figured out how to dualboot on a partition structure that doesn’t use a master boot record. (Hey Clem, maybe thats something you can make a guide about??)

    Otherwise, Awesome!

    Edit by Clem: Yes, as long as you don’t need secureBoot, it should work with EFI/GPT and let you create a dual-boot configuration.

  12. Congrats on this release !
    Can anyone tried this distribution as a live USB disk? Which installer was used to create a live USB?

    I tried both along with another one for Petra-Cinnamon RC but getting this error when i boot from USB, ‘no default or ui configuration directive found’. Any workaround like renaming files/folder from iso to sys is also not working.

    Edit by Clem: Hi, mintstick ideally. Alternatively you can use dd, or unetbootin.

  13. Congratulations to the entire Linux Mint Team, excellent version, now waiting for the KDE version. Too bad the little time support, but unfortunately this does not depend to you. Congratulations Linux Mint Team !!!!

  14. Generally, a nice work. But…

    I have activated two-finger scrolling on my Samsung laptop having Intel hardware.

    When I scroll down, the window content scrolls up. When I scroll up, everything scrolls down.

    ~ sarcasm removed ~

    Edit by Clem: I would have liked to hear about this during the RC. With that said, I don’t think that’s an issue with Cinnamon. It sounds like it’s down to hardware support, kernel, xorg or drivers. The one thing that changed in Cinnamon 2.0 is that tapping is disabled by default. You can try and enable it in Cinnamon Settings to see if that makes a difference.

  15. Thanks for the Great Work! I love Linuxmint!
    I especially appreciate Linuxmint 16 Cinnamon and will install mate on separate drive for testing,
    am happy that Linuxmint 16 was easy to install on USB flash drive
    and install to hard drive was easy and quick,
    would love in future if when detects hard drive offers to download
    latest Nvidia drivers.
    was surprised that live Usb detected dual monitor and text was easy
    to read not like previous Linuxmint 15.
    it is beautiful and now am reinstalling my software choices and data
    from Linuxmint 15 backup.
    Thanks Guys, I appreciate your hard work, Keep it up.

  16. Wow the Linux team out done itself this time, you guys did a fabulous job with this release love petra cinnamon,just love cinnamon but is working so good even do am running LMDE cinnamon on my main pc,this is perfect for my 2 pc it just work ,thank very much for a excellent OS and all the hard work to accomplish this release.Ray

  17. Thanks for a great job! Cinnamon 2.0 is a major leap forward. Excellent quality. I think Mint might now safely scrap both Mate and KDE, and focus only on Cinnamon (default) and Xfce (for older computers with weak hardware)….

  18. refering to what response 26 says:
    check out rufus usb. Works for me. Yumi does not yet support mint 16 IT will take a week or so nomrally.

    To Clem,
    Thanks to you and your team. I am no guru but an advocate to get schools using linux (rather than illegal windows) I am excited to play with cinnamon. Still like mate and xfce.

    Will there be support for making an iso with added software. I made a iso with remasatersys but bad people killed a good program. I use the iso to encourage schools and churches to give linux a try.

    Again thanks Mint team. I am windowless but have many doors to go through! …and I rather go through a door

  19. Congratulations, great work! I hope LMDE UP8 with Cinnamon 2 gets released soon, I can’t wait to remove window$ from my new laptop 🙂

  20. Congratulations to the whole team on these releases!

    I’ve been running the 16 Cinnamon RC since it came out with no issues, on an old Gateway M460. Looking forward to writing a review soon.

    Linux Mint is STILL my #1 choice for a distribution. You have consistently created a great, easily installed, operating system.

  21. Clem, thanks for the amazing release, but I found something that really concerns me:
    In the Cinnamon release the magnifier when loading flickers. This was in the RC. Not sure about the final, and if it is can it be fixed? I’m visually impaired and really like Cinnamon release of Mint. The flickering really hurts my eyes. If your wondering where I’m finding this load a page in Firefox with it on (Ctrl-Alt-8). Thanks for developing a near perfect user experience and forking the magnifier from Gnome. It really helps!

  22. @Clem

    I’m awfully sorry, but I had no time to test the RC. November was hard and busy.

    As for the hardware support, kernel, xorg or drivers etc.

    “Linux Mint 16 is based on Ubuntu 13.10.”

    In October I tried Ubuntu 13.10, Xubuntu 13.10, Kubuntu 13.10 and Ubuntu Gnome Remix 13.10. The touchpad worked correctly.

    I don’t know whether it’s a purely Cinnamon issue or something has been broken in the kernel, xorg or drivers. That’s not my fault, I’m just a user.

    No sarcasm this time.

  23. To the Mint developers, congratulations on another great release. Mint keeps getting better. I tested Mint 16 during the RC stage and noted the large volume of bug reports (some still not fixed) and limited time to fix them with this release. Could perhaps a beta for Mint 17 be considered when the next Cinnamon desktop is released to enable testing earlier? I am certainly interested in getting more involved in testing Mint releases earlier on.

    Also, I think that the whole crowdfunding thing may have been brought up but would the Mint team consider running a crowdfunding campaign not for features but to enable additional team members/developers to be brought on to work on Mint full time?


    $60 000 goal — 1 developer full time for a year
    $120 000 stretch goal — 1 additional developer for a year

    I know many Mint users would get behind it and it may be a way to increase the rate of development on Mint & Cinnamon.

    Anyway, keep up the awesome work Mint team. Can’t wait for Mint 17 now. 🙂

  24. @Andy

    the touchpad click is disabed at first use. you can enable it easily using ControlCenter -> Mouse and Touchpad -> Touchpad

  25. Bug report (may be)
    Testing Mint 16 on VirtualBox.
    I found that nemo (2.0.8) have 100% CPU usage on one of my core.
    What’s going on?

  26. Hi folks,
    Just installed 64 bit version (fresh install). Everything worked like a charm out of the box. Wireless detected, no problems with sound or other hardware.

    The only bug I have run into is nemo fails to auto generate preview for video and certain pdf files. If I open the any of the file in totem and refresh nemo, the preview is generated for that particular file. Since I use Linux Mint to view a lot of video files, this particular feature is important to me. I request the team to fix this bug as soon as you folks get a chance.

    Other than that, a wonderful release. Thanks a lot for your hard work folks. I am not a long time user of LM, but I can see LM getting better with each release.

  27. is it still impossible to use a different window manager, such as kwin or compiz? or is there another way to make windows appear on screen according to rules i set? devilspie2 is not a very good option, but kwin and compiz both have this feature and its essential for me to have this.


  28. Thank you Clem and the whole team for doing such awesome work.

    One wish: could you add an option for mint menu to expand itself to the right to avoid scrollbars if some category has many apps? To me it feels a bit frustrating that I have to scroll through this little menu list when I have a lot of screen space available.

  29. @valyr

    Thank you, but I’ve been using GNU/Linux for several years and I know how to enable a touchpad.

    The problem is that the touchpad works in a strange and, I daresay, even in a mocking way.

    Clem says that I should have reported the issue earlier. I’m sorry but I don’t feel like being obliged to try each RC mandatorily. Maybe I’m a bad LM user, not a regular beta-tester…

  30. I can confirm the No 49 bug, video files have no thumbnail preview even if I play the file, just an video icon.
    Also, Skype has a dark video with my Webcam, but the video is ok in Cheese program, so it is Skype issue or something else.

  31. Ok, the Skype is resolved with a few restart and messing with “Disable Auto-Exposure” option, now it is ok.
    About video, if I play it and then refresh Nemo (as described in post No 49), now I have a thumbnail.
    Another small bug, I am from Serbia and default is 24h clock but I have 6:57 in the clock now without PM? I selected my country format and it says it will use 24h format but even after restart it is the same.

  32. Good job, guys!
    Just one minor complaint. Is there a way to switch to the old sounds, at least for changing the volume? I find the new ones to be jarring.

  33. Follow up on my post (#49):

    I might have found a work around or a possible solution for nemo failing to render preview for video files. Go to preference in Nemo

    Preferences -> Preview -> Icons -> and there is a tab where limit is set to 1MB. I increased it to the highest limit i.e. 4 GB and Nemo rendered preview for files less than 4 GB. However, for files larger than 4GB, I manually had to open them to generate preview. I hope the bug or feature to render preview for files larger than 4GB makes back in to Nemo like it was in LM 15.


  34. @Burner
    Nice find, it is working now. I think that it was 10MB by default in LM 15, but not sure now. It is generating the preview now, thanks.
    Anyone have an idea how to make the clock go 24h format?

  35. @28 Andy:

    You sound like you want natural scrolling enabled (more touch-screen behavior) – go to Cinnamon Settings->Mouse and Touchpad->touchpad tab, enable natural scrolling.

  36. I still can’t get through with the installation process on an Asus X550DP. The only distro and is based on Ubuntu 13.04 that was able to get through and successfully installed is that of Pear OS 8. Linux Mint 15 hang during installation, Linux Mint 16 failed at X similar to Ubuntu 13.10. OpenSuse 13.1 simply hang during installation process (UEFI or CSM) after the kernel was loaded but most of the time can’t load the kernel at all. Antergos and Manjaro also failed to continue all the init processes. I guess I’ll stay with what works for now even without HDMI support from the kernel. Though I successfully upgraded to 3.13 kernel with HDMI better support on this hardware, I can’t use it for long for I can’t get AMD/ATI driver to work with the kernel. Without the AMD/ATI driver, the system is not at optimal performance.

    BIOS option was set to CSM, disabled secure boot, disabled fast boot, and enable CSM instead of UEFI. Dvd drive at boot set to UEFI also failed for most distro.

    This is the first time that I have a hard time during the installation process, I’ve been using linux since 1997 and only this new hardware with UEFI, secure boot, fast boot and CSM options have serious problem with Linux.

    Anyway, congrats to Linux Mint and the people behind it! I thank you for giving us an updated Linux Mint distro. At home we use Cinnamon on another laptop and we are all happy with it. 🙂

  37. I don’t know when or what you did, but now my old laptop’s volume keys don’t go berserk and increase the volume until it get stuck on max! I can finally use linux on it again! Yay!

    @49: I can also confirm it works. There is a weird issue that half of my .mkv files are being thumbnailed as grayscale, while others are (correctly) colored. Maybe a 10bit vs 8bit h264 issue.

  38. Well, I have installed.
    It looks to be one of the worst Mint’s ever.
    Cinnamon keeps crashing constantly. Even the restarting doesn’t help. It falls back to gnome.
    I cannot understand how can that same all Cinnamon 2 run flawlessly on Manjaro Linux?

  39. @63 Csaba – is this on a clean install? If you are running with a separate home partition, and are simply installing Mint 16 over an older one, you may have some obsolete/incompatible applets or extensions.

    If this is the case, try resetting everything to defaults:

    $ gsettings reset-recursively org.cinnamon

  40. I tried to install bcm43* driver from deb file and get sing that I need to instell libc-dev at first. I haven’t cabel internet, only wi-fi.

  41. @64
    Yes, this is a pure install. I had LM 15 previously, and I wiped it. The crashes started to happen as soon as I started to add panel applets.

  42. While Mint is improving in all “functionality” areas constantly, with every release, Mint brand identity is suffering for a long time now, compared to that big “U” brother for example.
    Are there actually any goals and internal guidelines, when it comes to developing Linux Mint visual presentation? Or is it all about beeing “greenish” and metallic, and that’s it… Somehow I feel like the brand identity and brand loyalty are not among top priorities and goals within Mint team.
    The same old (and quite ugly, considered by many) logo is still there, the same old (messy) logo font is still there, the same lifeless wallpaper is still there, release after release.
    Is this some matter of stubbornness or what? Are you really, like REALLY that much satisfied and obsessed with this wallpaper you’re using again, and again, and again…?
    Let’s say John Doe wants to make some professional Linux Mint brochures for promotional purposes, what guidelines should he follow? What is the idea behind Linux Mint, what color palette, what taglines, what font, etc etc. It is all left to one’s imagination and ideas.
    If you are not aware, then let me tell you that first impression you get from newly installed OS, is the one you get by its visual presentation. Even if you are familiar with concrete OS, it is normal to expect something fresh and new, if not every time, then from time to time…
    Linux Mint was my entrance to Linux world, and I really loved it, and I really want to like it with every new version, but it’s looking like it’s frozen in time. Do something about the way it looks, finally. Also, homepage needs some fresh air badly.

    Good luck with next, LTS release.

  43. Wow @Casba, that’s unfortunate. It looks like it has been smooth sailing for most people, so it’s almost like there’s an incompatibility with your system somehow. What’s your hardware? Open-source drivers?

  44. @Michael Webster

    Thank you, I did, but that didn’t help.

    There are no problems with the touchpad in the MATE version.

  45. @ Csaba (63, 66) I think Mint should put these applets into “Tested” and “Untested” categories. I had a lot of trouble with Cinnamon crashing and reverting into a basic desktop manager, until I worked out that a lot of these applets are dodgy – especially those from one author. Remove all your applets then install them one at a time till you find out which ones work – and avoid the rest.

  46. Sorry, I didn’t have time to check, but has the absence of a Wacom control center module been fixed in Cinnamon? I recently installed 2.0 on my Mint Olivia install and discovered that cheating by using GNOME’s module didn’t work anymore… (for info, I have two screens and wish to map the tablet only to the leftmost screen)

  47. Install from usb flash drive did not work, installer crashed
    at: Checking cdrom drive.
    But worked fine when i burned iso to cd (Cinnamon 64bit)
    After 10hours of use everything seems to work and it’s stable.
    Good work and thanks for the Grey Mint-x theme 🙂

  48. Did the highly non-recommended “modify the software sources and upgrade via apt-get” method yesterday after seeing the “approved for release” appear, had to change only exactly two things to achieve a smooth result when going from Mint 15 to 16. I had to remove gnome-screensaver because it was functionally overlapping cinnamon-screensaver; and for some strange reason mintsources disappeared during the upgrade.

    I have noticed one irregularity in general: in nemo, when creating a new folder in the file structure displayed in the right-hand pane and then moving or copying files/folders into it, the folder list will not create the “expand” selector on the left end of the line until you enter that folder and return from it. Refreshing the view does not resolve the issue, it apparently takes a fresh “read” of the structure before it registers.

    I’ll chime in on the request for easy customization of the panel clock, I’d prefer it to be easily selectable for displaying date and 24-hour time rather than being “pinned” to the localization selected.

  49. So excited! Been waiting and holding my breath since the RC was announced. Downloading right now, going to replace my LM14 KDE with LM16 Cinnamon. KDE is cool, but I really like Cinnamon. Mint has really matured nicely, you guys are amazing.

  50. Ok, I am getting annoyed enough to write so I can better understand what is going on. I install the OS, everything goes great, I use the same username and pass I always use. But come first boot, I am not able to log in because I get a message telling me that the username and/or password are incorrect. This same thing happened to me with 15 and it also is giving me grief on Manjaro which ironically uses the same log in screen as Mint. Why is this happening? How can it be resolved? I have no other issues with any other distro. Something with the display manager seems to be causing the issue.

  51. Installed 64 bit no real issues, but what’s up with the clock? I may be missing something but I cannot find a way to set it to 24 hour format which is what I prefer. Any thoughts??

  52. Hello Clem and Linux Mint Development Team. Congrats on the final release of Petra LM 16.

    Per my post @419, back on LM 16 Cinnamon RC (64bit), I had and still do have a bug while testing the final Live DVD. Situation: Boot screen starts, then attempts to go to Live DVD environment, but screen just dims and process just hangs. So…I shall just have to continue using the current OSs I have installed and attempt another test when LM 17 Beta/RC is released=April/May 2014 Thanks once again for all your efforts, still appreciated. 🙂

    For reference from LM 16RC comment:
    “I am running a Lenovo Ideapad Z585 (261729U) laptop. It has a A10-4600M 64bit, Integrated AMD Radeon HD 7660G, LED backlit, with broadcom wireless. UEFI/secure boot is turned off.

    Bug: When I attempt to boot the LM 16 Cinnamon 64bit ISO, boot screen comes up ok, then enter to run live cd, screen goes black/dim and just hangs. FYI-Win7 and Win8 (Yuck) 64bit install flawlessly, as it should.

    Just being curious, I tried the 32bit ISO and it booted. There was a error message something like Backlight error, but then the 32bit ISO just plowed through and continued to Live CD environment.”

  53. I like the new distro, very speedy online (from my short test of it). However, I have to go back to the trusty old live disc of Mint Debian, I think the one I’m using is three years old now because even newer Debian versions don’t work as well for my way of computing. I can’t use this new Mint 16 for only a couple of annoying reasons, which would be really simple to fix and not waste hardly any memory or file space. Please put the graphical interface to the firewall back on the live CD. I need a software firewall and especially using it live (I never install). I ran the terminal to try to turn it on, but the terminal opens in the upper left of the screen, and a small part of it is offscreen left, the machine locks up, nothing works on any program, menus, CTRL + Q, everything frozen. I have to press the reset button on the computer to escape out of it. This fatal flaw makes this live distro unusable, but I wouldn’t use it for one other reason, also very simple to fix or maybe I’m missing something but search doesn’t give it to me either … How do you set the screen saver? I can’t even find it any more, and again I’m running it live only. I need the screen to stay lit up online so I don’t have to move the mouse or hit a key to turn it back on. Overall, Mint 16 is fatally flawed for permanent use as a live CD. I’m thus forced to go back to an old Mint Debian version for my online computing.

  54. I’ve installed Linux Mint 16 (Cinnamon), and it’s the only distribution on my laptop now. When using LM15, I still had a couple of other distros installed because I liked to keep up with what they were doing. It’s no longer necessary. I’ve found my computer’s home! Just one request… is it possible to get a “slimmed-down” version for CD installation? My desktop will only install off CD’s, and I’d like to get LM16 on it.

  55. Yay! Upgraded…

    User icons – (/usr/share/pixmaps/faces) – are you _serious_??? Just this, .. by default?! Cute lil kiddie drawings and none of the old traditional images? My clients will laugh linux out of the door. Those MS guys down the hall will ROFL in victory until Christmas.

    Hangs head in shame…

  56. Thanks everyone. I just wish Nvidia would be better about their display drivers. It makes running Linux a pain sometimes. No wonder Linus Torvalds hates them. Anyways, good job anyways!

  57. @70
    Finally, I did restore the Cinnamon. Now it is working with the same applets. I really don’t understand what did happen, since it was a fresh install. Thank for the suggestions anyway!

  58. Unfortunately I am at the point of reinstalling Mint 15 on my HP Pavilion G7 laptop w/HD7670m.. The installation (fresh) went fine but the screen keeps flickering with intervals from .5 – 10 seconds.

    Also the discrete graphics card is not used anymore causing for example Second Life to run at a whopping 1.9 fps where 20+ was normal running Olivia.

    I was attended to vga_switcheroo but that doesn’t seem functional: both cards are (and remain) powered on and there is no way I can switch output to the DIS card.

    Since especially the flickering looks kind of alarming to me I consider going back later today.. will keep my eyes open to see if similar issues are reported and solved before considering the upgrade again. A bit disappointing after being satisfied for a couple of years now with the latest stable releases.

  59. Clem & Crew, you guys are responsible for the probably only distro where every new version is the best iteration yet. The only way is forward! Congratulations – now please implement better multi-screen capabilities 😀

  60. Thanks for the new release.

    I am using the RC and are a victim of the infamous kernel bug in 3.11.x
    “Bug 61621 – Cards with rt3290 stop functioning after a while, have to reboot to resume normal operations”.
    See URL:
    This is, as far as I see not fixed, because there is no kernel update, yet.
    Should I upgrade the kernel to 3.10.10 or compile my own kernel (source
    code fix is known) ?

  61. Hey guys, Petra is awesome. Using it since RC was out. I was wondering, RC and this image are different? Do I have to reinstall the system, or can I obtain this new stuff with just an upgrade/dist-upgrade?

    Thank you for your hard work, after all distros that I have used, this is the distro that I chose! Safe, stable and really nice!

  62. MATE ISO’s downloaded. Sadly can’t dedicate any time to installations today. Will run it up in Virtualbox at work tomorrow.

  63. Hello Clem,

    the stable release is just brilliant.
    But I encountered a small problem. If the system language is set to Russian, some windows look really ugly (for example System Settings & Y PPA Manager) – the distance between icons is too big. Maybe it affects other languages and programs…
    I made screenshots for comparison:
    English –
    Russian –
    Please help me to fix it.

    Thanks in advance.

  64. @34 Pjotr:
    How dare you say this? Since Mint and Cinnamon are not so far apart (although in code they probably are) it is safe to say one of the two can disappear. XFCE for older systems should stay, and the flagship should be the KDE version. I mean come on guys, if you really want to have a perfect desktop there is only one option and that is to use KDE. Now I now from experiences that KDE on Mint is a wonderful combination. It is solid, it is fast, the KDE Plasma desktop is a one of a kind and it may never, NEVER, be deserted.

  65. Just installed 64-bit LM 16. Everything works so far. There is one annoyance with Evince. The min width of the side pane is too big.

  66. @DeMus – Amen — Mint KDE should be the flag ship DE. I switched to KDE about a year ago and never looked back. With KDE 4.11.3 and Mint you can’t go wrong.


  67. @Bill

    Good to know I am not the only one who thinks this way.
    I switched over when Gnome destroyed Gnome and introduced Gnome3, around the same time Ubuntu came with their version: Unity.
    I also never looked back and am waiting impaitionedly till mint 16 with KDE is introduced.

  68. Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon can’t resume from suspend mode 🙁
    At the beginning of Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon was this problem also but will be solved.
    A have a fresh install Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon and this problem is coming again. I upgraded everything but not solved the problem.

    After I want to wake up from suspend mode I see the background and the clock. The mouse is moving but the clickings and the keyboard isn’t happened nothing.
    Or I become the password window also but after typing the password not happening changes. The background and the clock are shown.

    Only the reset button or the CTRL-ALT-F2 (switch to console) working.

    Motherboard: Asrock H67M-ITX
    CPU: Intel i5-3470
    VGA: nVidia GeForce 9800GT

    Do you have any recommendations? The working suspend mode is very important for me.

    Sorry for my bad English.

  69. @Mono
    100% new kernel and the nVidia driver you used. It is awakening from stand by with no problem on Intel HD Graphics.

  70. Congratulations!
    Love Linux Mint. He is one of my favorite distros Linuxs. I’m already downloading, and anxious to test! I just hope that the Cinnamon become faster here on my PC, since usually it gets slow: (

  71. hello.
    i have an error while trying to load the live session. it starts, i see the mint logo and then it breaks and says “unable to find a medium containing a live file system”. ive searched around and it says that its mostly because of usb3 ports and boards.. thing is that ive installed mint without any [hardware] problem or else for that matter. so i wonder if theres anything changed in this version regarding something like usb connectivity? whats the “usb stick support” feature scope?
    thank you.

    ps i there a features/enhancements request section? so we can pitch ideas? (other than the community forum “ideas section”. are those taken into account? i would think not– thanks again.

  72. live usb boot right to the gun grub menu on uefi system. has anyone be able to get to the live install gui with this issue?

  73. Mint with Mate has been working wonderfully for me. Having finally retired my netbook, I thought I’d give Cinnamon a chance.
    Cinnamon doesn’t play well with my wireless. It will randomly disconnect and reconnect several times an hour. Two seperate downloads had the same issue. Mint 16 Mate edition and Ubuntu 13.10 work fine with it.

  74. Amazing effort! Thanks Mint team! I have a desktop and an ultrabook both running cinnamon since v14, both with complex DEV environments. Updating each through apt-get. Everything works great. Impressive!

  75. To Mr. Lefebvre and the development team:

    I have been very happy with Mint Mate Maya 13 as it uses very little of my computer’s resources and I still get all the eye candy from compiz and emerald. But yesterday I downloaded and tried both Mint 16 Cinnamon and Mint 16 Mate, and both of these will not work well with my system. It seems the graphics card in this new iteration of Mint 16, now has the fan CONTINUOUSLY blowing and making a racket. Whereas, in Mint 13 all is quiet as a silent night.

    This means I will no longer be able to enjoy Mint after the LTS is finished. I really got away from Windows because the nvidia software was also ruining my cards by running the fans.

    Here are the specs: I run a Quad-Core w/3gigs of RAM.
    I have a flat screen Samsung monitor 27 inches.

    I have a Nvidia G86 Geforce 8500 GT graphics card.

    Mint 13 uses the driver xserver-xorg-video-noveau-1:0.0016
    But all of the Nvidia drivers (nvidia-304 to nvidia 319) all
    of them overheat the cards or at least run the fan continuously.
    But the Noveau driver is wonderful and completely quiet.

    Now in Mint 16 – Cinnamon OR Mate, ALL of the drivers run the fan continuously, even the newer xserver-xorg-video-noveau-1:1.0.9-2
    acts EXACTLY like the nvidia drivers and runs that fan non-stop.

    I have updated both and they still both make a buzzing sound (like Ubuntu Unity does) when booting up, and then the fans just don’t quit.

    I truly hope someone will look into this or give us back the xserver-xorg-video-noveau-1:0.0016 driver so we can also enjoy Mint 16.

    In the past I have donated several times and there was no reason to stop. But if I have to move on to another distro after the LTS, I am afraid that others might move on as well.

    Thanks for all the work you do, I hope you can give this some consideration.

    Bill Skiles, MA

  76. been using Mint 16 for a week installed on two laptop. Nothing to say other that Awesome and thanks. Everything just works 🙂
    nb.1/ Needs a ‘mute’ button on vol
    2/ wobbly windows is a little too wobbly & excessive, not smooth.
    3/ not a huge prob but Firefox automatically keeps logging me out of sites when I close the window.

  77. @ Bill 108
    You can get a fanless Geforce 9500 GT for maybe 5 or 10 bucks at eBay. With that you are compeletely out of trouble (and noise).

  78. @ 3ldi5 69
    I wouldn’t say it that drastically in my opinion. I think Mint still looks very good. But you are right in that it progresses much more feature-wise. Would be great if that progress is made shown with a new look to the rest of the world.

  79. @ Bill 108
    You have a problem with nVidia, not Linux Mint. Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu, and you have a new kernel now and nVidia is too slow to release a new driver which will support newer kernel. GT8500 is also a older card and it might not be on priority list for them which is logical (they write new drivers mostly for newer cards).

  80. The tap feature on my laptop’s touchpad doesn’t work, I checked the settings, it is enabled, I can click and double click with an external mouse or the touchpad’s buttons, but I cannot with the touchpad’s tap feature. I’m using a Toshiba Satellite L840D that has a Synaptics touchpad, if it’s important information.

  81. Linux Mint 16 “Petra” Cinnamon is the doggies.

    Old Eee-PC Net book running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Linux Mint on dual boot. Don’t hide those old slow computers that ran Windows XP in a cupboard.

    Get them Minted! It brings life to old machines.

    Will work perfectly for my wee electric sailing yacht. All running spot on with and now installed, along with a cheapie GPS dongle

    Thanks folks!

  82. There are always going to be differences in regard to the best desktop system. Personally, I prefer them in this order: Cinnamon, Mate, KDE, XFCE, and LDXE. Enlightenment, Unity and Gnome are okay, but I don’t care for them. The nice thing is, most can be added, and there’s no reason the desktop selection can’t be made during the installation (leave off a lot of the other software…it can always be loaded in later by the user as fact, I like the way Bohdi does it in having everything available in bundles).

    So far, this has been a quick and relatively easy installation. As I said earlier, it would be nice to have a CD version of Mint available for those of us with older computers.

  83. Installed LM 16/Cinnamon on both my Thinkpad R61 (32-bit version Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB DDR2, all Intel chipsets)and my desktop PC (64-bit version, Intel Core 2 Quad, 8 GB DDR2, Nvidia GT 430 w/1 GB DDR3). No problems at all to speak of.

    However (and this is no big deal), I was rather surprised when I opened a terminal and ran “inxi -F” and saw the following in information:

    “~ $ inxi -F
    System: Host: Firefly Kernel: 3.11.0-12-generic x86_64 (64 bit) Desktop: Gnome Distro: Linux Mint 16 Petra”

    It was the “Desktop: Gnome” that caught my eye. Considering that Gnome 3 is not installed except for just a very few needed packages it rather surprised me. Now I’m wondering what file exactly the “inxi -F” command reads to determine what the DE is.

    Just mentioning.

  84. Hi together from Mintkatze,

    I just saw, that the new realese is out…Downloading…

    I hope, that no bugs will be in it as far as there had been some glitches in the RC.

    @ Clem: then I agree to some users, that LinuxMint should have a new default-backround. The current one is really boring also to me.
    I suggest this one here:

    or also this one here:

    or also this light one here:

    What do you think about them?? The’re really much better than the current default one. I would greet it, if you – Clem could decide for one of them.


  85. Well…. I’ve downloaded the beast…. and it’s good!

    I’m currently remastering it using the last version of remastersys – and it’s working far better than with M15. I can create a live backup – which is fine for what I want… but the distro iso it creates gives a lovely green screen with a shutdown button in the top right.

    These are not insurmountable… and for my use, they’re ok.

    Cinnamon is much improved… and now – it’s pretty much just an issue with the extra drivers for kdenlive that’s irritating… but I can still render high enough quality video – so that’s ok.

    I like this version and I’m very likely going to replace the old version of M14 that I’ve been running – feels like for years…..

  86. Dear Linux Mint Team,

    great job on v16! 🙂 I installed the RC and followed the updating instructions after the release, and there is one bug that I want to report.

    Ever since installing the RC, there seems to a problem with rendering text. Some characters sometimes randomly get garbled, and I cannot say what exactly the problem is. Sometimes characters render fine, but get garbled while typing more text. There does not seem to be a pattern as to which characters get garbled, and which do not. Selecting a charcter changes whether it is garbled or not, whether scrolling does not always change it. If it is scrolled off-screen though, it usually has an effect.

    I’ve recorded a video showing how errors come and go as text is changed. I typed slowly hoping to stop whenever something gets garbled, but it took me a while, so the first minute is pretty boring. 😉 Anyways, I hope it helps:
    And here is a screenshot of a garbled character:

    I see this happening in Nemo, Firefox, Thunderbird and Pidgin, so I think it might be a global problem. I have an Intel GM45 graphics chipset and did not install any special video drivers, though I think I added some Mesa3D packages. The errors were there all the time though, and I never had it happen with Mint 14 before (I skipped 15).

    I’m happy to provide more data, just let me know! 🙂 And again, thanks for all the good work! I love the new Cinnamon, even though graphics performance feels noticeably slower than 1.x on my laptop.

    Mike Rofone

  87. Dear Mint,
    Being in the IT business for some time now – always stuck with MS and now finally a system that is very polished in my minds eye. I am most defiantly will be donating first time ever towards your future development efforts.
    I am so thrilled that everything works the first time now and didn’t have to go searching to fix something. I am using an older laptop but it should not matter…it should install and it should all work.
    The biggest thing is that Cinnamon is finally matured for me to keep as the operating system for when I come home and tired of using MS all day.
    THANKS, THANKS, and Congrats!!!

  88. Mint 16 Cinnamon seems okay. But I’m seeing two issues that would seem fairly simple to fix, and that have plagued Mint since at least 15 Olivia:

    1. By default, applications open in the left, non-default monitor. This requires all manner of contortions to solve, with unreliable results per many forum posts.

    2. There is still no reasonably nice screensaver feature. What’s called Screensaver & Lock Settings is mortally primitive – no choice of screensaver. Per the settings dialogue, it appears to “Turn screen off when inactive for X minutes.”

    Not really minor annoyances, as they are -continually- annoying.

  89. I will be using this until the updated LMDE is out. I love it so far. Just came back from trying openSUSE. Once again Mint brings me back. Thank you for the release.

  90. Installed Mint 16 Cinnamon to dual boot besides Window 7 and so far it’s great. I love how Steam is in the Software Manager now.

    That said, the last few releases of Mint (including 15 and 16) don’t seem to install Grub 2 properly to the partitions I install mint on. I use a 1 TB hard drive and have 3 partitions for Windows, and either 1 primary partition for Linux or I use logical partitions for Linux. When I use EasyBCD to try to detect an installation of Mint with the bootloader installed on a Linux Partition (not the MBR that Windows is installed on)

    It doesn’t work and I have to use the Ubuntu boot-repair program to actually get Grub 2 on the Mint partition’s boot mount point. This time (unlike last time), boot-repair somehow overwrote my Windows MBR and I had to use my Windows 7 rescue disc to restore the Windows bootloader.

    Other than that, everything’s good. Wi-fi, bluetooth, video, sound, and everything else work fine. Been able to run games on steam, and my Logitech F310 auto-detected and installed when set to X-Input mode.

  91. Kernel panic on Mint16Cinnamon-64bit liveUSB boot with Corsair Neutron GTX SSD. Drops to initramfs prompt; reformatting doesn’t help. Workaround: unplug drive, hotplug once booted. Installation works.

  92. @131 Brian

    What version of EasyBCD are you using..? I had the same problem after installing Linux Mint 16rc and found out that i needed to upgrade to the latest version of EasyBCD v2.2, to fix the problem…

    Quote From the EasyBCD Website:

    “EasyBCD 2.2 also addresses issues caused by some changes in the latest Linux distributions (Ubuntu 12.04, Linux Mint 13, Fedora 17, etc.) where they changed the grub2 menu paths without warning (and, as far as we can tell, without good reason). EasyBCD 2.2 is fully compatible with the latest grub2 distros.”

    I didn’t have to change anything to do with the Linux Mint install or Grub.. All I did was Install the latest version of EasyBCD 2.2 and re-added my Linux Mint entry to the EasyBCD Boot Menu and all was fine..

  93. Nice work on window handling in cinnamon. Some bugs:
    – Applet installer doesn’t install applets
    – Resize with right button doesn’t work (even though it is set in dconf)
    – Icon mode’s compact layout is broken in Nemo

  94. Just found another one:
    “automatic-menomics” off doesn’t work. The keybindings aren’t underlined in buttons and menus. They should be, because if they are not made obvious, users don’t know they exist and don’t think to use them. In previous versions we could bring this back to normal (have the keybindings underlined) by setting /org/gnome/desktop/interface/automatic-mnemonics to false. Now I can see the key /org/cinnamon/desktop/interface/automatic-mnemonics appeared, but setting both to off still doesn’t make the keybindings appear

  95. I installed Mint 16 in the Vbox, however, the Vbox manager is often stop after I login my account. It happened since Mint 15, and never happened in Mint Debian vertion. Can anybody tell me why?

    Host OS: Windows 7
    Vbox: 4.34
    Mint 16 Cinnamon

  96. @ Brian
    To dual boot Windows and LM16 using the Windows bootloader installed you will need to install grub on the partition that LM is installed on (for example /dev/sda3) then use dd to copy the first 512 bytes of sda3 and save to a .mbr file. Then in Windows using EasyBCD create a new entry and have it point to the .mbr file and it should give you the option to select Win or LM when booting with the Linux bootloader. I use this pretty effectively for several OSs when I absolutely have to use the Win bootloader.

  97. A few more bugs and feature request:

    1. Can’t resize thumbnails panel in Evince. Occupies substantial real estate leading to an unpleasant pdf experience. (known bug)

    2. Laptop monitor panel brightness settings revert to maximum up on shut down. Have to manually reduce brightness on start up every time.
    LM 15 work around did not work on LM 16 on my system.

    3. Still haven’t figured a way to get rid of history from ‘Recent Documents’ list. Right clicking on the icon doesn’t do anything

    Feature Request: Ability to display month/date/year next to time tab. I think Mint 15 was able to do it.

  98. One more bug:

    1. LM 16 boots with Bluetooth switched ‘ON’ in spite of being turned off during previous session.

  99. @ comment 73 quote: “I think Mint should put these applets into “Tested” and “Untested” categories”
    I agree with you. I keep getting total cinnamon freeze when changing applets/extensions. Also when changing themes and other settings (windows borders etc…). Only way to escape is Ctrl+Alt+Fx and restart mdm or cold reboot.

    @clem: As a side note, I have another SSD (so the same box) with cinnamon nightly repos enabled and these bugs seems to be resolved!
    Maybe its time to release an upgrade of cinnamon to mint stable via Mint Update Manager?

  100. @150 Bumer
    It is working with this fix:

    Edit/add this line in /etc/default/grub

    GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=”quiet splash acpi_backlight=vendor”

    Then In terminal:

    sudo update-grub
    reboot computer

  101. Not really sure if this is a good place to report but..

    I’m finding mintInstall is less stable than before. Here’s one way to make it freeze:
    1) Go to install gparted
    2) Click the link to go to its sourceforge page
    3) Click the news link at the top

    I know that’s super specific but I bet there are other pages that make the thing freeze too!

  102. @Bill (Post #120)

    Your graphics card has a faulty component that makes it overheat.
    Heating/cooling cycles (from using and turning off the PC) cause the issue to agravate over time until the card dies.

    To minimize this, nVidia forces the fan to max on the affected cards so they wont heat so much and last longer.

    Therefore this is not a Mint issue.
    You should stick with Mint 13 if the noise is an issue for u.
    That’s why i never got an nVidia card again…

  103. petra cinnamon 64bit works in my laptop
    dual boot with windows 64bit
    both installed on old style (bios/csm mode with mbr scheme)
    no issue with HW, all detected and work

    but there’s something wrong maybe, during opening splash screen..
    it runs so slow, but not when logoff

  104. @Sergio #154:

    Thanks for your suggestion. I’ll try it and report the result here.
    I know that newer HP notebooks and some Acer ones are using this chips.

  105. hi together,

    I just managed to install LinuxMint and I have to say: I had terrible troubel with LVM. This feature does not acccept passwords. I always got this error on black screen: cryptsetup failed, wrong password or options?

    So I had to do a second install and skip LVM. Sorry to tell that and I would have liked LVM. But this is annoying. I tried three times in total. Two times with LVM and the third time without. The first both times I got the same error with LVM.

    But the rest is working fine.

  106. No joy installing on my Toshiba Equium A200-1V0 (Vista vintage dual core). No real surprise, as I can’t get anything above Mint 12 to install, and the Petra RC didn’t work when it came out. DVD just clicks and whirs for a long time and then it falls back to the installed Mint12 version after a while. Any workarounds anyone knows ? I get a bit bored working with mint 12 when I am used to 16 on my other computer.

  107. Wow! This smokes Windows 8.1. Great work developers! Thanks to everyone who has put their time into this for making such a great release!

  108. Hi Mint team

    Another stellar release…. One potential bug I’ve found is that installing network-manager-vpnc does not show Cisco VPN Client (vpnc) option in the dropdown.

    Only offers Point-to_point tunnelling protocol (PPTP)

    I tried this on the RC and last night did a clean install of the final version (Mint Cinnamon 64-bit Petra). This is on Lenovo T520 laptop in case that makes any difference.

    regards, Kiweegie

  109. WARNING for UEFI Installation.

    This release installs itself using an EFI boot directory named ubuntu. If you install it on a system where you already have Ubuntu installed for EFI boot, it will overwrite the Ubuntu boot images.

    Furthermore, this EFI boot directory can not even be renamed after the installation completes, as it will not boot if you try this.

    I assume that this is a result of fixing the UEFI installation problems with the RC distribution. It did in fact fix those problems, BUT with the significant side-effects mentioned above.


  110. Mint has some serious Problems with my laptop. The 64bit version of cinnamon fails to even boot from the LiveDVD.

    Having now installed the 32bit version of cinnamon, my wireless card stops working after a while – saying its still connected to the network. Once I turn it off and on again, it starts working for a while again. This is really annoying. Could it be some power save feature having some issues here? (Even though it sometimes even stops working while being actively downloading…) I got the Broadcom BCM43227. Anyone having the same issues and might be able to help?

    Besides that the 32bit version works like a charm.

  111. Hello Clem!
    I don’t know what is the aim of the MDM desktop manager, but it definitely breaks the WindowBuilder integration into Eclipse. I was trying to make them work together for two days. I did manage to solve the problem with replacing the mdm with gdm. Please fix that issue. I was unaware, but that caused me troubles for at least a year!

  112. Outstanding, Runs fantastic!! My Configuration… Mint 16 Cinnamon,AMD FX-4100 Quadcore Processor x2,16 gb memory, Radeon HD 6790. Additional Software… Steam, Google Earth, Psensor, Ubuntu One, Skype, Cairo Dock, Dropbox, Chromium, preload, Conky. 15 min. install, leisurely 1 hohour reinstalling software. What’s noticable is the smoothness of how Mint just gets better…Thanks Everyone. ” Yes, it’s a gaming machine for Linux only”

  113. @Bill (Post #158)

    Personally, i’ve always used both AMD and nVida on Linux without a problem.

    After the problem with my GS 8600 (same G86 chip) i switched to AMD only and never looked back.

    If u feel frustrated towards nVidia like me i recomend an R9 290x if u plan on gaming, an R9 270x for casual and some gaming, if if u just want web and mail, just get the cheapest.

    If u can find it in your heart (read: wallet) to forgive nVidia (i’m pretty sure theyr recent hardware works fine) get a GT790 for gaming, GT750/760 for casual gaming or use, and the cheapest u can get for the webz.

    I would give it a couple more months though for the drivers on AMD and nVidia to mature. (maybe nVidia doesn’t need that long)

  114. New Cinnamon 64-bit install here on a ThinkPad W530 using the Intel video. Really quite nice and well done.

    I did notice that when I connected a USB stick, or installed Dropbox after adding nemo-dropbox, the Disk Usage Analyzer opened, rather than Nemo, which is what I expected.

  115. Very nice! only wish that there were more themes for the login screen. Just wondering, when is the KDE edition going to be released? Not that Cinnamon isn’t great in its own right

  116. @164 nomadewolf:

    What about this one I found, would that fix the problem in the here and now? ASUS EAH5450 SILENT/DI/1GD3 AMD Radeon HD 5450 Graphics Video Card



  117. I don’t like recommending it either, but for the price range u want, it’s the best option.

    If u are willing to go a bit higher, an AMD6670 or even an AMD7770 would be a great option.

  118. @170 nomadewolf

    Found this card on ebay $109 Sapphire VAPOR-X AMD Radeon HD7770 GHz OC 1GB GDDR5 HDMI Video Card 11201-05-20G. Works for me. Thank you so much, have a great life! 🙂

  119. @ Bill, IMHO I would stick to Nvidia, there is support for many distros.
    AMD/ATI will just work fine (easy isntall) with ubuntu and derivatives, if you try arch, fedora, etc… you will need a lot of work to install AMD drivers.

  120. I’ve just tested network-manager-vpnc under Ubuntu 13.10 64-bit and it offers Cisco VPN Client connection as expected. So this looks to be an issue with Mint/Cinnamon.

    Refer my original post above at #161

    regards, Kiweegie

  121. The filemanager (nemo) is crashing… In a moment i was copying like 30GB and crashed… This also happened when i was changing a default program (vlc for mplayer)…

  122. ‘radiotray’ does not display icon on Cinnamon panel and radiotray does not recognize my saved channels in /home/user/.local/share/radiotray

  123. 64 x 32 bits

    I got an Acer 4540-1100 . PEtra 16 Cin 64 runs flawless and crashes a lot when using ANY browser.

    Someone knows If I use a 32 bit version it could runs better? and less crashing ? Tks

  124. Pros so far (2 desktops one with a Geforce 8 series and one with a GTX 200 and an I7 CPU):
    -Less resources required.
    -better software manager.
    -allows to install dropbox no deb required 😀
    -bumblebee included in repos.

    -software manager still stucks (8)and generally slow to navigate, also multiple app to install selection seams not possible as right click to directly install instead of click description bla bla bla …
    -backspace in settings goes to all settings when being used for example to delete parts of the number in dimensions of the panel delete must be used (portuguese keyboard config)

    Its faster 🙂

  125. So, I just installed Mint 16 Cinnamon 64bit on my Toshiba Satellite L455-S5009. When I close the lid, the wi-fi refuses to reconnect. I can’t even reconnect it manually. Is there a fix for this or is it a glitch?

  126. Mp3 player will not mount.
    When I try to mount it a message pops up
    Unable to mount SanDisk Sansa c250
    Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus).
    Then it disappears with this message pop up
    Unable to mount SanDisk Sansa c250
    Unable to open MTP device ‘[usb:006,002]’.
    In Mint 14, with Cinnamon 1.6.7 and Nemo 1.1.2, the mp3 player would show up as 2GB Volume, not SanDisk Sansa c250, and would mount with no problems.
    Clem, Mint Team can you fix this, or can somebody tell me how to fix this.

  127. It is a great relief to come home to Linux Mint after struggling with Windows at work all day, and the fonts in Cinnamon are clearer than with any other distribution I’ve tried – I love that! Some of the sophistication in “Petra” suggests a feminine touch. Do you have some women on your team? I hope so – Linux needs more of their influence.

  128. @joha (#162) The problem with certain models of Broadcom wireless adapters is not unique to Mint, it is in the Linux kernel. I know for absolute certain that it exists in Mint 16, Ubuntu 13.10 and openSuSE 13.1. More importantly, I know for absolute certain that it WAS in Fedora 19 and 20, but it got fixed there, so I am hopeful that the fix will make its way back to other distributions before too long.

    I have not found a way to get around this – if you have the problem, you are basically screwed. Your description is almost correct, it loses connection but still shows that it is connected for a while, but after a couple of minutes it will generally realize that it is gone and will show disconnected – after which it will not be possible to reconnect without rebooting.


  129. Sorry to bring this up again, but I have some new information that might help to reproduce the following bug:

    When using Nemo I can’t edit file names in place because a file name appears as a black box when trying to edit.

    This only happens when I use IBus as input method. Personally I use German and Hangul (Korean).

  130. @Ingo (#8)
    >>> ” I still habe the behavior that Update manager, Software Manager and some other applications that ask for password, when they open they make the system freeze for 30” and then they ask the password.”

    You could install Caffeine to prevent such behavior.

    $ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:caffeine-developers/ppa
    $ sudo apt-get update
    $ sudo apt-get install caffeine

  131. Sometimes when I try to do things to quickly everything freezes. Only the mouse still works. Is there something similar to ctrl+alt+del to end processes?

  132. @Sergio (#175)

    IMHO, if he can suffer trough Arch’s install process, installing AMD drivers will be peace of cake.

  133. the nemo find tool is very good,
    but it seems it cant find hidden files?
    Is there an option to search for hidden files also?

  134. Claudio@183

    In your Nemo tool bar, go to View, and scroll down to view hidden files, and make sure that selection is checked-on.

  135. Cordoba@181

    Perhaps a fix is coming soon, or may already be available. Have you updated recently? I had the same problem, although if you look extremely close you can barely see the text just enough. But it’s mute now, as all is normal, at least on my machine which is up-to-date as of this point.

  136. To Joha@162 and J A Watson@180,

    Check this link below, I believe you will find the solution. It has to do with installation of the wrong driver. You may have to tinker, but I finally got a Dell Latitude working flawlessly. I wish I could be more specific on which one of these solutions worked, but in the end, it was quite simple, and it was just one solution. But again, I believe this link will help.

    Now that I think of it, the below comment taken from that very link is what I believe worked for me. Very simple really. Hope it helps.

    “This is what worked for me:

    Install firmware-b43-installer (+ b43fwcutter automatically added in Synaptic)
    Uninstall the bcm-kernel-source package using Synaptic
    Remove the original Wireless STA driver from Additional Drivers

    Step #3 was a key step for me. If you don’t remove original Wireless STA driver, you’ll run into problems.”

  137. To all who have lost ‘tap to click’ on the touchpad: try “synclient tapbutton1=1”, likewise, if you have lost ‘top right tap is button 2 (centre button, for paste)’ try “synclient rtcornerbutton=2”

    Shame that cinnamon has no GUI options for these.

  138. A While back after years od using Linux – thought I would try Win 7 just for nostalgia….Ahhh I forgot hoe frustrating it was! Missing dlls update this update that missing drivers,,,etc etc ! Never again!
    Long live the Mint! Well done on new distro!

  139. I too am having installation issues from USB sticks.
    Have tried different sticks and different computers.
    I downloaded files and checked md5 – all were ok.
    Then I used dd to write to the devices – ok too.
    The computers boot to grub then start loading then fail.
    Same error messages as others are posting here.
    Burning the iso’s to DVD works ok – error is USB only.
    Can anyone double check this and I’ll file a bug. Thanks.

  140. Guys, I have a problem 🙁

    I have created a bootable usb with Linux Mint Petra Final, booted into live mode and clicked “install”.
    After partitioning, Mint started the installation (copied all files) and in the middle of installation process it gives me an error.
    I didn’t screenshoted it but something like :
    “Installer came into a problem….something, a log file will be generated and sent to developers”
    Something like that…
    Tried several times and the same 🙁

    Please help

  141. Same issue as #79 – John reported. I’ve been using YUMI to create multiboot USB sticks with various diagnostics tools along with a few Linux distros. I had installed Mint Cinnamon 15 64-bit this way without any issues, but Cinnamon 16 (32-bit AND 64-bit) crashes at ‘checking cdrom’ portion, every time. Will burn to DVD to complete the install, as it appears to work that way according to John. BUT…any idea why the installer wants to crash there?

  142. Hello, and good to see the new Mint is released.
    But sorry to say, lots of problems.
    Mintupdate does not work, and synaptic does not work

    How am I going to get updates ?
    Not finished as usual.

    This is the problem with Linux. I am trying to get friends to start using Linux Mint, but this makes it harder ..

    They want an OS that works. (and terminal is dangerous for newbies:-)

  143. One complaint that I have about Cinnamon 2.0 is that an active window’s tray looks like it’s bulged out, while an inactive one’s is bulged in. This is opposite to what I’m used to.

  144. Another bug:
    The file extension support has been namely improved, and I found that there is some changes in select file, right-click, Properties/Open with
    I’ve tried to add Sqlitebrowser as default option for sqlite database files, but It didn’t add to the list of applications. A would-be-nice, yet currently useless feature.

  145. When I close VLC, the icon still stays visible on my task bar.
    I tried right clicking on it and quitting but it still stays there.
    I tried killing the task within Terminal but it still stays there.
    How do I remove the icon?

  146. Small problem – the Accessibility tab has disappeared from the
    Login Window Preferences tab. This makes it impossible to
    set preferences for login sounds.

  147. Hi from Dublin ,

    Clem great distro I started out with Linux Mint 15 and it is a great alternative to Windows .

    The problem I have is I cannot get Canon printer Ip4600 to work, it did work with Mint 15 I have installed Mint 16 today will there be a fix for this ?

    Having said that I find Mint 16 great in every other way .

    Thanks again

  148. @157 Schattenjager

    I am using the kernel for saucy in
    Works fine and WLAN is fast now !
    Thank you very much for the hint for the update script. Installed 🙂

    The latest standard kernel for saucy (3.11.10-14.15) was not presented as a choice in the updates for Petra,
    neither in Update Manager nor in Synpatic, Status upgradable.
    Although one of the problems might be fixed, there was a different error message now with the same result.
    So I had to use the 3.12 kernel.

  149. Great work, loving it so far!

    Noticed the same thing with the touchpad tapping that some other users have mentioned.

    It may be tempting to go for a new look (in the future) but remember that what you have works very well – don’t overdo change simply for glamour. Let the themes do the glamour work, maybe even plan your next release with a few of the most popular themes from the last release?


  150. Great work. For the first time ever the function keys on my Toshiba work to set the brightness. Had a problem with the laptop not shutting down or restarting when using Nvidia driver 319.32. Reverted back to 304.88 and now much more reliable.

  151. My back is screaming, but had to post.This version is absolutely the very best. Also much faster. Everything works, except Clementine which is cool its not available for me to mess up my system with, I’ll get used to another music app. I’m still learning the new perks, but the new nvidia driver for my GTX650 has my desktop flying with this version. And Cairo is the bomb a ton of improvements! Its going to be hard letting this version go, I said that last time in 15! Great Job Clem and crew! You got a winner here! Thank You for your hard work! @harv73 you have to check what video card you have in your puter it may not be compatible with 3.19 which is for the most newest nvidia cards, just a thought, glad you got it going though! Enjoy.

  152. I just switched to Linux Mint 16 from Windows 7. Although I was expecting it to be good, Petra has blown away my expectations thus far. The things I like the most about Petra is its speed, security, settings, Synaptic Package Manager, software manager, and the fact that it remains dedicated to being a desktop friendly OS and looking good at the same time.

    However, I also have a few suggestions. First, I do not think Firefox should come with any add-ons or plugins per-installed other than Adobe Flash Player (Which is unfortunately still needed on a lot of sites). I was especially worried when I saw that the Java plugin (which is not needed anymore and is a security vulnerability). Although it was easy to get rid of the various add-ons and plugins I did not want using the Synaptic Package Manager, it was still time I would have preferred to spend elsewhere. I do not like the ugly gray title bar on the top of Firefox and other applications either. At the very least, users should have the option to remove this without pressing F11 and going into full screen mode (which hides the address bar). I also think that Totem should not be included by default. It does not seem to work and the per-installed VLC media player is a much better alternative.

  153. Corrections to my above post:

    * I was especially worried when I saw that the Java plugin (which is not needed anymore and is a security vulnerability) was pre-installed on Firefox.

    * pre-installed VLC media player

  154. @214 NOB
    You’re welcome.
    I am using the kernels for trusty without any problem, you can use them too. The kernel for saucy will not be updated and not even get any bug fixes…

    If you want kernel updates to be checked at system boot just edit the file ~/.config/autostart/KernelUpdate.desktop and replace lines 7 & 8 with this text:
    Exec=sh -c ‘sleep 60;KernelUpdateChecker -r trusty -no-rc’

  155. PB@198:
    I know how to show hidden files in nemo 😉

    But I want to search for them with the search function Ctrl+F key.
    E. g. if you do a search with Ctrl-F for “.config” or “.config”
    the search result is empty, but the files / folders exist.

  156. Brilliant! Thank you so much. I have been a Linux Mint user for years now and Windoze-free for three years. LM16 is best yet and very fast for me. I have a Dell Inspiron 1564 so can run Cinnamon 64 bit. For some reason I had problems for a while with LM15 losing my wireless because I have Broadcom 4312. However, with LM16 I checked it would work with a USB stick and wireless driver bcmwl-kernel-source. I installed Petra but then found, for some reason, I could not get the bcmwl-kernel-source to load from the Driver Manager window. Frustration! Answer: into Synaptic, searched for bcmwl-kernel-source, installed from there and wireless stays on – all problems solved!! Is this any help for #168 and #200?

  157. I tried to install the 32 bit version of Mint 16 Cinnamon on my netbook, alongside a Windows 7 installation. However, the installer crashes with the message “The installer encountered an error copying files to the hard disk”. During file copying messages like this appear: “dconf-CRITICAL ** unable to create ‘/root/.cache/dconf’: Permission denied. dconf will not work properly”. The installer mentions something about an integrated bug reporting tool that will appear, but after quitting the installer nothing happens.

    I’m not sure if this is a Mint issue, but it makes the installation of Mint 16 impossible for me. I repeated the exact same procedure with Mint 15, and then everything works fine.

  158. Where’s the btrfs support at install time? I’ve grown to rely on snapshots, and you’ve pulled it from the installer? What on earth for?


  159. Why was btrfs support removed from installation?

    I’ve spent all night trying to wedge it back into the install:

    * apt-get install btrfs-tools
    + That re-enables it in the installer… but
    – If you set it to format it, it fails.
    + Gparted to pre-format it… but
    – The install then fails on boot, can’t find the btrfs volume.
    + Using live usb, bind mount proc, sys, dev, & dev/pts to the installation and chroot into it, then add btrfs-tools to the install using dpkg… but
    – Still fails to boot.

    I am now trying creating a separate ext4 /boot partition to see if that works. But really this is a huge problem.

    * Btrfs provides
    + Compression – Want that at install time to keep install down and small SSD drive.
    + SSD features that the ext* filesystems do not.
    + Snapshots – I never want to go back to not having snapshots! They are wonderful!

    Is having a slightly faster boot up time really worth removing it? And not just masking it from the installer… I’m finding it impossible so far to get it installed with work-arounds.

    Please please please re-spin and bring btrfs back. I fled Ubuntu. Please don’t make me flee Mint, too.

  160. re Canon iP4600 printer not working with Cinnamon 16 have used the same printer with Mate 16 on a live disc and it works fine , is there a bug with Cinnamon 16 as regards, the printer set ?
    Everything else works fine for me as far as I can tell

  161. Installed “Bruce’s Way” on a fast ’32GB’ SanDisk Cruzer USBkey it seems slicker than Mint13-Maya and Cinamon applet selection and operation are much better, but I have found that the old Nvidia-173 driver is really needed for less than native 1920×1200 selection, whilst there’s still no way to invoke Overscan correction for HDMI connection to a large display SmartTV, so for that reason alone I’ll be sticking to Maya plus Nvidia-295. The progression to tighter control via System Settings is interesting and I was impressed at how quickly I could use VLC Player and Handbrake, but I guess that it will be a while before full multi-level security is achieved.
    I am looking forward to the next LTS release, at a time when WinXP desktop ‘support’ is scheduled to stop, although most users seem content to be in expensive thrall to Google et al.

  162. Hello..
    Can someone halp me please? I use Clementine, when I minimalized it, I can’t see any icon in notifikation area. I can’t maximaze it. Only way, which I know, is use Clementine start button from menu. From sound menu is not possible too 🙁 Can someone halp me?
    Thank you very much.

    PS: Sorry for my English.
    (Linux Mint 16 – Cinnamon, 64bit)

  163. Great job! Thanks to all who have made gnome3 technology come to life. Bravo to all the MATE cinnamon KDE fedora etc… people and technos who slaved for years! Zandronum runs like a champ. Even for a noob penguin. Oh yea thanks to Linus of course. Finally people can get up and running with simple dual boots and EZ partitions. Time for all to jump in the Linux pool and get your feet wet and never look back! I can’t wait to install KDEnlive and Openshot for video and movie editing. As well as Rosegarden for music mixing…Finally I am so glad I did not throw out those old computers. I can dedicate even PII’s, celerons and outdated single chip systems to incredible speeds. Thanks MINT, Cinnamon and MATE you are the gold capstones!

  164. I have solved the problem I described in 212 above.

    In Mint 15, the login sound was generated by MDM just before
    it launched Cinnamon. In Mint 16, it is Cinnamon itself that
    generates the sound. This means the the nature of the sound is
    controlled by the Cinnamon sound settings, and the
    MDM preferences are not involved.

    This is an improvement. Thank you!

  165. Hi,
    could you tell me why if I want to try the APT upgrade your link below point to Mint version 9?

    “Upgrade instructions:

    To upgrade from a previous version of Linux Mint follow these instructions.”

    At the ends the final link is to mint 9 packages, is it possible ti have the correct link?


  166. More bugs and annoyances (besides programs opening on the non-default monitor; lack of alternate screensavers).

    1. By default Mint 16 doesn’t find my Windows partitions. I’m running 64-bit Mint 16 & 64-bit Win 7 Pro).

    2. Running Firefox cause a fatal Mint 16 crash – requires Alt-SysRq-REISUB to recover.

  167. I have one problem, video tearing on my Intel HD graphics card, on Cinnamon 15 I didn’t had the tearing on the laptop itself but on the external TV and this workaround solved it:
    1) Open Terminal
    2) Issue the following command:

    gksu gedit /etc/environment

    3) Add to end of file:
    4) Reboot

    Now on Petra, the display and external TV have a video Tearing but when I do the fix above external TV is ok but internal still has no V-sync and awful video tearing with fast video or game. This fix might not work as it was intended mainly for the Gnome DE, and Cinnamon 2.0 and above does not depend on Gnome DE anymore.
    Anyone have an idea what I could try?

  168. Mint 16 Cinnamon is by far the best distro out there… Great work Clem and Team.

    Cinnamon installed on a HP Pavilion dv7 entertainment laptop, it runs very fast and everything just works out of the box, Except the Infra Red remote is not working. Remote worked just fine with Mint15, I looked at the ,config files and they our exactly the same, I just don”t understand why with this distro the remote would not be working.

    Any help out there would be appreciated. Again, thanks to Clem and team for all your hard work.


  169. Have installed Mint 16 on my laptop now (I tested the RC on my desktop pc) and several things that troubled me in Mint 15 work out of the box now (e.g. I couldn’t set brightness without manual fixes before, but now it worked without a hassle).
    Very nice experience, overall.

    Where there’s light, there’s also (some little) shadow, though:
    Several games that did run fine in fullscreen with Wine using Mint 15, now give corrupted graphics and I have to resort to window mode.
    I suspect an issue with the Intel GPU driver (my laptop has an HD4000).

  170. * There is no working setting for mouse scrolling speed.

    ** Linux Mint Menu Icon is invisible with AMD Catalyst drivers installed.

  171. Sorry for immediate repost but user steinarms posted solution on the launchpad bug tracker here:

    Basically install the plugins as follows and the GUI works for vpnc as well as all the others listed.

    $ sudo apt-get install network-manager-gnome network-manager-pptp network-manager-pptp-gnome network-manager-iodine network-manager-iodine-gnome network-manager-openconnect network-manager-openconnect-gnome network-manager-openvpn network-manager-openvpn-gnome network-manager-strongswan network-manager-vpnc network-manager-vpnc-gnome

  172. One more thing:
    Skype is very crash-happy in Mint 16.
    It crashed occasionally in 15, but now it’s not uncommon for it to crash ~3-4 times during a 30min (video) call.
    It’s also not playing nicely with the laptop mic (which it didn’t do before either however). I think it’s yet another pulseaudio issue.

  173. I was wrong in my comment above. Still having problems with my laptop shutting down using Nvidia drivers unfortunately. The shut down hanging is the only issue I’m experiencing, everything else works perfectly.

  174. Clem and Mint Team
    Mp3 player update
    If I uncheck ‘Automatically mount removable media when inserted and on startup’ in File Management Preferences the 2.0 GB Volume shows up and am able to access the files.
    But the SanDisk Sansa c250 still shows up and when you click on it it removes the 2.0 GB Volume and then the unable to mount pops up and then the SanDisk Sansa c250 disappears.
    Does anybody know how to fix this?

  175. oops… got my last post @235 reply wrong .. should have been to @El Zoido @233
    sorry for that mix up.

  176. Just really quickly I wanted to say that now that I’ve tried dual booting Windows 7 and Mint 16 (Cinnamon) side by side, I’m VERY impressed by the boot-up speed.

    Windows 7 is sluggish in how fast it starts up compared to Mint, which even beats Windows 8 on my laptop, and that’s without tricks like “shut down” basically being a disguised state-saving hibernation rather than a real power down.

    It’s actually fast when it comes to starting up from a cold boot, and the performance of the UI and OS is not only very good, but uses a low amount of system resources.

  177. Where’s the source for the “Mint Security Enhancer” Firefox extension that the desktop meta-package forces you to install by default? And where is its behaviour even documented? I’ve yet to see one person from Linux Mint willing to answer that question.

  178. Had just installed and try it out 1-2 days, everything’s great. Love the new look the login screen, the high res wallpapers selection that come with the distro, I didn’t go explore it in depth, just a causal user. But I love it.

    There’s one problem that send me go back to linux mint LTS version, linux mint 13, is the ibus. I can’t use the ibus with browser. Simply put the ibus is not working properly. Until its fixed, I will have to stay at ‘level’ linux mint 13… 🙁

  179. PB@199

    My system is up to date and the bug is still there. I am not glad to hear that the problem may be restricted to certain computers only. Those bugs are always the hardest to find.

  180. What is the reason for the package “linux-kernel-generic”?
    Is this a part from “Safer kernel updates”?
    The new Kernel 3.11.0-14 is not offered as an update?

    At the moment “Safer kernel updates” means “No Update” – what an improvment…
    I fixed it using “sudo apt-get install linux-generic”

    Edit by Clem: linux-kernel-generic points to the recommended kernel in Linux Mint. linux-generic does the same thing in Ubuntu. In practice neither distributions have enough resources to properly test kernel updates. Linux Mint recommends the most stable one (i.e. the one tested the most, mostly via RC) and deviates from it if important stability bugs are found. Ubuntu recommends the latest one. Why is this an improvement in Mint? Well, it’s a matter of opinion. You can install or stick to the same kernels in Ubuntu and Mint, the difference is in the recommendation. If for most Ubuntu users the biggest threat out there are hackers and exploits, then by all means their policy makes sense. Our experience, and in particular the horrible experience we had with kernel updates in Mint 15, tells us that the biggest threats to our users aren’t external attacks but regressions triggered by blind updates. If we look at Mint 16, we can already see a regression prevented by use of linux-kernel-generic: In Mint 15 such a regression would have been a level 5 update. In Mint 16 it’s an opt-in, it doesn’t get recommended at all. If a particular threat on 3.11.0-12 is important enough, linux-generic also empowers us to recommend a particular kernel (not necessarily the latest) and to push that update as a level 2 update. Whichever way you look at it, that’s an improvement in terms of implementing our strategy. Now, you might think our strategy doesn’t benefit you personally and you’d rather take the risk to suffer regressions than to miss out on security fixes, and that’s ok. It’s not about you in particular, it’s about what we recommend to most people out there and we’re pretty happy with the way this works.

  181. I have installed in my computer Linux Mint 15 (cinnamon). I want to install Linux Mint petra (cinnamon) but upgrade the sistem. I don’t want to install again. How can I do it?

    Thank you everyone!

  182. Hallo Clem and Team,

    the new 16 mit Cinnamon is very fast and beautiful.

    My only probs:
    Hardware: Sony Vaio Laptop VGN N11M -> the select /highlight with the touchpad dosnt work any more. Also both shift keys from the keyboard. With an external keyboard I dont have any problems.

    With Mint 15 no probs at all. But 16 is little bit faster and i dont want to mis the new cinnamon 2.0.


  183. Hi Mint team (and everyone elese)!

    I installed LM16 two days ago and I am stoked. The installation flew smoothly without any complications and Cinnamon 2 works fine. I really like it! 🙂

    I changed from windows to Linux Mint 8 month ago. When I installed LM14 I had to configure a lot of stuff to solve some problems with system. I had problems with some drivers, cinnamon lost some settings after reboots, nautilus set itself as default file browser instead of nemo and so on…
    But with Linux Mint 16 and Cinnamon 2 everything workes much better. I really like it and I’m looking forward to LM17 to get an up-to-date LTS version, I could ise for the next years. 🙂

    There is only one bug I had to struggle with. Some people already mentioned it… My wireless network didn’t really work. I got a connection, but my data transfer never passed over 10 kilobyte. So I tried to switch to the bcmwl-kernel-source driver by using the Driver Manager. Unfortunately the Driver Manager didn’t save my selection. 🙁
    My wireless works fine, after I figured out that I just have to install bcmwl-kernel-source manually, but it would be greaat, if it workes with the Driver Manager.

    But overall you did a really good job. Thanks for the new release! Keep it up!!!


  184. Please delete my previous post. Its written badly.

    Here’s what I am gotta say:

    The ibus chinese input in Linux Mint 16 has got some serious problem. Its not functioning properly. Cannot do input in firefox browser.

    I had revert back to using previous version of Linux Mint because of this.

    But anyhow, Linux Mint, keep up the good work! Linux Mint is da best. Thumbs up and thank you guys. Appreciated.

  185. I have a couple of bugs? to report….
    I use LM15 Cinnamon 32bit / ubuntu media studio 32 on 2 different machines.
    Wanting to go to 64bit as I have 4+gigs and used 64 before.
    Both M\c are AMD64. one with Raedon the other with Nvidia.
    Anyhow, all Machines on live USB and DVD fail to start Xserver.

    in USB I can boot to low/2d/software graphics. But cannot install as LM demands 8gig of space and the USB stick is only 4. Clearly It does not see any of my real HDDs in the install routine.
    If I could get it installed I might have been able to muscle xserver to work.
    The only plus in this is that stock Ubuntu 13.10/64 has same issue.
    I could stick with 32 but I wonder if that is a long term good as Ubuntu now advertise 32 for old M\cs and <2gig ram.
    My laptop is AMD A8-4500M Quadcore in an HP Pavilion
    Deskcomputer is AMD 6core but details are at home…
    Any Advice Please?

  186. I must say that while I do love Unity, the stability of MINT is so much better that I keep on using MINT. Thank you so much for the excellent work!

  187. Mint 16 Cinnamon is the best OS I have used to date, I really like where it is now and I can’t wait to see what Mint 17 will act and look like.

    There is only one thing I can seem to figure out how to make the OS do what I want and that involves “Cycle through windows backwards” like the alt-tab “Cycle through windows”. I set it up to use Super+Left arrow to “Cycle through windows backwards” and what happens is it will go forward for the first click and then it will start going backwards through the window order.

    I was wondering if there was an easy way to fix that behavior so that it will go to the previous window first and continue going backwards in the window order.

    Thanks for the great OS.

  188. Bug? Or perhaps I just need to mess with my video card(?)…. but the fonts on my desktop (Home, Computer, and Trash) are sort of multicolored, like looking at a 3D image without your blue & red 3D glasses on. The R, G, and B pixels aren’t quite lined up. The fonts are perfect and normal everywhere else, though. So I don’t know if it’s a bug or not, but thought I’d mention it.

    Thanks for another great OS release, Clem & Devs! I always look forward to each new version.

  189. Great work, I have no complaints about this release. I think everyone should try the “cinnamon challenge” it works flawlessly in my book. Great job to Clem and the team!

  190. Further to my current 230 entry I have found that Petra is less robust than Maya for multi-tasking with annoying video glitches and freezes when using VLC player and especially when using Kaffeine to watch DVB-T, UK Freeview transmissions so I now have another reason to favour Maya but I will be periodically re-checking Petra, especially if kernel changes take place and will get more serious once Mint17 gets released.

  191. Great Job Mint Team!
    Improvements in Cinnamon are fantastic but there is yet a problem with DSL connections. There is a tab for DSL in MATE but not in cinnamon and it stops me using my lovely Mint with cinnamon favor!
    is there any solution for this annoying issue?
    Tnx in advance

  192. Behzad@265

    What you’re seeing I believe is the network connection manager inherited from Gnome3 so-to-speak. However, open your Mint menu and look for “Network Connections.” If you launch that utility, you will then be presented with the familiar screen of interest. Just add a connection, and select DSL from the drop down list. I think that’s what you want.

    That’s one of the first things I will pin to my bottom panel for network configuration. Just seems to work a little better, and a bit less squirrelly.

  193. This has been the nicest LM version in a long time! Kudos to Clem! 🙂

    Only problem(s): stanby and hibernate modes do not work and sometimes, have to reboot just to login.

  194. Спасибо вам большой успехавам и удачи большой приветы вам из Кавказа !

  195. since the last update today MDM 1.4.8.+ Petra… My HP pavilion dv7 crashes with a black screen & keyboard does not work.

    I must do a hard restart every time. Now what?

    Edit by Clem: Hi, can you describe the issue and how to reproduce it? What edition are you running? Also, did you apply other updates? MDM 1.4.7 -> MDM 1.4.8 is a tiny update which only affects the support for xscreensaver and is unlikely to impact anything else:

  196. Hello Clem,

    I installed cinnamon and everything seems to run great out of the box… only updated that where applied were ones from the update manager.. ,but it seems right after MDM 1.4.8 was applied the system just crashed (while idle) to black screen and the keyboard is unresponsive.

    I’m going to go back and uninstall a few apps that was installed from the software center one at a time to see if I can narrow this crash down. I will report back with my findings.

    Thank you for your attention…

    Cheers, Harris

  197. @Clem,

    I’ve tried to reproduce the screen crash (which happened 3 time concurrently) but I’m unable to do so…
    which brings me to the conclusion that it is a hardware issue with this old used and abused laptop.

    I spoke to a repair tech friend and he said it might be cold solder joints on the motherboard, to which i agreed… maybe this machine is ready for the scrap heap after all.

    By the way… this machine has been running for almost 18hrs now and i have no problems.

    I just want to reiterate that this distro of Linux mint is by far the best and i appreciate all your hard as well as your team.

    cheers, Harris

  198. I would like to congratulate on doing a great job.
    LM16 isn’t as buggy as LM13, but i have graphic-/font-problems (only on HD-install, not in a VM ?!?) with Wine/Playonlinux. Wine is very important to me, so i have to use Ubuntu again 🙁
    A group-windows-function in the cinnamon-panel would be fine too…

  199. @clem
    Which log I can review for a freeze? Had one last night and one this morning but after that it is working fine thru the day so no particular case when it happens and can’t reproduce it.
    During the freeze the mouse movement is still present, only no clickable anymore, did ctrl+alt+f1 than reboot.

  200. Anyone having problems with music players? I have tried Banshee, VLC, and even installed Rhythmbox, and I get moments where the music simply drops out for just an instant. Was not a problem with LM15 or lower. VLC has always been a problem for me in that regard, so I wasn’t surprised, but the other two players have been flawless up until now.

  201. One thing I’ve noticed in the past few releases is that GParted can’t read the USB drive after writing the *.iso file to it- it gives a long error message ending with “Is this a GPT partition table?”. This is not a huge issue, but it’s annoying and it gives a bad first impression when I go into GParted to prepare a hard disk for installation and it immediately starts coughing up errors.

  202. d5xtgr@ 280

    Agreed. Add to that the “unable to mount” error that flies up when loading blank cd’s or dvds. Although, the disks always appear to be loaded and ready for use. It’s never actually prevented me from burning an .iso, or otherwise using the media. Just the error. Tested with LM13, everything works flawlessly with no errors, but at least since 15 and now 16, the errors fly.

  203. One other minor cosmetic issue I’ve encountered is that since I installed the latest recommended nvidia driver, the boot splash is no longer the fade in LM logo, which I think is a really smart looking touch. It has reverted back to the standard Linux Mint/Ubuntu derivative in bad resolution. Looks terrible. Other than that, nvidia driver seems to really smooth things out on the desktop. Nouveau is nice but still needs a bit more work for my personal taste, but should work fine for many, if not most. System resources are much more consistent and less used than with Nouveau driver, at least on my PC. I noticed the lack of tearing with the nvidia driver on 3D rendering which is a very good thing, that was annoying.

  204. Ok, another total freeze and this edition becomes useless for everyday work. I had the same thing with 15, and it seems nothing is resolved about this.
    Here is the paste of syslog:
    Look at the time 16:00 to the end of the log, that is when it happened.
    I was inserted my external drive and do a copy from it to the internal SSD drive and previewing some videos in Videos app. Total freeze, keyboard and mouse not responding at all.
    Since I have a brand new desktop (has a 4 days) and eliminates that my laptop was an issue (which is not as Windows 7 is working flawlessly on it) I must say this is really starting to bounce me away from Linux. I see that even Ubuntu 12.04 and LM 13 are not immune to this problem. Might just go the Win way and save me some time on installing the system over and over again and losing the precious time on tuning it up to my needs.
    The worst thing that no one is responding to our freeze problems (there are many on this page and none of them is answered).
    Disappointing indeed.

  205. I had no issues with Skype in Mint 15, but it does not work right in 16. I am running the 64-bit Cinnamon release, and Skype 4.2. When I try to make a test call I get the “Problem with audio playback message. If someone tries to call my Skype, and I try to answer, the call gets dropped. Has anybody experienced these problems, and are there any known solutions to this issue???

  206. Can we get f.lux / xflux built in yet?
    Only 8 million or so people use it, and I think people would love it.

    Use 2700k in xflux and TELL ME it doesn’t look great — but be honest!

    I think it’s xflux 00000 -k 2700

    0000 is your zipcode for U.S. or you’ll have to use LAT LON

  207. [IMG]{/IMG]
    Why is the person / user icon randomly put in the middle. I don’t think this is good placement, it seems random, and it would be better put behind the clock or closer to it.

  208. Thank you for adding some awesome presets in the color settings!!!

    I really like the D50 although I think it’s a tad bit lower than 5000k, I am IN NO WAY meaning to complain.

    I think everyone here should try the D50 setting at night, and see how you like it, I bet you will feel more relaxed!!

    If you end up liking the effect, check out xflux — The Linux version of f.lux created by the same developers.

    You could also use redshift but it’s not even close to accurate on the numbers, and the color is really more red.

    Color is being tagged btw as a misspelled word… also preset is tagged as well!

    Thank you for this GREAT release, I’ve installed in on an old hard drive and it’s 2:45 or so, and I’m using the D50 setting.

    About to change that.

    Woah…. Did you purposely make the D50 a lot more orange? I think you did that on purpose, because that was a HUGE change… what was the REAL color temp haha! Again thank you for that! I mean it’s like you read my mind!!

    Anyway this is such a great release, oh yeah I want to say that on my GTX 660 ti, at least THIS time a got a video output – at all — and it has the 1080p res, but black was dark green and lots of grey was pink! You may want to look into this.

    I installed with compatibility mode and it was great! Looks like I have updates!

    Thank you clem!

  209. Actually I think it’s
    xflux -z 00000 -k 3400

    Try 3400k, it’s much less drastic, and will still appear very white while around incandescent lighting.

    Can you add more D color standards?
    Is there a D27 haha!

  210. Still freezes so this is really a showstopper.
    The support for LM is absolutely bad, here and on the forums. No one responded the whole day.
    I will go back to Windows now. I hope you are happy with your linux, because I am certainly not.

  211. Just one more thing, how did you get D50 so accurate?

    I just check w/ xflux and the proper command is to use the 2013 xflux file, extract it, and drag it in the terminal

    Press space bar and add

    -z 01234 -k 2700 or whatever you want!

    I can’t thank you enough for your team’s efforts!

  212. Seriously last thing about f.lux

    You can use the Windows version in Wine

    And OMG would you believe it, I did this, expanded the range, restarted f.lux and tried darkroom — I say all this because it made the screen BLACK, with a very visible cursor, so I had to hard shut down, did this TWICE.

    And the first two lines have STAYED in firefox, AFTER SHUTTING DOWN TWICE!
    Amazing! — Don’t use Darkroom mode on Windows f.lux inside Linux.

  213. djalf@287

    It is unfortunate that you are having these issues, and if I was in your shoes, I would certainly feel the same way. At the end of the day, you need your system to work. No one with any common sense would or should be offended that you have to move on to another option in the interest of having something that works.

    I will offer this advice and/or reminder, however. Nobody on these forums are compensated in any real way for the help they may provide in solving problems. Almost all versions of Linux have no warranty, and no guarantee that a certain version of software will absolutely work on every machine. This does not mean people are not interested in helping you, but they do have lives. Add to that the shear circumstances that you nor they have control over. And sometimes, they simply may not have the answer. People typically won’t post an “I don’t know” and just leave it at that. But they will post something if they’ve experienced something similar, and feel it might help you.

    Remember also, that while Windows may have a warranty of sorts, there is no guarantee that things will work as expected, there are Windows failures all the time. That fact may be transparent to you, especially if you’ve never had those problems with Windows. Again, this does not mean that the problems don’t exist. But you must believe the same is true with Linux. There is a growing community of Linux users who have had an increasing volume of fantastic success with Linux, and Linux Mint for that matter.

    That said, please don’t give up. Obviously you need to commit to a working Windows solution for the time being, but if you can see it possible to continue testing Linux, you may just get a resolution one day. That’s how it worked for me. Despite regressions that come up from time to time, I still find Linux Mint highly usable and productive for my home and business needs. But again, that is me.

    On a technical note, I will offer my personal experience with SSD drives, and I have a boat anchor of one right now. I’m not sure what model you have, but that could be your problem. They are great devices performance wise, but I had similar freeze-ups with a Mushkin drive, and I finally gave up. It took awhile for the behaviour to mature into a basic total failure, but once it did, I gave up. If you have a conventional type hard drive, perhaps you could install on it, and see if your system still freezes. Just a thought, don’t know how much you want to put into it.

    And I haven’t given up on SSD’s totally, I will just try a different one when the funds become available.

    I hope this helps. Perhaps the broken silence will help, if nothing else.

  214. I tried a lot of things but never suspected on SSD. It is older Intel 160GB G25 I think, and it is working great on Windows. The boot time is around 8 sec, which is pretty good. I tried Ubuntu for a while and had no freeze but it is so slow and Dropbox and Skype does not work at all so I gave up. Did not had a freeze though, but I need them for work.
    Is Cinnamon a problem maybe? Should I try Mate or wait for XFCE?
    I will test more and see if this SSD is ok under Win7.
    Waiting for LM 17…
    Thanks for reponse

  215. So, can this be installed on a Mac in place of the existing OS X, using EFI support to boot directly without having to use rEFIt or any other aid.

  216. @Simon
    Thanks for an idea, but in that article it says that Trim will help after a few months to gain speed, my system is 3 hours old and allready freeze. I might try, but I am not an optimist.

  217. djalf@299

    I will say that just because the drive is working fine in Windows does not mean that it will work fine in Linux. SSD drives are a bit different on how an operating system manages the space, then compared to conventional drives. The drives themselves also have different controllers from one to the next that can create unique issues, and these controllers are what tell the system to treat a simple bank of flash memory like it would a conventional hard drive. It’s actually rather complex in some respects.

    That’s why if you have a conventional drive available to mess around with, you could try installing to that purely for testing purposes. If your system remains stable, then at least you’ve isolated the issue.

    My experience has also been with SSD drives that some people will recommend having a smaller than usual linux-swap partition. I’m not sure how big yours is, but I would try setting it up in the standard method, especially since you have a sizeable drive. I would match your swap with at least the size of your system memory. I tried the other smaller recommendations, and I quickly ran out of swap space, and had to up it to a more conventional configuration. That was on another machine however, but the machine works flawlessly with that particular SSD. The only thing is, that if your swap loads up too fast, the system should give you a message about that, because it will eventually cause a freeze.

    Just some other thoughts.

  218. @PB 300
    I had a 2GB Swap and a 4GB inside the PC first, then on second install I removed the Swap and it was the same, so I guess it is not that.
    Maybe EXT4 is not good for SSD, so what to try? I also got a suggestion on the LM forums to go to the latest stable kernel which is 3.12.4 currently now. I will try that for sure and it might help if something is fixed.
    Also, some optimization for a SSD are suggested in this video:
    Who knows, it might help.
    I really don’t wanna go back to Windows :/

  219. djalf@301,

    I looked at the video and it seems simple enough. I would try that before upgrading to the next kernel. I don’t think EXT4 is a problem.

  220. Too late, I already updated the kernel and did the SSD optimizations suggested, keep fingers crossed now 🙂
    The Mint 16 is amazingly fast on my PC, that’s why I am so mad it freezes so much!

  221. @djalf Wondering if you tried running Mint 15 on your system until all the bugs are rung out of the brand new 16 release. There is no real reason to run 16 over an already very stable 15 or the even older Long Term Service release Mint 13 Maya To read that you may want to wait for 17 makes me think you might have a misguided focus on having the latest greatest release/update unless of course your hardware is not fully supported by the older releases. If having an absolutely stable working install is a priority, I suggest waiting at least a month or two after the initial full release of any version. Just my 2 cents. Best of luck to you.

  222. I had ocassional freeze on Mint 15 on my previous laptop, but the mouse was able to move, just not click anything, so ctrl+alt+f1 got me out always.
    I did an kernel update to 3.12.4 which is stable and released today:
    And did the SSD optimizations explained by Loue:
    And hooray, system worked from 17 to 22h without a single hicup! Will test more tomorrow after work, but I think that kernel udate did the fix to my problem.
    Will keep you posted.

  223. Gentlefolk,

    I had a powerdown on my Toshiba U840W laptop wit Mint 15. Came up with no hardware acceleration on the display and no mouse.

    Installed petra over the top (did not format). Came up OK, no problems with hardware acceleration and the mouse worked OK.

    There were some residual things like desktop icons for a now non existant applications.

    The software manager is a problem. Simply did not work and 2400 packages.

    Performed another install but formatted the partition.
    Software manager works ok with 64k+ packages.

    Biggest problem is that some packages in the software manager will not load/install. Click on VirtualBox and nothing happens.

    Installed again with the disk formatted. Software manager works ok.


  224. First of all, great job with the new release. Absolutely love it 🙂

    Secondly, I just wanted to report a bug that I have run into about three times in the past few days.
    When I am doing some sort of task with Nemo (ie copying files) and then leave it open in the background to do something else (ie further file browsing), Nemo crashes, along with a part of Cinnamon. All of my Nemo windows and operations are closed and when I go to my desktop, all of my icons are gone. I still have my running programs but have to log out and in again to get everything back.

    So far, this is the only bug that I have noticed in the new release. It would be good if it could get fixed. Apart from that, awesome release. Thanks 🙂

  225. djalf@305

    Any updates? System still cruising?

    I’m not sure how you proceeded with those changes, but hopefully you did them one at a time, and tested each before you proceeded with the next. In other words, update kernel, test the machine and look for failures. If you experienced failures, then proceed with the other changes.

    If not, then we really won’t know what fixed your issue. If I had to guess, it would have been the changes found in the video that would have had the greatest impact, but that’s just a guess.

    But glad it’s working, and hopefully it still is.

  226. I put in a bug report on this but haven’t got any response in 4-5 days.

    When I did a fresh install in a lv; the first time it came up there was no login window. I had the same problem with the RC.

    The background and shutdown button appear on the login screen but as I said there is no box to put in my user name and pass word.

    would love to get 16 up and going.

  227. Hi PB
    I am at work but at home is my wife and she told me that it did not freeze the whole day, so I guess kernel update fixed that error for me.
    It might be the SSD optimizations also, but I did them all at once, so not sure. I am leaning more to the “kernel fixed it”, because the same SSD worked just fine in the old laptop. Another hint that kernel fixed it is that I have now a brand new Intel Haswell core G3220 CPU, and I use it’s integrated graphics card. This CPU is released in September, so brand new and it’s graphics. So it might be some fix in the driver inside kernel itself that fixed it for me. Will test some more when I go home, but I hope for the best.

  228. I was able to get a login window to enter my user name and password by clicking on the icon in the middle of the login screen.

    This was not obvious considering my experience with the last 4 releases but it worked!:)

    My thanks to the response I received on IRC.

    I’m happy to be typing this on Mint 16

  229. I like Linux Mint and upgraded to Cinnamon 16 the first day when it was released. Unfortunately I experience three big problems:
    1) Firefox menu frozen very often
    2) wrong characters displayed on screen randomly. They got refreshed when I used mouse to highlight it.
    3) the iBUS prompt displayed at the bottom screen, only one line is visible to users.

  230. I cannot change iBus input method(ibus-mozc) in lock screen.
    This cause input password visible in lock screen.

    To prevent password visible is un-check “Embeded preedit text in application window”.
    But, I want check “Embeded preedit~ “.

  231. It is very annoying to have wrong characters displayed on the screen, e.g. “c” can be displayed as a “dirty spot”.

    Old versions such 14 and 15 don’t have this problem.

    Is there any solution? I tried to change the refresh requency, but not choice (only have 1080@60).

    If no solutions then I need to replace it with old version… to sad.

  232. Latest updates cause audio to hang which stops the desktop from loading. Cludge-workaround for now is to put a copy of /bin/true on top of /usr/bin/pulseaudio with the obvious consequence that I’ve got no sound. Two audio controllers in this config;

    00:03.0 Audio device [0403]: Intel Corporation Device [8086:0a0c] (rev 0b)
    00:1b.0 Audio device [0403]: Intel Corporation Lynx Point-LP HD Audio Controller [8086:9c20] (rev 04)


  233. Just to confirm that updating to a new kernel has resolved my issues. If you are installing a fresh LM 16, I suggest to update kernel first to see if it fixes issues for you.

  234. In case anyone has problems running Skype on the 64-Bit system, I found a solution on Now my sound is crystal clear, and I can make a connection. Just input these commands in the terminal, and install Skype:
    sudo dpkg –add-architecture i386
    sudo apt-get install ia32-libs
    sudo apt-get update

  235. Iv got some problems with displaying certain text and icons eg. Missing mint icon for menu button along with missing the “en” in menu along with other missing characters on the taskbar and garbled notification text. Bit annoying but pleased with the overall performance of this release.

  236. Hello.

    Thank You Clem and Your team for excelent work.

    I have small “problem”. In Mint 15, when I minimize CLEMENTINE, there was a small icon near the CLOCK. In Mint 16 this icon missing. I don´t know, how maximaze CLEMENTINE back becvause no icon is here. I can´t find any tips or help on any site… please, help, if someone know how.

    Thank You very much :-* Viki

  237. Hello all…

    I just updated the kernel to 3.12.4 as described by 321. @ djalf and everything seems to be working fine… it even cured my problem with my infrared remote for this laptop.

    will test more and report back…

  238. Downloaded and installed on Dell 24″ All-In-One Inspirion 9010 with i7-3770s and using its built-in Intel video graphics. There is a problem with display– about 2 inches from left side of monitor is clear, and beyond is wobbly. Looks like interlacing is out of sync. I did upgrade to the most latest linux generic kernel. If using recovery mode (no hardware acceleration), the display is fine.

    do do?

    thanks in advance

  239. 32 bit compatibility issues RE Steam and Counter-Strike Source

    Installed proprietary nVidia via direct download from their site, not the xorg-edgers. Launching CSS raises the following error and fails to launch the game:
    “Could not find required OpenGL entry point ‘glGetError’! Either your video card is unsupported, or your OpenGL driver needs to be updated.”

    Previously, errors similar to this were due to 32 bit driver symlink problems caused by seemingly sloppy nVidia driver install/uninstall from xorg-edgers PPA. Howeer, as of Mint 16 I no longer seem to have a /usr/lib32/ at all, and it is not clear where Steam is or should be looking for the drivers. Things aren’t working smoothly, that much is clear. This might be related to the problems with netflix-desktop and ia32-libs/multiarch, but I don’t really know the technical details.

    I suspect this is more of a ubuntu 13.10 issue than a mint 16 issue, but I’m too inept to say for sure…and to be honest, from the perspective of a user, it doesn’t matter who “owns” the issue.

  240. I got an AMD HD7770 video card and when I install Catalyst or use integrated FGLRX driver, the Mint Menu and Keyboard Layout Flag icons are gone. If I use recommended driver then it is ok, but then I don’t have 3D acceleration. If I turn of flag icon, then I have EN icon instead. The theme is the default one.
    Also Totem player does not have controls in fullscreen and behaves strange.
    I didn’t had these problems with Intel HD video card in G3220 CPU.
    Any ideas what could I try?

  241. My Graphics Card is a Intel 4 series integrated one. The following is the output of command “sudo lshw -class display”. I still have “dirty spot” randomly after upgrading to kernel 3.12.4. Do you know which driver is suitable?

    sudo lshw -class display output:
    description: VGA compatible controller
    product: 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller
    vendor: Intel Corporation
    physical id: 2
    bus info: pci@0000:00:02.0
    version: 03
    width: 64 bits
    clock: 33MHz
    capabilities: msi pm vga_controller bus_master cap_list rom
    configuration: driver=i915 latency=0
    resources: irq:44 memory:fe400000-fe7fffff memory:d0000000-dfffffff ioport:dc00(size=8)

  242. Hello all… Just read this info. Hope it helps.

    The fifth maintenance release of the Linux kernel 3.12 is available now. Linux Kernel 3.12.5 contains various updated drivers (networking, SCSI, USB, Xen), a couple of sound updates, and several ARM improvements. See the changelog for details.

    All users of the 3.12 kernel series are urged to upgrade as soon as possible. Here’s how to do it in Ubuntu 13.10, Ubuntu 13.04, Ubuntu 12.04, Linux Mint and their derivatives.

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