Linux Mint 15 “Olivia” Xfce released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 15 “Olivia” Xfce.

Linux Mint 15 Olivia

Xfce is a lightweight desktop environment which aims to be fast and low on system resources, while still being visually appealing and user friendly. This edition features all the improvements from the latest Linux Mint release on top of an Xfce 4.10 desktop.

New features at a glance:

For a complete overview and to see screenshots of the new features, visit: “What’s new in Linux Mint 15 Xfce“.

Important info:

  • PAE required for 32-bit ISOs
  • EFI support
  • Local repository and GNOME PPP

Make sure to read the “Release Notes” to be aware of important info or known issues related to this release.

System requirements:

  • x86 processor (Linux Mint 64-bit requires a 64-bit processor. Linux Mint 32-bit works on both 32-bit and 64-bit processors).
  • 384 MB RAM (1GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 5 GB of disk space
  • Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution
  • DVD drive or USB port

Upgrade instructions:

  • To upgrade from a previous version of Linux Mint follow these instructions.
  • To upgrade from the RC release, simply apply any level 1 and 2 updates (if any) available in the Update Manager.


Md5 sum:

  • 32-bit: 5d1a7305ac012c38ba153a2379ae8fa4
  • 64-bit: 5dce5c1b8bc671d4e4d7a9f386558d18


HTTP Mirrors for the 32-bit DVD ISO:

HTTP Mirrors for the 64-bit DVD ISO:


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun with this new release!


  1. Congratulations on a great release. The Whisker Menu was the ideal replacement for Mint Menu on Xfce.

  2. though i use debian at home, i still use mint xfce at work so i cant wait till monday to upgrade!! 😀

  3. I LOVE Linux MINT v15 (Cinnamon)! I’ve been a Windows user for years and , being a computer geek, love all OS’s, but this one has captured my heart! All other offering of Linux are nice, but this is one polished, suave system that is sexy and works. You’ve made me a believer – thanks! 🙂

  4. External drive, problem; how to solve this..
    Failed to open directory “SAMSUNG”.
    Error when getting information for file ‘/media/bhichien/SAMSUNG/FOUND.000’: Input/output error.

  5. Installing updates in the RC didn’t give me the whisker menu. Do I have to re-install using the final ISO to make sure I’m not missing out on any other changes?

    Edit by Clem: Hi Derek, you can simply “apt update” and “apt install xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin” from a terminal. Then right-click your panel to add the Whisker Menu there. Another important thing is to upgrade mint-themes and xfce4-session, but that comes via mintupdate already.

  6. MD5 sum for the 64bit torrent isn’t valid. My downloader (down them all for Firefox) shows either that, or the file is corrupted.

  7. Thanks! 🙂
    After seeding 26 GB of the RC I’ll look forward on sharing this one as much as possible!

  8. All good ! but as reported re RC, Hdmi sound cannot be switched from sound settings as in cinnamon only solution I have found is to install pavucontrol.Really needs including in the iso.Seems yet again xfce is a less “complete” build from the flagship cinnamon ?

  9. I was stuck on KDE for the longest time – thought I’d NEVER like anything else…

    Now I’m hooked on lightening-fast and stable Olivia XFCE (since RC – 32bit on old lappy, 64bit on main lappy)!

    BTW I tried, but was disappointed with, Xubuntu and Linux Lite … Mint 15 XFCE feels like home!


    PS – Whiskers is definitely more MINT than original menu – like little brother to MATE menu?!

  10. Hi, so I must say this. I kicked today my last Wininstall (After almost 500 SETUPS-Installations since 3.11) OUT OF MY Business (PC Selling and Repair) and MY LIFE. Also I will kick the canon lbp5050 out. I hava a PC Service and successfully testet Mint Mate 32Bit over an Year on more than 40 different Machines (from P3 600 to e8400 on very different chipsets of all Brands, (Desktops and Notebooks) to Start, Install an Run. All without any Probs. I Stick also with 32Bit, cauze I think 64Bit is Really nonsense at this Time.

    I congratulate U & Ur Team for an Excellent Job so far.

    – TTConnect (USB HDTV DVBS2) support with Kaffeine (simple 3 click install) made my summer! I will surely never go Back to Win.
    I suggest to remove defaults LibreOffice, Banshee, Mplayer, Totem and using as default instead the Superb K3B, Apache OOffice 3.4.1 (no gimmicks, more stable for Business), Audacious (and VLC of course)
    SO thank you again, I needed years to Transit to Linux, but u helped me to achive it. No more Bullshit and Hassle with Win.

  11. RE: Complaints about “frozen” response in Mint 15 package manager after installing Mint 15: This problem seems to disappear after rebooting once or twice directly after having problems with package manager. Annoying, but fairly easy to fix. May have something to do with downloading of files or just configuration.

  12. Hey, guys, could you tell me what the best version for a low-end PC would be? Should I go with Debian edition or try this one? The computer is an old laptop, 1.5 ghz singe-core with 512 mb RAM and pretty old integrated graphics.

  13. WOW! Awesome release! Very snappy and looks brilliant. Thank you very much, Mint Team. Have a great day!

  14. Awesome release! Way better than I even expected, I immediately installed this on my hard drive.

  15. Would this be better than Voyager 13.04 is the question. It was released on 28th April, 2013. It could be upgraded to 13.10, whereas Olivia cannot.

  16. my computer doesnt support PAE .i have 1.76 GB ram.and have 32 bit cpu.
    what must i do to use mint 15 xfce ???

  17. thanx for this i like the xfce desktop currently running it with mate.
    still in love with linux and the many great distros but mint is by far the best and a good place to start if your new to the linux universe keep up the good work.

  18. WOW! Many many thanks! Linux Mint XFCE is my favorite Linux distro, and I recommend it to everybody. Love it!

  19. @16. Ron, about installing Compiz you can take a look at Spatry’s cup of linux “Mint 13 XFCE Bootcamp: #7 COMPIZ FUSION” on youtube.

    I’m currently running Mint13 xfce with compiz on my notebook and it works like a charm.

  20. So for it is working great.
    One annoyance. The Lock screen is back to the Ugly XscreenSaver.
    Linux Mint 14 xfce was the first xfce linux mint version to get rid of that ugly XscreenSaver, but in Linux Mint 15 xfce it is back again. How do I go back to how it was in Linux Mint 14 xfce. Seems like this should be on the Checklist when converting to xfce.


  21. Congratulations. The new Whisker Menu looks good. I would love to see the LXDE version re-instated (I’ve now a mix of Mint Cinnamon and Lubuntu), maybe as LTS only or in place of xfce. Whatever you do, keep doing it.

  22. Just installed on a 6 year old HP laptop that was running terribly under Windows. Now it’s like a new machine, fast and responsive, goodbye Microsoft, hello Linux, wish I’d discovered Linux sooner.

  23. Would Guitar Pro work on this iteration? Does anyone know how to make Guitar Pro work under Linux Mint Debian (no Wine, please)? Thank you!

  24. Flawless. I am a long time multi-OS user and have a very large comparison base. Mint 15 Xfce is excellent. Enough said. Keep up the good work.

  25. I used Unetbootin to create a LM 15 xfce persistent bootable USB thumb drive.
    Mint Updates says there are about 221 updates.
    If I try to download and install them it breaks something and it will not boot again unless I reformat the thumb drive and start all over.
    Is this normal?

  26. I’m running 15 Olivia on an iMac 3GHz machine. Pure speed. No quirks at all after a week of testing. Thanks a million for this distro!!

  27. Well, I wanted to try it in a live image so I created a Live USB image using Universal USB Installer but when I try to boot from USB and after passing the Grub 2 screen the distro doesn’t boot.

    This sucks because I really wanted to try Mint 15. 🙁
    Tried with the Mate, Cinammon and Xfce version but none of them boots past the Grub screen (the display just goes black).

    Already tried to disable UEFI but it doesn’t make any difference at all.

  28. #43 brennus :

    Xfce is a bit lighter than Mate, which is what you would be running on the Debian edition unless you install Xfce afterwards.
    I would use Mint 15 Xfce. Also, see in the BIOS if you can decrease the memory reserved to graphics (e.g. going from 64MB to 16MB means it’s like gaining 48MB of free memory :)) or you can consider adding memory if that’s possible (a 512MB or 1GB memory stick from a dead laptop can do wonders, if you can up it to 1GB, 1.5GB, or even 768MB it’s worth it)

  29. #64 Mario :

    Wow, I didn’t know Guitar Pro was a piece of software that supports linux. They say it supports “Ubuntu”, which version I don’t know but if Ubuntu 13.04 if supported then Mint 15 Olivia supports it. At worst you may have to run Mint 13 Xfce instead.

    Regarding LMDE, you might have to do some things manually (at worst getting specific versions of libraries, etc.). Another example is getting Steam to run, it only supports Ubuntu – thus Ubuntu editions of Mint and other Ubuntu derivatives have it work out of the box – and for other distros there’s work involved. But there, as it’s popular and widely used software, you can find third party .debs or scripts to do it all for you.

    I’ve found this about installing Guitar Pro 6 on debian (but it’s for debian sid from a bit over one year ago)

  30. #69 Baptiste, thanks for the hint! I think I’ll wait for LMDE 15 and try that on it. Merci beaucoup, vous etes les meilleurs!

  31. Guys

    I just imaged the Linux Mint 15 and this is an improvement over LM 13 which is a very good OS. Way to go LM team 🙂

  32. And how long will be mint xfce supported? 9 months or 3 months (to october as usual ubuntu distros)?

  33. Wow, this release shows serious commitment to improving XFCE. Great work, team!

    The whisker menu is easier to navigate for novice users IMO. Still, I will stick with putting ‘most used’ app launcher on a panel and use the ‘whisker favorites’ for system settings and control panel stuff.

    Q for team – does the whisker menu plugin require a specific version of xfce4? It would be nice to have it in LM13 backports :-).

  34. hi Clem,

    This is Mintkatze again. This time with a good news for you. I got my LinuxMint working with UEFI. It still does not recognize DVDs as installation-media, but: installation works, when I use a usb-stick as installation-media. Perhaps you should put this note into the next release-notes for people, where the installation- DVDs do not boot.

    Secure-Boot still needs to be disabled as referring to your release-notes, but: UEFI-Boot can be back enabled. Booting after installation works fine with Intel-based machines (mine is my Toshiba-Satellite CC850-1LQ).

    So thanks Clem for your Tutorials again.

    But what I found in CSM-Boot enabled is, that many video-Livestreams or even videos from mediatheks break and crash during playing with a cache-overflow, although, I have an 8 GB of RAM. Then I had to clean out Firefox-cache nearly every 15 minutes. I think, this has to do something with UEFI. This should be found out, why that is in CSM-Boot with LinuxMInt 15 Olivia Cinnamon. Then it should also be found out, it this happens also with other desktops like KDE or even Xfce.

    Since I can use UEFI-boot now, this is gone. What I also found is: the partitions are somewhat different in CSM-boot and UEFI-Boot. But this seems to be new.

    One further point (a suggestion from me), that should be thought over for the future after this worldwide sniffing-scandal is, if SE-Linux is really needed in Linux. There other alternatives should be found to secure the users of NSA-sniffing. SE-Linux comes from NSA. I found that out in the Internet here:

    But thank you for this nice release of LinuxMint 15 Olivia Cinnamon amd64 🙂 I like it now.

    Especially thes new green MATE-Icons in Faenza-style. This looks pleasing. The next point I like is this new photo-feature of Cinnamon-Desktop. This is really a good tool. And the third thing I like, are the fresh new Wallpapers. They are really beautifull.

    As I am just at the point Wallpapers: may I sugesst a new default-Wallpaper for LinuxMint??×1080/44/linux_mint_1920x1080_43623.jpg

    or this one here:*web*wallpaper*LinuxMint7*images*Kensai_Green.jpg

    or even this one here:×1366.jpg

    I really think, whe should give LinuxMint a new fresh default-wallpaper. Perhaps you could consider this?? And I also think, the current MATE-Icons will look pleasing with one of these. And they wall also look good with the new faience-Icons.

    This are just two suggestions by me.

    Greetings to our and your whole Mint-Team,

  35. Trying Linux Mint XCFE today for the first time. Up till now it works great. Have not seen the freeze-problems yet that I had with Xubuntu and the interface looks neat. I am getting a good feeling about these first couple of hours 🙂

  36. i’ve selected a background for the desktop(settings manager – desktop) but it disappears after shutting down and restarting, reverting to a dark blue background. is there a way to get the background i selected to stay on permanently? using 64 bit version of LM 15 XFCE. otherwise very nice release, especially new menu.

  37. do u have any plan to make some mint release for Android based Tab also ? like ubuntu has …. i started using linuxmint since rel 10 and love it ..would like to see same over my Anrodid TAB too if possible

    Edit by Clem: No.

  38. @jim: Because your wallpaper file location is in another Drive. You may want to auto mount that drive at boot time show that Mint can load your wallpaper or easier, just copy your wallpaper to Mint’s partition 🙂

  39. Clem спасибо тебе за твою работу! Мне очень нравиться твой Linux Mint Xfce.

  40. can anyone tell me how to keep xgamma value permanent to control screen brightness. i know how to do this for one session(terminal – xgamma -gamma .x) but it does not stay after restarts.

  41. The DVD passed the self check, but kde failed to start on my 64bit system. Had a kde init4 error.

    Looking at some details, it first appeared as a dbus message.

    My system has 330 gigs free, 4 gigs memory, and has Mint14 installed on another drive.

    I was able to get into command line, but could not paste or email myself the error messages.

  42. Congratulations to the Linux Mint Team again !!!! Another great XFCE version !!!! And very well by adding the Whisker menu in XFCE, undoubtedly a very good improvement, great detail, luckily are all over. Congratulations !!!! Best Regards.-

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